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31 Jul 2008

The Mutts Nuts

Not only is he cwazy but we love him in the above term as he is the BEST too!

Ive just had Jo and her cute kiddlies over and he has been spoiled rotten with affection. Little Alex was besides himself with glee as Eddy chased him in and out of the house. Ruth tried to get a look in when she could and Jo didn't have a second to bond with him at all.
We had such a lovely 2 days albeit me having to snick in a bit of work time here and there. We did find time to "walk off" our tea and take Edds for a trot last night via our own geocache that mark set up a few weeks back. Alex couldn't wait to get hold of the leash and feel important. I was looking forward to showing them my favourite park only I got bitten en route, AGAIN, by a stinking ridiculous if not monstrous insect from the land of venom and evil and now my arm has just about fallen off. I screamed when I felt it bite me not because it hurt, because it didn't really, but because I react pretty bad to bites. So I rang Mark to come and pick us up. I was a bit shaky, so much so I just wanted to go home and bury my head in a pillow and cry. However, after daubing the bite with antihistamine and necking half of Ellies Piriton liquid (which was total pukesville - vomit would have been tastier if not creamier) the bite disappeared until the morning and now the bit eis throbbing and my arm is falling off at the elbow. Well not exactly but you can imagine, it don't look pretty.
From what I remember this looked like offending little sod.
I said to Jo that it wasn't a gauzy flying insect but it looked like an armoured insect (obviously hard as nails and fit for nuclear war on my arm). I described the shape as a stealth bomber (because Im good at identifying aircraft, you ought to see my collection of tail numbers I have. Its quite the scene) so I have hunted the net down and I believe I was bitten by a distant relative Atilla the Hun but in insect form.
You know, babies I can deliver.
Blood I can bear.
But insect bites that ultimately pustules the size of an adult human head in 36 hours and renders your limbs falling off is not funny.

Jo left this afternoon but before she went, I took pics of the kids in the garden because overcast weather is perfect for photo shoots. I only had the use of one arm and considering this fact, I think I did a coolio job. Jo,who you may remember wedding photos of from May this year (she has had her fashionably cut in a bob), looks especially adorable . She is a really gentle, kind and heartwarming person who put up with a few of my disdains mainly due to my new lens being delayed because to some v. crap excuse so I cancelled and bought a different and cheaper lens).

They have gone home now and I have been beavering away on some papers for Crafts Beautiful October Issue plus a new regular feature article that Im responsible for which has been tripled in size from a small section to a whole page. The article focuses on what I get up to on a weekly basis, my best finds and projects I have made with them. Its a whole new concept for me as Im usually commissioned for projects of a certain topic selected by the editor but Im so grateful to have a free rein on the page - Kate Hemmings is such the sweetest girl at Aceville and she trusts me not to make odd projects!!!!. Ive even had a dabble doing some decoupage with Jolly Nations super cute cut outs (decoupage, never thought I'd see the day), chopped up endless DCWV Nannas Nursery collection papers, fab Doodlebug (as ever) and these neat little stamps by Lindsay Mason by Funstamps.
Finally if you are in the Oswaldtwistle area of Accrington on sat/sun, come and see us at Dawns studio along with Paula Pascual, Leonie, Dawn, Clare Curd and hundreds of other craft daft dudes.

29 Jul 2008

Thunderbolts and lightening...

...are very very frightening.
To quote but a Queen classic!
Last night, in the small hours of the morning we were awoken by a boom of thunder and a whimpering pooch. Poor little dude. He was scared to death. Not only that but it was baking hot in the house and you lie there without a stitch of clothing on you, spread-eagled hoping that if you are going to get burgled, it wont be tonight because I ain't going to be a pretty sight for the thief if he ventures into the bedroom (who is obv looking for my rubies and emeralds which, incidentally are under the floorboards). I woke this morgen with my hair stuck to my face and quite clearly looking stunning.
Id love to regale how excruciatingly boring most of my afternoon was but then you would only sue me as you feel the urge to slit your wrists or indeed hang yourself from the banister. Instead all I can rejoice in for the next few days are these:

1. Jo and her kids are coming to see me for two days. I took Jo's wedding pics in May and she is coming to pick them up and play craftiness with me. Her kids will probably kill each other with boredom unless I tempt them with the Wii fit and sweeties. Belle is not here for them to play with, she is still at Mums and whom came out in a severe allergic rash this afternoon. Mum took her to her docs who prescribed antihistamines and believe it or not, the rash cleared soon after. Scared me half to death it did.
2. The Luxurious Angels Experience has opened the doors to day trippers which will accommodate locals who don't feel the urge to stay the night. Im so excited about this event and Im currently looking for ACE sponsors for one of my classes but I know you will ultimately enjoy it(Id rather die than give a bad class; my promise to you... hoping that I don't really die but you know what I mean). A day delegate will receive 3 classes, cropping space, lunch and evening meal, make and take plus entry into little competitions they have running. Use the contact form on the website to make further enquiries.

Oh I just remembered something exciting I did this afternoon. I booked for belle and I to go to Paris on our own for a few days next month. It was DIRT cheap and the best of it all is that we are staying at the foot of Sacre Coeur - the most amazing sight in Paris (it appeared in the film have to watch that film if you love magic, happiness, whimsical romance, vintagey stuff. Oh and its in french with subtitles so you watch it once to read and watch it again to soak up the imagery). As for Paris in general, you can stuff the Eiffel Tower, Ive been to Blackpool often enough to be fed up of iron erections. As beautiful as the Eiffel is, its just too monstrous to be tenderly adored. I do love the ride around Paris even though they drive worse than the Spanish (we saw two crashes in the space of 3 seconds the last time we were there). But going back to Sacre Coeur, at the top,you can get these amazing crepe suzettes filled with chocolate (ok, Ill be having fruit on my diet) and Ellie is besides herself with glee. Im planning an open top bus ride around all the haunts and hopefully she can help me with the lingo as she is learning French at school. Although, to be fair, when I went to Paris in Oct 2006 the locals were really mean to me when I tried to speak in French. Parisians hate the English but fear not. I am prepared and shall go out armed with a stale baguette and offer a duel to any offending offender.

On a final note from Belle on the phone tonight she said that she was worried I might make her eat frogs legs.
No darling, I soothed, I shall just give you the usual mouse poo and spider juice (her daily attic prison treat).

Bed time.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

28 Jul 2008

Mondays are officially plop

As of today I hate Mondays.
They are pointless and ought to be renamed Moanday.
I'm so hot and bothered, Ive drank 15 litres of cold apple juice and I'm still hot.
Eddy has slept most of the day and in between jobs I have fanned him by wafting my skirt over his head.
He has been sick every night (through the night) for a week and we are worried. We have given him new worming tablets tonight to see if that helps if not its back to the vets again.
Anyway, I digressed.
Im not a fan of summer as I am very much an Autumn girl. I like cool weather and I like nips on the cheeks (both sets of cheeks ;)). Although whilst we ought to rejoice in the warmth of summer all I am glad about is light nights and the odd BBQ (loves BBQ food, like... a lot!).
I also went back to a slimming club tonight.
I am heavy.
I had to go back and Liz, the club leader was so good to me (I was almost in tears - mainly because they had got in the industrial scales in - just for me. And I thought I might break them. Im kidding about the scales, mind, but its a viable option).
So tonight Mark and I had a blow out on lardy food and tomorrow I shall be virtuous and venture to the gym with a skip in my step knowing that the fridge is laden with strawbs, yogs and ice cold water. I shall lose 2 stone. I shall. I............................... might.
Im not sure a summer diet is easy to stick to as I like soups and baked potatoes in winter. In summer I just want to eat cold food but not always necessarily salad.
God, I'm just destined to be wobbly forever.
And I really am wobbly.
I may have a thin face but I have a seriously enormous rear end, I own 23 bellies and my bra is made from two wedding marquees (one for each cup) with a ships anchor chain for each strap.
Ive had a funny year with my weight.
I lost some and then gained some and then lost lots and then gained lots.
I think being on the road and away from home doesn't help.
I'm gonna shape up and ship out of the land of wobblebot.
Gawd help us.

So on to better things.
Ive got some photies from the weekend at Mums party. It was a BBQ that my father had planned for Mums and his friends and family. The booze was stacked up high and there were 96 bread buns on the go with as many burgers to go with them as well as kebabs, chicken drums, steaks and all the gubbins that goes with it.
And only one glass got broke!I decided not to drink. Im just off alcohol (good thing really as it ruins diets). My sister chose not to drink which meant we could revel in the joy of everyone else's merriment. Becky and I stayed in most of the afternoon as it was scorching and my Belle and her Charlotte wilt in that type of heat. As I was about to go and mingle, this fella walks in the garden and I shout "who the hell is that" to my mum. Turns out its my Great Uncle Bob (Ive only ever met him once before) and the more I looked at him the more I could see my father in him. But then my uncle Johnathon turned up later (dads bro) and we think my brother looks more like him instead of my dad. I tell you, its a funny old world we live in (I shall let YOU decide!).

Johnathon, Bro and DadMy mum and dad don't half thinks its funny that we think like that! And really, my brother is really my brother and not my cousin because my bro is the spit of my dad in his mannerisms.

Later on in the day I put some of my new lipgloss on various members of my family. Its called "Sexy Motherpucker" by a company called Soap and Glory. Fab and vintagey, kitsch and catchy - you will love their packaging. Basically its a lip plumping gloss that stings like hell and feels like you have just been punched in the gob. Its all a bit of fun although I have to say that it doesn't give you a tremendous trout pout.
Me, my sis, my cousin Jess, my cousin Emily and my Auntie Jaq.
By early evening my sweet sister in law, Kerry, sang to us with full emotional power singing (Im amazed by you by Lonestar - click here for a youtube audible blast from the past). She really ought to try for X factor... he he heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I love her!
Talking of music, my sweet mother received a nano iPod, a blaster box to play it through and some wirelass speakers from us all. She really does love her music although she is stuck in a 60's timewarp and by tea time, I was sick of hearing it over and over and over - hence kerry getting in the groove with a bit of stuff we youngsters love. At one point, you know, I had to go into the kitchen and turn off Ruby Murray who Im sure wasn't around when my Momma was born. And there was me thinking that Ruby was a slang name for a curry... I didn't know she was real.
It was a real good day mixing with friends and family. The kids watched movies, the adults fell in ice buckets, sausages got burned to which the dogs had a blast! I snapped various action shots - some that are too alcohol related to show on here but you can guess what I mean (mainly hand motions and flicks). I took this lovely picture of my cousin Marybeth who also had a blast using my camera. She has a natural eye for it and I cannot wait for her and her sister Emily to come and spend two weeks with us next week where I shall teach them a bit about photography.
Isnt she pretty?

Its a pity my poor belle had her eyes closed in almost every shot I took of her so when she comes home this Sunday - I have a little shoot planned with her. Even though I haven't seen her for a week, she sure hasn't half grown up.

Off to bed, Ive got demonic wobble issues to fight with and if I pray hard enough, I might wake up a size zero.

Toodle ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

27 Jul 2008

How funny....

....was Mo on BB9 tonight, eating those chillies?
I swear I gave myself a hernia watching that.
**sigh** - just gettin' over it, actch. Tickled me something rotten, it did!

Ive just been sorting my pics from Mums b'day party yest and had to share this of me and my boy. Mark took a cracking picture of us after we had taken him for a wee trot around the park. This boy coupled with the endless hugs I get from my squishy girl, belle, makes me so, so happy and I think it shows! I can't decide which one of my new actions I like with the image although Im always game for the classic beauty of black and white. Another picture for the album.
Ok, back to the grindstone. Im just putting the finishing touches to a little array of layouts I have made using chipboard from Bubbly Funk. Im besides myself with scrapping glee :)

Sneaks at Studio Calico

Studio Calico's kit this month has been the BEST since I started last October.
Its screams colour, glitz and groovacious patterns. It has bits you will want to buy again and again - they are so usable and indeed a tad delicious.
It is the kit to buy if you want to pep up some summer images and the stamps? OMG... the stamps are generously fabulous.
And don't get me started with the add on's because you will want them all.
Who else gives you the most perfectly co-ordinated kits on this slightly frazzled planet?
Check out Studio Calico's launch at midnight EST or 5am UK time (go on, its bright and summery enough to get up that early. And you might even catch the worm!)

25 Jul 2008

Where there is pain.....

...there is pleasure.

RIP 28-70mm Sigma fat boy
And long live a slightly better if not more perfect 24-85mm.

Thank god for insurance.

24 Jul 2008

Our best friend

Whilst belle is away at my mommas (being spoiled rotten) I have been filling my days with this little dude.
If you do not know the character of a Dachshund, let me tell you this.
They are fiercely loyal to their owners and are territorial in looking after you.
You can leave them for 20 seconds or two days and they greet you with the same enthusiasm - everytime.
They love to stay within touching distance of you (Eddy lives under my skirt as I stand and scrap).
They are loving, gentle creatures and great with kids.
You can't help but adore them even if they eat your shoes.

We took Edds out for a lovely walk tonight. It was a beautiful evening and he loves us both to take him out. He feels like a real show off when we both take him. Infact if one of us take him for a trot, he will refuse to budge! He absolutely loves running through long grass and he jumps like a freaky bunny throughout. As he plummets through the overgrowth, his ears flap like crazy and tongue hangs out of his mouth in sheer excitement. He expects a hug and a cuddle at every trick and submits for a belly rub at every opportunity. We love him so much that he is so spoiled with affection. He knows this and we know this. Its how you should be with your doggies.

I wonder what tricks we will be up to tomorrow.

23 Jul 2008

:( :( :(

All was going well. Perfect, lubbly and happy.
I had secretly sneaked over to my mums house on Monday (2.5 hours drive from here) to meet up with my sister and her two kiddlies (a 2 hour drive for her as well) and dad let us into the house whilst Mum had lunch with her friends. She had no idea we were all going to surprise her on her return and she broke her heart with happiness that we did that! Of course then I get choked up, my sister gets choked up and mums friends ball their eyes out. Then my brother came over later (he had to work but it was 1.5 hours drive for him) and we were altogether and happy and celebratin'.
Like I say all was perfect.
Then my sis went home (cry, cry) and we came back from a restaurant to settle in for the night at Mums.
And I was emptying the car, on my own as everyone had gone in to eat cake.
Then I tripped over.
And in my hands was my prized Macbook Pro and on my arm was my prized D200 complete with my most favvo 28-70mm Lens.
Forget that I was almost dead in the middle of the street.
Oh yeah.
For before my very eyes was the end of my 28-70mm lens life and the beginning of the end of my mac book.
Hmmm, nice wound. I suddenly am catapulted back to being 8 with grazed knees like that. Classy.
Although now it seems the camera is in full working order (it took the following pics) and I am still alive and Mark, Belle and Eddy are healthy so that's all that matters right?
And of course Im insured.
But do you ever wonder where the rewind button is?

And here we are on Weds with a chock block full blogging session about to appear before your very eyes.
**Hang on, let me send the dog out. It smells rather stanky in here. That dog is a danger to the ozone and all my belongings**.
Hmmmm, fresh air and Maya Gold chocolate suddenly replenishes the green mist.
Anyway, I want to take you back to last week and finish off telling you about my trip to London. Id written about Tues and Weds but need to finish Thurs, Fri and Sat.
Thurs 10th
Clare and I woke up for breaky in our fake fabulous hotel. There is one small room appointed for the residents in which to scoff the first meal of the day. To be honest, this room is a bit spesh. It has a rather ornate table with extra groovy ornate chairs to match. There is a beautiful sideboard finished in gilded mouldings and beneath it lies a glass cabinet filled with accompaniments you would expect to line a dining table. It is dated but in a very antiqued fashion and I quite like it. When Clare and I sat down we noticed that amongst the furniture was this rather ugly piece of unfabulous furniture which did not match the decor. It had that fablon style lining and on each shelf were doyleys and a tray of cutlery. We commented on how much it was hurting our eyes. The waitress/porter/clerk/cleaner came to our table and took our order. She asked what would we like for breaky. We had a choice of cereal and toast or cooked breakfast and toast. And cooked breakfast consisted of one egg and one rasher of bacon. Not one to moan (much) I opted for the cooked breakfast because after all I am made out of lard. Whilst the waitress had gone to cook our breakfast, Clare nudged me on the shoulder and pointed in the vicinity of the ugly cupboard.
And we both burst out laughing.
And I mean squealed with laughter (and leaked a little, eeeks).
That ugly cupboard was being lowered through the floor and we then realised that ugly cupboard was actually a incredibly groovacious dumb waiter. And when the cupboard had gone, all that was in its place was some flooring which was the top of the cupboard.
And I didn't take a picture because I was dead on the floor from over laughter.
Then the waitress come cook come prime minister brought our food and she said nobody had laughed at that event before but she was smiling and was probably thinking we were only allowed out from the sanatorium for a week. She tossed her head back and laughed and flicked us a few toffee's to see us through the day.
We took the tube down to Westminster from Sloane Square. It was oh-so-cosmo taking the tube to work. I used to travel by tube to work in 1992 for a while when I lived in Nottinghill. I don't miss the soot up my nose nor the heat of the tube. I certainly do not miss horrible body odour from commuters holding the hand rail nor having my face shoved into some matted beard of a really smelly man.
Wouldn't you agree that there is at least one smelly man on every tube or is it that I attract said smelly man complete with halitosis and BO?
Upon exiting westminster we were met with the sight of the Houses of P. You just can't top that big ben fella with his glorious, proud flanks of amazing architecture. Clare and I stood for a while taking in this wondrous sight as everyone else hopped, skipped and jumped about their daily business.
We got to the QEII centre in good time, unpacked 17,000 boxes and made the table up for the guests to arrive. Clare had designed two lovely cards and we were expecting 200 guests that day and 200 the next. All taking home two mags and £9 worth of products. Every one of our guests thoroughly enjoyed their Design Objectives experience and it was a pleasure to meet them.
That night we bummed around Chelsea harbour and ate out in a fabulous thai restaurant where I tried buffalo (posh beef) and chatted with some great people from Jolly Nation, Personal Impressions and QVC themselves.
It was then back to our fake fabulous hotel for Clare and I and I really couldn't wait to go to breakfast again. Just to laugh my head right off its shoulders.

Friday 11th
The day pretty much went like the day before but with even more lovely guests to share a joke or two with. I even got to meet the mother of Sam Nixon (from The Bill) who is as craft daft as the next man. The end of the day saw us wrap up the show and whilst being at the end of the room next to the Mic's, clare could not resist getting up and having a sing song. i kid you not, the girl has got balls of steel and she had everyone in fits of laughter as she sang "and now, the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain.......". That then ran into a Back street Boys track I can't recall but by then I was gasping for air from laughing so hard. She is so much fun to be around. I love working with her.
Of course we had to celebrate the end of a good show with a few drinkie-poo's so it was over to the nearest "pab" as they say in Landan. Ooooh did I get a little bit wasted or what? We spent most of the night with Dawn and JJ and some darling girls from QVC. It got to about 10 and we had not even had tea so we scurried over to Drury Lane to this amazing and I mean amazing and I don't lie about this kind of stuff restaurant. I have never been anywhere so theatrical, fabulous, cosy, enlightening and superb. Its a Turkish restaurant that's all close and cosy. There are little wells filled with tables and cushions and above those wells are mezzanine turrets with more tables and cushions. Its the most spectacular place I have ever sat in. The food was not completely fabulous but it was just so fun to sit quite intimately and casually around the most groovacious table ever. Wine and conversation flowed and it was one of those evening where you just don't want it to end. But of course they do. Anyway, Its called Sarasota's on Drury Lane. Go there and be happy :)
So it was back to our fake fabulous hotel for one more night and I did not want to get up at 5.30am to get the train to Kettering to work in a shop all day demoing. the though filled me with dread because I was knackered.

Saturday 12th
Had to skip our breakfast due to catching the train at the crack.
It left at 6.30am prompt and I was prepared to get an hours shut eye on the train before Traci picked me up and whisked me off to Prima Crafts in Warwick. Two seriously grumpy guys got into a kerfuffle on the train and I stood up between them (bold as brass but secretly crapping my pants) and asked them to not be so aggressive. They could see the fear in my eyes and they took their argument on the platform where they were arrested shortly after by the transport police. It got nasty, shall we say. I mean what could I do, a girl has got to catch up on her beauty sleep. I wasn't about to let two guys fighting over luggage space ruin my zzzzzzzzzzzz's.
Traci met me at the station with a lubbly coffee and we set sail for Warwick. I wondered how I would manage to stay awake. But you know, when I got there and freshened up and slapped a bit of mazzy on, it was all systems go. I am so pleased that the shop had a record selling day running out of Flocking and Big Bytes. The shop owner, Emma, really enjoyed the demo and I enjoyed being in the company of Rosie and Hannah who kept filling me up with conversation and cake. It was a fabulous little shop with the nicest of shopkeepers and customers. I'm so glad I went and I wouldn't have swapped it for anything.
Traci then picked me up and took me to her house where I went to another Thai restaurant with her daughter too. Traci is such a delight to be around and I couldn't have asked for more perfect days than these. Except of course when I flamin fall over and smash all my bones and belongings.
Pappa poo pants :(

Anyway, Friday (just gone) and QVC.
Holy shag bags, I had the train journey from hell.
My train was due to arrive at 12.30 which meant I had 1.5 hours to luxuriate in the smog of Landan.
I took my phone to be charged on the train (you know, they have sockets!!!!) but when I sat down and took out my charger it turned out to be my old charger for my old phone.
And my phone was dead.
And the train was already an hour late arriving which meant I had half an hours grace to get to Chelsea Bridge from Euston upon arrival in Landan.
Fine, I thought.
I had a tube ticket prepaid to ease the speed.
Speed is not a word Virgin understand.
God bless him but Richard Branson has not got a scooby on what its like being a third rate passenger on what is commonly known as the Pandolina service (meant to be very very fast). Except I think it was called "Piss-about-ina" that day.
Every conceivable thing that could go wrong on a journey, did.
We ended up skirting round the midlands to avoid a points issue and there was me, frantic and trying to cope with this guy who was complaining most audibly.
"I wanted to get the carriage that had one man on it and then he had to be asleep" he said.
"Yup, and I bet you also wanted a gold encrusted seat complete with a personal masseuse too - on a Friday. Aint happening babe." I thought.
Then he huffed and puffed when a baby started crying.
And inwardly I started crying.
I was going to be very very late.
Had I of known morse code I could have sent kinetic signals to QVC or indeed tied a note to a carrier pigeon to fly direct and deliver my "please excuse me".
The guy sat opposite, who I thought was Irish and turned out to be Canadian (who had just spent two weeks in Ireland and had lost his accent so quick....random) offered me his phone to call my hubs. Only his phone was still connected to Canada and I had to fathom how to call the Uk from his phone even though I was in the UK. V. Weird indeed.
I rang mark to call every one at QVC, even the porters, cleaners and key grip guy (I love the term Key Grip. No idea what it entails but I think i want to do Key Grip and see my name on rolling credits at the end of a film). Mark duly rang everyone to tell them i was going to be horrendously late thanks to Richard Bransons major branded company being a complete failure.
I ought to have known booking a virgin train was trouble. The reason why I know this is that when Ellie was conceived, she indeed was conceived through the failure of a Mates condom (also made by Virgin...... condoms by virgin - how frikkin funny is that?)
I know that is TMI but there you go - trivia is power.
Not that Ellie is a failure, mind.
God no.
She is a major success in my eyes.
But still..
Mark does all the PA stuff and QVC and Dawn know I am late and v. peed off about it.
I listen to gold encrusted guy moaning about the air quality on the train, I listen to Irish Canadian guy talking about his life (He was, to be fair, a great guy but I was seeing red throughout the rest of the train journey and I was desperate for a wee and the train lavvies are hardly hygienic, even after a good bleaching).
So we arrive ten thousand years late and I hail a cab. I lift up my arm and rain clouds of sweat pour from the anxiety of it all. Cab driver whisks me to QVC and dons his gas mask. And chunders on about all the famous people he has had in his cab but to be fair I did ask him the question and the most famous people he had in his cab was Guy and Madonna - and even then he said they were arguing. No shocks there then, Heat magazine clearly write the truth!
16 sheets later and Im in QVC and in the green room waiting to be called forward. This woman comes over to me, a little wisp of a lady she was and asks am I the make up artist.
No I am not. For I am a scrapbooker. Why, even a life artist (he he heeeeeeeeee).
This lil wisp was Lulu Guinness as she introduces herself to me.
I have heard of her before in Heat magazine (the mecca of all juicy goss and all things spangly). I explain I knew of her name. And she casts a glance over at my handbag and my bag is only a little carry tote and is not strikingly fabulous so therefore she has inwardly labelled me as a loser. I could see the glint of disdain in her eye over the shock of her ruby red lippy.
She only makes v. expensive bags and is showcasing them later that night on telly.
They all sell out in 25 minutes.
400 sheets a piece some of them.
And she didn't offer me one although I think she ought to have for mistaking me for a make up artist. That's sue-able in my eyes and only comforted by a very expensive bag in all honesty.
Didn't happen though.
Liked her bags and loved her uber cool presence.
Sniff sniff.

So anyway.
I get called up for my screen test.
Im quite composed at this stage but inwardly shagged off that I was late.
And it was noted that I was late.
Although they knew I was gonna be late.
So Anthony is my presenter and I get miked up.
The young guy (miking me) practically fainted at the prospect of shoving his hand up my top to feed the mike through had his eyes bulging to the sound of claxons. Classy but cute, I think. I offer to do it myself. It is, after all, a tricky business to get that mike into po-zish.
And they run VT and Im being talked to like they do on the telly!
"Look mum, its me....." I think to myself.
And I manage to get through it using words I normally tongue tie over.
And I am a little nervous but not overly cacking it.
I am displaying Basic Grey layouts from a made up kit to look like I was supposed to be helping to sell it.
It all goes well.
I don't die.
I don't eff it up.
But my cheeks start to burn although I do think it was from relief.
And then it all ends.
And I get the feedback from the gallery saying "a-ok".
And they present me with a copy of the VT.
(watched it later that night and as a result its nil by mouth forever. The camera is not forgiving infact its a nasty little sod and it adds a million pounds although my skin looked fabulous. Have to say that QVC is not HD but will be soon so then my skin will look relatively cack).
Afterwards I meet Clare who had previously had her screen test and successfully passed.
And then we hail a cab to Harrods to meet Dawn and JJ for a celebratory coyk and then back to QVC to help set up craft hour and watch a live show.
God did we have such a scream doing that. We had approximately 45 seconds to whip up 10 cards although really we had longer but it felt like it. I got to play with the melt pot which I LOVED IMMEDIATELY and would so use again. We also got to go to the gallery to see how everything comes together and I was fascinated. You can see how many callers were ringing and how fast the products sell out which they mostly do. Dawns show is a very popular show and she has an army of crafters who just adore their craft. Horses for courses and judgling by the massive cardstock pack at the begining of the show, Im not suprised those little gems sold out.

After the show we went out for a lovely meal on Fulham road then back to our hotel to watch the VT on our complimentry Mac computers in the room (tres swish). I can totally recommend the City Inn at westminster for a night in London.
The next day Clare and I lounged in our room and woke up looking incredibly stunning for our jaunt around Covent garden. As well pulled up to a nice little eatery I saw JK Rowling at a table near by and almost died on the spot. She is just such a heroine to all her readers, more than Harry Potter himself. I admire her and the need for privacy so we didnt bother her whilst she was eating lunch. I did take a picture of her from afar (ive masked out the face of her daughter here) and whilst it was tempting to flog the picture to Heat magazine for like 16 million pounds, I thought better of it.
Clare has "chipped teeth!".
And lastly.
My man.
The hunter gatherer.
In pink.
Started his new job on Monday.
Its just me and the dog from now on at home all day.
Belle is my Mommas for two weeks then her nanna's for one week.
Time to do some much catching uppy.
The end.