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30 Apr 2007

Tutu + Tantrums = Tiara's

Ok - hate the slide gallery tonight. I cannot upload the blummin massive amount of hand entries from the Mac. The Mac is going in the bin! To calm my tantrum I made these Tiara's that will look peachy a-top of your little angels pretty heads.

And 29th September? You won't forget will you? A 108 day delegate superbowl of speed scrapping.
And the teachers?
You just have to wait and see!

Prima, pretty ballerina

I love this fairy princess - modelling my newly finished, hand knotted tutu. I cheated and stitched the elastic as opposed to knotting it. But you can actually make this tutu WITHOUT sewing. And it costs very very little to make.
Still, after complaints of "its itching me" she still looks a dolly doo doo. And she let me knot her curly tresses into scruffy buns. What a fun day of dress up.

Ill be back later with the full gallery of hand layouts. The winners (one digi, one paper) will be revealed sometime this week.

something big is happening in the northwest on 29th Sept

pencil it in your Scrapping Diary's.
12 hours of top, qual scrapping (not for the faint hearted, I may add. In fact I strenuously highlight that notion!).
Its going to be a day not to forget - hold out for another week and I'll let you know more.

29 Apr 2007

Rivington Pike

is fantastic for geocaching. Pick a sunny day (voile, we got that), pick a few trails (lots!) and pack a picnic (U-mmmmmmmm!)
WE HAD A GREAT DAY - talking, exploring, discovering, laughing (and stressing over well hidden caches!!!). I got the most beautiful photos of unfurling ferns, bluebells, dogwood and dandelions. Yep, a hundred thousand dandelions of which people take for granted, nobody picking them because of the age old saying that if you do, you will wet the bed! Its something that the British say anyway but I love dandelions - they are a wonder of nature with their pom pom heads and golden glow. I just love being in the "wild" without a care and taking in a million breaths of nettle scent and cool breeze.

I have never been to this neck of the woods before (if you pardon the flippin pun!). I had no idea that tucked amongst the beech, sycamore and oaks that there lies Liverpool Castle. What a find - Belle unbuckled her pushchair restraint and took a leap to go and inspect the purpose built ruin. The original castle ruin (originally built in 1235AD) was so decrepit that it had to be pulled down but the local people were dismayed of the prospect and called for a replica, sturdier ruin to go in its place. But we didn't care too much because it truly was a sheer joy watching Belle twist and turn in the maze of doors, corridors and windows. We took a picnic there and for every chomp of the butty we took it became bitty from the gravel - it wasn't half blowing a hooley! So we set sail for base camp two of the geocache down by the pike (reservoir for want of a better word!) Id hate to think that come a shortfall of water this summer that id be drinking water from that!! **bluergh, shiver** - the water was brown (close up) but these pictures show a blue sheen and I didn't photo shop that in neither!!!
We walked for miles and ended up at Rivington Barn - well the day just got better! Low cherry trees, blue bell blankets and fresh green woodland made for a haven with ellie away from bright daylight. She wore her glasses for most of the day but managed a quick smile without in this area of the wood.

Mark was struggling to find a cache (we think it had been muggled. A term used to describe that its been discovered and taken by a non geocacher. I bet J K Rowling is minted in the knowledge that she has created a plethora of dictionary additions since her Potter books started - way to go girl!). In a last ditch attempt to find it, he stuck his hand in a pool of water that had been collected in a tree stump. Ahem. STINK? Do you know the meaning of tree stump water pool stench? It was death, poo, cheese (parmesan), feet, wet dog flavoured pukey, skanky, stinky mink. And to add insult to injury, the cache wasn't there!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha - Marks got a stinky hand!!! Tra la-la, la-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
And finally - check out our garden resident love doves. These two are frequent to our garden fence recently. These ring collared doves holler down our chimney all day long but today they were lapping up the sun and preening each other for ages. I hope Mr Magoo the evil white cat doesnt pounce on them - they are so daring to be taking a chance on the fence.
Now I must go and put some finishing touches to some things. Just everyday unfinished things that need a touch. You know what I mean?

28 Apr 2007

Here is Corner Shop Candy

Ta- Daaaaaaaa
**Warning - sunglasses must be worn when opening this pack**
Good grief, she is so bloody bright! Check out my little saturday creativity. Ok - still hating the cartoony style flowers but look, I made fabric flowers too and some scrummy distressed papers. These look super duper on white cardstock but of course the creativity and unique flair you have will put paid to that! It would be just rude to use only the stuff out of this kit, so I used other stuff like tia bennets grungy overlay (what is an overlay??!!) and some sieshido brushes and some of my ribbons that I made yesto.

Download the little blighter HERE

It would be so nice for you to show me what you can do with this kit, its always nice to see others peoples diverse ideas. By the way, who wants some quick lessons on getting started with digi (without out the ploppy jargon that bamboozles you into a dark corner that requires you to hit yourself over the head with a crop-a-dile?) Let me know and I can set up a little feature about that for you.
Other stuff ......I havent started on my bag yet. I just need to finish a tutu that I am making for my photo shoots. I love the tutu, cowboy boots and denim jacket look, I have so many photo shoot ideas with that darn pretty frilly number. I found this pattern to make a real fluffy number that requires no machine sewing. In fact the only thing you sew is the elastic together, but even then you can jut tie a knot together which makes for a real fancy tutu and no bleeding fingers ruining your work of art. I should have it finsihed by the morrow - then I can share a pic or two (obv I wont be wearing it - my arabesque days are well and truly 30 years ago!)
Other than that we have had a lazy day just pottering (minus the panic attack that my freinds in kent were dead!) and living and breathing and just "being". I enjoy my family weekends so much and tomorrow takes us to Rivington Pike to geocache and take snaps for Lancashire Life magazine. We all get to enjoy the sunshine with the thrill of the "find" and the fact I can take some shots of this beautiful part of Lancashire.

An all round good egg type of a weekend. Cool beans.

Digi moments

Ive been taking a break today mid scrap and baggage to trial a sample kit from weeds and wild flowers design.I thoght I would have a stab at a CT call only becuase they have the bestest kits around. As a frequent visitor to many kits on the net, I have to say Im awful excited about this. I dreamily wish you could get these as real papers. The colours remind me of Daidy D's french market and I loved doing his page. Mark thinks I went a bit heavy handed with the flowers, but you know me and flowers right? It wouldn't have looked right!
And here is a snippet of a kit I have made today. Took me 1 hour whilst slurping my soup and roll but it kept me sane after dreading that my dear friend Jane had been crushed under a rubble during the earth tremor in Kent this fair morning. Thankfully she didnt even feel it (where as some poor souls had walls, chimneys and roofs collapsing around them) and she is safe in the knowledge that should she perish under such circumstances in future that both her sister Gill and I go shares on her stash fort safe keeping. Its only fair right? I mean mine will all go to Jane, naturally. And perhaps a little to the Battersea Dogs home.

You can download the kit for free tonight and she is called Corner Shop Candy. Slurp.

27 Apr 2007

The bag starts here

I haven't got a bloody clue - have I? Really? Lets just sit and have a good old think about it. I mean, I can make curtains NO PROBLEM but lining a bag, interfacing, handles, neat edges? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. I will keep you posted (and be honest with you and be brave and show you the big holes I make in this lishus fabric-o). Meanwhile feast your eyes on this little lot of intended baggery. The red fabric below is the yummo stuff I bought from Lisa. The blue flowery number is a tea towel (the heavy cotton type and not the towelling type!) Im gonna make a bog standard tote. I expect Amy Butler is safe in the knowledge that her crown shall remain perched on her perfectly groomed barnet forever!!!
Ive pulled out a placemat that i bought in Rotterdam in Feb which will look yummo with this purple fabric and yellow bobbly trim that I have had for absolutely ever. I know they are not your average twee "ascot ladies day" baggage but for my odd quirk that I am, I think it will look 'lish when I pop to the odd cream cake shop for tea and a sticky bun.
Mark and I did something so rare today - we went "actual" {not virtual} shopping. Woo hoo - I loves to touch and see and feel things without a little lady giving a guilt fuelled sigh.
I boughted a magnificent skirt ready for my flip flops and sunny weather ahead. And it discreetly covers my ankles (thankfully) as Ive been having a tad of trouble with oedeama which has made my ankles look like an elephants foot (classy and not pretty). Will have to consult Dr Lush Cohen for water tablets - oh the fun of running to the lavvy 30 times a day will sure thin out those ankles.
Oh I knew I meant to add something - there are 4 days left for the scrap your hands challenge. You wanna win a ton of scrap stuff? See here for details and lemme see your mitts xx
AND - Did you know that the DC goes into its second month next week? With so many delighted customers/student/freinds (all three actually!) having so much fun and inspiration, you dont want to miss out on 3 fantastic classes every week for a month for a measky £10 (85p a class), do you?
And finally I have on offer a packet of textured ribbony sashes in summery funkadoodle colourations. Now this packet looks a little pants - i think I condensed the file to heavily - still, the ribbons look lishy wish anyway xx
these can be downloaded here for absolutely nil pwah.

**AND YAY - Marko the love bag of mendingville has repaired my brokened router. He is my super duper hero of the hour. Give it up for Marko** So to all the Oirish girls - your galleries are almost ready!!!

26 Apr 2007

my pc is router brokened

Bwah - its so infuriating.
I have a ton of files to transfer and it don't go nowhere with the mac neither. I'm not a mac guru, I need to meet a mac guru so I can learn fully the extent of the macness and do guruish things with it and be a geek and do macko things and be geek-eriffic.
So without much use of a computer today I have scrapped a ton of stuff. I finished 8 projects from one very generous kit at Modscraps. There has to be more than £25 worth of stuff in there and I swear I have a mountain of stuff left over and I didn't even scrimp. I was rather lavish in fact. I loved this kit so much that I will buy the papers again (FYI - the kit is available to see on Modscraps site - sssssssssshh, don't tell). I can't share any of the projects yet but come Tuesday I will let you have a sneak-a-roo. (oh yes, you might catch a glimpse on Her Space-My Space for today actually. But Im talking minuscule. A wee blot. Squint and you might catch a snippet.
I have some layouts to share that I finished recently, I don't mind showing you those. I love the one of Anita and I as it was made from mainly gift wrap. Doubtful of its acid free-ness - But I'm not anal about acid freeness and I don't mind so much because the photo is something I have on disc to print again.

And here is week three of Corinne Delis workshop. Each week her course appeals to your creative and emotional journey, peeling layers so far back that you become a raw product of your inner self. Whilst that is a bit deep to chew on a Thursday evening (what with a splendid weekend planned and all!!) it really is a fantastic creative outlet for one who has many issues to deal with. Anyway, I used the cherry arte apers that she designed (bought them in Eire this weekend just gone) and enjoyed working with them. oooooh and i gots a new hairstyle too - feeling good about my hair finally growing and flicking and being in fab con-dish.
During my day of mad scrip-scrapping I wandered along to one of my new fave blogs (because one has a jolly good peep at lots of blogs with a cuppa and a jaffa mallow almost everyday. Well not with a jaffa mallow as I have just discovered them but I always have something jaffa-rey). So anyway, I ended up buying fabric, interfacing and other such bag makery things. Ive fancied making a bag since Julie M showed me one of her creations last year. Then recently when I saw Anita's fabulousness. Anita, actually, has been making bags forever but has restarted doing them with absolute superbment. Whilst Ill never be that standard I did actually want to make my own little oblong tote to say that I actually did make one. I was going to make on in Eire but there was no sewing machine to hand. I'm making a tote from one mega coolio tea towel which was a steal at £1.50 each and will in turn make a fine tote for my scrapping carriagement. I have a penchant for pretty fabrics as well as paper - lord help me if this becomes my new black in scrapping. And I mean LORD - O help me. I am such a good girl and I try real hard. Im law abiding, eat {some} greens, I wash my feet, I say a little prayer each night. I may not go to church or indeed read the bible every night but I do think about you and wonder about you and therefore I think you might spare some of your sewing magicness for me.
Do you think that will work?
Well, anyway, tra la la la laaaaaaaaa....... so obsessed was I that I rang Lisa because I just love her bags and blog and shop. She is such fun. We are height twins (at 5"2") and we are both crafty nit wits. We were clearly separated at birth. I bet she cannot wait to laugh her head off at my bag. Im sure she will help me by form of telekinesis and guide my needle and thread to go through the fabric and not my eyes. I love your voice, Lisa (-she has such a trill in her soundness) we should lunch darling. Perhaps in Covent gardens with our hand made bags and people will flock to see us in their millions and demand baggage of the same and we shall toss our heads back and laugh at such daft requests - for we are unique and would rather discuss the ingredients of a perfect sheese souffle as opposed to what stiffness of interfacing do we use. Such tosh!
And please don't hold your breath nor hope I open an Etsy shop selling them because I know it will be a cacka bag. But its a start and it will be my bag. And I can always store my spuds in it, if it really turns out to be poo poo. So when the fabric arrives tomorrow I shall make a start and keep you posted. HELP!

25 Apr 2007

Pink Snow - it not cold, you know!

I loved the scene from this mornings cherry blossom shot that I forced Ellie to have snap under the said tree after school. She loved scooping up the fallen petals and chucking them hither and dither whilst the neighbours curtains twitched at such tomfoolery! Here she is being her sweet little self whilst I snap snap snapped my nifty nikon in her face! Until this convo:
"Mum, will you ever leave that camera at home?".
"No, for as ever you are beautiful - I fear not, my darling".
"Stop talking so fancy"
"Um, ok".
PMSL. She makes me howl.
She makes me talk fancy. Isnt she a beauty? tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So after that shoot we took a trip to the holiday shop. I have my eye on two spots in Menorca this year. We just LOVE menorca. Pubs and bars close at 11pm and there are no rowdy crowds drinking until stupid oclock. One has to get her beauty sleep on vacation, you know. The island is devoted to families and is perfect for a totally relaxing getaway. **Karen - we are not going to Santa Tomas - must call you daring if I could locate the slip of paper I put your number on**. Afterwards, Belle and I did a little shopping whereby Charlie the Helium filled daschund had a top up and I spied these.
O. M. G.
Double O. M. G.
I cant breathe. Gasp, splutter, choke.
As a lover of jaffa cakes of the highest order and second to that Burtons teacakes - can you imagine how blasted away I was? Jaffa tea cakes. OMG x 2. They are totally delish and I am in love. I also spied toffee tea cakes too. What are these buscuit manufacturers doing to me? I'll never be svelte. Ever. But I'll be gastronomically happy. Forever.
And Chris asked for an overlay with more swirls (paws on the way - i think!!) So here you go - have twinkle on me.

**apologies to the irish girls - my PC will not connect to the internet and yet the mac will. the mac will not upload your photos because I dont understand macs fully. My internet hosts are looking into it**

Pink Snow!

I lubs pink snow.
Thank the lord for cherry blossoms and a bit of northern breeziness.
Soak it all up - it will be gone in two weeks. Bwah!

Whats in your street today?

24 Apr 2007

Tape me up in herma and roll me in my stash

Crikey Mikey!
I have more stash in this craft room than the entire ships fleet load at London Dockyards. I received a masso package of yummable, lickable stash this weekend ranging from heidi swapp (such glee), rusty pickle (more joy) and crate paper (swoon). I have to make some thingies for that uber cool free craft mag you can get from here. I have hugged and kissed it all and given everything a name and a short term slot in my Scrapgenie cubby hole. It keeps beckoning to me. Its like a voice from the gods telling me to bow to it and worship it. I simply love love love it. Im so happy that Scrapgenie have heidi swapp as uk distribution because her stuff is hard to get hold of. I dont think I dislike any of her range. Erm, whooops - backtrack. yes - the rub ons that didnt rub on. Still. I lubs it.

If that was not enough, Mandy at Mod Scraps asked me to be GDT for her monthly kit. Now - I know you are all thinking "I bet she gets paid to say that" or "I bet she feels like she has to say that" but let me tell you this. All of you who are subscribing to next months kit are going to totally and utterly freak the pants off your shiney, scrapping butts. Not only is the paper range my absolute odds on favourite to be ever seen ever in my life - ever......... but the stuff that has come with it is a dream come true. As a person who will not subscribe to kits as a rule, I think I can make this an absolutley spiffing exception of the upmost fabulousness. I keep going to have a look at it and I pinch myself. I cant weigh up my excitement over this treasure of a kit or the fact I am the luckiest girl in the world to be working for scrapgenie.

Ok - like you needed to hear me show off like that. But seriously, I wont be a designer forever - there is bound to be a new girl who comes along with some exciting style and repertoire only too eager to keep the scrapping frenzy alive. I was that girl once and its bound to be the end of my designing life one day especially as photography work becomes more of a demand. But its all good, as Ali says ;).
Anyway - reality check alert. I went back to the gym again after a weekend away and pounded the wobbles until the richter scale measured 8.2 over Finland. I love going to the gym as I dont have to diet so hard - I still get to eat a little bit of crap and dont feel deprived. The gym i use offer free breakfast of cereal and fresh orange and grapefruit. So its a bit of a treat to burn off the morning sluggish feeling and sit festering in your own grime whilst troughing on rice krispies, semi skimmed and tropicana's best. Since going back to the gym I have not felt half as tired as previous but I still have a dreadful hard and painful lump at the base of my sternum. Ick.
Ah well, I gotta go. After yesterdays post there seems to be an influx of Scrap Your hands entries. I must go and organise. But there is this cheeky littel jammy donut calling me in the kitchen and I promised myself I could have it after 200 sit ups. The pain is so worth the pleasure!
**I got asked a few questions from my post yesterday so here goes.......**
Aubergines are what some people call Eggplants - yum!
The girls in Ireland are not Models - they are beautiful human beings who I captured on a fab DSLR!!!
Do I sleep? yes - I have 6 hours a night.
Will I go to Northern Ireland? Yup - You name a date and I will be there!
Will I teach you how to get crisp, shots? Erm, that would be so hard to teach online, near impossible. Im willing to come together for small groups who wish to learn the ins and outs but remember I am not a professional photographer as in "studied it at University". I am professionally paid - thats the difference :)

Gotta go and hack through some paper to make pretty pretties. Enjoy this overlay whilst I break my heart tearing through lush Urban Lily and Rhonna farrer paper

Get me here

23 Apr 2007

There needs to be some changes round 'ere (grab a coffee - long post!)

I swear to god I don't know whether its the come down from visiting the most laid back country in the world or I have a hormonal imbalance that's making me go cuckoo. I was trying to tidy up the crap I had amalgamated in my craft room after tidying all my luggage from Eire when I just sat down and bloody cried. I can't fathom why but I guess I might be slightly overdoing things. But I like to be busy, I don't have to be busy, its my nature to help and make and do - so that cannot be the reason. Perhaps its because I'm a stickler for all things neat and tidy and one item out of place makes my blood boil. Mmmmm, no, no, no. Changes are in hand, priorities being changed - all for the best you hear!
So Eire? Now then,
Such wonderful people and hospitality. Bustling Dublin city, amazing Avoca shopping, great souvenir finds, standing next to Molly Malone who is a brazen as her uk counterpart, Moll Flanders. Long roads that have no signs or markings and villages that make me want to move to make my address look pretty - "Prosperous" springs to mind :) A Beautiful hotel with food like you never dare dreamed, a host of scrapping and cropping in light and airy rooms - aaaaaaaaaaah! Craft Eire is the equivalent if not better than Bonanza. 150 Oirish girls coming from every corner of Ireland (even Islands!!!) to speak the accent that is so comforting and funny at the same time. And they all laugh so much and don't complain and everything is a breeze of wispy fresh air. Gosh, at this rate I'll be writing for Irish life as well as my first opportunity to write for Lancashire Life. Jane and I left with a hope of being invited back and dread of not. When Kate and Marielle waved us off they indeed invited us back and without a breath or pause it was an instant yes. Who can fault Eire? I need to know a man who does so we can have words!!!
Check out some wee snippets of Dublin and Tullamore. Lots of little things tucked away under bridges and behind fences - little treasures to soak in. Lots of colour to make you dream. From a land where stress and urgency doesnt enter their vocabulary let alone their way of life. **sigh**

I taught these projects here of which I have posted for reference of the students. Id like to thank Scrapgenie for sponsoring one class and Upsy Daisy for another. Its interesting the amount of projects you can make from JUST 6 sheets of double sided cardstock. No embellies, chipboard or rub ons. Just good old fashioned punches, pockets, tags and handwriting. So I offered a layout or a minibook for the class and some people managed both in one hour - how bonkers is that?

My other layout was concentrating on the use of eyelets. It pains me knowing we all bought these in their millions not so long ago. Its time for eyelet love again. A simple layout showing eyeltes attached through acetate and bound by embroidery floss.
Whilst there Tigger thought it might be nice for some portraits with the beautiful (and I mean that most sincerely) girls there. Initially it was a suggestion from Tigger with a view to perhaps taking 5-6 girls. Some 29 girls (and boys!!) later and you can imagine how full my CF card is. Thank you to Tigger for organising the shoots - Im very very grateful. So here are a pick of the first bunch for you (more to follow)......... And Elite/Elle/Select Model agencies? You can't have them, they are mine!!!!!!

I got home to a sleepy Belle whose first words were "Im a sleepy bunny - cuddle". So my heart melts, eyes flood and I know Im home. Of course with that came the "have you brought me anything?" and one lucky Irish snowglobe later she was beaming and fell back into a cosy, toasty snoozle. Mark drew me a bath before he headed off back down south to work. I only saw him for an hour this weekend so next weekend we are gearing up for geocaching heaven. Im writing an article on the subject for a wonderful magazine, Lancashire Life. So we are picking somewhere pretty in the depth of Lancashire and hope its a good find xx
I wanted to share some of the stash mountain for the "Scrap your Hands" contest. If you have not entered, lease do so before 1st May. Scrap about your hands. simple. Leave a legacy for your families to appreciate the tools of your motherhood, livelihood, creativeness.... they are as important as your pretty face, lest we forget the very things that help in all we do. Click here to see the full contest run down and then email me a pic of your entry. There are digi prizes too for digi scrappers - lots of vouchers to spend in digi shops - wooohooooo.

Plus 2 "3 month" subscription kits to Scrapagogo and Mod Scraps - how lucky will the winner be?
Gotta go - cooking aubergines for one very inquisitive lady! Im making bruschetta of fried aubergines (chopped into wee cubes) cooked in a teeny drop of olive oil. Im gonna scrape the ciabbatta with cloves of garlic, toast the bread with a drizzle of olive oil and add baked vine tomatoes on top. Pour the aubergines on top of that, add pesto sauce, toasted sesame seeds and serve with tomato and basil soup. Lets pray for a thumbs up!