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31 Jan 2010

Work in progress

We have been redecorating our hallway for a few months now.

The hid.e.ous. artexed walls have all gone being replaced with sleek, plastered newness, the ugly teak stained wood has been coated with a pure white gloss and the boring cream coloured walls have been replaced by duck egg blue and white. The carpet went from biscuit to chocolate (yum!) and away went the African themed curtains to................ahem, still waiting for the right moment to sew the new duck egg blue, white and chocolate patterned curtains! But with my tax return put to bed I think this week my sewing machine will get an airing. I taught myself how to make curtains years ago and I pride myself on such an ability although, to be fair, its not hard.

We covered the radiator with a custom designed unit (radiators are plain puke'ster, you think?) and then we stopped decorating for a few weeks. Mainly because I was collecting ornate frames from charity shops, flea markets and where ever I could legally lay my hands on them to eventually paint them white and scatter them on my "one duck egg blue" wall (the rest are white). I'm awaiting one 8x6 inch photo to arrive before I can share you my lovely scatter frame wall but for now, I can show you our recessed wall at the bottom of the stairs.
I can also share a peep of the outer edge of my scatter frame wall too with this canvas I had made through this company here.
My hallway is such a joy to gambol through instead of wanting to vomit every time I come home. For 6 whole years our hallway has been the bain of our lives and now its almost complete and looking ever-so-lovely, I can kick back and admire its calm presence.

**sigh, I have a lovely hallway, perhaps my life is all but complete..................??**

Tax doesnt have to be so taxing

In all the 6 years I have been self employed, this year was the first time I did my tax return by myself. I have had many lovely advisers in the past and great helpers too (Lynne!!!) but this year I did it by myself. I was petrified of doing it wrong only to have some hairy tax inspector come knocking at my door and breathing fire down my neck because I may be a penny out (which I am not, im 23p out so I took that as wages!).
So to treat ourselves, Belle and I went out this afternoon to do girly stuff, eat crap and then veg out on the sofa whilst the boys (my hubby and my bro) went to football (boooooo, but then Liverpool trounced Bolton so in effect, yaaaaaaay!)
Ive been working on my Les Petit Dolls class and have managed to draw something pretty amazing ALREADY (well, to me at least!) so it goes to prove the class is well worth the investment (see a few posts down to see what I am talking about). Needs shading and neatening in places but from someone who is pretty crappy at drawing, Im gittin' somehwere!
In the mean time I am in the middle of creating some pretty lovely craft robo shapes for you to buy if that is your thang. Having all these illustrator skills and not being able to utilise them fully seems a waste so I have to get cracking with them to be on sale soon. Im also creating a CD full of them as well which is a lot of hard work for me right now.
Ok, off to bed as we are taking the dog to the beach tomorrow as its going to be beautiful here in sunny Wigan.
Cia amigos x

29 Jan 2010

a (kind of) lovely 36 hours

I like things that are supposed to go to plan and then after a successful mission, I reward myself by doing something so "kirsty". Like drop in on people when they least expect it and have fun. Spontaneity doesn't occur that often in this house as are we have our routines but I relish those little bursts of excitement that fuels my thrill levels from time to time.
I'll explain.
On Thursday I travelled down to Peterborough for a screen test. Naturally I was quite edgy (not as in street edgy!) and nervy as failing it would have meant that I couldn't project my product to the right customer. And that right customer is the captive audience of Create and Craft. A whole channel devoted to crafting and whose production company are overwhelmingly professional and friendly in the same breath. I actually enjoyed my screen test, looking back, as the whole production team put all the audtionees, including me, at total ease. They actually encourage you to shine. Besides the fact I talk too fast (perils of having to cram as much info in a short space of time like I have done previously on a different shopping channel!) they passed my audition which allows to me stretch out a usual 8 minute demonstration into an hour.....relief, relief, relief.
Whilst I was there I was absolutely delighted to bump into Jo Austin who I had no idea was on air that day. I think seeing a friendly face was just the thing i needed and after our work was done, we went for a coffee to catch up. I cant tell you how much of a lovely chance meeting it was with Jo that day...... thanks Jo!
On the way home I called my sister and asked her if she fancied a visitor. It was only 30 minutes out of my way (and whats 30 minutes when you have driven 3 friggin hours?). We planned to go and eat out but when I got there she didn't fancy it so I ate a light meal before we thought "sod it, lets go hit the officers mess". So we bobbed over for a bottle of Champagne. Well, i don't really drink so after 2 glasses I was wasted. But I had such a LOVELY evening with sister and of course opted to stay the night. I had planned to go home this morning but I was hung over (I know, on 2 glasses of champagne... I'm such a lightweight!). So with Becky in work, the kids in school and Becky's hubby off to the Chilcot Inquiry (he was one of thousands picked for the 30 tickets to see the "farce"), I lay in bed until late morning.
But I didn't get up and go as my sister came across a crisis which I helped de-pickle her from and stayed until 5pm before travelling home to find my brother had dropped in for the night when I got home. I cannot tell you what my brother and sister mean to me so seeing them both in 24 hours has been an early birthday pressie, if not a total tonic. We sat and watched Michael Mcintire's dvd tonight and OMG, we laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Talking of the Chilcot inquiry, I am somewhat perturbed by it all. I really am. I don't use my blog as a political soapbox but I am irked so therefore I will de-irk. I am not somebody who takes great pleasure in watching people squirming or being humiliated but I actually feel for Tony Blair, I really do. I know he is not on trial, per se. And I know he did what he thought was right at the time but this expensive and laughable kangaroo court is embarrassing. I can't see why Blair is getting such a rough ride when Bush isn't for starters. But I watched it this afternoon on the Tv as I did some work for my sister and I sat and really thought about it. Besides wondering what it will achieve, I wonder how much the money spent on this inquiry could be better spent on equipment for our servicemen elsewhere?. And then I had an awful dawning of realisation, thinking "If anyone takes this inquiry to trial and Blair was found guilty of initiating an illegal war, does that mean our soldiers, who partook in it, face trials too? Im reflecting on a certain other war trial some 60 years ago where soldiers were posed with a question and could only answer "I was only following orders'". Its food for thought, isn't it?

On a lighter note here are 3 things that cheered me up tonight after I sat festering about the consequences of the Chilcot inquiry on the news (I hate how the media really twist and stretch the crap out of everything, seriously).

These are perfect for pepping up a pair of clam diggers but not at £200 a pair **sigh**
If you haven't discovered Joe Browns clothes, you will thank me for their really wearable separates. This looks fun to bang on for walking the dog whilst looking like a pixie!And finally on my friday night wish list is this. Isn't window shopping the best?
And guess what? More happiness this weekend as I am scrapping.....Yes, I know!

27 Jan 2010

Back to the bare bones of basics

Pull ring cans?
You use em?
Don't toss them out for recycling.
Toss them in your craft room for re-purposing.
I know this is barely revolutionary but bloody hell, come on! I have pens, pencils, scissors, markers, tools, sticks, wire and all sorts that need pretty storage and I have 12 cans needing decoration like these. This is blue peter in its earliest form! The basics are the best!
**pens courtesy of Sakura who have just sponsored me
for a magazine article, thank you**

For a standard (uk) heinz baked bean/spaghetti hoops tin
10.3cm x 26cm of patterned paper, stick it up with double sided tape and wazz on a can.
Decorate the edge with a simple ribbon bow or whatever you like.
PS: Pull ring cans are better, no real nasty edges although you might wants to sand the ring pull edges now (I didn't).

Im away tomorrow for a screen test. Ive had a screen test before and whilst it wasn't a super duper one (basically because I was a bag of spanners and nerves) this one should be a breeze. I also get to book a date to sell my new CD whilst Im there. Yippy skippy.

26 Jan 2010

3 things of beauty

Oooooooo I have had the migraine from hell today.
It made me feel worse than death.
I dont like them and its not fair that I am getting them more frequent.
In between the twisting knife pain in my eyes, I allowed myself time on the 'puter for a couple of minute bursts to take in some beauty.
First of all there is Suzi Blu. She is so much fun and so so talented that I decided to take her Les Petit Dolls course (courtesy of my wonderful mum who paid for the entire course for me for my birthday). I plan to deck the hall with beauteous mixed media art of my family by my own fair hand.

Secondly, Tim Holtz new dies. Holy crap. Im definitely buying the bird cage. I can see a million projects with that baby
And thirdly........... my long awaited dream experience landed on my desk this afternoon, from Mark for my birthday (Birthday not until Feb by the way....all this early birthday stuff is making me open my arms quite welcomingly to 39 years of age)
He has bought us a trip to London (first class return, which is cheaper than second class if you book in advance!) in a 4 star hotel with tickets to Les Miserables in the evening for a mere snip. We do love to bargain hunt in this house and we very much got the deal of the century on everything he has booked. We are superlsueth bargain hunters who deserve a nice break from hours on the net.

24 Jan 2010

We lay like brocolli

Roz and her son, Ben came to visit us this weekend. I haven't seen her in months. And she drove 3 hours to come for, in effect, 36 hours! It was good to see them both as we hadn't planned on doing anything this weekend (well, I do have my blasted tax return to round off but you know - that sod can wait!). This meant we all could pretty much slouch - and we did!

Seriously though, I have not slouched THIS much in a long time and whilst it was good to recharge it also left me feeling a LOT worse. Roz needed the relaxation more than I, I think, but man I was ready to blow the stink off me come 6pm tonight. Of course the weekend went far too quick and all I can recall is chatting, eating and vegging.

Eating came by the way of home cooking for guests (yay!) so before I made Meat and tater pie (twice this week....I love winter food) I made this soup........ curried almond and coconut soup. Its a spin on Roz's original recipe but I added coconut milk and mango chutney to add a little diversity.
Mark loved it so much, I made extra to add to the left overs of yesterday and had it again tonight.

With Roz and Ben safely back in Glasgow I can try and get an early night for a change but lo and behold....IM WIDE AWAKE! Got some Greys Anatomy to catch up on so Ill opt for watching that as I'm organising some more storage solutions for my major organisation marathon of 2010 in the craft room.

Toodle oooooo xx

22 Jan 2010

Bakin's to cure ricketts

There has been that much citrus pressing here tonight that none of us will suffer from either Ricketts or scurvy. We will be a little more rounded with cakey gloop sticking to our ribs yet content that our weekend guests shall have their cake and eat it.

Lemon Drizzle Crunch (recipe via HERE) I thought Mark was going to pass out at how moist the cake came out. I promise you that you will not fail with this cake.

Lime and Coconut tray bake via the amazing bird HERE . Going to confess that I had to use a lemon on top of lime as I didnt have enough. Lemons? Limes? Pah, both the bloody same.

I bake on account that I had a very very depressing day. Nothing went right. Nothing felt right. Nothing looked right. I hope I don't have a day like today for a long time. I deserve to be happy! I have worked so hard these last few weeks so after my tax return has been done next week, I am going to treat myself to a day out with me (if I can get out the door after eating citrussy cakey lardy goodness!)

PS: Happy birthday to 3 of my friends who share the same date: Nikki, Jane and Regan. All my aquarian friends are lovely. Us Aquarians are a strange old breed :)

21 Jan 2010

Ribbon, slurpy delicious ribbon (2 videos)

Any crafter worth their salt has a stack of this at home. I know you spend all day lavishingly cultivating your best jars in which you store them but to never indeed use them. Good grief, No. Sacrilege! On the occasions you do use it I bet, like me, you keep your spare ends and pieces waiting to be useful in a project that will never happen.

This tag here hold another quote for my tag collection and I feel its true. You surround yourself with happy people - you are happy. You surround yourself with unhappy people..... well, you know the answer to that one! My, how I have learned from that! I would love my girl to take note from my tags for her because whilst I think its a creative release for me, the quotes are life lessons for her. Double whammy.

I got fed up of all my odds and ends of ribbon that I decided how best you can use them in this video here - you asked for the vids, so I make ....2 minutes of Steven Spielberg directing and Im suddenly up for an Oscar!

and here I get you to use your proper ribbon stash to work itself into a new ribbon use frenzy in this video here. You hear that? Im going to get you to cut into your ribbon stash FOR REAL! So, repeat this mantra after me : I will restrain my inner craft demon from erupting as I reluctantly use 10 inches of my delicious ribbon. Your eyes have to go all swirly and zombie like for this to work effectively.

I see plenty of projects coming from my craft room over the next few weeks with this quick and ever-so-pretty ribbon magic. Please share with me any of your ribbon magic so I can also try and persuade my inner craft demon to allow me to free the ribbon stash!

Let sleeping dogs lie

This is his fave spot - on top of the armchair.
(we call it Meerkat Mountain as it is, essentially, his lookout post).
The chair is up against our fab new customised radiator cover which warms his little toasty spot a treat.
But he is a real old bossy boots, you know.
Its like he is lord of the manor and he gives you the evils if you so much as go within an inch of his personal space whilst he is ruling his kingdom.
Tough luck Eddy, you get a cuddle whether you are little doggy fontleroy or not!
PS: Eddy also has his own twitter space at @EddySuperDog - heeeeeeeeeee! He is a fabulous typer! He encourages you to follow him but be warned, that tyke doesn't hold back on his daily misgivings.


Made a super exciting discover the other night whilst making a winter warmer pie. I always make my pastry seperate so it doesnt get soggy with gravy, opting instead to make a pastry topper as opposed to a full on pie. Well I ran out of plain flour (and flour is never ever anything I ever run out of generally and I swear by organic flour. We cant always afford organic but this is the only "must have" organical!). So anyway I panicked a little as my pie wouldnt be a pie without pastry. So I scraped 3 ounces of flour together and topped the other ounce with cornflour.
But it was the most amazing accident ever. It tasted so light and crispy. If you can bare the squeaky feeling when rolling it out (and I suggest roll out thin as thick pastry toppings are too claggy). So learn from my mistake or should we say happy accident! I will, in future add a little cornflour to all my pastries in future.Please don't judge the imaginative use of peas.
Mark is pea mad.
I, myself, think they are a useless veg. I much love spring greens mixed with brocolli and leek right now. Mark hates brocolli so we are bit "jack spratt could eat not fat" when it comes to our veggies.
Anyway, shutting up about veggies and going to bed.

PS: Cool ribbon tips tomorrow :)

19 Jan 2010

Basic Inking makeover

I'm sure you have seen this technique a gazillion times before but I love using my inks to transform cheaper white card into a luxurious colour finish - without raiding my bazzill.My favourite quote in the world is depicted on this tag (one of many I want to leave as inspiring quotes for my Belle) but rather than always cutting into precious 12x12 all the time, I cut into cheaper white cardstock and ink to my liking.

Hope you find the tutorial of use (there is also another quick trick on the video too - transform the look of flat, punches/due cut flowers)

Cuddle up and have a cosy night in .... more snow is on the way xx

PS: So much for this - huh?
I seriously cannot believe the shareholders of this company (can't be British, surely) would allow a British institution like Cadbury's to be bought out. Bourneville and Cadbury World is a lovely place to visit - its a true vintage site that will probably end up in China now :(
Im still reeling about HP being bought out by a Dutch Company :(
Rant over.

Woohoo - cheaper prints

Boy was I maxed out with these prints at Christmas time. I posted out so many, I thought my post mistress was going to batter me around the head with them.


Ive a new batch just in yesterday and struck a deal with my manufacturers to bring the cost RIGHT down - They are now £5 each (£9 for two) which makes me heave a sigh of relief as before I didn't get a good deal from the printer. As I normally sell these to shops but I thought Id pass on the savings of bulk buying to you too. Go and have a look at some reductions in my shop and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.

I have my old Minilopes back in stock (do you remember those?) and new GORGE 9x4inch Birch Bark panels that would make lovely book covers (pics to it is 2am, refuse to use flash photog!). Also, in preparation for my 2nd CD, my first CD is reduced too.

I shall be back tomorrow with a minibook that I made with my Birch Bark covers plus another giveaway.

16 Jan 2010

Drag out your Vellum, kids

I know you have, like me, ooodles of sheets of this stuff knowing that,when you bought it, you would make something extra special with day.
But you didn't did you?
No, cos neither did I.

Until one day when I had to create a class using a shed load of vellum that did not inspire me one jot. I racked my brains for days until a sheet fell on the floor next to my cuttlebug. "HELLO?" I thought and a class was born. Now thats what I call angelic healing!
Im sure it wasn't me the creative angels chose to be the bringer of all vellum makeovers; I bet someone else has used this idea a thousand time before me but for me, a new creative world of vellum use was born for me - and the made me feel like I hadn't wasted money of soemthing thatlay in a dark corner; all neglected and unloved.

I have felt the need to share this video because I sense, too, that your vellum has been hiding at the bottom of a pile of paper and left to one side waiting to be used for some stroke of genius to happen.

**In the video, at 00:00 I meant to say bend and not fold........just so you know**

I shall be attuned to the nations crank of synchrinised die cutters with relish after you watch the viral!

14 Jan 2010

Made in the flashest of flashes

Quick make flowers - and I mean the quickest of quickness this side of Speedy Gonzales.
These are everywhere right now and cost a fortune to buy. And really, they cost pennies to make.

Don't just make them for cards, make them as appliques on clothing, brooches and hat decor too.

Wanting the best

Wanting the best for your kids needn't be materialistic i.e designer clothes and phones - hell, even designer friends; as we often learn everyday in this house.
For us it's about how she is coping, how she is feeling and how she is thinking. I just wish I could get inside that beautiful head and sort all the stuff that doesn't work properly out and bring her up to peer standard. I can't help it, its a mum thing.
She has been doing her first run of assessments this week and because she doesn't quite grasp the concept that these will form her overall marks for this years course work, her sense of priority and understanding is not a mechanism that kicks into gear for healthy study time. I worry that what she is reading isn't sinking in and I worry that she will be sat in the exam room looking at her papers and not knowing a single answer. I just want to do it for her, you know.

So, on Sunday just gone, we kitted her room out with a desk and new chair, cleared loads more stuff out of her room to make way for her room to look a little more teenager-ish. She instantly loved the new look and gave me such a loving hug which I hope meant that "study" was going to be a concerted effort. We often take those little hugs and thanks as immediate gestures of gratitude but will they last???!!!!

On this occasion the grattitude lasted more than a kiss and a hug....she is still smitten with her "grown up" looking room.

Most of this week, my love has poured all her efforts into revising for a science exam today and when I helped go over her notes last night there was not one thing she didn't know the answer to. Do all mothers go through this unnecessary worry or is it just me?!!
We know for certain that Ellie isn't University material and that's fine, its not like its going to come as a shock to us. We have learned to grow with this notion. I didn't go to Uni and I managed to great a great job at just 16 (Royal Air Force for 9 years) and I admit I also struggled through school but it wasn't until my final year that I flourished. However I, myself, didn't have the delays or struggles that Ellie has but thankfully we have been assured by school that next year (year of option) Ellie will not be undergoing a full curriculum. She is being given access to a local college to discover what she best excels in and then the school will focus all the non curriculum time into gearing her up for her chosen studies. Things like History, Music and RE will be dropped in favour of access courses that will give her certificates that will be recognised for potential employment. And whats a complete delight to my heart is that Ellie wants to work in Graphic Design; something she is quite capable of doing. This coupled with architecture would be all her dreams come true.

I hope with all of my heart and soul that they do.

13 Jan 2010

Look - >

Its almost here:

And you see these bags under my eyes, cleverly hidden by my uberly coolacious hand glasses?
Making all the stuff for this CD did that!
And it was worth every sting in my eyes, incredibly late nights (0430 in fact which probably accounts for being early), zombified caffeine overload plus retinal burn from the mac screen.

I am very very proud of myself because it is a lot of hard work coupled with liaising with various parties to bring it together without which Id be wanting to stab my wacom pen tablet in my eyes from frustration. How some people knock these out in the space of 4 weeks get my total and utter admiration (Nikki!!!).

If you are interested in buying a CD, keep a look out for an announcement here and in my shop and ahem, on air.

**see post below for book sale - craft/scrapbook style books for sale :)

12 Jan 2010

Books for sale

I have to make moolah for some new punches that Im desperate for - you know, DESP! I can't live without these punches, espesh the MS Elephant and the scalloped square from SU - not forgetting the perfect star from SU. Therefore if I can't live without these punches and the fact I don't sell these books........ I will die. Really, I will just flump to the floor and perhaps just throw a hissy fit, stomp my feet, beat the floor and trip over my pet lip.

If you would like any of these books, email me HERE and I will let you know if they are still available.

- look on Amazon for titles and write ups
*Paper and Pixels by May Flaum and Audrey Neal, come with CD and 20 free digi kits - never read £12.00 **SOLD**
*Cathy Zielske clean and simple Ideas for Design book 1, barely thumbed **SOLD**
*Cathy Zielske clean and simple The sequel book 2, barely thumbed **SOLD**
*Heidi Swapp - Love your Handwriting....never read **SOLD**
*Visial Chronicles - art journals, & aletered books , flicked through once or twice **SOLD**
*Autumn Leaves Perfectly clear..gah! Never read £9
*Autumn Leaves - designing with photos, well read - a classic! £8.00
Postage for books is £1.50 each

found this and almost cried

Bwah :(
- isnt he the most darling poochy in the world?
He was only 12 weeks here - 12 weeks?
Im so desperate for another little dachshund - they really are lovable pets and so trusting, loving and snuggly.
Im struggling with youtube videos right now, wath this, lunchtime or something.

10 Jan 2010


It really does feel like Ive walked through my wardrobe and into Narnia.
Only Im not like naughty Edward; although I wouldn't mind an abundance of Turkish Delight.

Mark and I braced ourselves for the coldest walk of the year with poochy poo and I dragged along my camera for the ride. It was exhilarating. Ok, its only our local park (again) but the light and shapes and the mystery that it transformed into was not the sight I was expecting. We have had a total of 7 inches here, more than there has been for a looooooooooong time. But its all been compacted and compounded by trucks, cars and feet together with -7 temperatures into the most treacherous and dangerous ice ever. No gritters have graced our town whatsoever and I so feel for the older folk who are taking fairy steps to edge along the pathways to get to the shops. Please, please help those who are less fortunate than yourselves (health and fitness wise) to get to the shops for food.

Anyway, Narnia............this is my walk and I hope you like:

Icicles from our roof taken from my bedroom

With no time to be artistic on this walk, i grabbed what snaps I could in fear of frostbite. I love this little bridge on our walk, it always beckons me to walk across even though its left off our pathway. So I often just walk over and back again....just because.

Hello lil robin red breast. How still you sat for me.

Me and my best boy, my love, my friend, my companion........

I love him this much x 1927458328364758693 x inifinity

A tunnel of arched trees, laden with what-felt-like fairy dust and magic
My two boys, sigh.

Sometimes Mark stands like caveman - ug!

Home again, down our street and admiring the curves of the soon-to-bloom cherry blossoms.

Gotta say though, that snow isnt so pretty now after a fairly warm day (ie 1 degree celcius!!!).

Ive made another little quick make tutorial, but as ever, its taking flaming ages to upload. Therefore I shall share that tomorrow. In the meantime, wrap up warm, snuggle up close and be glad we don't live in Siberia. Or even the outer Heberdes. And Wigan. Oh, wait. I do live in Wigan.

"Oh is that the Estate Agent?, we need a valuation..................Yes, thats right. Spain"

9 Jan 2010

Fun little make

Remember those UTEE cards I made at crimbly?
I had a number of you love the idea so I thought Id share how effective it is and give you a little laugh at my crazy accent and sneak peek of my pinky jammies in the process.
There are two videos because I have not yet mastered how to clip the little sods together yet so me thinks that Steven Spielberg can rest at night!
**warning, I say "erm" alot, soz**
Part 1

Part 2

Melt pot courtesy of a loan from Sarah (mwah, thanks Sarah)
Melt pot works better because I used cheap baking sheets although you could use a heat gun on the proper full strength craft sheets by Tim Holtz so you wont burn your work surfaces. Although I have to say the melt pot allows you to achieve those little raggy edges more effectively.

If you want to win the UTEE impressions I made, leave a comment below and Ill pick a winner after the weekend.


Cute yes?Cabin fever? - oh flippin yes.
GET US OUT - we are trapped in this snow ridden land.Belle has had the entire week off school (as the rest of the county) and is FED up of us, the tv, the way we have to try and entertain each other without losing the will to live. I'm sick of moaning about it (and believe me, Im the most positive in our house right now). And even though we are feeding the birds and caring for our loved ones in this refrigerating rat bag of a town, the stoppages and delays are doing my swede in. Belle is practically gagging to get back to school, I want my routine to return and Mark needs his CRB check speeding up so he can start his new job as a Public Service Lecturer at a nearby college.
Damn the white stuff, its such an inconvenience. I don't know how you other countries/states live with it. Its just so rude for it to snow unlike anything I have seen in about 30 years. Truly. We usually only get 2-3 inches that lasts about a day so this (now) 7 inches is crippling us - I fear we are going to DIE. lol but not lol in the same breath.

We still have some apples clinging on for dear life. Its been good for the birdies though as they struggle to find food. Feed your birds, dudes. They love apples, pears, chopped nuts and chopped raisinsThe back of our house.......... And yes, ok....we are not in 30 foot snow drifts but our roads on the estate are packed tight with snow and are ice rinks right now. They are so dangerous. Our local council have NOT even gritted our roads as they have run out of salt. Good job we can walk to our local supermarket, though....if not ski.

Good for skin tone, though.... all this whiteness.

Fortch, in the midst of boredom and snugging under blankets, I took a little time out to make a fun UTEE video which is taking 3746254869 hours to load up to youtube (so will, inev, post that tomorrow).

7 Jan 2010

Free Digi Plopper

I was asked by Savannah Brentall at Shutterfly to provide some digi bits and bobs before christmas. So I whipped up this free plopper for those who like to digi. Ploppers are great fun - you simply add your photos and they layout is done. I made all the elements for this page which I think will be available as a full kit next week FOR FREE...wooooooooooo!I love digi for 6x6 mini books - you can print them out on you home PC. Look out for other freebie ploppers (and this plopper!) on Shutterfly's blog to help speed up that memory making process. You could do a whole album in about 2 hours.......imagine!

PS: snowed in here, fun fun fun

6 Jan 2010

oh drooly, cute baby

These are a selection of some shots I took for the lovely Maria before Christmas that I was unable to share as it would have spoiled the surprise for her mum (who also reads this blog **waves at mum!**). They wanted as natural shots as possible and so we waited for a performance to ensue. Drool was the order of the day with added cuteness and a massive bundle of love

Ovaries are all twisty when I look at this......

Loving Poppa........

Drool trails are the best!

How crazy is this baby?

**thud, I just faint at how beautiful this little boy is**

My mum uses herbal essences.....good enough to eat


The dog was NOT supposed to be in this shot but he leaned over and I couldn't resist a click. Maria loved this picture and I am glad I didn't stop shooting. A true, all round great family photo.

**I absolutely love these photos** Thank you for trusting me, Maria xx