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29 Feb 2008

Lucy Lightening

The look on belles face when she saw Lucy Lightening, yest, was immense.
A pet that works at her speed, a pet she can handle - a lil herman tortoise.
Within in an hour of setting up her vivarium and heat pad, Belle and Mark took a walk (YES! No pushchair... I KNOW!!!) to grab some fresh dandelion greens. Belle worked hard to walk the distance to go into greener areas of our housing estate and pay particular attention to the areas which had not been sprayed with council insecticide. She was so bubbly about the whole affair. Lucy was a tad grumpy due to her 230 mile trip up north and hid all night under her hay house.
She is not at the true age for hibernation and no - you don't keep them in the fridge! They need warmth and UV light during the day and heat during the night. Put it this way, Lucy will be pampered beyond all requirements and we want to pass a huge thanks to Marks bud, Daz for handling the tortoise transaction for Belle.
What was even more fabulous yest was the best news we had had in 6 flaming years.
Guess what Ellie got after the 3rd attempt of trying?
Just bloody well guess what?
Well being failed twice in the past 6 years for something we knew she deserved cut us to the bone.
But 3rd time lucky for her and she has finally got her Statement of Education. Can you adam and eve it?
A statement of education recognises a child's disability and special needs - officially and with strict observation. What we think failed her in the past was the ill advise of the primary school she previously attended. We ought to be very cross with them for wasting 6 years of valuable loss of care. But in recent weeks Ive been shrugging off the past and ignorance. It still burns deep in the core of my body and I can feel ripples of rage at times but to be honest, isnt it better strike up a kilowatt of happiness for the future as opposed to living in your own bitterness of the past - all dark and gloomy and miserable?
Talking of which.....
Ive been reading a blummin marvellous book of late. And I feel there are a number of people I could recommend this book to - both those that dwell on the misery of the past and those who have learned to deal with the misery of their past. No w don't get me wrong becuase I don't mean misery as in poor, unloved family backgrounds. I mean people who inflict their miserableness upon all they meet. You know that feeling when you absorb the hate and anger of a situtaion which then manifests itself in you so that you allow it to evolve into something that turns you too into something miserable? I personally feel I have been that spong becuase Im affected that way. I personally don't think I am a miserable person. Look -> :)
This book allowed me to recognise and how to steer away from what was causing me to feel so low and so worthless. It showed me how you can deflect negativity and how you can discover whats eating you. It allows you analyse the power of people and that hierarchy, nobility, hostility and integrity within others means nothing without the power of understanding. It allows you to feel you can stand shoulder to shoulder with every walk of life because at the end of the day we are human. Nothing sets you apart from anyone else when it all boils down to carbon and frequency (bear with me, its get less baffling). You just THINK it does. Its amazing. I demand you read it. It only 33p at amazon right now - here!!! Don't let the title put you off, it isn't all about "how to make friends and influence people". It's about (not so deep)psychology and the study of the good and bad in people. It allows you to become a better person especially if you, like me, suffer with a very low self esteem.
I was talking to two people yesterday. Both from very different backgrounds, both with their own issues but both very lovely. Through both of their life stories they remain so positive. Its nice to be surrounded by that, don't you think? I told them both about this book, because if anything slips in their life - its a book you would like to fall on. Its even better than The Secret. And I thought was the bestest. I really did. And this book was written 70 years ago and its principles are still valid today. That's because time and tide can change no inner core of a human beings psychology. Even if they are affected by something so great, the mind can wind down to the principles of this book. And you have to tell me when you have read it and share your views. You just have to.
**Alights orange box**
So anyway - goodness comes this way by a number of wonderful donations, topping up a substantial pile of yummo.
**Anna Moore sent a £20 Paperarts voucher (paper arts is always top in the newest supplies)
**Sara Berry sent her debut kit from her club over here at Story of my Life - USA
**A local car car company in Wigan rang us up on Weds to declare that they had raised £350 for belle on the back of one of their lads doing the Liverpool half marathon on Sunday. I couldn't breath for the total shock of such a wonderful gesture until he almost killed me yesterday when he said that they had actually topped it up to £1000. We go next week to pick up the cheque so I will report all of that delight next week :)
**And Debbie, over HERE has offered to an online album making class for £6. All of your £6 will go to belle fund raiser which I think is very selfless of Debbie to offer. I spoke with Debbie for like 36 hours on the phone and her genuine and kind nature shone through the parting black clouds of tabloid hell a few weeks back. It was very refreshing to feel the bubble nature of her persona over the phone.
We are so grateful to the raffle prizes coming in, bit by bit..... with heartfelt thanks
PS: Don't forget mothers day on Sunday which comes a bit flipping earlier than normal. Obviously down to Easter and obv a commercial strategy in my estimation. Can the two not be on the same day? Sheeeeeesh.

28 Feb 2008

Cushiony Winner

I had a girl called maria bid on the cushion at £25 but she didn't leave her email addy - who are you Maria? Could you let me know via my email address (its on the sidebar) - cheers me dear.
**Also, I want to sell my Nikon 85mm, F1.8 lens becuase I just don't use it. I shoot primarily with my 50mm F1.4 or my 28-70mm F2.8. The 85mm was one of those business panic buys that I thought I might have to use but as I work in close up - I just can't use it the way I thought I might have to. And its a classy glass lens with super sharp results. Some of my most fave shots with it was these ones - they need very little colour boosting because of the clarity of the glass. Its by far better than the 50mm F1.8 on a digital camera:
They sell for £240 but Im happy to sell for £200 inc postage. It will come in its original box, dust and scratch free - you wouldn't even know I had used it. Email me if you feel you might need one!
Well I had planned to stay up last night and start with the reveal night shenanigans over at Studio Calico but after my bath, I went to my bed to cool off and read a book. By page two I had fallen asleep. At 8.30!!!! Belle was in her room watching a DVD and when that had finnitto, she roused me and I tucked her beside me and went back to bed to doze out the slumber. Next thing I know its 7am. What happened there, I wonder? I must have needed the sleep and today I feel fabulous. Ive done so much through two phone calls. Multi tasking is my favourite sport, lol. So without further ado, here are my layouts that I made in such a short scale of time. I'm pretty chuffed with them as the kit combo was especially scrumptious. The Tinkering Ink birdies (on the layout below called Laughter) looked plain awful as a paper. After a lil scissor action they became a tad more usable and helped furnish my simple layout into one of my faves this year.
I think most of the add ons have sold althought I dont know because the website crashed last night due to the amount of scrappers fighting for a kit!
Anyway, here are my layouts (again, sure Ive just said that).

Ciao Bella's. Will be back with more rafflacious news laterz

27 Feb 2008

Studio Calico last minute cafe sneaks

Blimey, these are later than your average (as its reveal night tonight).
Im totally blaming our PO as they hoard my parcels and deliver them when they feel like it. Grrrrr.
But anyway, the kit goes live tonight and again April and Scarlet are bracing themselves for another sell out. They continually buy more kits each month and they still fly out. A few scrappers get a little peeved about not being able to get their mitts on them but by being a subscriber ensures you grab the booty. The add on's are summink else. Really tempting this month and I bought one for myself of course to help jazz up the kit to the max. I say this every month but this month is the BEST ever. I wish I could convey with conviction just how accurate that statement is! Its got the colours that just pop
Hope you can join us at 5am (UK time) or midnight (EST time - USA).

Off to go and finish off a ton of stuff. Im a busy busy girly with a lil lady who is craving some hugs. Hugs first, work second. As always :)

26 Feb 2008


Ok, I have some rather groovacious raffle prizes coming in right now so you want to make note of this (and this is not everything yet!). I have a big, massive and humongous thanks to the UK stash shops who are taking part in the raffle. Please show your support by paying them a lil visit. Each one has something just for you (and me!).
**Gorge page kit from Scrummy Stash Cafe
**Box of Bazzll form Scrap Magic
**Goodies to the value of £20 from Scrapshed
** Fancy Pants Clear stamps from Make The Moment Last
**Jenny Cocks has donated a lovely box of papers from her own amazing line.
**Laura Fiore has donated an awful lot of beautiful stash from her own collection. All totally current and gorgeous.
**Dont forget to go and bid at some reet lil beauties over here at Bubbly Funk
Plus we have stash donated from Heather (as mentioned last week) and from ScrappyDo's.
There are prizes being donated all the time so that by the end of March there will be one humongous prize available to one winner - wherever in the world they shall live. For the past two years it was a competition based prize giving I have run on my blog but this time - EVERYONE has a chance.
The tickets will work on Paypal Transaction codes that both mark and I will monitor, print out and allow belle to pick a winner. The tickets will be £2 each and will be on sale from 1st March.
I had a lovely email from Mark winter and Deanne who collectively raised almost £100 at their local slimming world event - just for belle. Its so kind that people who you dont know (but want to know) just feel so energised into raising money like that.
Speedy Hire UK are a massive rental company hiring out building things (I don't know the word, Im a girl!!). Their offices local to us at Haydock have organised a company sponsorship for belle walk on the 22nd March. Im so very fortunate that the press (as much as I hated the tabloid side of it) and my blog has reached out to so much positivity.
So for all of the above - so far.... thank you a gazillion mcwillion trick trillion.
Talking of the sponsored walk, it turns out we have to raise a risk assessment plan as its on public ground. Now I know how serious this tuff is but the worst you can suffer is a little scratch off a bramble or maybe the 6 legged, horn billed ducky puss might make its rare appearance and eat all the ramblers in its wake. If any of you want to come (you are a. very welcome and b. bear in mind its easter saturday) but we would love numbers so that our risk assessment covers the insurance. Polava!
And here are some little picaroo's of my weekend at my bro and sissy's.
My sister might kill me for putting up a picture of her - but you can only see a bit of her head and I do happen to love this picture. I can't for the life of me remember when we actually had a proper picture taken together. So this is a treasure of all treasures.
This is my bro. I made him stand here and will give him this picture for his first album cover. that is, if he ever makes an album. He is not even a musician or a singer. But I want this to be his album cover cos it looks "album covery".
Is my sister in law trying to tell us something? Ok, she was looking through this book at my sisters house. We played a game of choosing our next childs name by suggesting a page number and then a number from down the list. Mine was Garth. I mean - as if. Garth? But we cant have more children so we will let this one go.
My sisters kids. Im respecting my sissy's wishes by not showing their faces. My nephew, H, is so funny. Really, he is.
And this is my niece, C. Isnt she just cosy? I love lil nibblets like this, bending down and exploring, rummaging and poking.
Ma belle a roo. In charge of the GPS and clearly hating the erm, bright light (it was overcast!)

We geocached around their sweet village and mark got a lil pee'd off at not being able to find one key point. It turns out I was standing on it - the bridge. How we laughed. NOT!

How many traditional butchers use dividing little shrubberies like this? I lubs tradish butchers and this one only serves meat farmed from a radius of 10 miles. Bring back to tradish butchers!

And finally we had to give Ellie a bit of a tough decision of lates. She is not capable of looking after her guineas (they are too fast and fidgety for her and Mark and I have got to the point where we are looking after those two adorable pigsters ... even though Im allergic). We told her that she could keep them but must look after them properly or give them away to someone who can give them the devotion and hands on huggables. She knew we had got fed up of cleaning them and feeding them for her so she said she owuld give them away. It broke her heart in a way because she loves them from outside the cage but won't venture in there to pick them up. So we have two well fed and looked after guinea pigsters complete with home and all food and vitamins etc looking for a home for FREE. If you live in the Wigan area do let me know if you want them. We thought we had a home for them a few weeks back but that fell through.

Marks buddy rang us up last week to offer Belle a pet that she could manage and one that would live with her for a long time. It was thoughtful in a way because he knows how much Belle is fascinated with animals. Its a Herman Tortoise (complete with licence for all those who are hot on this kind of stuff) and he will live for 100 years or so. A friend for life and more manageable, pick-up-able and moreover - SLOW! We have thought of Speedy, Shelly and Zoom for names. Wonder if you could suggest any for us?

**As I finished off this blog post we had an earth tremor (12.58am) and I swear to god, Im sleeping with one eye open tonight. I am shaken, if you pardon the pun. In the wake of discussing our epic 5 seconds of wobbliness over at UKS, I made this overlay. And, if it wasn't for our amazing wobbleful madness (remember, the UK rarely have tremors) - you wouldn't have an overlay!

Get her HERE


Cushion Auction stands at £20 - see my post last Thursday for more info
We just gotted back last night after a weekend away "from it all" at my Bro's house then my Sis's house up near Middlesborough. I have so many lovely photos to share but for now I just wanted to point you in the directions of Caroline's fab site over at Bubbly Funk. They are holding an online auction to raise funds for belle.
I have donated a few lil oddments and a chance to win this (I think it will be put on the auction section of her website tomorrow). This box conceals a coupon to the highest bidder where I will scrap a layout for them using a ton of beautiful embellishments and other yummy additions. To sort out my oddments for the auction, I had to endure sorting my scrap room again. I know you know the pain I was feeling (and not just from potential varicose vein induced from kneeling for hours on end)I always strive for a better storage system and have currently placed all my chipboard and acrylic alphas in drawers labelled "a-b" and "c-d" etc. What I thought would take about half an hour took 6 hours because once you make room for something you have to look through the whole of your supplies and work around the best route for access now you have juts rearranged the samn lot. I really need to cull my supplies as I have tonnes of stuff from when I ran a home business, leftovers from various kit clubs and DT work plus my own purchases. I think Ill have a major clear up and donate a large chunk in the raffle (coming 1st March).
Im going to grab some sleep, finish off my Studio Calico kit and then work on a lil plan Ive been procrastinating over for about 2 years.
Not good.

22 Feb 2008

Toni & Guy & James

**Bidding on the cushion below stands at £20**
Had the luxuriant opportunity to have my hair done with my birthday money today - at Toni & Guy's. Ive NEVER had my hair coiffured in such an elite hairdressers before but my hair was in such a state from over bleaching last year that only the best hairdessers in town could sort it out. Much to my expense though - was hoping to buy new scrap supplies over the course of the year with my spends.
I once went to Toni & Guy's before in Salisbury some 6 years ago. I was trying to grow out some black I had coloured in my hair. I approached the shop with in trepidation because it always seemed to me that you had to be beautiful to even get a whiff of a consultation. Its generally an "it" kind of dressery and I knew with certainty that I was out of my depth. I thought to myself "sod it" and entered the perfectly clean cut image of a dressery knowing full well that I'd be scuppered to the back of the joint in fear of bringing the place into disrepute. I asked the girl at the fancy lectern if I could have a colour consultation with a dresser because I needed to bleed the black out and introduce some new highlights. Well, I might as well have spoken in Swahili and worn a big scab on my head for the sheer look of horror on her face. She eyed me both up and down and screwed her face up in a repugnant display of disdain and answered "WE DON'T DO BLACK. WE DON'T TOUCH BLACK. WE CAN'T LIFT BLACK".
What a cow.
Clearly my 5 foot 2 inch stance was nothing in comparison to the lithe, 6 foot modelesque type clientele sitting there being pampered to their every whim. I couldn't believe she thought I was so chavvy and ugly. So putting my past fear of Toni & Guy aside today, I went to have the old bleach lopped out, new warmer tones put in and a swish new cut.
James, my dresser for the day was as camp as delightful can be. I LOVE CAMP MEN! He was so over-the-top-fabulous with the "limp wrist and little finger curling" action at every slight move and over exaggerated dressing my hair when blow drying it in 6,000 different directions. He lifted and wafted and parted my hair with such feminine flamboyancy - I almost wet myself laughing because it was just brilliantly gorgeous. I also love how camp guys always hang on to their pronunciation of the letter "S" in every word they use. its like a god given gay right to really ham that letter "S" out. LOVE IT. And James did a fab job (she says, as she swishes her head in james-like over exaggerated fashion).

bid on this hand made 8x8 cushion

Lovingly crafted by Reeeeeens' (greyparrot to you forum lubbers and blogger if this site here)

Im going to start this as an auction because initially Corrina wanted to submit it for the raffle. but its far too scrumpsh to be a raffle prize when its been lovingly hand crafted. Imagine this on your scrapping chair or in a snug little corner of your house.
The bidding will start now and finish next Thursday. Winner will have to pay by paypal (sorry if that's not convenient to some) and the money raised will go to belle's fund. Bidding comments will be left anonymously (ie - I wont print your bidding details and as my comments are for approval only, it wont show - EVER!)
And whilst you all bid away for that scrummy little cushion, I have an overlay that I made during the most boringest phone call of my life today. I don't doodle much these days if there is other work I can be getting on with. So I made this and you can have it for free (if you are a digi scrapper of course, else you can just "collect" to fill your hard drive with!!!)
You can get her here
**Note to downloaders that are not used to 4 shared. Click on the link and it opens to a new page. Wait 15 seconds and a little option box will appear half way down the page giving you the cue to download**

20 Feb 2008

Straight A's

Who would have thought it?
Who would have bloomin well thought it whatsoever?

This lil nibble here got rave reviews from every single one of her teachers tonight. Although she is working towards a lower level than your average 12 year old, she got straight A's in all her assesments and efforts. Both Mark and I were flabbergasted. And pleased. And if you could have bottled the pride in her face, it would power a whole county for 5 years. Unfortch this lil nibble also has a cold and despite being offered some time off school, she was adammant that its to school she went. Talk about keen!

Been able to take a break from the mayhem of late to sift through my photo's at CHA. This was the stall of My Little Shoe Box - it was so elegant and girly. I went to chat with the owner and was seated on little stools with perfectly delightful cushions and bon bons for treats. Im hoping to do some work for them - they will set the cosy corners of scrapping alight, Im sure.

I also fell in love with a new exhibitor called Raspberry from the land of Oz.

Now everyone is raving about Pink Paislee being the boldest of new exhibits and it is a fab range. However, they got the ravest of reviews because they are from the US and had pre-destined designers toshowcase their products. But I like the underdog/unsung heroes in a contest and the little quiet corners of a show always have hidden gems. It tends to be "who shouts loudest" rules the day and I think these abbies got overlooked, quite shamelessly. But this corner of scrapdom has a gorgous range of papers. You must seek them out.

Whilst out in CHA I got to share a room with Emilie who works for Scrapbookmate. Ive never met anyone so organised for her years, so concise and dedicated too. I took some pictures of her whilst waiting in the carpark one afternoon. The light was perfect to showcase those amazing blue eyes. Typically a french beauty who couldnt avoid my camera. I mean, you just can't bypass beauty when you see it. I was so happy to take these for her :)

Mark and I have spent a lot of time together this past week and spent hours chatting on this sofa and catching up with Shameless - right through to season 4. Am gutted that Kev and Veronica are not in it anymore. Hate that Fiona and Stever left in season 2 as well. And from what I see of the current series (season 5) - its all about the maguires and they suck. Still love the gallaghers storylines but I hate the violence they portray. But i did get a whisper that Kev and "V" are making an appearnce this season. Hopefully it will pick up. Do you watch it?

And finally - those worried about the producers questions in my last blog entry. We are fine with the questions and so was Ellie. Its part of the documentry to get a better picture of what makes Ellie "Ellie". She is very very thin and yet eats so well. She is currently 36 lbs (2 stones and 8lbs) and should weigh 6 stones (Ave 12 year old weight). The whole point of the documentry is to follow her story to the US medical side of life, to reflect the pain of a child who cannot be "fixed" and to explain to those teens toying with the size zero phenomena that although Ellie is a size zero (infact she is much less - she is age 7 clothing), its a size she has no control of. Those teens messing with their bodies have a CHOICE to try being a size zero. Belle does not have that choice but is regularly judged because of it.

So that is where we are at. But don't worry - all is well in the Wiseman household :) And Belle says its ok to post her thin pictures because she thinks it will help others like her.

because cartoons say it better.....

Blood and gore never killed anyone, did it?
Actually this cartoon is a misinterprtation of my day.
It was a good one.
Im just kidding that I was having a bad one.
Today was also interesting.
TV crew.
Serious issues.
Fluffing answers.
Even did a cheeky burp.
Good job it wasnt "live".

Then it was Ellie's turn to be interviewed.
Producer: So Ellie, exlpain what its like being thin.
Ellie: Well, I just have no meat on my bones.
Depending on your mood you can take that two ways. But coming from Ellie that was priceless. You cant help but love how frank our daughter is.
We love her to bits.
Meat or no meat.

18 Feb 2008

Casting an eery glow

Winter sunsets are generally a flash in the pan but the last two nights have been wierd. At approx 5.15pm the light goes a grey-orange colour and it feels awful strange. I thought last night was a one off but it did it again tonight so I took some pics. Im not sure it conveys the right mood but it was wierd (is it me but does spelling "wierd" look wierd? I always thought it was "i before e"). So Im sharing my wierdness with you! Or is that weirdness?
Wanted to mention that out of almost 900 emails to reply to, I am getting there. I personally want to acknowledge every single one and it will be done. So do bear with me as I fit it inbetween the admin at this end and such like business. Whilst Im on the admin front, I wanted to list some of the prizes for the raffle - them being

*A box of goodies from Persephone (Heather) at UKS - lots of stash from when she used to run a fabbo scrap shop
*A beautiful 12x12 picture frame and some Elsie papers/fabric paper from Jo at ScrappyDo's
*Caroline over at Bubblyfunk is having an auction overe here and bidding closes early march.
*Kerry over here rasied a whopping £343 over here by raffling off some of her goodies
*Corinne Delis did a wonderful job of auctioning some of her beautiful things over at her groovacious blog.

And if all pledges come into effect, you have helped raised over £7,000. This money will reach various charities in addition to the trip to the USA. We want to mention (again) that all of this money is being banked in a trust fund account in Ellie's name and will be spent according to her medical needs in the US and further spread to charities in the UK :) Should anyone who donated to the fund wish to view transactions relating to the fund raising, we will be happy to oblige once the trip to Nevada has taken place (April 08).
We have a TV documentry company coming to visit Ellie tomorrow. They are keen to follow her story from birth to following us to Nevada. Im hoping that they will convey the story to a wider audience so that they cover four most important details:
a. To never give up on your loved ones even when you have been told there is nothing else that can be done.
b. To reach out to those who are in a similar position and offer support (of which has been lacking until recently).
c. To show how hard it is (even after banging you head against a brick wall and almost going over the edge of depression) that as a mother - you know you are right.
d. To prove to the ignorance of every single person we meet/have met that Ellie eats 6 times a day (and not 6 meals a day as miquoted in the press) and is not anorexic, is not a spastic, is not stupid, is not special - she is just different - with luscious, ruby rosebud lips. And sprinkles on top. With a cherry. And an extra squirt of cream. And perhaps a flake. Oh, and strawberry sauce.
Smiles :)

17 Feb 2008

She makes us three

She is home.
Lil lady loo laa Belle is back and into my arms after 10 days apart (it would have been 13 days hadn't I have curtailed working at Stitches this week). Ok, she would rather stay at Grannies for another 2 weeks (cos after all, you can get away with murder at your grannies... loving her face in the picture. Its as if Im prising her away from her beloved grandparents!). But home she is and within 2 minutes of familiarising herself with her pet guineas, the comfort of her goody cupboard and the nearest electrical socket for her DS, she was out of her jeans and straight into her jammies for the night (at 4pm).
We had big chitty chatties and I loved how she heard every word whilst peering over the top of her glasses at me - she is just so funny when she does that. I explained a few things happening next week and in the coming weeks and she just rolled her eyes.
It's ok Ellie, you don't know the half of it babe!
She also has some practice walking to get in. I think some people are concerned that a one mile walk will kill her. Well, you might think that. But with pit stops en route and holding hands we know she can do it and so does she. She managed to get around the weendy windy route of IKEA once with pit stops in between and no complaints and you know how weendy windy that can be!. Ellie is "invincible girl" - we shall feed her beans and banana's and she will reign triumphant at her choice of fuel for the journey ;)
Raffle prizes have started to pour in and Mark and I decided that it would be best to split the prize donations as lots of my friends are NOT scrappers. So we thought we would do a stash raffle and an everything else raffle. I will be selling "tickets" (ie your paypal transaction numbers) at the beginning of March and draw the prizes at the end of March - just after Belles walk scheduled for 22nd march. If you live locally, you are more than welcome to come. In fact, we would be double delighted if you could make it.
Chin chin to the bellemeisters safe return home. Hoorah.

16 Feb 2008

Tidying up hovel of a scraproom and I had noticed Id forgotten to post this layout to my blog. I was feeling creative before bedtime one night (a few weeks back) and fancied making a quick layout using some stuff hanging about my desk. I collected all the little bits that matched my colour palette in my head and wizzed up this.
This picture of Belle was taken almost 3 years ago. Its dark but I can see her sugary lips and pretty little profile. I used an Anita's stamp, tim holtz dabber paints, papermania brads, odd buttons, lil davies glitter title, a heidi swapp ghost heart and some pink dotty ribbon. Not a shred of patterned paper in sight. It took me all of 15 minutes (set aside the time for paint drying of course). I had the layout in my head and it came out just as I wanted.
If only I could create like this all the time. Sigh.
NB: Phone rang twice today - what a relief. Got so much done. Lots to go........
Laterz Tomaterz

Because we needed the air

Stifled by an administrative headache, jetlag and the phone CONSTANTLY ringing - Mark suggested one hour's geocaching. I personally haven't been for ages and yes, I needed the air. I was festering in my own stench of being "hacked off". At 3pm we enjoyed the evening sun down by the canal to find a box that Mark had struggled to find yesterday. It felt good to get out so we could chat without any distractions. So many decisions to make in such a short space of time and the walk was perfect for the whole affair. Belle is still at my Momma's and it felt weird to geocache without her. I took my camera to enjoy the surroundings and it was peaceful and it was the break we both needed.
This canal near a place called bamfurlong is a great stretch of woodland and wildlife. Mark is the wildlife in this picture!
I love taking picture of people in thought. Mark and I had talked so much today, I wonder how he was digesting that in this picture.

I loved this fence made from traintrack sleepers. I walked through brambles just to get this shot. Shots like this make me happy.
I love this shot framed by the bridge. We walked further than you can see in this picture. It blew the cobwebs into oblivion. It was turning a lil chilly at this time and made our cheeks very pink.
Mark found the box straight away today and made his "sign in" very quick as it was getting chillier by the second. We didnt take a token or a lil gizzit. Mark just wanted to get the cache to register his 214th find.
Whilst he fiddled putting the box back, I stepped to the edge of this 40 foot drop. Mark takes me to the most romantic places at times ;)
I loved the angular curve in this photo, Im always trying to find shapes that amuse me. I have no idea why and I don't really do anything with the pictures. Im just fascinated with form.
Later this evening, mark took me out for a meal. I think its the first time we have been out for a meal (on our own) for almost 2 years. We went to Sorrento's in Ashton. The food was absolutely delicious. We talked all day and thought we had stopped. But talk we did most when we were out. "i's" have to be dotted and "t's" have to be crossed. Its a very surreal situation we are dealing with right now and we are trying to protect Ellie from the frenzy of interest in her right now. Had I have known things would have escalated to this, we could have been more prepared. At this stage we have to appoint an agent and a solicitor. Good in some ways, not in others. But at least it might stop the invasion of privacy, shall we say. Juggling the good and the bad is something Im trying so hard to do. The good being a £1000 donation from Ashley Wilson Solicitors today and the bad having to make a decision to drop some commitments. Rock and a hard place springs to mind but family and security is key right now and other than splitting yourself into 5,000 pieces - something really has to give. You think?