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31 Jan 2008

We don't know what to say

but they response to this has been overwhelming. Overwhelming to the point of several outbursts of tears. For good and bad reasons if I am honest. But even from the bad came good so what am I moaning for?
We have reached £1032 as I type ($2000) with donations ranging form a wonderful £2 to a breathtaking £100. I will be going through all the donations today to thank you all personally and I will try my hardest to plough through the many gorgous emails I have received. Even Elie had a few yesterday - she felt so important. Well, she is isnt she?
I have had many offers of hand made mini books to jewellery to handmade aprons to artwork being donated for the grand raffle of all grand raffles (opeThis is not including some samples of new release donations from CHA (which I will collect personally). Maya Road have got some stuff together too! SO FAST! There are people out there organising stamp sales from their own stash to whip rounds at work. I also believe Radio Leeds gave this a shout out - but that is to be confirmed. Radio Leeds? So random and so GOOD!.
At this rate we will be able to register the charity for GOOD which really puts me at ease. Not sure if you are aware but you cannot register a charity until you have raised over £5000 ($10,000 or there abouts). I cannot even register Ellies fund in a "just giving" webpage as you cannot collect for one single person on there. Both Mark and I felt that was so important to point out. And of course we want to make an expenditure list made available to all the donators, should any of them wish to view how we have spent the money (when we do spend it of course).
If you missed what I am talking about - please go to the post below. I will film Ellies progress as we go along and get her to thank you all for everything so far via YOUTUBE clip. I would also like to point out that Ellie practiced what she wanted to say on yesterdays clip but spoke in her usual sweet and shy way - the lines "thank you dearly" we not rehearsed at all.... that wee girl makes me laugh.
Be back soon xx

30 Jan 2008

She's off to Nevada - but we need help :)

Its finally come around to actually plucking the courage to raise money for the lil Bellemeister.

And how we do that? Well, I'll let Belle explain it in a lil message for you all here

(we are loving the "Id thank you so dearly" quote.... and I assure you that was NOT rehearsed!!)

We would not be able to think of such a chance to be seen by professionals in the States hadn't it been for Ruth and Dr Scott Denton. Ruth has been reading my blog and Ellies story for like - ever - and has discussed this matter with her husband and he with his associates. They have offered to see us in various clinics near Las Vegas and our intention is to go in Spring. Its imperative we tray and raise £5,000 and to do this, belle will walk 1 mile. To you or I, 1 mile is nothing but to Ellie its 16 times her capability. She generally manages 100 meters on your average stretch before she needs to use a pushchair.

Going to Nevada may open up new lines of investigation of which we have been told that we have exhausted here. This is unacceptable. We will not sit back and leave belle to get on the way she does now.

I wonder if you could help?

We have set up a website to explain the trust here

We are doing all we can (but moreover, Belle is doing lots of the hard work).

If you could perhaps share the video with your friends or share the cause on your respective blogs. Share the cause on your forums or private yahoo groups- we would LOVE that

Or have a coffee morning/crop raffle. Maybe a whip round at work? Anything you can give, even little pennies, would be so much appreciated :)

In the meantime, Im collating donations from craft suppliers wherever I can (CHA not excluded!!) to build a raffle prize like no other. That will be in addition to the sponsored walk to be held in April. More about that raffle in due course.

Thank you so much :)

Love Kirsty and Mark Wiseman

28 Jan 2008

Getting ready

for Belle's little "revelation" later this week. Im so excited that she is being brave about this new adventure. We are hoping that the generosity of scrap-dom (and everything else-dom) can come to her aid... thats all I can say just now :))
So last night at the reveal at Studio Calico went berserk. The main kit and two add ons sold out in half an hour - thats with a ton of extra's thrown in for coping with an influx of new customers. This kit is da bomb and half. Even my own Momma bought a kit - she set her alarm to get up early to score a kit.... Im so knocked back by her interest in scrapping all of a sudden. Me is one proud daughter :):)
Here is the full reveal of what I maded with the kit. My favvo is the "Combing" layout
and "Curls".
I mean, Im so happy with what I have made in full but we all have a lil sneak favvo - don't we?

Going to go and straighten up my admin - its absolutely disgusting right now!


from email city (see post below).
When kits this good topple the scales of any other kit club in the US - you know you want a piece of the hottest action.
So proud of April and Scarlets vision, creativity and delivery.
Rock on!

27 Jan 2008

you have exactly 3 hours email me for the coupon code to receive $10 off your order at Studio Calico. Ill mail you the code right back (or within a few minutes). Email me here at
The kits go live at midnight (Kentucky, USA time) - which means 6am (tomorrow morning......zzzzzzzzz) UK time. You have to literally "there" at that time to get a chance to snag this months amazing kit.
April and Scarlet have added extras and judging by the amount of newbies over at the Studio Calico forum.... these kits will run out faster than you can say "flamin nora, that was a sale and a half!"

25 Jan 2008

Scientist of the week!

That is my lil lady! She came out of school with a full beam.
I thought she was just displaying that "friday feeling".
So she edged closer to the car and I said "You look happy, sweets".
And she went "AHEM" whilst pointing to a yellow enamelled badge.
I scream "Oh. Em. Gee. How cool is that?"
And she replied "Oh. Em. Gee. I know!"
She got this for impressing the science teacher during their Float and Sink experiments. She put up her hand excitedly and said "Sir - did you know that oranges float but if you peel them, they sink?"
Well I didn't know that. He obv did, he's a god darn scientist!
But my daughter is a wee sponge of late cuz she got that info from the back of a caprisun juice pack only the other day!
I love the story of how she came to get the badge the best.
She said it like this.
"The teacher walked around the room saying he had the the Scientist of the week badge to give out to one brilliant child. I was praying really hard Mum, like you wouldn't believe. I really wanted it more than I ever wanted it and I knew I had a chance. I squeezed my eyes tight and he said that it was being awarded to Ellenor Wiseman. That's me! (no shit, Ellie!!) And then I let all my air out because I was holding my breath"
I heard that about 40 times tonight.
Then Mark gets home and he heard it 40 times too.
Just a lil ole yellow enamelled badge and we get this? PRICELESS!
Went to a charity shop yezzers to check out some books. Am loving charity shops for Sophie Kinsella's, Jodi Picoults and Marian Keyes at a quid a pick. I didn't come out with a book but Belle had herself armed with a dolphin figure for her collecsh and I snagged these Next jeans for £3.49 ......!!!!!I am between sizes so buying brand new jeans at £40 a pop don't make no sense. Mark thinks its minging to wear second hand clothes (and he is not generally a snob) but I don't care. Charity is charity and I need jeans. So these do the trick and real blingers, huh? Then I saw this Nine West designer bag for a measly 99p. Its hardly ever been used. So I gave it a new home. Am feeling virtuous at our total £5.40 spends :
Finally winally, Ive been tagged by sweet Rachel. I get tagged like a million times a week and just never get around to fulfilling the quest (soz!). But rach caught me in a tres good mood (as Im knee deep in balancing the books for my tax return so really - Im not in that much of a good mood). She wants me to name my top 5 songs and why. Well here they are:

Pretty Green Eyes by Ultrabeat (click here to hear it)

This is a ring tone on both Mark's and my phone. This is Mark's song that he thinks describes me (please try not to puke). We both LOVE this song more than life itself. Groovy funky beat that we cook together to and laugh our heads off into the bargain.

Im Alive by Celine Dion (click here to hear it)

This is mine and belles song. WE sing tis full blast in the car - its our feel good song. If ever I could make one record for HER Id probably screech my way through this one. This song is everything to both of us :)

Motorcycle Emptiness by The Manic Street Preachers (click here to hear it)

Im a TOTAL manic's fan. Im the best there is if fan clubs ever measured my love for them. I love love love love love love love love love them. And James, the lead looks fit as fudge in that video.

Mothers Pride by George Michael (click here to hear it)

Makes me cry everytime I think of it let alone hear it. I demand you listen to it (excuse the crappy intro). Its haunting and beautiful in the same breath

Don't stop believing by Journey (click here to hear it)

Whenever I go to America I always hear this song and I just LOVE it - so much Im busting that you go and listen to it. Its a song I heard years ago in the UK and forgot all about it until I went to America (and Ive been 5 times.... 6 if you count CHA this February!)

I could go on forever with my favvo songs but these ones pretty much cut the top 5. Im going to tag all you music loving dudes and link me back so i can go and check you out!


23 Jan 2008

This Girl

is about to embark on something truly beyond her capabilities. She might need some help from me and moreover - you! Anyone who knows Belle's story might empathise. Im sorry I speak in code but all will become a lil clearer once the "i's" are dotted and the "t's" are crossed.
Plodding on..........
Its Sta-Yoooooodio Calico sneak a roo time. These kits go live on 27th Jan at midnight (that 6am to early bird uk girls). April and Scarlett have budgeted for a rush and with the beautious quality of the kits, Im not suprised. Quality as standard, you won't be disappointed.

Going to hibernate some more although the sun did come out for a nano second today which gave me the vitamin C boost I was lacking :)

22 Jan 2008

Dark, Dank Days

Pooey - I hate January.

I hate January more than I hate brussel sprouts and that means its A LOT.

Brussel sprouts are the kind of devilish poison that any smug mother can bestow upon their child's Christmas dinner. You wouldn't think that a lil green veggie could ruin Christmas or indeed your life. But it does and it kind of still haunts me to this very day. They say that a sprout is for Christmas not for life. I say a sprout desecrates christmas and your life. And so does January (Sick and tied of you hanging on me - to quote a line from a song!)

Its dark, wet, miserable and makes me feel that way.

Look, its turned me into a reet miserbale cow -> :( :( :( :(

Now there is a sad looking collection of unhappy smileys.

I have not get up and go - I just want to vegetate under a lil blanket and go to sleep until March (Ok, might wake up for my birthday in Feb so I can open all 3 of my cards). Yesterday I had so many plans to get stuff finished off but after our carpet was installed, the daylight diminished underneath the black of the rain so I snuggled up on the sofa and waited for Belle to finish school. I didn't feel ill or anything but I just felt lethargic and ugh ... I don't know. There was no decent light for HSMS picture taking neither. It truly was a waste of a day.

When I woke up and felt the slight breeze of being human, I went to inspect the carpet even though the carpet man had left some 4 hours previous. I really love how our room has come together after carefully choosing colours. I originally wanted chocolate brown and mint, then that changed to caramel and chocolate but now - erm....its caramelly cream. FOOD! lol.

Ive yet to make the curtains which is a big job for me as Im a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing. My friend Jane who is into some serious interior design (she recently took a 2 week opportunity to work with Kelly Hoppen) and designs show home interiors has given me some fab ideas for my window dressing so that's the next biggy thingy for me to attack. Thanks Jane :)

Almost finished my months quota at Studio Calico. I managed to make all my layouts over at my Momma's which I loved. I love scrapping with other people and when I'm home (in my room on my own) - I don't know, I just struggle. I think its because I like company so much and being with momma meant it gave me chance to chat and laugh whilst I cut and stick. The kit this month is so clever, I didn't have trouble with it at all.

Finally I have that list of all the female generations dating back to 1755 that I was going to share. I'm working on collating some pictures ( I think we have up to the year 1837). This is so exciting and I cant wait to scrap them :) So starting with my daughter we have:

Ellenor Wiseman 1995

Kirsty Kinroy 1971 (me!)

Hazel Reed 1948 (Mum)

Irene Stones 1924 (Grandmother) - one of 12 children!!!

Alice Metcalfe 1889 (Great Grandmother)

Sarah Ann Wild 1860 (Great Great Grandmother) - Sarah was just that - WILD!!

Dorothy Perritt 1837 (Great Great Great Grandmother)

Margaret Ord 1813 (Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Dorothy Hawkins 1787 (Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Dorothy King 1755 (Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Its down and thanks to the Latter Day saints registers that we are able to trace our family history so effectively, hence the Mormon religion being quite prominent in the success of Scrapbooking as it is today. Good stuff.

Whilst at my parents this weekend, my Dad drove me around all the houses he grew up in around Bridlington. Its weird that they have lived there this past 10 years and that I have never been to see dad's old homes. I got some shots to make into a little keepsake for him but interestingly when he lived at no46 Horsforth Avenue, we could still make out that my Grandmother - Barbara Kinroy, had inscribed her initials into the brick work. So cool! When I got home belle said to me "You like taking a trip down memory lane, don't you?". I love that she noticed that but I love the fact she knew what Memory Lane meant. She suprises me all the time, that sweet girl of mine.G

oing to get off this darn computer and get on with some work. Not that I am in the mood for doing any but its what keeps the cogs turning :)

21 Jan 2008

Home bird

Just got back from my Mommas.
We went to go and enjoy the Johan Strauss Gala in Hull on Saturday night and it was just the best thing Ive done in a long time. Not only were we in one of the best accoustics halls in the country but the music was awesome. Total and utter value for money, flipping well handsome composer, dancers in crinolin ball gowns, operatics and lots of clapping to the Rudetzky march.
Im too tired to go into too much detail but this weekend was fab for more genealogy (Mum has given me a list of female relations going back to 1755! I have facts about my great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother.) Im so lucky to have an active geanologist and my mum has a ton and I mean a ton of information about our family. Ive seen many birth, deaths and marriage certificates. Details of illigitimacy, prostitution, disabilities, drink problems, illiteracy - oh yes, we have it all. Am I ashamed? Am I nuts, no! These figures shaped our lives and formed our history - you know the stuff that books are made of? I have a family history that I can share with my future generations with photos and certificates. This is so GOOD!

I'll leave you with the winner of the SC Coupon...... Masso congratcho to Bekkababes of Kentucky (no less!). You win the $10 off SC Goodness. Thank you to all that gave it a try!

19 Jan 2008

Digi Tutorials

I have had a number of emails this week enquiring whether I am running the Digi tutorials again. I have no idea why I have had so many queries - perhaps with the the launch of Prima Hybrid (which is so cool - some real fabulous designers collaborate under the Prima header). Who knows. But anyway, they are always available to buy HERE as a one chunk download that includes 6 easy peasy lemon squeezy lessons. Teach yourself how to make your own papers and embellies, blog headers, digi scrap (of course), alter colours, use vector masks, clipping tools, work within layers and much much more. The lessons are explained without heavy text and masses of pictorial explanations and in 20 minutes of opening lesson one - you will have the basic concept of how a page works. **Note: The tutorial caters for Photoshop and Elements users only.

Will be announcing the lucky $10 voucher

17 Jan 2008

Studio Calico apparel

OOOOh looksie what I got!

Snug lil tee's that fit where they touch!! My curves super amplified in SC goodness....... rawr rawr! Its quite the picture wiggling my wares in the mirror and hearing hubby's jaw smacking the floor!!!

Also I have a $10 off voucher for anyone who comments here with "I wants some of that SC goodness". The voucher entitles the owner to $10 off any purchase from Studio Calico before 13th Feb.
**ETA - Poop oopy doo...... I meant to say I have one voucher for one lucky person who says "I want the SC Goodness". Belle will pull your name out of an AMM tote bag over t'weekend. Do forgive my mistake. Im pretty high on wall paper paste... cuckooooooo.

16 Jan 2008

Going Dutch

I was so honoured to be asked by Corinne Delis to participate in her sketch column in the dutch "Scrap!" magazine for this month. I came up with this - Ive been dying to share it because I made it whilst I was at my mums and my mum had hardly any scrap supplies at that time. I raided her small stash and used Bo Bunny papers from 3,000 years ago then ran to the nearest haberdashery shop and bought fab buttons and threads and spotty ribbon. I love it so much becuase of the limited supplies I had - it made me think real hard. But I do hate the poor lighting in the country right now so do excuse the blue hue in the photo.
Hmmmm.... what else? Oh yes - been loving this on the TMF music channel (that I have blaring on all day whilst I work). It makes me happy.... thats gotta be a good thing after a hellish week. Want this to be a number one - its hauntingly boppy! Do have a lil listen.

Today we wall papered our bedroom. Big wow, I hear you say. Well I have never wall papered EVER in my whole entire 36 years. I thought that becuase I love to play with paper on a daily basis that I would at least like it. Poo to that. It was complete gaybar pants. Both Mark and I did a GREAT job but jeez, why does there happen to be a bit of room that has juts and odd angles that require guestimations of quantum physic proprtions? I made only a few teeny tears, cried a few tears, threatened to kill mark a million times, throw my teddies out of my pram, pull my hair out and almost dial out for a professional. I know Im having a whinge but bloody hell, it was not fun at all. The last time we decorated the house we got Marks poppa to hang the wallpaper.

That was a good move back then! Still, its done and all we need is our bedroom carpet to be fitted and we are done. Two rooms done, only 3 more to do. Deep joy!

15 Jan 2008

Create and be happy

Taking my mind off things and making stuff.

I took a call late last night from a dear friend who lightened the load and took my mind off the situation. I think she saved my night :)

So this is my ode to the world of scrapping - a world that allows you to relax, relieve pent up tension and make history in the bargain.

Im so grateful I found this hobby.

Its probably the personal rehab I need right now!


Without further ado, here is my first contribution to Scrapbook Mates DT.

I got my box of delights at the weekend and fell in love with these Chatterbox papers. I hated Chatterbox at the start (3 years ago to be precise) but their last season of papers (you know, the rooms!) were just fabbo. Completely timeless. Although not your average BG or Hambly - they fit my non consistent style. Plain one minute, messy the next. I scrap based on mood and on this latest offering I crammed the page to empty my head.

This is Mark and I in 1995 - when I was preggo with belle. Titled "In Bloom", its a photo Ive been dying to scrap for ages. Im one of those girls that uses a photo to matchthe papers. Are you like that or the other way round? Anyhoo, if you wanna see some more daily inspiration from Scrapbook Mate - go check them out here :) They have something new everyday from the Scrapbook Mate shop that includes many of your fave suppliers.

Id also like to take a line or two to thank you for making such supportive comments in light of yesterday. Also to the specialists and Doctors who have contacted me with regards to tone, manner and explanations - in their own, sweet way. You made me feel lighter and for that I am very very very grateful :) If I could do anything for you guys at anytime - you let me know, right?

14 Jan 2008

Cruel but not kind

I have just about enough of the NHS.
As I have younger readers on this blog I wont use profanity to express my sheer disgust but I will lay my feelings down if its the last thing I do in my life. If I take my last breath tonight I know that I will have tried my best but it seems it just wasn't good enough.
For 11 solid years I have taken my dear girl to and fro from hospitals across the length and breadth of England. From tertiary to specialists hospitals and from community and outreach centres to minor and major clinics. Reckoning up, we have been to see a doctor about 140 times with regards to Ellies problems. I felt it my important duty to make sure that we had done our best so that when she spreads her teeny wings, she could do so independently, proudly and confidently. You know, get her sorted, secure the problem and seek a solution.
But today we were handed the hammer to beat our last coffin nail in the whole of our 11 years hard work when the doctor told me straight in the eye - what you see is what you get. The moment those words left his lips, my head began to spin. You know the kind of scenes in a film where someone is confused or just been delivered bad news. Well it really happened. Im not kidding. The blood rushed from my head to my heart to my fingers and toes. And whilst Mark was sat next to me, nodding his head in agreement - well, I just wanted to kill them both. And whilst it does not compute that the Doctor and Mark are actually right, I will remain defiant. My response to the Doctor was that I found it unacceptable to let Ellie continue to live her life with deformed feet, weight issues etc etc. I'm sure Ive bored you all to death with other little things that build the puzzle that is my daughter. Would YOU allow a child continue living a life with feet like this?
I am drowning in my own emotions. I think the whole situation is going to get me banged up in some form of rehab. So come on, why not beat me whilst I'm down. Who else wants to add their penny's worth? Smack blogs? Anyone? The time is ripe to strike. And then....whoa... get add insult to injury - this heart problem of Ellie's that had been detected before Christmas (actually we have been suspicious of it since 2004) Oh yes! he heard it alright! For 4 years we have lived with an audible squeak from Ellies heart that no other Doctor had ever heard before. I mean, we went to query the problem but all the peads and even the two heart specialists couldn't "hear" it. And then Dr "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" hears it today and said he wouldn't push the issue just yet explaining that its just a pericardial rub. Is that acceptable/normal in 12 year old girl?
Venting this has made me feel so much better, if Im honest BUT this book is not closed yet.

12 Jan 2008

Best two days

Im back to a lubbly clean house (but still messy from decorating... even wallpaper is being peeled off as we speak which is freaking me out).

I flopped on the sofa with mark after a 2 hour journey home from Momma's and my fammus lunch. We caught up on three Shameless episodes from season one. I'm seriously loving the writing of that programme and the raw and gritty portrayal of life up north. Its pure class.

So my lunch? Well, I wasn't a lady wot lunched in Harvey Nicks after all. I arrived in Leeds (late) due to some fair built trucker trying to change his wheel on the hard shoulder with his bum crack putting me off my concentration. As I was being all ladylike and snooting my nose up in the air I pretended I was in a nightmare from the previous night. So I arrived to find that my business associate had wandered off to find herself a moderately priced coffee house. I hadn't even taken my mobile as I couldn't find the damn thing and the charge had run out (you so know the scenario, don't you?). I had to then ring home, get mark to log on to her website to get her number. Then I rang her number as found she was a fair walk from Harvey Nicks at coolio number at Cafe Roma. Why is my life such the drama? We sat sown and went through some cool stuff and I mean uber damn scrapability coolioness. Our mission then was to hunt out some packaging solutions. So it was back to Harvey Nicks to go on a spying mission. We considered having lunch whilst there but with Foie Gras this and Chatuea neuf vin du pap that at £30 a head (twas not my idea of fun - even if it proved my fur-coat-no-knickers theory). I'm a northern bird, I cant pretend that I have balsamic vinegar and crunchy rock salt on my french fries (I have salt and vinegar on me chips instead) nor do I have truffles with my eggs and bacon. I is what I is - a northern bird. And besides, I prefer to cook all that schmancy stuff for less at home. Anyways, we ended up slumming it at House of Fraser which still made me cough at the price of a fancy toastie. It was all good in the end.

I got to my Mommas at tea time Thurs where she had my favourite Pork in Cider dish ready for me. Its so good to have my momma to myself. Normally I have belle with me (with whom she smothers) and I don't get a look in. My momma sure knows how to pamper me. Also had a good old cosy on the sofa and fab convo with dad. We are so passionate about memories in our house, Im constantly begging them to regale me of their youth. So much so that my Poppa has started to journal his days in the Navy. I kindly gave myself permission to take these photos whilst he was at work (cheers dad!!!). My Dad was telling me about how, when he went to join the navy he sat on the train with lad he met at Manchester station. There were a ton of Nozzers (new lads) travelling down together but he and this lad were chatty from the start. It turns out this lad was in the next bed space to him and a year or so later, when my father joined HMS Ark Royal who was there to greet him? yep - the same lad again. I just LOVE listening to all the stuff both my parents got up to.

Both of them had completely different upbringings. My mother's upbringing was under the rule of an angry father but shadowed carefully under the loving wing of her mother who was paralysed down one side from a stroke. I remember both my mothers parents. I do remember my grandfather being a very headstrong man who liked a beer or two. And my darling grandmother who adored her grandchildren and who allowed us bake the BEST Christmas cakes, bath in her Belfast sink in the kitchen and give us the best cuddles you could ever wish to receive. She died when I was 5 but I have beautiful memories of her. My grandfather died when I was 19 and although he was a very strict, angry if not bitter man - I have memories which I hold dear.

My father lead a more privileged upbringing and in his younger years was brought up by his own grandparents as his parents suffered a messy divorce. My father idolised his grandparents who in turn thought of my father as the "apple of their eyes". My father doesn't go into too much detail about his youth, which is a shame as one seems to think that he also suffered the hardships of a bitter divorce. My feelings are that the adult life is just reminiscent of days gone by and its the "holding on to your youth" that shapes your life as an adult. Both my parents divulge as much as I ask and this week I begged them to jot down their memoirs for me. I'm desperate for these precious memories so that I can sit Belle down and glorify their history to her. I think its vitally important, don't you?
On Friday i had pretty much a lie-in of all lie ins. Mum brought me tea and toast in bed - I swear I thought I had died and gone to heaven. By lunch time we ventured out down to a notorious coffee house in Bridlington to chat. Tophams coffee house is over 60 years old with original features both in and outside. The glass painting on this mirror had only been painted over once since it first opened - i just love how these features are so well preserved.
The owner went on to tell us a ton of stuff about the history of the gaffe and told me a little bit about this tiny piece of glassware here. This is a penny licker. And........?

This is just so cool. Years ago, before sugar cones or cornets - ice cream houses served ice cream in bowls. But for a penny you could have a wee scoop in this "penny licker", lick it off and the vendor would wash the licker in readiness for the next kid with a penny. Its just oh-so-cool that the owner would part with such memories of his famous parlour. I love that the original clock STILL works, I love the kitsch blue paint and the mosaic mirrored splash backs on the "knickerbocker glory" glass shelves too.

You can feel the era of the joint as soon as you walk in. If ever you are in Bridlington, hunt out "Tophams" ice cream and coffee bar. And if Im ever in Bridlington and you are there too, Id love to take you there myself (Im there next week actually, as Im off to the Johann Strauss concert with mum).

So I arrived back home Friday and Saturday I was expecting a visit from my sister and her two kiddlies. At about 11am I got a call from my brother asking if he could come over too with his wife and unbeknown to my sis, came he did. I was so excited because its is so RARE for all three of us to be together. We spent a few brief moments together at his wedding last year and even fewer moments at my nephews christening the year previous. I am not going to disguise the fact that we have all had our quarrels over the years but last year I made a promise to myself to hang on to the ones I love. Life is too short for silly fall outs and misunderstandings. We all had a great 24 hours playing with the kids, on the Wii, playstation Buzz, eating a monster chinese take out. Nothing fancy, no time spent slaving over meals, the time was best spent just chilling out. I got the pictures I wanted but I cant share the ones of my sister as she is averse to public identity (no, she isn't on the run!). I got this smashing picture of belle in all the proceedings. Im getting a bit used to this peculiar face she keeps pulling but seeing is she is the cutest thing on this planet, I'll allow her to keep pulling it!

Also when I got home there was this monster box of delights waiting for me, shrouded in a glow of light and tingling from beauty locked from within. To those that subscribe to Studio Calico or indeed thinking about it. Let me tell you this (and I now I say it EVERY month but......)





10 Jan 2008

Lady that lunches

Im a lady that will lunch today.

Im just bobbing over to Harvey Nicks (darling!) for a lil business meeting. I can see it now - Earl Grey, open prawn sandwich and a massive piece of lardy cake whilst I conceal the fact Im wearing an Asda tunic and Dotty P's trousers. Oh yes, it all fur coat and no knickers in this house but who cares? **Note to self: Don't wear jewellery that I won in some christmas cracker. Talking of crackers, I could always wear one of those fab plastic moustaches you get in them from time to time. How I lobe for those plastic lips too.

And then, if that doesn't get any better I have an unplanned but fun visit to my parents afterwards for the night.

Here are a few cards I made with a few fine things I received from Emma Collins at Design Objectives. There are some seriously snazzy papers from Papaer Mania going down right now which I have lavishly used on these babies.

Got to go and file my only remaining long nail and check my hair for lice - don't want to get chucked out of Harvey Nicks and bring the whole establishment in to disrepute.

8 Jan 2008


WHY have I never seen this before?
I watched an episode last week (season 4) and laughed all the way through and then watched another tonight. Its fabulous northern humour (the best!!). Then Mark tells me there is the option to watch all the back catalogue episodes on Virgin's on demand! That's practically 30 hours of previous Shameless to catch up on. We watched the first ever episode late tonight and plan to catch up on the rest over the course of the next few weeks. Are any of you "shameless" fans?
Had pretty much a non productive day as I cannot shake this stinking lergy which saw me rise at 10am and back to bed at 12 noon and up at 4pm this afternoon. I feel so groggy. The plan to beat this into submission starts tomorrow when I go to the gym to ease it all off. That, coupled with a trip to collect our bedroom wallpaper should map the day out instead of trying to sleep it all off. And then on Thursday Im off to Harvey Nicks in Leeds to meet for a business lunch! It sounds all too exciting to be true so I have to shift this dreaded bronchial wot-not so that I can be a lady that lunches!
I did however, in all my snotsville, manage to make a layout in the small hours of yesterday of which I love as Im really enjoying using all my paints up. The small circles were created by dipping the ranger dabber lids into paint and "stamping" the effect on my razzle bazzill.
Picture is of belle on holiday - her holiday togs were lil show stealers and people would often ask where we got some of her clothes from. H&M baby!

7 Jan 2008

Me is loving Piccalilli but it make me siccalilli

So I got up late to sleep off, what I hoped was, the end of my lergy infestation. Mark got Belle ready for school AND - get this - brushed her hair.


And I slept right through it.

I hauled up my enormous booty at a luxurious 10am, had a little toast and a cup of tea then set about getting my life back in order. I took pictures for HSMS, I caught up with emails and assignments and I tidied around a little. I made a few cards for Quick and Crafty magazine using a bunch pf papers that I got from Charmed Cards and Crafts. Have you seen how much a slice of Wild Saffron papers costs? 36p!!!! K&Co have really got their act together - this range of papers are SCRUMSH! there is a sale at Charmed cards right now!
Come mid afternoon I got a little peckish and scoured the fridge for something to put between two slices of bread. I spied my favvo spreadable Piccalilli. How I love piccalilli. Mum, don't I love piccalilli?

And they make it spreadable now... no gory hidden chunks of cauliflower (BAWK) and whole gherkins (double blech). It's all nice lil minced pieces of veg in a mustardy sauce. Its the next best thing to fish finger sangers. Gives you whiffy breath, mind, but the total savoury burst gives your hunger a kick and a bigger kick off from the sweet tooth monster. Oh yeah. Only, now - a few hours later..... I feel ick. I have checked the date of the piccalilli and its still ok to eat. I just think now it was too soon to going back to strong flavours after the dreaded lergy. And now I keep getting those "vom" burps. The kind of which you cannot determine whether you are going to chuck up or suffer perpetual acid burps that emulate halitosis. I know it sounds crude but I also know you also have had the same kind of thing of late. Don't tell me you haven't.

So piccalilli is off the menu this week.Other news.


How did I deal with tolerance today? (other than saying no to the fridge when Piccalilli calls out my name).

I tolerated the Wifi going belly up without moaning and I tolerated Marko moaning at me because my christmas gifts were still on the dressing table, which incidentally, is being sold with all our other pieces of pine furniture (we have gone fitted, you know). Im quite sad about it really as the top draw of my dresser was used when Belle was a baby. It was an empty drawer that I lined with a pillow and lay her there when I sat to brush my hair after a shower or apply my makeup (oh the shame of a new momma wearing make up). She lay there so snug and watched me and I would peep at her between brushes and kiss her all the time. I loved that I could do that then. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. Obv can't do that now without her having a little moan and grouch.

Finally, I is drumming up a bit of support to get the gilrs (and boy!!!) back on track over at HSMS. Almost all the regs are back, Todays word was Fold and here is what I maded.The times I got into trouble for doing this in English Literature class (when I was supposed to be reading along to the BORINGNESS that was Macbeth....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) was unreal. As much as English language was my favvo subject, Im afraid literature was not! I was still obsessed with Enid Blyton and faced with the fact I had to read "proper" books like Animal Farm, 1984 and erm, Kez (!!!) just didn't cut it for me. Wouldn't it be great if we could have had books like Marian Keyes chick lits and Bridget Jones Diary? I'd like to meet Mr Nerd Pants who chooses the likes of Orson Wells for 14 year old kids who just want to grow up and be an air stewardess?

Anyway, gotta go. I have a complete (and unabridged version) of Twelfth Night in (latin) to read ;)... tee hee.

6 Jan 2008

Tolerance being tested

I took belle and myself out of this germ infested pit to blow the stink out of my soul, put some pinkness in belles cheeks and feed the birds. I brought the cameras with us to get close with some wildlife (belle is begging for a new screen savers and animals are what she likes best). We, of course, ventured over to our favourite reserve at the 3 Sisters park. This meant taking the pushchair as belle can't quite manage distances over 100 metres at the best of times. Nothing new to us really, the pushchair is part of Belle lil life.
I took some great shots but a lot were in soft focus because of the poor winter light. My zoom lens is not exactly fast (given F5.6 at the longest range - it was pants to say the least). I did manage to grab a few sweet shots to remind me of how life was so kind until 5 minutes after the last picture.

Just as I was strolling into the car park with Ellie there were two boys taking off their wellies at the back of their parents cars. The screwed up their faces as they realised that Belle was probably a bit too big for a pushchair. Now these boys looked old enough to realise that Maclaren Strollers in belles size are not actually toddler pushchairs (belles is a prescribed chair less conspicious than a wheelchair which I refuse to have just yet). They nudged each other and laughed like little horned devils. Well, my defence mechanisms came throttling through the heavens and I had to clamp my teeth over my tongue to tell them to stop being so mean. I tried with all my might and passed with flying colours as I didn't say a word or even acknowledge that they were there. I have learned through my own daughter that I CAN tolerate ignorance. When I chose this word to feature in my resolutions I knew I'd have a problem with other people's ignorance. I just wasn't expecting it so soon after 1st January.

Soon after belle and I had driven away from these sorry souls I asked her how she felt and she said she felt nothing. She said she didn't feel good nor bad - she said she felt normal.

And really, she is.

With ruby red rosebud lips on top.

Give me a slightly fragile sweetheart over devil horned ignorance anyday.

Finally, I wanted to pass my condolences on the Christine whose darling husband Eric lost his fight for life yesterday afternoon. Christine has been documenting erics final days with us on her blog and as much as we all knew this day would come, Im finding it hard to accept.

Know you were loved Christine for he lives on through Ethan