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31 Aug 2008

I can't think of a title today

For the first time in almost 3 years of blogging Im stumped for a title.
Bah - they are overrated anyway.

Had a lovely day teaching at Dawns Studio today with a bunch of really great girls. I was working with acetate and glossy accents, eyelets and flocking which made for two very techniqueful layouts and a whole load of gossip. What I love about getting together with a bunch of scrappers is not only sharing some jokes but memories as well. The stories veer off course and we get round to some random topic that flows and flows and ends up being a conversation about driving tests and ex husbands etc. I was tickled with laughter, I can't wait to go back again at the end of Sept. Dare I even mention that I had a very excellent assistant in my class who goes by the name of Dawn - the very one!!. Lovely girl, would definitely have her again to sweetly assist. She is just getting over her operation and was back into the swing of the shop which was bustling with visitors all over the country trying to catch a glimpse of her. She is so accommodating to her visitors (as she is trying to work, organising stock and re-arranging supplies). Ive never met anyone so down to earth and so unlike the weird crap you hear on a regular basis elsewhere.

Got home tonight thinking mark had made a Lasagne only to be treated to tea out! We went to Frankie and Benny's and hoped to have a great time but the food was disgusting. We could have spent the money on a basic food shop and Im kicking myself that we even went out now. Ive really gone off food these last few weeks, nothing seems to be of any satisfaction and I can see myself taking a bite out of the holly bush in the garden at this rate. Food is also overrated. Obv I can't give it up because that's like holding your breath and trying to kill yourself and I don't know anyone who held their breath until they died. And the same goes for food. You just cannot not eat. And without food in the house you would scavenge any which way you could which begs the questions: Do Dachshunds taste of sausages?

Feel like Im cheating myself by not posting a picture but there you go. Perhaps reading it will send some of you insomniacs to sleep. I know Im nodding off on my keyboard as it is.

Night xx

30 Aug 2008


It feels like forever since we ALL took the poochster for a walk.
I have been in all day (in my jammies, of course) putting finer touches to work for the next issue of Creativity Life. The first issue was incredibly successful and here's to a second successful edition. Ive had a lot of work to do for it but its always so nice to work with endless amounts of BG and DB. I even used the new Christmas papermania lines which have really grabbed my attention because they are so lovely. Clare Curd, so I hear, is bringing out her own signature line which is enthralling - she will bring out some much awaited cardmaking supplies, Im sure.

Anyway, I'd been getting myself in a rut lately and Mark suggested we take the warm evening as a sign to breathe............ **sigh**. We took a trot over to our local park and little Ed's just loved it. He really does love us all being with him, he holds his head high as if to say "Check me out, with my cool family".

Belle even managed to free herself from her pushchair and take a daring run with him. I LOVE how Ellie starts to run, she tips her head forward as if to start momentum and then runs (ie walks fast!!) for her life. She was jiggered after 5 minutes, poor love but she did have fun with her buddy. We met up with George the German Shepherd who is exactly the same age as Eddy. We constantly bump into them and its amazing how much conversation you can have with other dog walkers. Its always so polite and charming, I find. Of course, on the way round there is always time for a little observation with nature. Lots of wasps and honey bee's around consideringt he amount of rain we have had and how bloody colds its been.

We got back in time to cook tea and settle down to the X-Factor which had started earlier than previous (grrrrrrrr - but we love the audition stages). The last person to feature on there, oh my word.....FREAK out. But I guess if you are so passionate about something and believe in it (regardless of whether you are right or wrong) you cannot rip that passion from them. It reminds me of a quote, from Dr Suess that reads: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

On that philosophical note, I shall retire to my pit and prepare for a lubbly day teaching at Dawns Studio.

29 Aug 2008

I was outside this morning

.....with the dog, in my jammies and I looked around it and I felt majorly deflated.
Belle was pootling on the laptop indoors(surfing on National Geographic of all places; thoroughly content).
Our garden is such a dump this year and Im ashamed to admit I haven't planted a damn thing.
Mainly because our extension was meant to be built this summer but due to "rack 'em up cowboys......yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa" there has been a delay in getting everything in order.
As the extension was supposed to happen, I thought that there was no point tending to it.
I even hate cleaning the house to within an inch of its bleaching life because this extension was on my mind - and there ain't no point of cleaning a house when half of it's going to be demolished.
So I paced the garden with the dog and looked at the "pretty much shit state" it was in and I tried with all my might to appreciate it already.
I slowly began to admire the established hardy's by photographing them and avoiding all the wreckage that spoils my space - uneven paving, weedy lawn, broken shed etc.
And then I decided, through the lens of my camera, that I loved my little hidden corners of age old plants despite the fact the lawn turns into a swimming pool every time it rains (we have really poor drainage as we are on reclaimed marshland).
I love the heather even though its framed by a rickety fence (that will be replaced when the proposed extension happens) and I completely adore the ivy that twists and stretched in and around the trellis of our dividing fence with next door.
When the extension eventually happens, Im turning our green space in a place of tranquility with a pergola decked with wisteria and honeysuckle. Im desperate for a country style garden with delphiniums, foxglove, sweetpeas and snapdragons. I want a whole row of Verbena's (my absolute favourite garden flower) and I can't possibly live without Hosta's, Dhalia's, Stocks and Aquilegia's.
I have a very green fingered friend (the Maz Meister) who Im hoping will help me map out the perfect space so that I won't want to walk around it in my jammies but in a flowing summer frock and a glass of pimm's instead.

All we hope for after that is a bit of bleeding sunshine.

28 Aug 2008

Kit and Caboodle

It was revelation at SC last night and although I am sick to death of saying it - this kit was just scrummylish. There was this one time (not at band cmp) where I didn't really like the kit but I used it and got to like it. I think that's the guarantee at Studio Calico - you will just love it no matter what.
Here is my work and I hope you likes them. The kit is available to buy now and you know what - I managed to make this kit without buying the add ons (ok, scarlet chucked in a few spare bits but the kit is worth its weight in gold!).
And my absolute fave.....thanks to this darling picture of my momma when she was about 9 years old.
And today?
Today. Today. Today.
I just sat hunched up and not budging.
No inspiration and the mojo had done a runner.
The dog got more love than my herma did whilst belle lay curled up in a ball on the sofa in her jammies all day.
I dont think I have time to do this "nothingness".
I really do have a lot to do.
I gets the feeling that the crap weather is making me feel blech.
By 2.30pm I got out of my stinking jammies, freshend up and forced myself to get out of the house.
No good, I was back within half an hour feeling absolutely no spark to breathe let alone create.
Somedays we are fabulous and others we are couch potatoes, catching flies and stinking like a bog pit.

27 Aug 2008

Party, Pinata, Promotion

Oh we did have a lovely time at my nieces 4th birthday on Monday.

Belle and I whizzed over to Lincoln to celebrate Charlottes 4th Birthday and also to help my sister cater for 22 kiddlies. I got there on Sunday evening to find that my last-minute-dot-com of a sister hadn't even baked a cake. There were also little cakes to bake plus party bags to fill. So Belle and I rolled up our sleeves and got into preparation mode. Of course my sister and I had to aid the effort with some seriously delicious Chablis which, by the time we had supped a bottle between us, Charlotte had woken up and we brought her down stairs as a pre-birthday treat at around 10pm! The kids watched a DVD as Bex and I further set our tiddly heads towards putting the finer touches on the party requisites. How we managed to make the perfect tray bake in our state was beyond comprehension but no sooner had we taken the cake out of the oven did Charlotte come into the kitchen and politely spwavved all over my sisters back. That was cue for bath and bed and up early to get the balloons pumped up.

Oh I did wake up with the most shocking hangover (obv). We do not drink that much in our house so when I do get the chance do I blow it or what? A couple of Ibuprofens and some water saw to the end of that nasty headache and sandwiches was the order of the day. By 2.30pm little tiddlers arrived in fancy dress and Charlottes party started off with a ton of fun. Charlotte wore her bridesmaid dress from my Bro's wedding last years and the outfit was completed by a pair of wings and tiara. She looked utterly edible, for about 5 minutes, before her feet turned black and sticky mitts had grubbed up her dress. Belle did not want to dress up and pootled about doing her own thing as I hovvered in and out of the house avoiding all the wasps. I spent a lot of time with my sisters freind from years ago, Jo. God, she is funny. I love funny, witty people who just tell it like it is. I love those kind of people who are ironic, sarcastic and don't take themselves too serious. I like people that if there is really a problem about them or anyone else, they don't have to bitch and gripe. They can handle it, have a little moan about it but then just laugh about it. Jo is all of the above. But funnier. And with this little girl as her poppet princess too - she makes for one bundle of laughs. The Pinata took a serious battering from all the kids and later it proved that some of the little minxes had serious anger issues (judging by the way they were belting the poor cardboardy pinata). It took my BIL to finally batter the crap out of it to prize open its sugary belly which spewed a ton of chockies all over the garden. The kids thought it was fantastic but I will be watching out for the ninja that is my BIL in future!

5pm came and the party dispersed leaving me time to snuggle up with my sister and book a holiday to Cyprus in October. We have decided last minute to go to my Cousins wedding on a very cheap deal (and when I say this, I mean spending almost 13 hours on the PC over a length of time to find the bestest and the most valued deal - it paid off though!). We are only going for the week without hubs and kids to just veg out, eat meze, scorch our bulbous bods and have some fun. Mark is such a love to let me go! (Thanks dude) but you know, my printers trays still need hanging love!

We came back yest morning having to curtail my visit due to a tight deadline but that's OK, Im home now and life is good :) Before I left, I got to see my sister in her uniform (which is rare) and due to her promotion to Squadron Leader in the RAF I am one very proud sister. She has worked her way up through the lower ranks to take a commission some years ago and now she is flying pretty high.

Im going to sign off now and find inspiration to make 13,000 layouts in 3 seconds. Maybe that will be a slight exaggeration but its not far off.

Oooh - I almost forgots. Its revelation at 5am (UK time) of the spanking new Sept kit which is (without a shadow of a little scrawny doubt) the most uberlishus kit in the entire world. Here is the official sticker which makes it look pretty damn tempting.
Tooodle ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo xx

26 Aug 2008

Creative Space *edited with some groovacious punchy news*

I gots a tidy creative space at the mo but sadly its about to be trashed because I have a job on the go and it requires every spare bit of floor and work area to be speckled with paper and card.

Mark converted our adjoining garage for me almost two years ago and this thin, long room houses my craft supplies which I have been collecting and using since 2002. I am generally a very neat freak and won't leave my room until its tidy but sometimes, on a big job, that just goes by the wayside. The last few weeks this room has been a dump and I mean - A DUMP (short for Don't Use My Pig-sty).

Next summer the garage has to come down as its not suitable to be "lived" in really as its single walled. But I dont mind because Ill eventually get a window where that back wall is and two velux Windows in a sloping roof at the top allowing lots of light!

All the cupboards are full but are tidy and contain boxes of bits and bobs. The long tall cupboard houses all my albums and layouts waiting to be housed in a 8.5x11 album (need to find some of those at good value - if you can recommend?). Just realised you can't see the long tall cupboard but its on the left of the first picture but not in the picture. Im stood in the doorway on the first shot.
My fave space in the room - my wibbons!My clever use of space is a printers drawer which houses all my cats eyes and papermania mini inks.My third fave space is another printers drawer which houses my small stamps and mini punches. Im waiting for Mark to fix them to the back wall. Note the words "wait" and "mark" - they mean such a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG thing! And if you wonder why my boxes are labelled, its because it just makes life easier!
And lastly - the amount of times people ask me where I get my world favvo punch from
is beyond answering in a dignified and controlled manner... usually because they are out of stock. Well fear not amigos - there are gazillions in stock just here

24 Aug 2008

Stew-deeeeeeeeeeeee-ooooooo Calico Sneaks

My favvo time of month is almost among us.
The full DT reveal happens upon the 28th but for now, you can whet yer appetite for kit goodness right here and right now.

This layout sneak below uses a very special photo of my Momma aged 9. My mum has hardly any pictures of her when she was young and that breaks my heart. This is one of my favvest layouts in a long time simply because the photo is so precious. Looking at those eyes, I can see myself so vividly in the picture.

Never thought Id love this combo as much as I do. Feel like a very lucky girl working with these girls and even luckier Im staying for another year... am tickled silly :)

This little elfin

.....blossomed big style in the cosmo of gay Paree.
Something about her shone and I don't know what caused it but I think I rather like it.
I'm going to write more about our lovely trip sometime soon but I have not got the time or energy to write epics like the post previous right now.
Sometimes a picture should say it all. Here are some for you :)

Waiting for our bags on arrival. Yep, you guessed - last off. During the wait I let her sit on the carousel edge. Normally when I see other peoples kids do this, I think "Tut tut tut" but that night I didn't give a damn - she loved it as she was passing the time while Monsieur Baggage man buffed his nails instead of dealing with our luggage.

Unconventionally (as ever) slurping coffee from a spoon - so much fun for her. I was once dissed (by some nice pea ;)) for allowing my child to drink coffee - because, you know.... it obviously a class A drug and it will kill her. My daughter cannot function without it. Once in the morning and once in the evening perks that kid right up.Voila - the view from our 12 inches wide terrace. Not exactly panoramic but still - a terrace!And whilst the above picture display her curls drying - this is the end result and why so many people wanted to touch her beautiful hair.As we wait for a cold drink in a very expensive cafe (are there any cheap ones in Paree?!!!) she looks at some fancy fretwork in Cafe Madeleine. As you know its very difficult to get a picture of her with her eyes wide open - this is a luxurious treat for mark and I. She looks such a dolly here.And of course she takes her turn as the photographer and captures me quaffing Chardonnay which incidentally cost the same as a glass of Eau - I am NOT kidding.Oh look - a rare picture of us together ;)Of course, the obligatory Eiffel Tower shot... see, we really did go to Paree!the tower does NOTHING for me. Cross sections, however - DO!My girl set with a backdrop of the Louvre and the Seine at Pont Neuf.Belle and I in a rare together shot - taken at arms length and chopping off most of our heads!Belle on the boat - the happiest kid in Paree that day.Mooring rings speckled all the walls of the Seine. This little monkey wanted to play!One of the many sets of stairs we endured - poor belle, she was knackered at the end of the day. Infact we went to bed at 6pm on the first night for supposedly an hour. 3 hours later we woke up......we were beat!

Part deux of the pics will follow.

Need sleep.

Ciao xx