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How you doing?

It's been such a long time since I blogged.  I no longer work primarily in the craft industry.  And, shock horror! I don't even take photographs anymore. Well, it's still something I do and could well do, again!
I went back to full time work in 2014 after Ellenor started adult education.  Having worked freelance around her upbringing allowed me to have the freedom to take her to her numerous hospital and outreach appointments.  Full time employment was never going to let me do that, sadly.
She turned 21 in 2016!  Im a mother to a 21 year old!
I miss blogging and have neglected this space for an unbearable amount of time.  I don' papercraft as much but I do make handcrafted chocolate treats - soon to be chocolate workshops!  My sister is a chocolatier and taught me the tricks of the trade.  I absolutely love it!  I mean, you can't eat papercraft but I can spend all my time devouring this past time!
Im going to pop back now and again to keep this blog alive - ten years of memories just cannot lay untouched.
Love Kirsty x