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31 Jul 2012

Girl in the Alley

You can have a model-like makeover by coming to my studios, as you are and standing in an alleyway.  No need for unnecessary retouching at my studios; the use of natural light and flattering angles reflects who you are - as lovely as you are.

Raw and organic is one of my philosophy's.  The only changes I make to an image is running a wash over it and perhaps a little doge and burn (dark room techniques from the early 1900's!). The speed of my edits means that this client took a number of her images away in less than 10 minutes.  Now that's a kind of turnabout that lets me get home for the Olympics with no extra workload.

This is Miss G.  She got attitude, right?  Its lovely to spend time with someone who think she might be shy but who you know can be challenged to open up and just go with your direction.

Why not book a shoot with some of your sassy kids (or even yourself) for a shoot to make you feel good and celebrate being as lovely as you are?  Come and visit my tres swish website here

Oh my poor neglected craft room! You and I shall meet again soon.

30 Jul 2012

A medals a medal and no medals are good too

Since the opening ceremony of Olympics 2012 on Friday, Mark and I have been glued to the TV.  We love the interactive services on the BBC and its red button options.  Its never been dull here espesh when Lizzie Armistead rode for silver 

and Becky Adlington grabbed the bronze.  

Colin didn't get the medal for Judo but we loved his passion and grace.

Today we screamed for young Zoe in the ahem, Snatch and Jerk. 

Then for Tom and Pete in the diving.  

We went absolutely berserk for the Mens gymnastics (and bit all our nails off during the inquiry).  

Then we supported Hannah in her semis for the swimming, danced around when Zara rode the course,

shimmied Ben along with his boat 

and screamed again during the Volleyball tonight.

Ive been drooling over Mark Foster - hello??!!

and laughing along with Matt Baker (best commentary ever!), too.  

 I know Ive missed loads of athletes out but these ones were the one we watched

PHEW!  Its CRAZY but good crazy..........And its only day 3!!!!!

I don't care how many medals we get or what colour they are - all that matters is that we come together for our athletes with a whoop when they win and offer some gentle support them when they don't.

29 Jul 2012

I made stuff!

For as much as I love to take photographs, I also love to make stuff; pretty stuff.  It was born to me first and has been since I was 5 or 6.  Santa (Mum and dad - tee hee) brought me a "Things to make" kit.  It was the best present ever.  Looking back, it was utter naff with its plastic cut out shapes and ugly string to sew together to make a purse but at the time, it was heaven on a stick.

I then progressed onto making my own clothes for my Sindy doll (I had the posable one.  And my Sindy had brown hair....I loved her so much, next to my Tressy doll).  I'd fashion toilet roll into amazing designs with sellotape.  I honestly thought I was a fashion designer slash personal dresser of the highest order.  If I wasn't sat making something, as a kid, I wasn't being me.

I drew a lot too.  And coloured in.  And then I side tracked a little with writing and poetry.  My English Teacher, Mrs Jones in year 2 and 3 (aged 12/13 - the old school years!) encouraged me so much with my English, I shall never ever forget her.  I say English but note not grammar....i still suck at that!  Then I got back into creative stuff, slowly but surely.

In 2001 my thirst for crafting ignited at the start of the modern papercraft boom and here I am, 11 years later....still faffing with paper.  I just love it so.

I made this tonight inspired by something I saw in the craft shop where I teach (thanks Ann, for the inspo).  Only, I added beads to the bottom and beads at the top and stuffed it with feathers and different decor to Ann's version, but the principal is still the same - a 3d birdcage.

I also shared these at a workshop on Saturday too.  This card was using fun flock - yes, its flock and double yes, its fun

This card featured CHRISTMAS!  YAY!

Ive more cards to share this week and even a scrapbook layout.

Today, Mark and I slobbed out watching the Olympics.  I was screaming for every member of Team GB.  And when Lizzie Armistead sprinted up the Mall today, my heart was on fire.  The same for Becks Adlington.  We watched as much as we could stand and still managed a trip to the coast to grab some fresh air.  Just Mark, myself and the pooch - refreshing.

The magic of my iPhone capturing this gorgeous view with Mark and Poochy taking a pew

Leaning fences and pretty daisies melt my heart

Elegant wind farms capturing nature and turning it into energy

Starlings nesting in the wreck of a very rusty tractor

March geocached and the dog wanted to help him write up the notes

Mark, aloft a graffiti wall

Our walk was brisk and cleared out the weekend's cobwebs.  Then we came home and slobbed in front of the Olympics, again!

I'll leave you with another set of images from Missy N's shoot last week and bid you goodnight

Night xx

28 Jul 2012

Last of the Barleyfields

When you have found the perfect place to take photographs, you just know that the opportunity to use it will last only a week or so.  And with this field, its likely to be harvested any second now.


In haste, I invited Marie and Tim over (plus Conor) to add to their existing portfolio from the beginning of July.  When the arrived it was really sunny and I was hoping for some drama in the clouds.  Only the clouds were over the other side of the road and in the other field.   I kid you not, the image is SOOC (straight out of the camera).

So we whilst we waited for the clouds to drift over, this is what happened........ Connor did a runner, so Daddy chased him

Conor was in a rather playful mood, so I asked Daddy to swing him up in the air - this took my breath away.  I knew from the camera feedback that it was a winning photo. 

I think I love it in Black and White more

The clouds came and went so, in between breaks, I made the most of the sun and lens flare.  The reflection from the barley in Conors eyes is just stunning in this image.

As you may have  noticed, Ive been using a few colour washes over my images to give them some drama, which makes the cloud seems so magnificent 

Im torn between the rich colours and Black and white with this shoot - both work in different ways to enhance a different mood

Conor was a delight this evening with no hissy fits or foot stomping!  In fact, to sum up the shoot, he shared this majorly cheesy grin at the end, culminating in a double head vice with Mum and Dad!

I shall be sad to see Barley field being reaped this next week or so..........but I have other backdrops up my sleeve, mark my words.  If you wish to book a slot before next weekend, check out my website and use my contact form to make a reservation.

26 Jul 2012

A Hobbyhorse called Bullseye

It's so endearing to still see kids playing on a hobby horse.  When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted one but never had one.  Although, I distinctly remember playing on one in reception class at school.  I loved that hobbyhorse.  It was wooden with a wheel at the bottom and had a red leather reign.  The mane on the horse was life-like although I do recall his eyes being freakishly huge.  So when little J turned up with one, to a mini family shoot (my gift to them on the birth of Baby E) I was so delighted.

Here he is, flying through the field - carefree, happy - alive!

My lovely friend Beth has not been well since the birth of Baby E but was brave enough to stand in the middle of a field with the heavens threatening to pour on us.

She has the most wonderful aura about her; I thinks she is lovely.

And Daddy is just as in love with their new addition.  Im dying for a long, proper cuddle with Baby E soon x

Little J has a solution to a screaming Baby E - kisses on the forehead, as gentle as gentle can be. 

I hope they like their photographs.  I know, just by what I know of them, that a number of them will be making their way to a frame or two.  I love giving my friends a gift of a photo

And finally, Minky Moo from yesterday.  Here is a sneak peep of one of the many cheeky shots I got of her. 

Let me tell you, this kid is wise to the camera.  When I say wise, I mean she wont sit in front of it and look my way!  A challenge indeed.  plus, to add insult to injury, she called me Pasty instead of Kirsty (which I secretly LOVE!).  Even Little J from todays shoot calls me Dirty....tee hee!

See you tomorrow.

Pretty in Pink

Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Missy N.  She was an absolute diamond and LOVED getting dressed up and trusting me with the various things I asked her to do.  I loved her immediately.  She brought along a little sidekick, Minky Moo but more about her tomorrow :)

Flame red hair and a cheeky grin is a winning combination.  Here she is, sat on the town hall steps near my studio.  There are hundreds of them.  I call them the rocky steps - like when rocky (Sylvester Stallone) ran up them to the "eye of the tiger" in Rocky 1.  Loving this backdrop so much.  Love Missy N's ultra natural smile more.

A little fifties fun with  a twisty twirl down at the promenade near my studio

At the rear of my studio is a "coronation street" style alley way - its awesome and Missy N rocked it

A little studio shoot resulted in Missy N's awesomeness to come to the forefront

More alleyway antics complete with nerd glasses

And this?  THIS is just gorgeous with the river mersey rushing past industrial Liverpool topped with a cute little Missy N, perched on a railing.

Tune in tomorrow where I will be showcasing of the pocket rocket, little Minky Moo.

24 Jul 2012

Fields of Gold

Its been bittersweet today.  Im not exaggerating.

Today was Ellie's last appointment at Alderhey hospital namely because she is 16 and needs a transition to adult services.  Its not been fun with this hospital but I do put that down to Ellie having an unknown condition.  The relationship with her neuroscience specialist has been somewhat stunted and fraught with "come back in 9 months, we still don't what the matter is with her blah blah blah".

I think, in the grand scheme of things, we have been patient in all these 4 years and yes, I've had my flip outs and whiny moments but as a mother who completely adores her daughter, I reckon I was allowed to do so.

As we arrived in the consultation room, the doctor looked, briefly, through her notes, asked a few questions  and said that the next course of action was to perform a biopsy.  But I reminded him they did that two years ago.

"did we?"he said.
"yes" both Mark and I confirmed.

You see..... this is what we are up against.

The rest of the appointment was just covering old ground, raking up the coals from the past 16 years and the last 9 months since we last saw this Doctor (12 months, come to think).  Things have changed with Ellie, particularly the curve in her scoliosis, the arcs in her feet aching which is having a knock on effect with her knees; they are bearing the brunt of the shift.  This needs addressing and fast.  Luckily the OT and PT are such wonderful beings, they are on with the solution as I type.

As he wrapped up the appointment he said "well, she definitely has a myopathy but which strain, we just don't know".  My jaw dropped.  To be honest, this was a bit of a friggin revelation because its never been fully confirmed before and now, as we depart this hospital, he comes to mention it?

No sooner had this sunk in did he then follow up with "But, as neurosciences has taken a hit with funding, we can't investigate it further".  Talk about giving your kid the answer to the 64 million dollar question one moment only to be snatched it away, 2 moments later, was cruel.  VERY CRUEL.  So there we have it.  16 years to be told she has an undiagnosed myopathy and written off the list in one fail swoop.  Spectacular.

We were relieved to be leaving today.  For the first time in years, I left without crying.  HOORAY.  But I know everything is going to be ok because we just look at her and know that no matter how much the NHS fail her, we won't.  Ever. 

On the way home from the studio tonight, I passed this barley field.  The cloud forming over the brow was just GORGEOUS and the light was incredible.  I rushed home, picked Belles up and drove her back to the field for a little shoot.  Namely to mark the end of a ridiculous era in her life but, more notably, to mark the beginning of a new chapter.

She wouldn't really look at the camera.  The fascination she had with the barley heads was so interesting to watch.  She kept stroking them and running her hands through them as she walked past.  But who cares, the fact that she looks so grown up and so unaffected just brings tears to my eyes.

She wouldn't leave the tracks in the barley but as she head off for a little wander, my intrigue led me to consider "what was she thinking?" and "what expression she had on her face?".

Those heads of barley really were so fascinating and as she played, I zoomed in on her curls and let her be.

the colour wash on this image really highlights her stunning lips.

I love this angle as it hones in on her attire.  She looks super grown up in this image but would she take her fixation away from that bloody barley?  NO!!!

And then I noticed that she was counting and splitting the hairs.  The autistic tendencies that Ellie often displays tells us that she over thinks and analyses and tries to work out a patterns in all that she sees.  Im still waiting to hear her conclusion but I bet, by the morning, there will be a gorgeous fact that she can tell me.

The start of the day was bad and the end of the day was good.
My kind of day.

Hope yours was good too.