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30 Nov 2010

CB cards

I've been on a roll with card commissions for Crafts Beautiful. Im usually dealt with a theme and the task is to make 8 cards from one paper pack. We all know you can make more than 8 cards from one pack, if not a few layouts too. I have a ton of paper left over from this excellent value for money pack by Crate paper from Sarahs Cards too! There are overlays, transparency die cuts, stickers and delish double sided cardstocks.......**in love**

The theme was Birthdays and the colours in the kit are delish

The Jan issue is out now!

28 Nov 2010

Natch Hist Museum

Today we went to take belles to the Natch Hist Museum.

She has waited her whole life to go here, I just know it. She thoroughly enjoyed herself but secretly I think she was a tad disappointed because she loves "night of the museum" with Ben Stiller and it didn't look the same as the movie.

I enjoyed it but I do think it's a little dated. The Darwin cocoon was spectacular and my fave display was the hummingbird collection .... (awesome).

I'm too tired for pics but thought I'd share this of belle really going for it with a meatball and pasta overload at the fabbo restaurant there. I know its only a pic of her eating food but rarely does she tuck right in and gorge...... the thought of full bellies and happy hearts fills me with delight.

adios x

26 Nov 2010

Perfectly imperfect

You know Belles and her photophobia.....I can never seem to get a good pic with her eyes open and this picture typifies that. I took this picture after school tonight and she wasn't up for a mini shoot. So in stepped Amy to tickle her and this is what I got and most of all, what I LOVE!

Thank you Amy, you little star and Ellie? - you are too cute for words even though at 15, Id hope to have stopped calling you cute.....but hey, its what you are x

25 Nov 2010

Baby girl is 15

I refuse to sit here and take in that I am a mother of a fifteen year old girl.
Ain't ever going to believe it.
A ridiculous notion even if it is TRUE.
She is still 5 in my eyes. A wonderful girl with a heart melting personality. Nature broke the mold when it created her; she really is one of a kind. We love her to pieces. I am most certainly consumed by her.
She fascinates me.
Makes me feel I have a purpose.
Adores me right back.

This is Belles on her 2nd birthday - oh the joys of 35mm film cameras!

Here we are blowing out her candles on her "hard to get hold of, travelled 40 miles" teletubby cake!

Happy Birthday, lovely girl xx

Whilst I was fishing out those photos, I came across this beauty, of Belles and Marko. Ellie had a few sessions at the School of Riding for the disabled. I shall never forget this day, Ellie was the happiest girl in the world that day. Seriously, nbody was ever happier on that day. EVER.

Hope that, if you have snow today, you are wrapped up and snuggly x

24 Nov 2010

Crop Night

Here is this weeks sketch for all you crop lovers.
I have plans for this evening so I am unable to do a live stream but I will make a layout on my return using this sketch below.

I hope you can join in and beat these hideous wintry chills and blues.
**where are my long johns?!!**

23 Nov 2010

Lanvin sell out at H&M

If only I was a total skel-bag to be able to get my frame into some of the new Lanvin collection at H&M. I would have been up at the crack of dawn, like every other skeletal fashionista to bag the likes of one of these
- check out the colour on those teal trimmed red shoes ...**sigh**

or one of these.

Or this busty barmaid-esque animal print ensemble - the skirt is gorgeous
BUMS! They're all sold out a matter of hours.

Only a few more months of exercise and diet to go and then Lanvin will be ringing me direct to make me a frock of my dreams to make up for it. Or maybe Valentino, for that matter - he is my fave. Then Mario Testino can shoot me, literally if he has to.

New kit from A Work in Progress

Vicky has done it again with another beautiful creation. If only these were real papers! Well, actch...its ok that its digital cos this way, I'll never run out of supplies.

The kit is called Love Yourself and is out on Friday over HERE

22 Nov 2010

How much is that doggy, in the window?

The one with the wag waggy tail?
How much is that doggy, in the window?
I don't think that doggy's for sale - at all, ever!
(he is not a dog, he is a sausage - ok?!)

You have seen pics like this before, my boy - sat on his favourite spot

Its the perfect place to get warm from the radiator but also stand guard to bolt upright at the slightest movement on the street

He peers though the slatted blinds, surveying his kingdom and with a potential bark rumbling in his gut
After no movement, he flops down but still keeping a watchful eye on proceedings

I open the blinds for him to get a good view on the street - I piqued his interest with a wide angle view because of this **note: I love where the seams of where his hairs meet on the side of his neck here**
One more scan across the street for foreign objects

aaaaah bugger it, looks like no prey for the kill this afternoon.
Tomorrow he shall repeat this process a thousand times.
And the next day and the next.

He heeeeee xx

20 Nov 2010

Went shoppin'

Today I took a train to Birmingham to meet up with a slimming buddy of mine, Kes, whom I have met online through a slimming club forum. She and I get along really well and between us have lost lots of weight (although my journey continues up until my 40th in Feb). I haven't been girly clothes shopping for YEARS without hubby in tow or Ellie being bored to tears with my faffing through the racks.

She is LOVELY and has lost almost 6 stones in weight. She inspires me!

I bought a dress three times smaller than what I would have bought in August but believe me, I still have two more dress sizes to get through before I get to my ideal size. I bought this for my freind Zoe's party next week (Hi Zoe!) and I couldnt be happier with it. Although the bow on the collar has GOT to GO ...Im too old for bows.
Even earrings to match - check me out, miss co-ordination!
Maybe these shoes (if I can get over the fear of crippling myself in them)

The plan I am following isnt exactly sunshine and lollipops and at times I think "Jeez, eat something with a bit of friggin flavour will you?" but I persevere for the sake of my health more than being slimmer. The reason being was that I had horrendous wheezing fits and a pain in my sternum for the longest time and now its just not there anymore. My skin looks so much better and Im wearing clothes from yesteryear that don't make me feel like the bag lady anymore.

Onwards and downwards, I say.

19 Nov 2010

Two quilting Sarahs

Im a serial blog hopper. I sail in disguise and drink in beautiful imagery and inspiration but Im guilty of not always commenting. One thing about blog commenting is the rigmarole of the word verifications - grrrr, I hate that. But still.
My recent inspirations have come by the way of Sarah and Sarah. Their quilts have made me dig out some donated Riley Blake (AMAZING WEBSITE!) fat quarters I have had from Practical Publishing for months on end. I have enough to make 2 quilts!

Ive also order this little lot here, from The Cotton Patch. Amy Butler Fabrics, kindly inspired by my friend Sue Nicholson :). Some for a quilt, some for a frilly apron.

And Tilda Fabrics, for a little bag I want to make for my sewing bits and bats

Plus a little pretty book to probably look at for ten years before I venture into anything other than square edges!

I mean, I can actually sew. Im not to tailoring standard but squared edges are my speciality. Im hoping I can find a nice 5x5 die for cutting out perfect squares - does anyone do that for the cuttle bug? I mean - come on......they ought to, right?

So come back here in 45 years, I might just have made a start on it! He heeeeeeee

17 Nov 2010

And here is my crop layout

in super squizzy wizz time:

its digi - again! But its complete and ready for printing at 75p a 12x12 print HERE
Kit credits to Vicki at a Work in Progress

Crop night

Hooray, I think I will actually, really be scrapping tonight.
Join our facebook group here and watch out for links to the live crop (ie watch me crop live - well, watch my hands crop live!) to join in with other like minded weds night croppers x

This is the sketch for you to get stuck into and you have two hours to make and share your layout with us over on the group page.
Hope to see you there x

Don't forget Paris

Don't forget Paris
Don't forget Paris by kirstywiseman featuring a wrap cardigan

What I shall wear, considering I have over £5,000 to splish and splash out on these goodies !

16 Nov 2010

Just Giving

**hmmmmm - where do I start?**

OK. The other week I wrote about a dream of mine to walk the Inca trail to discover the lost city of the Incas. For years and years I have always wanted to do this. I know its not a gentle walk in the park because I've read about the stories of other people who have hiked it and their reviews ain't always inspiring. First off, its a 41km trek from Cusco, Peru, through excruciating temperatures, peeks and jungle (full of yucky yakies I refuse to even think about right now). It takes 4 days and three nights to complete so that's three nights sleeping with god-knows-what crawling all over me **shivers** Im funding myself to get there, that isn't too much of a problem but I think the reward will be to reach the summit of Machu Picchu and just, well.....simply cry. Hopefully I won't roll off the top or lose my footing and mega hopefully it won't be a cloudy day with a mist encircling the summit so I cant see it (my luck!).

Im going to do this in May 2012 with my friend Zoe and hopefully Jeanie - two girls I joined the RAF with in 1987. Zoe has a chronic athritis condition and is on track to build herself up for the event and Jeanie? Jeanie cycled from London to Paris in the summer just gone!

These pics are July 1987 (gulp!)If anyone else is thinking of doing it and wants to participate, please contact me (the more the merrier) but like I say - you have to fund yourself to go; it no package holiday that's for sure (and I ain't even going to contemplate eating the country's delicacy of roast guinea pig - blech) but it will be worthwhile, exhilarating and humbling.

Of course the whole point of this blog post isn't to show off at such a feat. No way. The whole point is about raising money for a well deserved charity. Initially I was going to donate all sponsorship to Alderhey Hospital but they are a cash rich charity which doesn't really need yours and my money. After hearing about the National Gulf Veterans and Family Association last week, my heart is set on raising as much money as I can for this little known charity. One that I am still reeling about and one that doesn't get a single penny from the Government **blows raspberries at that last bit**
Ive donated my own money to Help for Heroes in the past two years thinking my money will help all heroes, all wars. NOPE! WRONG! Help for Heroes is for all post 911 operations so that makes Gulf War 1 veterans null and void. Don't get me wrong, Help for Heroes is a magnificent charity whose profile went interstellar via Simon Cowell and X Factor when it was first launched. I believe if you can get a good rally behind your charity then it will prosper significantly. But little is known and done for the NGVFA that it beggars belief that its still managing to continue. However, it does mange to get by as many ex vets (like Zoe, Jeanie and I) care very much about our ex colleagues and the work that servicemen did in any war. I also, very much, support the British Legion too; a grand charity whose loyal supporters give so much and eases the burdens of the suffering.

The NGVFA provide help for soldiers, families and children affected by ANY war be it post traumatic stress, advising spouses on care for their husbands and children affected by any by-product of war. They have all the relevant and CRUCIAL information regarding the HORRORS of what the servicemen were subjected to including the injections and NAPS tablets that were FORCED upon the soldiers and given in such wicked combinations that suddenly "no record of the injections were ever recorded on peoples medical records". WE KNOW this information first hand as my husband has seen with his own eyes that in Dec 1990, there is not one declaration on his notes as to the "stuff" he was injected with. And its only just coming to light, 20 years later, of horrendous illnesses and diseases these servicemen are suffering from and in our case, what our children are suffering from as a result of the injections, NAPS, phosphates, burning oil wells and close proximity to warheads and bomb sites coated in depleted uranium. **did you know that if you ever came into contact with depleted uranium that even one speck will half its depletion on your body in 15 days and the rest stays on your body and erode, slowly, you forever and ever? And also the radiation from depleted uranium in a bombed out shell lasts 4 billion years?**

I don't want this post to be political but I can't help but give my two pennyworth's. If if have to be the Erin Brokovich of getting to the bottom of Ellies problems, then I will. And the NGVFA have lots of answers to my potential questions and so therefore I will support them in any which way I can. And hopefully, you might like to too.

My Just Giving page is here (pleased don't forget to tick gift aid as the treasury give the charity £2.62 on top of each £10 you donate). So many of my facebook friends have spared what they can already and every time I get an email saying that XXXXX made a donation, I just burst into tears. The enormity of it just pulls the waterworks string and I sit with my hand over my mouth and eyes dripping. People are amazing, YOU are amazing.

Thank you x

15 Nov 2010

Whats Cookin'?

My hubs is a fab cook and has been since we got married. Me? I like to experiment and play but I don't have the knack like he does. Yesterday we invited the outlaws around for dinner and Mark looked through our Wagamama's recipe book (thoroughly recommended). He chose Seared Beef Sashimi for starters and Cha Han (chickens and prawns) for main. I made homemade mincemeat in filo pastry twists for pud but that was small fry compared to his accomplishment.
As I am strictly on high proteins, I had erm, a piece of cod and an egg - LA dwellers would love my will power on this diet. But that didn't stop me frothing at the mouth with the brilliant scent of fresh ginger and spices dancing around the kitchen. However, I'm sticking to my guns with my abstinence from carbs because, as you know, I'm **cough** 40 in Feb and I want to be nice and slim(mer) for the occasion.

I did have a taste of the fillet steak that was seared 15 seconds on each side, plunged into freezing cold water and placed int he freezer for an hour - I thought I was going to "chuck" up eating raw fillet but it was divine. I skipped the salad tasting but did dip my pinky in the amazing dressing he made for this stunning little starter.
I made this yesterday afternoon to build my quote and tag collection. I even decorated a teensy brown kraft bag for it to live in. The two quote counter act each other and is more of a fun play on the word match the cutie cake die cut. Just thought Id share it with you.
And finally, if you look to the left of my blog you will notice a new little add. I will post more about that tomorrow.....been sobbing my heart out this evening with the beautiful donations already pledged so far. **sigh, people are so so generous**

12 Nov 2010

Digi on my knee and winner of stamps

These cold wintry nights does not inspire me to go into my office all alone and make something. I want to be snugged up with the family and yet somehow get my fix. Cue the laptop and digi scrapping. Vicki has a gorgeous new kit and has let me have a play with it. I love these reds and oranges - simply the most brilliant accompaniment to Ellies "Yella Specs".
I love it when digi layouts don't look so digi. Vicki's elements look almost real which means I'm definitely going to invest in printing these in life size 12x12 - which only cost 75p for the priv. I'll let you know the place that prints them, when I can remember!

Ive been playing with tag designs tonight on the 'puter too, I can't wait to make them up tomorrow....if this chill buggers off, of course.

**Winner of CB mag and stamps IS: Lisa Hemmings - congrats babes**

11 Nov 2010

Winner and another giveaway!

Winner of the CD from the other day is: MUSTAVCOFFEE Congrats!

Another giveaway is not only the latest issue issue of Crafts Beautiful but ........ also the free stamps that I designed to go on the cover too! Hooray. We can never have too many clear stamps, can we?
To be in with a chance, leave a comment below :)

And here are 6 of the cards featured in the mag - all from one paper pack (Crates lovely and bright crimbly ones which I got from my lovely friends shop, Sarahs Cards Ltd). Ive not made cards for CB for ages as I normally have a monthly blog in there. I love how paper packs can help you make up to 30 cards at a love love.

And finally - here is one of my tags that I made for a recent tag swap. Ive just also finished another tag swap and then I'll put a notice out for the next one, if you fancy joining in :)