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29 Aug 2009


Whenever we come to my Momma's, we do as little or as much as we like.
Yesterday we pretty much did nothing.
As the dog was the only "person" in the house in a state of decency (ie not in pyjamas and hair not unkempt) I thought Id take some pictures of him in his laid back state.

I, too, laid like this.
Ellie laid like this.
Vegetables lay like this.
I felt like a courgette and Ellie says she felt like a couch potato (LOL, I spewed my tea all over my screen when I just asked her!).
Eddy, I guess, was a vegetarian sausage.

Ooooh it was fabulous.
And today I feel as stiff as board.

Time to go out and clear the cobwebs - bank holiday weekend fun abounds.

28 Aug 2009

At Momma's

Belle, the sausage on legs and I have escaped the luxurious trappings of Le Wigan to the brisk and balmy settings of East Yorkshire. Mark is glossing 5 doors, the hall, stairs and landing skirts and bannister and is not too chuffed with the whole shebang. We, however, are so totally enjoying the sea air and relaxed ambiance of "home from home".

Belle and my Dad spent on of their amazing afternoons together whereby he treats her to lunch and a squander of a few quid at the arcades. This is a ritual for Ellie whenever she comes to my parents. The other ritual is a trip up to the local petting zoo (thats been reserved for Sunday with my Momma). So, whilst dad and Belle were on their jaunt, my Momma and I did some window shopping in most shops and little purchasing in others. I got three balls of wool for my millinery plus an array of spices to make a tarka dhal and a tandoori chicken for tea. I was happy with my lot.

But after crippling myself on my cork wedges for a few hours in town, i came home to have a virtual shopping session online at Etsy and have spied these things I simply must have in the coming weeks, despite having no budget with which to spendeth. In essence, these are dream purchases. **sigh**

Typewriter keys are so....hmm, are sooooooooooooooo? Hmmmmm? What are they? I have no idea. I just love them.

Reminds me of the Sindy dressers when i was a kid. i never had a Sindy dresser, though. I always wanted one but my folks could never afford one for me. And I cant afford this one at $500! I really do love it.

lubbly vintagey lace blouse

Crochetted scarves
I saw these and although Id never, EVER buy them, I thought - jeeeeeesh? These are sushi slippers with removable "meat". Cheh, I know. Barking!

And finally - all things dachshund.
I had no idea that Etsy was overrun with beauteous things for the doxie loving momma like me (and no doubt my friends Ruth, Jolene and Houston). Im so desperate to get another little long haired, dainty dachs (of whom, I shall remind you all, we shall call Tilly Tallulah Tinkerbell........ and not Barbeque/Onions/andegg) so to fill the void, one of these purchases just might come in handy.

And Ill throw this dream lens in here (not on Etsy, mind). Its my "must have, will prob never get but if I win the lottery I shall buy this first" kind of dream lens. Its the 70-200 F2.8 IS L USM.
Quite possibly the only lens I will ever want in addition to the two I have now but at £1200 its never going to reach these shores.

signing off for now from my guilt free shopping trip.

25 Aug 2009

My dolly

Im 38 and I have a little dolly.
My Belle, the human dolly
I call her that as a pet name.
"Come here, you little dolly and pucker up".
She obliges on almost every occasion without wanting a prize for the effort (ie sweeties!)

Her curls are getting tighter and tighter the more she grows. I thought they would drop out but no.
Her lips get more kissably rubier every time I see her pout.
Her giggly outbursts makes the sun shine from every pore of my body.
The way these act together makes my heart explode.
She is the bestest dolly.

The pooch ain't bad neither, even if he is a 4 legged sausage with the smelliest backside EVER.

24 Aug 2009

Freebie: Quick Card Deli

I have spent an age re-arranging my hovel of a craft room up, today, to make space for new things as I sell off older things. E-bay is a godsend and it really does help me pave way for necessities - like ink! Ive just invested in 28 new inks from Stampin Up and in the process sold off odd inks from odd companies in odd colours. Now I look forward to having a beautiful array of colours to go in their place.

Whilst sorting out the hovel, I cam across some recent makes and kind of noticed a bit of a colour trend going on. Im obsessed with this colour way at the moment

This card was made for Bubbly Funks weekly challenges, yesterday, using patterned ribbon as a theme.

So - the red and blue lovin we have going on here?
Hmmmmm, in a mad half hour I created this download for anyone who ever might need a quick make. Simply print the image below (by clicking HERE) onto thin card, cut out and stick on a card blank. The only additional bit I added was satin ribbon (sorry, I cant make those!) All the images you see below and papers were made from digi scratch using my weather beaten hands whilst dancing on my chair to A-ha's "hunting high and low".... classy.
Have a fun evening.
Im currently stuck in the house whilst the boys are off to watch Liverpool (AGAIN) and looking after my brothers dog in the process. My dog and his dog (both boys and clearly amorous) do not make great entertainment for Belle and I.
Time to get the hose on them, naughty little things.

23 Aug 2009

Since Belle has been home I haven't really been in the best mood to blog. Ive hardly taken any pictures but I don't feel guilty about it (even when I get a couple of emails asking when Im updating next!).

So Belle came home on Tuesday which was immense. Im sure she had grown and I know for sure she had amassed a collection of pretty little freckles on her cheeks. She has also developed a nice tan which means she has also been drinking in that vitamin d that she currently lacks. She had enjoyed her visit over at her Nans and came home as happy as can be. That night we went uniform shopping and she was ever so excited. this kid LOVES school and was planning how to fill pencil cases and what style blouses she would like. A little grown up moment came by the way of "Erm, Ill try these clothes on by myself" when it came to trying uniform on, which shocked me so much that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, out of nowhere this really independent comment stunned the hell out of me. "I'll try them on myself". Wow - go Ellie!

On weds my sister dropped by so that we could go wholesale shopping together. She is creating some "Hampers for Heroes" for christmas with 15% of her profits going to "Help for Heroes". We had a great time discussing how best to dress the hampers; it was a total sisterly afternoon of bonding. Later that evening my brother dropped in on his way to watch Liverpool vs Stoke with Mark where Liverpool, quite rightly, shafted Stoke 4-0 (sorry, Nick!). I can't tell you how much of a rare treat it is for us siblings to be altogether and Im really ticked off that I didn't get a pic of all three of us with this seemingly crappo point and shoot camera I used for the following instances.

My sister, engrossed in my stunning cupboarded kitchen (I cant wait to re-do that horrible kitchen. I hate it so much)
Me and my niece, Charlotty Loo Loo Laa Laa Fifi Trixabelle

My girl, head poked into Brain Traning as ever

I just sit, stunned, at how much it took the guts to marry this crazy fool

My bro and niece, rocking out

Crazy Charlotte, Belle and the pooch (and my brothers foot in the very background!)
Becky stayed the night and went home the next day, cry cry.

Thursday I spent the day with one of my old friends from my RAF days and I took along lots of crafting supplies. My friend, Lee and her daughter Victoria really enjoyed putting cards together whilst little miss moody knickers (Belle) vegetated on the sofa with her DS. I really wish she would take crafting up seriously. Still, she is happy doing her own thing.

On Friday, man! I was so ill with the most dreadful migraine that I have ever had. Ive never woken up with one before and as soon as I opened my eyes, I had blurred vision and prisms of light sharding my view. I quickly took two tablets and told Ellie that I couldn't sit with her in the lounge and that I had to go to bed. Its no good when migraines get that bad, I literally sweat my way through them and vomit when I have to. By 3pm the tablets had taken effect and I was ok to go down stairs but within an hour it was back again, much stronger that I felt that I wanted to die. It was awful. I was practically convulsing and nauseous to the point of passing out. I took some migraleve and went to bed again and within 3 hours I was up, eating and perky - I cant tell you how relieved I was that I was well again. Especially when I was starving and enjoyed that I could eat and keep the food down.

Saturday was spent at the Craftwork Cards summer sizzle sale. It was jam packed with crafters wanting the latest bargain and let me tell you, there was millions to be had. I taught to a class of 22 (I normally only teach 10-12) but Sue had managed to get extra tables and chairs to fit the students in. I used the new Candy Cane paper range (see two posts below) and enjoyed making a match book, two cards and a large tag. Julie Hickey was there teaching and demonstrating too and I drooled over her cards and makes. I had a great day surrounded by really nice people. I think its my favourite place to teach buut then again Im biased - its in Yorkshire, my homeland and birthright. Whilst there it was officially confirmed that I shall be working alongside Paula Pascual on Craftwork Cards design team along with Julie who is the resident cardmaking superbod. Im practically stunned that I shall be working with the one of the UK's leading craft supply manufacturers and all their yummy (and I mean YUMMY) stamps, card products, papers and embellishments.

Today was spent vegetating. If I am brutally honest I am still reeling from the migraine on Friday and how I managed to stop myself from keeling over, when teaching, yesterday was beyond guessing. So I had a lie in, did some food shopping (which I HATE) and then sat with Marky Moo as he revelled in the last of the Ashes test match. Belle was "advised" to tidy her bedroom and in the process surprised us by sorting out old VHS videos. I thought she would only ever get rid of one or two if the push came but no! She had sorted around 30 of them out to go to a charity. Unless anyone knows of any worth while causes accepting them?

Ok, going to bed to try and draw the last of the migraine aftermath out and tomorrow Belle and I are going to the cinema.

22 Aug 2009

X factor - oh yeah

We lined up on the sofa tonight at 7pm, all excited.
The first episode of the X Factor started and boy were we in for a treat of cringing, laughing, smiling, hoping and whooping for joy!
Ellie was BESIDES herself.
I was slightly shy of that.
The tension in our house was fabulous

Gotta hand it to this guy though - you agree?

This is going to be an exciting X-Factor again, as ever .....yadda yadda. Saturday nights just got cool again.

21 Aug 2009

Craftwork Cards Summer Sizzler

Im going to Leeds tomorrow for Craftwork Cards Summer Sale which has make and takes and demos from Julie Hickey (Im teaching a workshop in the morning too) plus the launch of these lovely Christmas 8x8 papers which are suitable for both scrappin' and cardmakin'. I can't decide which colourway I like the best.

This is the candy cane range:

And this is the Joy range
Go and see the full range of releases over here
and if you live in the best city in the world (Leeds, Leeds, Leeds) - come over and see us :)

19 Aug 2009

5 product challenge

Emily Pitts set a 5 product challenge this week over at Studes (scrapbook kit club) and as I had 4 seconds spare in my life last night, I thought Id indulge.
It really boosted my creativity even though I was limited to 5 products which was paint, metal, one piece of paper, thread and alpha stickers.

Dyan, the art journal queen, deserved a little Wiseman craftiness. Click on the picture to see how that heart came together. Such a cool idea of which I totally stole from a magazine clipping from Creating Keepsakes magazine.Going to have more belly laughs with my skinny blister - fun fun day at the Wiseman residence.

18 Aug 2009

One for every outfit

Buttons, wire, sweat and the desire to achieve a little something fun makes this cute ring one of many for my jewellery box to cater for every colour of clothing I own.

They look so cool!
Gotta say, that twisting and shaping part almost made me want to poke my eyes out with the pliers
Am practising new shapes this evening, once I greet my sweet girl who Mark went to collect from her Nannies. I spoke to her about an hour ago and it felt like a bolt of lightening had gone through my heart. I cant wait to see her and hold her face in my hands and gaze at her beautiful little face. Ive really missed her. Lots of fun things have been planned for her last few weeks off school including another trip to Grannies, uniform shopping, book shopping, seaside walks, the zoo, candle making and treats hither and dither.

Im the happiest mother on this planet, right at this precise moment.

17 Aug 2009

Together, Forever

I wish I was a professional wedding goer.
Not so much for the churchy bit. Hymms are not my thing, most of them make me feel sad.
I do love the emotion of happiness through tears - more than life itself.
There were tears and hugs at the Alter signifying that it was all official. The relief, the commitment, the honesty. I couldn't possibly reveal the story of why today was so magical other than it being "just the wedding". The lead up to it carries a sad story, so you can imagine when the moment they became "man and wife", everything that was sad before this day just melted away into the sunbeam above them.

This is the Bride and Groom, taking a moment.... I actually prefer shots like this as they are more natural. Granted, the day is all about smiles and having fun but sometimes the more poignant ones are so beautiful.
The Bridesmaids are siblings - each of them a valuable memory of my day, let alone theirs. Louisa is on the left, Antonia is the bride and Fiona on the right.
The Bride went from all things serene.........
.......... to all things punked
And the boys? OMG, their amazing little boys Milan and Marko.......those lashes. Wouldnt you kill for them?

Details, sweet details

A beautiful day surrounded by gorgeous, warm and family loving people.
Im doing it again next month and the month after.
Keep those weddings coming to me!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my Dad today. Loves you x

14 Aug 2009

Norman Bates runs this hotel

So Louisa and I check into our chintzy decor motel room this evensong. The owner had a murderous glint in his eye as he handed us the room key. If he doesn't kill us tonight the pattern on the wallpaper will.

Pray for us.

13 Aug 2009

Got me some baby fix

Oh lady Isabelle sure does like to make my heart ache.
She wasn't having none of it today but are we suprised? Black cameras are not fun. Canon should invent yellow flashing light style cameras so that babies look in your direction and not be bored by the blackness.She came round after much coaxing and oooohing and aaaaahing and of course was extremely cosy and snug after I put the hat on that I made her.

she a doll? She is holding that hat it in such a way that makes me think she rather likes it!
Little dinky feet, he heeeeeee

And dainty little hands..... couldnt you just eat them?

Snug as a bug in a rug

When I got back my toast rack arrived. I have wanted one for years. Some of my friends argue that toast is eaten too quickly to necessitate one but I hate soggy toast from lying on plates and lying in their own steam. I like cripsy toast thus the requirement for such a rack.

Although, to be fair, it looks better for storing chocolate on your desk!
I then proceeded to add a few jewels that I have made over the past few weeks onto my Etsy. Im very lucky that Crafts Beautiful sent me on a course to learn tips and techniques of jewellery making and as much as I enjoy it, its not something I'd like to do full time as some of the tiny beads make my eyes smart! Once a week is enough to keep the creative bug flowing, though, as they make great emergency gifts for family.

Mark and I went out for dinner tonight too. No reason other than we are child free and to enjoy the opportunity. We ummed and aaahhhed where to go and thought we would stick to what HE likes most - Sorrento's in Ashton. I like it but sometimes I just want to try somewhere unfamiliar and be daring. LOL - talk about adventures, we rarely go out as it is! had to leave this fella giving me the "I want to come with you death stare"
We had such a lovely meal and had lots of "us" time without distractions from our hobbies, Tv, the dog and a little lady snapping her fingers asking for drinks, nibbles etc.

Going to get some precious sleep as Im in a mad rush to finalise a few bits and bats before I go to St Ives for a Wedding shoot. Im travelling with my freind Luisa (who is the sister of the Bride) and Im taking lots of choc.

See you soon x