22 Aug 2014

Dawn of a new era

Celebrating with coffee.


16 Aug 2014

In her mind

Ellie does wonderful things in ways we only discover by incident.  Conversation is generally excitement on her terms.  It revolves around animals, dinosaurs and anything cute.  Her interests are minimal.  She is not into fashion.  Never uses her mobile phone (the one we bought for her 13th birthday still has it's first credit in there!).  She couldn't care less about current affairs.  She has no aspirations.  She is not forthcoming.

But all that is insignificant.

What she is, is utter melt-in-the-mouth heaven.  We recently went to the beach and I made these.

But she trumped my skills and she came up with this.

How she communicates her little pots of fun and knowledge is rather beautiful if but a rare occurrence.

I just adore her.

And I really, really miss her.

12 Aug 2014

Be kind

To all you meet.

You never know what battles they are fighting behind their convincing smiles.

We are human, not machines.

RIP Robin Williams

10 Aug 2014

Dunnotar Castle revisited

I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be living eight miles from this beautiful castle.  The cliff edge location provides a dramatic backdrop, especially if the skies are cloudy or stormy.

Mark and my poochy pud are up to visit this weekend and I wanted to show him the sights.  I took to my fave vista of the site to enjoy the best glimpse of the castle - these two are just two metres apart from the perspective I used although an hours relapse between the two pics..........

I could sit in this spot all day.

As we were leaving, mark noticed a piper walking toward another vista of the castle's backdrop.  I hope and prayed he'd stand in a spot where I could envisage a perfect shot.  What luck I had....    


What a privilege I have to come visit here when're I can :)

8 Aug 2014

Loom bands

Kills a wet weekend in Ayrshire.

A new unhealthy obsession for a woman aged forty something.

Give me a break!

28 Jul 2014

more lil pretties

 Slow and steady am I getting back in the craft game.

Night times here are so busy with ghost design and editing, I can assure you I do not sit here, at the cottage, twiddling my thumbs and wondering what to do next.  I am always on the go.  Either in work, after work - between work.  My mind is alive and fraught with creativity.

Ill share again soon :)

13 Jul 2014

Pop up loveliness

Hello my sweet blogger readers.
I'm here!
I'm settled and have found a routine but I'm telling you, it's mad.

I love my new job.  It's a newly created role for the company so I'm trying very hard to fit in a new system without upsetting the old one.  The balance is fraught with tradition that needs new ideas but I like it all the same.  Lovely people in an incredible country setting and 8 miles from beautiful Stonehaven.

This tiny harbour is out of this world.  Pretty pubs, sweet boats and lots of yummy air to consume.  I adore it!

I was presented with a miniature whiskey.  It's the way of the Scots but I'm unsure if we are supposed to drink it it wear it ;)

Anyway this weekend I was at the Doncaster summer crafting event.  It's my third year here and I never want to discontinue the relationship with it.  I taught 180 crafters some cute and nifty techniques with foils, tapes and ribbon.  I had a blast.  I even managed a little retail therapy.  Enough to buy a few things for this.........  A box in an envelope!

It folds flat like this

And pops open like this by the recipient:

Fun little buggers, right????

Hope to blog more regularly now.  It's been too long since I had THIS much fun, crafting x

Hugs x