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30 Aug 2012

For the love of doxies

A pal of old (naomi mciver, studio calico groupie) sent me these yesterday.

To say I'm obsessed is an understatement. I tried wearing them as earrings but they're a bit itchy (nickel based!).

Instead I will keep them by my bed and poke any potential intruders eyes out with them. Or, more realistically, stab pickled onions with them when I need a death breath style snack.

Cute, no?

28 Aug 2012

To be or not to be

Did you ever have dreams as a kid to realise that, because of your families financial circumstances, you were doomed from the start? Do you ever wonder what you could have done in spite of that?

Did you want to be a doctor but couldn't get the o'level/gcse in a science let alone study at college to get to university to even get there?

Did you try with all of your might and the grit of your determination to pass an entrance exam to find out you failed by one point?

Did you want to be an electrician but was colour blind?

Did you want to be a pilot but didn't have 20/20 vision or perhaps suffered with air sickness?

Did you want to be a rower but was 6 inches too short to make the grade?

Did you want to be an actor but suffered from stage fright?

Was your family heritage an expected line of top serving, high ranking officers but you were more inclined to run off with the Russian ballet troupe?

Whatever you wanted to do but didn't, it doesn't matter. It's what you are now and indeed who you could still become.

For Ellie, being a dog whisperer is her dream job. It doesn't really exist but it could do, right? If only she would even go near a dog higher than a foot tall.

Or, perhaps, she could go and work at her favourite milkshake bar simply because she would get one free every day as a reward.

There is a career for everyone out there and if that means serving rabid pit bulls a frothy, chocolate milkshake, Ellie...... You go and do it, sweetheart.

Bitter, bitter sweet.

Need a logo/header?

As much as I'd like to be taking photos 8 hours a day, 5days a week - we know that ain't happening so early on in its nurturing stage.  So to keep me from banging my head on the desk, I've been busy with a few little logo jobs recently.  Some are a work in progress and some are complete.  I do enjoy making the "quite so serious" commercial type logos like these ones:

But I also enjoy doing the girly, whimsical style too.

I also am a reseller printer to go along with my design work.  I am able to print leaflets, business cards and postcards in various weights of paper and in colour (both sides) - you will not believe my prices.  I can supply anywhere in the UK and not just here in Wigan slash Wallasey.

If you need a logo or print work or my fab pop/roll up banners  for your events, shop display, exibitions, craft fairs etc - check out my prices at my website HERE and click the print design option.

See what I can do for you :)

Kirsty x

27 Aug 2012


I was watching a link to a youtube vid by Marion today.  She was playing with UTEE and she inspired me.  As I have approx 7457241573567954 tubs of it doing absolutely ball-all in my studio, I thought I'd lift some out and use these mould's that I bought from her shop a while back.

I think I put too much into the melt pot because I loads left over.  Hmmmmm.  What to do, what to do?  I grabbed a lollipop stick and smeared some over a tag and liked the effect so much that I created a bit of randomness to accompany it.  LOVED IT.

But it didn't stop there.  I thought I'd give the studio a bit of a tidy up but that only lasted 5 minutes as the urge to get creative took over my being and forced me to have a little play with my stash  And this is what I made.

I'm not the hottest coal in the fire when it comes to art journals.  But I like quotes and so "decorate them" I must.

CHRISTMAS?  Oh yes, its time to think some lovely ideas for the special people in your life.  I used my button star stamps from my gingerbread stamp set (you can find them here) .... lol at his wonky hat.  This looks ok head on.  Dying for my anonymous commenter to judge that one!

Do you remember the Heidi Swapp bloom craze from yesteryear?  Well I have approx 92734557382 of them left over from that time (circa 2005/2006).  I bought this style from Sarahs Cards a while back.  Love them and can't bear to part with them but today, I told myself to "man up"............

Here is the mould and UTEE ensemble that inspired me today, by Marion

I haven't been this productive since, erm, I was productive last.

Passing the mojo sprinkles on to you - what have you created this weekend? me up!

Kirsty x

25 Aug 2012

Dear Heart Attack

Dear potential Heart Attack

This is what may bring you about.  Its a delicious, tasty glass of cholesterol.  And sugar.  And fat.  But you were made for a 16 year old girl who needs the fat and the sugar and the treat.  Only her mother may or may not have made a skinnier version for herself.

Her version was made with 2 oreo cookies, 2 scoops full fat vanilla ice cream and 200ml of full fat milk.  It was whizzed with a hand wizzy thingy and then topped with whipped cream.

Mommas version was made with 2 oreo cookies, 2 scoops of lacto free ice cream, 200ml skimmed milk and a swirl of half fat squirty cream.

Eat with a spoon, try and avoid brain freeze and lick the glass when consumed.
And if I do have a heart attack, at least I'd die happy.

Kirsty x
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23 Aug 2012

Poochy love

Today has been very, very hard but even worse, tonight (when I was on a shoot) I got a call from Mark telling me that he found our poochy lying on the floor with his paw splayed. Eddy wasn't moving and couldn't bear weight on it.

I was working, I couldn't really talk but immediately I felt sick. Ellie was with me and both our faces went white. How I managed the rest of the shoot, I don't know. The adrenalin must have took over because I don't remember the last 10 images being taken whatsoever.

Mark made no hesitation about taking him to the vet so he scooped him up and drove him to the pet hospital whilst I drove the 45 minutes home. All the while, Ellie and I held hands (when I wasn't changing gear!). The stone cold silence was deathly.

Luckily Eddy had just dislocated his paw and the vet set him right with a pain killing injection. He's currently dozing, oblivious to how petrified we were all feeling.

The thought of losing this fella fills us with dread. We love him kabillions.

22 Aug 2012

My fave Kiwi's and Just Jack

I have been inundated with clients new and old in the past week since I got my A-board outside the shop.  I've also been writing little messages on the pavement for passers by and I'm not kidding you, its made all the difference to enquiries.

I don't sell cheese - I just encourage kids to say it!  That or smelly wellies!

It goes to prove that advertising DOES work and it needn't be full page spreads in newspaper that people often overlook

So, anyway........Ive got a couple of more fun shots from my lovely Kiwi family shoot from last Friday.  This was my pavement welcome to the studio.

There is such a lovely connection with this family with little Kate being the jewel on the crown

 Up for a lot of laughs, of course

 And madness comes naturally.

And then, this afternoon............ there was Just Jack.  His Mother brought a posy of freshly cut sweetpeas.  Probably one of the most wonderful gifts ever - the fragrance is divine

I feel for guys sometimes.  They often think you are just going to plonk them in a studio and take catalogue style posed pics.  Not here, we don't.  So it was in my Coronation Street Alley that we ventured and this is what we got..........

His eyes totally match the back drop.  I loved his indie look

This door better NEVER ever get painted.  Its my favourite and a hit with all my clients.

And a lead up shot - they just do what they say....lead up to the subject.  And isn't he a lovely one at that?

His pale green eyes are definitely his most lovely feature along with a break of a smile.  You see, I always break them.  Every guy has one dying to push through......

And that is my week thus far.  Tomorrow I have a prom recreation shoot.  I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

And then.....OH MY!  Then I have a 1940's style shoot to collaborate with a local MUA, hairdresser, vintage clothes shop, vintage furniture shop and a very beautiful young model whose looks are to die for.  That's in the pipeline but the planning is the best part.

The things I need immediately

Dotcom Gift shop is rammed with things I really must have.

Here are my latest wants and desires.  Of course, winning the lottery would be a bonus but isn't it fun to go "window" shopping?

This sign HERE, for the front door

 Straws reminiscent of bygone days HERE

And delicious little school size milk bottles HERE

And dinky little jars in a cute rack HERE

And washi tape in red polky dotties HERE

And these buttons would stay right on the packaging cos they look GORGE (HERE)

And a star broach, for being spangly at all times HERE
And finally, this baby here for a lousy cotton pickin stinkin £1.00!!!!! - HERE

And now I'm happily content in the figment of my imagination that these will soon be mine.

**Last 2 spaces left for my online DSLR course are calling!  read yesterdays post to find out more!**

20 Aug 2012

Come Craft/Learn your DSLR with me

I'm teaching 2 classes over at Sugar and Spice crafts on the 1st September.  Both are papercraft based and all 8 projects are you could, technically, take both classes.  If you wish to book one of the remaining few slots, nip over here to make a booking.

I have sneaks of them here:

I have a few spaces left on my online DSLR training course starting 1st September.  Learn how to use your DSLR from automatic to manual mode in 4 bite sized chunks.  Each of the 4 lessons will be delivered to your mail box with a private group facebook page to chat with other students.  You simply follow the instructions and mail me your images for critique.  You will be surprised at how EASY PEASY it is.  If you wish to find out more, email me here to bag one of the last spots.

Lastly, Im sharing these babies with you.  This card was made with leftovers from the scraps that I had from the classes Im teaching at Marions (see above).  I can't bear to throw bits and pieces away so here is a little sweet card to cheer up a pal:

And lastly, how sweet is this little "hand" towel card?  I saw a card swing by my vision on Pinterest and I didn't re-pin I can't credit the original but mine is not exactly the same per se.  I think their card was for a wedding and the towels read "Mr and Mrs".  Ive adapted mine for a lovely dovey card

Aaaaaaand thats me, outta here.

19 Aug 2012

Game for a laugh

A quick post as I am worn out after a day with family.

This is a teaser of a shoot that I carried out on Friday night.  The light was my enemy but the family fought it with wit and humility.

I shall share more tomorrow.   This is one of many shots that thoroughly enjoyed taking.

A beautiful family with kiwi charm from the county of Cambridge.

18 Aug 2012

Teenage grace

There is nothing and I mean NOTHING more beautiful than the deportment and stature of a ballerina.  As I was not blessed with the opportunity to do ballet as a girl (plus, I'm more of a pavlova cake than a Nueriev), I have to live vicariously through today's angel.

My sweet client came to the studio to test out my new plexi glass and of course work her supple magic with many graceful poses.

It was wonderful.  
I even found myself pointing my toes between shots - seriously, it was hilarious at one point.

How a little bit of elegance V grime?  This alleyway shot is definitely a unique background for such a talented lady.  I mean, if you want beautiful pictures, just don't have the same style that a million other ballerinas have on the wall.

Be unique but most of all........ be as lovely as you are.