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30 Jun 2009

Email clear out

You would not believe how many emails I finally tied up today. I'm a sod for letting them pile up and I apologise if you waited eon's, moons and tides waiting for a reply. If you never got a reply from me in the last few months and are still waiting, please mail me again. I get a lot of emails filtered out in Junk and I don't always spot them. Needless to say my inbox went from 76 outstanding emails to just 14. **Breathes on nails and polishes them on her abundant chest**
I also sent out some long awaited thank you cards (I have more to send tomorrow as well!) and I was pretty chuffed with my work flow.

I made a batch of cards this avvie and a couple of tags using papers out of a Doodlebug Brochure that I picked up from CHA....recycling at its best! Doodlebug was not my favourite line this year as they hadn't really done anything different. However, you can make super zingy numbers like this that can perk you up on a muggy, humid afternoon.I also re-shot the photo of this lovely little project for Fiskars; my final offering as their guest designer. I can't tell you how much of an honour that was. This is a Christmas decoration come gift. I covered pencils in paper and added circles on the end to look like lollipos/flowers and the handle on the bag was created using their ACE oval punch. I am still in love with this Heidi Grace paper collection too... I still have a ton left over :) They were so generous with the amount of supplies they gave me. Thank you, Fiskars.

I also have had the honour of creating a layout for my ultimate and my my most favourite and definitely best scrapbook manufacturer this month. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will receive it any day now. But until its out, I can't share just yet. Lets just say that I couldn't breather for a whole month!

Going for my 46th shower of the day. I hate the humidity and no sooner are you out of the shower, you need another. UGH!

Trash = Treasure

I love rooting around peoples old craft supplies often finding papers I loved but never bought or loved but would still use again. I also love a bargain and within this economic nightmare, we are all hunting for that bargain!
Cue my friend Jane who has hit on the idea of having a table top craft stash clear out event in Wilmslow on the 19th July 12 - 4pm (good; a lie in at least before the sale!). There are some tables available for you to come and sell some of your unwanted supplies if you like and a chance to mooch around and buy other peoples stash into the bargain. Tables cost £10 each to cover the cost of hiring the hall and advertising and leaflets etc. Wilmslow is a fabulous area for an event like this. If you are interested, pop over to UK Scrappers HERE and register your interest.
Ive already sorted out a massive stash of supplies in hope they will be loved elsewhere instead if gathering dust here.
Trash/Tat/Treasure - whatever........ someone out there needs your old stash!

Henman Hill or Murray Mound?

You decide!

28 Jun 2009

Saturday was a good day

We all went over to Southport. There is a bit of something for everyone. Walk for eds, geocache for Mark, arcades for Ellie and fabric shops for me. I bought some curtaining for a window treatment in the bathroom plus I bought these babies below. Yummy trims.We walked up the 2nd longest pier in the UK
Where Ellie exclaimed "I see no ships" in good old Lord Nelson style
She did actually want me to part with 20p to look through but there was nothing to see except grey waves. Instead I said look through my camera lens. She agreed that wasting 20p on the telescope would have been wasteful. She spent it in the arcades instead. She peered through it anyway, you know....just in case it miraculously worked for her.
There was this arty farty seat thingy at the end of the pier. I caught Belle admiring herself and why not? She's a little beaut.
The pier looking back was fraught with day trippers. Time to get off as you hear the boardwalk groan under the weight. Either that or swim....brrrrr
Getting all angular in the car as we wait for Mark to geocache in a boggy field near the sea
My god, the boredom almost killed me
And almost set the dog comatose. Isn't he a little love?The snail moved quicker than Mark finishing up on his caches
So Belle and I went for a little walk on the beach. I want to hold her hand forever. I'll cling on to this precious act for as long as she thinks its ok.Grassy little clumps add to the breeze as we wait in the clammy pockets of stickinessThe geocache master returns, all wet from his exploration and with a successful find - thank the lord.Belle hangs out waiting to see what prizes he has returned withAnd is slightly disappointed there was none. Bugger.
Came home to make a bathroom window treatment and veg out after a lovely day out.
I collated some envelopes in readiness for a little free online class that I'm going to do in the next two weeks. Collect all your envelopes - the brown ones, the bill ones, the personal ones etc. You will need 10.
Just warning you :)
Am sulking that I lost 90% of my photos from today from a tres dodgy Lexar 4gb CF card. Do not support or buy them - they are unreliable and can make you inflame with rage at the computer screen. Double bugger. My bro paid us a visit today (and on Thursday) and all those photos have almost gone down the swanny. Grrrrrr
Anyone know of any card recovery programmes?

27 Jun 2009

Tears, snot and a broken heart

Im bloody heart brock.
Ive got that lump in my throat that you can't get rid of when you are literally torn in two.
In the immortal words of Meredith......Oh god, Oh god

This song sums up Greys season 5 finale and was the first thing I downloaded as soon as I finished watching it (10 minutes ago).

Going to watch that bugger again and again and again. Screw the DNR, goddamit!
And again.
Box set, earth calling box set.

**for Sue - I still can't stop crying about the Greys episode where Denny died"

26 Jun 2009

Last minute sneakage

Coming in real late with the sneaks due to our "trustworthy" Royal Mail and such like.
Studio Calico have upped their game yet again by allowing subscribers first dibbs on add-ons 12 hour before they go live. Talk about true customer service (more on that towards the end of this post)

I have made no less than 4 books this month - 1 is a 12x12 book made from those delicious brown bags that the kits come in. 1 is a chipboard mini, 1 is a folding mini and the other is a mini made from journal tags and although its only decorated right now, its still a mini. I made a double, 2 singles and a card too. I have been maxed out, stressed out but now Im done I can chill out!

See here
Studio Calico subscribers will now get an advanced opportunity to purchase new add-on kits each month. Beginning with July's kit, subscribers will be able to purchase their add-ons and shop items 12 hours in advance of reveal (12:00 noon on the 27th). Some add-ons will also be held in reserve and posted for sale at 12:00am for the traditional reveal.
Not a subscriber? Email now to preorder your subscription!

Enjoy your weekend

When I get married again

I want to do this. And only this will do:

Sad day everyone but this will bring a smile to your face

25 Jun 2009

These papers

Are now available to download from HERE
They are aonly available for 1 month, Im afraid, so get them whilst you can.
Perfect for little summer tea parties and basic stationery extras xx

24 Jun 2009

I am.....

at my sisters surrounded by poppy and rapeseed fields. Mmmmmm, what do you think might happen next?! Lincolnshire is so beautiful at this time of year.
Im coming back home tonight to see my babies and get back to my normality but wanted to add that if you are at a loose end on Sunday, Im teaching this class HERE over at the Craft Range in Burnley.

22 Jun 2009

Happy Happy Day

This past Saturday I brought Mark and Belle with me on a photo shoot to meet my friend Traci and Andrew plus their two fantastic kids, Caitlin and Kyle.
Taking Belle to meet new people is a real trial because she can be incredibly nonchalant about the fact and the success of the day centres around whether she warms to meeting new people or not. I often live in fear of her lack if willingness but it was evident that all was well when she took to these guys like a duck to water.
Traci and Andrews caring nature along with their kids loving approach made us feel so, so welcome as we celebrated Traci's birthday in the surroundings of Oasis Whinfell - a fabulous country retreat with activities abound. Belle and Mark trialled the indoor swim centre which went down a treat with Andrew, Kyle and Caitlin. I was thrilled with how these pictures reflect the day.
Here are the unofficial shoot pics and when I get some time, Ill share some of the official pictures.

The kids, laughing. They laughed almost all day. It was a such a refreshing sight.The family between shots - giggling and having the best funAfterwards we went for a geocahce hunt. On the way round we saw this momma and her ducky babies.This is the hub of Oasis. Inside that glass construction is a tropical paradise
There are so many features around the park including waterfalls and decked areas to relax and enjoy.
When we go tback and before we went swimming, Ellie got real cosy with Kyle. He was so gallant and gentle with her.....Thanks Kyle, you have restored our faith in boys!This is my fave ever picture, now, of Belle and Mark. I love how she laughs, I really do. She doesnt often belly laugh. He looks so proud of her, doesnt he?
Within 10 minutes of leaving she fell fast asleep with her new freind "flower" from the guys and a lil cuddly sheep that we bought her at the centre.
I love how infectious that some of these pictures are. They make me smile right from within and I promise that I will treasure these photos FOREVER.
They are the happiest pictures I own!

19 Jun 2009

Emergency Fathers Day download

Forget, did you? Stuck for a card?
Download this here and print it out at your office desk/work desk/craft desk then get it in the POST!

Real, live shopping

Once in a blue moon I go real live shopping.
I don't have to go through the monotony of scrolling through various pages to get a product I want and click and enter debit card details and then wait between 2 and 30 days to get what I want.
But no ... today was exciting. I got to touch real things in the shops and saw it in 3d!

Marko took me out for lunch today but it did couple with a few of errands we had to run and Wigan town had all those place to accomplish them. Wigan town has some veeeeeeeeeeery old building and has a mix of tres modern to farty old style shops; which pretty much caters for everyone.

I like this view of the town.I like it because it means I am sat in Subway.
WE LOVE SUBWAY and its not often we go. And when we do I always have the 6 inch honey oat (toasted) with cheese and steak, olives, peppers and onions and no sauce. Buy me one of those babies and Im as happy as pig in muck.
This was my lunch date - isnt he, erm............pulling a curious face?!After that we zig zagged across the shops until we hit the new mall. I thought Id take pictures of the inside of arcade which is built on the site of the very famous Wigan Casino (or what was!!). These pictures depict the crazy phenomena that was "Norther Soul". My bezzie, Dyan, is the biggest Northern soul enthusiast in the world and the pictures are more for her benefit. If ever you have taken a class with her, she is usually playing classics like this

and this

and this

So Dy - enjoy these pics! (im exhausted looking all that freaky dancing!)

This is Wigans super duper shopping arcade/mallWe spied this "eco bench" made from cardboard boxes in shaped, flat pieces and bound together with binding bands. These were the brainchild of local schools for shoppers to rest their weary feetAnd here are the Northern Soul bits and pieces in the Mall. Wigan casino was so famous for it but unfortch it got torn down some years ago. But I love that the Mall payy tribute to its memory.
Whilst in the heavens of the mall, Mark and I payed a visit to T K Maxx. Im sure there are similar shops in the US whereby you flick through rail after rail of end-of-line or out-of-season designer labels at a bargain price. So he goes upstairs looking for Craghoppers (don't ask, I fell asleep at the letter C) and i went to go and find some floaty skirts. I am a massive fab of wearing long skirts; always have been. So I went to the rail where it caters for girls with larger botties. Could I find my, no! The skirts stopped being marked at size 12 (size 8 in the US, I guess) and I like elasticated 14's (10's). But no - NO! If you want to get a skirt in a 14 you have to go to the larger ladies section. FOR A 14? Get real! So under the cover of a shawl I picked up off the floor, i went to scour the skirts on the larger ladies section. I mean, Im curvy but sheesh. And the proof of the pud in this tale is that there were barely any skirts in that section because obviously people are buying them all and yet there are tonnes of size friggin 4/6/8/10/12! (size 0/2/4/6/8). This goes to show that curves are in...CLEARLY and boy am I going to crusade for that!

I ended up buying a bargain pink and white spotty picture frame by Bombay Duck for £3! I also bought a top from Marks and Sparks for my forthcoming QVC slot and the essential lippy, shadow and mazzy from Boots. I almost forgot how to really shop but once it started, I nearly didn't stop until marks hand guided me back to the car. I also wanted to buy these books from Wtaerstones. The thing is, whenever i buy books from Waterstones, I come home and find the books are half the price on Amazon. So I made a note of the prices of the following books in store and purposely didn't buy them. then I came home to discover that Id saved a fortune. So these are coming home to me!

This book is £15 in the shop and £10 on AmazonThis is £17 inthe shop and £10 on Amazon
This book is £28.99 in the shops and £23 on Amazon
This book below is hard to see but its a book of contemprary illustration. It is totaly eye candy and I need to for me to exist! Its £40 in the shops but £30 on Amazone. Hopef I can get the lot in the same shop and pay peanut shipping!

Er....What else?
Aha! I took some pics of a projay that I made for our lounge a few months back for a magazine project. I thought I'd share them to fill a space! I had three handsome prima bottles to prettify and this is what i came up with. To keep the photos from curling back, i filled them with polished pebbles. The make a corner look very pretty indeed.

Tonight I went to a sock monster class which is run by two brilliant teachers, Carol and Danielle, who lead a class campaign on revamping your rubbish (there classes are called Rubbish Revamped) .....ingenious. Each student took along some of their old socks plus bits for decorating and we were shown how to make cute little cuddlies from them. The entire evening was so much fun meeting people from all walks of life, sewing and socialising whilst scoffing yummo cake. My sock in surgery having a dissection of its body and split into legs!Ellie is going to be chuffed to death when she see's this. Of course she will be happy to see her Momma with a flower in her hair but I think she will love the sockster monster the bestest!but mine is not as good as the sock monster that Darcy made for her a few weeks back (Im not sure if I took pics of that....... will get back to you on that score). However, I do love it and we shall call it Tilly Tallulah (in honour of the name of our lady dachshund that Belle and I want and are working on mark to "get") but it needs some lips so Im working on those when I finish up on this blog.

Here are all our efforts - aren't they FABULOUS? I totally recommend the course which is held in Chorlton, Manchester!

Thank you once again for so many emails and comments of support regarding my lil outburst yesterday. Ive had a good cry and have framed myself into a better state of mind. These things are designed to shock us and Im pretty confused about how to deal with it. My sister invited me to go and spend a few days with her next week so I shall go and recharge my batteries at her cosy abode (this will inevitably involve a night out on the champagne because that's all she drinks and am I going to argue about that?). I haven't had a drink since February so Im only going to need to sniff it before I'm squiffy.

Ok dudes, sleep man, SLEEP