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30 Aug 2006

On the blossom trail.............

apparently. Thats where I am - Evesham....... a place in abundance of fruit and ONIONS???!!! Seriously, there is a blossom trail in this area as displayed on the map here.
Im spending some free time and photography infused fun at Jo's house where giggles are the order of the day. I'll update pictures of the girls doing things only girls do best - being bonkers, cheeky and adorable. Im doing DT stuff and Jo is doing CJ's so you can imagine we are high on herma. Man, that stuff is lethal.

28 Aug 2006

Comfort food

I don't normally graze on junk food much whilst Im working but today I had the incredible munchies. My fave heart attack food is walkers plain crisps and jaffas washed down with tea. Mark and belle went to see Cars at the cinema whilst I finished off various odds and ends and deadlines. He had made a tomato and chilli soup for lunch but put one too many chilli's in and it was like spooning in molten lava. Pheeeeeeeew! And cos I didnt eat that liquid fire I sure had the muncho's by 3pm. I was in heaven and now, at 11pm I have weighed myself and I have put on 23 pounds. But Im happy and full of jaffa-rey goodness, high on sugar and buzzing from the carbs. Is it too late to go for a jog?
Ellie's room is almost done but here is the "before" picture. This, I may add was the picture taken mid "sort". Her room is normally quite tidy as various scrappers will tell you. We have had loads of them stay in her high captains bed from Sue to Jo and to Natalie - the Ed of The scrap mag. Ellie has proudly shown Anna, Jenny, Sarah and Julie around her room but did she offer to open the cupboards busting at the seams? No - you see my Belle is a little minx and in her bed yesterday we found 36 teddies stuffed under her pillow, down the side and at the end of the bed. The poor lamb just loves her beanies so much, she cant bear to put them in a cupboard. Oh no, in the cupboard go educational books, beads, stationary, clothes, school stuff and little bits that fly out of the cupboard at 3 million miles an hour and right into your eyeballs, up your nose and down your pants.
But I dont mind. Thats why being a mum (and tidier-upper) is just part and parcel of loving her.

Pies de resistance!

Look what I made and I didn't use any glue - how unusual. This is my famous summer Tiramisu which I make for most family occasions. As my SIL and family are moving to Wokingham next week, we clubbed together to say goodbye and all brought a meal to my MIL's. My SIL made french onion soup which was, I have to say, out of this world. basic onions soup poured over the top of french stick with cheese. It was divine. My MIL made a tradish sunday roast which was also to die for. Then my effort was laid on the table. I was so proud of myself but worried about it being laden with over 3 trillion calories so I only had a small porsh. Simply made out of maderia cake drenched in bacardi combined with mascarpone cheese mixed with custard, whipped cream, strawberries and crushed amaretti bickies. Then decorated with more strawbs, amaretti bicks and shaved chocolate. If anyone wants the method of this recipe I'd be happy to mail you xx
Talking of Pies de Resistance and all things french, my freind Debs and I booked to go to the paper show in Gay Pareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this morning on a flipping whim. Im torn on which classes to take as they are all above standard but heck, its a girls weekend away and my parents are up for sitting (loves ya). oooooooh and thanks, Jane xx
Yesterday saw me tidying up the hovel that is Belles bedroom. She has no room for anything so we ripped her cupboards bare and made three piles. One for the bin, one for the childrens hospital and one for saves. It broke her heart to part with things she never even played with but when I explained to her how sad it is to spend time in hospital with nothing to play with, her toys would make a great gift from her to make them feel better. Two large refuse bags for the hospital, 3 bags of rubbish and a semi-tidy room later we can heave a sigh of relief. But with her birthday and christmas looming - I kow its going to be chocka-block a again. Why do I bother?
Am finishing off artwork right now whilst mark and belle are at the cinema so I should sign off for today.
Catchya xx

27 Aug 2006

Bluest eyes in greyscale!

This is Paula and Demi. Paula's eyes (the mum) are just so twinkly twinkledom and greyscales works a treat for bright blue eyes.
That's all I have for you folks. I'll update you in the morning of a yummy delight I made today (and no, it wasn't a cupcake, which seems to be the new black of scrapping).
I made a dessert and I feel my thighs growing two inches because of it !

26 Aug 2006


Ellie is not the most bravest soldier in the camp but when left alone she likes to gingerly try things out without aid. This is Ell's in her super coolio mega funk-a-rama dude shades which broke on holiday. Im desperate for any America blogger to find me the exact pair and I will pay them highly for their help. We love these shades because they have a close fit wrap-around style which allows ellie to enjoy the sunshine without being blinded or having her retinas feel like they are being gouged out with a spoon!!
Anyway - the spanish slide. I don't know how long we spent here but it was like - LOOOOOOOOOOONG! It was fun to watch her explore in the speed only known to so few and then witness her going down the slide, milimetre by milimetre. Its a start though, huh? Any faster and she would be off the end like a shot, whisked up by a passing zephyr and out into space, Im sure of it.
That night we went out for dinner and Mark and I ordered Paella. Ive never had it before so I was most intrigued to try it. We waited an age for it to arrive as the waiters say its the most popular dish on the menu.
No!!! Paella in spain is popular - you gotta be kidding, right? lol. Whilst we were waiting for all of our meals to arrive Ellie was completely fascinated
with a pepper pot. It blows me how fascinated kids can get with simple objects but Ellie, like me, is a magpie for all things small and pretty. She spent ages shaking the grains of pepper round this pot for almost ever and her captivation forced me to take a paicture. Nothing interesting to anyone else but to me the wonder in a childs face is priceless. And as a scrapper, moments like these are treasures as rich as rubies. Now im thinking what papers will go with her top? All suggestions gratefully received.
**ps: TATSTES ;)**

Grrrrrrrr - here are the pictures that compliment the blog entry below!

Sunset Snaps and blah blah

Dares s'up - this was a toughie subject "If I knew then...." as I don't have any pictures of me in my younger days. Go and check out this weeks array of yummoness. Sunset pictures (by kind inspiration of Ms T) are of Belle and the kids you see omn my blog entry for the 24th Aug)
* * *
As well as biographies I also love "chick lit". For those that don't know what that is (god - what do i sound like .... some book guru, a sarcastic know-it-all, a pompous twit? - yep all of the above!!). "Chick lit" is girl books. Not romance, well maybe a little bit, but not your full on Mills and Boon numbers.
The type I like are the funny-girl-next-door-who-haphazourdously-gets-herself-in-a-bit-of-a-pickle-and-overcomes-the-crossroads-in-her-life-by-realising-the-erros-of-her-ways-and-meets-boy-by-some-kind-of-fete-and-they-fall-in-love-and-he-helps-her-realise-her-shortcomings-and-she-then-accounts-for-all-her-errors-whilst-stitching-up-the-people-involved-in-her-downfall-then-she-puts-right-in-what-was-wrong-and-totally-redeems-herself-an-all-is-well-again You know the ones, don't you?
Its not the predictability of chick-lit that I love. It's the one liners and quick wit (crumbs, that rhymes with chick lit - mwahahahahahahahaha). I don't like to command attention and I always get so embarassed when all eyes are on me but I think its hilarious to feel "allowed" to suddenly laugh out loud by a quiet pool side and have everyone dying to know what is so funny (or probably they wish someone would remove me and take me away in a white van for medical research). Thats why I love chick-lit. Laughing out loud (and crying through books for that matter) prooves that emotion through the written word is just as powerful as the spoken word.
Ellie, on the other hand read "Cat in the Hat" about a gazillion times. I love that Ellie has gained the confidence through books these recent weeks. She is two years behind her peers but has suddenly sky rocketed her interest in books and we are overly delighted. But that book (as bonkers and as nonsense that it is) has made me ultra proud of her. If a child with reading difficulties as hard as hers can manage to read and enjoy a book like that, well my admiration goes out to their perseverance. This milestone in her reading life will not go unoted - thanks to Dr Seuess... the crazy mother.
Aside to my life changing in the past few weeks though the written word, I also want to praise thanks to something else that uplifted my spirits. And that is though the medium of music. Listening to the radio (where anything can play at anytime) I feel that it can take you back to the moment you heard that song last and you can connect to that time again, be it feelings of joy or sadness. Mark and I swapped iPods for the day and I hit the shuffle button as he has over 600 tunes on where as I have just 82. I did have a lot more but I - er- wiped them when I rebooted my system and pressed some crappo function button and wiped my iPod when I came to download more tunes (i did have almost 800 tunes on there. Can you imagine my fright?). Well Marks taste in music far outweighs my sensible listening so hitting the shuffle button was like a real treat - NOT. Jeez, Mark. I had no idea you listened to so much cack. I was feeling particulalrly low one morning by the pool when one tune came hurtling down the wire to my sad little ears. I am just a-gog at how much a 3 minute tune can suddenly change your mood and have your feet tapping on those granite hard sun loungers, make you get up - go for a cappucino with your daughter and snap you out of a very dark cloud. Thanks to The Source feat. Candi Statton "Yoo got the love". Man - I love that tune. This remarkable happening tune is also the climatic tune played at the very end of the end season of "sex and the city" and could easily have twisted me to ordering "no sex on an island" ... lol
Now back to Billy Connolly, the book that had me completely entranced during my first few days on holly. His wife, the very funny Pamela Stephenson, is now a Doctor in Psychology. This is a subject I find utterly amazing. My interest in the human psyche in parallel to being obsessed with biographies, reality TV, blogs and gossip mags has given me an urge to study this subject. This in addition to learning Italian and making better eggs benedict. (Did I just type eggs benedict? What the hell are eggs bendict? .. for once I really can't muster the energy to type this into google in fear of finding out that its some weird sexual position and in turn cram my pc with unwanted pop-ups that will infect my pc forever and ever, with links to websites with horses asses and smelly feet fetish sites - i know it)
By being so keen on human nature I kind of try and understand how we all work. Moods, emotions, reactions etc is what make us "us". My concern lays mostly on the "cause and effect".
Every situation you face in your life has a cause and effect. How we deal with a cause of course brings on the effect. I sometimes wonder how different I can handle a cause because of my sensitivity. My effect is guaranteed and written on the wall for all to see. I am the same old, same old. So by studying psychology I'll be able to conquer why I act like I do and be more wiser into the bargain. Dealing with the demons, regressing whats really making me who I am won't necessairly change me but I can try and understand me and in turn understand you. So not only will you get to have your photo's taken by me in future, I can provide a psyhciatry session in the same breath! Food for though, huh?
On that note I actually have some slots in my diary for photo shoots. Im not sure if you are aware but I do travel. I have bookings in Darlington and London soon - I love the road! September is booked to the hilt and Im looking to fill October except the 14th. Im setting my studio with christmas props too but nothing like a tree with baubles and kids clad in plaid cloth - yeeeeeeeks.

25 Aug 2006

Wide eyed Belle

Isnt she the most adorable girl in the world? This is my first ever shot of ellie staring at the camera with wide eyes and a beaming, no, outstandingly gorgous smile. Although I hate night time photography with flash, this picture is my all time favourite - in the world... ever ever ever. Its better than all the ones I take for my clients and its better than the pictures taken by my guru photographer Mario Testino of Princess D. This was taken with a fairly decent camera the fuji S7000 (and not my Fuji S2 bad boy). Infact the shots taken in the photos in yesterdays blog entry were taken with a FujiS7000. And my hubby took the snap, we were at a very happy point in the holiday and Im delighted with it because my girl is growing up and turning into a star.
This factor 25 girl came back almost as white as she went, I hasten to add. I love the sun, she does not but she did have her trusty plant pot hat and yucky yellow sunglasses (her others broke on holiday and Im desperate for any of my american freinds to help me replace the old silver "killer dude" shades that I bought for her in Cali. The yellow ones are her standby issues!)
Ellie can't swim and we don't think she will ever able be to. The tyre shot here with her orange swim suit has an in built bouyancy aid which gave her the confidence to "go it alone" without our help. Ellie's dips in the pool were sporadic and she wouldn't let us take her in. She simply got up when she felt like it, edged her way in and when she was brave enough to go waist high she beckoned us in the pool to twizzle her round. What a bossy old boot!
My last picture this entry is of mark and Jack - the dambusters. When these two went bombing - they created such hilarity round the pool that the other residents of the hotel gave them marks out of ten. If you havecontu=inuous mode on your camera I urge you to try it for action shots like this. It makes me die laughing looking at mark so high in the air compared to Jack's little jump. The fear in jack's dads eyes also cracks me up. Ellie, though, was not impressed. It was like she tossed her nose in the air and was against all the tom foolery they got up to. That wee lassy is sure developing her pre teen arrogance and I absolute love it!
Id love to upload all 395 pictures of our holiday but I thought I'd cherry pick the most poignant ones and save the "child playing game boy in a mood and hubby lazing in the pool" shots for a rainy day. Which suprisingly, it isnt.
Sunshine? Bikini? Back garden? GO!

24 Aug 2006

Have holiday, have camera, have fun

Ok ok ok, I went to "rest" on my jollies but I also did some work out there - you know... a busmans holiday. How could I refuse the beach and sunset opportunities? Its suicidal thinking about not being able to take shots. The resort was not that interesting photography-wise. I actually prefer to snap people - especially children. Children are at their most happiest on holiday and I wanted to get the best shots for their parents. I took some shots of an autistic boy, George and his sister, Lilly (who Ellie kept calling Izzy, so funny!) and managed to get shots that his mother was so happy with. As you know, children with autism show very little emotion on demand. But grabbing these tender moments with his sister was an absolute joy and even though they were literally just moments of tenderness (later they ended up having a real good fight) it goes to show that the camera never lies!
This is Jack. He has the most and I mean the most BEAUTIFUL eyes enveloped by the most luscious eyelashes. His parents and my gang became really good freinds. Just normal, holiday freinds. Generally most of my freinds are made through scrapping and Marks freinds through the army. It is such a refreshing change having so little in common and managing to have a lively holiday on the back of it.
Jack became great friends with Ellie and mark became his bombing buddy as they soaked not only those having a dip in the pool but those around the edge. Sunbathers became very weary when Mark and Jack got into swim mode and would sit up, pull all of their belongings under the sunbeds and wait for them to finsih splattering the world. I managed tao get snaps of them on their bombing missions and i'll post them tomorrow.
And finally meet Demi. Sweet, freckly Demi who was so very shy and quiet until I tripped over my sarong and when I fell over when I squat down to take low angled shots. She is so pretty and with those freckles and that beautful smile this little girl is going to break some hearts indeed.
Im glad I took the time to take pictures on holilday. i feel like I havent had a run of exciting shots in ages. The kids in these shots are still on holiday and I hope their parents look back on this very happy time we all had with as much affection as we have.
I have some shots of Elie for you tomorrow - that kids sure had a good time plus we have an exclusive picture of her with her eyes wide open - staring at the camera. ooooooooooooooooooooo!

23 Aug 2006


Hola! Viva Espana, Paella, Rioja and all things Spanish. I came, I saw, I found my sanity (and not the missing personality disorder!!) and had a very happy time.

I have purposely kept away from any computers whilst out in Santa Tomas, Minorca. There were plenty of internet access points but I had to keep away even though I also had emails stacking up to the hilt (I came back to 463 emails and only 24 lovely spams. I don't really need viagra nor a penis extension, thank you very much). And that's quite hard for someone who lives on her PC as a point of contact, to work on and to discover the world. I have come to realise that it is not essential to blog. I think I was obsessing about it because of the fact that I could keep in contact with friends and family without picking up the phone to share my experiences by photo's and quotes and expression of daily life. It is not essential. It really isn't. But I do like to. However, I was captivated by the beauty of holiday time and space and family fun but I steered away from the internet because I was haunted by a very untimely email prior to my departure. I'm not going to divulge the great length of the email nor will I announce who sent it. The content of it though made me stop in my track and assess myself fully.

Its not as if I put myself through a self assessment scanner, allowing it to laser me from tip to toe and have it print out my faults in great detail (the email did that) But two weeks away from everyday normalness, the phone, the net, prying neighbours and random crapness has given me the time to have a really good think. And boy, do I think when I am having my "me" time in the sun, in between splashing in the pool, eating ice cream, quaffing Sangria. As Mark and I took it in turns to mind Miss Belle, I lay on the granite worktop style sun beds and I lay and thinked. A bad back is not the only thing I thunked about neither. Laying there, thinking about that email should have been the last thing I was doing. But it cut me and the wound was definitely not healing. The views of the sender of that email felt like it was the views of uneducated others too. No amount of the Mediterranean sea salt could repair the damage until I picked up a particular book. I had brought two books to read and this book was not one of them. It was in the apartment strewn amongst hundreds of other well thumbed holiday reads. This book was to shape my mind about the weeks prior to my holiday and how I will manage to deal with the email upon my return.

The book is a biography and I am huge fan of biographies. Love, love, love them. Its like the reality tv of books. I am incessantly intrigued by other peoples highs and lows and their successes and failures. They are a barometer of which you can measure your own life and allows me to appreciate what I have/do not have/could possibly have. I guess I romanticise about how thrilling it is to come out a survivor. After all, we are all survivors and life is survival. And choice, it seems. But how come, when it comes to survival, I am constantly gasping for air? Why do other people have copious amount of air supply?

I digress. The book......

Well, funnily enough this persons life is documented by his wife. Both of them, in real life are comedians (although she is now a doctor and he has an honorary doctorate). I couldn't put this book down, I was obsessed. Not only was I reading the hardships of this comical genius (whose life you would expect to be financially fantastic and would be without a care in the world!) but I was starting to realise and understand my own struggles. And boy, we all have them.

I love books that have you gripped by their ever word. Ones that you can’t put down and its quite hard when you are supposing to be chucking Ellie around a pool and feeding her endless ice creams, but mark could see my fascination and let me sail through that book in a day! I literally was that consumed, absorbed and enchanted and finally I was breathing in time with the flow of the book. Big breaths in and wonderful wisps of exhalation. The climax of me regaling this tale lies solely on one piece of advice this comedian relied on throughout his life. When I read that piece of advice I read it again and again. And I smiled and the whole of my anxiety rose and burst into one almighty bang and simply diminished. It was as if my life was waiting for this book to happen, like my guardian angel leading me to this serendipitous moment because I had not planned to read it one bit.

The line .... ooooh, I knew you were waiting for it. It's a simple but not uncommon piece of advice but it defies the feeling of hurt and desperation that I had suffered when I received that pre-holiday email. It read

Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

Think about it.

Think about it before you make a remark or comment about someone or something you clearly know nothing about. Gather your facts before your respond to a situation and most of all be sane, clear minded and unbiased before you do. If everyone in the world stuck to this teeny one liner there would be no war, terrorism and basically no stupid one sided views in newspapers, parliaments, governments and tabloids. I have no desire to set sail on a crusade to "turn" you all by trying to make you heed this advice but if you want to do something today either become a Buddhist (and I’m seriously in favour of that right now!!) or don’t pass judgement in haste. Be silent in your reactions and think about how you deal with your assumptions. But for gods sake, don't take a thrill in offloading your anger on your "misjudged" victims. Karma happens because it er, just does!! I believe it. I believe.

And I believe in a man called Billy Connolly.

What Now?
Well coming back to hundreds of emails was a flipping nightmare but two of them have really surprised me. Well actually, one doesn't surprise me and the other well ... just doesn't surprise me. LOL. Im so sad to see someone who I hold dear leave a publication I also hold dear. And the other just sent me rising to the height of explosion but then I sat and thought about it and didn't bother reacting after all. See how easy it is? You can do it too.

And the changes?.... Aaaaaaahhh, wait and see-diddly-see.
Glad to back though everyone and I have missed you all a teeny bit xx

9 Aug 2006

Off to go and discover myself

I seems I have a personality disorder so what better way is there to go and discover which one of me "I really am"?
Oh Yes!
A 2 week spell on a tiny island called Menorca in Le Espana.
I have at least 6 skitzo personalities to choose from - do help me pick which one xx

Gracias xx

7 Aug 2006

Meet Katie Kit Kat

I did a shoot last Thursday near Preston and was delighted to spend time with Katie, Julies beautiful daughter. She has such a fantastic smile and is so photogenic. She didn't much like doing the moody shots, like her brother Mike did, but this one is just lovely. She has such stunning elfin like qualities and a really pleasant personality. Thanks for making my job so easy, Katie xx

Meanwhile - the Belle is back home! I have missed that lady so so much. It was like being presented with the world when I went to collect her from Mums. Her tumbling curls, her peachy skin and rose bud lips just melted my heart.
I am complete xx We got back home tonight and vegged with Mark and lay init for our trip to Espana on Wednesday. We stopped off on the way home by a wee village called Sledmere. Its a walled village with very pretty cottages and monuments. Ellie was even excited to have her picture taken of which I will share with you on tomorrows blog spot.
Right now dudes, I have to hit the sack.
Ciao xx
PS: I have had to put a heavy clamp on people making comments. Im so sorry but they now have to be moderated. My mum always told me "if you can't say anything nice ... don't say anything at all". Especially on a public blog. Well, at the time she didn't say "on a public blog" cos when I was younger there were no such things as blogs, or computers for that matter or the net or lycra. And sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

6 Aug 2006

Speshals s'up

They are, you know. You just have to go and have a look. This weeks dare was to incorporate the word "serendipity". How hard is that? The only thing I could identify with anything was when I bought some hair wax in Boots for 10p. I wasn't looking for hair wax, I have tonnes. But 10p for hair wax was a bargain not to be missed. And how that hair wax shines and manages too. Its the best thing I ever bought and I haven't seen it in shops since. It must have been an "end of line". Poo.
Gotta scrap it though, its what it's all about. Word.
Im away right now at the Art from the Heart scrap retreat. Im not teaching, this is pure indulgence for me to learn scrummy techniques and make yummo things that I will cherish forever. You have to do one of these in your life time. Dyan is now a Ranger teacher and has recently come back from New York armed with all of Tim Holtz knowledge. Infact, I believe Tim is just a shrivelled heap on the floor. Dyan stole all of his creative juices and is spreading the love on the UK shores xx
Im back tonightfor the weekend's events. Man, I have missed you xx

4 Aug 2006

Scrap Camp - you gonna come?

Come and meet Elsie, myself, Gisella Homer, Hils and a host of other teachers at Scrap Camp this year in Bristol. Bring your Elsie book and have it signed and meet one of my most favvo designers in the scrapworld.
Places are almost full but if you fancy splurging on either day delgates or the full weekend - you will not be disappointed.
Addtionally, for those that have asked, my weekends are fully booked for retreats in September but I have some spare appoinments in October and November should you require a teacher at your upcoming event.
There may possibly be two spare places at the Emily Falconbridge workshop on 30th September. If you want to come and see both Emily and I teach, make your way over to the very fabulous UK Scrappers to put your name down.
And there are still some places at the Luxurious Angel retreat in October. This is by far the most sumptious retreat you could imagine in the grounds of Lockerbie Manor is Scotland. treat yourself to a pre-christmas breather and sample food and surroundings as if you were in heaven.
Have I talked about retreats lately? Mwahahahahahahahahha

2 Aug 2006

OMG - The Dares, I forgotted

I forgot to upload my Dare for last week's speshals. The title was "What if" which I found incredibly difficult to transpose to a layout (I finished off the title with ...... K Swiss didn't make such super cool trainers?). The day I made this layout I had just come back from summer sale shopping and bought these K swiss, extra swish trainers. My brother and DH wear K Swiss trainers, notoriously more popular in the States. I had to buy them becuase I like plain white trainees (or sneakers, as some of you call them). Ive always wanted a pair because of their supercool status and now I own a pair. These are from the tongue twister range which means you can twist the tongue for a new leook. The otherside of this tongue is navy bllue. Super coolio mega funkerama or what?
Also my lubbly gym pardner has some rather amazing whopping flarla's coming out soon. You know me and flarla's, right? And will someone report to me the moment new the new Basic Grey hits the UK shores. I want Gypsy and I want her now. And I also want everything else from CHA. Including Elsie and her new book, so that she can come and scrap for me whilst I catch up on some bloody work.
OH! And masso congrats to my lovely friend and DT mate Ann(i)e. Im bobbing over to see her sometime to take some, what I hope will be, beautiful preggly tummy shots xx

1 Aug 2006

Leaning Tower of Clams

Beside the majestic presence of Pisa's famous tilting tower, I'd like to show you my gastronomic construction made entirely out of clam shells. It had to be done and Im so proud of my creativity. The Italians would have gone crazy over this design and pulled down their version in my honour. But Im kind of taken with the original and it doesn't smell of fish.
When we visited Pisa last Friday little did I know how confused I would be with this monument. Not only is it smaller than I expected but its in a walled area also containing a museum and another Duomo. Its pretty impressive to be honest but the rest of Pisa was such a let down (in comparison to Florence). It was unkempt and felt so lifeless as if the passion had been ripped out of its city boundaries. Im so grateful we didn't just go to Pisa. Im now realising that the hideous 130 euro taxi fare to Florence was worth every darn penny.
You see how blue the sky is in the Pisa picture? That effect is not achievable in photoshop but by a polariser which I bought out there, in Italy. These nifty camera attachments allow a graduated and saturated finish with the sky when taking pics of landscapes. Im so happy with my latest investment. Expect to pay between £40 and £70 for them but they give you amazing results.
And finally - the only piture of both Sarah and I together was taken in the reflection of some swanky shop window. I would have given the camera to someone else to take a picture of us both but the place is full of, quite sadly, thieves and pick-pockets.
Ciao Bella's xx