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30 Dec 2009

What do you see?

Tonight, my darling girl and I were solving word searches. They are Ellie's favourite puzzle. We discuss the words and how close some of the words seem to the real searches in the puzzle. We whine and moan at how tricky they are at times but all the same we have a real laugh and giggle about it. We dissect words she doesn't understand and in turn she delights in explaining what she does know; when she can.

I left her to it whilst I prepared our favourite sticky licky chicken dish for dinner. We had an endless amount of chicken to get through as there was a dinner cancellation which meant we could over indulge in honey and lemony chicks. I kept an eye on her to how she was getting on and couldn't help but grab my camera to take this short run of photos.

I am in love with them.
They are her, pure little love on a stick.

Do you like her new glasses? (Thanks Reyanna, for reminding me to get pics of them). She got them just before crimbly and I think they make her look fabulous. She chose them herself which is a rarity and are actually a dark pink although you obv can't tell!

Im glad they make her look a little bit older because, as you know, I worry worry worry. I wish I could not worry and I wish I could pretend that I don't mind and care about her physique/issues. I wish I could get anyone, someone - even everyone to sit and listen to how much I fret about her and her issues and how people perceive them and me. Believe it or not, I very rarely get the opportunity to vent that to anyone who can give me the 10 minutes or so that I need. That is the gods honest truth. That's because when a problem is not your own, listening to others stories and tales are nothing but empty words that you can gloss over with the brilliance of your own magnificent lives.

But life, to us, is not a competition.

To us its survival and gasping for air and full of hope and want and neediness and stomach churning moments of "is that it?" every 6 months or so. You see the look of pity or horror from outsiders (even those within your inner circle) and struggle to contain the motherly instinct of protecting your child with a force so strong that even a slight glare could kill. But I do maintain it and I admit I allow myself to let it bubble and brew within my chest cavity until I can't bear it no more and then blurt it out on here. So here I am, blurting!

Then I look at these photos and I think - "wow, nobody would know anything different about you from these photos unless I explain your age or your issues". And isn't that a gorgeous thing? I wonder if any new reader of my blog would have the faintest idea? Not caring, actch. Im revelling in my relief at how proud I am of myself and HER!

I loved these photos so much I scrapped them straight away - well, after tea....which was A. Mazing. I have had the Home Front line from Studes for a few weeks and thought I'd match them with these pics.

You see the roses.....thats a muslin fabric, wrapped around to form a rose and dipped in ink. I saw that somewhere and Id love to give the original artist some credit but hello? Can I find it....NO!

Also available from the Studes shop are these babies - Bakers twine wound onto vintage bobbins in lots of yummy colours. I think you will see a lot of bakers twine from other manufacturers at CHA 2010 but remember - you saw them at Studes first
And thrown in for kicks and giggles, one of my angels being lit up by my fairy light twig tree - I couldn't resist this, this evening.

Need sleep, I have lemony chicken repeating on me.....hmmmmm, lemony chicken...... **sigh**

29 Dec 2009

And its all over

I honestly wish I could stop getting in a pickle over what is literally 3 days of scoffing and wrapping and fretting over getting that special present "wrong". Cos whilst I'm sat here, belly laden with food that is melting towards my thighs and butt, I, why did I get in such a tizz? We only have to get through the New Year and then its reality check dot com..... back to no tinsel and super sweet candles smoking up the side of the wall!

I am ever hopeful that 2010 will be our year. Last year was NOT our year. Mark being made redundant 3 times in the space of 12 months was a sick joke and me, myself, working until 4 in the morning 5 days a week - trying to make things work/make ends meet, will hopefully be a thing of the past. The insomnia over Ellie's state of health and well being should subside because we pretty much have got to the stage of shrugging our shoulders and getting on with it (its hurts, I can't deny it - but its got to be done). I'm going to stop making excuses for Ellies behaviour/health to the ignorance's of others and just hope that other peoples maturity accepts it/stops judging it. I'm going to work doubly hard in a shorter space of time to give me the sleep I deserve. I'm going to take up yoga, lord knows I deserve to channel that inner peace that's been lacking in the past 6/7 years. I'm going to sling out the old and welcome the new in the nake, if I have to ......heeeeeeeeee!!!!

Drudgery aside, I am so excited about a couple of new opportunities in early 2010. I am so geared up for them to work and grow.....more than you or I could ever measure. I don't know why we hope that new years can make all the difference but I figure if you meet it half way, you are going in the right direction. Only you can make things happen for yourself and that nobody - not even god or angels come knocking at your doors offering you good luck and fortune. You have to attract it, positively - read The Secret and you will know what I mean by that!

I started by clearing out mine and Ellies old clothes today. That and books and stuff we no longer need. 7 bin liners later and a grateful "Help the Aged" charity shop later we are feeling so relieved and better in ourselves for making room for stuff we really want and need. Honest, I feel completely refreshed we did that today. Try it!!! (but does help when you have very little space for all the new stuff we got in the sales!)

Im going to update you with photos tomorrow of our lovely christmas..... plus a lovely project I made today for my hallway.

24 Dec 2009

Perfect Snow Walk

Cue snow - like, lots of it.
Add one pooch who needed a good trot around the park.
Visualise two adults dying to see how a low bellied pooch with zero legs can handle the blanket of snow.
Imagine asking your 60 odd year old in-laws to come trekking in the snow, too, only to turn up with a sledge bodged up in 20 minutes also armed with hot toddy warmer and 15 layers of clothing between them.

Be grateful they had one of these to take us there

Realise that said 60 year olds (one nearer 70) are suicidal on the kamikaze of snow runs on said sledge and enjoying every second of it.

Picture one 38 year Mummy holding on to her poochy whilst hubby rides pillion on excellent 20 minute made sledge; screaming her head off.

Laugh at how sore we are from running back up that hill with heavy yet sturdy 20 minute manufactured sledge that was the best addition to the entire "walk".

Relish in the wonder of nature on a cold and frosty afternoon

Pity the poor pooch who has never stepped foot in the snow but left plenty of reminders that he was "here"

Feel the love between my pooch and my MIL - pure adoration

Wonder why one 14 year old would rather stay at home in her jammies and miss out on all the fun.

Be envious that we return home, sodden, to a parcel of Brownies from this crazy gal and a hot cuppa to accompany them.

Fab day.
Fab, fab day.

And more snow fun to be had :)

PS: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. Be safe, be happy, be pudgy chunky fatty liscious from over indulging.

22 Dec 2009


I did two shoots last week.
One family on a hillside in beautiful Baildon.....they got a little bonkers at the end (only because I made them). I just LOVE this shot. Im picturing christmas cards for next year............
and 3 dogs on a hillside in snowy Ashton (where I live, actch!) 3 Dogs? It was not feasible to take pics of all three in one shot.........come on, NO WAY!
Finally, in the 6 years I have lived here we have had some decent snow. We are off out this afternoon for a long walk with the boy to laugh at him getting lost in it and for me to throw Mark in the frozen lake. The camera is coming with me to record said events. Such joviality this festive season.
And here are some of my christmas makes. Cathy Zielske would give a masso thumbs up for my simple cards which was an accident that turned into genius

Another experiment that i enjoyed making so much
this was a one off made for a very dear friend of mine in Chepstow, I love this will all my heart and wish I had of kept it just for me.Am feeling a tad more crafty at the mo but with the time counting down to zero on a heavy deadline, its all work and no play in this here office.

Am going, now, to tuck into piles and piles of this stuff. I need to build up some extra lard to stick to my ribs to see me through this winter ;)

Hope you are all doing lots of fun stuff where you are xxx

18 Dec 2009

Bacon Neg Poo

Sometimes we say poo instead of pie.
We are just disgusting, like that.
At christmas we say Mince Poo rather than Mince Pie.
It raises hellishly childish laughter.
Espesh in front of total strangers.
My mother pities me, shakes her head and wishes she would have raised sheep instead.
Mwahahahhahahaha, toughy lucky Momma.

My favourite poo-poo Knock Knock jokes does not escape an airing at Christmas neither.
So here goes.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
I just did ap.
See what I mean?

The other day we ate this.
Its Bacon Neg Poo.
Except it doesnt have nasty, thigh fattening pastry.
Its made with 4 eggs, 1 carton of very low fat cottage cheese and bacon, bunged together in the oven for 30 minutes until the eggs have fluffed and the bacon has crisped to within an inch of being carbon.

And even though I think Cottage Cheese looks like vomit, this tasted - actually - quite nice.

16 Dec 2009

Panic buying **edited with giveaway**

Don't panic, you have plenty of time to buy some of these lovelies from THIS amazing shop - you can even order up to 21 dec for a crimbo delivery :) Delivery is super cheap if you are buying a good wodge full of last minute gifts.

Here are some of my faves but be warned - the site is ram packed full of delish things to drool over and some at pocket money prices too.

Egg stand from the french chateau collection. I can see Marks eyeballs resting in here after I have gouged them out with a spoon

I am in love with these ceramic finish metal birdies

A delicious butterdish that will, inevitably, break your teeth should you decide to take a bite

Pizza slices will look so much more appealing this these fab pizza plates

Oh I have to have this - Mark, buy me this or you will I will bludgeon you to death with a blunt instrument

And of course, for frying sausages (but not sausage dogs) ....I dream of owning this

Simple pleasures like these slate notice boards delight my heart. I will leave messages of disdain to my family such as "CLEAN UP YOUR TEA DRIPS AND CRUMBS" but obv in very small writing as its a small slate notoce board, ok?
More French Chateau schtuff that I have to have and display my gorgous wares upon

If I dont have this for crimbo from Mark, I will buy it myself anyway and chop up his body parts and wedge then in that drawer

I have always wanted a cake saver to keep flies off my cuppy cakes in the summer. Also it will have a sign attached reading "Hand off my buns, you stealy little thiefs"
I have to have these too - pears make me happy. We all own a pair, we should appreciate the pear! ;)

Off to go and cry over what I won't be getting for christmas as I already have my two front teeth.

Happy Shopping, even if its through the virtual window ;)


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15 Dec 2009

She shall be kissable and lovely

Emma - prepared to meet thy lip saviours.
Emma is the winner of my slick giveaway from Friday....give it up for Emma **rapturous applause from everyone, everywhere**

And to make the post a little more grand, here is another shot of my littley from yest. Ive got more shots to share that will no doubt bore you all to death. Rosies and her daughter, Freya, are sadly missed by myself and my munchkin :( But we have some photos of them to remember our lovely weekend by.

13 Dec 2009

mini makes

I am obsessed, OBSESSED with making projects with leftovers and scraps.
Don't ever ask me to cut into large slices of paper for mini makes like these. No - I use left overs to delight my heart and give myself a speedy entry into environment loving heaven.

Rosie and I made some pretty little tags to satisfy that creative saturday night hit using lots of scraps and leftovers.

One of my very few handmade crimbo cards (you might see it better if you click on the image to see it bigger)

So today...........?
We have been out today drawing in the hellish cold air but enjoying such warm company. Here are two of my fave shots of the day on our jaunt around the park

More to come laters.........................

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