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30 Sep 2010

Love this layout

I don't always LOVE my layouts. I like making them and I enjoy putting them in an album knowing that an event has been marked in our family's history. But this layout? I just love it. I love the memory for starters as Ellie had the confidence to use a slide, something she has not been able to do much since or before. This was in was in 2006; a holiday in our beloved Menorca. That holiday was absolutely fantastic even if it was tinged with a few black spots here and there. But still. Her t-shirt was from a company called La Redoute. I absolutely love french clothing for kids (if and when I can afford it!). Look them up on ebay if you don't mind second hand clothes.....just gorgeous. I like this and its not even second hand!

Last night cropped yielded an abundance of beautiful layouts which were put on the Facebook Groups gallery. It is such a pleasure to be able to comment on them plus all other participants take the time to admire other peoples handicrafts too and also make comments. I'm not sure if you are like me but a comment or two on a layout sure boosts your confidence.

Going to go and enjoy the rest of my day with Belles who has an inset day from school. I cannot tell you how happy this has made her. A trip to Waterstones is on the cards..... ooooh real shopping, such fun!

29 Sep 2010

Weds night croparoo

Brrrr its too bloody cold to go out. And not healthy to snuggle under the duvet whilst scrap supplies are calling your name! Nuh uh (but you can do that on any other day of the week, right?)

Between 8 and 10 tonight I will be holding an online crop night plus a live streaming using both the sketch and 5 product minimum challenge. You can choose just the sketch or the 5 products but if you like, you can also do the two combined.

Option 1
just the sketch:

Option 2
just the 5 product minimum:
1: minimum of 8 bling gems
2: 1 chipboard piece
3. String/embroidery floss
4. Stitching or faux stitching (ie use a pen!)
5. dry embossing (cuttle bug plates, fiskars shape boss etc)

Option 3
both! lol

Be sure to upload your page to the Facebook gallery here (you can request to join, Ill always add you!)

I wasn't in the mood to scrap this week but Ive dusted myself down and have shaken my tail feathers in preparation. My albums will thank me for it xx

28 Sep 2010

The winner is

Wow - I have been a very lazy blogger and can't believe its taken this long to announce the winner of last weeks online crop. Nevertheless, the winner is: Jackie Campbell

And its almost Wednesday again - time for another crop with a lovely sketch and 5 product challenge or either or both!

Thanks for all your links and advice on going wheat free. I'm stocking up on alternatives such a gluten free flour, semolina, ground rice flour, rice noodles and rice cakes (I cannot believe I had forgotten about how GORGE the caramel ones are let alone the chill and sour cream versions). I even had beans tonight with a side of salt and vinegar Snack a jacks.

See you weds night, here at 8pm. Do join in xx

26 Sep 2010

Bubbah Juh and Momma, Wheat Free and stuff

Here is the star of my life show at the moment (besides my lovely Belle and my pooch!) with his Momma, Kerry. We only got to spend a little over 24 hours with my Bro and his wife this weekend and even less time with my sister :( As we barely get any visitors to our house, I just want to spend every waking moment with them - like not even go to bed!

So here is my token piccy of my sweet JJ for this very short post.
Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the online crop challenge from last Weds and also I will share a super duper project that Ive just put the finishing touches to!

Wheat Free
I'm trying to find snacky things I can enjoy whilst I trial going wheat free again. I admit the last time I did it I lost some bloating but I got fed up with disgusting gluten free bread :( Having found some ground rice in the supermarket today and knowing that gluten free flour is GORGEOUS (even in cakes), I'm trying to compile a list of "go to" items. Rice cakes are looking like my staple snack attack so far. I do love the salt and vinegar ones plus the caramel ones too. Can you give me any advice?

PS: I have been inundated with emails about 1:1 learn photography sessions so bear with me whilst I plough through them and give them a personal reply to each and every one!

25 Sep 2010

Meet Ann

I taught Ann a one to one photography session, with me, yesterday and she is such a star pupil.

She was shooting in manual half way through the course. Believe me, that is fast! And look at these lovely pics she took (yes we eat out for lunch and we take pics between bites!)
The composition and depth of field is soooo good.
And also, my Sister came yesterday and she delivered these. She is a chocolatier, now, after leaving the RAF after 21 years. She brought us these and they lasted 1.25 seconds. Malibu and pineapple flavour, raspberry flavour and orange oil flavour filled our mouths and went straight to our hips FOREVER

And also my bro came tonight so Im with all my siblings..... its lovely x

23 Sep 2010

I did it!

I did the sketch and the 5 product challenge combined with plenty of time to spare (see the post below to see the details!). And the girls who joined in? Well, they all did a spectacular job too.

and guess what this is - below?
It christmas sweet mince time and yes.....we've indulged!

Im going to bed veeeeeeeeeeery late after having such a BRILLIANT time on skype with my lovely friend, Reyanna.

22 Sep 2010

Weds night online crop time

Remember - 8pm every weds night I post a sketch and a 5 product challenge.

Do join in and have fun as I scrap live (link will be posted on the facebook group page here) and try and come up with a layout worthy of putting in my album!

You can choose from the different options below or combine the two. There are no hard and fast rules other than create something you will love for YOU. Then you an share your images on the facebook group gallery for all to admire.

Option 1 - Use this sketch

Option 2 - 5 product challenge.
You can create a layout style of your choice but use the following
1. Ink - spray ink, pen ink.... any ink!
2. 3 flowers or 3 stars - see? Im catering for girls and boys!
3. 2 tags
4. 3 buttons, 3 different colours
5. 2 different style alpha stickers

Obviously you can add whatever else you like to the layout!

Option 3 - combine the above two

Each participant will be entered into a draw to win a prize from one of my sponsors.

NB: Upload your layout by 10.30 at the latest to be in with a chance of winning

Im still going

To the gym, that is.

Tonight was day three in a run of 7 that I am trialling to kick start some wobble loss. I usually do two or three days, have a day's rest and then do another set of two or three or four (I have done a run of five before too...... check it!). Whilst I have noticed some firming-up, those bloody scales will not budge. I want to CRY! And so to tonight - I took a Boxercise class. For those not familiar with it, its like aerobics but using weights in your hands and using boxing movements like jabbing, hooks, uppercuts, bobs and weaves plus some serious kicking. Its a killer at the best times but tonight's class was run by a different girl and holy crap, she was MILITANT! I am aching as I write and normally I ache after day 2. Hopefully she has set that weight loss ball rolling.

Ive been a good girl and sorting out as much admin as I could. Ive also sold my 50mm F1.8 lens for the 85mm F1.8 because, in my opinion, its better for full length shots with a delicious bokeh to boot. The 50mm is perfect for portraits but I have two lenses that cover that focal length as it is. Im so finickity with my lenses, honestly. Plus i bought from ebay. Never ever be put off with buying second hand lenses because if the lens is not to your standard when you receive it, you can send it back within seven days and, if you used paypal, you have absolute guarantee you can get your money back. Touch wood, this new lens will be of a good standard.

I'll leave you with a little pretty. The bird? That is one of my new digital stamps that will be coming out this week with a handful of other bits and bats.

Going to luxuriate in an early night.
Adios x

21 Sep 2010

Remember Ruth?

I taught her 1:1 session a few weeks back. Here she is, isn't she lovely?

Well she has just got back from Santorini and she shared me her BEAUTIFUL pictures from her Flckr account (go see!). She took these all in Manual (Fantastic!) and these are a few of my favourites:

Makes me want go escape to the sun - RIGHT NOW.

19 Sep 2010

Take a peek

Ive been invited to create hybrids for Scrapagogo. Well actually, that happened in July and now my first kit has been dispatched to kit clubbers. I was really taken aback when I got the email from Lorraine and Janice but it came at a good time for me. Then I was asked to participate at the GoGo Getaway at the end of October and was asked to create the class from my digital pen to paper. That was an even better surprise. So here is a sneak of the class.It turned out to be one of my favourite layouts this year and one I shall enjoy teaching the most, purely because its a layout that will suit any gender, subject or age. There is no need to worry that the photo will clash or the title won't suit because you get to choose your own title as well.

Also at the weekend, which I think has sold out (I'll check!) there has been a phenomenal amount of ladies enquiring about mini photoshoots. The hotel is spectacular so there will be plenty of backdrops to capture some "you/me" shots. I honestly think I will not sit down all weekend but sitting down is not good for your circulation, is it? ;)

I can't wait to GoGo Getaway :) If you are going, say hello in the comments box below xx

18 Sep 2010

Its been a while

Well, two days is a long time between blogging!

First off - the winner of the Ribbon giveaway for my Weds night online crop is: LISA JANE JOHNSON - I picked your name out of my "flung off to the floor" bra cup (as is customary in this house).

You can see all the layouts on this gallery HERE. If you emailed me your picture and didn't place in the gallery, you were still entered into the draw. I encourage you to join the Facebook group to upload your shots......the comments are very encouraging from all the other participants. I thoroughly enjoyed weds online crop and perhaps next week, we can do the same - yeah?

So Last week? I have to tell you that despite going to the gym up to 5 times a week (still) I am not feeling the benefits. I am very very tired at the moment and getting lots of headaches. I have NOT lost one single ounce in weight although my shape is changing. What the hell is that all about? I'm a girl, I work on weight as a rule. I'm going to restructure my regime to try and shock this wobblesome figure into a new sensation. Just wait and see.

On Friday I took a trip over to New Brighton to photograph this family again. Poor little Connor was not a happy bunny but I did manage to grab a few great family shots. NOTE: This was the windiest shoot I have ever been on!

Lots of unposed shots, trying to comfort Connor-pants
Hey Connor, look up at Kirsty and her boring black camera!

Well, what a sea views make perfect backdrops

And the framing of this shot is lovely and curvy (like my thighs!)
A temporary respite in the chippy soon saw to Connors grumps but no sooner had the carbs kicked in - well..... he was having none of it (even after allowing him to abuse my Cath Kidston wallet in the sand complete with snot (my fave combo!)) - just look at that cutey!
I got home later that afternoon and after picking Belles up, I went to bed. When I woke up, had tea and went to bed again at 8.30. Zzzzzzzzz - I can't afford all this sleep but I was dreadfully tired.

I woke up today, after shed loads of sleep and the morning was spent making Rubble cakes with Belle. These are an instant gratification treat as there is no cooking involved. Well, heating up a little but deffo no "20 minutes in the oven" job! We made 17 of the little blighters and by 8pm tonight, there NONE left. And I am very shocked to say that Ellie ate most of them. Its not like she doesn't need the calories, I can tell you. I'm glad she scoffed them. We watched Steel Magnolias this afternoon and I have indoctrinated Belle into the art of slush and snot festing whilst lounging in jammies on a very miserable day.

But after stinking out the house in our laziness, by 5.30pm I was ready to get some fresh air in these lungs. So Mark and I took la pooch for a walk IN THE RAIN. I didn't care, I needed clean air and I wasn't getting that by festering on the sofa. Not long after we got back I sorted all 233 emails out after switching off the Mac for the past 48 hours; favoring only the iPhone for facebook updates. Gah, what a sift that was. Until I happened upon this attachment in an email from one of my One to One clients of late, Heidi.
She showed me this picture at the Harrogate show last week and I begged her to send me a copy so I could show her off to you - didn't she do a grand job? She did say if it wasn't for our one to one, she wouldn't have achieved such a shot. **blush blush blush**. But seriously, its all down to her enthusiasm and understanding so I cannot take all the credit, can I? ;)

Now I must go and prepare myself for an abundance of work for next week and a new eating regime (no carbs after 4pm) to see if this can shift the wobble. Do you have any great training/dieting advice for me?

15 Sep 2010

15th Sept Cyber crop

If you haven't joined in one before, there are not many rules. And this is all for fun. You can make a scrapbook page or a card or an altered item of your choice. All participants will be entered into a draw to win a gorgeous prize from one of my sponsors (the best part!)

Every Wednesday night (at 8pm), with much encouragement from Facebook friends, I hope to bring you a Sketch and a 5 product challenge that you can use on the sketch or on a layout style of your choice. People seem to like the sketches more......I think Becky Higgins/Fleck deserve a round of applause for their popularity, don't you think?!!

Whatever your choice, please read below the challenge for this week and at TEN pm tonight, email your image to this address HERE or upload it to the Facebook group HERE

Option 1 - Choose the Sketch
Don't feel like you have to use stars or flowers - use your imagination on that score

Option 2 - Choose 5 products in a layout style of your choice
6 buttons
chipboard shape
a swoosh of paint/spritz of spray ink
Stamped title

Option 3 - Both option 1 and 2 combined

Note: If you are a member of the facebook group, you will have the option of joining in a live Ustream of me (well, my hands, more than anything) making the layout plus there is a chat room option in there for you to get to know other users too. Warning: It gets frantic!

Edited to add:
Here is is: I did this in just over an hour, LIVE on Ustream.... so people could watch it come together. I believe some of the viewers just like to listen to me scrap away to keep them company - thats fine by me! We even had a visit from my Belle and the pooch (even Mark came in the room but obv did not get in front of the camera...... such fun!

I just need to journal on it now but not bad for an hours work - and thats with stops and starts to talk to the pooch and faff about trying to shuffle around the supplies!

14 Sep 2010

JJ time, Winner and pretty pretty

First of all - the winner of the mini kit is
...................drum roll please...................
Thanks to everyone that participated

So, JJ?
I went to see him on Friday with my Belle and in true JJ style, he had a full Mo-hawk for me to admire. I love these Bumbo thingies, great for kiddies who are growing and getting stronger... and he is, day by day. His hair makes me howl with laughter

And then I took this series of pics. It goes like this:

JJ: Im not interested - stop trying to attract my attention by making ridiculous screechy noises.

JJ: Ok , you got my attention - here is me poking out my tongue a little

JJ: Gadzooks, Auntie Kirsty - leave me the hell alone! (Literally laughing out loud at this picture!)

So onto my latest project.
Inspired by a mini tree I saw over at Marions shop a few weeks back I went and bought a massive polystyrene cone (well - taller than any I have ever seen in craft shops before) and made this rather fruity coloured tree. I've used ribbons from Fantastic Ribbons whose colour and style range is beyond exciting. And rather than decorate it in traditional colours, I went against the grain and have injected a bit of zing into this coney tree!

Its about 26cm high - great for centre pieces this christmas
A little close up - those ribbons sure look lickably delish
It was in the hallway when Mark got home and he said "Wow, this is fantastic". Take it from me, Mark is really hard to please. After I had got up from the floor from shock, I went on to make a pomander tree....more on that tomorrow :)

PS: Don't forget to join my online crop Weds 15th Sep at 8pm. I have set up both a Facebook group (HERE) which you can join or you can get the details on this blog. I will Ustream me making my layout (live) but be warned - it all goes pear shaped and I get cross looking for bits and pieces to go on my layout whilst cursing, laughing and sticking wrong things can join in on the chat...but more on that later.

Midnight Rooster giveaway - 24 hours only

As with every month, Midnight Rooster give away a mini kit to each of the DT's blog readers (that's you then!)

Here is the scrummy wee kit:
Life is Good - echo park paper co.
Fly a Kite: Garden - October Afternoon
Think Big - Pink Paislee
Katie - Crate Paper

Strip of fabric
Felt clouds
Sprouts - Lilybee
Crochet Trim - Maya Road
Flower Trim - American Crafts
Stamp - Purple Onion designs

To be in with a chance, Midnight Rooster would like to ask what you fave dessert is? Mine is a toss between Creme Brulee or Lemon Meringue. Go check out Midnight Roosters website and enter the other DT's giveaway too! You are allowed to!!!!

I'll draw a winner tomorrow night so BE QUICK!

12 Sep 2010

Midnight Rooster reveal and 1:1 with Sarah

Midnight Roosters kit this month has so many papers that co-ordinate beautifully. The foamy frames are heavenly and the home made stick pins are ultra delish.

This is what I made:

I made those tags from paper and made the polo mints holey thingies too. I was having one of my "oooh check me out" kind of moments. Like, for a moment. I don't think that all the time **blush**
This layout came together so quick. I think its my fave but I also like the one above (Denim)

Simple and basic but this is the look that Eddy gives us when he wants something (obv food!)

Aaaaw, its heartbreaking to see these pics. He was a beautiful puppy.

DOH! Maybe this is my fave....oh lawks, its hard when this is my fave kit so far.

Yesterday I went to the Harrogate show but not before seeing my JJ on Friday. I have some lovely pics of him so I might save those for tomorrow. He is really filling out and he is changing facially. He is starting to look like my Dad. Its marvellous to note the changes in him, I love that I can be a part of his life and get to kiss those chubby cheeks of his :)

Soooooooo, Harrogate. Man it was heaving. I'd only gotten through the door before I bumped into lots of friends. It was half an hour before I actually got to say hello to my lovely Dyan whose stall was the only one that saw and real cash from my pockets. My mum had sauntered off with my Auntie whilst I gabbed and gabbed and gabbed. Belle and I mooched around and tried not to run anyone over with her chair. I was having such a good time that in no time at all, it was time to go. I was off to Manchester next to meet some lovely Facebook friends for an afternoon of coffee, chat and laughs. I'm going to talk about that tomorrow, I think. But still... a very busy day covering Yorkshire and Lancashire on a grand scale!

And so to today. I had a 1:1 booked with Sarah who truly wanted to get out of automatic mode and make grand use of her Nikon D80.

Isn't she lovely?
I took an extra set of photos an also liked this one of her. This is the part of the lesson where I teach how to get people to relax and practice composure. They get to keep the photos I take which Im sure is an added bonus ;)

And here are two of her pics that I had picked out for their exposure, composition and depth of field.

I was so delighted with Sarahs progress and that she was also shooting in Manual, let alone semi automatic mode. When you can achieve that in a day, you are opening your camera's world to whole lot of missed opportunities from it automatic graveyard!

To find out more about 1:1 with me, click here

And finally, the winner of the Vunk decal is: ANNETTE - mail me, sweet girl x

9 Sep 2010

Cyber crop, winners and GIVEAWAY!

This blog post? Its a biiiiiiiig. Yes sireeeeeeeee!

Lets start with last nights cybercrop. Wow - lots of entries and participants. What a thrilling response. Thanks to those who watched my scrap live and faff around looking for white rubs-ons and saying "oh my god" a trillion times. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is my layout following the sketch on yesterdays post (I also used the 5 product challenge as well - go me!)

And here are all the participants layouts (Flckr group coming soon at this rate!)






Paul - he heee, using pics he took of me the other day after 4 hours sleep (obv - can't you tell?!)



Kathy - she did this in a superfast time!





Sandie Dunn




The winner was pulled out of my generous bra cup (which I flung off tonight after one of those "I hate my bra" days) and they are: Sally J Houghton - well done!!!
She wins this GORGEOUS stamp - "Limited Edition, unable to be bought Stampin' Up! Whimsical Wings Stamp Set".which was kindly donated by Natalie Oshea.
Please pay a visit to her website to visit the retired list and new catalogue launch details over here. You will be glad you did.
The other day there was an incident at school involving Ellie. It was pretty upsetting. Im not going into it but was humiliating for her, if not a little intimidating. Poor kid was shaken a little and very upset. If it wasn't for this girl, here, I wouldnt have been made aware of a few facts that helped form the bigger picture. Abbie has been through primary and secondary with Belles and although they don't hang out after school - they sure look out for each other in school. I took some pictures of her as a thank you so she could pretty up her facebook page. I wanted to take the time to write a thank you to Abbie for being protective of Ellie. Thanks, Abbie xx

Do you remember this post?
Well the company, VUNK, contacted me regarding something or other and it transpires that a giveaway would be in order. You seriously have to go and see they're amazing wall decal range HERE. And some of them are incredibly huge which is great news for one of your walls that you know is crying out for such art of gigantic proportions.The winner will get the chance to win this decal in a colour of their choice (insert WOOOOOOOO). There are LOTS of colours so you won't be stuck with a decal to match your interior.To be win with a chance, you have to tell me which is your favourite decal they sell, in the comments box below.

I'll draw the winner after the weekend

See you at Harrogate on Saturday morning. Do stop us (me and Ellie) and say hello x