Ladies Camera Club

28 Sep 2006

Leaving camp

Greetings Earthlings,
Im leaving moon base alpha for two days. My little space cadet Belle is being looked after star ship ranger Mark as I head for galaxies unknown (ok, Bristol and Gloucester).
Im in search of scrap goddesses who go by the name of Elsie and Emily - I shall take forth my weapons of mass construction (ie - heat gun and exacto knife) and obliterate all ye who enter my path. I shall steal their brains and creative juices, bottle them up and sell them for millions on ebay.
Until then earthlings - scrap on xx
PS: Prizes of my spare kits will go to the number I have written down here (between 1 -100.....ok -so Im really original) and one of you can win both kits plus I'll get Emily and Elsie to sign them for you. I'll be back saturday night to announce the winner)

27 Sep 2006

Scrapgenie DT entry

I fancy my chances with scrapgenies dt - who wouldn't? They have two massive outlets in the UK and Australia and is run by Becks - a young lass, with four fab kids and a fabulous sense of humour. The request was for something you could wear made out of paper and I made these by cutting round my own flip-flops out of chipboard (twice - ouch...... it really hurts hand cutting that stuff!) lining the top with chatterbox papers, eyeletting the toe post, applying canvas ribbon, attaching mini tags depicting left and right and plopping on some paper flowers. The jump ringz were courtesy of Little Cottage Crafts - I love them and guess what? If it aint raining I can actually wear them as I gave the sole a coat of hard wearing acrylic. Id love to get through but I believe the competition is strong and what the heck - I had brillo fun-a-roo making these.
Im getting the jitters, I really am - look ....... ^.-?@~{:`'"....... shaky hands touching keys I never knew I had! Have done nothing but completely talked all day on the phone to everyone and anyone. I managed to get a replacement for one of the girls not coming on the workshop, filled in by the wunnerful Elsesse. That's Tracie to everyone who is not a UK scrapper. I have been out shopping tonight for tea/coffee/sugar, nibblies, choc hotlate and juice. Its bonkers, my head is going cuckoo la-la fifi. Just got the last of the supplies for the kits tonight which was cut kindly by Doolie's hubs and tie wraps, cardstock and eyelets from Sarahs. Id have a coffee now but it would only give me more of the shakes. My heart is palpitating faster than a mouse (have you ever heard a mouse's heart beat ... or do you say mice's heart beat .. good lord, I have chuffin no idea!). On top of that Ive asked from some english-french translation and was overly chuffed when Jill could provide me with it. but pronounciation is a bit of a sod so Sarah (who can speak fluent French - never flippin knew that little I know some peole with all these dark, terrible secrets!) gave me a full phonetic lesson and now I must revise the transcript without sounding Ive just bitten my lip.I so need some sleep, to prepare my jabbering gob to behave when I meet Elsie, to warm my heart for everyone in both Bristol and Gloucester, pack my kits with love, be roomies with Mandy Anderson (thats no sleep then!) and save my best hug for Emily (managed to find something very Ozzy in tesco tonight - she is going to FREAK! ... nope, not a koala bear)
**Also again**
Had to show you this. i worte a transcript in english to Celine and she put it on her website in french. I know im easily pleased but seriously - Ive never been spoken about in french before. I am freaked right out! - LOOK:
Je m’appelle Kirsty et je suis à la fois photographe et scrappeuse. Mes deux passions se complètent à merveille. J’apporte ma contribution à deux magazines anglais en écrivant des articles sur le design, la photographie, le scrapbooking et les cartes de vœux, tout en travaillant à mon compte comme photographe. J’ai la chance d’enseigner lors de plusieurs événements et retraites au Royaume Uni. J’ai la chance d’avoir une famille aimante qui me permet d’exprimer ma passion pour ces activités mais aussi qui m’offre la possibilité d’enseigner et d’inspirer les autres. Et quand je suis pas occupée à toutes ces choses, vous me trouvez blottie contre mon amour de petite fille pour nous créer de nouveaux souvenirs.
Now that my freinds is ... cest bon!

26 Sep 2006

Sneak a peek

A very small snipsville of my class at Emily's workshop is hardly something to get overly excited about but there it is. Howver, the bigger picture is so much better but I'll not spoil the party! It's quite daunting having to come up with something novel, something unique and something that will inspire. This project makes me feel happy and once completed by the students/scrappers coming along I know they will look back and think of the weird yet wonderful stuff used to make it up. Emily's class is a treat too. I saw her doing a mock up of this class at her house when I went to Cali in April - its very adorable.
And a snipsville of my class for Scrapcamp will be enroute to my blog tomorrow evening. This palm size project is so dinky and yet so innovative - it will have you wondering how on earth something so weeny could be something so meaningful. I like small things - I am a magpie when it comes to teeny weeny ickle bits. This is my signature class and I expect it always will be. Ive taught it to girls in America and girls over here and I will never tire of it. Mandy Parr , of Scrapcamp fame, rang me today to check on progress of the kits and to finalise details - the woman talks at a million miles an hour and has me exhausted - I love her energy. When someone as upbeat as Mandy enters my life then, suddenly, my life is upbeat too. Free energy is what we should shower each other with - everyday. Im going to make it law!
**I have a copy of each class to give away as a prize and will think of a way for someone to win it before friday. Help me out here - how can I do one without replicating last weeks draw by thinking of a number?**

25 Sep 2006

Every dark cloud has a silver lining

If I am honest with you - last week was bloody awful. I dont tend to divulge the incidents in full nor do I make hidden jabs but it was on a personal and professional level. Sigh.
Like my morma always tells me every cloud has a silver lining and today that silver lining might as well be gold, if not diamond encrusted plus a bit more bling than you could ever imadge. Not only do I get to teach at two fabbo events this week but also I have had some other uplifting news. Generally I hate all the secrecy, but three of the 6 brillo happening things this week are really sworn to secrecy... sorry to bore you with news I can't spill (And I hate it when that happens in some blogs - I WANNA KNOW TOO!). But one of them I can.
I have been asked to teach 3 classes in Paris. My heart is pulsating at a rate of knots, immeasurable by even the fastest of time keepers. And no, Im not in competition with Richard Hammond neither (bless his wee and I mean wee soul!) It all came about after the drama trying to book classes becuase of the small choice and lack of "celeb classes" available. After a lil to-ing and fro-in with the event organiser, Celine, it turns out that one of their photography based class teachers cannot make it. Celine is aware I do photography as I explained that I'd like to write a review and takes some pics on behalf of Practical Publishing and out of the blue comes this request. I am dying with delight plus I can attend some classes in addition so it won't all be work. So there is my story. And my diamond encrusted lining of a cloud is hovering right above my head with glee-dom.

24 Sep 2006

Onwards and upwards

**Pic is of my shoes that I picked up in Blackpool t'other week. Guess how much? Two pairs for £10!!!. I await your shock-horror-death threats with glee.**
So to today ...... the minor blip in my life cannot possibly lure my utter excitement for the week that lies ahead. I've got my fabulous parents here with me before they jet off to Turkey for their hollies, a photoshoot, finalising my kits for Bristol and Gloucester, customising some clothes for Paris and Ellenor's planned trip to the library. The trip to the library is monumental - she says she will read as much as she can in two hours. Well, I was only planning a pick and trip venture but if two hours is what she wants then the little lady wins.
Mark might not be able to sneak away from his Army exercise and the only blot on the landscape is that I might have to take belle with me to the retreats. Im 99% certain Glens' morma can have her for me ....... which means belle will have a sleepover at Glens house. Can you imagine my wee lady stopping over at her boyf's already?!!
On a less strenuous note, I made steak in ale pie tonight with puff pastry for my parentals and I impressed myself with such home made-er-reees. I feel all wholesome and wifey. I simply must make-from-fresh more often but I did get a slight complaint from Ellie who it seems is rather opposed to Ale at such a young age. Perhaps I tipped too much guinness in. Whooops. She will learn! Im a yorkshire lass, Im sure I was born with a bottle of stout in one hand and a flat cap in t'other.

23 Sep 2006

Good day/Bad day

Going to spend quality time with smiley people truly lifts the soul until you part their company. I hate having brilliant days that end with a thud. Not that picking Ellie up from my in-laws upon my return was a let down. Nope, that wee creature of mine is my life and soul. Love her lots and forever. But im shrouded by a very dark cloud right now - so come bloody on, freakin hurricaine gordon. Lash these shores and blow away the gloom.
I spoke with Emily yesterday - she landed in the UK in fine form and is currently teaching at Anna's event in Bury-St-Edmunds. Im too excited about this to even let a drab feeling frost over the proceedings. Gloucester won't know what hit it when she graces Crafty Pastimes with her presence. And also am just dying my ass off to meet Elsie too - at the infamous Scrap Camp. Actually, the tiniest bit of blackdom has lifted from my shoulders at that notion.
Roll on Friday girls, creativity will create so much friction down south this week that hurricaine gordon might veer off course from the energy!
Dares s'up - in fine form xx

22 Sep 2006

And the winner is

Number 16 - TRISH!
You have won a scrapbooking kit put together by me - all co-ordinating including rub ons and a machine cut title of your choice to match, ribbons, double sided tape and a number of other goodies floating around my scrap room. Email your addy to me (include a photo and I will scrap this for you as part of the other part to the prize) and these shall go Monday morning. Thanks for taking part - SERIOUSLY, I didnt think so many would wanna play. I think Trish should do one next week and make this a weekly giveaway of personal stash. This me just having a bit of funmanship.
Here's to another year of boredom on blogdom - is there anything any of you want to know that I havent mentioned already?
Look what i did tonight.. Im going shopping at the Harrogate show tomorrow to see the retail launch of Dyans new products. This scrap bag carries 12x12's nicely plus anything else that falls in there as I clear the shelves of stocks!!! (poor image, taken indoors at night) but anyway, you catch my drift. And none of it was hand sewn - I used my buttoneer.

You gotta have one.

You just gotta.

Have a fabbo weekendsvilles.

21 Sep 2006

a prize......

**Edited: Closes at 11pm tonight - the time when the UK draes are posted so its a double whammy, scary mammy event**
of a mystery kind will be donated to the winner on my blog tomorrow night. This is to celebrate over ones years blogging and my hit counter almost reaching 50,000. I have written down a number on my scrap pad and who ever posts a comment at that number point(just a simple hello would suffice) will get the booty. Ok, I guess the amount of posts will be less than 20 but I'll chance it to 100 just in case.
**As I have gone Beta, some people are finding it difficult to leave a message. The best way is to tick "Other" after your comment and leave a link to your blog in the "your webpage" section.**
Its open to all my freindlets and blog readers alike - even my mum has a chance of winning it!
**Edited to add: am also offering to scrap a page for the winner too**
**Edited to add again: Erm, ok - I didn't really and I mean REALLY expect this many replies. Holy crap. If it gets out of control and the number goes above 100 I will make it fair and draw the number anyway and then pick a number between 101 and the end blogger and offer an extra prize.... gulp**

20 Sep 2006

Quizzical Izzy

How can you not fall in love with this baby? Isabella made me howl with laughter with her fancy faces and clear disdain with me poking my camera in her wee face for approximately 2 hours. She hated the outdoors and we were set to give up when I suggested the studio. I hate my studio - I don't like the light it gives to skin tone but we managed to get some cracking shots. My fallopian tubes are in over drive and a yearning for a cutie like this is too real. Although signs of early menopause might put paid to that. Tra-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
I do have a number of picture with her smiling and gurgling but this studio shot in particular is a fabulous shot of her staring. She truly is a little beauty - I hope all babies that I take pics of end up being a pretty as Isabella. Ive got a booking for a 6 week old baby coming up - Im way too excited about it. perhaps I can get to have a little squidge before the shoot.

Oooooooooooooooooh, I just love babies.

19 Sep 2006

I scrapped with Anita Mundt!

I get so star struck when I meet people whose work I admire and when I met Anita I just died. I did, you know, for like 2 seconds and then I magicked myself to be alive again because I so wanted to give Joanne, her lovely sister, a big fat cuddle. We chatted, ate ravenously and most obviously scrapped. Anita had been given the most fabulous DT kit to work on and I was working with some papers from Sarahs Cards - carolees collection - which are, actually, quite delicious. Sarah made a paperbag book to sell on Ebay (the owman has stamina and patience!!) and Jo just watched, listened and laughed. No sooner had we got into it we had to leave and what felt like 5 minutes had actually been 3 hours. Time is my biggest enemy, I was so sad to leave tiny Jo. Jo is a fighter and I completely understand the meaning of being "brave" during this time. She is outwardly very brave and yet deep down she is unwell BUT!!! She is going to beat the big C and Im going to do everything I can to help "shoo" it away.
On a lighter note look what arrived today. Belles glasses! Those disgusting yellow temporary efforts have been tossed in the bin with a big, fat "good riddance". My little girl can now go forth and play in the sun without a: looking like a banana and b: no real protection from the sun. I think she looks supercoolio mega funerama moma. And you know what? She thinks it too!
Mark came home last night after his manouvres in Wales and he is home for a few days. I sleep so easy when he is around but Belle gets ever so cross as she normally sleeps with me whilst he is away, so she is back in her own bed tonight. She is not in a good mood with me right now (no shocks there) but a story at bedtime, which she reads to me, seems to be a good compromise. Minus the sunnies of course ;)

17 Sep 2006

No Net!

Our service provider is ploppy poo pants. They really are. I tried uploading photos on my proof gallery for clients last night but no, not a single bit-rate was in order. I rang them up at 9pm last night and they said it was scheduled to be working again at 0300 and 57 seconds. I serioulsy thought the guy was taking the piss when he added the 57 seconds on the end. Sure enough I came to log on this morning (0930, i may add. I don't "do" 0300) with almost 400 photos to upload and again it was down. So much for the 57 seconds mate cos your 0300 was just as bull shit as well. Needless to say we are back online. I hate having to rely on the t'internet.
In the mean time - well, what a day belle and I had yesterday. Coffee, an hour-long lounge in Borders- reading and treasure hunting, admiring the fountains, a fashion show in the dining area of the trafford centre, toys and new clothes for ellie. She didn't want the day to end. And when we got home we lazily chilled out with little bursts from her telling me that her day was so lovely. So lovely, in fact, I had to film it from my camera (how cool is that? - im sure most of you can do this..... I urge you to try it. This is more for Mum and Mark but we like to share!) So here she is telling you about her day and some photies to match.
First she just flicks through the book. "Mum, erm, I think I might like to read all of this" (Sat afternoon in Borders is no picnic, but it was her day to do as she pleased) She kicks off her boots for a while, then gets real comfy. I'd love to say she posed for me but she was non-the-wiser with my clicking. She read Sponge Bob and Wallace & Gromit before we bought Cartoon Network. I mean, you gotta buy something after reading two for free!
This little lady amazes me. She struggles so hard at school but in her year 6 start up, she has become a child posessed with a thirst for knowledge and jabbering? Man, the wee minx does not stop. She wears me out. Its like she is making up for the last 5 years of fighting. I swear Marks's nan's passing is like a regression in Ellie .. call me nuts but I think some things are meant to be. And Mark's nan was so wise too. Whatever the explanation both Mark and I just stare at her, with open mouths but full of pride. University she may not attend but what she lacks for in grades, she makes up for in effort.

Loves her lots xx

16 Sep 2006

Dare s'up - man, this week has flown

The dares are up and a particularly thoughtful one this week - an ode to my hubs who puts up with my emotional decisions. I dont know why, I just do. That is, have my heart rule my head.
I don't know what else to say really, well I do but its not important. A friend I love so deeply lost her father yesterday and nothing else seems worth stressing about. So today, Im taking Belle and I to the Trafford centre to watch the fountains, consume coffee and just be.

15 Sep 2006

Perfect Pier

Ive been editing photos this afternoon and decided to trawl back through some photos in my archives. This is what I love most and why I love scrap booking - just recollecting the days gone by. I took this one last week and although Blackpool along with many seaside resorts, has its faults, it also has its hidden beauties - like this pier shot taken at dusk. Im so happy with the composotion and lighting in this and the memory of it will draw back many memories of our happy day last week. Mark and I plan to take more weekedn breaks after the next run of scrap events have taken place. Ellie fancies a trip to the National History museum for her 11th Birthday, so a trip to London is in order. I can't believe Ellie has never been to London, looking back.
I also retouched this photo. there was a gap between mark and ellie which needed to be cloned out and although you can't see it, Belle was freaking right out being held onto the promenade railings. Cruel maybe, memories always.
This weekend sees both Ellie and I on our ownsome lonesome. I hate it when mark works away. Weekends, although sacred, are often busy whether I teach away, go to events or just plain cropping. Normally its for one day so we do actually spend some time together. But not this weekend - its heartbreaking especially as I need Mark right now. Isnt it always the way? Nothing that a bottle of Malbec and a good weepy DVD won't cure though. And perhaps a bit of scrapping.

14 Sep 2006

Breathe deeply

and await what lies before ye. Walking away from Mum tonight was like ripping my heart out and stamping on it. Being a mum, I hope Ellie needs me as much as I need her one day if not always. Had a lovely 24 hours at my mums and aimless, simple and relaxing conversation with my dad. Its akin to going to an expensive spa but without the oils. Tomorrow IS a new day and I have plans to make it bloody marvellous, come rain or shine.
Came back to this email from a company where I managed to find Ellies replacement silver chopper glasses. This really made my night!

"Dear Ms Wiseman
Your "SILVER/BLACK Toddler Kids Childrens CHOPPERS Sunglasses" were gently taken from our shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow. A team of 50 employees inspected your product and polished it to make sure it was in the best possible condition before mailing. Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over the crowd as he put your product into the finest jewelry bag that money can buy. We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party is set to march down the street to the post office where the entire town will wave "Bon Voyage!!" to your package. I hope you had a wonderful time shopping with us. We sure did. Your picture is on our wall as "Customer Of The Year". We're all exhausted but can't wait for you to come back to us soon. Thanks again! P.S. For great prices and brilliant jewellery, please visit our website at: "
Customer service just gets better!

13 Sep 2006

Mummy Love

Sometimes we need to escape life, normalness, randomness and nastiness. And where better to go than to Mum. Isnt she a dolly? Her arms and smell are the best ever - both Ellie and I adore her.
Ill be back home tomorrow after Ive soaked up her wisdom and advice.
Off to go and give her another squidge whilst I can xx

12 Sep 2006

never were there such devoted sisters...

These sisters were so lovely to be with - funny, charming and polite. I love taking pictures when you know that no matter what the weather maybe the subject will be as sunny as the summeriest summer.

Ive had a sudden surge in bookings this week - i can only thank the advertising I pay for on UK Scrappers - thank you! Additionally the locals in my town have noticed me walking around the parks with my camera and have been enquiring too. Im so happy about this - especially as the indian summer gives me lots of light to play with.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them - such pretty girls and erm, feet?!! lol xx

Tonight I was playing with photos - like this of Penny the cat - my wubbly friend Shellbean owns him (and I plan to steal him!) this is a service I provide but in the meantime, if you do want photos manipulating or enhanced like this - please visit my other wubbly friend Anita's blog. She is doing this service for a worthy cause (her sister, Jo, my extra special wubbly freind)

11 Sep 2006

A day to reflect

Today Marks family laid his nan Elizabeth Entwhistle to rest. It has been a beautiful day with lots of tears equally balanced with lots of laughter. We chose not to send a wreath as there will be no headstone at the creamatorium but instead we have bought two rose bushes for my MIL, a range called Elizabeth of Glamis, whereby they can see this bloom year after year as a rememberance. Her ashes will be strewn at a seaside resort in beautiful north wales - a place she found peaceful and relaxing. The service at the crematorium was bedecked with sentiments for both Betty and those who we remember from the terror of 5 years ago today. As Mark was in full military regalia for his Nan, as an honour for her memory, the priest noted him smartly presented and also marked his prayers for those still suffering in the aftermath of that event in both Afghanistan and Iraq today.
After the ceremony we filtered through to my MIL's where celebrations of Betty's life was regaled. I played with the kids (although Ellenor did not attend, she went to school and chose not to be the over emotional bag of loveliness that she can be during times of sadness) and took their minds off this emotional day. Later we went home to snap pictures of Mark, of whom I do not see in full uniform, EVER, as my gift for his mum who also never sees her son in this smart set of Olive greens (or ginger suits, as they are notoriously referered to by "drop shorts" - the nickname for members of the Royal Artillery).
As the day was too beautiful to go unloved, we gathered around the tripod for pictures of all us three (a very rare occurence as Im always snapping!) and I will scrap these happy pictures to reflect on todays events with much love.

10 Sep 2006


** here they are **
Not for wholesale due to a short run - they are available direct from Art from the Heart: 01423 873739. A pack of 1 each of the designs above is £5 (click the picture to enlarge)
Did I tell you I was freaking out? Did I also tell you I have a pack which is covered in my saliva from lickage?

9 Sep 2006

Kiss Me Quick

Who said Blackpool was not romantic? Hmmmmmmm. Oh, probably me. The Hen and Stag party capital of England is notorious for its "kiss me quick" hats, greasy spoon cafes and tower amusements - it's a definate annual treat for us.
Miles of sandy beaches, arcades, pubs, louts, old folk on deck chairs, piers and bingo is enough to drive you bonkers after one day let alone a week but it's an essential ritual in our family to pay blackpool a visit and soak up that atmosphere with lust!
Donuts, fish and chips, waffles, rock and cockles fil up your nostrils allowing you to think you have come to hell's cafe whilst this photo makes me think Im in heaven. And actually - Blackpool's sea front, for one day, IS!
This is Belle after winning a penguin in a grabbing machine - could a kid get anymore happier? This wee lassy loves our trips out to Blackers - she gets spolied rotten in the arcades and little nickety-nackety shops. Icecreams, treats and pennies for the two'penny shovers plus rides and laughter all the way. Of course, lady muck gets pushed around in her Indigo chariot as we trudge the promenade from practically the start to finish of the infamous illuminations. Even I get to ride in this at times with her - the luxury is unbelievable!
I will upload more shots tomorrow - I even managed some tasteful pics. When you scratch away at the surface of Blackpool's roaring sea front there is actually some gorgous things to see. I love that in a place xx

Dare's sup

The speshals are up - go and see them and check out Lousettes, especially. Its gut wrenching. As the title (It's time ......) was relatively perfect with going back to school - Ive kept my speshal dare for Ellie's album. I will admit to you I had a "happy accident" where the number 10 is and it turns out it looks far better than previous to spilling black paint over the number 10 beneath! Happy accidents can often be a blessing!
Gotta go - we are off to see the Blackpool Illuminations, have fish and chips by the sea and do all the tacky stuff we all love to do when we spend a day by t'seaside (mum, coming home soon - we can do it all again at your house too). Then Im off to Dyans open day at Art from the Heart tomorrow to demo and erm, touch all her new christmas lines.
Long live Blonde Moments.

8 Sep 2006

BOM - the journey continues

Someone pointed out to me this week that my have a recognisable style.
When I look at my layouts I actually cannot see what people mean.
Then they remind me that they can tell they are mine because they have pictures of me in them!
Oooooops, I see what you mean!
The reason why I do the speshal dares about me is to provide 52 layouts a year on a week by week account of my life - in pictures. And to continue this "celebrate you" phenomena both Roz and I have started a monthly BOM prompt on UKS. At least you will have 12 layouts to put in you own BOM that you will leave for your family in words as true as the day they were written.
Sad, mad or glad - we should all see ourselves down on those precious pieces of Bazzill as a reflection of what we have achieved, what we want achieve and what we have. My Marko see's all sorts of artwork ranging from him to Ellie to my family to my surroundings but is especially drawn to mine these past few weeks. And he is grateful that should I vanish off the face of this planet, he has a book full of things I wrote and accepted about myself.
The man is finally getting it.
Not getting "it", pah - you know what I mean!

7 Sep 2006


In a bid to keep my house as livable as possible (before we renovate and extend and overhaul) I like to believe that little touches amidst the "will do for now" decor are a god send. Inexpensive accessories with a splash of colour sure makes me one very happy hippo.We have recently turned our bathroom colour walls from lilac and carpet of purple to duck egg blue walls and chocloate carpet. The accessories cost me peanuts but I didnt replace this picture of Belle - which we adore.
Im in the middle of making a window treatment with the wonders of my sizzix (don't ask - its art, ok?) - I shall snap that baby when its complete.And flannels for cleaning your face? Give me a break! They fold nicely into piles and add a blitz of colour in a dull corner of the bath. If Belle touches them or Mark gets them wet - there is hell to pay, I tell ya xx

I hate blogger

its smelly, like boys.

6 Sep 2006

i am fantastic

Its so true.
Never before have I been able to say this so freely but there is one lady who I admire, Julie (one of many Julies I have encountered recently!!) who told me to stop fretting about nothing and tell myself that I am fantastic. She tells herself it because nobody else does - although I think she is!
She believes it every time she tells herself it. Julie is so highly spirited and happy and great to be around - its like she is the bad mood vacuum cleaner. I don't see her very often but when I do, she sucks all the gloom out and dispenses happy clouds of groovy dust ... everywhere.
So just for today, on one of my more braver moments


Are you?
(oh lord, what have I done - this public display of self help therapy is soooooo funny!)

These make me floaty light

**sigh** Anything kitsch, Cath Kidston, primitive art, gingham, 50's style kitchen ware .... and Im in floaty light heaven. These are some of the things I bought yesterday on my mission to hunt down more bags for a few of my freinds (see yesterdays post). No bags, alas, but lord - their little array of kitsch bits drove me bonkers. £1.50 for the smallest tin and £2 for the largest!! Im going to bob these in my craft room for use somehow or to brighten up a dark corner. I also got 3 tall blank canvasses to alter for £12 - I am one happy momma.
I also bought these - I bet you cannot guess who they are for? Just a big fat peg to stick on the wall to grab notes or to let things dry, a wooden bracelt to cut up and use the beads on layouts and a skull& crossbones headscarf.. Now who do you think I have in mind for such booty?
Landlubbers, I challenege you to guess your answer on the soles of Jimmy choo shoes (Size 4) to my usual address xx

5 Sep 2006

Stupid factory.....

......where boys are made. This is ellies new school bag, made by a company called "Boys are smelly". She thinks its hilarious and so do her teachers. Belle had a superb first day at school yesterday. She walked in feeling so important being in the top year at school and being one of the oldest too (even if she is one of the teeniest in the juniors!) Her teacher, Mrs Rostrun is the most smiliest creature you could ever wish to meet and in turn will delight my daughter - who feeds heavily on emotion and behaviour - just like her momma. As I waited outside the school to collect her, she came up to me at the window I was stood next to and gave me the most heart lifting smile. When she came out she discussed her day in full and she even had a skip in her step. This sunny baby melts me into blobs of fluff. Truly. She came home and read me a book ..... Im astounded by her sudden interest and her desire to gorge every word of a book or comic. You would never be able to comprehend how much this means to us. Its like she has just clicked. Our baby is sprouting beautifully. Love her lots and forver. And ever.

Workshop - 30th september with Emily Falconbridge
We have spaces left - you simply must join Emily and I in gloucester for a day of diiiiiiiirty, grungy scrap art. If you want to learn more go HERE or email me. Emily emailed me last night and will be doing two seperate classes when she comes to the uk to teach at both of the venues she is attending . Lucky for those who are getting double concentrated fun from our favourite freestyle scrap-a-roo

3 Sep 2006

Caffeine is cruel

Whenever I go to a crop these days it seems that all my planning goes out of the window. I bring enough supplies to sink a Navy and still I buy more from the three shops that support the venue. I bring no goodies but still eat enough to feed an Army. And I go with intention of getting on with some scrapping and end up laughing, snorting down my nose and coming home after 8 hours with very little to show for it. I had one coffee, then another, then a tea and another tea with one danish swirl, then a lemon danish and then "Morz Borz" rice krispie cakes - Im buzzing on caffeine and sugar and Im so high that Ive discovered a new replacement far heavier and cheaper than herma.
Actually I did manage to do three layouts and two cards for Stamp Galaxy and finished off bits for A Trip Down Memory Lane. All in a days work and its meant to be a day of rest - pah! This layout here though, was something I did in California in a hotel room in Marina del Rey. I totally had forgotten I had done this baby.

Today: Life is good. Scrapping is good. Caffeine is not.

2 Sep 2006

Celebrating Life

The doom and gloom of the day is enough to make you turn your back on the world on a wet morning and stay in bed to fester. But I was so awake this morning - more awake than usual and was not suprised when I heard the phone go at 9am. I knew what the call was before I picked it up and was not suprised to hear Marks father ask in a very monotone voice "Hi Kirsty, can I talk to Mark?". Without question I handed the phone over to Mark to hear the news that Nan had passed away. Marks Nan has been ill since our holiday to North Wales in May with various strains of lung conditions including pneuamonia and even worse, MRSA, these past few weeks. When we came back from Minorca just last week, it seemed Nan had become worse and when Mark and I paid a visit last week her mind had just gone. How heartbreaking is it to be locked away in your frail shell watching the misery of a hospital ward going by? Its heart wrenching. She was half with us in part of the conversation and we did get her to giggle at one point .... something Mark and I will remember dearly.
Its true she has gone to a better place where pain and hurt does not exist and for that I think that death should be celebrated - especially when it has been expected for some time. I can't say every departure from this world could ever be experienced as a celebration but for a woman who was 84....... its worth a toast to her memory and heritage. Ellenor handled it very well - a sign that our little lady is becoming quite wise on life. I picked out a picture of her I took weeks ago to show you how grown up she looks at times.
By the way - check out this weeks speshals. Lots of yummy stuff to feast your peppers on.
Also - we have 6 spaces spare at the Emily Falconbridge workshop on 30th september at Crafty Pastimes in Gloucester. A 4 hour workshop has you inspired by Emily and myself making grungy, diiiiirty pieces of scrap art that will delight and mostof all - BE UNIQUE xx
Email me at if you want to reserve a place. I really want to meet you xx

1 Sep 2006


Im back home after a couple of days being entertained by these wee minxes. Jo and I took a trip out to her local petting zoo with the girls and Ellie had her first close encounter with a Deer and her dorky mormy only had her mega zoom lens attached to her camera - hence no close up shots. Im a bit gutted because Ellie was besides herself. It was a lovely wee venture out and these pics will add to Ellie's collection of animals she has seen in her magical 10 years. My favourite were the prairie dogs (affectionately known to Canadians as Gophers - Mark used to chase these critters all over Batus training grounds (near Medicine Hat) when out on exercise) and of course the Meerkats. I truly adore these creatures as much as Ellie, if not more and I must admit I was a little reluctant to move on to the nocturnal shed in favour of just snapping this little fella. Alas, the nocturnal shed delighted all 6 beady eyes with fruit bats, iguanas and some hideous looking albino frogs that didn't move. Too yukky to take pictures of Im afraid. Bluergh, they give me the willies just thinking about them.
Back home to the stale, stark stench of reality and Im sat here feeling completely "not here". Have you ever sat at your computer looking down on what you are doing and wonder what are you doing? You feel your fingertips on the keyboard but your head is light and airy and not totally in tune with your body. I seriously have OD'd on herma. Trippy, man!

Oooh and thank you to the two Irish birds who rang me in giggly fits of thunder tonight - what a pick me up. Ive been asked to teach in Eire next year (my first time to Ireland full stop). I had to pinch myself when they asked ...... it means I get to travel by car on a ferry to Dublin from my old haunting ground of Holyhead, North Wales. Did I mention I get sea sick? Pass me another Herma to sniff to help me get over it xx