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29 Oct 2009

Studio Calico layouts

Here they are, in their full glory including a mini lini ba jini.
Beautiful papers and embellies this month, what a way to go out.... in style xx

The Mini

What to wear - had fun dressing up the dress forms here

I used a Studes leaflet to make this layout up

The Basic Grey trellis lace piece matched the photos as ellie was stood in front of my ivy trellis in the picture

Nine ... the number of years we were married at the point in this photo :)

The sewing machine stamp meant I could make it appear as if it was really sewing the paper

What is cooking in my kitchen other than burnt toast and spoiled eggs?
The lakes - my fave place in the UK x

Thanks for looking and bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeee xx

27 Oct 2009

Last sneaks

Bwah, sniff, cry, snot and sigh!
Some of the last of my sneakettes from Studes

oooh look -> .... a mini!

Wish I had time to make more...this kit just about nailed my finale :)

24 Oct 2009

I can calligraphi-cate

Acting as a roving reporter for Crafts Beautiful I have just returned from a mini retreat at Farncombe Estate to attend a Calligraphy workshop.
Initially I was expected to attend a Tatting course which frightened me a little as it seemed too intricate for me. But the that was changed at a later date to Calligraphy but having seen some of the tatting work that the ladies were doing with their twine I was blown away - its so delicate and interesting.... such a skill that can be incorporated into lots of other crafts.
Saying that I was rather smug with myself when I entered the calligraphy workshop yesterday when I saw the inspiration boards set up by Josie, the teacher. I was floored and I couldn't wait to start. It was tricky to get the knack of at first as it was not just a new font I had to learn but also how to hold the tool and use the paint (yes, paint and not ink!)
I cant show you my full project but here is a sampler. I came away feeling absolutely thrilled that I had learned a new skill and I really want to develop it further. The art of writing seems to be dying with the advent of computers. I love writing and although my writing is not as beautiful as Jane Deans (have you seen her writing? It is gorgeous...... wish she would make that into a font and sell it) I do like to scribble now and again but Id say most of what I have to write is 90% done on a Mac - not good, is it?
The article appears in January's issue of Crafts Beautiful.
Guess who will be chief invitation writer in future?!!!

Lastly, this girl here
Look at her.
Look at the flag, that flag of the George cross which is almost out of shot.
The very George cross she asked me to write Liverpool on this afternoon as we we were SCREAMING when they played against Man U.
The flag that took a battering from constant waving and shielding of eyes during parts where we thought man U were going to snatch back the goal between the 85th and 94th minute.
The flag she will remember from this afternoon as we raced around the house being all jubilant and triumphant.
He heeee - I couldn't resist this shot as she wedged the flag by her side as she googled whatever took her fancy (normally images of baby animals or Australia Zoo or Animal Planet or National Geographic).

PS: GUTTED that Miss Frank are out, what the hell? Those twins are pants in comparison to the raw talents of these three talented gals.... me cry.

22 Oct 2009

Curly fluff and Stampin Up!

Three majestical things happened today.

One, I became an independent Stampin Up demonstrator. I think I was destined to work with such beauteous products and inks that you could lick 48 times and give yourself an amazing rainbow coloured tongue.I have to say that work is a tad thin on the ground so I thought Id sign up and get paid for what I love doing most...... demoing craft supplies. Some people choose to join for building up their stash (cool, cool, cool) but some dudes want to earn a living out of it **eyes go swirly in my zombie like state cos I want both! Bwahahahaaha** Click on my new Stampin Up tab above to take you to my page and if you are wanting to book a party or just plain old buy some supplies - you'll find everything you need to know there.

Two - my girl and her amazing curls **sigh** Isn't she a dolly daydream?
Well, this morning she had a bath before school which meant going in with damp hair (she hates the dryer). It looked all lank and lifeless when I left her at 9am but come 3.15pm....holy crumpets, out came this young lady with lustrous curls and a smile as wide as the M6. Well I had to take the camera out and snap her enjoying the fuss.

She said she felt so popular because everyone wanted to touch her hair (normally she just wears it in a bun) and it was all surreal and yet exciting - people just adored her and I think she liked it! And I myself couldn't help but bounce it in my palms and cuddle her lots as she enjoyed her day of notoriety.

And three - this magnificent rainbow.Not your average spectacular photo but still.... a rainbow!

Goodnight xx

Interview with Kate

If you click on my food blog tab, you will be able to read a fun interview I had with Kate who is a brownie making goddess, in my eyes.

21 Oct 2009

Happy Happy

I re-discovered these photos tonight after giving my ext hard drive a good overhaul.

It reminds me to take comfort that whilst she is happy, I am happy ( pics taken in Oct 2007 on a very dark day, hence why her eyes are wide open and the grain - the dreaded GRAIN )
Im such an emotion hoover at times....well, in fact - all the time.
You in a bad mood makes me in a bad mood and you in a good mood makes me in a good mood - and so on and so forth. Im so human - I wish I was robotic at times! lol

She is getting fatter by the way.......she has put on 2lbs in two weeks. That's more than she does in 6 months. This stuff she is having to take is gooooood. And it makes me happy. But I can't help feel slightly peeved that she could have had it years ago. **Look to the future, Kirsty - the past is baaaaad. Repeat**

And some good news for her too. She now gets every Wednesday morning off school!! HELLO?!! This is because Phys Ed is the first two periods at school and they find that if she participates, she falls asleep at lunch time. By midweek anyway, she is so tired that it happens regardless of phys ed or not. So on Wednesday everyone has agreed that she best attend school at 11.15pm. I mean - come on! The perfect solution for her. So guess who got a lie-in this morning? Not just she but me and the pooch too. Three lovely warm bods in our kingsize bed - snoozing. She woke up in a BRILLIANT mood, up for eating her breakfast in double quick speed and drinking her medicated solution as if it were water. I can't wait to see what she will look like when she has developed the weight that is required of her. Exciting times.

Ok - food blog updated again (link in the new tabs just under the header, above) with a yummy recipe I made up out of my head today for Mark's tea - he didn't die neither, bonus. Art blog updated tomorrow :)

20 Oct 2009

See this?

This is the last bunch of supplies I will ever receive from the most fabulous scrapbook kit club ever.
Having reviewed the amount of extra curricular activity to my normal working day Ive taken a step down from the Studio Calico podium. April, the head of shed, asked all the team if we would like to continue in the group in September and we all (but one) said yes, including me. I was taken aback as most DT's last between 6 months and a year. Ive been with them for two and being asked for a third was an absolute treat.
Then came the postal strikes leaving me little time to give the kits my all and then came the emotional train crash of hospitals - AGAIN. It felt right at the time to put in my notice to leave but then I got this kit (early in the post, for starters - on Friday just gone) and I opened the parcel and I thought "Man, what the hell have I done?". But like I say, you do things because it feels right at the time and i looked back to the moment I had made my decision to leave and it felt right then (but still, not so now!). However, I have to go with my head and not my heart. So be sure to look out for my final ever studes sneaks over the next few days.

So today, hmmm?
I got two lovely packages in the novelty that is "prompt post". One was from Kerry whose website I refreshed and gave a new header to last week. She sent me a whole bunch of Prima goodies as a "thank you". I did say Id do it for free as she is a friend (normally I charge one hundredty million pounds for such things!). I was really shocked to get a parcel from her because like I said it was for free... still the gift was thankfully received and licked and stowed in a treasure box to be admired on very dark days.
Then I got this lot of thigh busting yummies at 5pm from a cute girly courier. I said to her (whilst signing for it) "Gosh, what on earth could this be?" and she read the side and it said something about cupcakes. I said to her "damn, its not my job lot of adult toys from Ann Summers then...?" which she burst out laughing and I tried to conceal my shame of such a thing to say to a stranger! Thank you foo foo - you are clearly quite the gift giver and a half :)

There are updates on my foody blog plus a competition to win a portion of my sweetmince if you care to take a look - click the "food" tab above to take you there.:)

18 Oct 2009

A Beautiful Day

Princess Bronte was preparing herself in the penthouse suite on the morning of 17th October in readiness to meet Prince James at 1pm. I turn up to the palace and all was pretty calm. There were handfuls of bridesmaids and aunties and hairdressers who were in there laughing, lipsticking, hair straightening, champagning and all excited....and why not - weddings are the happiest occasions I shoot. Its like you wake up, go to work and have a fabulous day consuming all that magic.
Ive never done a full day wedding shoot where the ceremony and the celebrations were held in one place. It made it a LOT easier because there was continuity and no faffing between church and venue. The bride got ready 2 floors above the room where she was to take her vows, I mean she could have literally slid down the banister for the ease of getting there in style and on time!!
But no, she was sensible and came down the stairs fashionably late with her father who was absolutely heart sluffened with tears; he couldn't believe how beautiful she looked and I don't think anyone would have disagreed. I welled up about 50 times during the day because there was so much love, fun and giggles going on - both James and Bronte have a wonderful family and a great bunch of friends. Anyway, lets not waste time with words, we all love photos and here is a small selection of their day

**click on the pictures to see them a littl ebigger - Blogger compresses them in such a ridiculous way and makes them look really pixellated**

Whilst every bride and groom spend gazillions on their day, lest we forget the minor yet lovely details - the shoes.......

And the tiaras.....

Champagne and laughter in robes....

Thats right, fasten her up....she wont be able to breathe all day but that adds to the pressure and nerves!

The dress was a beautiful designer number by Ian Stuart - it was breathtaking
Three little angels and I mean angels...all of them so good and funny and excited
I couldn't resist a picture of my lovely friend and I in the make-up doo dah mirrory thingy

Then came the boys.....

Swit swoo - don't they look like they want to nip to the bar?!!!

He heeeee - looking good, lads!

And so to the ceremony and that kiss that means - yes, we did it!

I love these kids - absolutely made for each other

Bronte, in all her amazing glory

Adoring friends......

Alone at last, just another 2 hundred pictures to go after the other 600 taken previously

I love the heart shape they are forming here

Ok - my face is aching from all that smiling!! Lets runaway to the marquee and eat our amazing cake and I mean - AMAZING
And here it is. I took this whilst everyone was preparing for the ceremony. Little do they know I licked it. This is PURE chocolate. PURE... the fragrance hit me from about 15 metres away. YUM.
Congrats you beautiful go and make babies ;)

Ive updated my food portion of my blog with a competition attached - click the link at the top of the page to take you there :) More food recipes coming this week.