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28 Feb 2007

Freebo Overlay

I have a lot of digi chixters desperate for these so I made this whilst I slurped on my tomato soup lunch this avvo. She is called Flurry and she is DEAD easy to change to a colour of your choice.
I am investing in a new wacom this week which means most of my digi papers will be more crisper (i like to doodle but not like Katie, my digi scrapping queen budda). So much going on in this house I think I could support the national grid from the energy Im zapping out. I have two new kits - a girl and a boy set. Just thinking of uber coolio names for them and its all go go go.

Im working on uber unique stuff for the Design Collective. Im not sure if you are aware, the DC will be bringing you extra spesh projects to your mail boxes every week to inspire you to use your old stash and show you how to get the most out of new supplies as well as fiddly gadgets and the sharing our take on the very latest techniques. Go there and register an interest if you feel the need to be inspired by 14 of the most share hungry designers this side of creativity.

And here is my Her Space/My Space for today based on the word Shiny. OOh Im so excited about this because its amazing what one word can conjour up isnt it?

27 Feb 2007

you crazy secret drawer lovers

AMM must have sold a gazillion and twenty three of these totes. Its completely true. Uh-huh.


I got a ton of queries wanting to buy those little drawer savers from yesterday (see yesterdays post). Are you on a mission to keep that drawer in action? Do you miss the svelteness of pulling out a drawer to reveal your Haribo Tangfastics (lol at Jackie for that!!)? What exactly do you conceal in your drawer that you havent used for 10 years becuase of the weight of the crap you have in your tool tote? Do you hide your hamster in there? Have you forgotten about that snotty hanky you used at a crop 3 months ago and can't get the bugger out?
So now I shout from the roof of my 3 bedroomed semi-detached and say "SAVE THE AMM DRAWER". You must go and buy a cool drawer saver for £6 plus £2 p&p (not available in shops, sorwy) I look at my drawer now and see its content smile knowing that she can be pulled in and out freely so that I can retrieve my crack cocaine without so much as a calorie wasting tug on the darn handle.

Answers on the back of a sheet of Wubie Prints finest (!!!!) papers to the usual address if you want to tell me why you SHOULDNT want one!!!

PS: I do not use nor condone the use of crack cocaine, but if I did.... Id hide it in the secret drawer. **details of drawer purchase in my post below**
And finally my entry onto the Her Space/My Space inspiration site was based on the word "Odd". So please give a warm welcome to my odd cushions (meaning that they dont match of course!!). I love little handmade cushions.... they feel so right for this wicker chair.

26 Feb 2007

have you seen these?

Amm Totes ,lets face it, they squish the stuff in that yummy little secret drawer dont they? Not anymore - you can now buy these handmade little numbers that protect you secret stash of bickies, bacons sandwiches, eggs, your carefully folded up children and crystal vases. You know - anything you dont want to be crushed under the weight of your tools. I know this lady from a forum who's hubby made her one and well - I was blown away. I had to show you guys becuase these are not available in shops. If you do want one to keep that little drawer in action that doesnt require a nuclear bomb being dropped on it, email me here. They are £8 including P&P - Im all for freeing that little drawer xx

Go over here to keep being inspired by Anita's and my one word prompts to help you show off your photog skills. I chose to snap my crocs with the prompt "funky". You simply chose something in your space that inspires you to be funky .... simple
The Design Collective are taking subscription queries from all corners of the globe - thank you to readers of our collective of 14 blogs and the spread of luuuurve from reader to reader in making this a global institute. Exciting times to get using that stash you have fallen out of love with. We want you to feel passionate about your supplies again with the zing of freshly delivered classes in your mail box. WE are currently planning a fantastic launch and we will be there for you every step of your scrapping way.
Here is a freebo overlay. White is handy to change to a colour you like so much easier than a darker colour - so enjoy using her. She is called snowdrift and you can get her here

And finally - this is the class I taught this weekend. The emphasis was not on a lavish layout. It was on a new technique I perfected a couple of weeks ago. Have you tried using diamond glaze/glossy accents on acetate? It gives a blummin lush result and I can see this being used a tonne this year. The first layout was a basic layout for the sake of not taking the shine from the technique but the second layout is an "upgrade" I completed at home to add my own touch to. I have a spare kit for anyone who replies to this post. I will put your name in a hat and you can win yourself a little class kit to have a wee play with xx

25 Feb 2007


Sometimes I have time to write an epic blog entry but today I dont.
I am exhausted after a thoroughly busy yet fabulous weekend. Everyone involved in this weekend will stay with me FOREVER. They were receptive, a little daunted then over excited as we baffled them with important science!!!, they were full of fun, put up with hubbies cooking, put up with "the Belle" as she sauntered around the class, welcomed and enjoyed Natalies shutter speed class, applauded debbies amazing and I MEAN amazing class, they enjoyed their day - I COULD SEE IT (and I made it my goal that everyone should leave with a skip in their step). Thank you for enjoying my techniques class (patent pending - mwahahahahahahha) - I can see that being used on a number of projects and I know acetate will be HUGE this year. I will share a photo of that when I can get some decent daylight in this goddarn country!!
What is a wonderful relief is the feedback that has been as immense as is the overwhelming response to the DESIGN COLLECTIVE (see below). The results of your photos on the private gallery you set up have blown me backwards 40 yards. OUTSTANDING! It was adorable to meet you all (espesh charlotty loo loo). Oh this really has been fabulous - see the photos for yourself ladies!! NB: the first 3 pictures were taken with an 85mm 1.8 lens and the bottom one with a 28-70mm 2.8 lens.... isnt the difference SO obvious? I love that 85mm lens!

I have another day to follow on from this one which will be the same sort of set up. This time to cover portraits, composition and photoshop techniques (may fall slightly into digi scrapping). Hubs has access to fabbo overhead projection equipment that I can photoshop photos with whilst you all sit back and slurp coffee!! It will have another scrap class or two on board. I have taken 10 bookings today even though I havent secured a date (will confirm that on Monday). What I will do for those who travel miles to enjoy these ventures is make an option for a two dayer and have the sunday as an all day crop with fab prizes again. Ill bring my studio for the sunday and we can PLAY! Let me have your feedback on that girlies.

Her Space/My Space has gone bonkers. The concept isn't exactly new but the idea to team it up with scrapbooking is and Anita and I are so excited to share this with you. As I have had the busiest weekend on record, my pictures have been somewhat "there". This is good - we all cannot produce the goods and the prompts are open to interpretation. The prompts since launch have been cold (this was a heart shaped ice cube), two (this was my two fave pictures we have in our lounge) and row (a row of rusting metal slats we have behind the shed!!) Join us - its inspiring.

Design Collective - gosh, how could we have known the buzz that this has created? Im flanked squarely with 13 other fiendishly fabberiffic designers as I try and take it all in. If you know of any scrappers who want to try a new and exciting venture - perhaps those who can't get to retreats and crops, maybe housebound scrappers, perhaps are forum shy or those who simply seek the thrill of a freshly prepared array of unique and nowhere-to-be-seen-but-here delights weekly for a 85 per class - go here.

And finally - my speshie dare for this friday gone. Based on the prompt "using your old, preloved supplies" I chose papers from yesteryear and page pebbles. I quite like the result but man - supplies, styles and papers change rapidly. I thought Id never go off fibres and flowers but I did. But let it be said - AINT never gonna stop me lovin Basic Grey. You heard it. Ain't never.

24 Feb 2007

Fresh, Fabulous, Inspiring

Introducing a new and exciting concept in scrapbook design inspiration.
Our team of designers are renowned for their diverse and creative approaches to scrapbooking and altered art projects. Their wealth of creative experience in designing new and innovative pages and projects is already being tapped into by leading magazines, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers in the scrapbooking industry. They now come together to bring you a whole range of fresh, fabulous and inspiring ideas for your scrapbooks and other memory art projects.

The team comprises: Fiona Beckman, Clare Brown, Jane Dean, Amber Harrop-Johnston, Debbie Jewell, Karen Leahy, Elaine Loughlin, Jennie Leon, Ali McGovern, Karen Miller, Debbie Nicholas, Katie Shanahan-Jones, Suzanne Torr and Kirsty Wiseman (woooo, thats me you know!).
Classes will be issued four times during each calendar month on the 3rd, 11th, 19th and 26th. By subscribing to The Design Collective, on each of these dates you will receive:

 one major class project;
 two additional inspiring projects (taking a variety of formats such as challenges, new ways to use something, themed pages and so on);
 a range of tips and ideas from the design team.

A newsletter will sent direct to your email box with the relevant classes in the form of attached pdf files. Classes will focus on different design elements and techniques and will cover a whole range of projects from layouts to mini books to gifts and altered items. You can choose to print out the classes or save to disk; whichever format you choose, over a period of time you will be creating your very own Design Collection to use over and over again to create beautiful and meaningful pages and projects.
In addition to issuing project pdf files, we will be hosting a blog to keep up to date with all the latest news and a community forum for subscriber chat, help from the design team and a gallery so that you can share your work with us. And we will also host two cyber crops over the course of the year for even more fun, challenges and inspiration!
For just £10 a month (and NO! that is not a typing mistake!) you will be getting four major project classes, eight further classes and a wealth of knowledge and tips from the design team. That works out at under 85p per class! Plus, there will be no having to buy expensive class kits as we will be positively encouraging you to use up that stash mountain in the corner of your room! You choose what supplies you want to use, to match your own photos and themes, you get to stay in your pj’s and scrap in the comfort of your own home, whilst having the class designers to call upon for help and other subscribers to talk to in the community forum. And think of the money saved on petrol!
We will also be incorporating a Loyalty Scheme which will reward subscribers with additional benefits on the completion of a six and twelve month continued subscription with us. Subscriptions will be taken on a monthly basis, paypal is preferred but we will also accept bank transfer. This way you don’t need to pay out a lump sum up front, just the monthly subscription charge of £10.*
We will be taking registration bookings from Monday, 12th March. To make sure you don’t miss out on any important updates and registration details, please register your interest** by emailing to
and keep checking for more information on the team blog

* Subscriptions will be due on the 2nd of each calendar month to ensure you continue to receive the classes without interruption.
** Registering your interest at this stage is not a final commitment

22 Feb 2007

Wooo Hoo

Its my Creative Photography Day today.
I have so much to teach an such a short space of time and two fabulous layouts (one class taught by Debbie Nicholas which has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen).
I cant wait to share my day with you when I get back.


have you really given much thought about your space?

Check out a new blog updated daily showing photos from one worded prompts. Its time to get snapping. Snapping and a-scrapping.
oh yeah!


long live twiglets
Ive just scoffed a 150g packet of them and my mouth is on fire.
Share the twiglet love (and stir your tea with them for extra anti-oxidant properties!)
**edited for my US buds (think Ozzies know what these are)** Twiglets can be found on Wikipedia HERE, so they must be good!!! In my crusade for campaigning for stuff that I am passionat about, I REALLY think these would be a big hit in the US. I mean if a large proportion of the US population can stomach beef jerkies (blech!) Im certain they can suffer the twiglet test of Love 'em or Hate'em.
I cant believe twiglets are not an international delicacy.
Im off to go go and scoff another pack to get over it.

21 Feb 2007


I love it at two peas - a real plethora of weird and wonderful goings on and so have followed a tag for a meme. Given the prompts below - you have to explain who or what you were thinking or liked that day. I dont normally have time for this sort of stuff but today I took a tea break and indulged (ok, I also indulged on a cadburys caramel bar as well - it was a two way thing, you know)

A vegetable - love yellow peppers as does Ellie (she eats them like you would an apple)
A fruit - love love love strawbs
A color - am very much into sage greens and shades of!
A household object - love my kettle to make lots of cuppa's
A Drink - Love tea and love orange and grapefruit juice mixed
A famous person - I admire Richard Branson
A Film Character - I love the part of Jack in Titanic and yet I dont like Leonardo's other characters in any other film. Might just squeeze in a cheeky Jack Sparra (Johnny depp)
A cartoon Character - Betty Boop
A Car - I love mini's and always will
A city - Florence, without having to pause or take a breath to think about that answer
A country - Italy, pasta, Chianti and icecream on tap
A mythical Creature - Medusa to match my hair!
A chocolate bar - I actually love Dime bars
A book - Crumbs, lets whittle this down. Our Kate by Catherine Cookson. An amazing woman's account of her dreadful upbringing. Did you know she didnt write her first book until her mid 30's and went on to write epic after epic until the day she died. Wow.
A sport - none, Im a girl. I like pwitty things not rouch action and sweat
A word - diagnosis is cool word right now
One of your family - my brother, he is so yummy
One of your friends - I choose not to have any close personal friends but the one who I am happy for right now is Jane Cresswell who, after agonising for months over her adoption process has TODAY been made a mummy to two gorgous little girls. My heart is simply aching for her right now and is spurting lots of happy love in her direction. Send yours too xx

And finally (gosh, I love my "and finally's") I have to give out a masso shout and hugest hugs to Handy Hippo Crafts. And Clare Brown as well. I was rather despo for 450 silver eyelets at such short notice as I had been let down by a previous supplier. So where to go - oh yes.... last minute dot com. The beauty of craft forums are that information is shared (often too much ;)) and if you ever need anything, you ask your online buds. Clare came up with a solution, I make an order and lo and behold Handy Hippo's winging their lubbly loot my way in time for the Creative Photography day Im holding on saturday. You gotta love service like that.

20 Feb 2007

Campaign for Hypotonia and Dystrophies

In light of yesterdays **possible** diagnosis of Belle let me show you some photos of my Belle (more so below as opposed to this cutey here on the left!!).
These are not designed to shock or sensationalise her condition. This is something that I have asked her permission to use and she does not mind. I write this in light of ignorance to Myotonic Dystrophy and the very little known condition that it is. MD (actually known as DM!!! or steinerts disease and not steinherts syndrome as I quoted yesterday) affects many sufferers in many ways.
There are basic characteristics across the board but no two sufferers have the exact repeats or physique. On studying this condition closely Ellie doesnt show classic signs of CMD (Congenital Muscular Dystrophy) which indicates a drooping mouth stare. Ellie does however match the same milestone achievements that are recognised with CMD.
She sat up really late, practically never crawled, was nasal gastrically fed and walked at 23 months. Speech was late in coming (but sure makes up for it now - tee hee). Ellie's feet are incredibly deformed which indicates muscle wastage. These toes were straightened for a while on her right foot when she broke her leg almost two year ago. being in a cast for 6 weeks made them lovel and her crooked foot was perfect - for 3 days and then went back to its usual crookedness :(:(

Again, do not despair - this is what she is used to and she doesnt know any different (although her feet are her less sightly attributes of this condition). Her feet have been left like this for 10 years until last year when a specialist said that built up inserts in her shoes should correct her gait. Erm, nope.. it hasnt.
I cant tell you the trauma of trying to achieve a diagnosis for Ellies muscular dystrophy. Since she was 2 months old she has been seen in 9 hospitals, 2 private clinics and has and still is under Occ therapy, physiotherapy, neurologists, peadiatric specialists, various consultants, podiatry, dieticians and heart specialists. All having no idea she is like she is. I heard yesterday that its only recent that doctors can recognise this condition just by studying physique. thats only NOW - 11 years kind of late.
And what makes this condition more and more realistic in its diagnosis is that the mothers are a carrier. So today I look at myself and I am fine. I am fine!!! Until my momma reminded me that when I was 18 I had a milogram to try and determine why my fingers wouldnt grip and when they did, my hands would stick. And they often (not always) do that now. This is the main characteristic in DM sufferers in adults. It would appear I am the carrier - god, that hurts to realise that. And might explain my own fatigue that I get quite often but have disregarded and out down to just being tired. Nuh-uh. Oh crumbs. Its hard to take in.
So now to my campaign. Im not really a massive rally for Muscular Dystrophy. I just give what I can when I can. I spoke with a gentleman last night about this ocndition and its one of those charities that kind exists. Wouldnt we all love to give a tenner to each and every chairity available? Well Im not asking you to send anything. NOT AT ALL. But what I am asking you is to be aware of this condition and tell your freinds and their freinds about it.
And for some reason I dont want to be cast with the "wow, she is going down the Ali Edwards trail" neither. Remember, Ellie hasnt just suddenly caught this disease. She was born with it and its take 11 years to get close to an answer (not a cure or a solutions - just an explanation of what she is entitled to know and that is understand what is wrong with her). It is my duty to promote awareness of this condition and whilst I have freinds whose children have muscualr dystrophies such as Lorraine at Scrapagogo, Debbie at Scrap Magic, Kelly Godwin whose son has a MD and Heather who has a child with it .... its not as uncommon as it DID seem but it affects each of our children in such weird and cruel ways. I know Ellie is not alone and perhaps just this small scrapping community that I am in brings the needs and understanding of our kids to a neater perspective.
We cant beat it. Sso at least, for now, we can join it xx

19 Feb 2007

Today was better. And maggo winner is......

Lord above - Im riding a reet wave of emotions right now.
But today was better because two fab things happened today. One was Roz coming to play on her way back from Birm to Glasgow (photo taken by charge of Ellie - we had to duck down hence low pose, squished neck and what the hell is going on with one eye bigger than the other? Im almost a cyclops. Do visit Roz's blog for her joke of the day about my one eye incident!!!)) Im just under halfway on her journey home and neatly situated for a wee and coffee stop!! However, scrapping was in order and I was going to scrap an overdue BOm layout until Roz presented me with something so scrummilisciously brilliant to play with. Im sworn to absolute secretment but Im bursting for her to reveal this new product in March. Absolutely bursting and so much that me tummy is splitting (but thats prolly from over eating at the pub-a-roo tonight) I have had a great day scrapping for me. I dont normally scrap for me. Ok - the Dares are for me but they are from a prompt. DT stuff is using odd papers that the retailer has sent and of course I love it but sometimes I just wanna scrap with random papers using any theme I like and today was that day. I scwapped with 3 bugs in a rug. Not generally a fan of this paper as it looks a little cacrtoony but the smitten range colours are delish and delumpsh.
The other bit of GREAT news came from the Occ Therapists who tended to Ellie today. They were fantastic with lots of positive ideas for Ellies educational needs (a laptop for starters), inclusion notoiications, home aids to make life easier for her (stairs more importanty) and to get the ball rolling again with Myotonic Dystrophy (steinherts syndrome). They are convinced that this is the route they should be following with Ellie and I heard today that the best way to test for it is just form one simple blood sample. Had I of known back then, when Ellie was 2 months old the information that I gathered today - her life would have been better fashioned around this finding. I will be both elated if it is this condition (for the sake of support and milestone reckoning) and mad (becuase this could have been done when she was a baby). Hopefully we can join a support group and learn about what she is likely to be able to do in future.
Happy Day indeed. Can't wait to see if the week gets better (we live in hope!)
And the winner of the freebo maggy magster is PEGGY from New England, USA
Send me your address my peachy poo and I will send this mag and a little supwise to you most soonestly :)

18 Feb 2007

For Sale

Have you ever seen one of these monsters? Its the big daddy of the cutting plotter world. Rather like a wishblade/craftrobo but bigger and more robust. I bought this for my business before I sold it and thought that Id keep this machine for design work. But my craft room is too small for this whopper - which is an ideal tool for scrap/craft shops and schools. Unlike the cricut and xyron cutters, this machine does not need expensive cartridges. It cuts papers and fabrics up to 20" wide and indefinate length. The thousands of dingbat shapes and fabulous fonts available for free on the net via your computer makes this machine a MUST for your craft needs. It cost what you see here but am open to sensible offers. Its less that two years old, perfect working order and comes with full instructions, CD's, powercable and love.
It cuts titles, shapes (and I mean any shape you want, when you want and in almost any size (well, not past 20")), alphas - look, it just cuts any shape you darn well please!!!!!! PLUS you can buy adapters for it to emboss, draw and etch into metal!! Will courier to your address (UK only Im afraid) and if you live nearby I could come and give you a free demo but I found it very easy to start off with anyway. My email address is in the side bar here on the left.
Other than that I have had a dreadful day. Simply one that I think should have started with me staying in bed and enjoying my solitude. Although it was lovely to catch up with Dyan, meet my fellow teamies and have a giggle with Jane and Roz at Stitches I REALLY wish I had of stayed home and gone geo caching with belle and marko. Simply a brilliant day for caching they said. Pooey. Still, Mark managed to capture my relief when I got home (hmmmmm - check out the obvious WB disaster!!)... and look, I have a miniature pony tail!!!

I bet you all simply love my very fashionable t-shirt that I wore for Pract Pub!! Im going to wear that out on dinner date (which will prollybe in 2009 as we don't do dinner dates!!) And stop looking at my hideous MFI 1970 kicthen cupboard doors - sheesh (am open to offers on those too, mwahahahahahahhahaha)

17 Feb 2007

Digi Freebo Papers

I love fabrics and when I love a fabric I wanna make papers with it.
Meet Chilli Pepper Chowder- a set of papers that Im sure you can match with the gazillions of other embellies out there. Rip, tear, layer, paint, add to, take away .......... just do it.
And today?
Am I in a better mood today you ask?
Well -
Today was a GREAT day. The sun was shining, the shoot I went on was so much fun with a family who were as warm as the weather and good music all the way - Level 42, UB40, Crowded House all up the M6 to Morecambe. Then I comes back to a cosy house all spick and span. Oooooh such simple pleasures really. We have all sat in the lounge today together doing our own stuff but together. I made the papers, Ellie thumbed her youth away on the DS and Marko watched footy (yawn). Ive also made this layout as we watch dark Knight (erm, majorly crappo film alert). This layout is based on photies I took of marko in Barcelona where the sun made his eyes extra sparkly. He does have twinkly eyes but more so in such summery climates. A mix of Miss Mint, Rhonna Farrer and my own splash of sprinkledom makes for a very quick digi layout.
Im off to Stitches tomorrow for a mooch and a touchy feel of new spangly things. Scrapgenie have the new BG, Rusty Pickle, Doodlebug AND are to be the new Distributors of Aventus - that means Heidi Swapp, Ranger etc and finally and most fabulously..... BAZZILL. Sigh. Love love love.

AND DONT FORGET - if you want a free copy of Scrapbook Inspirations, see yesterdays post dudes. Im outta here.

16 Feb 2007

Dare s'up, freebi mag offer and other random things

Oh the dares are blummin superb this week - so many ideas and styles and colours and photo's. Each one is original following one simple theme - a week in photo's. Mine depicts the carnival of colours we enjoyed in Menorca last year. I used some of my happy things (see below) to make up this layout. Orange is the new black it would seem along with felt flowers, birdies and stitching (darn, i forgot the stitching that I planned to do ... poo sticks and piddle pants). I see acetate being big this year too. Hurrah for felt flowers though! I love them but sadly only available from my favvo shop in Holland - Xenos (note to the Alliance girls - Im so envious of your Holland-ness).

So my Holland goodies? Well feast you eyes on my happy purchases - the three cups were only £1 each and will brighten by craft room and hold little nickety nackety's quite colourfully. Felt flowers and chickens (yum), bright wooden beads I have earmarked for a mini book project, button badges for another project and a place matt with buttons that I intend to make a bag out of. All for less than £15. I love Holland cheapies. If I dont go to Brisbane with Mark next year, we will move there! Did you hear Brisbane ;) ..................... pray pray pray.

So today? I have been in a stinky winky mood all day and could not remove myself from my own misery. The weather was cacka, I had a bout of bad news and ooooooooooooooh, I dont know. I was just a miserable cow from the moment I got up. This was shortly relieved by a birthday present that I received from Jo. It was another Willow figurine to add to my collecsh - thank you Jolene. I love these faceless ornaments which adds to their mystery. She bought me "I remember". Not sure what Jo remembers exactly but I hope it wasn't the time when I asked her ............ aaaaaah, she knows. Died I did, when I asked that feteful quesso. I hope she laughs about it as much to equal my embarassmentation.

Anyway............ **Freebo time**
I have a scrummo Scrapbook Inspirations mag **spare** and would love to offer it to one of my bloggo's (world wide postage catered for). Simply write "I fancy that mag with the freebo yummo's on the front" in the comments box of my blogatoona and I will draw your name out of the All My Memories Tool Tote whilst blindfolded and balancing a craft knife on the edge of my nose on Monday. I was very very fortunate to have two layouts pubbed in this mag this month. very happy I was to be amongst so many fabbo UK (and Dutch ;)) scrappers.

And finally - look at this dolly.This face paints more than a million words for me. I love her. She is such a blessing to us and small wonders like a trip on a ferry far outweighs any experience I thought she had enjoyed before. Giz a Kiss Bella, coffee flavoured of course ;)

My morma and Ellie - Look.... Ellie has her eyes open ina front shot!
Aye aye Cap'n Belle. Full Steam ahead.
I would have paid thousands and not just the £50 for this experience. £50 on board a ship for two nights with meals and a day in Rotterdam? How can they do this - its flippin brilliant. Of course, we are going to do it again - P&O got it right and it was worth every single hard earned penny :)

15 Feb 2007

She "won" her sea legs

Oh I can't really begin to tell you how my lovely girl enjoyed her ferry trip to Rotterdam. From the moment we step foot on the airbridge to smacking terra firma on our disembarkation this morning she was in total and utter delight. My morma and I couldnt take in the smiles and grins, the way she chose to gambol along the corridors, twists and turns on board and how brave she felt at being left with other children in the childrens section during kids entertainment. I have pictures to share - ones that relay this childs delight in full but when I get my body to stop swaying, I might just find the time to upload them.
In the meantime, I came back to a fantastic email describing an event to take place next year. Think Bonanza but bigger, thing organisation but better, think teachers but inspirationally guru, think sponsors but sizeably impressive. Save May 2008 in your diaries and check into scrapbook rehab on a scale that even bookmakers dare not risk the best odds of being OUTSTANDING!

12 Feb 2007

Freebo - texture and alpha

This was meant to be uploaded last night but we were all very tired bunnies.
So here it is - before I depart for Rotterdam shores with excess cheese buying whilst wearing clogs. The texture is only 72dpi but can be placed on a 12x12 page with no detrement to the quality.
The alphabet is a stained wood finish - granted, all of the letters are on one swatch BUT all you have to do is copy and paste them on to your artwork.