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31 May 2007

24 hours of madness plus digi paper kit

So last night we gets visitors and then panic as Emily makes her appearance on BB. After the BB intro I can finally give smooches and attention to our lubbly visitors - Kiesha and Traci. The kids watched three dvd's until, erm...tum ti tum ti tum (3 in the morning......ssssshhhh!) whilst Traci and I cwafted and slugged tea like it was going out of fash. I wouldnt care but I didnt actually finish anything, I was far too busy using a cricut machine. What a wizzy wizzo that is. I love it when Traci comes becuase I don't have to don my pinny and play hostess with the mostess. Its "come as you are and make your own bleeding tea". Well, not precisely but near as dammit.
We had to get up early for the Genetics Counsellor who wanted to assess belle medical history before she has chromosome and genetics testing (chromosomes...... my god, its taken 11 years for this to happen!!). The nurse explained chromosomes to me in a way that might settle my nerves. I did biology, I know chromosomes, 23 sets of ... xx is a girl, xy is a boy plus the spyragyra and chloraphyll and atoms and nucleus (hee hee hee!). It was well fascinating! I mentioned to her that we have discovered a lump just beneath Belles armpit which she pounced on and frightened me a bit. But nothing essentially urgent - phew. We now wait for Alderyhey to call us in for bloods and we are on a new journey of investigation for Belle - hoooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
This afternoon consisted of more cwafting, den making, bacon butty munching, tea slurping, guineapig weeing on furniture type of fun. Traci made the most beautiful piece of jewellery and I managed one card! ONE CARD?????? But it is for something rather splendid, I can tell you more about that tomorrow.

After the craftacious in us had died we treated the girls to a visit to the ice cream parlour in our little town. A choice of 40 flavours is bit of an ordeal - I seriously cant cope. I opted for a safe toffee iced fudge as did Traci. Belle went for the same old same old vanilla (AS ALWAYS!!!!) and Kiesha plummed for Vimto, heaven and raspberry ripple (OAP's favourite). Such simple pleasures a bit of ice cream far outweighs expensive days out.
I felt my chest ache a little when it came for them to leave but Traci has a business to run and I had to finish off here before we venture off to my freind Jane's house tomorrow (she adopted two gorgous little girls in February of whom we have not met) We are cwafting as a gang in Janes masso converted garage. And with the two little girls having geordie accents, belle meeting new freinds and playing with stash is like a lil dweam come twoo.
Its that time over at the DC again - subscription renewals are on the up again, I can't believe how lucky I am to be a part of this. Come and see!

And finally a really tidy little kit for the cardmakers and scrappers among us. Don't you just love Jo Kill and her fabulous card makery skills?
Come and get yer rosy apple ripple ere, me 'earties.

Bottles and Big Brother

So my news (well Mandy's news).
You may have seen big brother last night?
Well I wasn't going to watch it as I was expecting visitors.
Instead I had planned a bath as it started before my friends, Traci and Kiesha arrived. So I had a bath for like 1 minute as I was rushing when the doorbell rang. Traci and Kiesha had landed safely with pet guinea pig, Milo, in tow.
Then the phone rang.
It was Mandy.
I said to Mandy that I couldnt talk long as my guests had arrived and I felt dreadful as we had so much to plan for our events at Scrap Trap and Scrap Camp. But she said she had a confession to make.
WHAT? I though the worst and guessed she had pulled out of our events. But no. She wanted to explain to me why she had told me that Emily (her daughter - the girl pictured above) had moved to London. Mandy had initially told me she was starting a new college course. But in fact she was ringing me to tell me that Emily was on BIG BROTHER.
OMG - I was screaming so loudly. So happy, so confused, so frightened - worried that Emily might get up to naughties (as you do, on big brother). I am hoarse from excitement. I couldn't believe it but proof of the pud came when Emily exited the car in her "fine pins" glory.
The jury is out already on Emily and personally I think she is fantastic. Level headed, grounded, educated, moody (!!), girly. Mandy has brought her 3 daughters up with incredible values. They are all so terribly gorgeous and you may remember these pictures I took of them last year.As gossip is mandatory with BB and Emily shown in the edits of the producers I hope she goes far. Maybe because I have met her a couple of times, it makes it more of a rally round. I will, along with Mandy and her family, get to see things about Emily that we may not like but we are human and we do human things and react to situations created especially to cause an extreme reaction (ain't big brother a sod for doing that?!)

As for bottles?
Wouldn't you say these two babies looked the same? Huh? So I clean out the fridge, clean the cupboards and wipe the kitchen surfaces with what I thought was dettol surface cleaner. Hmmm, new fragrance I thought. Tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Clean, clean , clean, tum ti tum ti tum.
Only when I replaced the bottle back in the cleaning cupboard did I realise I had cleaned the whole kitchen with window spray.
Me no likey that thought.
So around the kitchen again I go with dettol spraying twice as much to ensure the windowlene is gone and we are dettol covered.
Im a dettol freak, ok? Just not a bottle spotter!

30 May 2007

Just Jousting

I cannot believe that I have lived here 4 years and never visited Camelot. It was the best fun we have had as a family for a long time. Themed around King Arthur and Sir Lancelot's era you can find the usual rides, arcades, junk food stalls, entertainment theatres. But the best bit of the day (besides putting Lauren in stocks!) was the jousting. While this would be classed as "cheese on toast in proportions too big for adjectives", we sat enthralled by the horse stunt rider and the jousting itself. We even got to relish sword fighting and a court jester. And yes, so what if it was all acted out - the scenery and the atmosphere was so much fun. Belle was beside herself with the excitement of cheering for the goody guys whilst Lauren in her sugar fuelled, teenage angst state hailed the nasties. Boooooooo.
Lauren was up for any ride beyond any reckonable G force whilst Belle chose rides that barely ruffled her hair.

I bravely took to this hideous monstrosity called Excalibur. Its all very well taking pictures form below, Mark, in the comfort of terra firma. I on the other hand felt what it was like to have my intestines in my throat. I screamed my head off whilst Lauren "tra-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaa'd her way through it like it was walk in the park. Mark was on the floor laughing at me and I may have been the oldest woman on there at the time, it didn't stop me from screaming so loud that I could have shattered glass. We took a ride called Dragons Breath (named after Mark, strangely enough) which whisked you around the parks perimeter. This was a little faster than Belle's comfort zone but she was the one who alighted the ride with big grins and teeth. She really did have the best day out of all of us. We made the best of it even though its nothing like Alton Towers or any Disney themed park - make of things what you will and you can always have a good time.
We went home to play Buzz on the playstation. Belle got this for christmas and never played it much until recently. We have the monkey version and boy does it get evil! You would think that the adults would let the kids win. You would think that Belle would play kindly - BUT NO! Its worse than playing Scruples - you certainly know who you love with that game (and personally its about self love - it has to be!!) We had a fiery hot mexican for tea made lovingly by myself (I know, I cooked again and still nobody died!!) and Belle begged Lauren to stay the night again. So after Mark went back to camp, we all hooked a spot on the King size bed, plated up tasty treats and the girls vegged out watching Mean Girls (laurens choice). Lauren fell asleep, I was bored rigid and all Belle had to say was "ooooh they really are mean girls".

Fun day - shame it had to end but Im half way through another day offun with the belle meister - we are still in our pj's!

28 May 2007

We sailed with the pirates

for three sodding hours. Love that the filmakers spoiled us with fabulous scenery and a great script but not only did some people getting up and popping to the loo spoil it a bit but I cant feel my bum anymore. And boy, you can't miss it - its a big 'un!

I love Mr Depp but as for this fella here - well, you would, wouldn't you? TOTALLY.
We are getting a picnic ready for a visit to either Chester Zoo (again) or Camelot theme park tomorrow. Pray there is no rain and that its warmer than the sub zero temperatures of today. What the hell is wrong with our weather system. Its all to cock. Its marks last day at home with us tomorrow too. We have had a great 4 days chillsvilles but on Weds its back to normal. Fortch we have visitors on Thursday to help break the "missingdom of marko". He is back again on Friday which will be JUNE. How the hell did June happen so fast? We are half way through 2007 and so manythings to do and only 6 months left to do them. We have a lot happening with Belle in June with reagrds to genetic consultants to peadiatric surgeons to the LEA and the DLA. I don't think Im looking forward but its things we must do to see her fit for secondary school in Sept. Belle is still up, I may add with Lauren (who babysat) hanging out on our bed watching watching videos, eating total and utter crap - having a blast. Im about to kick them off to their beds for tonight (the sofa's.. Belle didnt want to miss out on the sleepover fun!)
Ive not really any pictures to share with you so Ill put some cards up that I made with the Kits from Mod Scraps two weeks ago.

And the winner is

well, watch the video! Erm, watch it with your head tilted - I forgets that you have to film in landscape - duh!

type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Belle picks a fabulous winner. And to the winner, could you mail me two high res pictures suitable for your earring? Don't worry if you have boys, I can make boy earrings. Or I could just make earrings without photos and just add lots of bling. They will however be made from bazzill. I'll do a step by step demo for you to see how flippin easy it is to make them.
Dont forget to nip over to Scrap Trap to book your place in the north wests largest scrap event. Maria Grace, Jane and Teresa have fantastic layouts for you to make.
Im outta here, ive got a date with a bum bumbing 3 hours at the flicks xx

27 May 2007

Sunday Funday

Another lazy day just hanging out with the fam. Sleep in, lounge around, dual surfing between belle and I, hike out to the golden arches (Mcdonalds!), making things, cooking stuff. Sigh. I love bank holidays, they are more relaxed just because of one extra day off work.
I made a couple of kits whilst bumming around and finished this one off whilst on the phone to my friend Traci. We were discussing the book of the moment, The Secret and whilst I am comletely dazzled by it there are a few things I cannot grasp. For instance the Law of Attraction. Whilst I agree that you get what you give, I cannot comprehend how we attracted a daughter with muscular dystrophy. Try hard as I might to understand that it may be a punishment (and belle is not a punishment thank you very much) I cannot understand why. Traci put it all in to perspective for me. She asked if Belle is happy. I said yes she is. Then she said well does it matter? And really she is right. So I took a whole new take on the book from 2 hours on the phone to her. I completely get it and whist the laws of attraction, for me, isn't about the wealth and success a vast majority of readers may wish to dream for, I have 2 little goals that I will see through. They are not materialistic nor are they selfish. And you know what - they will happen. Thats how positive the book sheds light on you. Cool, huh?
Anyway, Im off to bed to watch Pirates of le Caribbean part deux in prep for tomorow part twa at the cinemas. Mark and I have a hot date. At the cinema, thast is. Not in bed. tsk tsk!
Download Metro to Retro right here

Ive watched this film

over 40 times.
Tonight added to the statistic. If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to grab it while you can. Its got a fabulous soundtrack and the portrayal of typical Dublin life is spot on for that era. Its funny, heartwarming and did I say funny?
I first saw this film in 1992 (what?!!!) when it first came out. I was living in London at the time when served in the RAF. I lived in a fabulous Edwardian house with about 25 other WRAF's in Notting Hill and a bunch of us went out for the night in Leicester Square. It was the only movie I saw in this famous cinema fulled part of London. I still love it now as much as I did then.
Thinking about living in London brings back some fun memories. I worked right in the centre, next to the Middlesex hospital; in careers office as a recruitment receptionist (I should ask my momma to dig out my RAF photos to share with you) The work was monotonous but the thrill of living in the capital was great and I got to do all the sights. On weekends (when I couldnt afford to go home which at the time was in North Wales) Id sit on the circle line with my freinds just chatting and people watching. And as for the shopping I had Portabello Market and Kensington/Knightsbridge were within coughing distance. Princess Diana lived literally across the road at the end of our street. I dreamed of bumping into her but never did :( Who knew that 5 years later Id be in London attending her funeral and working the charity phone donation line in BT tower.
Bella had one of her famous chill days today. In her stinky pjs all day until bath time and then into fresh ones. She cutched herself a little cosy slot on top of her bunk surrounded by books, games, goodies and her iPod doo dah and stayed there for a good few hours. I kept a check on her and asked occasionally if she wanted anythng and she shoo'd me away as if I was cramping her style. She took a bath tonight and told me she loved her day. And isnt it the way it should be? Just hanging out in the house and just doing stuff. My kind of weekends (except when mark insists on watching crappo cricket - yawn)

Why is it that the men think they are the king of the rem con? He has our two lined up at his leisure as if they are the buttons to controlling the world. Woe betide if there is anything I want to watch. Id have to go to the kitchen and watch a choice of 5 crappo channels as opposed to the 90 that he is in complete control of. Gah! Its a good job I am the queen of the rem con from mon to sat whilst he is away at work then huh? Still, I can't complain too much as he is making the roast dinner tomorrow and he cant sit in front of the box armed with his two zappers AND watch the beef brown, can he? Hee hee hee.
Oh what to watch, girls?
Don''t forget to go to find out more about Scrap Trap - a 12 hour scrap event to be held in Liverpool Sept 07 and don't forget to take a peeek at the prize challenge over at the DC.

25 May 2007

Corinne Delis Workshops

.....are thought provoking, intrusive, revealing, soul searching, heartbreaking, deep.

They are.

Truly, they are.

"Finding You" is a workshop that Corinne Delis has created with prompts to get to the bottom of somethingthat niggling you. Could me time management, could be emotions, could be your boss ;) Its no secret that mine is built on self esteem. Its uberly personal and I have found it incredibly exhilerating to be able to express this crappy little part of my life by meeting that negativity with positivity (ie colour!) In conjunction with reading "The Secret" I can tell you that you can expect your thougts (not your life) to change. As much as Id love to stand on an orange box and bleat on about it, go and buy it. Read it with a clear mind and happy conscience. Read it with trust and not hope, absorb the encouragment and the light that it sheds. In turn you will embrace a whole new outlook on issues that niggle you and put to bed the horrors of those negatives that lead to unecessary bitter and twisted after thoughts.
Its like sunshine pours out of the page, into the chasms of worries and upset inside your head, washes them with pretty bubble soap and leaves you feeling like you are vitamin C. Thats what I am. Concentrated fizzy foo faa! So Im on week 4, 8 weeks to go on Corinnes course .. can life get more smashing than this? My cup runs over with attitude so enlightening I really feel I could fly. Life is all cool beans. Its Friday and Belle is off school for a whole week.

Dont forget to post your name on the entry entitled "Pretty Post, Peonies and Pictures" for a chance to have a pair of custome earringsmade by my own fair sticky mitts.

24 May 2007

Textures for Layouts/Photos/Backgrounds

I have had these images for flipping ages - so I made them into textures. Personally I dont think there are enough handy, useful textures for digi/photography.
I am showcasing Flaky Plastic but included is dimpled tissue, crushed linen and rusty boat.
So here they are for your digi needs, girls.

In addition, Ive added a bling frame because chris cannot get enough, it would seem. And neither can I. Look adorable on your little poppets dream layouts, or spoil yourself and make a page surrounded with bling just for you.

Finished a paperlayout tonight which will widen the eyes of my dutch chica Corinne. Don't die of shock Corinne! Im torn with both paper and digi right now which can only equal a hybrid layout now and again. So many fabbo ideas for hybrid layouts these days. Its all cool beans.
Bob along to SCRAP TRAP to see the latest goings on for this event to be held 29th September in Liverpool. Its too exciting for me to carry on here, go and check it out.
And finally Her Space/My Space is gathering amazing momentum and its all down to the reader efforts that it going from strength to strength. Challenge yourself and us with your photo skills as you start to appreciate the little things around your home.

Pretty Post, Peonies and Pictures

I couldnt bear to post an entry after the shenanigans of that football match last night We should have won but the better team won in the end, you seriously cannot deny that they did not deserve it. Marko rang me all upset, well devastated actually. And for the first time in 18 months he made a comment on my blog. He is more than fanatical about the 'pool. Poor sod, he admitted that he was going to bed to have a good old cry.

Earlier yesterday I went over to see Suzy B. Its got a lovely ring to it, huh? I went over to lend her my cameras for a little soemthing that she is up to. Suzy works for a logistics company and we tried hard as we might to get the "panning" action of a wagon in motion. But it was too bright to be able to warrant a 1.5 second shutter speed even with an apperture of F32. Plops. I stayed a fair while hanging round the truck yard and reception doing things only scrappers and photographers do. Heaven, really. Except when I had to don PPE (hard hard, hi-vis vest and toe cap boots). I said to Suzy and her sister Emma (**waves**) that I felt like a guy from the YMCA video. So we played butch for 3 seconds. Yup, sure suits our moustaches.

I never expected Suzy to give me a beautiful bunch of flowers, though. Id heard of the flower "Peonie" before but never seen or even smelt them. Have you discovered the perfume of these flowers? GORGOUS. And such a fluffy flower. (jeez, must get a non granny vase, im looking for a pottery vase in sky blue with red painted patterns...who can help. Perhaps Cath Kidson?)Suzy also bought Belle a TY beany thats shares the same birthday as Ellie (and Suzy, didn't know that .. but now I do!). They both were born on 25th November. I can't believe that people go to such thoughtful lengths. Suzy, Im completely blown away by your selfless thought. Belle, is of course smitten. Although by the looks of her face, you would think I FORCED her to have this picture taken !! But she really is taken by it.I also had this card from her. I have to share it because its the first time Ive been "claudine hellmuth'ed". Thank you most kindly. I love my outfit.

I received some post too. What I call pretty post. I love to send pretty post but I also love to receive it - who doesnt? I have a freind who owns this amazingly amazing shop with gifts piled high to the rafters of wonderous pretty pretties. You know what I mean? Think primitive, pottery, unusual gifts, pretty gifts, touchable wantables. She has a wesbite here, but its quite new and to discover it best you have to visit the shop. Anyway, her name is Louise and she is kind and thoughtful. Ive been invited to go to see her again in July with Belle and we are just besides ourself. Her hospitality knows no bounds and is pretty wonderful to be around. Its all about the good life here, troubles are kept at the door and sunshine pours out of the house and into your heart.

**warning, a rare pic of belle with her eyes looking into the camera is coming up. How bloody marvellous is this picture... HOORAY!!**

As I am a novice in collecting Emma Bridgewater pottery, she sent me something to add to my collecsh and belle received this nifty pencil case and fluffy pen. Belle and I are magpies when it comes to pretty pretties. A bit of glitz on a card is all we need, so anything extra is like you could have given us the world. Look at my little dolly daydream girl - she looks so pretty. Her steely grey eyes are something you or I barely get to see as she quints an awful lot or loves behind those super cool shades. I LOVE THIS PIC.

Ill leave you with these. I made these earrings for Quick and Crafty Magazine this month. Its my first gig at the mag and I had to make objects other than scrapbook pages using photos. I so totally WILL WEAR these earrings. They are unique to me and these photos are more precious than expensive diamond numbers anyway. Love them so much and made only from a quickutz book plate, an index print photos, a quickutz flower, fake diamond and lots of glossy accents to make it shower proof. I also made two canvasses into a book using hinges, a photoframe and some cards - its on sale now, June issue.

I will offer to make you a pair (providing you send me two hig res pictures) for anyone who leaves a comment here on this post. I will pick a name out of a AMM tool tote bag sometime at the weekend.

23 May 2007


So we lost.
What do we do when we lose?... .. we pick up our hems, do a merry dance and thank the lord nobody died. Seriously, its only a game of footy.
Off to scrap.
Toodle pip.


We gotta goal. Its 2-1 to Milan. This is 2005 revisited. HOLY CRAP! Pray for another goal in 5 mintes dudes, pray hard.


Im having a bad dream, its not true, Milan did not score their second goal.

Half time - GAH!

The spawny little sods. I personally would have disallowed that goal by AC Milan. Off to have a panic attack - becuase I cant cope with penalties, if it comes to it.


I can't believe its such a big match and marko is away from home and not able to celebrate on our housing estate which is a sea of red right now (we don't live too far from Liverpool).
Ellie and I are going to have to watch the Championship Final between our beloved Liverpool versus AC Milan on our own and I will be hiding behind a cushion because as much as I want to watch, I can't.
1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005...... give us a six Gerrard.

22 May 2007

Ellie's daily bread

We have a bit of a rigmarole when it comes to buying a loaf of bread. We more or less buy Warburtons Toastie on a regular basis. Ellie knows that when it comes to picking a loaf there has to be 4 days date extra on the label. So yesterday she knew she had to pick a loaf that had a sell by date of 25th May (my bro's birthday too). So she checks labels before she does a pinch check. When a loaf states the 4 day rule she then carefully squeezes and pinches the loaves for softness. She might choose the first one but then again she might choose loaf number 226. It really is a labour of love. Here she is prior to the shop lookingmega funko in her shades (this pictures makes me howl)

However, Belle was most unimpressed by last nights offerings at sainsbury's and plumped for an alternative loaf by kingsmill - the 50/50 no crust wonder. It certianly helps me in my effort to cut out more processed crap from my diet. I wanted to take my camera last night to the supermarket (not a regular occurence there!) so I could make a layout about this. I dont want to forget the enjoyment in watching her run this miltary precision exercise twice a week! And look - she packs too.

Gotta go, Im picking wensleydale with cranberries and chilli olives and there is a whole lot more in the fridge.