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31 Jan 2007

Ok - will try and do a daily freebie

and here he is. He is called Take Direction.
He is a right-click PNG file (he has a transparent background - seen here as black.. dont know why!) **for best results - click the picture, wait for it to open in another window. right click and save**
Use your magic wand, colour overlay and reduce opacity if you want to change his greeness to pinkness (if so desired - you know the score and you know you want him and you can have him :)
Give him a home on one of your layouts or place him on your desktop to give him some extra love and attention. He is chipped paint but looks good as a stamp. Put text in him and most of all love him. Ive called mine Chip - what you gonna call yours?

30 Jan 2007

Still iDay appreciation, a freebie and an ode to the humble Jaffa

I have been so busy today doing PC work (well, mac work!!!) and making digi kits. Moulin Rouge will be available for download on Friday and you are going to love her. She will mix so well with Key Lime Twang as well as Oil Slick and Lemony Lick it - due shortly. In the meantime I made a very simple one piece element for you to use at your leisure. You can right click and save it as its a PNG file. Its called "Bling a ding ding" and you can have her full carat worthiness for FREE

Mark rang me tonight as he was lisetning to the video link (see belows post). Ive yet to convert this man into a mac geek becuase up to now he hasn't been enchanted by its beauty. So he see's this most inspirational - nay revolutionary - breakthrough known to modern man and when we discussed the US release price and guessing the UK release price I actually think he wants one too. I mean - if not for the phone you can love the iTunes. If not the iTunes you can reply on OS X with built in wi-fi (what is that all about - its scaring me with this wonderful phenomenon. Starbucks wi-fi will feel the strain of that little baby when all of its customers are draining the servers and bandwidth of the common world) Im so excited - I need to lay down.
But lay down I dont. Instead I venture off to the goody cupboard to enjoy my FIRST jaffa cake of the year. I seriously cannot believe I have left it so long. 4 weeks - I truly feel I have neglected the little buggers. Its easy to download 12 in one session and praise thanks for Apple and Oranges in one day! Thats 2 of my five a day anyway ;)

iDay - my personal "give thanks" to Apple

I know I will never be able to consume the amount of information and technology that is released everyday. I know that I will never be able to read every book ever written in my lifetime, I would need 70 life times to do that. I'll never swim the channel, I'll never make Primeminister, I'll never have dinner with Queen and I'll never get to snog James Dean Bradfield
But what I do realise and what I have been completely consumed by is this video
You need a good hour to watch this video - minimise the video and the screen you are woking in - and at least listen to it. IT IS AWESOME. I have NEVER EVER EVER felt so amazed in all of my life. Have you seen what these guys have developed? I have been sat here for the last hour being completely blown away with not just one idea but 3 massive ones in one small phone. This is a super phone, the monster of all creations and the one thing I am going to save very hard for. You know, I dont think its going to come cheap but when you have a phone this unbelievably believable - it is worth the sweat and tears saving for. And although I think the main beneficiary of such creations is aimed at the high flying corporate savvy type (which I ain't) for music lovers alone it is worth it. For mac users, it is worth it and for phone users it is worth it. The world will become mac geeks in one simple device. Mac geekdom - here we come.

29 Jan 2007

Mondays are still babba & Weird Tagging

I was housebound today with various jobs to do and tax questions to be answered. I so wish I understood profit and loss in conjuncsh with being half a year vat registered, appreciate depreciation of assets and mumbo jumdo di lumbotically la-la. The phone was a like hotline live wire with various calls - all so very import dont you know. The sooner the deadline for tax returns has been met - the more lively I think my days will become. As I announced, last week, mondays are officially cack. I think it couldnt be further from the truth. cacka babba lalla.
To reward my misery, I munched through almost 12 of these little babies and will await my flab to quadruple in less then 4 hours whereby I will be confined to the house indefinately. To beat my mundaness of taxiness I scoured the cha news both yesterday and today. Did you manage to catch Elsies new line? She udpated from CHA and gave us a snippet of her yummliscious line and as I have a girl I thought I might plum for the pink. I actually prefer the blue. Im so proud of her. Elsie was my first love and she will be my last. Elsie of the future and Elsie of the past ........ who sang that bloody song? John Miles? I think I actually remember liking that.
Anyway, Im off to go and have an early night and dream about eating a tonne of biscuits - guilt free.
***oooh edited to add........ Im off to Barcelona in a week and half and wondered if any of you that may have been could point me in the dirrection of yummy places to go, places to eat (most import) and what to expect. Im so excited just about the Tapas so anything else is a bonus. Ooooh and the weather - whats it like in Feb?
***double edited - I got tagged by Jo. I have been tagged a gazillion gtimes inthe past and always forget to answer them but this tag is about revealing 6 weird things about yourself. Its debatable about my weird quirks and stuff - whats normal to some is far out for others - so here goes:
1. My party piece (and kiddy scaring act) is that I can turn my eyelids inside out and keep them like that until my retinas burn and eyeballs are almost dry.
2. I am fastideous about the cleanliness of my bathroom - you really could eat your dinner off the toilet seat - its like a brand new toilet everyday.
3. If I check something to see if it works or to test it, I have to do it in even numbers. Like flicking pages in a mag, turning switches, sorting items.
4. I put my mascara in my right eye first, then my left - always And when I squirt deodorant under my arms, I squirt left, then right and then a little bit extra on my left after that.
5. I have this phobia of having my knees touched. I wont let anyone touch them and god forbid if i even have to have treatment on them - if rather have gangreen that have me knees touched.
6. Im am all together too weird. You may concur.

28 Jan 2007

We **HEART** Charlotte

I had a wonderful day yesterday with Carmel and her rather delightful daughter Charlotte. Have you seen those eyes? I kid you not, the editing on these photos was minimal - big ice blue saucers for eyes, a toothy grin, a girly giggle and a new freind for Ellie. I loved spending time with them yesterday - it was more than a photoshoot in all honesty. It was magic. It was effortless and it was girly laughter all the way (booo to boring men who watch footy!!)
Love, love, love our new freinds and we love, love, love these photo's.

Then I had a really big massive play with my 85mm 1.8 on Thursday night after school. Ellie has not been out much this winter and with the nights getting a little lighter, we took a trip to my favourite place in our area - The 3 Sisters park. Its here I take most of my pictures and its here that Ellie and I come to escape suburbian town life, grit and fumes. We walk the lake and paths, we go to the hide to spy on the bull finches, squirrels, robbins, blue and great tits plus we have adopted a little wild rat who makes us laugh as he scurries about the bird feeding areas looking for seeds. We have called him Ratzo (so original!) Here are a few snaps of Ellie just being Ellie. Im beginning to more than love the 85mm. Do not ask me where I get the time to do all of this but let me tell you, I have very dark circles aorund my eyes right now. Im obsessed with anything and everything x

You can download me for **FREE**

Im only a small kit but when you bundle all of the future mono colours together - you can mix and match to your hearts content. Look out for Moulin Rouge coming out soon.... like, real soon. Hey sisters, go sister, goal sister ....................... creole lady marmalade. You know my aspirations to be a severe digi chick is far outweighed to wanting to be a pop starlet.... its true!

and thank you

27 Jan 2007

Key Lime Twang

It's fruitilisciously zingful and will be available to upload tomorrow night. I cannot uoload to my 4shared site tonight...Im a little a angry. Are there any other reliable share sites out there? Id really like to know!
The kits I made prior to this (jack frost, ice maiden and juicy jaffa) have been discontinued but from now on - the monochromatic kits will be released in the following colour order:
Key Lime Twang, Moulin Rouge, Oil Slick, Lemony Lick it, Chicky Chick Choc, Feelin Blue and Deforestation (can you sense a "love green" thing goin on?)
Then I wil be releasing full kits in amazing colour pallettes for sale in a kit club at Digi-me-doo.
Its all go, its all digi but I still love my papers and stroke them adoringly each day.

26 Jan 2007

Dare s'up

they totally are!
This is a digi using papers to be released as soon as I get round to finsihing the whole darn kit!!. This will be a freebie kit entitled Key Lime Twang. Not all the embellies you see here will be in the kit as some of this was made up with artwork from Atomic Cupcake, brushes from photoshop magazine issue 16 and fonts I have converted to embellies. Love these papers - hope you will too.
Layout challenge was set by Ali McGovern - Shake, Rattle and Roll. The whole theme to include stuff to do with the kitchen and as I don't cook on a Friday, I dedicated my digi efforts to M&S (thats Marks and Spencers to my overseas buddies - simply the best food store on earth!).
Gotta love M&S ................. YUM xx


to the readers of Quick and Crafty magazine.
I had a piece of work published that included the slang for plop/poo/cack/merd (see wording in the layout here) and it was entirely my fault for submitting it without thinking!
Angela Kennedy of Aceville publication rang me before christmas to run a feature on moi. Ooooooooooh, I was so taken aback but went with the flow of them focusing in on the photog and crafting I do. I had to supply a number of bright layouts, some other craft works and photo's plus some text answer to their questions. It was wall fun to do and I do rather like Acevilles monthlies as they such bright and bold mags.
So I open a copy of it today and read the 4 page spread. I do get such a wobbly tummy when I see my stuff in print, worthy of cutting out for scrapping all over again!. BUT!!! As I sat in my fave cafe quaffing decaff this morning I burst out laughing and then a hot flush came over me when I saw that they had printed it. I mean, it is actually one of my fave layouts becuase the patterned paper is actually wallpaper and I love the stitched ribbon effect. And really, Im not ashamed that I expressed myself so honestly.
What I am sorry about is that it is there for all 15,000 plus readers to digest over their cornflakes or afternoon tea. Again, I am so sorry you have to see that I used this word so candidly but on reflection - its a crafters word for "dammit, thats another papercut amongst many".
On a lighter note - well there isnt one. Im just sat here all kind of embarassed. Sorwy xx

25 Jan 2007

i hate tax returns

because they are so finickity foo-fa-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Good new is that the tax man OWES me money this time. Hmmmmmmm - a foreigh trip could just well be on t'cards. Or simple, pleasing and yet copious amounts of cheap trinket like below.
Just thought Id share my new scarf and beads with you - look... they match. My latest purchases from Primark ... all this cost me £3.

Freebie mono kit will be uploaded tonight. Have to decide for Cup Cake Candy or Digi-me-doo on the logo front. HELP ME!

24 Jan 2007


Exactly one year ago I was asked to make 16 layouts for a series of 4 books at Seach press. I haven't seen hind nor hair of them since but what I do know is one of them made front cover of the first two to be released. Hurrah.
Wish I had something gut wrenchingly interesting to tell you what I did with myself today. Let me sit here for a minute or two. Tum ti tum ti tum. Nope, Nothing. YAWN.

New freebie digi kit released tomorrow - Key Lime Twang. Its niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :)

22 Jan 2007

Productive Tuesdays

Did not feel good at all this morning - chest still hurts and coughing like an old hex. Am convinced I have something more than bronchial chest activity ... am suspecting pneumonia but not like horrendous pnuea, just a little. Any cyber docs out there wanna give their verdict?
As soon as I came back from dropping belle off at school I went to bed for 4 hours to shake it off and woke up fresh as a daisy. I had parcels to pack off today AND Technique Tuesday/Sticky Mitts to organise. I also have a shoot with a lady whose name reminds me of toffee on saturday, we got talking on the phone (her name is Carmel) and after like 4 years chatting I discovered she is a plicewoman. That means I have to hide my stash of crack cocaine, heroine and cannabis when she arrives. Damn!!!
The kids finished off their collages from last week and made this valentines card. Each kid put their own "stamp" on it but this was the map and they chose different little routes to make it their own. Belle loved it which was so important for me to watch. The kids went home with two finished projects, full bellies and a tick in the box for inking and ripping techniques. (look at how cute this kid is, peering over her glasses. She does this daily - I WUBS HER!)
I also launched, in conjuncsh with Katie some amazing freebies (see belows post!). These took an age to do and although our creativity is diverse, the complimenting colour palette meant we could design the kits in our own homes. Ive yet to meet Katie even though she only lives half an hour away!
When I dropped the kids off at home (yes... I pick them up from school, I teach, we make stuff, I feed them ham toasties, I water them and take them home!!) I went to the gym to beat myself up. Its a fabulous feeling coming home all refreshed and wanting to get going again. Belle was in her element... I think tuesdays could well be her favvo day!
I came back into my den after spanking ellie and sending her to bed with no supper (and we MIGHT live in a shoe!...duh! Kidding!) and I came to catch up on the PC. My PC has been my saviour this last few weeks. Prior to crimbo I got sick of it and forums and stuff but now we are buds and to make me feel at one with it again, Ive decorated the desk where its sits with this wonderful tea light lampshade and my favvo smelly candle - "Bay Leaves" by Prices Candles (have you whiffed their Fresh Linen range? WOW!). Whenever I get a new candle, i always engrave into it with a pin ... dont know why, perhaps Im fascinated in secretly becoming a wax artist! Its kind of snug in my den now and judging by the amount of work I do in here, I want to be surrounded by pwityy things to help me re-energise.
Im off to finish off a lot of stuff, make a quick digi kit and then bed.
All in all - a very productuve tuesday even though I slept 4 hours of it. Can't be bad really, its like buying one and getting one free.


Do you love?
Do you love love love?
This is Katie and I's FREEBIE kit "just Minty Mocha" - its massive, its just luscious and its for boys and girls and you can just lick the screen and savour every ounce of sweat gone into making these.
Im so excited - I need to go and squeal under a cushion (cos its a loud squeal).


4shared sites can be misleading. You have to wait for the page to load, scroll down a little, and wait for a box prompt to show up (takes 5-10 seconds) - then load up on the good stuff!


crappo mondays

Mondays are officially cack.
Anyone who gets up on a monday proclaiming its going to be a great day are mentally insane, eat sprouts, wears polyester and earns in excess of £100,000 a year.
I was so deflated today, so much so that a planned visit to the gym had to be called off. I know Im the most super fit athlete that ever graced Wigan and Im certain that other gym members wain in my trailblaze of health, strength and stamina. And then I wake up.
And yet again, I scoffed the entire biscuit aisle of asda this weekend - I NEED TO WORK OUT. Tomorrow, definately tomorrow. Yep - got that programmed.
Took a visit to a local wholesalers today to build up the stock of knickety-knacketies for the kids classes tomorrow. Im really looking forward to it. The kids are over excited about it so all is well on that score. Just need to go to the gym.
Sat here making the absolute finishing touched to a digi kit that, shall we say, is a gazillion times better than my previous starter kits. Ive teamed up with the hottest digi chick in the WORLD to help bring you the most scrumptious freebie this side of the compuetr monitor. All will be revealed this week I think. This week - the week where the gym counts!
And did you see katies freebies today - OMG... she so totally should have been doing that sooner. I loves her little bits and they are now stored neatly in my digi files ready to take a battering. Like my thighs, in the gym, tomorrow.
Where are those viennese whirls?

21 Jan 2007

Burtons Teacakes, anyone?

ooooooooooooh these take me back.
When I was a kid, I remember these being a massive treat for me, my sis and bro (like wagonwheels, Im sure these were bigger) and today Mark and I gorged on them with wild abandon. I love reminding myself of my youth and such pleasures like this make me feel nostalgic beyond comprehension. Just in the past week I have been listening to Century FM who often play 80's music hits and as I sit and listen and I drift away.
Whilst I was troughing through these little delicacies, I searched the depths of "youtube's" archives and listened to faves like Cars by Gary Numan, Mirror Mirror by Dollar, These Dreams by Heart, Can't fight this feeling by Chicago and The Model by Kraftwerk. Wow - it almost brought tears to my eyes.
My mum looks back on the 60's with as much affection as fondly as I look back on the 80's. And when I look back on the 90's, I can't say I was ever gripped by the whole era. Its bizarre but I have no desire to be so moved by my memories in the 90's even though it saw me marry and have a baby. Thats not to say Im callous - those days and times were and will always be special but I guess musically - you just can't top the 80's. My fave band, The Manic Street Preachers were set up then, Wham splitting up broke my heart and Bucks Fizz were so damn cool (did i really just type that?)
I find with music, it can can give me the same satisfaction for memories as much as photo's do. But I havent got many photos from my past, well actually not many prior to my digital camera days. This makes me feel so sad in a way. So listening to music helps me remember what I was doing at the time of its release and it conjours up a ton of not only fun memories but the struggles and challenges of being a teen.
Besides making myself put on 16 stone today from 5 little teacakes (and im not talking sickly poor cover versions cunningly ripped off by the repulsive coconutty SNOWBALLS or even worse - Tunnock Teacakes... they never had the jammy bit in the middle) and scoffing home made chinese food loaded with crap that will no doubt stick to my ribs, my butt and my arteries FOREVER, I scrapped. Wasnt that a long sentence? Im stuck for breath, hang on. Gasp, gasp.
Granted its a digi again but it was so much fun to do whilst snug on the sofa surrounded by my gang. There was I in the lounge with my lappo, mark on another lappo and ellie on her DS. I think days of slobbing in front of the TV might as well be reminiscant of the 80's as well.
And finally (always room for a "and finally) Id really like to thank you for your support in light of yesterdays yakkiness. I truly am touched with your kind words but the champion of them all was from my darling brother whose open reply made me cry.
Love you too leigh, Im so lucky to have you as my fantastic brother xx

20 Jan 2007

Why I Blog :)

I got a bit of a shock this afternoon to discover a very unsavoury comment left yet AGAIN in my moderated comments box to the tune that the way I scrap is retarded. It a horrible word isnt it? Not something someone would necessairily say in the UK but nevertheless it did get me thinking.
A continual spat of malicious comments bothers me only becuase they are left by anonymous persons. Other than that, I dont sit here and cry or worry or feel I should stop blogging. I blog for a number of reasons but really I don't think I should have to fully justify it. My favourite reason to blog and indeed scrap is so that I can look back on any given day, right the way back to Sept o5 and recollect. It jogs my memory and helps me search through my library of 23,000 photos to a particular favourite with such speed. It helps me keep on contact with my parents who live hours away, my husband who works away mon-fri and to let my freinds know what I have been up to.
Yup, sure you only get to hear the fun and exciting bits of my day becuase I sure as hell dont have just the sugary, fluffy life that it portrays! Its not to say that my blogging is a lie. I dont think you want to hear of the almighty screaming match I had with my cable supplier, the conversation with the girl at the checkout in Tesco or how I almost stepped in doggly plop. And whats funny is that I was told recently that some people think I am my blog - my goodness - NO! Im not all about scrapping and blogging and travel and teaching and magazine work. Im also a momma who struggles with her daughters disabilities, a wife who see's her husband 8 days a month, a loner who works from home and whose contact with any other human beings (in addition to her daughter) is other mommas who take their kiddies to school. I love my lot in life - I wouldnt have it any other way. But snidey, nasty and personal attacks towards me are unjust becuase whoever they are do not know me. I said back in august that you ought not to judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes and its such an honest piece of advice.
So there you have it.
If the anonymous poster would like to email me about their "beef" perhaps we could chat amicably. There proffers an olive branch, if ever I saw it.
Anyway, here is a nice picture to keep the positive chi in full flow. A pink rose which was kindly donated by a wonderful florist I met yesterday Called Anita Tootle - gotta love that surname.

Peace xx

Dare s'up

Dares are up - they are indeed.
This weeks challenge was to add "I can see......." so I plopped the word Family on there. Ive been wanting to scrap these pics for ages and ages. With digi scrapping, its so easy to drag and drop pictures onto a layout without having to go through the rigmarole of printing them out. Out of my C drive and straight onto the virtual paper. It's pips.
I made some more papers today (see link below) and have a couple of metal embellies being released on Monday with the Key Lime Twang kit. Im like a woman posessed.
Am sat here typing away this short blog entry listening to century fm - its total 80's night tonight and Ive just been swept back in time when Big in Japan by Alphaville came on.
I MISS THE 80's.
My teenage years were severely marked by the relatively new Madonna, 5 Star (yeeeeeeeeeeeeks!), A-ha, Duran Duran and super coolio hits from A Flock of Seagulls (bizarre hair), Martha and the Muffins (fnar fnar) and Roxy music. I cant forget my hero, Gary Numan (who I once spent the weekend with in my 20's - my fabbo claim to fame). Sigh. I'll always relish my bat wing jumper, ankle length skirt, ankle socks and white shoes with vulgar plastic beads, fingerless gloves and I had a freaking perm..... a perm? Gee wizz, not even when im 80 do I want a perm! At that time I went out with a lad called mel - now that is scarey name alone. He had naturally curly hair and we looked like twins when we went out down to the bus shelters down by the beach for a snog. Such classy hang outs we had.
Give me some of your fave 80's songs ... help me regale my youth with gustoxx

19 Jan 2007

More Life Papers

Freebies 12x12 digi scratchy papersfor you to use and abuse
These are Life Papers 2 - in Bruise, Blush, Jeans and Dawn

**Wait for the page to load, then scroll down a little, then save**

18 Jan 2007

ok - burned a hole in the wacom

Figuratively speaking o'course.
I really do need to upgrade my tablet. Its a bit small for what I need so if anyone wants to buy one second hand - give me a holler. Im open to offers. Its a graphire 4 and cost £79 brandest of new. As I do more intricate work it is advisable to go for a monster A4 size plate but I guess £400 isnt something I kind of planned on spending just yet.

I have been both paper and digi scrapping today. I made 4 papers today (see belows entry, today)and tonnes of you have downloaded it so judging by that, I'll get another batch of colours out tomorrow. Im just putting some final touches on the Key Lime Twang mono set and a supwise set due out next week. Ive really enjoyed playing with my computer these past two weeks - generally I will potter around the house or am out on shoots. so inbetween times Im kind of getting used to the constant glare of the monitor
Took no photos today - the wind was horrendous. It blew so hard the the studio has a crack in the ceiling and the neighbours tiles are all but off (except ours!) One of the neighbours fascias fell off too. Its too dangerous even to step foot outside your own front door without fear of decapitation.
Anyway - short and sweet again -I literally have no energy after crying through Grey's Anatomy tonight. For my US buds, we are so way behind as you know. This was the episode that Burke got shot and Izzy cut Denny's wire ............. bwah, sniff, choke, wail, sob etc etc.

Free digi papers

I shall try and post a little freebie or two. I make these during my lunch break, it gives me something to do other than surf trashy entertainment sites that are meaningless. Ok, I love to surf trashy sites and wonder how many chips posh spice scoffed or what bath oil Kate Moss used last night! Enjoy my "Life Range" of papers, hand scratched by moi x We have weed, lake, toast and grit. Made up of multiple layers and textures - this will be a staple basic to your cardstock range :)

Download here

**Wait for the page to load, scroll down a little and then hit the download button**

17 Jan 2007

And the winner is:

To view the youtube video - which will not behave and be embedded here - click HERE

Will the winner kindly forward me their address for their prize-acious prize kindly donated by A Trip Down Memory Lane
Short and sweet entry tonight as I am knicked. Booked to go on a P&O trip to Rotterdam with my morma, belle and lozzer today. The mini cruise is only £50 a person to go at the end of feb. You embark the ferry at 4pm and the it sets sail after your evening meal at 9pm. There are casinos, cinemas, shops, entertainment, tv rooms and shopping on board. You sleep overnight in a cabin and wake up on board for breakfast in Rotterdam. Spend the day in Rotterdam doing the usual sightseeing, shopping, eating (lest we forget photography!) then its back on board for a meal and set sail at night whilst sleeping again to get into Hull with breakfast the next day. £50!!!!! What the hell is wrong with these people, its like getting it for free. Am thoroughly excited!
Am very tired this evening, so I'll share you my latest digi page I made today.
Love atomic cupcake, love digi, love love love. ALSO..... big supwise coming next week as I have collaborated with someone completely uber spesh to make you a kit completely nothing like I have made previous. My current kits really are specifically aimed at "tryer outers" in mono colours. i do love them but you are going to burst when you see this new baby next week. Plus it has its own packaging too ;)
**ETA** Omg - ellie was itching her back on the video (not backside!!) FYI, Ellie itches A LOT. lol

16 Jan 2007

Technique Tuesday is born

Diary Pointers:
Weight: Back on track at the gym and pushed myself harder for not going yest. The extra 10 minutes hard slog is bound to have shifted 6 stones. Therefore I am a size zero again. I look ridiculously gorgous in skinny jeans and a boob tube. Aaaaah well, beats the canvas marquees I used to wear.
Drink: The usual tea, fruit juices and water. My 5 a day regime is looking rather regimented (but can you count a bounty bar (coconut=fruit) and a jaffa cake as part of your five a day?)
Cigarettes: None - My lungs are in purest form aside from the coughing I am still experiencing (see health)
Mood: Was in a great mood up until 5 minutes ago. Now Im just p'ed off. Long story, nothing you would be interested in but it sure is eating at me.
Health: I am still coughing. Why am I still coughing. Im sick of it.
Photos taken: 14 - of my newest students (see below). The pic just here is one of my faves from last year of belle. I dont like to post a blog entry without a nice picture and she looks uber cooio with mega funkerama vibes on top.
Scrap supplies used: Lots - and the kitchen reeks of booze (from alcohol inks)
So tell us about technique tuesday, Kirsty......
Well actually the kids wanna call it Sticky Mitts so I might have to compromise and call it Sticky Tuesday! We played with distress and alcohol inks tonight and the kids are half way through a "all about me page". I cannot believe how bloody fantastic these kids are and Ellie - well that kid suprises me all the time. She has a ball and with the chit chatter, cheek and cheer was on the menu in our cosy kitchen and left with the legacy of this day with inky fingers literally stained for a month. I remember when Anna made a layout on my hands using alcohol inks on my finger nails last year........ lets just say they were green and yellow for 9 days. Not nice close up photo;s of my hands but memories all the same :)
Last chance to put your name down for the comp on Mondays blog entry. Ellie and I will do a You Tube broadcast showing you the lucky winner for the youtubing world to see (weds night). I guess about 95 hits dont you? Somehow I dont think its worthy of a 150,000 youtube special but its all fun!
And finally ... here is the 3rd monochromatic easy page kit for newbie digi's. Welcome juicy jaffa in all her zingyness. Credits go to janita at Shisheido for the permission to use one of her brushes xxI love her - I cant wait to release chicky chicky chick choc brown to go with her but I think the next release is actually Key Lime Twang, so do hang on for that. Until then - please down load this here (the rest of my kits will finally lay to rest here too)
When you have found this page please pay attention to this message in gween **Scroll a little down the page, wait for it to load then click download**

15 Jan 2007

Gone banana's - literally

Diary Pointers:
Weight:Had a crappo morning and punished myself by NOT going to the gym so I am therefore approximately 723 stones
Drink: The usual tea, fruit juices and water. At least my liquid intake was holier than thou.
Cigarettes: None - my savings of approx £6 a day from not smoking makes me richer by £186 a month
Mood: Was in a foul mood but was soothed by Mr Brand (see below)
Health: I am still coughing. The paracetamols that the Doc suggested I take for it are obv not working. I hate him.
Photos taken: 5 - of this pile of wacky fruit.
Scrap supplies used: None - was not in the mood but did have a sort of my bazzill and put it in colour order
So why have you gone nuttily banana's, dear Kirsty?
Without boring you all senseless, I had a bit of an issue with belle's school today. I think what it boils down to is lack of funds, ignorance and communication. In sum, if you have a child with needs slightly more serious than your average joe in the UK... you stand a cat in hells chance of having their education being geared around them unless you physically hold a pitchfork to the schools throats and beg them to take you seriously. They are getting on my nerves, to be honest, so Mark and I are taking action. I was a few breaths from being barbaric with the Deputy Head. And I never fight, shout nor quarrel with anyone. Nuff said.
Watched a whole episode of Russell Brands Big Mouth. Now, don't get me wrong I love a man in tight jeans but I don't actually "get" his hair, However, there is something freakishly delish about our Russell to the point where Im actually exuding love hearts from my eyes, nostrils and ears. Im a married woman but that dont stop me from window shopping, ya hear? I found myself smiling at the TV and inwardly laughing at his exhuberant persona with the wonder of ticklish profanity which wasn't, dare I say, uncouth (nevertheless, too much profanity on the tv these days).
In addition, I have updated a wee board of photo's of my sweet SIL to be, Kerry to my website. This is a series of finishes I can provide on both mine and YOUR photo's. The top left photo on this board here is the original and the 3 other finishes are what can be achieved after I have waved my magic wand over them. The original is a really nice picture but for those who want to have a bit of an arty finish might want to try my magickery. I have been providing this service since July last year and I get a handful every week to edit. But not a great deal of you know I do this - so if you would like to have a bit of an artsy finish, go here
Have you ever been to a retreat in a country house, in the depth of the glens of Scotland? Well, affordably, you can! My freind Roz and Angela are holding a Luxurious Angels retreat in Lockerbie Manor in March and Im so excited to be going along to play. Erm I mean teach. I have this fabbo class lined up, its my new black of 2007. Please come along and join in the midnight fun as we play bonkers party games which might include a box of Bertie Bassets and Blonde Moments papers being turned into ridiculous underwear!
And finally - log your entry from yesterdays blog post to be in with a chance of winning a kit kindly donated by A Trip Down Memory Lane plus.... I have a copy of The Scrapbook Magazine to chuck in there PLUS a super duper, mystewy supwise. I will also ship it worldwide for my overseas chummies in Oz and US.

14 Jan 2007

Deck my studio with sprigs of holly

Diary Pointers:
Weight:After eating a very scrumptious sunday roast with yorkshire puds (plus left over mixture to make pancakes!!) I am now the world most overweight person again. No gym today as Id never get through the doors and probably break the running machine.
Drink: The usual tea, fruit juices and water to wash down afore mentioned lard.
Cigarettes: None - this is my one saving grace for todays sinning and therfore my Halo is sparkling beautifully.
Mood: In a rand old form of spirits today
Health: Coughed only a few times but that was from the cooking oil fit for spontaneously combustion. How hot does yorkshire pudidng fat need to be? Its a death trap trying to make them, I tell thee.
Photos taken: only 3 and third time lucky to get this super duper shot of my famous holly.
Scrap supplies used: Not many today but had a good clear out and touched almsot everything I own. So am feeling fulfilled on the strokability factor.

So why is it like Chrimbo in your studio, Kirsty?
Been busy taking macro shots for my stock photo portfolio over at a manufacturer stalked photo site. Am hoping and preying to get a couple of jobs with them and will have to admit that this close up work is refreshing. I have this massive dream that Marks and Sparks will spy it, whip me up and pay me gazillions for taking pictures of their luscious food for snazzy mags and therfore be crowned the female David Bailey of our time. I mean, I love kids and I love taking pictures of people but with this close up work there is no chance of blinking, movement and tears!
Now I did promise a sprig of holly to a woman in Minnesota who says they don't have it up there so if she comes forward I will send her some. Yes, well I do know that christmas is over and done with but perhaps the novelty will be fun and you never know, she could take a clipping and try and grown one.
So now the fun bit for tonight. COMPO TIME!! I lubs compo time because its like sharing the luuuuuuuuuurve. My friend Mel over at A Trip Down Memory Lane has kindly donated a box of papers/cardstock from Chatterbox with a very cool transparency sheet too. To be in with a chance, all you have to do is go on to Mel's webesite and find the name of Location of their retreat being held next November. Myself along with Clare, Debbie, Hannah, Dawn, Becks, Debbie, Mel and Annie will be there to make this weekend go with a massive burst of fun and inspiration. Put your answers in the comment box and those who reply will have their names put in a hat and drawn by Belles fair hand. We will YouTube the results on Wednesday.
Good luck xx