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30 Mar 2007

Blooooooood - gah

You wanna know how drained I am of the good stuff? The excellent quality in my A positive is winging its way round all the relevant test units from psychiatry to university genius testing facilities. Masses of phials and more to go tomorrow. I am human guinea pig right now - hope they find something scientifically ground breaking and offer me a lifetimes supply of BG for the trouble.

Right after they have taken my super quality blood tomorrow I am off to Surrey for the weekend for the creative photography course being run by Natalie Oshea. Im going to teach appertures to the DSLR wielding maniacs of the south... Im so excited about it. I love the camera and help people learn how powerful it is.

Her Space/My Space is gathering so many interested newbies - I love sharing with all of the participants and seeing their little worlds too. So far there are german, dutch and french girls playing - come see! Also have you seen this ......its fantastic 3191

Had my first class for the DC proof read today which will be converted to our swish PDF's ready for launch on Monday. With a sharp rise in last minute registrants - there is room for EVERYONE in our online scrap club.

There is something wrong with my darn PC right now. Actually think the little sod is infected so this is my first Mac made overlay. Hope it looks ok - its sure seems it to me.
Download Splatter HERE

PS: To the lady who asked........ "clobber" in the UK means New Clothes!!! Belle was wearing new clothes for the shoot yesterday!!

28 Mar 2007

Baby Lady Belle

Peach puff pie and yummo squishy things come from within my Belle. Here she is looking every inch the starlet in her new clobber and fabbo filmstar wringlets (natural of course).

Having a pretty bad start to the day which resulted in Belle starting school at lunch time, I fixed myself up ready for a shoot after school as the weather here has been gloriously spring-ful. Ellie is so hard to drag a smile out of - its not something she supplies unsolicited so out of almost 400 photos these were the pick. Sunglasses had to be donned half way through as the bright light was killing her. Still, she is super cute and all things squishvilles.

Let me tell you about TJC Designs - the owner, Traci, can talk the hind leg off a herd of donkeys. Traci has kindly offered to donate almost all her shop (!!) for the Scrap Your Hands Contest. What was meant to be a 20 second call lasted almost 4 years. Im very grateful for her generosity and ok, she is supplying a kit and NOT her shop - a girl can dream right? **waves to Clare bear too (and keisha xx)**
Her Space/My Space was based on the word Light. What will you come up with? Come join us daily for this fun fun fun photography inspiration motivator.
And finally - a squifferific swirlaciously scrumptious overlay for you to bag in your hard drive (just dont dare me to give away overlays everyday for a month again, ok?)

Download Torrent HERE

PS: Dont tell but Ellies jumper was only £3 in Sainsbury's!!!! Go get it!

27 Mar 2007

uuuuuuuuugh, grotty bod alert

I am aching a LOT right now. I have something going on in my body that is making me ache and hurt. Dr Cohen thinks Mrs Wiseman has a stomach ulcer but due to her superb social behaviour (ie dont drink and smoke) he wants my blood to see why Im aching and feeling icky wicky woo woo as an ulcer cannot be determined. Ahem Blood? Do you know how hard it is to actually give a sample of blood in Wigan? Well cue ten miles travel, 5 days wait. Yuh-huh. I could lacerate my finger (a daily occurence with cutting knives), drip it into a prima bottle and post it quicker. The NHS is pants. Proper woolley, itchy and tight fitting pants.
Anyway, Ive been a good girl this past week by following a sensible diet and have lost a considerable amount of weight this week. Am one happy fat dodging goddess right now. I am hoping that by bypassing white bread (evil suckers that they are) and opting for wholegrain pasta (yum), a tonne of victoria vine tomatoes and onions, lean meats and even chocko, I might make my body better. My skin is looking spifferiffic and my cheeks look positively radiant. However, it hasnt got rid of this dreadful chest pain. Poo plop pants. Anyway, Im lighter but have a loooooong way to go before I venture west this summer :)
I have to say that is the first week in moons that I havent got my gnashers round a jaffa cake. I took this picture 3 weeks ago when a double pack were on offer for seventy nine god-darn-what-the-hell-lets-but-five-of-them pence. Here I am disguising the fact that its me hoding them. I look somewhat delecible with designer stubble, no?
I wanted to share this mini book that I did for my freind Roz at Lippy chick. She brought out the flip book a while back, then the flop book and now the flap book which I love best. I guest designed for her this month using Three Bugs in a Rug papers plus a little hand cut chicken and other bits and bots and bats...tra la la la laaaaaaaaaa.

Isnt this book cool? It even comes with its own plastic wallet which you can decorate too. I want to be a flap book. They are smashing. And flappy. Lubs to the Rozmeister.

I finally finished and have written up my class for Mondays DC class release. Its a "back to basics" class with a modern twist. I have to say I love it and the papers I used are my fave right now. Come see, come see.

Her Space/My Space today was based on the word Heart. I have a fair old collecsh of these and couldn't pick my fave so I dib-dabed each room and this heart won. She is lovely.

And finally two overlays today. I was in bed most of the day being icky wicky back painy poo so I made these whilst watching Phil and Fern (love those two).

I had to avoid being so-in-painy come school end as I had my classes to sort. The kids made note books out of scraps, easter cards and a mess. say no more! Anyway, come and grab Squiggly and Punch HERE and HERE.

Im outta here - need to flatten this sternum and knock out some zzzzzzzz.

**edited** Cant sleep so I surfed a little and nicked this off Shirleeens blog. The result of which actually describes an aquarian too. UNCANNY!!!
Your Dominant Intelligence is Spatial Intelligence

You've got a good sense of space and how the world around you looks.
You can close your eyes and "see" images. You have innate artistic talent.
An eye for color and shapes, you're also a natural designer.
Since you think in pictures, visual aids and demonstartions help you learn best.

You would make a good navigator, sculptor, visual artist, inventor, architect, interior designer, or engineer.

26 Mar 2007

Contest ends 1st May

I dont think any of you realise how many prizes I have stashed under my stairs for this competition HERE. I also have GC for a ton of digi stores - uh huh!

Ive had some wonderful entries with more being posted each day, see here. This contest is open to anyone who paper or digi scraps ... even card makers. You just gotta make a page about your hands. How tempted are you when you see a pair of handprints and you feel the urge to put your hands up against them to "measure". Thats what I want my grandchildren to do - to know how teeny my hands were, to read lines, to see how long my health line wass. To just recognise a perfect image of me - my hands. My tools of all things creative, productive and conducive.
To download this fabbo overlay, somply called "Fancy" - go HERE.
You have until 1st May to send in your entries - I thought that supplying you with the cut off date would come in rather handy. Groan!!!

The DC has taken on more subscribers this week in the wake of the first classes going live on Monday next. Ive just finsihed my mini class which focuses on some of our neglected stash. I hope to get you all to rethink about using the old stuff we have sat waiting (No, DYING!!) to be used.

And Her Space/My Space is looking good for this week. Anita and I have chosen some inspiring words to get the thought process working overtime.

Laterz, got a stomach ulcer to contend with :(

25 Mar 2007

Turning a over a new leaf

I am you know - its not just a fancy name for my fabbo overlay.
Grab her HERE whilst the sun is shining - did you have a warm, spring day today? We did. Almost bikini weather.

**Hey Digi scrappers** - whilst you are here, go HERE. Non digi scrappers go HERE too.

Off to make the most of daylight saving hours - an extra hours light started tonight... wooo hoooooo.

24 Mar 2007

chillin out

Thats what we have been doing.

Well, here and there. Between little jobs.
Belle has stayed in her PJ's all day and has a face lit up like a million mega watt lightbulb. She loves lazy days, duvet days - whatever. Here she is surfing on Cartoon network whilst watching cartoon network! Hows that for double whammy in her cupcake pee jays?
Mark and I have finished decorating the little bedroom which we have turned into a storage room with our wardrobes neatly tucked in there, new carpet, lick of stone coloured paint and a little hairdrying corner for me so I dont wake the house up when I blow off my barnet - Mwahahahahahhahaha.
Lauren had a sleepover last night and we made a tonne of nick nacks using just left over scrap supplies. I made a minitaure clipboard for my office door and a cigar tin for ellie to keep her hairslides in. These were made literally from scraps. Loves my scraps I do. You know, when im out and about on the road and watch you all scrapping (and people can testamount to this) ... they will tell you the pain I feel when some scrapper chucks out massive pieces of paper and doesn't give a second look towards the bin.
SHRIEK you will hear me cry as I offer it back from the depths of the bin with ideas on exactly what you can do with just a 2 inch square of paper. Tut tut tut. Its SACRILEDGE - off to the gallows all ye who tosseth away patterend paper. So here are the results of small bits of BG gypsy paper and other small bits.

And this afternoon whilst waiting for the lamb to simmer down in my casserole (yes - I COOKED!!!) I made this overlay in 10 minutes flat on the kitchen worktop next to my chopping board. Call it virtual cooking if you will. It would be rude not to share, huh?
She is called Twirlington and you can get her for free - HERE

Her Space/My Space has gotten back on track if you care to take a peek. This is my dream diary of pictures that will be an online reminder of home when Im on the road. Anita and I are cataloguing our pics for a wonderul art journal - share the ride with us.

And finally the DC - you know what that means by now, huh? Well we have got our yummo classes ready to hit your in boxes. Care to be a part of one of the UK's most inspiring online class event?
Gotta go - I totally need a snug with mark on the sofa. Feeling somewhat deflated and need a big fat cuddle to cheer me up. Go and snuggle your loved ones right now... Im sure with bunny cubby snuggly energy we could power up the national grid for a few days ;).

Well go on then - GO SNUGGLE!!!!

23 Mar 2007

dare s'up

I love being a part of the uk dares but recently, mainly due to teaching away, I have not been consistent with entries. But this week was free and the challenge was to use this title "Contents of". Mmmm as my fridge is full of boring salad and dressings and my bag is full of receipts and lippy I thought long and hard. I decided ot go with Ellies head. Its full of floaty light flowery fluff and love. Digi Credits to millions of people - if you need to know.. mail me and Ill hunt them down (not like - literally!!).
Gotta go - Lauren, Belle and I are doing makeovers and making stuff with left over scrap supplies. So much fun!
Ciao xx

22 Mar 2007

My belle has got a dog

Can you believe that she is obsessed with this? Full of helium, cheap on dog food, no walking (=no poop scoop), no hairs, no wet dog smells. It gets my vote. But deep down she is aching for a real pup be it a Jack Russell or a Pug. We can't quite commit to a dog right now so Charly the helium daschund is the next best thing. Do you know, when we bought this her little heart was beating so fast and she couldnt stop saying how much she loved me. Ellie doesnt often volunteer this information unsolicitedly. Its usually a response to me saying it first. So you can imadge how heartwarming it is to hear it without questioning.
So charly remains glued to her side since last night and if she cares for this as much as a real one - then every penny spent on a pedigree will be worth the joy on her face.
Anway - compo details are in the post below and I urge to you take part. Layouts are trickling in slowly but surely and even digi layouts (all you have to do is scan your hands if you dont want to get the mucky). I had a wonderful collection of emails over the weekdn with more pledges from more suppliers for more prizes. The winner wont need to buy another scrap supply for at least 6 months. Its all good, kids.
Been doing it digi recently with the onset of some fabulous free kits out there. I have not spent a penny on digi scrapping yet until Im certain its something I want to take up seriously. I love it to bits and if I cant find it for free then I will make it. Saying that I will be making a purchase of some of Katies yummilish kits shortly as there are only so many freebies you can have without appreciating the high end stuff in the digi shops. Ive been a very lucky girly recently and was approached by Savannah Brentnall who would like me to take 20 of my digi layouts and turn them into a book. So the old wacom is on full burn right now.

Additionally I have just had 2 books delivered with 7 pieces of my work in. You wont be able to measure my absolute delight at such a feeling of being in a book. Ok, I write for periodicals and thats a wonderful buzz but a book? A real book!!! Im going to leaf through them lightly and then tuck them away for Ellie to own and appreciate when she is older. Its my legacy to her and Im more excited about my grandchildren seeing me in print than I am for actually seeing them in the flesh right now.

Her Space/My Space returned today after a few days break. Anita and I havea ton of scrapping comitments that have been polished off so go and take a sneak at what we are up to.

And finally - The Design Collective. erm WOW! We have had a enormous response and subsequent enormous group registration these past few days. Lots going on with pre-class challenges and a host of storage solutions for the classes made by the "13". Its mind blowing to see so many tastes and styles and ideas all in one little cubby hole. Come see, come see.

Filligree - pwitty pwitty

Pwitty overlays for your photos, layouts and stationery. Being white means you can change to any colour you wish.
SHARE you artwork with me and let me see how you used this baby.

Get her HERE - she is called Filligree

Contest Update

So have you made a layout using your hands for a chance to win prizes upon prizes upon prizes?
Both Digi GC to the value of $500 so far and paper scrap supplies looking so slurpable that I may just keep them for myself!!
CONTEST RULES and initial announcement HERE (don't forget the optional charity donation).
PRIZE DONATIONS from site owners, manufacturers HERE (more has been added and will continue to be so) - lots of digi stuff and I mean A TONNE of GC worth hundreds of dollars right now.
Anway - enjoy the entries so far. Closing date is 1st May. Judging to be done by a member of Muscular Dystrophy so I don't even get a say in it .... how would I choose anyway?

21 Mar 2007

Quick one

I owe Petre so much for nicking her freebies - so this one is for you dolly xx And of course whoever drops by to collect one. I have to say a huge thanks to The Ikea Goddess too - your resource blog is my daily bread.
Get my Fountain overlay right HERE

Call back later - I have some fun things to share.

And well done to my blog buddy Marci Lambert on getting a HM in HOF 2007 - way to go. Im so happy fo you xx

20 Mar 2007

Inspired by Hambly

I love hambly stuff and Im feeling a little digi inspired and had a little play with products from Shisheido. I got her permission to make an overlay with a LOT of hard work making this come to together. Phewey.

Enjoy her - she is called Quartet and you can get her HERE

Loving digi so much that I have kits planned in the next week for boys. Its called Fuglies. You will know what I mean when you see it. Its coolio. I'd love to see it as a paper product.

Outta here - bath running. Be back laterz.

19 Mar 2007

Quick entry tonight

So many wonderful things happened this weekend - I think it took my health away to try and recoup today. Boy am I pooped.
The competition details will resume tomorrow and more prizes have come in - again, I shall let you all know tomorrow what is what etc.
Anyways, I had to share you a fragment of the photos I took this weekend. I met 7 families - all with great kids, bright clothes, wide smiles and huge hearts. I will share as many as I can but first let me show you the KIDS!!! (well, some kids, some teens, some ladies and gents!! - nontheless they are children. Aren't we all?) They are all beauties. Chepstow is definately the place to have children!!!!
My thirst for taking photos just gets bigger everyday. I had another wedding booking for next May - this is something so wonderful to be asked to do and as I only "do" candid wedding shots it makes me feel more comfortable that the photos that couples want are in my complete control. That control is only for them to enjoy the day - I will just try and capture that. My brother has asked me to shoot his wedding in October as well - that is my dream job this year as he and his wife to be are just GORGE.
Ahem .....My diary for May has 2 free weekend spots - what say you?

Overlay Overplay

Not been a well bunny cubby today.
Mooched, snoozed and sipped tea. Laptopped my way out of illness hell and made this.
Use to edge digi layouts and yet simple enough for stationery, cards, posters etc. Change to any colour you wish.
Get her here: BOUQUET