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30 Jun 2007

Bluergh, Blech, Ick

I am ill.
ILL, I tell you.
Yeah, join me in my pity party. BWAH! :(
Ive not been on form since crimbo really but today I was knocked for six. It wasn't until we were doing a shop at the supermarket when Marko looked at me and said I looked shocking. YEAH!!
He is such the silver tongued charmer, really. My knight in shining armour whose way with words has my knees knocking and my heart pounding. Not. I slept almost all day nursing what felt like a migraine and a heart attack. It was so much fun. Perked up at tea time just in time for home made Korma. WHICH.. I made myself. Curry powder is a cure for the infirm for sure!
Other than that its been bloody rotten with rain here, terrorists threats, Mercedes full of explosives and two nutters ram raiding Glasgow airport.
Just another fun day in the United Kingdom.
Everybody smile.
I made these waching the back to back re-run of Gavin and Stacey (did you watch it - hilariously funny!).

Triple trouble of Swerve, Wrap and Whimsy can be downloaded here.

29 Jun 2007

Fly away Peter, Fly Away Paul, Come back Peter, Come back Paul

If you can assume both Belle and I are Peter and Paul!
We are home and we are family again. What a wonderful week we have both had. And guess the eff what? My belle got involved! She did - she kayakked (is that the past tense?!), she went mountain walking (albeit in her buggy!) and she went in and steered a speedboat. I was dying for all her juicy details - every last drop but Belle, being the wondrous creature I know every millimetre of was as nonchalant as ever. Here she is sat on my bed looking all orangey at sunset... I LOVE THIS PIC!
There was no dire enthusiasm at all, both Mark and I had to literally juice her on the orange squeeze for all the goss. Belle won't often volunteer information even if she had the time of her life. We know she had a great time as she almost cracked a smile through out FBI style interrogation. Instead I resorted to being hugged and kissed all night and thats all that matters - is the now.
Ive not made those darn overlays Petre bu I have 3 for tomorrow and your quest for me to fulfil 7 overlays in 7 days will be back on track! Instead please admire Roz and her amazing house with amazing light. Isnt she a peach?

Look beyond the obvious and peel back layers of a woman with stamina. TRUE.

28 Jun 2007

Taking it to the max

The Maxter and his momma arranged a session with me at Chathelrelaut (a most fantastic place outside Hamilton - country house, rolling hills, tree, pathways - the works!). Lesley is such a warm person whose funky outfit and fabbo jade green shoes had me matched in colour with envy. This surfer dude with auburn hair and the cutest freckles and longest lashes was a peach to sit for me whilst his momma (and her gorgous even skin tone) is as photogenic as yumminess itself. I have to say that the lighting is not down to me (in a wee way), its down to the 50mm F1.4 lens. It worked its full magic which left not much drudgery on editing. Infact little editing, which is all good.

The Bellemeister comes back from her trip tomorrow. I can't believe this cannonball sized wound in my chest will be healed as soon as she is back in my fake tanned arms. Im going to smother and I mean SMOTHER her with kissy wissies, snuggly snurches and cuddly cutchy coo's. Ooooooooooo, I cant wait. Really, I can't. You ever get the feeling when you cuddle your kids that you could just squidge the life right out of them, inhale if not consume them because you just love them more than fresh air and chocolate? The feeling that makes you go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
I leave Scotland the morra but did you know I have roots in this fair land? According to our family tree we are descendants of the Bonnie Prince himself (albeit the wrong side of the bed... you know what I mean? hee hee). We lived in Lynwood for a good while when I was younger, my sister having been born here. My father worked for the BBC in Glasgow and my mother spent time in service in Arbroath. I even have a scottish fore and maiden name and I eat scotch pancakes like they are going out of fash. I have many scottish freinds - all who have the best sense of humour. To my anonymous commentor, no offence was intended whatsoever :)

Finally, I have no overlays tonight but two tomorrow.

The Rozmeister

Im having such a nice time up here in bonny Scotland. So much so that I even tried with the lingo today in Asda. We were being served by this portly gent behind the counter when he started to have a conversation with me. Well, I just couldnt understand him and I thought he was having a bit of a go at me. So to be dignified and courteous I just kept agreeing with him. But he was glaring at us and he was getting redder and redder in the face. I swear down Im not rude and had this kind of treatment in paris when I tried to behave all cosmopolitan and street. But all this guy was saying was "a-hum-in-nee a-hum-in-nee hay hay och noch loch ness ginger". I asked Angela, tonight, to teach me a wee dram of jockanese as we were cropping but all she was inclined to do was fill my mush with scottish plain burnt bread and irn bru. But Im going to persevere and try again tomorrow when I go shopping for fabric. Ive enjoyed myself up to now and managed my third shoot tonight but will leave you with snippets of Roz's pics of her and her dashing young son, Ben.

Roz is the creator of all things Almond Soup and she has kindly put the recipe on her blog (19th june entry). You have to make this soup once in your life because its just HEAVEN and is vegan/veggie if you replace chicken stock with veg stock.

Also, in my late night fuelled haste, I wazzed this lil baby up and she is adorable.
Grab her whilst you can. She is called Clock Meadow and should be used for your bestest projay de art.

26 Jun 2007

Triple Trouble at Troon

Well I'm not in Troon but I'm near it and it went with "triple trouble". I love to take photographs as you well know, it kind of pays the bills. Id do it for free, I'm certain, if the mortgage was paid for which it isn't - yet! But photo's today I did take on my trip up to Scotland. Leaving mark to fend for himself (as any good soldier will tell you - they can survive on their own with nettle tea and dung beetles for back up if the kitchen blows to smithereens!). I head up to Scotland yesterday for a working week away from home. It also alleviates me chewing my nails off whilst Belle is away. Here is a selection of my favourites from today.

Mum didn't want to be in on the action but you I couldn't help drag her into a couple for some tender moments with her lil dumplings xx
Also got a review over at Scrapscene with my wee booky I made last week using Love Elsie products. I love to receive my daily update at this blog - to see what my other favourite scrappers have been making and doing too. I couldn't bear missing a twick or some spark of inspiration. Its worth paying a visit everyday to one blog that collates all the juice as opposed to blog hopping from one blog to another when you have lost your mojita.
And seeing as I have so much time on my hands, I have another overlay. Just don't bet me I can't make 7 overlays in 7 days when Belle is away... it CAN be done! Her name is Mazed Lawn and
you can download this lil blighter here

25 Jun 2007

She wented

She has gone - she left my protective arms and into a territory so new and exciting. She didn't cry (although 2 other girls did and one dropped out the last second due to fear of missing mommy!!!) So I think I'm rather proud of my sweet girl.
It absolutely chucked it down this morning as we said our farewells which added to my misery. But she alighted the school coach as if she hadn't a care in the world (and rightly so!). I could see her acting all giddy with her friend Magenta as she shot me quick, comforting glances at my saturated head sheltering under my hoody. The bus pulled away and my proud momma moment came as I held back little tears. This is the first time Belle has left my arms in the care of someone other than family in 11 years of her little life. perhaps a little mellow dramatic for some but to me this is monument and paramount for Belle.
To take my mind off my babe fleeing the nest, I scrapped... naturally. And I feel good. Apprehensive but good. So those who have their cubs at home with them this week I urge you to kiss them while you have them cos its horrible when they are not within shouting distance!!
Also - made this during a tea break. She is called Lace CollarGrab Lacy Collar her here

24 Jun 2007

Shwek thwee

Belle was so excited ALL day yest.

I told her I was treating her to the movies at 7pm that night and she hadn't realised Shwek Thwee was out. She was plumping for Fantastic 4 as a kind of "oh, we'll just go so I can eat pop corn and enjoy it anyway" type of thing. Two hours before we went I had to tell her the truth and I swear the delight in her face could have lit the entire planet. Belle is a cinema goer in the extreme. We take her to all the new movies - its her only social life in a way but its a true pleasure in taking her. I personally thought it was pants with very few "laugh out loud" moments. To be honest I laughed more at the previews of "The Simpsons". I seriously can't wait for that to come out one bit.

And yes we are wearing masks - I know its hard to differentiate between myself and the real Shwek **insert hefty belly laugh here - ho ho ho**
I'm spending my last night with Belle for a week :( She goes to the Lake District on a weeks school trip and I know I'm going to be thinking about her constantly. I was debating big style about letting her go because they don't have the correct facilities for her needs (more is the pity for the Education authorities, to be honest). But I also wanted her to experience being away from guardian care (ie parents, my parents, his parents etc). The teachers did try and suggest that she would be bored and to curtail the trip to 3 days instead of 5 but isn't it their problem if she is bored? I'm standing my ground and discussed with Ellie what she wants as opposed to what I or they want. I explained that the kids will be canoeing and orienteering and rock climbing and swimming whilst she sits at the side to watch. She really wants this and I ache for her not to be a proactive thought from the organisers. I suggested to the school if she could take reading material and puzzle books which was granted - so at least she isn't going to be totally without a jot to do. Its one of those cases for Ellie to be caught between a rock and hard place but the decision finally came down to her and for that I'm absolutely certain she will enjoy herself no matter what. Its just a shame the education department can't seem to grip that its also about her "wants" too.
I remember my first trip with school which included a 4 night stay away from home in Bamburgh. I remember it like it was yesterday and although I encountered a bit of bullying on the said trip, I came back a different kid. It was the best feeling to be amongst pals and teachers in a more jovial spirit rather than the damning fuhrer in class! I remember sharing a room with a girl called Sharon in the hotel where we stayed. The bedspreads were those hideous Candlewick throws, with neatly tufted rows and swirls that smelled of old ladies and sausage rolls. There were a row of smoked glass vases, ashtrays and perfume spray on a teak dresser and a classy hotel wouldn't be a classy hotel without an avocado guest sink complete with Imperial Leather soap. The wardrobe didn't even match the dresser and there was one of those delightful puffy stow-a-way chests - you know the ones, like a quilted effect plastic covering all puffy and cream so that you could sit on it but stow your clothes and stuff inside. Perhaps my vivid memories serve me far too well as I have none of the above in my house (who does?). Bamburgh itself was just lovely, in fact we stayed in Seahouses - what am I talking about? Its right next to Bamburgh anyway. Seahouses is the home of Grace Darling - the heroine who spawned the RNLI. I even remember what I bought my parents and bro and sis as gifts and my sister has never let me live it down. She went ape that I bought her a faux leather book mark and I have no idea why she went berserk. I find it funny now. And that was 25 years ago (bloody hell!!) Blimey, my memory is far too good.
Rightio, I simply must dash. I'm having a late supper of tomato and basil soup with garlic bread (to keep the vampires at bay, o course!)

23 Jun 2007

Using Overlays - a tutorial for CS2 and Elements

I get a lot of questions how to use these babies so Im going to show you ok? They are pips. You can use them on photos and layouts or to make your own stationery. You can colour them too. So here goes:

To place on a photo or layout

Step One: Using CS2 here (you can adapt with elements too) open your photo and open the overlay PNG file. Place them side by side on your monitor like this below.

Step Two: find this tool here (circled in red). Its called the Move Tool.

Step Three: Once you have clicked on the move tool, you need to move it to to the overlay. Clcik on the overlay and drag it over the photo and let go. It should be inside the photo file!

Step Four: You will need to shift it to fit. The overlays are made to fit 12x12 layouts but you CAN make them fit 6x4 photos or any other landscape/portrait sizes. To do this you will need to make sure you are on the layer containing the overlay and then press CTRL+T (pc) or APPLE+T (mac). This allows you to resize the overlay on the photo correctly.

You are done.

But what if you want to colour the overlay?

Ok - we can do this. Follow step one as above but before you go to step two you need to do the following. Go to layers>layer style>colour overlay. I think the default is red but double click the red box and change the colour. Im using pink

Then follow step 2-4 as above to give you this:

Hope this is of some use to y'all

22 Jun 2007

angels down the wire

There are people you have never ever clapped eyes on, in this world,who you know have hearts and souls of angels. We are not talking about naiive 20 year old females befriending Charles Manson type psycho's behind bars via the net or vulnerable people being lured into a false sense of security. I'm talking real people with kindness in their hearts. I know this woman through aour photoblog and we have been sharing stories about our families and jokes and nationalism's which always makes me laugh. Its such a breath of fresh air especially as you learn that their profession is in the medical field and can offer advice about your child's condition. Its a bonus but its not the reason why I have taken a shine to her nature. She is in Nevada which means a 7 hour time difference and we chat about all sorts as I'm pottering between editing and graphic design. We got chatting, briefly about the 911 conspiracies and that led me to a website one one and a half hours footage of some serious shit. SERIOUS. And I'm worried that because Ive watched it that the FBI are after me even though I was impartial to the viewing (and have my opinions which I cant express) cos they will be after me! I couldn't sleep after watching it, I was sick almost. OMG - this cuckoo world we live in. It makes me wanna curl up in a ball in my modest 3 bedroomed semi detached and shut myself out from the world. But i can't cos I'm taking Belle out for the day tomorrow so maybe Sunday, right?
Anyhoodie, Ive made these whilst sorting out some data on my mac today. I love these overlays so much but really, don't think i sit here for hours making them.

They take minutes to make and are fun to share. Lord knows how many Ive downloaded from other digi girls - gotta share da luuuuuuuuuuuuurve. Get them all here

21 Jun 2007

Im having a strange old week

Feelings very much on the up, feelings a tinsy winsy bit down - mixed feelings all around.
So what do we do about it?
We eat copious amounts of Wenselydale and Cranberry Cheese. Oh yes we jolly well do. Skip, skip, skip to the delicatessan, take a ticket, wait for your number to pop up on the triangle digital display. Ask the counter girl to cut you a veritable wedge of the cow stuff. Not too big and not to little. There, just about right. You watch the wire pierce the truckle of curdled milk. She weighs it - its just the right amount! How do they do that? You pay for it, you go home and you bang it in the fridge until you suffer a feeling. The feeling could be high or it could be low but your body cries out for the lactose fuelled edibleness of mouse trappings. And then comes the gorge. Wafer thin slice, then a crumbly bit and then a chunk leads to the whole wedge.
I can't be preggo.
What is this nonsense?
Munch munch munch until every last crumb and cranberry is working its way throught my intestines to be sorted at the fat/protein/lactose/vitamin department and be equally distributed as cellulite on my butt, thighs, chins and bellies.
BURP. Pardon me. Acid reflux and bile spats the back of my oesophagus.
It was totally worth it.
**waves the "V" peace sign and resorts to bedford with Dr Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz**
Cuckoo. La la.

20 Jun 2007

Love, Elsie

Do you love Elsie? I love both the sense of the word. Her products and the good lady herself.

Modscraps kit this month is chockablock full of either Toby or Roxie. And not only did I love making these layouts but I had the best time turning packaging into a book. So much so Im keeping all pretty sticker/rubber pretty packs for other books (currently working on Making Memories glitter sticker packaging). What helps with Elsies packaging in that it has groovy graphy designs that you can simply add stuff to but I covered the reverse of the inlay sheet. The book below is made from packaging and the kit content. I think the only additional stuff I used (not in the kit) was a book ring, some paint and some eyelets to bind with.

This mini book was based on my trip to Gay Paree last October and its packed with every gory detail. I havent laughed so hard for so long in all my life but you can bet the golden company of Jane Egan Cresswell mixed with Jane Dean, Gill Watson and Bev Stevenson is a sure fire way to ripping your spleen open from excessive snorts. The Parisians hated us (isnt that the way?) becuase we had so much fun. Is such a crime punishable by "I dooo not un-a-stand yooooooooooo" when we tried, in our bestest french to ask where the ribbon shop was. Jane dressed in a stripey shirt and beret still creases me.... the best memories are for the world to share now that have put them in a Love Elsie packetty packaging booklet.I also made these layouts using the stuff in the kit (paint is the only stuff from my own tool box that I used). I am generally a pink fan (having a girl!!!) but I much prefer Toby colours and its handy having a travel theme seeing as I have so much to scrap on my past years jaunts. The kits have sold out I think but next months promises to be just as chocka

Gotta go, curried almond soup is calling. YUMMY xx