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29 May 2008

His first walk

I can't begin to describe just how much this lil fella means to us.
He is just so loving and protective of us and we love him right back.
And today we were "allowed" to take him for his first walk because you "can" when they have been jabbed (and indeed chipped) effectively.
So with a back pack full of treats, poopy bags (nice), a camcorder and my trusty camera we head off to the Three Sisters park nearby. Unbeknown to us there was a fun day event there which meant lots to see for all of us. Sadly belle missed out on all the action as she is at my momma's house being spoiled rotten by Granny and Grandad (sniff sniff, miss you lil lady bug... pic below was taken on Monday afternoon as we kissed goodbye for a few days).
As for Eddy? He was so excited - his tail wagged the whole walk and it was lovely to be greeted by other walkers who wanted to make a fuss of him. And by the end of the walk we had reached the area of most of the fun day activities and absolutely everyone we walked by wanted to make a fuss of him. He was timid at first but triumphed over his fears after the 60th belly rub! This german shepherd pup (two weeks older than Eddy) goes to show how teeny weeny our mini Dachs is! There were so many things to admire on our jaunt including lots of gorgeous summery nature. There were a ton of buttercups out and the odd aqualegia (I thought it was strange to see them out in the wild) and this thingy below....only my friend Maz might be able to tell me what it is. She is a real horticulturist who even knows the latin names for every plant that exists.
We are so proud of his behaviour and how he dealt with new sights, smells and sounds. In fact, judging by the amount of tail wagging, we reckon this lil fella is going to be enjoying many walks or at least, until his lil legs can take no more.
This is Eddy and I on Sunday night at my Momma's house. And yes he really does sleep on my chest or shoulder. He enjoys being that close to us and the trouble is.... we allow it! Its cuddles for all the gang in our house.
After the walk I went home to start back into my normal routine. Being away from home for such a long time on the road was great fun but it is a shock to the system not being within arms reach of the ones or the things you love. I guess Ms Clare Curd was the closest thing to "feeling home" as she is just the best fun to be with. I absolutely adore that girl - she rawks! Our last stint in Edinburgh was fabulous and although tinged with a lil sadness because it was the last one, it was also glimmering with the most friendliest retailers I have ever met. From the tips of Middlesborough to the ends of Peterhead and as far west as Cork in Eire, those people were so accommodating to talk with. And most specially of all I finally got the chance to get to know Beckie Dreyer. Ive kind of known Beckie for almost 18 months but have never had the opportunity of talking to her at length. Its nice to share an affinity with someone who not only adores their family but also have a fun sense of humour and a passion for scrapping. Her layouts are always so thoughtful with touches of lovely extras - Ive loved her style for a long time.
So what else? Hmmmmmmm? Oh yes.......
Yesterday I had an email from Sheila practically begging for another overlay and whilst chattying to Belle on the phone this avvy I had a little play and brought her (and YOU!) this. She is called Entwined

You can grab her Here
And finally check out this lil miss!
As you know she really can't bear flash photography because it hurts her eyes so she improvised for me at my momma on Sunday night!

And with that, I must go to bed and snooze all my cares away. Ive a long trip ahead of this weekend to shoot Jo's wedding, shoot another Jo on Sunday and spend some lovely time with my gorgeous Kiwi friend Lousie Burton in Chepstow. Im prepared for drivers butt cramp but not for the pining of my tribe who I will, as ever, miss dearly xx

Toodle ooooooo xxxx

26 May 2008

Puppy love

My brother Leigh and his wife Kerry have got themselves a new pup too. They have a delightful king charles cavalier is called Ozzy and we love him.
We popped along to our mum's house this weekend to celebrate my bro's birthday and we brought Eddy for the ride (of course, he is now our family and our life would be so empty without him) but they did NOT get on! Ozzy is 2 weeks older than Eddy and is discovering what young male dogs do best but not amongst the lady dogs - oh no! He took a partial liking to Eddy and Eddy did not take too kindly. Fights and gnarling ensued and although Ozzy has been a little unwell, there was energy for a bit of rough and tumble.
I caught some puppy love on camera with these dudes in a beautiful rapeseed field near Mum's house. Even though I am allergic and ended up coming away with my white skirt covered in yellow pollen, I came away happy knowing Id gathered some lovely shots for them to fill a frame or two.

We grabbed so many lovely pictures this weekend but time is not on my side to share them all and life is a little bit freakazoid right now. I leave for Edinburgh tomorrow, back thursday and then Ive got the entire weekend taking more pictures for weddings and private shoots. If I owe you an email or phone call - you will get that tomorrow.
Somebody find the pause button for me?

25 May 2008

Rest assured

I think the term "less is more" applies to everything we do whether we think we could do it more often than not despite the consequences.
Does that makes sense?
How I loved being on the road last week and how I hated packing and unpacking too. Neither supplied a gentle equilibrium. In the end I just needed to get home to my tribe and have freshly laundered clothes that didn't need ironing with a non steam iron!
But Friday night came and so did the bank holiday traffic so I opted to stay an extra night in Lingfield because butt cramp and zero air con is hardly the height of "having a laugh". In fact, its the depths of the doldrums and I would have been on the kill come getting home at 3am.
So I get home, eventually, at Saturday lunchtime and almost immediately cracked on with millions of projects before flying out of the door to my Momma's house to celebrate my bro's birthday. My sweet DH had washed all my clothes, line dried them and within 4 hours of being back - all was done. I suppose working with all that yummy Doodlebug and BG all week had intensified my creative juices...... thankfully. I was a very happy momma.
The pooch went berserk when he saw me come home and belle was relieved that I was safe and in comparison to getting a mass of work done, being away from home for 6 nights and stressing out over drivers boredom, my babies (Ellie and Eddy) totally lifted me out of my funk.
I have my Studio Calico sneaks on hand for you to have a gander at. The kit goes live on the break of the 28th of May at midnight (EST) or 5am uk time. This kit has so many wonderful papers this month and the colours are brilliant for both boys and girls.
I forgot to mention a free download that you can get for your cards at Crafts Beautiful. I made a ton of backing papers and embellies to cut and keep over HERE (you will have to register for free, though). Simply entitled Fizzy Woo ( geared towards the man in your life) you can grab the A5 sized projects for emergency cards or small digi projects.
And lastly, I wanted to share two little pics that make me happy being at home at my momma's. These types of country lanes make me happy and that road there is very hilly bumpy that makes my Belle giggle with delight as I fly over them. I can't wait to take her up to the rapeseed field later to take a couple of snaps.And Momma's wisteria is just the best. I cannot wait for our pergola to be built so I can have these adorning it over the next few years. Mum has cut a few clippings for me so that I can recreate the wisteria magic. I'm also dying to intertwine some honeysuckle too. And as its a stunningly sunny day, I'm off out with my parents, my bro and his wife Kerry and my tribe to soak it all up before the darn rains comes tomorrow.Toodle ooooooooooooo xxx

21 May 2008

3 hours shopping

can do this to you...............
not nice but a bit of oil of olay can fix it in 17 years. Clare and myself showing the glow of 3 hours hard slog shopnations at the Meadowhall centre.
Be back soon....this on the road lark is too much fun.
And have a lubbly lil overlay to get over that monstrosity.....
She is called "lazy days" and you can get her here

18 May 2008

SC Kit Winner

Goes to Amelie....oh yes it does.
Dont you just love
Well done Amelie.
Go and read her blog here

And its overlay time again (ive got a ton of these on back order, they are something I make whilst on the phone or have 5 minutes spare. Never fret that Im tied to this darn machine. I have Ellie and Eddy to keep me from being a slave to the mac!). She is called Immortal
and you can get the lil dude here

17 May 2008

On the road

Last week myself, Clare Curd..... (below, although she is trying to imitate Sir Alan Sugar)and a number of good fun troops from DO HO headed out to the masses to launch the new Papermania lines as well as introducing their clientele to Doodlebug and Basic Grey.
We started off in Taunton then Bournemouth and then Coventry spending a night in each place. The camaraderie with these people is immense. Hard slog, demo's and sales pitches by day and then by night....holy moly. Its laughing gas and winding down in prep for the next day. Bouncing off Clare's energy, Emma's giggles and Beck's infinite might not to mention each of the territorial team is enough to exhaust all your laughing gas and in place, cough so hard that you think your innards my be upchucked.
Oh I do love to laugh. This girl makes being on the road so much fun. Honestly, the two of us are dangerous with access to You Tube's coolest archives of Victoria Woods and even (dare I say it.......Chubby Brown)
We were set loose amongst the racks at DO HO and my radar sniffed out the BG aisle within 2 seconds. I was int here like Flynn (what does that saying mean... do you use that?). I took chunks out of the stamps and chomps out of the paper. If your store ends up with supplies and teeth marks - they are mine. Oh do mind the dayglo jackets we are wearing - not good for the complexion or those with photo phobia.
Its such therapy to enjoy a chuckle and it's even better to see other people laugh too. Sue Lawson, pictured here (white top) with Clare couldn't even keep her cola contained. Clare had been talking about dogs when Sue had just taken a sip of coke and at the same time realised what Clare was talking about. Out came the coke from all orifices and laughter ensued outside Maccy Yaccy Donalds. Now, call me old fashioned but coke is not meant to come out of your nose. Only its what I heard in a song by Grand Master Flash way back in the 80's. I am talking coley cokey and not the powder stuff.
Talking of Maccy Yaccy, Clare ate her burger incognito. I think she looks so much younger with that on her head.
The new Papermania line is just a breath of fresh air. the matching embellies are superb and judging by the clients reaction, its a real knee jerk in the right direction. I can't tell you how lovely the new stamps and felt roll's are.
Doodlebug never fails to impress and the best thing I love about this collection is the flocking tubs. Used rather like glitter, the flock feels luxurious and dreamy.
Even Kev gives it a thumbs up. Kev looks after the south of the country and Im certain he has his own secret stash to craft with between events. And who can blame him - its Doodlebug.
Andrew, the head of shed, was in fair spirits by the end of the first day but then he hadn't really clagged on to the fact we were about to raid the BG and DB stands to wallpaper the hotel room with.
Basic Grey was a hit with the clients who saw the attraction instantly. It's not £1.00 a sheet unless your retailer has upped his margins. The RRP on BG is 60p a sheet. With Euphoria being launched in July, its going to be a collection pack to lift your summer spirits. And I hated it when I saw it online and yet in the flesh.........deeeeeeeeeeeelish.
I stood all day and demo'd the cropadile and big bite (which I call the bad boy!).... its such a thrill to see the reaction of shop owners who see the beauty in its simple crunching style. We R Memory Keepers have these lil nifty chunky gromlets which I think will fare better on jeans, Jackets and bags as well as pages and cards. Loving these tools so much.Clare demo's a ton of new papermania lines and one of my favvo cards was this lil baby. She really does make some corkers.Clare and I here trying to take a self portrait with a 50mm lens. Not good even with your arm stretched out at full length, in a dark room and on a low entry DSLR thus making it almost 85mm. Still, it was worth a couple of giggles.I am on the road all of next week too and I have managed to recharge my laughing gas in prep for jaunts to Huddersfield, Cambridge and Lingfield. We are joined the following week by Bexter in Edinburgh to wrap the events up ... which will mean trudging back home with memories of a supercoolio roadshow.
And home to Ellie and Eddy who Im sure I will miss a ton.

16 May 2008

Getting acquainted

I knew they would fall in love with each other and get cosy. She came home from school, snuggled on the sofa for some after school wind down time and they chilled out for a wee while.
The same with myself and mark - we are besotted with this lil wiener. Here he is playing with some toy sausages.... just to make him feel more special. A sausage dog playing with sausages? Only in our house!
He was crying when he left hi momma last night, cried a little when we all went to bed and has been good ever since. He has been lovingly cared for all day in his momma's absence..... I just know he will be cared for so lovingly for the rest of his life.
I can't convey how much we are attached to him.
Ooooooooh... we just love love love him.
Did I mention we love him?