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31 Aug 2007

I need a Wii Wii

The amount of times I have heard (even said) this us un-beeeeee-leeeeeeeeeeev.
We go shopping for new knix and sox for Belle. (Maybe a lil something new for me too ;))
Pick up her new u-niff-orm (sniff sniff).
And we end up with a Wii to boot?
So much fun has been had in this lil ole house as we cosy up in the sub zero temperatures of August???!!!! Im going to cancel the gym membership at this rate cuz this Wii thing is blummin hard work!
It was whilst we were out that the enormity of todays anniversary of P. Diana's death hit me.
We shop in "The Galleries" mall and on our way through we saw a pile of flowers on the floor. And I looked above the flowers and there was a plaque commemortaing P. Diana opening the shopping mall in 1991. Gulp. I came over all emotional and filled up. I didnt cry. Just welled up. I remember exactly how my day went when her death came to the throes of the media. I remember the radio boycotting all pop music and playing sombre tunes, the newsreaders on the TV wearing black and whole of the UK in a monotone hum. I was really saddened by it, I went to London on the day of her funeral to pay respects to somebody who I really wanted to meet and just say hello to and be a teeny part of her life. The day after her funeral I worked the phones in the BT tower taking calls from the public making donations to the Princess of Wales memorial fund. I was on the news every half an hour that day as Sky news took a cheeky clip of me answering the phones (unbeknownst to me!). But even so, the sadness of the event really shaped a portion of my memories from 1997. Sniff.
10 Years though? It really feels like yest.
So now I am watching the BB final and Liam is just out being interviewed. Belle and I want the Twinnies to win (poo, Brian win... still...we love him too). It dreadful Emily was told she couldnt go and therefore not invited to tonights eviction. She is being used as a scapegoat in light of celeb big brothers shenanigans. We all saw what she did and said those feteful few days and Im sure you have made your judgment and could see that Emily was in no way raucuous, malicious, nasty, scheming and trouble worthy. Boooo to Endemol for making things seem a million times worse than what they are. Drives me crazy that a slip of the tongue could lead to so much. Emily is not a racist. I know this. But for how Endemol are treating her, it is like they are branding her one anyway. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Gosh, what a mish mash entry tonight.
I'll leave you with this mini paper kit - perfect for cardmaking and didge. She is called "Betty loves Adrain". I loves her.

You can get her here.
Outta here.

Miss her so much

Can't believe it was 10 years ago today.
It still hurts.
I miss flicking through glossy mags with her face gracing the front covers.
She was too beautiful to go like she did.
Miss her lots xx

30 Aug 2007

Rest and Recoup

We is back, washed and dried (not ironed, but working on that....just need to crack the old whip!). Ive spent the day/night processing a gazillion emails and catching up with my freinds. I wanted to spend more time on the phone to all of them but time is not my freind today :( On various occasions that I had to sit and edit photos, it was where I also spent doing other things too. I am indeed an octopuss.
So anyway.
Some piccies of my Belle.
First off it was harvest time in Wales. I love this time of year. Its orangey brown and fruit is in abundance on the lane near my in laws holiday home. Damsons, apples, sloes and blackberries grow wild for all to pick and as I speak my MIL is cooking damsons for jams and blackberries for pies. slurp. Ellie, meanwhile, wanted to trek over to the freshly harvested field to sit on a hay roll. What I love more about these series of photos is the view of Abersoch in the background.

Mark took this one of me - I think he is almost a master in rule of thirds! And I took this of these two dudes with Snowdonia in the background.These next set of photos are like a dream come true.
Belle knows a couple of the kids on the site where we go and she wanted to play out.
Playing out is something she does very little of, believe me.
I felt I had to keep a watch on her as she isnt aware of the dangers like your average 11 year old. And as a mother, I am entitled to have my concerns (thats my excuse anyway!)
First off, she was out at dusk - perfect for her little peepers minus the sunnies you see her wear 80% of the time. This time of night is when you can see her face and her eyes in all their glory with no hat or glasses spoiling the view. Her eyes widen and she looks just gorgey.
Secondly she got on a skateboard like she was a pro and pushed herself down the teeniest slope but for her, it was moutainous.
As I stood at the top of the hill (not quite believing what I was seeing) I dashed in, grabbed the camera, wizzed up the ISO, ran down the hill and relished in the triumph of these precious photos.
I am so proud of this munchkin. **MUM - can you believe these photos?**

We had two perfect full days on the beach in hot hot hot temperatures and fishing for mackeral was the sport. Belle ADORES fresh mackeral baked in the oven with garlic butter. We were spoiled rotten on self sufficiency. We had a BBQ on the beach to mark the end of the most perfect day before waking up to misery this morning which flagged "GO HOME!!" So we did.

I have to leave on a cheesy Belle moment....... I JUST LOVE this photo. She has a toothy smile with squished up eyes and if you look closer, you can see the sunshine beaming from that grin
Toodle ooooooo xx

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig

I love going away for idle breaks.
Trust me, I really do.
But Im absolutely delighted to be home becuase this is where I get my routine back.
I hate not having a plan and I hate coming back to 6 gazillion emails.
I hate not being able to play daily on HSMS and I hate not being able to catch up everyday with people (online) that I care about.

Now I am back.
Belle goes back to school on Tues (her first day at comprehensive.....sniff sniff).
Mark gores back to work on Sunday night.
I go back to the gym and routine on Monday.

I have some lovely pictures of Belle to share from our stay in Wales. It was harvest time, so cue pics of rolled up hay stacks. Belle tried pushing it to no avail, but she did fnd herself in a fit of the gigs in the process.

26 Aug 2007

Pre Wedding Jitters

We spent part of the weekend at my Bro's up in Middlesborough.
Belle was needed for a bridesmaid dress fitting so we spent a steaming saturday in baking hot lifts searching for dresses that didnt exist. Poor Kerry, it seemed that the whole bridesmaid dress hunt was going to be fruitless. We did the BHS, Debenhams, Marks and Sparks, Next thing but absolutely nada in stock. Apparently if you get married after August, the chances of finding "off the peg" dresses is like trying to find a cream bun at a weight watchers meeting. Pronuptia said they "could" get her a dress but it would take 4 months (Kerry and Leigh get married in October). Blummin ummers, such a palava. Cue E-bay shops. I forget that you actually get shops on ebay and not just used goods. She has spied two lil stunning dresses in a Canadadian ebay shop who will ship in time for altering and the wedding. That night my Bro made me my first meal cooked by him.

Naturally I was preparing myself for either e-coli poisoning or worse - DEATH. But actually he made a mean hot chilli beyond all hotness. Cheers Leigh, we might come more often :)
I took a trip to the church and venue to check out the settings and lighting. I absolutely fell in love with the wee church in Stainton, on a hill with arched ever greens to wander through. There was a wedding going on too and I was checking out the photographers kit and moves. Hee hee heeeeeeee. She was club Nikon armed with two beasty D200's. I felt safe. I love my D200 and actually much prefer my D70 but having spied the new D3 out this month........ Im hoping that my bookings this year will pay for one. I didnt really want to do weddings to start with but I love the atmosphere and emotions so much that I have 3 booked next year with room for more. So if you know any couples taking the plunge, do pass on my webite details :) I couldn't resist taking this of Belle on the steps at the venue - she had a ball admiring the Koi carp that floats around the rear of the staircase.

I know what she will be doing when the wedding comes round (and hopefully not swimming with them!)
On the way home we stopped of at Kirkby Stephen (a stunning lil village on the Pennine/Cumbrian border) and at Lambrigg Wind farm to take in some snappies of the views. As Mark was driving the stops had to be few but had he of not been in the car, I think I could have stopped at every darn corner of the A66!!! I love twee villages, I dream of owning a home at Great Helmsey for weekend retreats. **sigh**.
Tomorrow we are off to Wales for a few days and then I promise I wil get back into the swing of things. These 6 weeks school hollies throws me off my pattern and as enjoyable as they are, routine just seems to get chucked into the air. I have not stopped since I got back from Menorca. I think I might be a teensy bit glad when Belle goes back to school.

25 Aug 2007


This is a sneak of my first paper kit for sale.

There are instructions on how to resize and constrain the content for cardmakers too as well as use for scrappers.
At the mo Im researching websites, trying to find a decent host with generous bandwidth etc.
Once that is sorted, I will design the website myself. Also I have a couple of cardmakers whiping up a few cards to showcase the papers.
Tonight I have been doodling some Tip Toppers for cardmakers to print out at home to use on their cards.
Ive created a new character called Polly Pickle who may adorn many a card in future (at least mine anyway). Im having so much fun rediscovering pen and paper drawings.
So many nice things are happening right now although I have to say, my belle is an unhappy little sausage today. We went for her first genetics counsel which involved bloods - she was distraught and ended up costing me the promise of a Wii. She had some medical photography at Aldery Hey too, well that was it for me. You should have seen their editing department on massive G5's and screens the size of a cinema. The photographer was so easy to get along with, even Belle didnt freak out at the mention of a photo.
Belle spent the rest of the day propped up on our bed, playing the sick bubba with choch and coffee on tap. Love her so much, I just wish I could have given them the blood for her.

24 Aug 2007

Studio Calico

Im amazed by how many kit clubs there are out in the scrap world. Each delivering a unique stamp to their tastes and their customers desires. Some do it for business and few do it for pleasure. I find that the pleasurable kit clubs tend to be the most sought after becuase each kit is packed with love and most of all, thought.
I love to work with kits - its presents you with a gutsy challenge to use the products in the box and maximise its use without struggling to find matchable products in my own stash. Studio Calico USA is no exception - they have the corner of the market well and truly nailed. I love their kits and their philosophy, their devotion to the wants and needs of their clubbers; all wrapped up in a 12x12 box.
Im awfully humbled to announce I was chosen to be a member of their DT this week. Words fail to make sense at how I feel. All of this in conjunction with Scrap Studio, a UK kit club of epic proportions and Scrapgenie, who provide me with lovely things to help showcase their drive means I can fill my albums so effortlessly becuase they help make it so pleasurable.
They chose this layout as my flagship entry amongst other layouts.

This layout was inspired through a workshop based on "Finding You" by Corinne Delis. Her classes, through the written word, helps conjour up a magic spell within you to create a page from your soul. This page is very special to me because not only did it become a turning point in my scrapping life to "throw up so many emotions", but it also marked a distinct yearning to be more bold.
Im mid Scrapgenie-ing for their 3rd free Craft magazine right now as well as feeling fuzzy in my tummy. I was sent BG new Mellody pack which I ADORE. Im trying to get to grips with Periphery (that will come later, I hope). In the meantime, I'll just grab a bottle of Cava from Tesco's and toast with hubby tonight xx

Spiffing Kits and Papers

As you know, I make a lot of papers to throw back into the freebie community.
After lots if encouraging emails and thought I will be opening a little online shop of downloadables especially for cardmakers.
Rather Spiffing, don't you think?
I will however continue to make freebies too.

23 Aug 2007

Digi Doo Daa

I have a soft spot for digi scrapping.
I love to see what comes out on the digi market every WEEK but nothing tops this shop here at Weeds and Wild Flowers designs. Don't get me wrong, most digi shops have it all going on, really but this shop appeals to me the mostest because its just WILD!

A while back I was made a CT member but until now have only had the time to commit. When I visited the shop recently I swear I could not believe what I was looking at. In terms of grunge and style - this place has got the blummin lot. What an absolute delight to work with these girls.
I used a "plopper" to make this design up with one extra touch of my own. Im working on downloading some more kits to get digi with.
Question is, can you afford not to splurge on these outstanding products?

22 Aug 2007

She got new shoooooz!

Looky looky!
Belle NEVER wears them because generally she cannot.

That sounded non English, didn't it?

But anyway - SHOES.

These are for school as she is not supposed to wear trainers at her new school. I think she has been granted the leniency and can actually wear trainers if she wants but I wanted her to kind of fit in. I mean, she wont actually blend right in as she has to have a motorised chair which will stick out like a sore thumb, so her shoes won't even get a beating!

Funny little scene, really.

And Ive been scrapping like bonkers.

Modscraps, now Scrap Studio have sent me the bestest kit ever.

They have a massive league of "kitters" now and Mandy has set up her devotion to the kits from Home (mainly to give utter attention to her wee doggy wa wa, Bunty Martha - the cutest dog on this planet!). One member who joins the kit club between now and November is in for winning an amazing surprise. More about that soon.


Last month I liked the Cherry Arte but I didn't love it as much as this month's Scenic Route based kit.

And you will not believe what I managed to make from the packaging of the flippin fabtastic Prima paper birdies (have you seen those? O. Em. Gee. They are brilliant, the new flowers of embellishments).

I managed 4 layouts and two altered project and two cards with 3 sheets of paper and one sheet of bazzill spare. Major kit, I have to say. Here are some of them in sneako formula.Here are some of the layouts for last months kit. I think there are a few left. Cherry Artes zingy pingy wingy colours get me every time. I also made this - for us.

I am Basic Greys biggest fan.

You all know that, right?

I have every sheet here, I bought it in twos.

Kind of gone off Fusion but its here and I raided the Fruitcake pack to make this with my handcut birdie. I'm having this bird made as a die for future projects to run through my zip-e-mate. When I get it and you might want some... let me know and Ill cut you some.

This book was initially a matchbook but I packed it out too much and it wouldn't close, so I used BG magnetic snaps to use as a closure. I purposely keep snapping the book open and shut so I can here the lovely little noise it makes.

So - what else?


Oh Yes.

I had visitors yest. Traci and Keisha came to pick up Titch (who they have named Morphy). I hate an amazing marathon of craftyness until 3.30am also tanked up on Cava and orange juice. I'm really creative when I'm pickled. I love having Traci round, she is so energetic. I'm missing them already. Also, Mo was collected at the weekend and here are the parting pictures of our lil babies. We still have Doodles with one baby left, Oodles) and hopefully Titch has impregnated them before he left.

And finally Ill leave you with piccos of my momma and pappa. I haven't seen them properly since February and I wanted some up to date pic-a-roo's. My dad wasn't up for posing but Mum had a massive fit of the giggles - these photos are very precious to me right now :)

Right, I'm off.

I'm on a total creative wave and there is more juice in the old girl yet xx

Au revoir :)

AND NO - my news wasn't about winning MMM. I didn't even enter. I can't tell you how many emails I had about it but thanks for thinking Id even stand a chance!

21 Aug 2007

Holy Crocs

I have a few "off" days now and again.
Some are for validity and some are "just because".
Life is like that, I can't pretend everything is rosy all of the time.
You see, people who read this blog see the tip of the iceberg - that proud, magnificent structure standing majestically in the bright daylight.
No cares.
All bright and happy and going about my daily life as ever, as normal.
But beneath the surface lies a dark and large area of mysteriousness that forms the inner core of one's self.
Not that Im dark and mysterious, mind.
Gosh, NO!
How can I convey this without sounding like Im speaking in code?
Ahhhhhhh, yes.
My mum describes me as a complex character.
I know she is right.
Im a person who likes to fully try and understand a feeling or situation.
I over analyse, break it up into a million pieces, read it forwards, backwards and inside out.
Even with my eyes shut.
I just have to question everything.
It has to be an equation I can handle.
Thats Aquarians, you know.
So intense, searching for the formula, the dimensions, the depth and the solution.
Then just when you think they might need to sit and digest it all, they are off again, ready to solve the next issue.
It can be quite taxing but most of all, its soul searching with a purpose.
And lessons can be cheerfully or sorefully learned.
I cant say I love being like it but it sure cleanses the mind. And when I look back on various chapters of my life and how I dealt with them and how much I earned from them then I realise it was worth the journey and indeed the heartache.

Again, Im not speaking in code, Im trying to signify what makes me tick. If anyone "got" what I just said, kind of help me out here!!!

So Anyway, I have had my holiday. I have had my spell at my Momma's and I am back home.
And I gets this phone call.
From the USA.
And I can't say anymore.
It was like somebody had lifted a dead weight from the fuzziness of my mind.

I can tell you more next week but instead of the little frowny pout on my mush, I have a cheesy grin as wide as the Cheddar Gorge.
And on that note, I feel a Wensleydale and Craberry cheese moment coming on.

20 Aug 2007

Roaring Forties Revival

OMG - I made a paper kit at last! Ive bene away from the Blogworld for a few days as I am at my Momma's. Things are going cuckoo la-la in my life, I need a big fat sleep and some cuggy snugs off my morma.
Anyway - the paper kit?
She is called Roaring Forties Revival and I was inspired by Dot Cottons dress in Eastenders. I carried the theme through onto 3 more papers to emulate forties fashion.
But forget what I made, look at what these chicks have been making with it.
Jo Kill has to be the best card maker since paper was first pulped from a lone birch tree found in the depth of the Gobi desert in 893AD and her cards are the reason why I make these papers! True they are purely for scrappers but why cant card makers coin in on the freebie too? She even changed the colours on one card to take these papers to the limit. I wubs what she has done

Then Traci, my sweet lil darling matey peeps made a darn video showcasing the papers on a project that anyone can do - espesh the kids during this school holiday. You can watch the video HERE.

Download these papers here - enjoy xx REMEMBER - 4 shared sites require a little time before the "Download" buton appears. Once you click on the link, wait 20 seconds before a white box appears inwhich you see a download button :)

18 Aug 2007

So excited

I am creating.
I am cutting, ripping, painting, sorting, gluing, punching, tying, doodling, digi-ing, editing, cup-of-tea-ing.
I mean, Id rather be outside weeding the garden and admiring the lavender bobbing in the breeze but its piddling it down, it's chilli to the point of having the heating on and no decent light to take picture (even on a wide apperture).
Smelly candles are on the go, the house is pristine, ironing done, belle watching a new dvd treat, bet-you-cant-guess-what-he-is-watching.
Have a little soul searching to do and a few emails to write (that I dont want to write) but I put that partly down to coming home to everything being "just so". Always a few apples upsetting the cart but life is like that.

Home is where the heart is

Well we are here.
Clean and tidy, washed and tumble dried.
The only remnants of any reminders of our holidays is a cracking tan, a bit of sand between my toes and my ears are peeling (big flakes too - pulled a bit hard on one picking and made it a bit sore... ouch).
After opening 3 point 2 gazillion pieces of mail, we unpacked and did a basic food shop. I found it rather depressing. Suddenly Im in a world where ultra violet light is almost purple instead of a golden glow like Menorca. And then to add insult to injury - it piddles it down. Good to be home, ey?
We have been catching up with Tv stuff and whilst switching channels I felt a little digi crafty. Ive got a sneak of a kit I made which was inspired by tonights Eastenders. Dot was wearing a rather snazzo patterned dress so I made a kit to reflect it. I sat eating my tea and surfing and on the phone, saw her dress, fell in love with the colours, ran to grab a pen and drew a basic copy of it.

The kit will be available from Tuesday-ish. Jo Kill wil hopefully make something really scrummy with it and then I can share with you. And as from tomoz its back to normal. I have some deadline that will have me dead if I dont meet them, one kit and some exciting projects to magically conjure up before we go away to Wales for part two of our holidays. Im proper geared up to get back to sticking and cutting after a two week spell.
Wanted to share some more holi pics. This one was taken as part of a project coming up. In the car, hand held at 1/40... hand held at 1/40. You get that? Hand held at 1/40!!! No shakey shakey! Tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
I love this that mark took of belle and I in the bonny doorway. The skirt I am wearing is my absolute favvo in the whole wide world. It doubles as a sun dress too and for a poxy £3 its the buy of the century. I bought 4 more to go on holiday in diff colours and if it were more summery here they would get more of an airing. Sadly I am back to winter warmers. Blasted weather.
Ellie and Jack. Man, does this lil girl fancy the pants off Action Jackson. She just threw herself in his direction all holiday and who can blame her? He has the most luscious eyes
And lastly my Belles Mary Janes. She can't walk in them properly but she says they are rather snug. Who am I to rip the glee in her comfort?

17 Aug 2007

Get t'kettle on

We are back!
Just a couple of things to say, really.

Slosh , slosh, slosh of wet feet
Cobwebs = cleaning and clean house already!
Guinea pig babies are no longer babies.
Mail piled so high I get recycle the whole lot and make a tree back up.
Hubby bustling me out of the house for junk tea (sadly no paella around here :(

Be back laterz.

14 Aug 2007

Its our best ever vacay

As promised, some piccies of our vacay so far.
The bombing missions persist in our pool causing residents to seek shelter under their sun loungers. Mark has taught Jack to bomb with more vigour which generally ends up in a wedgy and a sore bum. Say no more. I just sit and laugh my head off and most of all - STAY DRY!
Dont ask me what the hell I am doing in this picture. All I know is that we passed this gate entrance that had two "gate guards" and someone had draped palm leaves over each.Random skater on the sea wall at Cuitadella. This was in one million degrees sunshine with not a drop of wind. They say only mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun. Humph! Not on this island they don´t.Our bare tootsies on the sand at sunset. I have decided I hate my feet. They are small, puggish and ugly. Blech, I hate feet really but as its the fash (on occasions) to take pics of feet for scrapping, I thought I´d jump on that bandwagon for a snap or two.Hibiscus everywhere - my favvo tropical flower.I completely adore this photo of Belle. Years ago she wouldnt go barefoot on sand and this is like 11 years too late for us. But it was thrilling to see her exploring the sand for the first time in years without moaning that the sand was "killing" her.She is so stinkingly cute in this picture. Couldnt you just eat her?This is slave boy Marko. Both shadey lady and myself, sungoddess of Menorca have let him take a few minutes a day from our beck and call. I love how his eyes sparkle on holiday. He doesnt exactly adore this photo claiming that a C Cup brassier might come in handy on our return from Espane. He is mine, all mine. C Cup or no C Cup.This has to be one of my favourite pictures of shadey lady this holiday. Isnt she a peach? Ok - the shy act don´t wash with me but with grins as cheesy and as bright as this who am I to not cave in?Pretty walls and flowers envelope the boundaries of Cuitadella. I love this pinkness in these flarla´s.Oh this melts my heart so muchMyself and the Belle Meister - she has this screwy eyed look that is all the craze these days!Coffee time is the best time for caffeine slurping kiddo. She really does drink it with a sppon when its of the frothy variety. I admire her caffeine stamina. Me? Crikey, gives me the shakes and Ive gone without tea and coffee all holiday so natch Im feeling virtuous and cleansed.

Ive taken almost 500 photos and all of them too, too precious. I´ll share more soon but I shall leave you with these as Im off to apply copious amounts fo after sun to my rear end which is looking crispy to say the least!

Adios xx