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29 Sep 2008


Don't you just love the clacking of those fontaciousy delish keys on a vintage typewriter?
Ive been desperate for a typewriter for months now and not long back I won this baby.
I had to go to Liverpool to pick her up and was delighted to pay the princely sum of £13 for her.
I shall call her Tilly and use her where vintageness is required or perhaps for the clacking of the keys to take me back to my commerce days at school where I learned Pica on an old Olivetti.

Do you want to know what freaks me out though? The letters B and G are sticky which happens to be the initials of my favvo paper range. I mean, come on!

27 Sep 2008

If you ever need to buy just one kit this month

buy this baby because, in my words and nobody elses - its fabulous
Get up at 5am Uk to order if you really fancy it or Midnight at EST. The add on I used this months (according to my sneaks last week) was Alice (slurp!). Studio Calico take Paypal for single kit purchases (but not subscriptions) ..... buy, buy, buy!!
I never wanted this kit to end when I worked with it and luckily I squirrelled a few luxury pieces to adore in my own personal delight box.

PS: If you buy an add on this month you also get this funky HS distressing widget too

26 Sep 2008

Broke your back, huh... mum?

I win.
I win the trampoline contest of our back garden 2008.
I wear the crown made of fabulous beams of pride and am triumphant in my winnery.
My Mum faked a back injury when I leapt to heights of gigantor which made us all laugh because she was relegated to sitting on the trampoline edge as I jumped merrily and shook her and belle like rag dolls on a bed. Its all too childish in a way but secretly lots of fun watching the pair of them giggle away. Im suffering for that now, mind, as my calves are on fire.
But still, I win!
Mum and I had been shopping earlier as I needed to get a few bits for my trip to Cyprus. There is nothing summery looking in the shops (obv, as we are entering autumn). I wanted to buy something nice to wear for the wedding and thought that Debenhams would be the place to fit the bill (that or Marksy's....I lubs Marksy's - as in Marks and Spencers; they sell the best knickers you know although mum swears by her arm pit warming sloggi's). There was the most beautiful skirt, reduced, which meant all I had to find was a top. But no, it wasn't working for me. Then we turned a corner and came across evening wear and the cocktail strapless dresses hit me in the face. No way have I got the figure for those babies. Im far to chubs for those until mum suggested I try some on. The first one I tried on was gorgeous and fit me really nice and took pounds off me (Obv a deffo purchase) and we promptly went to find a matching fastenator which took a nano second as there were kajillions in different styles and colours. Then to top it all, I made a huge saving at the counter too.

So I am going to be wearing a frock and show off my legs in 2 weeks time - lord help me!
It was lovely to have lunch out and spend time with my momma - she is the best shopping pardner in the world but she is rubbish at trampolining.
Did I mention that I won?!!!!

There's a bounce war

and its happening at our house!
My brilliant mum and dad are over (hooray!) and as usual, mum and I battle out whatever there is to battle out. Be it Wii fit, play fighting, crafting or whatever come what may - we have fun fights.
Tonight, within 10 minutes of stepping foot in the house of madness, we raced to the trampoline to expend some energy. I almost died laughing when mum (aged 60!!!) jumped really high trying to do a bum bounce only not to get back up again but roll over backwards so that she nearly swallowed her falsies.

TIP: When doing a bum bounce, don't jump so high and take your teeth out if applicable.

I laughed so hard I had to restrain myself from choking. It was the funniest thing ever. Mum lay there laughing her head off, which set Belle off and its just the best thing that we haven't laughed so hard in ages.
Of course, I can jump higher being younger and nubile. What gives me a slight disadvantage is a blessed chest 5 times bigger than momma (TMI, I know but you have to understand what Im up against). You would think that blessed things would provide balance/air bouyancy in trampoline battles, but I soon discovered they are a hindrance. They also cause black eyes if not secured with extreme strapping.
It was such a beautiful tonight whilst out in the garden and when mark came home we sat round enjoying the unusual sight of the sun. Its always so much fun when my parents are here - always some little competition or joke. LOVE IT!

Before we got cracking with tea (guess what? I made it, don't die of shock - and for the sake of my brother... we had Taco's and Fajitas, tis a standing joke) Belle and I and Granny chatted about this and that. She looked lovely in the dimming light so I snapped these of her in both a pensive and giggling state.and only by looking at these pictures, she is outgrowing that top and all. She got that top this time last year and look at the difference in her! **pic below taken Sept 2007** Must go shopping to buy her some more clothes. Its funny how you don't "see" your children grow but notice it through their shrinking attire - either that or they shrunk in the dryer or even worse, slipped into barbie clothes!

24 Sep 2008

She's athletic

Well, kind of!
Who would have thought that this little girl, with all the phys issues she has, would get the coveted enamelled sports badge of the week?
She came out of school with a skip in her step tonight and has promised to polish it every day. She gets to keep it for a week before it goes to the next deserved pupil.
She was awarded this for overcoming her nerves on the trampet.
The trampet is small and has no safety barriers like her trampoline at home so naturally she was very frightened (her words not mine). With encouragement from her mentor she overcame the fear and she flew!

Im getting over my cold although my voice has gone a little bit husky which is something I hope to be rid of next week. I don't mind having a voice like Deirdre Barlow but coupled with the fact I have a northern accent, it ain't going to be a quality television voice. I had a phone call yesterday from my auntie who called me to ask what time I am on QVC next week. She had heard Dawn reel off the craft day demonstrators and was surprised to hear my name. Now, Im as nervous as billy-o because my momma is going to be watching and I have to mind my manners and all that so Im quite afraid to tell everyone when I am on as I know there will be beady eyes watching my every fluff! But then, really, I'm not on there for myself as I am part of a double act with Clare Curd in conjunction with Papermania. Its a job, not a career but its going to be a great experience and a tick in the box that I will have had my 15 minutes of fame. The stuff I have to make is mighty millions but the products are fabulous, I'm so excited to be able to show the products off in my own little way that will hopefully delight the crafting maseeeef of QVC.

So for those that keep asking on here, on the phone, by email and on facebook - its next Tuesday at 4pm. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

23 Sep 2008

Need a good weep?

Really, it doesn't take much for me to break into a good old sob fest.
But I watched a film tonight(on recommendation from Dyans Son, Ben!!!) called "The Notebook".
All I am going to say is that it will break your heart clean in two.
I haven't sobbed like this for years and lots of my tears fell on some prep work as I was going along..........nice. I guess a little embellishment or two will cover those spots!

I can't wait to sit down properly and watch it again and again and again and again.

22 Sep 2008

Happy Blog-a-versary

On the 5th of Sept I forgot to celebrate my 3rd year Blog-a-versary.
I might celebrate that one day this week... something fun for everyone!
Anyway. Gotta cold, no time to talk about it - no time to suffer! Although Im not happy I got it this week - perhaps two weeks ago or in two weeks from now would have been so much more convenient.

This is the little scamp who kept me sane today.
With Belle at School and Mark at work... Im on me todd - suffering. And he knows it because he keeps coming up to me for little loves. They must sense you are not "alright".
I tried getting a picture of him looking up at me but he wasn't having any off it - there was far too many things to go and wreck in the house than stand and be caught looking cute on camera!

Although he did pose for me on Friday when I snapped him with my zoom from a far. He has this little corner of the garden that he likes to bask in when its sunny. And often when he comes back inside, I cuddle him and he feels all cosy and toasty!
This weekendsvilles.
Loved it, loved the people but what I didn't love was the amount of people who had the balls to go nicking stuff. I can't believe so many people do it right in front of you. It kind of makes you feel really sick because its so raw and real life. But that was just the blip to the weekend really. I arrived Sat am to start the show on Dyans "always packed" stand. She has the best selection of 7 Gypsies and Tim Holtz stuff including her wooden sleighs and houses to decorate amongst her clocks to alter and wooden books. The Blonde Moments papers did a cracking sale as the demonstration cards were so beautifully inspiring, people couldn't help themselves. Every now and again there would be people coming up to us and just chatting about all sorts and everything. I love the connection that crafting brings, it makes me really happy. And like I mentioned yesterday, a blog reader - Bev - brought me stottie from the North East. I used to live in the north east years ago and I miss these bread buns dipped in a fried egg. I am so grateful you went to great length to get one, Bev xx

Another lady emailed me on Thursday. Her name is Caroline and she is a blog reader but also a member of the Studio Calico forum too. She was fraught with whether she ought to come to such a large show on her own and I said that she had no reason to worry as I would meet with her and have coffee and cake. Well, she came and she was armed with the most beautifulest of hand made beauties for us. Eddy was chuffed to bits with his wee treat (see the anticipation in his eyes there?)
And Ellie opened hers this afternoon. I cant believe the work that has gone into that hand made felt sausage dog plus the charms and ribbon on the book - isn't it adorable? If that wasn't enough she had also given me a batch of Banana and Choc Chip Muffins presented on a handmade tray wrapped in the most crinkliest of cellophane.
Caroline, I consider myself to be a very luck girl - thank you so so much xx

I also chatted to another woman. I had no idea who she was but she was sweet and kind and she mentioned she was waiting from a friend. She told me she has cakes in her bag to give her (she made them) and I joked that I'd test them out for her. Oh no, the woman gave me them and said "you can have some, I don't mind". I just felt so guilty for saying that; it was a little joke. As I chatted further to her I only found out that it was "Net" from a forum we used to frequent a looooong time ago. Isn't it funny? My mum took the photo and bless her - I think she needs lessons on focusing! Love it!
Lots of other beauties dropped by the store and I want to say hello again to Jozza, Helen, Jill and her entourage, Darcy (with the famous pony tails and far too young looking to have a grown up boy!) and people whose names I have forgotten and Im dreadfully sorry :( But you know, I will remember your faces ... I always do. Some of these people would go up to Ben (Dy's Son) and ask if I was working on the stand today and he would, dry as you like, say no - she's over there, talking. Oh dear, busted!

Sat night came and we drooped back home where we had a yummo chinese meal and to chillax in front of Come Dancing and the X Factor (Dy and i were crying at one point and ben - you know, laughed). Can you believe I was in bed by 10? That is just unheard of.

The next day brought many more wonderful chance opportunities to meet people. Dyan was holding breakfast workshops and I readily assisted her as she waved her original pearl pigments over the early bird crafters. Dyan has a fun yet strict teaching regime and she commands to greatest audience to her every word... I just love Dy! Then it was back to the grind stone (or the chatterbox corner) where I worked with the Art from the Heart gang plus Julie (who my dog does not like but I love so that cancels that out). I didn't get much time for shopping except Dyans shop of course plus Craftwork Cards stand where they have these amazing and I mean amazing scalloped 12x12 circles and little poppy dot thingies that are begging to go on a few layouts or so.

Later that afternoon I met a girl who we have been mailing to and fro with various favours and jobs. Her name is Louisa and she is about to embark on a lovely adventure in the craft world. I loved her immediately, I think she looks like Gypsy Rose Lee with these amazing eyes and tumbling locks. We hit it off and as the time came to leave I asked her if she was travelling the same route home and if we could stop off for a meal. Such luck that she lives not far from me but before we left, I helped stand down the shop and say my goodbyes to my amazing friend Dyan who is about to launch something very amazingly fabulous in January that will become an exclusive brand worldwide (im so excited for her, its a wonderful opportunity). Oh plus she is Europes Senior Educator for Ranger.... swit swoo!

So on the way home Louisa and I stop at Chiquita's in Leeds for Mexican - areeeeeeeeeeba! The conversation just flowed and flowed and flowed. She is fabulous. I don't mind what kind of person you are - you could be dull or plain or normal or ordinary or funny or crazy; thats fine - I can be all of those too. But if your are fabulous well, its fabulous!
I is not very good at self portraits in a dark car park with the glow of a distant street light to help focus! But here is fab Louisa and I!

Ok, going to swig this lemsip and have a good old nights rest in prep for another day of QVC prep.

Toodle ooooooooooooooooooooooo

If it wasn't for my dog

Id poke my eyes out with all of my brads.

I am feeling so drained today and a bit bluergh.
I haven't got time for a cold or the aches and pains.
No time to spwav neither and no food in my tummy to bring any up, anyway.

So the sun comes out 15 minutes ago and we go outside and sit on the patio.
He is just looking at me.
And I think..... what are you thinking boy, what do you see, do you love me as much as I love you?
And he comes to rest his head on my arm with those amazing chocolate drop eyes and I forget that I am feeling like a I need a weeks sleep.

And he falls asleep and I nod off soaking in some warmth.

He makes me feel so happy.

And if you are unhappy and have something missing from your life and you have to time to devote yourself to one - go and invest in a Miniature Dachshund. They are charming little characters that love you right back.

**gushfest over, back to work - trying to keep everything down**

21 Sep 2008

Knacky Knoo'ed

I love working at shows.
I just love it.
So many really nice people.
People who know you. People who you don't. People who don't give a damn about about CPW and there are people who come up to you and say "Im not a stalker but I read your blog".
Through to'ing and fro'ing between blogs I had one lady bring me a Stottie (North east bread bun - Hi Beverly!) and another from Beverly (a place in East Yorks) who brought me home made muffins, a mini book for Belle and some doggie treats for Eddy (Hi Caroline, lovely to spend my lunch break with you!). There was Jozza (Wee and poo, not her but our fave words!), people from Dawns Studio, people from UKS, people from long ago forums (hi Net!), people who you adore and they let you stay at their house (Hi Dyan, kiss-kiss-kiss-smoochy-slobbery-thank-you-kisses), people who you have emailed with for months and met for the first time (Hi Louisa!) - people from everywhere including my Momma and Auntie Tracy (kiss kiss).
And I talked to each and everyone for too little a time (except Louisa who I had a meal with on the way home tonight in Leeds...YUM!)
That made me sad. Cry, Cry

Im going to share pictures tomorrow - my mum took some pretty out of focus ones which are hilarious (but then, she is as blind as a bat!).

Needs sleep, catching a cold, QVC prep work to be NOT finished (hee hee heeeee), Roz's retreat workshop stuff to tidy up, emails to reply to, mail to open, stash to put away, photos to save, need to pack for Cyprus nest week, dog to belly rub, Ellie to kiss goodnight and a wee lil cosy of my freezing cold feet on marks back when I go to bed (snigger).

OH! And you are going to love CPW's next installment who had the audacity to text me on Saturday with some hilarious cheeky crappo nutsy babba.

19 Sep 2008

So we went to CWP

And we were camm'ed up, miked and carrying ammo on our back packs. I dug my fingers into brown grease paint and swooshed each cheek with a good dollop a piece. I then wrapped a bandana round my head and necked a shot of tequila - god, I looked hard. I almost crapped it when I saw my reflection in the mirror.
Mark and I got into our armoured vehicle (a Renault Modus to be precise) and whizzed into town in slo mo to the sound of painted black by the Rolling Stones. Mark reckoned the theme from MASH would have been more suited but suicide was not on my list of things to do, yet.
We entered the shopping centre and for a Thursday it was still and quiet. It was as if tumbleweed was meant to come rolling in our path to the age old whistle (ala the good, the bad and the ugly) played right on cue. For effect I had a cigarette hanging off my bottom lip and I winced my eyes as I surveyed the soon to be bomb shelled mall. I called on the mike for mark and I to synchronise our watches and that he should run in to the CPW on my call - our code word was : Knobbers
I figured if Mark came in at the rear (yeeeks) it would be all the back up I needed. He served 22 years in the army, he knows his stuff.
Ok, the plan was in place.
I just had to walk in there and talk as nicely and as calmly as possible. So I set off with Mark stood in the shop opposite watching my every move and waiting for my code. He was trying to rummage through La Senza underwear without making it look like he was on some perv drive (and failing miserably). I turned the corner and the bright lights of rip-off-dem blinded me and the smell of bull was certainly in the air. I approached the counter with caution and told Mr sloping-shoulders my sorry tale (for the millionth time). No signs of compassion or understanding was displayed and my finger was tapping on the imaginary trigger in my pocket. All the while I listened to him say that he couldn't do anything, it was up to his Area Manager and that he would try in the morning and he would call me back.
With those very words he had lit the blue touch paper and my head ignited into flames. I reached into my jacked to pull out my lipstick and told him that I wasn't afraid to use it on him. The look in his told me that he wasn't scared (hhhmm, transvestite are we?). I then threatened him with my mother but he didn't flinch. My last resort before "Plan B" was to offer him a bitch slap duel outside but he couldn't leave the counter as he was the only staff in.
Plan B.
I screamed into my collar KNOBBERS! GO! GO! GO!.
A trailblaze of shit hot lava (Mark) entered the shop. Where on earth he got the necklace of artillery shells from I don't know but I have to say he looked fierce. He pulled out one of his old mobile phones (circa 1999) and said
"You take that phone back or I will be forced to use this phone"
The sheer size of that vintage piece was as big as a breeze block with an antenna a mile long. It scared me let alone all of the customers in the shop. Whats more the look of horror on the CPW guy was enough to curdle milk but sadly, with his shoulders sloping further to the floor he really couldn't do anything about it. And as the feds bagged us up in strait jackets I had to admit defeat.

My only saving grace (so far) is that eventually I, myself, rang the shop tonight to check on the progress and James said that CPW would finally and lovingly - no, more than welcomingly take my phone back. I think the drama and the persistence wore off and Im happy to say that CPW have allowed me to stress in ramboness fashion to which they humbly gave in at my expense. I am of course very grateful that I have been able to provide entertainment for you, for the feds, for the mental hospital and for my mother who rang me up last night absolutely wetting herself over my blog entries. I myself need a bloody good spell in a padded sanctuary and hopefully they will confiscate my mobile phone because if I ever have to use one from this day foreword - I. Am. Going. To. Kill. Myself.

18 Sep 2008

I. Am. Going. To. Kill. Myself.

CPW - Grrrrrr
Orange (tonight) - Grrrrrrr

Too much blood boiling to go into specifics.
Need somebody with consumer rights advice.

Bwah :(

Operation Cancel Contract Commences

Mark is home.
He is getting camouflaged and miked up.
I have all the ammo I need (ie: phone, paperwork,lipstick).

Its all systems go.............................

Studio Calico - 1 year DT anniversary

Congrats to the DT over at SC who celebrate their 1 year DT Anniversary this month (I think minus Caroline, April and Scarlet who have been there a tinsy bit longer).
I was pretty chuffed to get my kit earlier than normal (thanks to the super duper postal system that Scarlet and April provide) - also I had a word with my delivery boy. You know, he sometimes deliver on a Sunday and Im sure its not his fault because they are overrun with parcels these days; what with the likes of Amazon and Ebay giving them extra work.
So anyway I get my kit and a hark herald of angels sing the most wonderful tune and light beams from the box and shines over my whole house. The joy is immense and sometimes I have to lay down due to the sheer excitement of it all.
Normally I have to wait to do the kit but this time I had to get the kit done as quick as poss as next week is earmarked for QVC prep work (erm, time for sleep kind of prep). But really, I didn't mind because this months kit is a tasty bite indeed. I know I say this every month but really this months kit is so much better than last months kit.
I lie to you not.
So far I have made two mini's and 3 layouts and I have enough for one more layout and a few cards (time permitting) but until now, here are some sneaks to share.

Important news for current SC subs:
There is a new payment and account systems over at SC right now making it much easier to pay and track your order. But I do believe that moving from Paypal to the new system isn't working for some you HOWEVER if you still want the option and flexibility of Paypal, perhaps you might want to read all about this.

Laugh or cry?

Ive just had the mail delivered to our house and felt the urge to log this entry like, NOW (pre-war on CPW tonight). When really I don't have any time as I have 40,000 layouts to make. Anyway, it was a summary letter form Dr Lovely and Light at Alderhey hospital who outlined her findings and referrals from the endicrinology aspect of Belles investigations.

She listed Belle as having Osteoperosis.

I do find this somehwat hilarious (its probably shock, actually) because Ellie is practically made of milk so therefore her bones should be strong as steel.

I mean, if I sat down and really thought about it I ought to be crying cos you don't Osteo until you are well in your 50's.

Mmmm, whilst I'm here I have a link to a free cardmaking paper and embelly download right about .............................................................................................................................. -> HERE

**considers plying Belle with Vitamin D - who knows the best form of it in food stuffs?**

17 Sep 2008

Strength in Numbers

When an attack is launched upon the enemy, its best that a strong army be in place to make the most of blood sodden work.
A battle of wills requires the same, you think?
(I'm referring to yests post if you want to read this entry with fluidity).

I couldn't go firing off at Carphone Winehouse tonight as I was on my lonesome and had visions of cowboy retaliation launching broken phones as ammo in my direction. However, I do have a cunning plan. It's late night shopping in town tomorrow and my mark is coming as my back up. You can picture the scene.......I enter the store; my eagles eyes and my wits are about me, I look intense and beads of sweat protude from my forehead. Both Mark and I are miked up, he is in the shop opposite surveying the scene over the pages of book on quantum physics and I talk into my collar, in muffled tones
"I have a visual on cowboy, sloping shoulders and Couldn't-give-a-toss. Do you copy? Roger, out".
I go up to the counter, I bang my unused Blackberry on the counter and I give the death stare of all death stares.
Cowboy opens his bean stained mouth to say something and I say "Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?" in my most fabulous Robert De Niro voice and scare the cowboy out of his saddlebags.
Mark runs into the shop, takes a dive, rolls over to take cover behind a Bluetooth headset stand whilst pointing his finger gun at all three knobbers behind the counter and calls me on his discreet mike over to my earpiece disguised as a q tip sticking out of my ear
"Ive got you covered bitch, go for the kill".
Feeling quite shocked he used that tone on me but equally fired up I demand that they take the phone back or Im going on Phil and Ferns this Morning show or even worse, Jeremy Kyle (bluergh), to blow the whole story.

With that they cancel the contract and we greet the feds who cuff 'em and bang them up for a very long spell in the clanger.

Its sounds so easy, doesn't it?

Really - do tune in tomorrow night for the full and frank versions of events (minus finger guns, feds and mikes of course).

16 Sep 2008

Do not and I mean DO NOT buy a phone from Carphone Warehouse

I should have noticed the spurs on the boots of the Carphone Warehouse salesman who constantly "yeeee-haaaa'ed" when I signed the most disgusting phone contract (to move to Orange) ever in the world - EVER, last week.
Ok. Ok. Ok. I know I signed it at the time thinking it was a deal and a half.
That was until I rang my current provider, O2, for my Pac code (the authorisation to keep my phone number so I could move contractswith ease!). O2 asked why I wanted to leave to go with Orange. So I told them about my supposed fab new deal. O2 murmured that rather cringe worthy "oh dear" and that's when I knew I had been screwed. O2 could do the same deal for £17 cheaper than the deal I had just got with CP.
£17? I mean £17 a month cheaper. WTF?
So I rang Carphone Warehouse head office. I was quite delighted to be able to ring up and tell them I got a better deal elsewhere and that they could jolly well shove their crappo contract somewhere sinister until I was met with "hitch from bell". I explained that I didn't want to carry on with their contract because I had a better deal from O2 and that I'd like to cancel. And the girl answered with the following hideous line
"Dat's what you's got and dat's what you's get and dat's what you's are aving".
Serious, the EXACT words.
I know you think Im bulling you, but really - dat's how she said it.
I actually think its funny in hindsight ....but you know, I dont take too kindly to mean girls.
Other than spontaneously combusting with rage, I threw the phone down and thought "Huh, watch this space, knobbers".
I went back to Carphone Warehouse to pick up the Blackberry the next day (I ordered in a silver one and they had none in stock the previous day). I re-iterated my dilemma to the guy in the shop who clearly has sloping shoulders and wimpered that he couldn't help but James could (the cowboy, remember?). He said he would get James to call. Pass the book, why don't you?
No Call.
4 days later, no call.
So I rang the little sod today.
Told him my dilemma and he said "Sure, bring it back".
Hooray, Im £17 a month richer, I thought.
So I take it back tonight.
Oh no. Oh dear. Oh how convenient.
No James, he had sodded off to sodsville.
Sloping shoulder guy and Couldn't-give-a-toss guy pretend they don't know how to deal with a return on a phone that doesn't have a "14 day cooling off period" it seems.
They ring head office (probably not really, they were obviously ringing the speaking clock for all it was worth) who said "No - you cant return the phone. Orange won't allow it and neither will Head Office".
Allegedly, if you buy a phone from CP via a T-mobile or Orange network you apparently do not have a 14 day cooling off period to return it. Which is a load of cock and bull - actually.
So I came home FURIOUS tonight and rang Orange direct.
Orange are an AMAZING company themselves.
Very good, very informative and who said that CP are a bunch of knobbers whom are notorious for being rip off merchants. Love it when I get the feeling Im right!
They WILL allow me to close the contract but need to be authorised by CP head office.
So I ring CP head office.
And I quoted "28 days Sales of Goods Act" which guarantees that I can return my phone as its not fit for the purpose of my use.
Knob head CP guy gets all tacky and says "well if its not fit for the purpose, you have to go back to the shop and say so".

Blind leading the frigging blind?

Tune in tomorrow to hear of how the tale ends.
Hopefully not me throwing a rope around my neck and jumping off the banister.

Yest, I finished this

I haven't made a "pick me up"layout in a while that wasn't DT or such.
I wanted to do a fairly quick page to beat the monday blues and I half started this at the Crafts 4 Crafters show last week.
What made me start this layout in the first place was the Fancy Pants rub ons. I mean, forget snazzy paper or any photo in particular. I just wanted to use these rub ons. Oh and then some Prima blingfinished off with my must have Core'donations cardstock.
Quick makes using easy to use products makes Kirsty one very happy bunny.
Hop Hop Hop.

15 Sep 2008

Is it wrong....

to be told and accept that you are told that you are beautiful?
My husband stopped me in my tracks tonight whilst I was doing nothing spectacularly different. My roots need touching, I had barely any make up on and I was wearing a pair of jeans, my uber fab fake Ugg's and a puffa jacket - kneeling on the floor and playing with our mad dog.
It's not everyday we exchange heart stopping compliments like this and when I do get them, they feel surprisingly wonderful.
Ive never been one to take compliments very well, not that I'm complaining but I get awful shy and try to be modest in my acceptance.
Of course you think there is an ulterior motive to such things but I knew this was heartfelt. I just knew it.
But I never sit here and think I am beautiful.
I'm sure there are people who do and are right and are brave enough to be so bold.
It feels kind of funny.
I'm still blushing.

One man and his dog

It is so funny to watch our pooch run straight for the door at roughly 5.50pm upon where he greets his father with the most excited tail wagging and whining.
This could be said of the pooch if anyone ever leaves the room for more than 20 minutes - he greets you like this whether you have been away 20 minutes or 20 days.
The dog just adores us.
And we adore him back!
On one occasion, last week this mad dogster ran racing into marks arms (who came skidding to the floor to meet his boy) and they squidged for a couple of minutes before the pooch fell asleep after gentle chat. Mark couldn't bare to wake him up and they subsequently lay there for roughly 15 minutes before the dog heard the door bell go and ran to investigate with the incessant protective yapping that he likes to annoy us with.

All together now - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

14 Sep 2008

Voluntary Sleep Depravation

Nobody willingly deprives themselves of sleep, do they?
Or so I thought up until 4am yest morning.
For the first time EVER I hung around at Studio Calico to wait for their sneak reveal at 5am our time (12 midnight EST) but by 4 am my retinas were bleeding from the computer screen and the fact I needed to catch those amazing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.
The lead up to the sneak reveal was always something Aleida contributed to. She was the naughty one, the one who dared to push the boundaries when it came to ruditries and quite so in a fun way. The team at SC owed it to her to make the night go as planned but to also celebrate her life in her absence in the way she would have seen fit. I swear I laughed so hard that the only brain cell I had split in two. The conversation was one where you had to be there and with that in mind, Im going to try and brave that again next month.
Needless to say I woke at, ahem......1145am this morning in time for brunch. Mark had been up hours and done the ironing. I would add that he did it for me but he does it every week anyway but it was lovely to wake up to the smell of freshly ironed laundry. The rest of the day saw us mill about in our own entertainment until it was suggested (quite by the little love herself) we go to the swing park that we discovered last night. Boy did that girl have a giggle or two then and I so wanted to grab her again on camera.

Its rare to get pics of Belle with her a: Eyes open and b: without her glasses. She looks like a different kid, doesn't she?

This photo is magic. MAGIC, I tell you!

Don't you just love it when kids poke their tongues whilst concentrating? She sure is a tongue poker in the extreme. Getting a little complacent there Ellie, time to go back for bath and bed - its the sunday night law!
It was really gloomy overhead for any decent shots so I made the most of the ones I got, put my camera down and had a swing myself. Well my body lurched here and there for a while until I gathered swing momentum and shortly I began to drift back into childhood to bring back that feeling of flying. It was a crazy little moment filled with even more giggles from the bellemeister as she screamed the place down on reflection of looking at my scary face pulling (I did scream a bit!).

Coming back to strawbs and meringues with cream was just the best way to round off the day only Im sat here now looking through some emails and Ive forgotten to do a layout for the Creativity Life website. Yeeks, one is yanking out the Basic Grey right now so off I pop to scrapdom.