21 Dec 2014

Tis the season

To be crafty.

Gosh, made loads of cards and mini gifts this week.  Some of the girls, at work, used my products to make bath bombs, lip balm and hand cream.  It was so much fun and the scents were amazing....... We could have licked the air.

Here are a few of my cards, which I have to say, made me happy whilst watching Breaking Bad ..... Seasons 3-5.  I've got 6 more episodes to watch....... Don't want it to end, so good.

Found a quote this week...... Which I love and yearn to learn from. Must make this a daily mantra.

Also found myself collecting essential oils these last few weeks, too.  I've been using rose oil on my heart chakra and bergamot on my crown and solar plexus.  I've been sleeping like a baby and attribute it to the aromatherapy.  I've booked myself on a blending course to learn about the formalities.  I had a little practice on Ellie this morning.  She's a citrus girl at heart (she LOVES anything "lime"........ Even green sweets, which I hate).  I gave her a lime, lemongrass and bergamot massage.  The house not only smells divine but Ellie is zipping about the house.  Talk about revitalised.

So.  Anyway.   As you may have guessed, I'm home for Christmas.  This little pud isn't happy that I haven't been home for four weeks. He wouldn't even kiss me.  He looks very aloof and prissy with me.

But this morning all was forgiven as we let him enjoy Marks birthday breakfast and have the froth off the latte.

Today's shenanigans include bath bomb making with Ellie, a little shopping and more card making.

Hope your day is just as eventful xxxx

12 Dec 2014


I am freaking out!
Mini sewing machine, kraft paper and red thread to make cute packages.  A little like these

And trying these out

I've got A canvas, drift wood and tiny pebbles to make a gift for a special friend.  I can't wait to start it

Then Tags, cards and gifts to make including body butter, bath melts and lip balm.

It's going to be a productive weekend!
What are you doing?

11 Dec 2014

Funny old day

Myself and two colleagues decorated a 763368865 foot tree in work this afternoon.  400 bleeding baubles, 43 pine needles injected into my boobs and butt, much hilarity and Zara, to the right, split her skirt whilst laughing at me trying to launch tinsel 90ft in the air.

That's about the sum of the day that I wish to share.  Another part of it can go straight to hell.  Buuuuuut that's insignificant and inane and yawn.

Anyway, who's for mulled wine? She says, removing pine needles from her bra!

Morning giggle

I actually proper laughed out loud when I saw this!

This is so me, when I'm home

And finally..........

Have a great day.
I'm going to try very hard to....... Triple brownie promise x

10 Dec 2014

Take me here now

Lago di Braies, Italy.
Or anywhere in Italy.

But before we take flight, understand me.  For this is who I am

And for a deeper understanding, and according to Myers-Briggs, this is me unwrapped

I'm that freaking weird girl who knows the consequences of every probable scenario because I think about every probable scenario!

My head is full of thoughts with sub thoughts with several sub thoughts with hundreds more sub thoughts stemming from them.  

I have a thousand answers to your immediate damning question but I can never formulate the right words because emotion choked my throat.

I'm giving, no - will give you my all - when I know that you "get me" and value what I can do.

I'm so majorly flawed yet laced magnificently with eternal good intentions.


If you can see beyond my imperfections and still like the girl you seem to know, shall we book tickets to Italy, tomorrow?

9 Dec 2014


I love hand creams and body butters. I also adore lip balms and bath melts, too.
But home made ones are even better!  No chemicals, no strippers and best of all........dirt cheap.

Here is a homemade lime & cream hand cream which took 15 minutes to make and 6 months to make use of.  I'm going to show the ladies at work how to make their own stuff for just a bit of fun.  It's a little sidetrack to pass the lonely winter nights.

Butter Nut Bean is my little range but I can't sell it as a finished product.  The cosmetics industry is a hideous one to break into and I am not venturing down that minefield.  No bloody way.

But still.  At least I'll smell clean for a good while and that's been a long time coming.

7 Dec 2014

Oh, I kept a blog?

Remind me.
What did I used to write?
Aaah yes, the days when being self employed afforded the luxury of willingness.  Where I fitted in with a creative and supportive community.
Where time meant I could blog at 2am and do so with relish.
Where enthusiasm to share with and inspire my readers was boundless.
Where has that girl gone?
She needs to come back.
Bear with.