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31 Oct 2008

Besides the seaside, besides the sea

I got back from my Mommas house the other day for an absolute break from it all with my delightful Belle and Marybeth. We have spent so much time inhaling the deepest breaths on the most crisp autumn afternoon walks to refresh the soul (that has gotten a little stale of recent times). My Momma lives on the East coast of Yorkshire and to say its bracing is probably an understatement. We all got wrapped up all toasty and cosy then paced the on-shore breeze with British vigour. Lovely.
Couldn't resist this amazing doorway for a splash of colour with the girls.
Saturday night was spent doing a little mooching around a travelling fair that had the usual hook-a-duck, hoopla, coconut shy's, rides, hot dogs, Ferris wheels etc. But it was so expensive compared to the fact that Bridlington has its own 365 day fair and amusements at the sea front anyway. But still, the girls had a good time and came back laden with the usual cuddly toys and junky stuff that will be chucked into the back of the wardrobe next week. Sunday was veg out day... hmmm, my fave.

Monday took us to the local petting zoo and flower gardens of Sewerby Hall. The skies were eerily dark on one side and bright on the other.We love this place, its beautiful and the walled gardens are just quintessentially British and pristine. I could never ever tire of going there and of course belle has visited here every single year and she never tires of it either. The trees are well established here and very autumny.
There are lots of little nooks where you can take shelter, especially for a photo or two.Running in the leaves is the best fun.Wherever Belle may be - pristine gardens or just my mums - she is sure to pop the Fuschias. This is her favourite little job of helping nature speed up a little.Marybeth feeds a tame squirrel - this was such a fun part of the afternoon.Belle tries her hand at running in the leaves without as much vigour as MB - but she had a giggle.A cute little baby Jack Russell came trotting by with its owner and these two were in dog heaven for a few minutes.MB - larking about and making us laugh as ever!After enjoying their their picnic they then went to see the best thing about Sewerby's petting zoo - watching the penguins being fed at feeding time. More leaf scooping ensure afterwards.And tossing them is just the bestest part after the scoop.MB catching a rare occurrence - me, in front of the camera!It was not too cold but not warm - so you can imagine our cheeks were very pink. The walk back home from the Hall is quite exhausting for the kids but Belle was in her chair anyway and promptly fell asleep from all the fresh air. the sun going down cast the most beautiful light on the cliff tops - It kind of took my mind off dying from hypothermia.Marybeth and I were in so much pain at one point from needing to pay the call of nature we had to stop, meditate and carry on without laughing. Oh it was hard work but so much fun.

I came back home to Wigan with just Marybeth as Belle wanted to stay at Grannies and be thoroughly ruined/spoiled/adored. I don't think its been much fun for her this time round as Belle is not here and I have to work during the day (boo!). To beat the blues we have taken the dog out twice on two uber massive walks (to which he has collapsed upon returning to the snugness of our home and fallen asleep for HOURS).
My lil boy.... just love him to death. he is stood here eyeing up the enemy (ie. someone who might take me away from him.... he is so loyal!) Can you see the mohican hairs on his back standing on end?I really love this picture of MB taken somewhere on a country lane on our huge walk.MB is so happy to have her picture taken. Im happy to take them and give them to my Auntie as a gift :)Lots of short burst runs is something Eddie can handle and MB is happy to oblige!Except when they slip in the mud and get all dirty yuk!
As Mark finished work yesterday until a new job comes his way (hope and pray to the greater beings that it happens soon) he has opted to entertain Marybeth with geocaching this afternoon. Poor kid must hate the feeling of being an only child (in our house) when she has grown up with her sister being at her side everyday and then she comes to our house and its like tumbleweed roaming the whole house until I have finished work. Still, its Halloween tonight and Ive bought a pumpkin to carve plus Ive made a paper one to help decorate the porch to keep us busy. Hopefully a hoard of sweeties will chase the blues away tonight with a shopping trip and a surround sound cinema night (at home) tomorrow might stretch out her wait to go home on Sunday.

30 Oct 2008

Giveaway Closed

Winner has just been chosen and will be announced tomorrow.
Thank you for such nice comments :)

28 Oct 2008

Studio Calico Kit: Fountain Square and GIVEAWAY!

Fountain Square went live last night amongst three new DT girls: Janine Langer, Kelly Noel and Emily Pitts. It was an awesome delivery of beautiful layouts too.
Here are mine :)

If you are a subscriber or wish to subscribe and you then sign up a friend to subscribe as well (bearing in mind you can now pay with Visa and Mastercard as well as Paypal) - you both receive an American Craft Kit to play with for your sound decision.
**Giveaway Alert**
I also am able to do a giveaway on a past kit (not sure which one yet) but if you leave your name here, one lucky person will receive a free kit direct from Studio Calico. Also do check out all the other Studio Calico DT blogs (links on the left here) and sign up there too - you have about 13 chances at this for free!

25 Oct 2008

Digi Overlays

Oh its been a while but worth the fun making these during a relaxing evening!
Overlays can be used not on your digi work but also invitations, photos, homemade stationary and cards. Try making a 6x6 page with them and print them out at home. I think people forget you c an do that! I love them (but obv Im going to say that).Get Whipser HEREGet Ice Dance HERE

To colour them in PS simply open the overlay, go to layers, layer style, colour overlay and select a colour of your choice - then press ok!
Have fun!
Im just taking the kids to the travelling fair so we are wrapping up warm.
Its bloody freezing tonight!

24 Oct 2008

Studio Calico Sneaks

This kit has so much in it - I have enough to make 3 million more layouts. Well, kind of, if they were 1cm x 1cm square. Put it this way there are lots more left overs for more layouts.
Its a beautiful kit, I was hard touched to cut into it but the evils of Tuesday night got me hacking it all to its pagely deaths.... and Im happy.
Its a kit that can be girl and bot too................. endless possibilities xx

TFL - have a super duper weekend.

Beacon of Light

Where one door closes........... you know the saying, right?
A couple of opportunities has come marks way including re-employment into the current firm that are making him redundant. Not a weird scenario these days really, but the firm have to tighten their belts in some departments and slack off in another so it may work out ok in the end. Phew! And to everyone that left a comment for us? Can I say thank you because this week has been an emotionally heartbreaking one and now its Friday, that beacon of light will keep us going for a few more days. And to Sharon who sent me a link to Acoustics Foo....... love you for that xx

Ive got some grotty pictures of my gammy leg to share to show you how much it is NOT healing that quick. It still wrecks and driving is practically suicidal. It turns out that my ligaments have been ruptured severely (fun!) but keeping it "up" helps the repair. These two picture were take exactly one week after the even - although I got kicked in the leg the bruising extended to my foot... mmm, nice

And this is two weeks after the event - still puffy, sore and red
weirdly my toe went black and as I type now, two other toes have gone black too. But its a good sign apparently so here for speedy healing :) Love that swollen ankle, adds to the glamour.
Ive got some sneaks to share later for SC - Ive not managed the full kit this month purely because there is a lot in it and this week has been marred with fraught. However, Im so pleased with the work I have done this month as I have tried a couple of new things to keep my creativity on an even keel.

22 Oct 2008

Remain calm, think positive

Sometimes, when you are in an utterly foul mood, you just can't summon up the strength to think positive. If you think positive, lovely things happen. I believe in that and having read the Secret again recently one can only have faith in positivity. Im being brave and Im putting on a front but deep down Im a tad shakey. Mark, on the other hand, has been on the look out for more employment today and rang me (from his current work) to tell me he is on the "up" and riding the storm. His work actually said he could "go" when they announced his redundancy last night and be paid a weeks notice. But he wanted to stay because that's the kind of guy Mark is. He has always paid attention to detail and he puts his all into everything - his work, our family and our home. He is being positive but I can only imagine that deep down he is cut up.

We both couldn't eat last night for feeling sick so we went without a meal. I don't think Belle knows the full extent of what the tale is plus its not all that bad as I earn a little and we have savings to help ease the burden until he finds more work. He is not totally unemployable, there is work out there! You see - POSITIVE!

On a lighter note, I have two layouts to share from Design Objective commissions - this one is for Project of the Week over at the DO site and this one is for Challenge of the Month over at Creativity Life.

A festoon of creative energy belies me to help take my mind off the situation and with a challenging change in my lifestyle starting tomorrow morning (yelp!) - I need to keep myself uber busy.

21 Oct 2008

Digi Moments

I've been beavering here at home with some behind the scene digital products which will be sold under a small title entitled ooooh, let me think of something eye catching.....erm, Kirsty Wiseman? LOL! . It's so exciting to be able to get paid for a hobby of which I take all too seriously at times. Its a case of needing the moolah as Mark was made redundant today. He kind of saw it coming, its no great surprise but still a shock if you know what I mean. Pah, credit crunch, recession and financial clap trap - who needs one anyway?

Part of the digi empire which is sweeping both the cardmaking and scrapbooking world takes me to QVC for a sumptuous 8 minute slot on 4th Nov with a supercool product from Lasting Impressions. Its mad taking a trip for an 8 minute slot but also worth the experience. I'm not sure what time it is on yet but Shauni, if you are reading this and its after school - would you like to come and watch in the studio? Answers on a Cypriot postcard please :)

And as my Digi Day continued in its pixelated roll (before said redundancy was vociferously announced) I managed to wizz this up using part of my Very Cherry cardmaking range (available soon in disc!)

Funny day really (not funny "ha ha"). Not sure what to make of it. Might go and cry under a little bar of chocolate. Or 10. Or 4,000.

PS: The shoes are by American Eagle which I bought in Vegas for $8 - I know, SHUT UP! They are wedge heels too and are so fabulous that I only wear them for spesh because the day they die, I die.

19 Oct 2008

Bomb site dumping ground

Yakkety yak, our house looks like its just been demolished. It feels grubby and stinky and everywhere I look there is stuff all out of place. Mark thinks I have an OCD and I might agree. I hate mess and most of all - I hate things that don't have a proper home in the house. And now Im scared because we are starting to split the lounge-come-diner into two separate rooms but before we even start to decorate we have had to install one new radiator and move another to an adjacent wall....... creating more mess :(
Mark had to get under the floorboards to re-arrange piping this morning. You wouldn't have got me down there, not even for a lifetimes supply of Basic Grey. Its chock full of spiders and webs and rubble and all sorts of disgusting creepiness.

The dog didn't care too much for it!

I was secretly hoping he'd find a cash haul of £2,000,000 but not even could he find a penny. When Mark went on the first run in creepy rubble land, his father suggested we nail him in there for good. I like my father-in-laws way of thinking, we clearly would be fabulous drinking buddies, if we both drank! It was so tempting, really it was.

But my lovely man does all the washing and ironing and Im afraid when it comes to the domestic front, I ain't going to go without clean undies on a daily basis. Ner!

Before Mark went to boring football (yawn) we went on the hunt for a new settee. Ours gets on my nerves as it has scatter cushion backs which annoys the hell out of me every single day. Because Im such a neat freak, every time Mark budges them or moves them to get comfy, I go up the wall. Can you imagine having friends around and them seeing a gap in the scatter cushions? What if there was a crease in a cushion and not up to plumpness satisfaction? The shame would finish me off. Everyday I have to fluff them, primp and beat them to look regimented and linear only then for the dog/daughter/hubby to come and dare sit on the sofa for a few moments relaxation and go and ruin the prestigious arrangement. Whoa! No way! For 8 looooong years I have had to suffer that daily routine and now - NO MORE. Hooray for me.
We have bought a new lounge suite to go with my dream colour range of Olive and Bark with a smidgen of Lime. These sofa's come in a lime in the picture but we bought it in Chocky brown with olive and lime accent cushions so that I can eat it when I fall asleep on it as I dream of foooooooood! But loook - no scaterring of 70,000 cushion. I can't tell you how many new sofa's come with scatter cushion backs these days. So now we have 5 weeks to get the whole dumpster of a house ready for that installation. Of course, Im on light duties which means tea making and fannying about for the next 5 flaming weeks so the legwork (if you pardon the pun) will be done by Marky boy who is my absolute DIY hero.
We also bought a small tin of tester paint to match the smallest rip of tester wallpaper (I would have taken a full 8 feet but Mark thought a 1 yd strip would suffice - NOT) but still I couldn't wait to get back and tack it to the wall and paint a swatch for a dummy run. Im now waiting for proper daylight to tell me how good it might look. Can you tell I'm excited? I love decorating and transforming and mostly I like doing that on a budget!
As prommed, I have some pictures to share with you from my cousins wedding and blessing. these are some of my 405 shots from Cyprus.

This is the full length picture of my second cousin Kay and her Daughter Joanna.
Here are the four bridesmaids together. My cousins Daughter Shauni, My cousins wife Julie then Joanna and Kay.
Shauni and I
My cousins son, Jake
Joanna and her boyf, Callum.My brother and his wife, Kerry larking about on the rocks at sunset. They are always playing around - they make ma laugh so much.
The vicar was delightful to allow me to take pictures during the blessing ceremony. During a wedding, however, flash photo is strictly not allowed. So I snapped my way through it the best I could bearing in mind the bounce flashing in a church is ridiculous as the ceiling are 15 miles above you so most of the pictures are pretty much face on flash which is not my favvo. Cranking the ISO up to 800 was not my idea of great photography neither.At the end of the blessing, the bridesmaid provide a thumbs up for a beautiful ceremony.My cousin, Marybeth and her Granda. You will never see such a loving bond between grandfather and grandaughter as much as these two. Marybeth idolises him. Isnt she beautiful?The night time venue was held in a local centre and Chris and Jane's fun approach to feeding time was a real hit. We enjoyed this fruit tree, do-nut tree, 5 tier choco fountain (which basically I tipped my head under, opened wide and allowed my gullet to be totally smothered in the creamiest chock this side of the Pennines) plus a fab champagne fountain from this company in Leeds. Absolutely everyone got involved with those sugary delights. Belle was in her absolute element and scoffed a bit of everything. I thought it was spectacular, I was buzzing all night!
A local band came and played and wondered if I might be their promo girl seeing as I was photographing absolutely everyone having a good time, which was my fave part of the night. With a name like The Measles, I can see it doing my reputation a great deal of good although their number one fan got the best seat in the house all night. They played some fab covers of Pulp, Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs and The Jam. They were a really good band in all fairness and you might like to book them if you are in the Leeds area, if ever I had a link. Doh!Belle went and collected all the pretty confetti and streamers. She didnt dance much but she was content.You can see remnants of chockky fountain on her lips here! Isnt her hair gorgeous?And as for Jake? It all got too much.
Tonight was the last instalment of my Design Principles course which I enjoyed putting together with instalments being beefed up with work from Anita Mundt, Maz Hawes and Paula Pascual. Covering topics from Rule of thirds to Continuance to Asymmetry plus other balance-a-riffic composition rules that help achieve visual and artistic championship. If you missed out you can buy the complete course for £20 to be delivered in one neat package if you email me HERE. Or read the special offers above.

Bed time calls, toodle-ooooooooooooooo.