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31 Jul 2007

Blazing Sunshine? Is this for real?

Yest was so hot and such a good excuse to amble over to my friend Jane's house in ever-so-posh Wilmslow.
Belle was NOT in the mood as we set off early afternoon until we arrived and went straight to the local park where every momma and child was out soaking up the fact "we could play out"! Jane and I talked cameras and I gave her some help with her Nikon D70. I love my D70 so much (more than the D200) so it was like for like comparison. I took these of my lil lady as she cruised the entire park in her own sweet way, choosing to stop by on various little amusements and never once complained that it was too bright. **warning - overload of belle pictures ahead**

My lil ladies spirally curlies are beautiful. David (Louise's hubby), who we went to see last week in Chepstow said to Belle "You hair is so charming". Belle told me on the way home she liked the way he said it becuase it was so fancy!

Hunting conkers in late July is a no-no but belle wanted to open one anyway and fell in love with the baby conkers. and at last - Her Space/My Space starts back again tomorrow. here is my little starter for the new season. Come on over and play

I think we have to give masso thanks to Courts and Kat for the loan of this hat which went abso perfect with the outfit she was wearing. The kids, Jane and I spent three hours there which truly felt like one second - time went by so fast. I even managed to catch up with Dyan who I havent spoken to for like, 34 years, in a call with Jane. I LOVE catching up. Gossip in the park was never this good when I was a kid!
After the park we spent the evening at Janes scoffing a feast of artery clogging yumminess with the kids before Courts and Kat dozed off from tiring themselves out. Belle was wide awake as always and we decided to stay for BB. Then BB turned into Wii. Belle has never played on one before and its looking like a Wii purchase is coming on. She was thrilled with it although I did take a pasting from Jane on the Tennis courts. Of course that was down to Janes incessant practice on the game where as I had only just mastered the handy heldy thingy. I didn't want to leave at erm, midnight! Neither did Belle. But its always a sign of a good day when you don't want to leave.
I have one hundred and forty seven things to organise before Friday. As I am a list maker at heart, Ive gone onto two pages of things to do. I wish I could prioritise more effectively as everything has a top priority right now. The bit I'm looking forward to most is a Christmas project for Quick and Crafty Magazine which will be my 3rd piece for them. I love this magazine so much. Its a vibrant monthly with so many cool things to make and do. Ive also got work coming out in Crafts Beautiful in Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec. I remember years and years ago reading this mag thinking that I would love to make something for it and now that I can - well, its surreal and humbling and enormous fun to be a part of the team.
Well Im away to finish off a digi kit for Jo to tackle so I may be some time. Toodle-oooooooo xx

**OMG - I cannot believe that Chanelle walked out of the BB house. I saw it coming and she was getting on my nerves. Ive totally gone right off it now. That's one hour spare in the evenings for me now.
**Also - Karen Leese!! Mislaid your phone number, need to chitty chat before friday!!!

**Had a change of background colours - the white was a killer at 2pm blog posting. I find black a little more easier on the old peepers.

Outta here xx

29 Jul 2007

Good Morning Baltimore!!!!!

I loved the opening song so much, I gots it on MP3 already (thanks to minxy Suzy B!) You have to go and see it - its fabulous. So I'll shut up. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I won't. Would have loved it immensely if it were not for 3 teenage girls sending and receiving texts and talking throughout the whole movie. Fancy paying £6 a ticket each to piss everyone off in the cinema. I could get paid to wrack the nerves of most people but I wouldn't pay it myself......but still. So annoyed I was. Anita and I gave disapproving looks in their direction but I think Anitas practiced Teachers stare won mine hands down! And to finish the night off with a chip butty was a champion choice - Id relive last night a million times (minus teenage text toss pots).
And today? TODAY? Today was a brillsvilles arizona photo shoot with Suzy B's kidlets. I love our local park and I love to take all my friends and clients there. It was a glorious afternoon albeit a tad breezy. Betty and Benj are the very image of their momma - its amazing to edit these photos and see my friends face in her children. I just enjoyed the whole day of munching, laughing, moaning, stropping, minxing and giggling. And that was just Suzy. Mwahahahahahahahahha. Here is a selection of my favvo's - Ive used some new editing techniques I mastered over the last few days. Its all good.
And little storyboaords that I can do for canvas printing - this is new to the site :)

Im relaunching my website tonight with a groovy new style and presentation. I was going to (but may still) opt for a Blu Domain site. But, in the interim, Photobiz have agreed to go along with a couple of design ideas I have with a new template on its way soon. So do have a wee looksy here when you get a mo and tell me what you think. Im waiting for a licence for some new music but at £800 a pop on some pieces, you will have to make do with piano concerto number 348 in G minor with double bass, soft percusssion and silent synthesizers for now. So things are good here as you can see :)
And finally - Big Bro? Freakarama newby half way house mates. I almost spat my hummus all over the screen on Friday night with the guy with the teddy bears and the girl with practically nuddies went in. Eeeeeeks. I admit I watch it - I have done for the last 8 years. My summer is fruitful for the education I receive about behaviour. Behaviour fascinates me, I love to see how stories get twisted, all walks of life thrusting themselves into our homes, how arguments dont work either way when both parties think they are RIGHT???!!! and how clever Endemol are at priming/editing the right person to boost their ratings. Predictable but train crash tv. LOVE.

28 Jul 2007

Foody Food Food. Burp.

I sit here in my Buddha like state, reeking of garlic, Greased outde-stressed and very full.

You can blame Anita Mundt actually for she is the evil doer of all things naughtily edible. Ok, you can blame us both. No, strike that. Blame Asda and shopping on an empty stomach. We have gorged on a smorgasboard of yummables so delicious that a feast thrown by the King of Brunei would look like scraps from the waste bin in comparison. Dips, chips, chic, choc, Cava, crisps, bread sticks, hummus, sour cream (collectively known as a heart attack on a plate) have been devoured with much relish. Not relish as in hamburger you know what I mean.

I am a foody. I love savoury eateries. I generally eat in moderation but when a friend comes round for company and is also a foody there is no point tip toeing around the subject of salads and celery sticks is there? God (or in this case, ASDA) created so many delish things to eat, it would be rude not to taste so much in one evening. And I could critique the range of Asda's finest for market research couldn't I? Couldn't I? Hmmmmmmm? BURP. Pooooey, wiffy garlic.
We are going to go and watch Hairspray tonight. I hear it has had amazing rave reviews plus I loves a good musical. Belle is at nannies for the night (you know, the subject of all my entries in this blog. I love the comment I got on yesterdays post from a relatively anonymous poster. LOVE YOU anonymous posters. Love love love. Yawn). I'm so looking forward to it. Will tell all in my next blog post.

Just have a few snealos of the new kits from Modscraps. Its the last time I will be working for Modscraps before Mandy becomes Scrap Studio. I made the nifty logo for her new site coming soon. These kits are a hot Seller this month containg Cherry Arte (super swit swoo) and Jenni BOwlin Birdies and Autumns Levaes plastic alphas. Mandy so puts together the best kits right now. Slurp.

I have two overlays today for the die hard among you. Ive been downloading a few kits myself over at Ikea Goddess (link to the left here). She is tip top tippy top for freebies right now and also check out Selena too - so much free love! Its a double whammy of a download.
You can download this lil darlings in a one pack package of scrumptiousness here

26 Jul 2007

Water Water everywhere

I realise we are SO dry compared to most of my friends who are suffering as a result of the recent floods. I wrote to my friend Correna who lives in Gloucester and they are getting by on bottled water and using water butts to collect water for domestic use. I haven't heard from my friend Jo in Evesham, Im hoping she is well. Oh I do worry. Then I start to panic after a bloody massive downpour this afternoon. As I have mentioned before, our garden was built over marshland years ago and the bottom of the garden is flooded again, the lawn is sodden and I know we will not flood as in "house submerged under water".
Its just dreadful. I have donated money to the floods on Paypal UK. What can you do? Well for starters, as much as I love that "Umbrella" song, I do think its a jinx.
I took belle to the Ice cream parlous this afternoon to break up the boredom of being housebound. Its such a treat to go there with over 40 flavours of the most delicious, local made frozen cream. We sat there, trying to smile as it poured outside. As I have a jacket advertising my business I did get a booking so some good came of it. We got back from the parlour absolutely sodden. I couldn't wait to get into my newby slippers of which Ive been showing of in chepstow all weekend.
My £2 bargacious little house shoes that delights my feet and dazzles my eyes.
I am having a dear sweet friend over tomorrow. You all know Anita, right? Well im stealing her and we are going to gorge on lard, choc and vin rouge/blanc - hell, Im just going to buy Tesco's out and we will eat a whole supermarket. even washing powder and matches. Might have room for shoe polish and some bleach. All coated in chocolate of course, you wouldn't think Id eat all that stuff neat would you? Im really looking forward to some company.
And here is another overlay that I managed to conjour up during Greys Anatomy. God, I wish Meredith would warm up her cold, frozen heart. I was screaming at the tv tonight. She needed a good old fashioned talking to from auntie kirsty, who clearly knows everything there is to know about cold ,cold hearts.
Anyway, enjoy using Felicity. She is a personal favourite of late.
you can download her here

Link fixed

Thanks to everyone for the emails about the links not working.
They are working now :)

25 Jul 2007

One day scrap retreat - Liverpool Sept 29th

Yes, Im blarbing about Scrap Trap. You must go over here and read from the bottom to the top (not top to bottom) to read our ever increasing excitement about this event. YOU MUST read it and you MUST come. Maria Grace contacted me today to go over some ideas for her class. YES! Worth the retreat alone in my eyes. I have a very playful theme and Im dying to hear what Jane Dean has in store for you.
Now then.
The piggies.
I just can't stop looking at them and adoring them. Granted, Im supposed to be working on Modscraps monthly kit which is GORGEOUSLY fruity range from Cherry Arte and so zingy for this time of year. Ive really stretched myself with this line. And to top it all, I got a random parcel from Cherry Arte direct with their entire line in there. I have no idea how they got my address but its here and it gives me a chance to make more things with the outrageous carnival colours. Im sure Im dreaming. Ive slapped my face a hundred times and yep, Im awake.
Belle and I went to the cinema tonight to watch The Simpsons.
O. Em. Gee. Its laugh out loud funny. Stupid Funny. Sick funny. Homer is my hero. Belle was screaming with laughter. This is not something she does a great deal. She is so flippin serious but this was the best thing to tickle that little girls tummy. Loved it. Spider Pig will get to number one, Im certain. LOVE SPIDER PIG! I want spider pig to walk on my ceilings.
When we got back from the cinema, Belle and I decided to pick grass and dandelions for the pigsters. I bent down and noticed a blackbird fledgling on its back, mouth open. DEAD. Nice, I thought. I was gutted. I went to pick up a stick to prod it (as you do) and without warning, it blinked. Well I shot backwards so fast that I gave myself 45 heart attacks. No, Actually I had 67 heart attacks and a big mood complete with a screaming fit, multiple muscle spasms and12 brain tumours from the pressure of I started to panic, really badly. The lil blighter was alive! I peered a bit closer and saw it was breathing but it was flat on its back. WEIRD. Then I looked on our lounge window and noticed that it had obviously flown into it head on and now it lay on my grass, flat on his lil back. Im no good with wild birdies so I rang on one of my neighbours doors and he carefully picked him up and presented the birdy back to his momma who was squawking and screeching in panic. It was quite the drama. Its like all baby animals are flocking in my direction for help. I could perhaps find Im the Mother Theresa of pet care after yesterdays rigmarole of animal hospital. And then I really do wake up - mwahahahhahahahhaha
I have another overlay for you. I had belle choose the colour of the background of this today - Im teaching her some digi scrapping to get her going. Not quite there just yet but the appetit is whetted.
You can download this baby here

24 Jul 2007

We are saviours

Belle and I are the saviours of our piggo's.
I was expecting that Doodles would have her babies without incident and thank the lord I was here this very morning when we came to check on the babies. Titch, the wee black baby was all shaky and walking really strange. She/he is the tiniest one out of the litter and my poor heart melted. I had to explain to Belle what might happen .... obviously Im no expert. So I rang the vet for advice. I actually rang 3 vets before someone would advise because they always say "bring them in". I played devils advocate and decided to take their lives into my hands after a little surfing for info. We mashed up some bananas and cucumber which didn't go down too well. So we petted poor Doodles who must be knackered. She responded to our loving. And whilst we petted, the babies were allowed to latch on. And now Titch, Mo and Oodles are spritely little souls. In light of this incident Belle has chosen not to go to her nannies for a week and we will watch them with delight and concern.
The babies - this is when we discovered Titch was not very well. Probably starving.Doodles eventually feeding Titch, the babiest of the babies. This was after lots of coaxing.
She finally lets all the babies feed here:
We are so proud of Doodles now

Im certain my friend Tracy is going to take one that leaves another, FREE to a good home and you will know it has been carefully nurtured. Obviously I ain't going to post it so if you are local to Greater Manchester you might like a new pet in 4 weeks time.
So onto my weekend.
Oh we did have a great time. Spending the weekend with the Burtons is like dying and going to heaven. The fun, the hospitality and the love knows no bounds at their beautiful home. I become so absorbed by the feeling of such a wonderful welcome whilst Belle takes it all in her stride. The very reason for the visit was to privately teach 6 women to use their DSLR's. A fantastic bunch of women who was patient with me as much as I was with them. To be honest the day went far too fast for my liking but it always does when you are having a good time. Louise threw a wicked dinner party of home made crab/fish cakes and lemongrass sauce. Well that was it.................. I died. Not from food poisoning but from heavenly gastronomical fillage. The was followed by home made fish pie with a lemon and lime drizzle cake for afters made by the wizard of all garden knowledge, mary anne. I want to thank Louise, Pam, Robyn, Mandy, Maryanne and Ailsa for the most enjoyable day taking photos, munching, drinking and laughing.

Sunday was a little lie in and time spent with Louise and the kids. The thing with Katie and Olli is that they are hilarious without being hilarious. I just love kids too much. As Belle is such a serious soul, its fascinating to spend time with a mixed bag of kiddy traits which instantly turns me into a kid. Katie introduced us to this cup stacking trick that grabbed mine and belles attention. With belles fine motor skills a little shot, she gave it a go and won't stop nagging me for a set. I found a link here, its so much fun. I took time to teach Olli some photo editing and digi scrapping. Olli is a human sponge and took to it really quick, I think he would make a fantastic computer mogul one day. As for Katie, I give her 5 years and she will be on broadway. The day went so quick before we were served with Lamb served by a person who can serve it best - a New Zealander called Louise! I really did die when I ate it, man..... this woman should write a cookery book. Her beautiful shop can be visted here
Louise, Olli David and Katie at their beautiful home.
Louise and her crazy gumboot wellies she wore to a Donny Osmond concert in a field - she has total and utter class.The kids - and even belle has her eyes open!
Monday saw Belle and I saying farewell to Chepstow for Bristol to see Mandy. Belle was praying very hard that Emily would be there and she was. Mandy and I talked about the most random, off tangent stuff about our lives. I love that. Comfortable conversation without judgement. I then went on to do some digi work for Mandys new venture (will link that in soon). Mandy has this amazing doggy, Martha, which is a cross between a jack russell and a chihuahua. She is the most gorgeous dogster. I really want one if it comes to getting a pooch eventually. I still would like a Pug but a Jackhauhau is calling me.
Nearer the time we had to leave, Belle got a signed photo from Emily and you might as well as given Ellie the earth. She clutched it all the way home (seriously, she did... its creased at the bottom from over clutchness). I asked her why she loved it so much and she said "I feel like the luckiest girl on the world".
She is starstruck with Emily whose beautiful skin and kind conversation is a credit to her. We feel very lucky to know such lovely people.
And here is an overlay for you too. Simply named Arrival after our piggers, please use her at your leisure.
Download this baby here

Nurse Belle to the rescue

Oh lord, it never rains in this house... it pours.
Our three babies have been seconded to us by their non maternal mother. She wont let the lil blighters latch on! We have Titch clinging on for dear life (he is the smallest and weakest), we have Mo (short for mohican) who is lil scamp and Oodles (rhymes with Doodles becuase she looks like her momma) who is the biggest. We are completely enchanted by these little creatures that Belle has asked if she could cancel going to nannies caravan in Wales. Its a good job really as I rang our Vet for advice and he said that would be irresponsible to leave them behind, so we have carried the cage downstairs into the lounge and its a vigil by the hour.
We are mashing bananas and cucumber to wean them - anyone else have any nursing tips for guineas?
We feel so helpful and Ellie is besotted.

8 and half hour road rage

What generally takes 3 hours in the car took 8 and a half on Friday afternoon. I had a numb bum that you could have stabbed a gazillion times and I wouldn't have felt it. I was almost ill from the cramp in my stop and start accelerator action. But eventually we got to our destination in Chepstow for a weekend I DID NOT want to forget. Uh uhhhhh.
As you have read in the news the south west was disastrously hit by flash floods which affected the very road I was taking to Wales. Im gutted for those who have lost their homes and belongings. I wish we could do something as quick as when relief is needed elsewhere in the world. Our nation seem to soldier on for causes affected by drought and famine but when it comes to our own disasters, it seems that our governing bodies seem a tad clueless.
Im very grateful to those of you who have sent me emails wondering if we are ok. As we have been enjoying a fabulous wee jaunt away I have not bothered with my blog, favouring to write my memories both tonight and tomorrow. This has created over 20 emails from you cwazy readers of which I feel a lil touched you spared the time for xx.
We are not affected in our area of residence but to show you where I live and where the areas are affected, it makes me thankful we are dryer than most. A is the county I live in, Greater Manchester. B is our desiination in Wales, Chepstow. And the big red blob shows roughly Herefordfordshire, Worcestershir and Gloucetsershire which are horrifically affected.
Anyway, Im going to write more about our magnificent weekend tomorrow but wanted to share pictures of these two monkies who made our stay uber perfection.

Im a granny and belle is a momma to 3 teeny pigsters.
Mother and babies doing well, we discovered them when we got back from Bristol tonight. They were born sometime from 7pm last night and midnight tonight! One of the lil fellas has a mohican - pictures to prove it will be around tomorrow.
Need sleep.
Belle zonked out all the way home clutching a signed autograph from BB8 Emily Parr. I cannot distinguish the joy in her from either the photo or the piggies but I know Emily has got bedside table occupancy, propped up against the bedside lamp. She is my funny wee thing.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, im nodding off - gotta go.