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30 Jun 2006

I was there....

This is my entry for this week's effings. I love these papers by 7 Gypo's and I espesh like my wee arranged petal heads that I hacked off a Heidi Swapp bloom - all for the sake of faffing about and art. Im so evil. I even stapled them to the page cos its not like hacking isn't enough.

This is my family. From left to right there is my dad, me, my bro, my sis and my morma. Im 8 months preggo in that pic. Good days they were. I sometimes wish we could have all of that back. This is one layout where I justify that scrapping is good therapy. Its good for remembering when. No explanations needed. I love that in a hobby. I just can't think of any other pastime or obsession that makes you just think. Unless of course, your hobby is just thinking. Mwahahahahahahahaha.
Its the weekend dudes. Have a good 'un xx

29 Jun 2006

Busy little bees make great honey ....

Thats right bloggers - busy bees ahoy. I am maxed out beyond maxiness. Maxed-ness is something I thrive on, to be honest. As much as I'd like to be a lady of leisure reading Cosmo on a sun lounger by my bean-shaped pool, Im better suited to to be sweating like a rabid dog with froth drooling out of my angry mouth from being overworked and underslept. And ok, I get way laid now and again but with my super-coolio-funka-a-rama freinds about me, I manage and most of all .. SMILE :)
I made front cover of Papercraft Essentials this month and managed, in the nick of time, to submit work for the next issue. I LOVED the assignment that I have just finished and to be seeing it in print, next month, fills me with total humble satisfaction. Talking of Pract Pub, I took a visit there yesterday and today to pick up Natty Noodle, my bonkers editor from darn sarf - innit? We had planned a night of photography and CS2 learning but after hitting TGI's with Belle and then a little bit of bottle at home, we kind of sacked it in favour of Big Brother. I loved her company and Ellie was distraught that she had to go home. But fear not wee Ellie, Sarah was there after school for you and all was not lost. Am having concerns that my child is favouring strange women instead of her Mum. Do kids get bored of their mums at 10? Hope not!
Anyway, digressed again. Pract Pub was fab. I met all the faces you see usually as names in print. I saw how the photography works, where the artwork is stored and how messy Michelle Grants desk is. Im sure its creative clutter and she is a busy lady and all. I guess some girls just need things and Michelle NEEDS things. I managed to nab a silver pen for me trouble with some colour-me-silly thingies and off I went, happy as larry, home. To crop.
I had an all year crop again in my house today. Joanne Ward and Sarah Davies came to brighten up my dullest of dark days in my home (a place I need to truly get away from - its a pig sty). I had to finish an article - they got to scwap. Boo hoo. By the time Jo left (at 4) I had finished all my work and then had to get set with supplying Ellies brownie pack some "things on sticks". Such fun decorating marshmallows with icing and choco splats and then stabbing with cocktail sticks. What truly made me laugh, though, was Ellie telling me after brownies that they were a "hit". Of course they were Ellie - it was a sugar rush that the mothers will love me forever and a day with. I bet half of them will be bouncing off the walls now and its gone midnight! **snigger** Sugar rushed brownies... Mwahahahahahaha.

27 Jun 2006

Feeling tender? So go and pull faces

I am feeling so low right now. I literally do have the weight of my own sorrow bearing down on my heeeed. I am my own proverbial crown of thorns. That is until I decide to pull faces for my little compo which has one week left to run. These pics will be scrapped tomorrow. Please join in and link me your silly face layouts. Lift your own spirits and scrap for your BOM - You BOM needn't be about the prim and proper photos of yourself. Your BOM should embrace the whacked out images of your better self - the times where nothing else matters but the laughter and the inane need to remind yourself you are a tiny bit bonkers.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*****Warning: hideous bite alert. Parental consent to view next picture **

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You see the bite - the horrific horsefly bite? The non-manipulated picture of my hideous horsefly bite? Man - it wrecks. My freind Cheryl says it looks like a gun shot wound and Sarah is giving me as much sympathy as I have towards her bulbous blisters (from our constant gym pounding) Her injury is self inflicted. Mine is a random attack from some pissed off horsefly. WHY ME? I hope he enjoyed his dose of A Positive. The varmint! At least I gave blood this week ... did you?

Love Bug

Ellie and I have not been well beans. I have no idea why I was as sick as a dog yesterday but I think I know why Ellie may be ....... she could be suffering from the loooooooooooove bug. Mark and I took Ellie and Glen to Frankie and Bennys on saturday night. Ellie thinks the world of Glen and Glen completely dotes on her. Ok - they is officially not boy/girlfreind BUT!!! they look too damn cute otherwise. All together now - 1,2,3 ..... Aaaaaaaw!
Now Ive been in a quandry over clashing with his mum over colours at the wedding. Is it wrong to wear a trouser suit as the cute mother-of-the-bride or do I opt for a pink smock, sensible shoes and a bag full of tissues?

25 Jun 2006

Summink Speshal

Im sure you have seen some of the layouts Ive bene doing as part of a weekly challenge with the gals over at the Pad. Well now there is a blog where you can keep up with the challenges here and here is my entry for this weeks challenge titles "I wish...". I have some very private journaling hidden beneath the yummo heidi swapp/doodlebug flower. Id love to divulge but sometimes there are things too private to share. It will go in my BOM. I love the colour combo - even if I do say so myself.

I went to a massive and I mean massive crop today. 5 stalls full of yummo stash and Im thinking there was at least 30 girls there. It was BRILLO - a big thanks to Marylyn and Sonja B (UK!!!). Im deffo going again.
Yep - ate like a piggo piggington but its back to the gym in the morning with Sarah to pound the treadmill (and hopefully not break the darn thing). I went 4 times last week and im convinced I will be a size 10 by next Friday. And then I wake up.

24 Jun 2006

fun shoot

I took 156 shots and the best one was the last - and you can't even see their faces. BUT I love it.

Suzanne, Jeff, Jo, Josh, Ben and Ella were little stars and I enjoyed every ounce of cheek, fun and laughter. The boys are all heartbreakingly handsome and dear sweet Ella stole my heart again. I just know these shots will mark a fun 8am start! Click on the picture to see it enlarged or go here to see it in its better glory!

23 Jun 2006

They say....

that no news is good news. Well I have something to add to that. Good news, it seems, is bad news. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Today has been bonkersly barmy. Ive been sat at my desk beavering away at anything and everything that needs tieing up. How do you spell tieing / tying .. somebody help me. Ive preened, designed, photographed, guillotined, inked, chalked, bradded, vellumed (yes, you saw vellum!) and glued. And guess what, its half way through the day and Ive more things to make .... YAY. Lubs fridays too cos it marks the start of the weekend so I can't feel anything but happy. Ish, anyway
Well, I gots my first long photoshoot in the morning - an early starter as I like to make the use of morning light. Ill be editing those snaps soon after for them to look at as quickly as possible and talking of editing, above is a picture of some proofing Annie asked me to do - isnt she adorable? I love playing with photo's and bringing out the most colour and angles. By the edn of the afternnon Ill be ready for gymming and swimming and at night we are taking Ellie on a hot date with Glen. Of course Im going to chaperone, she is only 10 for lawks sake. We love to eat at Franky and Benny's and we all love the 40's and 50's jazz. Gotta love Dean Martin. And then Sunday gets better. Im off to the North West crop with Sarah and hopefully Joanne Ward. How we manage to get anything done, I dont know but its worth going there just to nose through everyone stash alone.
Im linking you to the funny faces layouts we have had so far - do see if you can do anything just as good! **here** Prizes include tim holtz inks, embellies, chipboards bits and pieces and a big fat slobbery kiss from me xx

21 Jun 2006

Chipboard Cwazy

Everyone is at it and we at Dies to Die for (yep, thats my wee shop) have managed to grab hold of some before we sell up. We have chipboard covers in really nice shapes (a book cover like a cheque book - loooooooooong and slim, unlike me!!) and book labels and tags and things. But what I want to offer you bloggers is an "Offer of the Day" scheme where by you can pick up limited edition kits hand picked by moi xx
You like this? You get 2x4" chipboard covers, 2 paper pieces to cover the book, 4 white pages in acid free card, matching flowers and a bookring. Papers vary - you just tell me if you want girly, boy-ey, funky or heritage and i will put it together forever - for you. They are only £2.50 so come and see them here
And don't forget the silly face compo where I have the entire inventory of our chipboard selection going on top of the prize.

20 Jun 2006

Half Fat...

Thats me - half fat. Well, almost. I went to sign up to a new gym yesterday with Sarah and we got weighed on like **PROPER** scales. Not only have a I plonked on some serious pounds over the last 6 weeks (Ive had this fetish for drinking Brazilian Beer at the mo) but they did a fat test on me and the results were hideous. I am in denial. I am a wobbly wobble bot. I AM POUNDING THE TREADMILL SOLIDLY FOR A MONTH and then some. I lost lots of weight last year, infact I'll drag the first picture of me at the vert start of my blogdom and thats how I want to be again.
So for the next few weeks, earth tremors will be felt all in the Lancashire region of the UK as I run, cycle, swim, cross train and step my way back to yummyness.

Dont forget yesterdays post - I still wanna see your funny face layouts so you can win some goodies form moi.

19 Jun 2006

Small Compo Time

I have a spare, brand new Tim Holtz distress inks in Antique Linen plus a mini book kit put together by my own fair hands for you to make up.
So lets have some fun!
Who can make a layout of themselves pulling a completely stupid face and be able to laugh at themselves in the process? Believe me, its good therapy. I give you two weeks to do it and you link me your work. The one that makes me crack up will get the booty. Open to everyone, everywhere. Even those in outer space. It has to be a picture of you, not your kids or your hubbies or significant others. YOU, GIRL, YOU!!
You can find some details here at UK Scrappers
Amelie, you sent me a link to a normal photo you nugget!! But I actually do love the other one. I looked in your gallery. Its magic!

18 Jun 2006

Happy Fathers Day

Mark woke up to the only day where he gets brekkie in bed. Ellie and I created him some jam on toast with a mug of tea. I made enough food for all three of us and carried our "bed picnic" up on a tray. I love eating toast in bed and flicking the crumbs on to his side. To be honest, he needs the exfoliation and I am actually doing him a favour. I made him a card from Ellie and she used her bestest strength to write all the words without cramp - the look of concentration on her face was magic. Don't you just love it when kids poke their tongues out when they writing?
We took a trip up to my FIL to deliver his card and visit great nan who is still suffering the after effects of pnuemonia. She has thrush in her throat and on her tongue and is not enjoying life right now. I like to go and visit her because you see a whole life in old eyes and although she has her "moments" I also like to try and get a smile out of her before we leave.
We then took a boring snoring shopping trip to Asda. I HATE FOOD SHOPPING - ITS BORINGLY CRAP. I swear I am going to try online shopping with delivery this week. GRRRRRRRRRRR. To top it off we went to Comet on the way home to "look" at 42 inch plasma screens and came out armed with one plus a surround sound system. Thats 3 hours wasted when I could have been chilling with Belle at home. Still Marks got a bad boy telly now (and with the Beaches DVD I bought in Asda), I might weaken to the fact that it was a good idea !!!

Anyway - back to Friday. I went out for a meal at Piccolino's in Stockton Heath with my fabbo gym pardner and page kit orderer-abouter pal Sarah. I drank more Champers in one day than I have in my entire life and I felt like lady flippin muck. I think it was fragmole bellini's I was drinking (strawberry champoo!) and I was leathered and stuffed before our main course. We ate that much ciabata, foccacia, olives and GB with cheese along with olive oil and balsamic vig and drank to match each mouthful, that in future I think that ordering main meals is for total fatty arbuckles.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWe did laugh our heads off at the most bonkers of things and eventually we traipsed back to her house to "ort of" scwap (inbetween watching Big Bro and quaffing more champoo as well). I cannot believe Grace splattered water all over Susie. What a kid. She made my blood boil but Susie acted more graciously and thats how I deal with sitautions like that. Inwardly seething, outwardly cool. Tis the only way to deal with sitchies like that. And I can't believe I am discussing big brother on here neither. YAWN.
Anyway - picture is of Sarah and I just after I had burped the almightiest of stinky burps and I wanted to snap the event - hence my stupid face pulling smile. Can you see how scared Sarah is of me? I can't help but laugh my head off at that picture. I shall post more tomorrow but in the meantime ..... Im off to bed.

17 Jun 2006

11 Years Today

I got married to Mark. We met in 1994 after unsuccesful engagements to other "parties" and we were classed as rebound lovers. "Aaaah, it will never last" came the voices of doom and subsequently we got married in June 1995 .

I woke up this morning in a strange bed too. After spending a day and night with Sarah (and more about that in tomorrows blog post) I woke up in Warrington to a fabulous scorcher of a day. I sped home to my little lady and Hubs and we spent the whole day together including a meal out at The Owls at Standish. We took pictures there tonight and as you can see Belle was not amused being plonked up a tree.... but we got a shot of her with her eyes open so it was worth the tears!!. And we were all together when we got married too (Belle was in my tum...... oh the shame!) So this anniversary felt right including Ellie in our meal out. I got a dozen red roses which was not a suprise cos Mark always tells me before hand - what a loon. But they are lovely and Ive sneaked them in our kissy wissy shot here! And yes, we need to weed the paving in the back garden - tick that off the list tomorrow. Ive got an anniversary to celebrate first man!

Sigh... 11 years ey? Who'd a' thought it?

15 Jun 2006

Dares Dares Everywheres

I love doing the Effer dares - lots and lots. Sometimes I go freestyle and sometimes I play it safe. This week I played it safe. The dare was to use any book title so I used "Dead Drive Car" and this gave me the excuse to use the pics I snapped up of tail end's in California. I quite like it but its not "wow", you know? But what I do like is the monogram weaving.
And then there are the dares I do at the pad. They call them the Effing dares. Again, similar challenges set weekly to boost creativity and the imagination. I did one about Princess Di last week (as seen in the posts below). I loved her so much and I was dying to scrap her. But Im not completely happy with it. I think it needs something else.
I received some FABBO peel offs from Carolines today. I flaming despise theold versions with a passion but have you seen the new funko black and white versions? Watch this space dudes cos Im gonna rock the peel of world and get grannies to use them instead of the ghastly holographic numbers that seem so popular of late (BLUERGH!).
Laterz dudes .. and COME ON ENGLAND xxxxx

14 Jun 2006

Lil crumply dreamy babes

Isn't he scrummy? Oh yes - you betcha! Although literally 2 seconds after this shot he brought up all of his feed and subsequently hated me.

Too bad I got some good shots first, Mr Puke Pants

God, I love babies.
And talking of babies.............
Here is my lil lady looking the funky momma the day afore yesterday. I have a special thank you for the wee missy becuase she did not whine once when I held what felt like an all yearcrop in my house yesterday with Joanne and Sarah. As part of Sarah's DT she gave me some of the new SEI Gerties Garden sidekick papers of which I LOVED using. Ill upload that later becuase I have a tonne of other stuff on as well as a proper EFFER dare which I havent done in MOONS. So gotta finish it and upload to make the deadline.
Laterz, dudes xx

12 Jun 2006

Thunder storms

I can hardly breath - the storms today have been hideous and that means only one thing - ASTHMA! I only get an asthma attack either in high pollen seasons or if there is a storm. Bonkers or what? And to top it all I have no ventolin and Im gasping over a steamed bowl of water for breath! **BTW.. random picture time. Mark and I at the chinese theatre multiplex, Hollywood**
Still, a little crafting today has staved off my need to be resusitated by some manky old codger at our local Doctors. I swear down you have to be 60 to be a GP these days. Ok - our Doctors surgery is quite nice and I can't remember the last time I went for anything serious (except the head stabbing pains I had 4 weeks ago and that was probably the result of a voodoo by you know who (and no - not Voldemort.. mwahahahahahaha)). Anyway, where was I? Christ knows. Tum ti tum ti tum.
Oh - yes! Baby! Nakey, wrinkly baby all crumpled and delish and covered in the softest downy hair in the world. He was was so tiny that I melted and forgot how to handle babies. I was so nervous in front of his mum Debs who was laughing at me crouchinig and crawling to get some good pics (will upload these tomorrow). I tell you what though - the best bit about this photography lark is the closeness and the connection you get with these precious creatures and how it tugs at your hearts strings. We can't have anymore children for two reasons - one being that either Mark or I carries a genetic nastiness that causes muscular problems (ie .. like little Ellie has) and two being the fact that Mark had to, you know, snip snip....TMI, I know but anyway I feel the need to burst out with "Mwahahahahahahaha".
What happening this week in the Wiseman household?. Im having my roots done and a teeny crop at my house with Sarah Davies of Sarahs Cards Ltd and Joanne Ward, my fellow team mate on Ribbon Mad DT (and sister of the equally fabulous Anita Mundt - Bookit on UKS!) tomorrow and Ive got to have a tooth ripped out on wednesday. Im really looking forward to it and the £50 bill - NOT!. I will try to weigh up the odds. Erm........Sore gob or 71 sheets of patterend paper?
Laterz xx

11 Jun 2006

Layout Time

Ive done a fair wack of layoutsthis week. One set can be seen here at A Trip Down Memory Lane DT. I have done one for an Effing Dare (not to be confused with Effer Dares!!) which was entitled "I Never.........". I completed it with "........met you. I wanted to but you left so suddenly". Loves Diana. And will always. And then I did a layout entitled "Huddle" using these yummo Gin-X papers for Sarahs Cards Ltd. So much fun all this DT work.

Also - in addition to my new photography venture I also can provide a touch up service. You can see from this first photo how dull it was with crap composition and look at my spot and fine lines! Then I super vivid-ified it, removed fine line and spots and cropped accordingly. Then I did some desatch work - i hate grey scale at times and prefer true black and white. Just getting the balance right can be tricky becuase what looks good to one may not necessarily be right for another - plus all photos have differnet ligghting problems. Each photos gets special atention and not pre-loaded actions. See - your bad photos can look good. Shall I help you save yours before you throw them away into cyberspace?
Have a look below and if you need work doing on yours I can only but try my best xx
A very dull finish. Taken in a moderately lit room, apperture priority being F4. Not planned out and done on purpose for the sake of demo.
In photoshop, many alterations have been done. removed spot, flattened fine lines, enhanced eyes and brightened up to make a masso difference.
And now switched to black and white with some burning thrown in too.
Laterz xx

10 Jun 2006

New Pics

These little dudes make me happy.

Meet Ethan - as the compression on Blooger spoils the pictures please ignore the crappo quality. You can see him and his brother, Jake, here . I was supposed to be snapping their two wek old brother Cain - you know, crumpled, new and fresh. But he was not being the party player so Im going back next week. He has masses of downy hair that Im dying to catch on film so watch this space, bloggers xx

Today I went to a crop in Urmston Manchester and had a blast. Where on earth the 6 hours went I do not know and all I had to show for it was 1 layout and 1 card. Sarah and I munched our way through a tone of naughty buns, sweets and lard but we were thoroughly pleased with our art work so we had something to show for it (other than added stress to our thighs and bums!)
Whilst there, I met Lianne who runs this YUMMO shop here plus she let me snap this beauty here...............

Introducing Sophie - she has the most hypnotic eyes and I fell in them - and in love xx

I also managed to get a booking for a shoot there (quite by chance) and the talk of a wedding. Im tooooooooooo excited for words.

Laterz xx

9 Jun 2006


Ive had a ton of email asking me things about photography this last week. I'll answer what I can but please please let me tell you I am not a professional photographer (as in holding the certification BIPP. Im on my way to getting one though.) I am, however, someone who likes to take pictures with a few skills on my back and I can share what I can!
My camera is a Fuji S2 pro. This is just a body that takes nikon lenses. I have a nikon lens but I dont really like it. What I do like is my Sigma 28-70mm aspherical ex. This is perfect for wide angle work and portraits (50mm is a recomended portrait lens) . Its fairly chunky with a nice feel if not heavy. What I love more about this camera is the professional "Clunk" noise it makes when I have taken a picture.

**You asked if I use actions when touching up photos. The answer is a big fat NO. Please do not be fooled into buying actions because what looks good on one photo on the sellers website wont necessarily look that good with yours. The reason being that whichever photo you want to adjust may have not been taken in the same light as the sellers ideas - and the action will make your photo look pretty much like a splat in a paint factory. That is only MY opinion and Im trying to save you being ripped off. Use your own actions when you are sure you have taken snaps in your usual lighting which you can then apply to your own work. Bought actions look good but sadly dont work as brilliantly as promised. Teach yourself to edit - its the best way.

**What do I use to edit photo's? I use CS2 photoshop for editing pictures. There are a gazillion editing possibilities but what makes perfect sense in the first place is ensuring your picture is of decent quality. Sure, some blurred pictures can be edited but what makes for great editing is a moderate quality photo.
**Will I travel to take photo's? Yes of course. The uk is pretty small and I love driving. Id negotiate travel costs but Im no diva darling... i wouldnt charge the earth.
**Which camera would you recommend to buy on a low budget? Gosh - thats tough. Do you want to take it clubbing, do you want to take photos seriously...what do you want? Thats the question dudes. Moderate priced cameras that have a wide range of options on a small budget is the fuji 5500. I had one last year and I loved it. I then upgraded to a fuji s700 and again - it was invaluable. Both these camera work in RAW format and have aperture and shutter speed settings to give you flexibility. But my dream camera on a moderate budget is a Canon EOS350. However my dream camera on an endless budget would be a Nikon D200 ... without question.
**What equipment would you recommend for starting to take photohy seriously? Well, a decent camera is essential. DSLR's are obviously going to give you more scope as opposed to an automatic point and shoot. A reflector is good (ive just got my first one today!), lens cleaning kit is essential plus hundreds of rechargey batteries. What will help, espesh for raw format photo's is a large compact flash card. 2 GB is enough and is worth investing in either a 1 or 2 meg card for serious photographers. Photoshop elements is a great starter editing tool and is only £50 to buy as opposed to £480 for CS2. Only if you are deadly serious about photography will you benefit from CS2 plus with the added bridge component you can batch process all your raw files - which if you did not know - would take hours doing individually.
PS: Edited to add - sometimes it doesnt matter what type of camera you have. I have seen fabulous shots taken with point and shoots. All you have to do get a good shot in lighting and focus. And then of course - EDITING!!! The fun bit xx
So now you know all the wee tid bits of my photobits. ssssssssssssssssssh! Don't tell.

I took photo's of Lauren last night - available to see on my fabbo new web site (I cant upload anymore pictures tonight...poo!) She came round to use some of my craft supplies to make a cake for art. the cake had to be a construction of sorts rather than a baked number. Im damned that I never took a picture of it neither but we had a blast. She is only 12 and is like an old woman! And get this - she is so into football. With the world cup starting and in full swing as I type this girl fancies Czech Republic to win. And you know what - its not a bad idea. I seriously dont hold out much hope for England. I love them but come on - we are pretty crap compared to some. As much as Id love us to win I should face facts.

8 Jun 2006

European War on Jaffa Cakes

By Jove - the whole world is having a go!
I received the most lovliest RAK I have ever had the pleasure of opening yesterday. It was from Anita Mundt who is the bestest dutch scrapper and whose work appears in scrapbook answers no less and is part of a talented bunch of dutchiness HERE. In the parcel she sent me two chipboard coasters with pre cut papers plus embellishments using the newest range of K&Co's paper (which, I have to admit, are rather slurpable) and if that wasn't enough she sent me a packet of decoy jaffas. Now that's not to be read as ungrateful, you hear me? It's just that Mcvities are untouchable gods when it comes to these dreamy little mouthfuls of tangy, chocolatey yumminess, ok? BUT....It's WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! of me to assume this.
I opened the pack with absolute fear that inside I would find tulip/cheese/heineken flavoured biccies but instead I was met with a clear film wrapped TRAY (You get that Mcvities? - a tray!!) of 12 delicious looking bicko's. As I was taking this picture my mouth was dribbling so bad because the scent and tangy aroma of these dutch baked delights was killing me. No sooner had the snap been taken I had shoved 6 in my gob and I had died and gone to jaffa heaven. My only gripe, all you Dutchies, is this - can you not make your box a bit more fancy and rename it something like tangable scrumbos or cakey delights... help me with names here girls cos soft cake orange sounds a bit 1950's.
GEEK ALERT: Did you know that even though Jaffa Cakes are technically biscuits, they have to be called cakes for some random taxation law?. That, my dear friends, is a fact. I will ring Downing Street this instant and demand to know why. Cos it aint as if Tony and Gordon have anything better to do, is it?
Im sat here in my wee office in what feels like the warmest june on record. Its just best feeling - all summery and hyper and of course Im crafting! Dies to Die for is definately for sale and I have a customer. With more focus on freelancing and photography I just cannot nurture my wee business like I could before. It needs to go to someone who is comitted to keeping up with new stuff. I will truly miss it but its something to write on my tomb stone and Im proud of it. So thats me dudes. Nothing fabbo to report other than Ive got two sessions booked already, from my new webbo site HERE... one of which is a crumpled newborn who is going to get my best attention tomorrow night. I cannot wait.

6 Jun 2006

It's here......

but she is still under construction so be gentle with me . With love and heartfelt thanks to my Editor Nats O'shea who saved me a few bob and shared a secret with me

3 Jun 2006

Manic Street Preaching

Anyone who knows me for real will know that the Manic Street Preachers are my all time favvo rock band. Promise you will follow this LINK and press play on the "Motorcycle Emptiness" track and listen. This track is my all time besto and will be played as im buried amongst the wormies. Aside from being punched, kicked and battered at all their concerts I love them and I will forgive James for getting married last year without consulting me. Mwahahahahahaha. I still love him though and will hunt him down.
Ive been enjoying the sunshine today with Belle and mark. My parents dropped in on their way home from North wales. Its a shame we were in a seperate part of wales to them when I was holidaying with my in-laws. I was absolutely delighted to see them. I wubs them lots and forever. We then took Belle to see "The Wild" at the cinema. Im sorry but I thought it was cack. It screamed "Madagascar" waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much to me. And not a jot better neither. In facts Im giving up on Walt Disney and his cryogenicness. Im looking forward to watching Over the Hedge at the end of June to make up for this ploppy effort of a film. The only credit I can give to the film was Eddy Izzard being just so voicery and funny. But thats all Im going to spurt effort on.
Picture here is a layout I did for Dare #5 on the pad. The title was "I wish they'd have told me........" and I finished it off with journalling pertinent to our Belle. I loved using my scraps on this one and I completely love the piccy of her in her suede boots again. She is such a dolly is my Belle. Even if she is going through teenagerdom right now. Its really that blue but then again - I did take the picture of the layout in flaming ultra violetness that is the start of the british summer.
That will be a week then. Roll on Christmas.
PS: Thanks to Sarah at Sarahs Cards Ltd for choosing me to be on her design team. I got a call out of the blue yesterday to ask for help with showcasing their products for both cards and scrapping. Ive met Sarah and she is yumtious. I consider myself to be one fortunate cookie. Choc chip cookie of course. Actually I want to be a cookie chip choclate, just to be awkward.
Im off to bed dudes cos as you can tell Im jabbering.

2 Jun 2006

Bore Da (That's welsh for Hello!)

Im back from the valleys (well, actually the beach) and its been a bag of delights with all sorts of things happening. I reported last week that we would be back on Wednesday but sadly Marks Nan contracted pneumonia so we hung around to support his parents whilst they fleeted between visits in the local hospital. And we didn't mind anyway as the weather was as perfect as Spain and we have come home all bronzed and healthy looking (if not a little leathery!) Thankfully Nan is on the mend and we came home today (albeit unexpectedly with a breath of relief) leaving the blistering heat to shine on the bay of Abersoch .... and we were suprised that the sunshine followed us home to allow us to catch up in the garden which looked a little unloved.

In Abersoch there were thousands of photo opportunities and as you can see - our little surf dude of a lady loves the wet suit come suede boots look this season. Im not one to wax lyrical about Ellies condition but I must warn you that her frail limbs are not a result of malnutrition but are a part of her underlying muscle problems. (Id like to thank Anam at this point for supplying us with some interesting information last week. We are looking into that - so thanks a billion!) Ellie had a hit and miss week with moments of boredom. We think she loves the beach but we also know she gets bored so quickly because try as she might to join in with other kids - she just cant keep up and therefore "sits out" the time preferring to mull about and making me feel quite guilty. There is a fine line between asessing you childs own abilities and figuring whether they are "trying it on". We are going through that stage in our life with her right now and its not fun at all. Enough said on that matter! Testing times indeed but Ellie has now discovered the joys of omlettes and mackeral. Not together but still... a tick in the box for effort and new foods!

Whilst there we met up with some freinds of Marks parents who join them on the beach regularly. My M and FIL own a speedboat and often allow their freinds to join them either on the banana boat or waterski or perhaps just go fishing for mackeral for tea. On this trip their freinds had just bought a jetski and allowed us all to have a go. I was feeling very surfy but I watched as Ellie and Mark pootled around the bay and as a thankyou I took pictures of their children. Olivia is a photographers dream - she is so pretty to shoot and her parents were delighted with the pictures. Christian, her brother, is a proper little surf dude with tousled surfer hair and a personality of a childebeast! However, in light of these photo's, Im totally regretting buying an indoor studio now becuase outdoor photography does not make your images look flat. You can do more in photoshop with images taken in natural light. I completely discourage anyone from doing indoor photography - well, not in the summer anyway! There is my lesson learned this year.
Its good to be back to be honest. I scrapped whilst I was away but scrapping away from home is a labour of love - I just missed the smell of my papers, the mess on my craft room floor and the phone ringing 23,000 times a day. From tomorrow, its business as usual. sigh. Ooooh by the way, Michelle will hate me for this but anyway Michelle Grant was whisked into hozzy last week and Im telling you because............... because............ he deserves lots of get well's. That's why. Get well soony toony loony boony xx
PS - Its sand on the kids legs, not my amateurish photo skills. I was not going to clone that lot out. Not even for a pension!