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30 Jun 2010

Blingo twinkle toes and web cast sneak

I bought myself some new shoes. They are just the kind of shoes I love to slip my feet into and gasp at how pretty they make me feet look. I imagine myself trundling around Sainburys being the envy of all the shoppers but secretly smug in the knowledge that they only cost £14. Worth it for the bling alone. And I am so going to nick that bow idea for some project or other.
**gleeful sigh**

Here is a sneak peek of my 5 of 101 flowers that I will be demonstrating in my webcast tonightMy friend Rosie is going to be my dummy tester an hour before we air to test lighting and sound. I have no idea how its going to air - whether the pull of the viewers will snag the stream or what? If it goes wrong, it goes wrong.............Its tricky when I'm going to have to be a cameraman/sound/director/floor manager in one!

Don't forget to tune in tonight by following the details in the blog post below.

29 Jun 2010

Ustream - Live

My stomach is churning about Wednesday. Ive never done a live web cast before but I thought it would be fun to demo 5 of my 101 flowers plus my new CD to non Create and Craft viewers.

If you want to see me crafting from the kitchen, tune in 8pm on Wednesday night where you can also use the chat room to ask questions live, if I can manage the squint to read them. You must log in in if you want to be a part of the chat but its free to join - check it out over HERE. The channel you will need to tune into is HERE.

**screams with nerves already**

In the meantime, take this free download for all you hybrid scrappers needing some fun little tickets xx

Click on the image to see an enlarged image

Ok, need my sleep peeps x

27 Jun 2010

JJ's growin'

My sweet little love, JJ.

Oh, he is so adorable. A proper little gorgeous face which had its eyes closed most of the weekend due to the heat. My fam visited my Bro's fam for an overnighter/BBQ/England match get together. I was so excited to be seeing JJ again. My dog couldn't wait to see my brother's dog again for stupid doggy lovin (both boys, say no more). Belle wanted to enjoy family time and Mark wanted to stand around the BBQ, all butch whilst flipping burgers (because men love barbies and feel all manly whilst tonging food). It was a lovely surprise that our cousin and his wife should pop over too with their foster children (who stole me heart). And boy was it hot! Woooooooooooo 29 degrees it was and not a wisp of a breeze.

Overnight we had the fan on full blast and it was still boiling hot. I tossed and turned all night or was that because I promised the morning shift with JJ so that my bro and his wife could have a nice lie-in? He heee, the latter of course. Once I got that cherub in my mitts, both belle and I sat together in the lounge enjoying the changing and cleaning and feeding and cuddling. JJ lay on my chest - fast asleep all morning and we were all so content.

This is Elllie mid afternoon. I couldn't resist taking this picture, she really does look grown up here.The day got warmer and warmer and we all got excited at the prospect of the England V Germany match bearing fruit. Erm, short lived!

The cursing, the screams, the joy. The cursing, the screams and little pieces of more joy erupted from the lounge as we watched our team get a total and utter thrashing from the Germans. We played really baaaaaaaaaad and the goal that wasn't a goal??!!!.........see pics below for the fun that is doing the rounds on the internet relating to that.

Before we left, it was time to get some piccies of JJ for me to cry over whilst in my absence. Im not sorry, but I am so attached to this little boy who is a delight to my heart. We had a few moments with his eyes open this afternoon and a couple of breath taking smiles ensued.

Here he is with his daddy - all smiley for Auntie Kirsty again!
This picture makes me want to cry with joy!

And so we left after being defeated by the Germans (no shocks, there - its a regular occurrence). I slept all the way home as the heat really knocked it out of me to arrive with enough light to photograph this layout for my run of 5 layouts in a week - woo, go me!

Im off to go and listen to the rest if my New Moon audio book which will be followed by Cclipse on Audio before I watch New Moon on DVD followed by a trip to the cinema to see Eclipse. Im a tad 'cited.

25 Jun 2010

So I did a fourth

I know, stands back in amazement! I even started on a 5th tonight as well.

Belle and I went to Paris in Aug 2008, just on our own. We loved it. We went every where on those open top buses and river boat rides to places as notorious as Sacre Couer, Notre Dame, Champs-Élysée, Eiffel Tower and various little boutiques and cafes. Ellies best memory around the Eiffel Tower was a little merry-go-round and beignets (little donutty things). I watched her enjoy every single one of them with the leap in my heart with every bite she took. She absolutely adored those little treats more than the whole spectacle of the Eiffel tower.

Click on the image to enlarge if you are having trouble seeing it

Love the gold little Robins Nest embellishments.

I want to go to Gay Paree again but Mark won't go as he doesn't get along with how the french berate the English when you are there. Me? I just ignore it and pretend Im Spanish or any country that I can get away with that won't result some frog flinging a stale baguette at me. If anyone is going some time soon, let me know - I could do with a 2 day trip to one of my favourite capitals in the world (minus the heckling from disgruntled Parisians who laugh at my attempt to speak french and tell me off in English!)

24 Jun 2010

3 times lucky, right?

I awarded myself some good luck by completing three layouts this week. My good luck will be to win the lottery so I can buy myself a ticket to the Basic Grey warehouse so I can roll around in all that stash. Naked. I'll be "clean naked", not "sweaty and soil the stock" naked.

Using some Studio Calico kit left overs (by the way, I have kajillions of the stuff) I made this pic of my girl who ALWAYS peers over her glasses like a disapproving teacher. I love this layout because its perfectly Ellie.

Click on the image to enlarge if you are having trouble seeing it.
My Create and Craft show for next Wednesday has been cancelled but rescheduled for the 19th July at 9am. But fear not, Ill still be releasing my CD on my website as normal for those who don't watch.

Please tune in to my live web show next weds at 8pm (ish) from my kitchen. If you make yourself a member at (for free) you can log in and watch live. You know damn well the phone will ring and the dog will bark and that I will mess it all up - but still. I will be demoing those crepe paper flowers that you all seem to wanting to see plus snippets form my new CD - perfect for card makers. **chomping on my nails at the thought of live profanity and setting my kitchen on fire**

23 Jun 2010

Swing to and fro

Don't faint from shock but yes, this really is layout number two in the same week.
WHAT, WHAT, WHAT? He heeeeeeeeee, shameful and yet exciting; I can't cope with emotions today as it is.
I love the Tim Holtz little stick pins so much. Will use those, a lot, in the next few layouts

Love using my TINSY scalloped edged scissors to cut out leaves from book text

It's a layout Ive been meaning to do for weeks using gathered pieces put in a 12x12 baggy for that spare 15 minutes. I'm a sucker for grabbing lovely little bits that I know will work together on a layout and chucking them in a bag only to bore holes into the back of my head from the guilt of not doing anything with them (that was a stupidly long sentence, even I ran out of breath!). So I had 15 minutes today whilst belle was not well AGAIN in bed this morning. And this is the result.

So Belle was off yesterday. Its weird because I brought her up her breakfast and served it whilst tidying down her bed. I didn't pay much attention to her face this time, I was pre-occupied gathering her uniform etc etc. She never complained but just sat there, dainty as a wispy angel and ploughed through her bacon sandwiches and coffee. Then I went into my room to make the bed and come 8.30am, she strolls through for her hair brushing when I took one look at her face. OMG, it was so pale and there were not dark circles under her eyes but instead brown, like bruises. What on earth? I said to her "you are not well are you?" and she said "I don't feel too good but I want to go to school" (she would go to school everyday that kid, I'm telling you). I did not let her go and sent her back to bed. It was clearly hay fever as she was sneezing and itchy but unlike any hayfever I have seen in her, ever. I closed her dark curtains and let her rest until 2pm! So this morning Mark woke her up at 7am to give her some antihistamine but come 8am when I got her up for school, she was out of it again - up until lunch time anyway, after she had perked right up. I think half a tablet will do form now on!

It was just before I sent her back to school that I noticed a facebook update from one of my friends. It was along the lines of "RIP mum, you were so good and we love you - from the boysxx". I thought it was weird because my friends mum had died not so long back and I didn't get it. A few minutes later, people were writing tributes on her page and I then realised that the message had been written by her boys under her guise. The sad, awful truth sank in and I started to panic, feel sick and go very light headed. As the day unfolded it materialised that my lovely friend had committed suicide. Words can NOT describe how those words cannot be fully processed when you know that person had everything to live for. Nobody saw it coming and then you sit there and try and comprehend why it happened and why you couldn't do anything about it to help them. Its really cut me in two. I get so affected by these things in such close circles. I have been very blue about it all day and I must shake myself up. Perhaps I just might allow myself to be miserable about it today. It is, by no exception, one of the most strangest feelings I have had to deal with in a long time and I won't relish that again. **Sleep tight, Regan**

22 Jun 2010


With all of my focus on commissions, my CD and Bella Glitter pants I seriously do not have the energy to come up with anything super inspiring right now. So, I do the next best thing and hunt to be inspired.

Firstly, Mazzer. Mazzer makes beautiful projects via the medium of her virals. I love that, I really do - I play them as much as I can but mainly music videos from the 80's and 90's. She inspired me to make this.
Next is this card, literally chucked together using the stuff on my desk that I have not been bothered to put away plus the leftovers from the above cuppy cake. It's basic but it shows you that you can make owt from nowt.
Last is this layout. I saw something similar on 2 pea's last week, drew a little picture of how the composition looked and then made it from the papers and flowers I had to hand. I didn't purposely select any supplies, just my Studio Calico leftovers and some flowers that I had just bought from HERE. Be warned - you will no doubt kill me for giving you that link. Lush flowers that are doing the rounds right now.
ok, I'm going on the dreadmill and I mean dreadmill. I dread going on it but once I'm there, I'm buzzing. I need to rack up a couple of miles to get my butt into a shape that resembles something other than a sack of spuds.

PS: The winner of the Stampin' Up booty is Jo E - so go over to Nats blog to claim your gorgeous prize. If you haven't been before, go and see the scrumpsh offers that Stampin up have on offer right now HERE

PPS: Many thanks for your lovely comments over the last few weeks, I'm so touched that you all took the time and trouble to jot me a little note both in my comments (and I read EVERYONE and reply when you leave your email) and from the emails you send. It makes me feel like I'm really not that crazy.

21 Jun 2010

Here we go

Went to the doctors with Ellie today to ask if he would refer us to a specilaist with regards to her behaviour, her emotional disposition and lack of social acivity and he couldn't type his referral quick enough on his computer. Even he said it could be Aspergers without me saying so.

If only the last 14 years would have been so forthcoming.

(Belle, 2006, asleep with the sunset lighting up her angel hair)

Camh's - here we come.

20 Jun 2010

R and R

It was a fairly quiet fathers day; Mark doesn't like a fuss. But I didn't want to spend all day vegging either. What with me wrapping up the CD in readiness for it airing on 30th June I really needed to get out of this, what feels like, stinking pit hole (lol - cabin fever springs to mind).

Here is the new front cover (click on the image to see it bigger!)So I said to Mark that we were, no matter what, going to the seaside for fish and chips/dog walk/fresh air etc and Mark piped up "erm and a spot of geocaching?". Groan, how could I say no?

Before we ventured over to Southport, Mark coated the garden swing with varnish and Belle eeked out the remainder of her jammy time (she spent all day in them yesterday, bathed last night and fresh jammies again - I don't let her stink out the house, you know!). Me? I went on the treadmill again. Having bought an audio book yest I thought I'd sync my Nike plus through the iPhone and listen to the book whilst training to beat the hideous boredom. Erm, fatal flaw iPhone, you apple mac dumbos. I discovered that you can't use Nike plus and listen to a book at the same time. You can only listen to music. Apple=fail - AGAIN. Anyway, my training consists of walking to run. Ive set my goal to 45 minutes a day on a "fast pace walk" until my shins get used to the load before I break into a run. I used to run a LOT in my youth. I had to, I was in the RAF and had to have a certain degree of fitness about me. I so want to recapture that vitality and shape up into the bargain. And if Donna and Cathy can do it, so can I. Only Im not so scrapbooky cool as they plus Ive got a lot of wobble to trim up.

Ive had great fun selecting my fave running tracks to keep me motivated to stave off boredom by staring at a bare brick wall in the utility area of my garage. And with my amazing Koss headphones I can get great volume from the iPhone that you can't get with those ridiculous bud earphones you get with iPods (I think they feel like stuffing stale donuts in your ears - really painful and not at all comfy). I managed 40 minutes before a blister on my heel threaten to burst and drown the whole of lancashire. It's MASSIVE. Well, it was until I had to seep it later this afternoon which made me gag in one way and yet satisfied in the same breath. In fact, I am looking at it now and it needs another seep before I go to bed **insert menacing laughter here** After a shower and a loooooooooong drink, that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction came over me and I felt so good that Ive started exercising again.

Look, a flush of "wow, im back in the zone" - ignore freaky squinty right eye; I try to!I hope I can keep it up as my 40th birthday looms and I want to wear a party dress for the occasion.

So, sunny southport? Ellie was looking especially curly and angelic today. We had loooong conversations whilst Mark went hunting in undergrowths and hedgerows looking for those blasted boxes shoved in all sorts of contraptions that stashed his clues. Ellie blurted out these amazing animals facts (as usual) and we discussed dog breeds as each one passed us on our walk. We talked about the ducklings we saw in the pond and how much their baby fur looked like JJ's hair (!!) and all sorts of wonderful things that splurge out of my girls head. And then said to me, quite out of the blue "Mum, I think I have that thing you are talking about". "oh, really?" I said. She didn't expand and I didn't enquire further. I think she knows its on my mind and I know its on hers. I want her to talk to me about it so I know she is comfortable about it and when we hit the doctors tomorrow, I hope she feels able to ask some questions. That way we can gauge her feelings on the matter in full. I just don't to push all these feelings too much until we are fully aware of the facts. Mark and I were really surprised when she blurted that out, you know. Maybe she is convinced, herself.

On the way home we had fish and chips (and we cannibalised Eddy by giving him a sausage). Its been a really nice day and im going to finish it by popping that refilled blister and squirting the juice all over the bathroom, for fun.

19 Jun 2010

Its all making sense

A blow out has been long overdue, from me, with our quest to find the matter with our beautiful girl. Im quite proud that Ive kept it back until now as things seem to pretty much be on an even keel. I can't apologise for my blow outs, they feel so much better when they have been written and hopefully, someone - somewhere, may identify with it and help them too.

So - Its all making sense? Why? Well, right now, I feel equally aggrieved and delighted in the same breath when I say that we are almost certain that Ellie's problems may no longer be problems. In effect her problems could well be assigned to a syndrome and when you have a syndrome, its no problem! Its an answer.

For a few years I have been overly concerned about Ellie's behaviour (on top of her physical probs). I know for certain that other people have seen it as me being paranoid and worrying unnecessarily. But as a mum - you just know these things, don't you? You try to balance their judgement with your determination and let me tell you, it really does hurt. Ignorance far outstrips determination in my book, Im sad to say. But the hurt? Man, its an awful pain you get in your chest like a gaping hole from where a nasty explosion has ripped through your heart and you sit there wondering why it happened but carry on regardless - still hurting and still wondering when the ignorance will strike again. So let me tell you about Ellie's behaviour. Well, she is not a naughty girl and she is far from erratic or disruptive. No, our Ellie is a very quiet child, a girl who has her routines and likes them and whom loves her comforts. She won't give people eye contact unless she is familiar with their frequency of contact, seldom socialises with kids her own age (much preferring adult company - even in school). She is obsessed with facts about animals. And I mean OBSESSED. She can't solve problems really easy and finds communicating very difficult using monosyllabic answers or gestures to get her through. Aside form her physical difficulties, this is a separate problem.

I have screamed at the doctors explaining her unusual behaviour on millions of occasions (immaturity, insecurity, emotional distress from frustration) but no, they focus on her physical issues and even then that's every 12 months now. So I set about trying to gather notes myself. It has always felt it was going to be fruitless and I can see why people think Im just being "a silly" but I honestly refuse to be beaten. Truly, I do. And Im not going to lie that Ive often wondered if Ellie had a slight form of Autism but nobody has ever taken me on to that assumption. So I would put it to the back of my mind and try and ignore it niggling me. But the more I observed her behaviour and how things like understanding time and understanding a written problem were not sinking in,the more incensed I became that only I seemed to noticing it. School just thought it was part of Ellies undiagnosed physical problems and family just thought "oh, its just Ellie". Well, Im sorry everyone, but that is just not good enough. I can't say that my quest to be unbeaten hasn't left people thinking I'm bloody nuts/erratic/paranoid but now, as it comes close to understanding what the matter is, I only hope people take all that back. I really do. It would make me feel so much better and less angry. I don't mean to harbour that anger, Im sorry, but its just how god made me.

Then three weeks ago somebody mentioned Autism to me again with regards to Ellie. And I dug up my research again but I wasn't entirely convinced. I had advice from facebook friends telling me to get it checked anyway although some said that perhaps she is like she is because of her physicality. The latter advice did not motivate me one little bit but again as a mum - you just know, you know. Then all of a sudden, somebody recognised what I was saying and they said that they had suspicions that Ellie has Aspergers albeit in a slightly different form. So I rang school this week to enquire as to whether I would be barking up the wrong tree. The schools SENCO was absolutely brilliant and decided that it would be a great idea (with her backing) to seek the advice from CAMHs. The more I researched Aspergers after that call, the more I am completely convinced she suffers with it. And let me tell you, I have researched many things in the past that could relate to Ellies condition but I have never been tempted to consider any of the suggestions up until now - after 14 blasted years!

I rang a local Autistic and Aspergers group to have a casual chat about my thoughts and feelings and to also get them to affirm as to whether I was barking up the wrong tree or not. The guy that answered the phone was incredibly empathic and he could tell I was a bit nervous about the call. Perhaps its because I didn't want to be wasting his time. He asked me a ton of questions which I answered regarding Belle. And when he had finished he said I had to not to worry one bit and that I should go the Doctors for a referral for a check on Aspergers Syndrome. Of all the answers I gave he was convinced that Ellie shows the characteristics of a child suffering with it although he said that he couldn't rule out that she may have a lighter form of Austism (but that its hard to tell with girls, as girls are harder to diagnose with it than boys). He said he couldn't wait to meet Ellie as he had other children that attend their meetings with fascination about animal facts and that Ellie would fit in so well. I can't measure the relief of how I feel this week. It really does feel like a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I know thats so cliche, but its true. Ive never been so convinced of that weight being lifted until this week.

Just now, Im trying to come to terms with this new chapter because in one way I feel jubilant that this could be the greatest treasure we have ever uncovered about our girl but in other ways I feel so upset that I have had to take years of emotional injuries to try and get to the bottom of it. So my advice to you is if you are a friend of a mother with a child who has special needs, please understand the emotional journey she is travelling on and not judge or pity her. Instead you should just love her, support her and don't, for crying out loud, thinks she is nuts.

Phew - Im glad thats all out.

Please share with me if your child suffers with Autism or Aspergers. Im very keen to hear your stories xx

17 Jun 2010

Emergency Fathers Day Card

Fathers day cards are a royal PITA........Mens card usually feature beer, ties, football, tools or BBq themes. I'm going to break the mold and offer you a free download to print, cut, and layer. Just add ribbon and other little bits you deem necessary to flourish it to your hearts desire.

Download this one sheet of A4 sized image HERE and cut the spotty paper then layering the image on top - simples, concise and straight to the point! If you are at work, hope your printer prints in colour!

Do not forget to check out the post below for a FABULOUS prize giveaway!

16 Jun 2010

Massive giveaway and BF winner!

Please congratulate LINBY on her Banana Frog stamps win - wooohoooooo!

And now for a super duper pooper scooper of a prize giveaway. You may or may not know, Nats O'shea sponsors my blog as an independent Stampin Up demonstrator. Nats and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back from the earlier days of The Scrapbook Magazine. I was only too pleased to host this giveaway from her generosity!
Look!!! A scrumptious pack of 12x12 cardstock, 2 stamps set, 2 lush grosgrain ribbon reels and erm, summink else (cant see what it is) buts its worth 60 nugs! Its all gorgeous stuff and I can thoroughly endorse it as I have 30 of their beauteous inks.

To be in with a chance of winning this lushly loot, go leave a comment on THIS blog (not mine) and Nats will pick a winner on Sunday. Please note it sofr UK peeps only, this time..... sorry!

15 Jun 2010

Sponsors and Dt's

I'm lucky that people want to sponsor my blog and more often than not its for product and not the big bucks that people think! I love working with crafts supplies for DT work and for magazine work - its all about spreading the love, you know?! This post is dedicated to giveaways and winners so lets start with the Midnight Rooster mini kit winner from last week, so step forward Andi - YOU WIN!

I have two stamp sets from Banana Frog to giveaway too - Bevs GORGEOUS new stamps keeps the stamping masses salivating no more. I don't know how she keeps coming out with such natty designs but she does and I ain't complaining. I made a card this afternoon with a few of her new stamps, just because (see below). To be in with a chance to win, I need you to tell me your fave low fat "go to" snacks because Ive just bought a treadmill and I'm in training. Other than fruit, I need lovely little nibbles that wont harm my diet. This does not include lemon cake or carrot cake - even though I would technically class them as part of my five a day, I do have to be a bit more sensible in the forthcoming weeks. My campaign is called "T minus 28lbs". Check in with me every weds if you want to join in and note your losses with me.

As you may have noticed, Tonic Studios sponsor me with their punches and cutting systems - don't forget they are running a "design a punch" competition whereby one lucky winner will have their design turned into a punch to go on general sale in the UK - wooooooo!

Tomorrow I have a spectacular giveaway worth £60 so check back for that tomorrow as well

Finally here are a selection of cards Ive been working on for mags and challenges.......

Using my Raspberry Ocean papers from Colour Me Crazy CD, a quick make acetate card
Using images I designed for Crafts Beautiful's latest issue

Using promarkers, I coloured in the blank images that I designed for Crafts Beautiful

Using papers and images again from my Colour Me Crazy CD

Using Banana Frogs brillsville word and frame stamps - in love.

and finally Tonic Studio Butterflies and edger punches ..... I made a card very similar not so long back but I did make a few changes to this one.

Phewey - time for bed. I have a treadmill to go and collect tomorrow and I need all the energy I can muster to prepare my first ahem, run/walk on it!

Call of the wild - sneak 2

Ok - its coming together .... just a few more files to prettify and we are away for the launch on 30th June at 3pm on Create and Craft. Cardmakers will love this CD espesh if they loved the last one as there are lots of images to colour in ..........again!

This is Danny Plant-Pot. He likes to plant vegables and eat worms. He comes with sheds and trugs and plant seeds and all sorts of yummy stuff for the garden. (click image to enlarge)

the next sneaks will be from the Jungle part of the cd collection. Its shaping up to be the most generous CD Ive made yet - gulp, that's a LOT of work!

I am very excited about this CD cos a whole lotta love goes in there!

13 Jun 2010

whooooooosh and gone :(

They are gone and JJ is just a sweet memory on my camera. But in two weeks time I can scoop him up in my arms again for uberly squishy snugs so until then, I have piccies to palpitate over and keep my ovaries in check!

Belle could not wait to feed him and sing to him. She only sang "London Bridge is falling down" to him throughout the weekend which she felt he liked the best. After the 50th time, I felt he had no choice but like it ;)

This photo could have been so much more beautiful if it wasn't for my dumbo brother doing the peace sign behind our heads!

Flat out in a restful slumber - i love little sleepy babies

Here we are, JJ and I - a great team and generating lots of energy from our snugfest
This is going in a frame - it will remind me of how precious he is and how much I adore him

I couldn't resist adding these photos from 2004 European finals and 2010 World cup football events. Ellie is only 8 in this photo in 2004

and then some 6 years later here she is in the SAME shirt that still fits! (Ellie only grows taller in her legs and does not grow wider - unlike her momma!)
Im so glad I kept those 2004 photos for this comparison!

Gotta add we were ITV HD's victims last night and missed the bloody goal. For those that don't know, if you were watching ITV HD, the game went to ads just before Gerrard scored a goal resulting in us MISSING the goal entirely. Well, I went berserk and felt cheated of a Ravanelli style goal celebration. Instead I grumbled like a grumpy old man but I do anticipate the next match being a little more exciting that last night - MEH!

12 Jun 2010

Come on England

Today is a big day for us England football fans. Not only is it Englands first game at the South African 2010 World cup tournament but its also the start of our hope and dream to recalim the Jules Rimet since 1966.

Here is our lucky mascot, JJ with his uberly cool mohawk (how many 4 week old babies do you know that you an fashion their hair into a rather mean looking mo?)

There is going to be so much noise made in our house tonight - Im so excited!

11 Jun 2010

Look who has come to stay

My beautiful nephew Joshua James, 4 weeks old today, is so knowing. I swear he has been here in another life before. I'm curious about him because he has such tiny, delicate features - I honestly cannot stop looking at him and adoring him

Ner ner nah ner ner - aunty kirsty, Im not going to look at your boring black camera!

Just look - so alert and so handsome am I!

He looks like he is settled if not a little bored at our house, doesn't he?

Tomorrow brings more cuddles, more photos and more JJ ........ yay for selfish old me!

10 Jun 2010

Midnight Rooster June Reveal plus GIVEAWAY

Oooooooh if ever you thought of joining a kit club, you need think no more especially with the delights of this months kit. Whenever I have worked with kits in the past, I tried to use every last ounce purely because its been given to me for free so in turn I stretch it out to give it extra mileage - VFM!!! Value for money, hello - my kind of language! I hate waste and I feel there are too many beauteous things you can make from leftovers

So here are my offerings for this months BEAUTIFUL KIT

Leftover bits to make a door hanger and some cards

And I have a giveaway of a mini kit for one lucky girl who leaves a comment on this post - isnt it gorge?

Kit contents:
October Afternoon - Fly A Kite, Ice Cream
October Afternoon - Fly A Kite, Strawberry Jam
American Crafts - Letterbox, Sincerely
Pink Paislee - Queen Bee, Bees Wax

Vintage bingo card
12" vintage blue crochet lace trim
6x11 yellow gingham fabric
Journaling label stamp - Purple Onion Designs

Go on, you know you need a stash top up!

Also LYN? You win my Bright and Breezy kit to make a card for my next show on Create and Craft TV!! Please contact me :) Congratch!