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31 Oct 2007


Well we managed a massive 2 visits to our house tonight! Perhpas this sign scared them away, who knows......

As we are tucked away in the corner of a wee cul de sac and only 9 houses upon it, we seem to get forgotten. All our neighbours are drawing pensions as it is and as you know, kids give those kind of houses a bit of a wide berth. I like to think that if your lights are out then don't come knocking. Ours were on but you cannot seem them past the end of the street. I think next year we shall go abducting the local children and force them to take our sweeties!

No matter, we had a great time dressing up and visiting neighbouring streets. My lil lady's grab bag is packed to the rafters with sweeties, chickie and pennies plus with our contribution to the "non visitors" adds extra cavities to that. So all of her teeth will fall out by November but hey, she will be so happy!

Made my first layout yesterday for a dutch magazine courtesy of Corinne Delis. Have you seen how the Dutch scrap? They are streets ahead of whereever I will try to be. I feel very lucky to be asked - so thanks Corinne.

And today I can show a full reveal of the kit at Scrap Studio. The colours are so beautiful this month - I didnt want the kit to end. Crocheted flowers and blling with huge blooms made my eyes widen to the point of popping from their sockets. Loved this kit so much that I want to do it again.

Found out today I didnt make it to the last round of LSS. Thats contests for you, you cant win them all (I cant win any!!) but I sure as heck love every page I do no matter if its for kits, clubs, classes or for other people. A layout a day keeps the doctor away.

Or does it?

Went to give blood samples to check for inflammation cell thingies and the phlebotomist found a vein which decided to give up mid flow. So she stuck the needle in further and further and then further. Im sure she was a milimetre from the bone before it dawned on her that I wasn't parting with any blood from my left arm. Mmmm, couldnt wait for her to stab me again and take 3 fat whoppers of syringes of my good A pos. It better come back with a negative for all that!

And finally. David Platt. What a little sod. And whats worse is that I know somebody just like him and all

We adore them

We, especially she, adores them.
They are my momma and pappi (mum and dad of course, but we use belle's pet names for us - for them!).
Can you see the absolute delight in that little girls face of mine?
And I had to tear her away from them today which makes me a little sad.
I love going to my momma's. She just cracks me up. Big, fat belly laughs of stupidness that absolutely nobody but us would ever understand. No excuses, no airs or graces - just gut busting sillyness wrapped up in love.
Miss you already momma. Miss you just as much, Pappi.
Roll on Christmas Eve when we get to spend 3 days of selfish days of eating crap and laughing at all of us trying to play Wii after a few christmas spirits ;)

30 Oct 2007


I am wasted on energy.

Laughed so hard today that the walnut juddered in my sternum.

Im also still at my momma's and this PC is pants.

So Im off to bed.

To re-energise.

29 Oct 2007

Weekend at my folks.......

Its time for me to stock up on Momma and Pappi love and where else better to stock up than at their house full of respite and laughter.

Man I have had some reet belly laughs this weekend.

Mark, belle and I ventured over this weekend to mark the start of Belles school hols. Momma and Dad live over by the sea in Bridlington and there is always so much to do. The promenade walk, the beach, the amusements, the fair, the town and the sea air. Love it lots.

I love late nights with my mum as we watch old movies or somehow manage to put ourselves through the best of Torville and Deans run of fame. And we love the movie "Whilst you were sleeping". We know the script backwards but its gotta be done, especially whilst eating absolute lard and drinking an endless cup of tea. And we are always discussing our fave scene before it happens. We tell each other the most stupidest jokes, laugh at each others burps and only tonight I was making some cards and thought Id tape some spare double sided tape over my top lip. I dared myself to pull it off like a waxing strip and was horrified to find about 8 whiskers on there. I had no idea I had a discreet feminine moustache and almost died from both shame and laughter. Then mum had a go and quadrupled my whisker score. My eyes widened from sheer horror..... she too has a discreet feminine moustache. We were bent over laughing so hard, I thought my lumpy walnut would explode. Not long after waxing our upperlip area-age, I decided I needed some pop from the shop. Before I went out, Mum looked at me and saw my top lip area and cracked up laughing. It was red raw and practically throbbing. Who cares I thought and went to the shop anyway.

Mark, Dad and I went out on Saturday night for, like, the first time ever since the smoking ban came in. It was great to go out smoke free and in the company of some crooner doing a turn at the Montfort public house. Mark is not a fan of your average rockerfella dressed up to the nines in a black suit with fake red satin hanky in his top pocket, gangster type shoes and a mullet that can only be described as a Rod Stewart style syrup from 1973. Oh he was really putting on the charm to an audience of 5 in the bar before the throng of over 60's piled in for their weekly pint of black and tan (that's stout and bitter to the untrained bar tender). He was the type of singer that, in between each song, made some derogatory "in joke" with a member of the audience that made no sense to anyone and you could tell because he continued the joke with a nervous laugh hoping that everyone would just laugh anyway - you know what I mean don't you? He wasn't half belting out some fantastic 60's tunes of which I knew words to almost all of them. The guy really got the crowd going with his knees trembling a la Elvis and the odd cheeky wink at some passing bird on the way to the bog.

Dad was in his element regaling stories of his youth. I love listening to my Mum and dad talking about their stint from the late 40's to the present but I espesh love the 60's era of their lives. My Dad was in the Royal Navy and travels west from Norway to New Zealand and so he would tell us all about shore leave and the stuff that only young lads out on the beer got up to. I must write this all down in full one day, I just don't want to forget every little thing he did. Oh I was in love with my night out, Im such a people watcher. Espesh as we sat opposite the doors to the loo's which had a step down and had me almost choking on my drink as they tripped down it.

Ive so much more to share about my fab weekend with my lovely, gorgeous parents. perhaps more tomorrow. In the meantime here are some snap shots of this weekend that sums up just the best weekend you could ever have:

PJ's all day Sunday whilst the boys Geocache in the rain (mwahahahahaha)

Momma in her nightie all day too (its like I get vaildation for my slovenliness when she is also in her nightwear on a dreary day) Hum, Momma? You didnt brush your hair - I LOVE IT!

Mark scanning far away shores for our dream holiday next year. Maldives is on the Menu thus far but Im pinning my hopes on a Safari for Belle to enjoy.

My SPS for Her Space- My Space. Fortch I can laugh at myself - I look like I have one tooth!

I love to catch Belles feet dangling off chairs, spesh when she has groovacious socks like these.

And now its late after watching the most funniest movie ever - Rita, Sue and Bob too. As I am a yorkshire lassy, I can vouch for the "feel" of that film. Talking of Yorkshire, my mum burnt the yorkshire puddings today but once doused in beef and onion gravy - they were blummin gorgous.

26 Oct 2007

Deck your Chest...

...with lace and ribbon, la-la-la..laaaaaaaaaa
You spend ages decorating the little buggers - but do you check?

This is my page of, ahem, SUPPORT for this worthy cause here

Normally I say "Thanks for Looking" when I upload. Now Im not so sure (Dad, Brother, Mark etc......blush!).

25 Oct 2007

Scrap Studio and stuff

All these studio's!!

Scrap Studio's turn today.... me is a happy scrapper.

Lots of pages made for my albums.


All full of the bestest scrappiest of yumminess this side of t'Pennines.

I also happen to be in love with Mandy's kit vision. Kits put together with My Minds Eye's Bohemia range echoes the warmer side of Autumn. There are a few extra kits aside from the subscription reserves. Grab one whilst there a a few left - I promise you will not be disappointed with the fabric brads, gorgeous buttons, swirly chipboard, blinging ruby gems, silk blooms and papers. Its one of the dreamiest kits I have had so far and used to the hilt. Sigh. Kits come and go and I love them all so much! And whats more, the hunt is on for guest DT's all the time. fancy having your work displayed in their monthly glossy magazine? Ooooh the glamour!

The layout below is for the LSS, round 3. Im keeping my fingers crossed its good enough to get into the final round next week. Ill bust my intestines if I do. Mmmmmmm. Not one to be disheartened (much!) I simply cannot compare to the work on the gallery over here. I am just one of those girls who is sucker for those type of layouts. They are heartbreakingly amazing - really they are.

And finally.

Have any of you scrapped your bazongas/breasts/boobs/top trees/knockers (I LOVE that last word!) Its all in aid of breast cancer and the aim to promote women into regularly checking their mammory glands. I mean - they are permanently attached, a constant reminder of your feeding days, growing pains, naughty nights of fun - why should forget to check them? We brush our teeth as a matter of course, why not give them a little attention before any small changes become big changes? Did you know that 1000 women in the UK die every MONTH from this diease. That sis not goodAnyhoo, get your layout done by the 31st and be in for chance to win some wonderful prizes donated by some of our fave suppliers/manufacturers. Ive even donated a kit made from my very own supplies (choc bar included!) So get your 36D's (or whatever) over HERE

24 Oct 2007

Studio Calico

This months kit was just as juicy as last months kit. I'm so happy that I get to play with really fantastic products, with all mixed up manufacturers products that you just wouldn't think of buying in one shopping spree and yet matches so harmoniously in one effortless swoop.
I imagine that some people think I have to/I am bound to/I ought to say such nice things about these kits. After all I am employed to do the kits justice and on a great deal of trust. But seriously, I wouldn't have applied for a dreamy DT like this if I hated the content or their philosophy. Plus the other DT girls are all hard core "focus on feature" designers whose attention to detail is awe inspiring. I still don't think I match their standards - I urge you to click on the links to the left here of the Studio Calico DT and have a look at their sneaks too.
These are my little teasers.

April and Scarlet, Studio Calico's owners love us to show sneak peeks to whet the appetite of their kit clubbers. The full revelation of the entire kit goes out on the 28th and then its a mad rush for a first come, first served opportunity to grab this cleverly-put-together boxes of delight. I managed to make 8 projects with one sheet of card stock and 4 papers untouched along with some embellies to make more and more stuff.

I'm so inspired by these kits - question is.... are you?

23 Oct 2007

She. Is. Excellent.

Parents evening, for us - in the past, was usually the same.

In primary school we got the the same thing - Ellie could do better, Ellie struggles with this, Ellie doesn't sit still (she can't and never has... involuntary muscle spasms you know, they were so insensitive). Ellie fidgets. Ellie is a likable child but she can't cope with the workload. Blah blah blah.

I'm not going to lie about her abilities and I never have, Ive always explained it straight on my blog (for my own prosperity).

Not that she is a let down.

No way!

Just that some kids get it and some just don't.

Ellie generally doesn't.

So I wasn't expecting too much of Ellie at the parents evening tonight. Ellie plods on, we accept that. Anything less we can address but anything more is a bonus.


How many excellents can a child get on a record sheet? (School and address erased for obv reasons)

Those exasperating 5 minutes with her form tutor, Mademoiselle Biggins were precious, joyous, exhilarating. You could have bottled up the beam on Belles face and ignited a thousands flames from it. My child was a champion for those 5 illustrious minutes and remained to be so jubilant afterwards.
Belle works well within her ability. Her ability is very low but she is really trying. She is trying because she loves the school she attends and the school love her. They have amazing systems in place for her, nothing is too much trouble, all questions answered.

My child will grow because of this school. She won't mark time and just "be". sat in a corner trying to keep up is a thing of the past.

Despite some ugly behind the scenes stuff here at home - this evening has put a ki-bosh on the whole damn lot. It kind of puts your life into amazing perspective and allows you to focus on the good things in life.

Ellie is the good thing in my life. Pure, beautiful, unaffected, understated, amazing Belle.

However, one thing is kind of slightly misting the whole affair. There is a lump at the base of my breast bone which is piercingly painful. Its all related to this horrendous chest pain I have had since Christmas. Have to go and give bloods (again) tomorrow to check it out. Am very concerned but nothing on the scale of "I'm going to die". The doctor hurt me tonight when he prodded with his proddiness. I was trying to make light of everything and he was so good that he was drawing various diagrams as to what it could be. I was laughing at his drawings. Doctor he is, artists he is not. He was laughing along with me, easing my concern. I think it was nervous laughter more than anything, on my part anyway. Conversation spins to what I do for a living and I said I was a photographer. (did a shoot today but I was not feeling too brilliant - pulled it off though). So this crazy Doctor started saying he was interested in photography and that he wants a decent camera and needs to go on some course.

I started to think......

"Erm, hang on a momento - I'm the patient..... Please care for me Doctor Prod!"

But we was just so good about everything, he knew my eyes were wide with fear about this lump. Its about the size of a walnut at the base of my sternum. Don't worry about me though!! I'm just saying! Because Im not ill, I'm not sick. I'm just experiencing pain. And he has me laughing. And he can't draw.

Laughter really s the best medicine.

So the shoot today - it was fun. Pain aside, these guys were great

These two (brothers) had me in fits. This is one of those candid shots, which I love. The huy on the left is 15 years old - he is such a big strapping lad. Rugby player, no less!. Hisbrother, in the red is 16 and is on leave from army college. Its nice to see brothers get on like this, it makes my job such a pleasure to see happiness likethis.

The whole family really were a pleasure to be with. And the baby - OMG. Such an absolute heart stealer. I want him. NOW. Will take him as payment for the shoot - I realy would.

21 Oct 2007

Card makin'

Sometimes I just get sick of scrapping.
Don't get me wrong, I do luuuuuuuuurve scrapping but often I need diversions before I actually think of allowing my BG to jump out of its storage box and commit holy patterned paper suicide in my waste paper basket. Or can you imagine my BG taking a hike over to my Paper Adventures box and mixing with the likes of its horribleness from 3 years ago? My BG would so do that to me, I know it. And imagine having the BG police raiding my house and placing me under arrest for undue care and attention of its well being? Well, sod the BG police today - I made cards (and yes, I made a Christmas card - sh*t!)
As our surname is Wiseman and there are three of us, we always sign our cards from the 3 Wisemans. Love it! **on that note, my cousin's surname is Topp and there are four of them - and they sign their cards from the 4 Topps!** Anyway, I was shopping t'other day in that gorge lil craft shop when I spied the stamp that made this card, it has the 3 Wise Men on camels and I just fell in love with it. And I don't "do" stamps. So to all my family that read this (well, Mum, Dad and my Bro) - you have just seen your card!
I also bought those sandwich embosser thingies from Cutterbug. Holy embossnations! They are super wizzyfabbo and I can see many a card being zyuzed up with this baby. Can I just add that photographing white on a bright day is poo. major poo and I refuse to follow photographic rules when Im in my PJ's at 4pm in the afternoon. Humph.
My Digi classes went out tonight. Im so proud of them because the entire course will focus on beginners right through to advance in 6 bite sized chunks. Crystal Blake converted my photoshop efforts into Elements and she has no idea how much she has been a GREAT help. Loves ya Crystal xx You can still buy the class if you like by taking a look here. The classes will be sent from me direct and not from the site. Once the initial 6 weeks are up, then you can buy the whole tutorial in one chunk direct from the site. And CoCo, I need your email addy hunny xx
This weeks see's Belle getting fitted for her horrible (but essential) shoes. These were ordered 4 months ago and in light of the boot fiasco that I mentioned yest, I got a call from the Podiatry team saying the order had got lost. The fitting coupled with more physio and the fact she breaks up from school on Friday makes me a busy momma and belle a very tired baby. I am becoming very concerned right now because she is sleeping an awful lot after exertion. She always sleeps after physio, for 3 hours I may add but yest we went to do a bit of girl shopping. She walked about 2oo metres in between using her buggy and came home and slept through X factor (which is unusual for her) and slept through Stepmom (one of my favvo movies) before waking up and demanding coffee!. I spoke to Marko about it, because as you know if your baby is a little unwell you think they are dying. Growth spurt came the natural reply and I hope he is right. I do worry about that little girl, so much it make me sick. Sniff.
Oooh check her out, eating chips and drinking coffe - the shame!

High School is so good for her

We had a bit of drama last week, the day before the wedding.
I sent Ellie to school in a pair of Ugg style boots.

They were black, (not tan) so the colour was not an issue.

However the boots were.

I had no idea that a pair of £10 boots (which are like air on her poorly little size 10's) would cause such a kerfuffle but they did. I was mortified at how the school damned them and deemed them high fashion and not suitable.

My only response was sorry, but belles feet just kill her in shoes.

Which they do.

Their reply was - well, they cant do much damage as she is in her wheelchair all day.

Nice, I thought. Like I needed a reminder.

I wrote a letter outlining my concern that Belle is not a fashion conscience lil girl who is NOT into make up, boys and music. She is not in a gang, or clique or misbehaved. What could belle possile do so bad to get a bit of a grilling.


I wanted to let Belle wear the boots for comfort and not for fashion. Perhaps yes, they are high fashion but when it comes to comfort Id send her feet wrapped in roll mop herrings if thats what it took for her feet to be comfy.

And her issue NHS ugly shoes (that are late in coming) will not be so frowned upon then.

Oh what a nightmare.

So the letter goes into school and a meeting is made.

Whilst Im at the meeting lots of little things crop up that I wanted solutions for. I was expecting to be met by the heckles of yesteryears nightmare of primary school.

But no, I was met by two of the most considerate of teachers who just want to make all our lives at school so pleasant. I couldnt ask for more at her High school. They are polite, consciencious, eager to help and understanding, empathic, helpful and willing to put 110% into Belles care.

Well, that was it.

I felt like crap after sending that letter but then again, I wouldnt have been writing this down and relaying the information so energetically.

This is one for blogging - a memory of problem and solution with a happy outcome.

I love highschool, belle loves high school.

Never thought Id be typing this - ever!

So anyway.


Met my freind Jaimie over at Courtyard Crafts at Brimstage hall.

Never been there before, Its slightly out of my calling for an LSS of 35 miles.

But I was awful suprised at how quiant it was, set in a courtyard (no trading standards problems there, then is there?) in old buildings with little rooms upon little rooms stuffed with delightful craft supplies.

I can't reveal how much I spent, Mark reads this blog.

Hi Hunny.


I havent been live LSS shopping for ages.

Well, actually I did.

Back at Scrap Camp, but that got knocked on the head. It was the last time I actually stroked paper.

Jaimie and I ate in this cosy wee restaurant with home made cakes and flowers in the rafters.


You must go. The staff are gorgeous and make you spend - but spend wisely of course.

Its all necessary darling.

**couple of questions answered from comments this week**

Digi courses are not compulsory for you to sit every sunday and do. They are sent in bite sized chunks to deal with one at a time, in your own time.

The other digi class comp winner went to Beth Hepworth. Beth knows, I forgot to announce it. Sorry. Well done Beth.

19 Oct 2007

3 days to go

Until the release if my first Digi class on Sunday.

I know Ive said this a gazillion times but I find it amazing how many people want to learn. If you would have asked me a year ago about digi scrapping, I think I might have turned my nose up and said "Huh, I much prefer paper. Digi scrapping is for geeks".

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

You can scrap.....

in bed with no mess. No glue, no scissors, no scraps.

on a plane (like I did on the way to Barcelona)

in the car when Marko is driving (damn that Ellie is still too young to drive).

on lil weekend breaks

on the loo, if it takes your fancy.

Digi scrapping also teaches you nifty tricks that you can tie in with your photo editing, you can make your own embellishments once you know the basics and you can also hybrid scrap.

So do you wanna do it digi?

Go here if you do.............

18 Oct 2007


The best bit about the wedding was seeing members of my family that I haven't seen for moons and moons. I love my family so much, I can't explain how it pains me to be so far apart from them most of the time. I'm not as close to some as Id like to be (relationship wise) but there is some unwritten rule that its OK to not be in constant contact and that at gatherings like weddings etc, you can pick up where you left off without feeling guilty about the lack of contact....... you know what I mean?

Here is my cousin Andrew and his family - Jake, Shauny and Julie, how wife. Shauny is 14 and is taller than me. That scares me. I take from my mothers side "my lack of heightage". Stumpy, is what my hubby likes to call it. Blah blah blah. Nice surprises come in small packages I say!

Next come some of the kids from our families. Shauny on the left is my cousins daughter, Stacey (14) is my cousin, Marybeth (11) is my cousin, Jake (11) is my cousins daughter and Emily (15) is my cousin and my god daughter. There were lots more family members running round and not in the snap. I will treasure this photo though, it makes me smile and feel grateful to be part of a huge family.

Here is my Uncle Morris, Marybeth, Emily and my Anny Janny (Aunty Janet). I am going to love this picture forever because love the happiness in this photo - especially as its the day after the Leeds Rhino's whupped St Helens ass in the rugby league final the night before. These guys are Leeds Rhino fans in the extreme. And I mean EXTREME. I'm talking obsessed Rhino fans.

Marybeth gets my vote in the "young photographer of the year". She was dying to use my camera and snapped Belle and I before we left the wedding festivities to go home. Great Job, Marybeth!

And as we dropped Stacey off at home, we bumped into her Brother (my cousin) Darren. I havent seen him in 4 years and I screamed when I saw the size of him. Look at the state of my size and Stacey for that matter. He is so flaming tall. He didn't come to the wedding as he was working so you can imagine my shock as I got glimpse of him after a heavy night on the pop! Mum - do you see the size of him? He could pick you up!
More albums to fill, mantel pieces to be decorated..... love my family xx

17 Oct 2007

Holy Smokes

I managed to move on a step to the 3rd round of the Effer Dares "Last Scrapper Standing". Like I expect to win? Yeah and monkies will definately flee from my butt (from where my head is permanently wedged??!!). I'm up against the mammouth talents of Celine Navarro for starters so I'll take each step cautiously!!! And anyway, its just a game, right? This was the layout that made it through.
The task was to scrap 7 random facts, so I chose these monster sunnies as they have so many stories to tell (travels, cost, uses!). I handcut the birdie and stencilled around various number 7's in the paint block and the pink borders are cut from the Hambly brickwork transparency.

Also I have to give praise and thanks to Karen (or is it Lily?!) at SCRAPSHED. I am on a dire deadline that needs stuff urgently. I know shopkeepers cannot wain to everyones whims on a daily basis but if you are ever on the tightest of deadline, may I suggest this shop? Ordered a some supplies this afternoon, posted this afternoon! AMAZING! She has done the same for Jane Dean recently and Mandy Parr at Scrap Studio. Give this shop a flamin rosette and make it golden and make it read "Top Shop!"

16 Oct 2007

Scrap your bosoms??!!!

Crumbs... gotta love that (if you are male of course).

The girls over at "Its a Creative World" have given up their time to run a competition (with a charitable lilt) about scrapping your bosoms/breasts/boobies/bazongas (choose one). Love the whole idea and raising awareness for Breast Cancer. There is nothing seedy or dirty about it (although these days anything that anybody does can be interpreted otherwise, sigh......) I simply beg you to go and check some of the work submitted thus far. I'm going to have a go myself, for fun and to support the girls and have also offered a prize to one of the lucky winners. Its a fantastic cause with a little tongue in cheek attitude.

Have had emails asking me where are the photos of me in my "rather colourful" outfit at my bros wedding. Well, as I was stuck behind the camera all day there are a total of 3 of me in my outfit. Unfortch, my sister is averse to having her face dotted about the net so I cannot even show you because she is also in those 3 pictures. BUT! I will get Mark to take a picture of me in it because I want to scrap the outfit and my crazy hat that went with it. The only photos I have of me at the wedding, without people who don't want to be on the Internet, is the one you saw yesterday (I was in my evening regalia!).

I have a ton of things to do this week, some good, some great, some fabulous. Ive a couple of shoots to do and have had a booking rolled off the back off yesterdays photos, which is encouraging. I now have 6 weddings next year to work on which I cannot wait to do. I don't think that its something I always want to do as you have very limited time to get the shots you need when a gazillion people don't listen to you unless you shout your head off and sound like a fishmongers wife. Its to be run with military precision - so Im on the look out for a megaphone for my next wedding which is in March!

I'll leave you with another favourite from the wedding......

15 Oct 2007

As promised...

Now that my loving brother and his equally delightful wife have viewed the entire gallery, I can now share some of my personal favourites from saturdays wedding.
What has made me such a proud sister (if not proud photographer) is the response to these photos from them both. So much so that had Belle, myself, Leigh and Kerry were in immense tears of joy this afternoon.
I set their gallery to their "first dance" music (DJ Sammy's cover of Bryan Adams Heaven). The tears rolled once more and will do again and again as I have made their photo album into a DVD too (LOVE my Mac iDVD for that).
I have posted these pictures for all the couples who have booked their weddings with me next year and for our respective families to take a peek of a small number of snaps from the entire shoot. I hope they love them as much as I do.
For wedding bookings for portrait shoots, please visit my website at

A shower of the papery stuff......The top table.....My Momma and Poppa........ love these two yummy beings.The clan of Mccune - and I believe they were TRADITIONALLY dressed under those kilts, wink wink!The ushers and fathers..........
I also happen to have this as a joint favoutite.......
I LOVE THIS ONE - my brothers face is a picture...... (literally!)
In the grounds at their Venue at Tall Trees, in Yarm......
My little cherub - not an official photo but one of my favourites.......
Oh maybe this is another absolute favourite... help!
Ok, little bit arty now....... love that they chose white gold for their rings
Candid shot of my bro - in anticipation of his nuptials!My yummy hubby
The shoes......

And last but not least.... my bro and I at the evening reception.