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30 Sep 2007

ISP flamin nightmare

Oh I am going to scream.

I have had zero access to the Internet for more than 2 minutes since Friday morning and I am furious. Not because I can't blog or such like. No. Do you realise how hard it is to do banking for starters, or nip on for recipes, the news, emails from loved ones etc?

I have hated it and yet loved it.

I got so much done over the weekend. Belle and I went girly shopping on Saturday and today we did the best thing ever and our favourite pastime together - that's geocaching.

I needed to go to Haigh Hall in Wigan to practice indoor lighting for my bros wedding in two weeks and whilst there we thought we would get the GPS out and trek around the hall AND take in my favourite time of year, Autumn. We discovered so many interesting things about one small area of Wigan - Belle was thrilled with the fresh air, the discovery, the squirrels doing a mad dash beech nut round up before hibernation etc. She even got photographic and took ace pictures with my teeny Fuji S7000. I mean, its not a cheapy camera but its no good for my day job so Ive kind of given her it. SHE IS MADE UP! She has such a good eye for it and she knows how to handle composition better than I could have imagined.

So she took this on macro and got the rule of thirds down to a tee - way to go belle!

So she takes a picture of her feet - in the rule of thirds. I bet David Bailey is bricking it!

Belle and I - Mmmmmm, I really dont look like I went to bed at 3am trying to mend the PC!

And a selection of why Autumn just fills me up. THE COLOURS and the angles and the leaves..............LOVE!

Love this of Belle on the mini train tracks.... she is such a dolly xx

And isnt she just the funniest thing ever?

When we got back, we geared ourselves up to sort this stupid flaming router and Internet out. Do you know how hard it is to perform a system restore on a new PC these days? Its so damned difficult. Before we managed to find out how to do it eventually, we couldn't believe how many drivers were corrupt. I think we had suffered with a worm or some Trojan horse (thank the lord we back stuff up!). I'm not entirely happy with it now but it will do. And Norton Security - dont get me started with that joker.

Anyway, this weekend has been very important for us in other ways.

We have been gearing belle up for the most important and I mean the most profound piece of investigatory procedure she has/will ever undergone/undergo (I'm sure I could have worded that better!). Ellie is going to the Gait Lab on Tuesday and finally we will know why she walks like she does and if her body will get any stronger or if she is likely to develop SCA (spinal curvature atrophy). Its such a BIG deal to us - you have no idea. Its bigger than life itself, than winning the euromillions, bigger than BG giving me free reign of their warehouse. You get the picture. So I only have Monday to get my life together as after Tuesdays big day at Alderhey hospital, its down to Bristol for Scrapcamp. Well, Swindon actually. You gotta love Hilton Hotels young events managers who dont know their bottoms from their elbows. You get me, don't you? So off we trundle to Swindon where their pool and spa facilities are top notch (yeah!).

Now Ive got to go and re-arrange my flamin scrap room as I have had to move the PC to get a better signal via the router. You can imadge how long it takes to move 3 things in a craft space...... because I have 4 hours spare - at 1230am. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

28 Sep 2007

Erm. Wow.

Had a brilliant morning with Louis who took some coolio shots of belle and I - in places I will so remember to blog from in future. I love the fact he liked to capture my 17 chins, 32 bellies and the muffin top style overhang you get whilst perching on the end of the sofa. I will share more about that tomorrow as I havent uploaded any photies from my camera cos it needs charging. Poo.
However, what has delighted me tonight is this picture here. Carol bought the popadoodle actions from here and this is one of here photos she has transformed with it.
I LOVE IT. I love the composition and how natural it looks and how freaking amazing the whole picture is. I love it so much I could just scrap it. But kudos the Carol for getting the image just perfect anyway without my actions. However, with the actions - its made it a snazzariffic piccy.
Im seriously tired - today has been so much fun today - Belle

27 Sep 2007

Effing Dares

I never ever have the time to commit to the Dares every single week but I really wanted to have a go at this contest. There is something urban, edgy and raw about these dares which spurs me to try a different take on scrapping. I can't say I have a cat in hells chance of getting through. You have to go and check out the entrants gallery - they are spectacular. The spec was to use 8 and only 8 transparent goodies on an any themed layout. Ive a new set of problems to deal with so I battered my thoughts about this unprecidented chapter in my life and created something Im pretty chuffed with. Here she is:
Tomorrow I gots to get up a lil earlier than norm to sort out my barnet (thats hair to those who dont know cockney!). Im having my piccy taken by afore mentioned Louis Quail...... did you get that? Im so excited about it. As I am always behind the lens, it would be great to see how his perspective is of me is. Again, no nakey noo noo shots but I have this mad idea to put to him of which I told Roz and Angela about the other night. They dont believe I might go through with it but Im game for a lot more than most people think. *Remember - NO NAKE-O, lets just get that straight!

So anyways - keep an eye on my shop for new uploads and a new tutorial in the day of tomorrow. Traci has maded me a super cool video using my new papers. Her bookmaking knows no bounds. Cheers hunny xx

26 Sep 2007

Yeeks - typo girl is at it again!

Yest's post including a link that was wrong (due to my ever so fab typo's).
In the link to a photog's website... I had spelled HIS name with an extra E. So instead of Louis, Icalled him Louise (Bwahahahhahahaha - sorry!)
So go and check this AMAZING, street, documnetry style photog here
**warning, one cover of his is rather not for everyone... but Im cool with that.

25 Sep 2007

She is here (well 75% of her is)

Its lots and lots of fun creating your own website.
You can do what the hell you like with them, add things, twist things, take away things.
You can make them your OWN.
And I have achieved it and I'm so pleased with the results.
I have had 3 sets of eyes scanning for my famous typos and there are 3 thus far.
Lol - typical.
I haven't got all my artwork on there but the purpose of launching it half stocked was so that customers can instantly buy my photo editing class downloads directly from the site after purchase. Before that, customers were having to email me and wait 24 hours for an email. Grrrr - how horrible that must have been. But now its all going to be instantaroony. The Digi Classes can be bought instantly but wont start until 21st October. However, after the first 6 weeks is up, the second release can be bought all in one! This website also houses my photography, the original Kaptured by Kirsty will be pointed here in about 5 days!
The shop will be fully stocked at the end of Sept (awaiting artwork from my DT ..... three very exciting producers of the finest card artistry in this country- ssssshhhhhhhh!) and I have Traci working on a video tutorial using my Windy Woodland Walk range of papers for both Cardmakers and Digi scrappers alike. This is all new and exciting.

Oh - where are my manners - she is HERE

Anyway, I also had a brilliantly bizarre email out of the blue yest. It was from some bird who wanted to know where I live. Yeah - ok, I give my address to everyone! It transpires that I am required for a large campaign based here at The plan is to photograph people at home doing everyday things covering everyday topics. Jeez, why me? Apparently they heard about my blog and wanted to photograph me blogging (RANDOM!) for a book about everyday life. There are 50 top notch photogs (not me - I wish I was top notch) going around the UK taking as many pictures as they can in a week for the book and Im very lucky to be having my picture taken by this AMAZING lifestyle photographer HERE. I BEG YOU to go and see his work. Ok, excuse one of the topics but this guy works on commission and even though one of the topics he covers is a taboo and a slightly *racy* subject, its done very tastefully. And nope, I won't be contributing to nakedness!!! Imagine the horror! Im completely hyped up about this opportunity to have my photo taken by such an artist for a fantastic campaign. **Insert a squeal of delight here** Happy, happy, happy.

And what made me specially happy tonight was that I ordered some stash (mainly hambly but I recommend the bam pop stamps) from Angel Crafts and knew for a fact that it was packed before midnight and will be in its way tomorrow. How flamin quick was that?

24 Sep 2007

Scrap Studio kit time

Mandy has surpassed herself again in providing her fantastic kit club with colours as rich as autumn itself. Its hard to get a hold of oneself at how much, each month, the kits grow more gorgouser (I know gorgouser isn't a word, perhaps it ought to be made an official word though. Petition against the Oxford dictionary with me, okay?). This kit has got so many lil extras you wouldn't find in yer bog standard kits. I just wanted to stare at it for hours but no - I had to go in for the kill straight away and hack it to death. I can only share lil peeks as kitters don't get them until Thursday.

And I believe there are a few left so go and snaffle the last of them or miss out on these devilishly scrumptious goodies. In fact, I'm tempted to nip over myself and buy one as a gift! Hurry, you dont want to miss this kit one lil bit.

23 Sep 2007

Catching up with old freinds

I went to see my old Sergeant from my Air Force days together today with Belle. Although she has retired from the forces (as I - some 11 years ago - gulp!), I still think of her as my Sergeant and she wont mind me saying this - but she wasn't half bossy! She "felt my collar" a few times when I made mistakes but learn from them I did and I have to say I have nothing but respect for her. I miss those days!

We have one of those freindships that you can leave for a while and pick up dead easy when you meet up again. We both lead very busy lives and I can never wait for the next time we get totether. Whenever I go to see her, I take her goodies from my card supplies in return that she makes me the curry of all ruby's. Lee is orginally from Kenya and was brought to this country in her teens. She has very traditional standards and has not lost her Hindu background, especially in the food department! She even made me more to take home and I swear our local takeaway has nothing on this hot momma curry.

I invited Lee to my wedding along with her husband and this lil girl in 1995. Well, I say lil, she was 2 at the time but now she is 14 and she is beautiful. She has that gorgous olive skin you would expect to see from a mixed race parentage - couldn't you just kill for that skin? Don't get me started on those lengthy-liscious lashes. Victoria is a smart lady who looked after Belle whilst Lee and I caught up. I love, love, loved my afternoon so much, I keep smiling just thinking back at it. Wishing for days like this to happen everyday would become a bore but I really cannot wait for our next rendezvous.

Peace perfect peace.

22 Sep 2007

Getting to grips

We knew this day was coming but having to realise it in the flesh kind of fills me up.

Im not embarassed about the whole affair and more than anything Im delighted that Ellie has finally got some independence. The part that concerns me is the "calling" she will get with this. Right/wrong



Red hair/blonde hair/dark hair ( even no hair)





Whatever catergory you fall in you are going to be hunted down. In school, out of school, in work etc. Take your pick, its going to happen.

I have to admit, Belle has a stronger self esteem than me but Im ok with that. Its my job to take the hurt for her. But as you can see she is a happy little thing in her newly named "Nimbus 2000". This was taken at school and Mark was with me when we took these snaps. We both were apprehensive about her going fully mobile (after all, high school is stretched over hundred of yards, hither and dither... her poor legs just can't carry her more than 50 metres these days with a school bag and numerous text/exercise books to boot). The feedback from the school is that she is a master class, pole position on it but must gain control in her reverse manouvres. I hope the school are insured!!!!

At last I have some sneaks of the kit from Studio Calico.

This is my first US kit EVER. Ive never been so delighted with the complete and utter mix and match bits and bats in there. This is all very surreal and I have to admit im smitten :)
Gotta go, saturdays are precious to me xx

20 Sep 2007

BG Love

I love BG.

And at the end of the day, when all is said and done - you know what I mean?

18 Sep 2007

Oooh stinking headache

I started with a mig this morning and thought Id lay down for an hour.
Just an hour, no harm....... enough to ward off the spinning dots and prismatic lights.
Nope, 5 (FIVE!) hours later (with enough time to apply a bit of mazzy before I picked belle up from school) I wake up with still a stinking head thump.
So I brings belle home from school and give her a snack and a drink under duress and thought Id better lay down again as it was making me feel sick. So Belle cuddled up with me on the sofa at 4.15 and we both woke up at 8pm. What is that all about?
Initially I was thinking about carbon monoxide fumes but we don't have a gas fire and the cooker gets used once a day. The boiler is in the garage as well. But we did put the heating on yesterday (sorry Mark, its flamin freezing up here right now). So I might just get a carbon monoxide testerer thingy as a pre-corsh. Anyone know of any good ones?
Would love to have something brilliant to add about my day but other than the cuddle factor with my lil lady on the sofa for almost 4 hours there is nothing to add except these that I made over the weekend.
You can get these lil fella's right here


Have you seen anything more cuter?

**Is cuter a word?**


I got these babies a few weeks back. I ordered them from this fab girl here.

Andrea is a bit of a dab hand at all things crafty and these bunnies are no eck-sepsh.

Ive hung them at the top of the stairs temporarily until I can decide exactly where to put them. All I know is that I wanted some.

They are stitched so lovely and the clothes are just adorable.

And they come with their own lil neat tag-a-roo's which I can't bare to part with.

Just a lil blog entry tonight as I have two websites to build and a couple of logo's. I have to say, my nights just get better with things to do. TV doesnt cut it for me unless it Grey's Anatomy and I have to admit that you still get the same amount of butt spreadage sitting at a pc as you would on your sofa so Im essentially your average lardy potato. I Have resorted to pelvic floor exercises whilst sat in the chair, so its all good. I remember a few years back that the best way to do it is to imagine that you have 5 floors internally and that you are pushing a lift up to each floor. Trouble is, I can barely get to floor two (and lets face it, floor two is usually the womens clothing department, isnt it? We all want the womens clothing department, transvestites included). But somehow I think labour pains are more bearable. I must persevere though, if for the sake of erm, scrapping? Whatever.


Just thought Id post these lil flarla's on the blog from a dear sweet friend christine (and DT pardner) over at Studio Calico. She is hurting right now. Also, if you are hurting, please accept these flowers too.

16 Sep 2007

Belle is a champion tacky prize winner

Loved Blackpool.

Sure we did.

Uh huh!

Although my prayers to God didnt pay off quite thoroughly. I asked for no rain in my quiet prayer to him yest but he sent Hurricane Katrina to the north shore of Blackpool instead. I guess he was punishing me for sneaking that capuccino Kit Kat after all. And I dont blame him, they is lush. So it was all fair do's, we were dry and most of all having a great time. Lauren bobbed along with us on a feast of merriment to see the illuminations.

However, despite numerous stag parties lolling about the sea front, wolf whistling at Lauren (erm, who is 14!) waving to all and sundry and high fiving Belle - the entertainment was top notch. I gave them £5 each to spend in the amusement arcades which suprisingly lasted for ages. Instead of winning money, they won tickets in exchange for prizes. Belle chose a toy Princess Atta and Lauren chose a Barbie (sick!). I love Belles face in this next pic, she kind of looks spicy.

Then it was out to the lights (got a bit fancy with shutter speeds here), totally greasy fish and chips ....................(would you believe we ate that? Totally and utterly disgusting food, why, I wouldnt even lower myself to serve those at a retreat, would you?).

Lauren, I think might be just needing a few photography lessons, especially on focus and composition (but holding a whopping DSLR in 120mph winds is nigh on impossible) - and yes, Ive had my hair darkened (unsure thus far, but its growing on me - if you pardon the pun) and a good old brisk walk on t'promenade. Candy floss, donuts, tomfoolery, Lauren pushing blackpool tower over and hanging off lamposts was sure enough to warrant an ASBO. All we were missing was the Burberry scarves. We only spent 4 hours there but we really enjoyed ourselves - Belle especially. We hurried home to have a bash on Wii and its fair to say that lauren is a good loser, espesh when Kirsty whups her hiney on the mini games of Super Mario 8.


What could I possibly enlighten you about my day, today?

Well, today I did a photo session with this gang.
I had forgotten how menacing young whipper snappers boys are ...... isnt he adorable?

Really loved my day becaase in addition to working on the shoot, Mark came home on his way back from the Stag do (wasnt expecting to see him this weekend). Thank the lord he was here - there was a ton of ironing to do!

And finally......
I have one winner thus far from all the names in the hat for the digi course and Ill pull another one before the course. If you have paid by then, you will get a refund in full. Anyhoo, that winner is Corinna O'sullivan - yahooooooooooo.

15 Sep 2007

Bad blogger, naughty blogger!

I is bad, bad, bad.

Ive been dreafully busy sorting out this and that.

Ive also been designing websites.


This all new, all of a sudden.

Ive been asking and looking around for weeks at the best ways to make a website that doesnt cost the earth. Which, with a heavy heart, leads to doing it your darn well self, basically.

It might seem awfully pretentious to say this but really - its pips to do.

I am a freelance designer and photographer by day - and by night, under a cloak in the corner of the room, I make digital things.

I can't decide which I like most.

A sane, sedate day job making pretty things with paper & taking photos of gorgous people?

Or the wonder of creating digi/websites/logos with what feels like lava in my eyes all night?

Hmmmmm. No balance between the two other than thr fact I just ADORE every minute of my life, especially when I let Belle out of the attic for two minutes to allow her to see my work, spank her and send her back up there to finish eating her spider salad and mouse poo croutons. Mwahahaahhahahaha.

Belle has had some tutorials from me this week on photoshop as her ICT homework required that she design a front cover for her folder. It was her idea to go surfing on the web to get some ideas on what look she was going for (Yes, jaw dropped to the floor). That kid is a wizz, I tell you. She may not be Einstein educationally but she has logic and a desire to root things out and best of all she loves art and colour. Clearly, she gets that from mark ;) I showed her how to change sizes and re-colour and add things into layers. She totally gets it. See what I have done? I have made her a Mac geek. Cathy Z will be quaking in her boots! Belle says I can show you her page when she has had it marked by the teacher.

So anyway.

Belle and I are off out tonight.

On our own.

Because marko has gone on my brothers stag weekend in Leeds (there is talk of drinking games that include mustard powder and all sorts of ugly things being added to your drinks if you lose a game).


So we are off to do out pilgramage to Blackpool to see the annual illuminations. We shall set off at tea time to go and have fish and chips by the sea, walk the entire length of the promenade (which is more than a golden mile thank you very much!) and catch the tram back. We are so excited about this, its Belles favourite thing to do this time of year. Ill take a picture of her today and relay how happy she is, little love that she is. Am praying for no rain, I am really good, dear God.... really. Well, I dont eat all of my greens and sometimes I dont wash my hands before making Mark some food. And I know you saw me sneaking that cappucino flavoured KIT KAT just 10 minutes ago (can you believe such wonders exist? SLURP). But please God, lay the rain off and I'll be a good girl, as always of course. Cheers. Amen.

And to round off my late blog entry, here is a pic-a-roo of a layout I did using just one piece of PP. Got to love Scenic routes scrap strips.. they are the best. Ok, I added a blob of paint, 7 brads and a cardboard ring, but seriously, one piece of PP with spares left for cards. Wooooooo.

Dont forget, Im still taking registration of peeps who wanna learn digi (see here, for more info). The response has been a little bit overwhelming, but there is room for more :)

13 Sep 2007

Pretty Post

Me gots some pretty post t'other day. Yessum, sure did.

It came with the message: Saw this and thought of you.

I love that saying.

Im forever seeing stuff and thinking of the person whom I most connect it with... all the time.

So when I opened the parcel and saw these lil birdies I cooed and ahhhed for ages. I lubs them. Traci, you is a diamond. A great pink, shiny and dazzling diamond. Thanks ever so xx

Which reminds me, I have a pair of earrings which I have promised to send out for ages and they are just drying off. Can't believe I overlooked that lil job... Im such a der der brain. They are coming though.... sure are coming.

Went to physio with a certain young lady tonight. Its the first proper session she has had in YEARS. The physio was so patient with Belle and assesed that she needs lots of work.

Hmmmm, you dont say.

So anyway, realising that Ellie is developing curvature of the spine, has no control over her thigh muscles, cannot stand on one leg for more than 2 seconds; the therapist sprung into action. She got Belle involved with activities that SHE felt most comfortable to do and its been recognised that she would benefit from rebound therapy. Trampolining to you and I. Well, the look on Ellies face was priceless and no, I didnt have my camera to record it. Im so pleased for Belle, its a dream come true. If you scroll back to January you will note that we had planned that 2007 was Ellies year and it sure is....... we are beside ourselves with hope and promise. The therapist has also noted that she will make some laws with the school so that they are covered (kind of like health and safety). Can you imagine how we all feel with all this support. I don't think the reality has dawned on Belle. She is easily the most "come day, go day" girly girl. Still, its just awfully exciting for us to experience this amzing chapter... keep the pages turning, I say!

Finally Ill leave you with a piccy of some flip flops I made from chipboard, chattrebox paper, ribbons, flowers and tags last year. they are being featured in this month Quick and Crafty Magazine.

(Modelled by Kiesha, Traci's daughter)

They are wearable but obviously not in the rain. Al I did was draw round my existing flipflops twice through chipboard, lined the top chipboard set in chatterbox papers, threaded ribbon through an eyelet at the toe post, tucked the ribbon underneath. Stuck the two layers together and painted the bottom. Less than an hour to make, probable 10 minutes of wearing to break. Mwahahahahahahaha

PS: Good Luck to my wubbly freind jane who has landed a dream 4 weeks working with Kelly Hoppen (interior designer extraordinaire) and good luck to Traci for tomorrows showdown at Trim Craft xx

11 Sep 2007

Free Digi course, anyone?

All those who have signed up thus far are in the pot to win their course for free and also, anyone who **fancies** their chances, another course for free is in the running if you can answer this question: How much is the Believe in you paper pack at Weeds and Wild Flowers Design?

Either way - two courses are up for grabs. Hooray!

**Weeds and Wild Flowers are not affiliated with the digi course, just sayin'**

10 Sep 2007

So you wanna do it Digi?

woweeeeeeeeee, so many of you want to do it digi. Thank you for the fantastic response to yesterdays post. If some of you dont know what I am talking about, check this out.

The course concentrates on getting to grips with the basics which includes diagrams to help you locate the right tool, quick tips, quick keys, transforming basic layouts into realistic looking layouts.. much to learn in a language that doesnt sound complicated and no lengthy and boring text. i know what you are ike - you just want to get stuck right in and not read up on waffle/dribble and yawn!

In time you will be making lil gifts like this to share amongst the digi community.... its so much fun to share!

Enjoy them HERE

9 Sep 2007

Random Weekend.... loooooooooooooooong post

Blimey - so many things have happened the WE.

Lots of inane, random, boring, fun, lazy and busy moments that make a weekend a totally Wiseman weekend.

On Friday I forgot to post this picture of Belle giving me some real attitude (for fun). In one week at High school Ellie has learned how to ask me my name in French, that Beth is her best friend, she is the Queen of break time dominoes, she loves the pasta bar at the cafeteria and that this means "Wicked" - Bwahahahahahaha.

I asked if she would let me take her photo doing it and she kind of fitted out until I reminded her that sometimes I need to see pics of her like this to cheer me up.

She is hilarious.

Saturday saw Ellie taking driving lessons in a motorised chair. Although the practice one is not essentially hers, she got to grips with using the joystick (which ,really, aint far from using a darn computer hand held thingies for the playstation/). That girl is going to need a speed limit putting on her wizziness. Ellies bespoke chair arrives in 5 weeks which is far better than her "borrowed one". She got to choose the colours and model. I believe this has cost the NHS a great deal of money. I feel its a shame that the Disable Living Allowance Tribunal couldn't liaise with the NHS to find out that Belle is indeed disabled... I think a motorised chair warrants that. Grrrrrr. Nonetheless, we are all in fair spirits this weekend and will gladly put last weekend events way to bed.

Belle had a duvet day today which means pidgies all day. We found her asleep on the sofa (holding her spectacles) after Mark and I had gutted the kitchen and utility roomto de-clutter some total and utter crap that we have accumulated over the years. I think 4 black bags full of junk is making its way to a skip on Marks way home to Base tonight and its funny how relieved I am that we have made some space. I cant bear untidiness and clutter - it chokes me. So if you are feeling somewhat claustrophobic at home this week - I recommend a good declutter as it makes you feel bloody marvellous.

Thought Id share some layouts I did for Scrap Studio last month using Scenic Route papers. It was also the kits where I maded these babies.... I somehow manage to make so much stuff with their kits because everything is so thoughtfully put together. I feel very lucky that mandy asked me to be a part of her team. Try her kit club for one month and I swear you will NOT be disappointed.

Mmmmm, - lil bit wonky...bad photography that day!

Rigmarole is one of my fave words... glad I could use it here to describe belle as she goes about buying the freshest,most softest bread. Remember everyone, buy warburtons bread with 4 days left on the lable...its the law!

This bit of new is one of my most favvo's tonight. For the next 4 months, including this month you can receive free papers which Crafts Beautiful asked me to design for their readers. I was hysterical (happy hysterical) when they asked me if I would do this for them. I also made a number of projects with them too. I cant begin to tell you what its like to work for a magazine I have been reading for YEARS. With the largest craft readership in the UK, I must admit I felt a little scared about getting it right. I based my colours around Autumn, in time for halloween. You can download the papers from here if you want some, but they are optimised for A5 sized paper and not 12x12 digi. They are also CMYK and not RGB.

The Zyuz it up tutorials went out tonight. I have to say that the response was phenomenal and went way beyond my expectation. If you didnt get yours, please check your paypal addresses as some of you didnt put which programme you are running. It is more than likely that if I sent both PDF's they wouldnt have hit your inbox as both of them together are HUMONGOUS in size.

And finally do check this out if you are dying to try Digi scrapping - this one is for those in fear of taking the first step... let me take you by the hand HERE

8 Sep 2007

Photo Editing Tutorials are in da house!

These are a long time coming.
They are here at last and all those using Elements 3-5 and Photoshop 7-CS2 can now enjoy a step by step guide to editing photos.

As opposed to selling action; that simply do all the hard work for you, I have created a step by step guide so that you fully appreciate exactly what your Adobe programme can do. Its no good opening a photo on your desktop and willing that some magical transformation can take place without pushing a single button. The ownus is on you to pull your finger out, get down to mastering the basics and editing the photos to suit YOU. The problem with Actions is this - they can only do so much. You dont have complete control over them as somewhere along the process, images get flattened and there is no back track history to tweak the programme. With Zyuz it up tutorials, you learn every technique there is to know about the fundamentals, as they happen and learning why certain effects do this and how certain effects can do that.

In no time, you will be adding your own flourish on the lessons and become an expert. You will know how to enhance those precious photos that are too dark, too light or indeed boost the existing colours in your most prized photograph.To order these tutorials (at an amazing price of £5 for 3+ one bonus feature tutorial) please paypal in sterling to this address here. State whether you have Elements or Photoshop. Unfortunately no refunds can be given once downloads have been sent but I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Those who have previously paid will receive their tutorial over the weekend. My Elements team have just rounded off the tweaks and they are almost good to go.

And finally - Hooray!

Coming soon......

my own website - "colouring your world" which will incorporate my photography and digital downloads for both cardmakers and scrapbookers. Additonally there will be photo editing tutorials for sale and a design service for web pages, logo's, business leaflets and business cards. Im so excited to be able to house all my favourite things on one website.