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30 Jun 2008

A bit west of east

I got a link from an email friend to go and check our Kieshas blog this afty.
So I did.
Cos you do, don't you?
You have to click the link.
Its like the wet paint theory, in a way.
You see a sign for wet paint but you have to touch, don't you?
You know, just in case its been there for 5 weeks and someone forgot to take down the sign.
Only they are not signs.
Just a note written on the back of a fag packet stuck on with a bit of chuddy.
I love her clean and crisp style and I have a fondness to her style of photography.
And you might like to know that she gives free hints and tips on editing photos.
But what I liked most were the frames she uses on her photos and thought id try them on these pictures I took of belle last week.

I also got this today from a blog reader called Kath. Its a little award that you give to someone who then passes it on to others. I was tickled pink when I saw what she had done and here it is

Id like to pass this on a to a blog that has made me giggle today. And it is at this girl's pad: SAM

29 Jun 2008

Ive made about 3.2 million......

layouts today.
The mojo has gone turbo and the herma is almost run dry.
And still I have more to do and I am on a creative roll.
Well, I have to really.
Its my job but I ain't complaining.
First off Vicky at CTM sent me a shed load of papers to make up some layouts for when I go and demo this Saturday. If you live near Soham, do come and pay her a visit. You do know that she has a gazillion papers in stock, let alone the rest of the yummo that comes with scrapping? You don't know that? Come see, come see :)
The papers she sent are far too gorge to cut into to be honest but my inner paper-bitch forced me to grab my X-cuts and shred them to within an inch of their lives. Ive worked with kelly panacci papers today which I must admit, would have overlooked on the shelves. When I got the package and visualised how I would cut it up and since then - the whittling has been constant.
Mum and Dad left this afternoon (sniff sniff) and as soon as their tyres trailed out of the street, I was in my room thinking of delish ways to make pretties. I banged on Juno on the DVD and merrily snipped and ripped and scrunched my way through a ton of work.
It didn't stop there.
I then started on an assignment from DO for their new Creativity Life website and subsequent launch of their new magazine (also called Creativity Life). The website and magazine go live on 1st July. Ive seen it, it looks soooooooooooooo good. And I mean really good. Its lively and bright pages have very little advertisements therefore its super packed with layouts absolutely peppered with BG, DB, WRMK and Clear snap goodies. Its only £2.50 which is lighter on the purse too. The launch day has a hive of giveaways and offers so do make sure you pop back here for the link to the new website!
And finally I have put the finishing touches to a layout that has taken an age to come together. Jaqui kindly donated money to Belles fund back in April in return for a layout made by myself. Its funny that the pictures she sent me are the pictures I took of her in Tullamore last year in Eire. I knew instantly the papers I would use (BG Periphery) plus a vast selection of bling and stickles plus I toyed with Jo-Sonja's opal dust too. This happened to be my favourite layout that I have made this year. I loved that I could choose what I wished to bang on the page which incorporated Prima felt frames and Prima bling. And ever since Ive been using my harlequin background stamp on a few cards a few weeks back, Ive been drawn to make harlequin shapes on a number of projects of late. Are they the new black of shapes on layouts? Who knows, who cares - but I lubs!

I really must dash now. Ive got a pile of Urban Lilly papers and Doodlebug lushness to lick, stroke and then murder.
In that order, Im afraid.
Its got to be done but it will be done as humanely as possible.

The best fun

is always in our house when my parents come to stay.
We just hang out so comfortably with each other and there is never a dull moment.
We spent a lot of time around the table both in and outside playing quizzes and board games today and had such a good time that they decided to stay and extra day. I was overjoyed!
Earlier this afternoon we took a spell from games so that Belle could show Granny and Grandpa her special place at The Three Sisters park. There is a hide to go and view all the wildlife and its especially brilliant because my parents love birds (they spend a small fortune feeding feathered creatures in their garden). What was surprising was seeing a Jay there today. Of course it was too flaming dark to take a picture so you will have to take my word for it. there was a lot of oooooooo's coming from the parents so I guess it was like "major".
The three sisters park is literally 2 minutes from our house and is a place where I take clients for photo shoots. It has a million backdrops but my clients tend to choose the shots I take on the style or in the lane (like these pics below). Im chuffed to bits that my parents let me take a nice picture of them both. This just happens to be one of my new fave pictures of all time. Its super precious to me.
Then of course I have to go an ruin the romance of it all when my father struggled to lift mum off the style. I think I might love this picture more, actch!
And of course I couldn't go without snapping my lil lady with her grampies neither.
Belle with her uncontrollable masses of delish curls.
Who claimed she had found wild cherried but we think they were beech nut type thingies. Put it this way, we encouraged her NOt to eat them. Although I might slip a few in Mark's fruit salad tomorrow. He he heeeeeeeeeeee.
Eddy finishing off marks ice cream. Boy, did that little dog have a treat. And we had such a scream watching him eat it!
So back to the garden to play quizzes and get my ass whipped in the process. Ok, I came second to Mum who is the brains of Britain it would seem. here is dad during his quiz master stretch of the game.
Check me out (mid quiz) advertising the Royal Air Force Careers on my lips, do you think they would offer me some sort of commission? We have a ton of those pens in our house and with 39 years Royal Air Force service between me, my sis and my bro......... a few biro's is a constant reminder of my days there!
The night rolled into Wii fit and Wii sports and rounded off with a game of Balderdash.
And its only half way through the weekend!
Is your weekend any good too?

27 Jun 2008

Cholesterol - a gift from the rellies

My happy Friday feelings this afternoon turned out to be just ok (short lived in all honesty, but nevertheless - a Friday feeling is a Friday feeling and we must never lose sight of it despite any shortcomings).
But prior to the overwhelming Friday feeling I was awoken by a call from my doctors surgery. **It had to be the results of my blood test from two weeks back**. I know this because its highly unlikely that my Doctor is going to ring me up for a random chat and say "'Sup bitch?" is he? And then I only went to the Docs because I have pitting oedema - well, according to my friend Clare who is a nurse said that I had it. Clare, incidentally tells me you only get pitting oedema if you are over 60 and suffer with heart problems.
Ooooh, lucky me.
So when I went to the doctors to tell him I had it and could he give me any water tablets he said no.
Oooooh, I thought. Why ever not?
Cos we needs bloods Mrs Wiseman.
So then I think OMG, I'm dying aren't I. You need my bloods to tell me that I have swelling of the oesophagus or perhaps I have a burst lymph node in my ears. Give it to me straight Doc - how long have I got to live?
He really wasn't in a groovy mood. Doctors never are. I mean, I don't want to be his best friend or anything but a lil chat and sweet talking for free liposuction on the NHS would be really nice.
So anyway.
He orders me to give blood and I go and give some more positive A. Its true that the NHS is bleeding us dry, isnt it? And then I get the call this morning to discuss the result.
He said I had to go in to the surgery in 2 weeks to discuss cholesterol.
Hello? Rewind.
I thought this was about my swollen leg not my arteries.
So I shout to my mother (who is staying with us for a few days) - "Thanks Mum, I got cholly and you gave it to me".
Then I go and sit down to a lard fuelled breakfast followed by some cake, chocolate and a second helping of buttered toast and wonder what all the fuss is about.
And now my prediction of dying in December has been cut short to October.
Must go and eat a tub of butter before I go to bed to help it on its way.

Friday Feeling

We gots the Friday feeling in this here house.
What better way is there to fight your way through a pile of crappy emails, tidying up and bad e-jokes?? I plead that you listen to this once and be smitten with it.

I reckon we gots a number one hit single here.
Coldplay - Vida la Viva

26 Jun 2008

Wanted - Noah to build the ark

Or anyone else with exemplary carpentry skills.
Why? Because its rained solid all day and our back garden is flooded. Ive got a Tortoise and a dog (but not in pairs) and I have room for your pets too.
COME BUILD ME AN ARK, we are drowning!
It was so dark here because of the rain that I couldn't even take one decent picture of my SC layouts. I mean, I have a few sneaks but not all of them because, like I say..... it was pitch black. I managed a whopping 8 layouts and 3 cards this month. I was mojoless to begin with but I found it again after draining the main down pipe at the side of our house. That bloody mojo will be the death of me, unless of course the price of bread doesn't get to me first.

My parents arrived today, later than expected because cars were aqua planing (and not astro gliding in my initial post - pointed out by Ami. Apparenly astrogliding is WUDE in the USA! Look it up on Wiki. Takes me back to the Douche Bag moment) on the road, floods had formed and driving conditions were real bad. And this is pigging June. You know, its exactly one year and one day since the last floods in the UK as well. Just what is happening to this planet, huh?
We went out for a meal regardless and caught up with all the shenanigans of the Kinroy household (Kinroy is my maiden name).We were plotting and planning mums 60th birthday next month. We always have a good get together and this party will be no exception. Dad forgot his glasses and had to read the menu with mums specs, Mark and belle really didn't want their photo taken and mum, being mum, posed for me as ever. Come finishing our meals, the boys went to check out the footy scores (yawn) so we took some time to laugh and giggle. My mother adores belle, I love how they snuggle and laugh with each other. Its a lovely sight, it warms me heart immensely.

Of course I have to act the clown to even have a picture my belle. Mum joined in too.If I count how many decent pics of belle and I, it would be less than 10. That's how much Mark does not pick any one of my 3 cameras. Its drives me bonkers.


We got back home at 9pm and the rains had stopped but it was still pretty dark. Belle and I fashioned an origami boat for our newly installed swimming pool and set it sailing by smashing a coke can on its side and naming her "Titanic II". I was pretty pleased with our folding skills until Eddy went and ate it only half an hour later. Eddy the destroyer, that's what he is. Little sod.

**side note: dark days and nights - use a 50mm F1.4 camera and you can get natural (if not
slightly darker) shots. No good for layouts though, these apertures were F3.5

We are now ready for bed but that wasn't until we had chanted a little sun dance for tomorrow. I just need to take abut 20 pictures for an assignment, that is all. Then it can continue raining all it wants and then we will have pool with both a deep and shallow end to it. Thinking about it, I could use marks body as a diving board. Ooooh, such fun.

25 Jun 2008

Juno and Atonement

Have you seen these films?
I love them both to bits even though they couldn't be farther apart in extremes of cinematography. I watched them both on the way to Cali in Feb and on the way back from Nevada in April and promised myself that as soon as they hit the shelves I'd buy them.
Well Atonement never materialised on my shopping list (nor budget come to think. Talking of shopping budgets I can't believe I have just paid £1.33 for a loaf of bread. A litre of diesel costs the same. At this rate we are going to have to walk everywhere and then not be able to afford to eat after all that exercise. Therefore we are all going to die. By December with my reckoning).
Where was I?
Ahhhhh, Atonement.
I skipped the film on my budget because I weighed up my emotional stability over the two films.Mainly because of the fact that James Macavoy dies in it. The film touched me so much that I think about the tragedy of it all like, a lot. James has come such a long way since Shameless, hasn't he? I only learned recently that he married his on screen girlfriend (Fiona - Anne Marie Duffy).
He clearly hasn't met me yet. You have to admit he is a little bit dishy.
Atonement is right up there with Walk the Line in my all time favvo movies. I might go and buy the movie this weekend but save it for one of those nights when only a "weepy" will do. It will obviously replace our food shopping budget for next week but seeing as we are all going to die by December... does it matter?
Juno on the other hand is such a super uplifting film. I love the dark comedy and Juno's quips. Its a such a fun movie that I know I will never tire of. How she kept her face straight whilst pratting about in the film is a mystery. If you have not seen it, please try and weigh up the costs of buying it in favour of feeding your family over the next few weeks. The overall factor of family fun will douse the hunger pangs and you can go to your grave (in December) a cultured member of the world of Hollywood.
**thank you to everyone who replied with advice on the Craft Robo. Im very grateful**

Luxurious Angels comes to Crewe

Luxurious Angels experiences are coming to Crewe between 10-12th October.
Wychwood Park hotel is nestled neatly at the edge of stunning PGA golf course (which means you can bring your golf fanatic hubs too). Roz and her team will bring to you all the trappings you have come to expect of Luxurious Angels plus more.

Despite the fact that they are not fleeing the flagship area that Luxurious Angels is accustomed to, Roz will - along with Sarahs Cards Ltd bring you the scrapping event you will not want to miss. There are talks with holding another Luxurious Angels in Scotland, as always, so that everyone gets the chance to enjoy these experiences.

For more details, come and have a lookie here

24 Jun 2008

Little peaches

I loves babies so much but when they come in pairs, its like being bombarded with a whole fruit salad.
Sarahs twins are just, oooooooooooh.... scrumptious. But would they perform? Erm - NOPE!
Fear not for when tots are not sitting all posed and delightful you do happen to catch them at their most natural. I think they look absolutely beautiful doing their best to be as completely charming as ever. And without doubt they moved, they threw paddies and they gave me evils. Sometimes they gave me a smile.
Doing my sums all I can say is that it was the best mornings entertainment I have had in a long time. And to top it all, feeding time was hilarious. I fed James as Sarah fed Amelia. Both of them falling asleep between spoonfuls. I laughed so hard at them fighting that good old Mr Sandman in their eyes. Both Sarah and I were in hysterics and Amelia threw us the most filthiest of looks. Its was most beguiling.
It started off quite jolly with James flashing his two tushy pegs:

Demure Amelia was plotting warfare under those eyelashes - still sugary sweet, mind:
Here comes the death stare:Oh go on, I'll be a little cute for a minute:Im outta here:This green strap is far more interesting than your boring black camera:This is James, pre-paddy:Nope, not playing:I am really fed up now Kirsty - get lost!I wouldn't have wanted them any other way.
They are perfect.

The craft robo is going to die

because I cannot work it.
Well I can cut letters our (whoppee doooooo).
I downloaded inkscape fairly easily and drew some rather fabulous shapes in preparation for cutting. It saves as a .svg file but my robo doesn't recognise those little bleeders.
What the hell am I doing wrong?
I go to Graphtec to supposedly update the software but oh no - you can't do that anymore. Ive got an older version of the robo - typically!
Ive trawled 3 million posts on UKS and I still can't find what Im looking for.
For the love of God will someone please advise me what to do without me having to shell 4.2 million pounds for the priv.
Id trade fairly, of course ;)

**coming soon: 101 ways to batter your Craft Robo to death.

23 Jun 2008

In a slump

This morning I was not firing on all cylinders.
I think Im catching a cold as my throat is on fire and I really tired.
Mark has gone out for the day, geocaching and Im left with the pooch, a list as long as my arm for things to do and absolutely no motivation to do it. You could say that my mojo has done a bunk and the will to live is weak.
So in trots this little guy and he invites me outside to play. And I kneel down on the patio with him to soak up the good stuff and revive my soul. And I just wonder if that guys knows something. Like he just knows I needed that little bit of sunshine. Impish he maybe but a real companionship is what I feel from him most. He is sat at my feet as I type this little post and Ive a spring in my step. **I actually have a notion to pick up the herma**
I don't care what people say about people and their pets because I know this is true: they are life savers and little friends who do the smallest of things to make the hugest of difference. And I love this quotation which is fitting: A friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone who will help you move your body.
I have such gratitude to Maz who helps me see things in such positive if not moving lights. her love of quotes is rubbing off on me. Thanks Maz.

22 Jun 2008

A day in Oswaldtwistle

Yes - its a real name for a place.....just like Cinnamon Brow and Wetwang (lest we add Bitchfield and Shitterton.... yes, real name places in the UK!).

Esther, myself and Edward (the pooch) took a trip to Dawns Studio to catch up and also meet up with Paula Pascual - who was teaching at the studio. I fell in love with Paula's work a long time ago and getting to meet her was such a lovely experience. She is the worlds tiniest lady and I could have just picked her up and put her in my pocket to take home with me. She is smaller than Maria Grace and even Rhonna Farrer. Its quite clear that the most talented of people are dinky.
Dawn and JJ also wanted to meet our handsome chap so I brought him out to play. He behaved so well in the shop and didn't eat anything he ought not to have. He was toileted to a high standard - so no accidents occurred in the studio. Boy was he pampered! Dawn runs a fantastic workshop studio and her shop is packed to the rafters with every conceivable need for the card maker and scrapper. I just can't help but drool over all of her new supplies including Cosmo Cricket papers. She works so hard into making the shop an outstanding success. She even finished work at 6pm tonight (on a sunday!!!). Im generally snoozing on the sofa after a roast dinner at that time so there is no denying that she works incredibly hard.

Dawn and JJ kindly invited us back to their lovely home for some tea and Eddy got to meet their 3 very inquisitive pooches. Arnold is a German Shepherd who would probably eat the likes of Eddy for a snack. Charlie just wanted to lick eddy to death and then there was sweet Lucy. She is a westy and at first Eddy and she scrapped for a while. But then next. OMG. Yikes. Well, you know. All I can say is that Eddy left our house a boy and came back a man! This dog is flippin bonkers and decided - in his infinite wisdom (and without prior consent) to date dawns dog and blatantly go the whole hog (without shame, I may add) in front of the entire house. then to add insult to injury he did a terrific delivery of emptying his bladder and bowels over Dawns pristine rugs. The shame is beyond a joke and I shall never live it down that my doggy is a little sod.
I offered to take some picture of Paula who is, without doubt, the most photogenic person I have ever had the privilege of shooting. Isn't she stunning?
Esther and I came home after a fantastic day out just being in the company of people who are so kind and generous. Eddy was suitably grinning from ear to ear, I was dying from toileting disasters and Esther has a bankful of memories to throw at me when I need to be brought back down to earth again!
Thank you - you guys. It was a perfect ending to a lovely weekend (except when a branch of a tree smashed through Dawns windscreen as we left to go home... have you had horrendous wind at your end?!!!!!)