Ladies Camera Club

8 Jan 2017

Still Creating

Well, of a fashion.

I supply images to companies who still ask and also manage web graphics here and there.  With the onset of adult colouring continuing to grow, I can't say I have personally caught the bug.  I don't mind knocking up a few stamp-like images though - I think that's my favourite part.

Ive been off colour the past few days with the most hideous flu, so to keep myself amused between sneezing and hacking up my guts...... I whipped up this Bunny Girl.  You can take her both coloured and uncoloured - you can resize her in Word or Publisher or Powerpoint if you don't have PS or Illustrator.

You can grab the images on my freebies link, above.

7 Jan 2017

Well, hello?

After an eternity, I think I am back.

How are you?

1 Jun 2016

Colour Combo

I decide on colour combos from the patterned paper first.  Always have.

Having battled through a toxic week. A surge of colour is all it takes to encourage the endorphins to hug all the funk away.  These papers, from my minds eye, are a delight.

I know I'm a sucker for ribbon.  And pins.  And doilies, still.  Yet I feel they all meld together in their own sweet way without choking the overall look.

Hoping that card sentiment will magic its way into my head, too.

Adios xxx

30 Apr 2016

Blue Day

I am in the middle of a crisis.  Everything is blue.  Doors close.  Huge windows open.

Despite feeling blue, I made a blue card.  To shoulder the tone.

I've loved Marion Embersons stamps forever and this one can be used for 743467644  occasions.  I used tim holtz inks in three colours to get the ombré effect.

There's therapy in creating little pretties like this.  Suddenly I'm more relaxed.  Happier.  Accomplished.

Small steps........

1 Mar 2016

More Pretties

Friends ask me how I take piccies of my cards.  So I'll let you know my super secret.  Yonks ago I'd use my best cameras and shoot in RAW format then primp in photoshop.  I'd set up my pro studio lights and all.  Took frigging ages, it did. These days I'm  like "sod that malarkey, it's far too faffy.  I'm too awesome to waste time doing that for a crummy card".

Up here, in the sticks of Glenbervie, where I stay with Sally the gardener..... In a weeny cottage - space is of a premium and time is lacking.  So this is what my teeny weeny photo space is like from two foot away.  The glue pot and paper on the left act as a reflector to brighten up the shade and shadows.

And best of all, I use my iPhone to take the pictures. I know, right?  Who would have thunk it?

Note: The Paris card is made from craft packaging by trim crafts, I think.  Too gawj to chuck away.

I crop the piccies square now so I can adjust lights and darks in Instagram.  And that's it.  I mean, it's not hard at all and I don't  pretend to be fabulous.  I guess I naturally am ;). Joking aside.  Grab a daylight lamp, some pretty papers and don't forget white card to reflect the shadows.  

And voi-bloody-la.  

A pretty good mini studio for emergency wintry light where daylight lasts all of five seconds.

21 Jun 2015

Welsh Cakes

I first experienced welsh cakes in Scotland - I know, hilarious, right?

From the age of 11-16 I grew up in Wales and never even knew they existed.  The only welsh dish I was familiar with was Lob Scaws which, if Im brutally honest, was vile.  I mean, I love it now but as a teenager, all I wanted to do was wear black, pout and become a breathe-arian.  Clearly anyone serving me that was the spawn of the devil and suffered the wrath of my kevin-like flounces.

Ive been shopping various supermarkets of late and haven't noticed any on the shelves so I thought "Blow it, I'll make my own", especially when I had learned that Jamie Oliver had one on his website.  I mean if that boy can make them, surely I can, right?

Im not going to bore you with the recipe and method - the link is here.  My only edit to the recipe was just 50g of mixed fruit because that's all I had.  Oh an I didn't have a heavy bottomed pan, so I used a wok......... you know, chav'ed it up a little?!

And they turned out spectacular, like this:

I didn't fancy making just round ones I made them star shaped because you get five pointy crunchy bites and that, to me.... with a soft welsh cake crumby middle? Is heaven on a bloody stick.

17 Jun 2015

Packaging Upcycling

And a few words.

I made this from bedding packaging from the pip studio.  And even then, the bedding is being made into a valance window treatment for the bathroom.

The ribbon and patterned papers are from the packaging..... They're gorgeous and enough to make two more cards.

Waste not, right?