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26 May 2006

A day full of Art

Ive done so much today. Finished off two CJ's, one effing layout for the dare on the "Pad" and Mark came home last night sporting his own piece of artwork - on his flaming arm! I had no idea he was getting this done. I quite like it but I couldn't exactly serve him with the divorce papers after seeing that! Mwahahahahahahaha. Its really scarey because although we are married - a tattoo is kind of like a bit more binding. Is binding the right word? You know what I mean. Crumbs. Unless of course he leaves me for another Kirsty - then Im sure thats fine. Lord - what am I talking about?
My dare layout was based on the number 10. I was racking my lil brains all week to try and find somwething suitable. It was "I-hate-you-scrapping-all-the-time-you-mad-crazy-woman-Mark-Wiseman" that came up with scrapping my toes. Gee wizzy wizz man. You either love what I do or don't. Make your mind up - aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh. I used up lots of scraps for this layout. By using my scraps for challenges like this makes the job so much less costly. I mean, I do stuff for mags and ok they get paid for. I do albums for me and us and I like to slurge out on stuff for them. But challenges ..... I dont know. I just feel more satisfied using spare bits up and I completely enjoy it. And I am insanely in love with my provo craft roller stamp (spells out Ten Toes on the layout).
Annie Hafermann - Look away. Cos this is the entry I did in your scrummy CJ. Annie's yummo book is entitled "Recipe for Life" and I couldn't help but use one of my lovely pictures of Ellie from yesterday in it. I actually think its one of my best CJ entries yet. To say I lost my mojo the other night too ... it must be the sunshine we had today that fuelled my hunger to get cracking. Im completely still in love with chatterbox a roo and you will find me using the scraps of this until every last centimetre has been used up. And have you seen the super cute flowers now available from Anna?
We are going to sunny welsh wales for a few days tomorrow whilst some of our freinds use our house to stop and visit their nearby family. I hate having to leave my wee house at times but Im glad all four walls will be cared for whilst we laze in the welsh hospitality. I wonder if I give our house sitters a paint brush that they would do the bathroom for us? Whilst we are away Im not going to be updating my blog neither but what I am going to do is download a few photography lessons and photoshop courses along with trying out my new wacom tablet and get my butt into gear for the launch of my new website soon -
Adios my fine freinds xx

25 May 2006

Just Hanging with Belle

Belle and I have spent so much time together today. She didnt go into school first thing because she had a docs appointment at 1015. So we ventured into town and ran some errands and went for a coffee. Man - that kids has it nailed when it comes to beverages. Latte is her thang right now. We also had time to play in the park next to the clilnic before we saw a new Doctor. The new Doctor is supposed to be helping her with getting around secondary school which she will start in Sept 2007. She has never seen Ellie before and looked through her case notes to familiarise herslef with what Ellenors has gone through (very thick book!). She observed that Ellenor had had many examinations and investigations to try and pin point her problems. She asked why she was so thin. The first ever Doctor in all the 9 years we have been going to Hospitals for "questions answered" and finally someone asks. I turned the tables and said "you tell me love". So hurrah - an appointment with physios and dieticians and occupational therapists are being organised - I hope we can fatten this lil lady up because the worse case scenario is vacumming up the splodge from my thighs and injecting it all into her!

I took these pictures in the garden tonight. I tried posed shots but with Ellie they simply do not work. So I pretended I was weeding and took all these as she moped about in the shade. I had banned the TV tonight in favour of her getting some fresh air hence some of the moody shots. Im such a bad, wicked morma. But the shots were worth it... dont'cha think? By the end, she came round, picked a daisy and played to the camera for 2 minutes before boredom really set in. Some other great news for today too - Ellie has a new pair of shoes! "So what?" I hear you say. Well, Ellie, for years, would only wear trainers as her feet really hurt her. But today I saw these - light, flat and pretty. She tried them on and instantly loved them. For a 10 year old girl with size 9 feet she pretty much has to wear shoes fit for a 3 year old but she feels so important in them because they are shoes and not trainers. So please celebrate with me dudes by raising your brads and eyelets and toast with me....... "To Ellie and her nu shooz and those rather snazzy photos your morma took of her". Mwahahahahaha

24 May 2006


I have about 17,000 Cj's to do and no mojo to complete them with. Everyones work I see is outstanding and I think .... how can I top that? I just can't. Poo bums. Perhaps a kiss from this wee munchkin might cheer me up?
So today? Well, I have done so much work! Plus I looked after my neighbour (who popped in unexpectedly) whose partner died 5 weeks ago. I only found out when one of the women at the post office told me 2 weeks ago. Ive been living next door to Reg and Elaine for almost 3 years and we pretty much keep ourselves to ourselves. I didnt even know Reg had been taken in ill at the hospital but when Barbara, my post mistress, told me he had passed away I almost collapsed. Anyway - after an hours worth of this and that she asked me what I did. I couldn't wait to show off my albums (cos to be honest, nobody else really ever wants to see them) and I think I got Elaine hooked on scrapbooking. I told her that by recording all the good times she had with Reg woud take away some of the sadness and she is so excited about it.
So come on everyone - you too can help spread the scrapbook luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve (but no dodgy home parties. Only Basic Grey and Primas will do!)

23 May 2006

You have to buy this DVD

What makes this film so fantastic is the fact that its a true story. The fact that Reece Witherspoon plays a bloody good part and that Joaquin Pheonix actually sings so damn well! I watched this on the way to California and I was completely blown away by the scenes, the dialogue and the turbulent life Johnny Cash endured to finally bag the woman he adored. No wonder Reece Witherspoon won the oscar for best actress. You have to buy it - it's one of the film you can watch again and again (if you are a sentimental old dawg like me!)

By the way - Im teaching at Scrap Camp this year along with the one and only


22 May 2006

Holland back - just!

I had a great weekend in Holland with Debs (how blue are her eyes?**envy**) We laughed like cackling witches, made layouts on our dinner plates, bought some amazingly cheap goodies, received free exfoliation from the windy beach front (and Im talking Hurricaine Charly), drank tankards of beer when I was infact toying with eating some of that tempting vanilla cake they serve in pubs and scrapped whilst under the influence. Met loads of new people over at a scrapping event which we kind of just fleeted through and it was lovely seeing Mary, the 2 Suzannes, Julie, Elaine and Sharon again as well as Nats (great to actually spend time with her, my lovely Editor who give me lots of work - especially when I announce it so lovingly on my blog!), Becks and baby becks (wee Eden...yummy!) and Meeeesh (top dog at PP). It was also nice to put faces to avatars such as Dawn and Irene too. I got to meet Mandy from Modern Scrapbooking too who is hosting Elsie in September (so envious - need to bag a space I do!) and Mandy was so lovely I certainly wish I knew more of the UK girls were there - it would have made the weekend more perfect (if thats possible).
Coming back was hideous. Im no pilot but coming in to land far quicker than the speed you would for taking off is not bloody funny. We smelled fear for about 10 seconds and practically kissed Terra Firma as we alighted the plane of doom. We were out of the airport so quick compared to the 34 miles of taxiing you have to adventure through at Schiphol. I got back this morning at 0130hrs. Im tired but so excited as Im going away fro a little holiday to Wales. Non work related breaks are bliss but I still will have wee projects to do sat in a caravan in blissful North Wales - that's if the weather sorts itself out. Its like November here in the UK.
Pic is one of a gazillion bicycles we saw out there. Holland is so chilled out and everyone is so lovely. I cannot believe how many cyclists we saw (and windmills, ta-daaaaaaa)
OOOOOOOh and I have a list of people moaning about my spelling mistakes. Can I just say to those kind Dictionary Police to get in line with the Grammar Police and the Sense of Humour Police (as well as my mother who thinks my spello's are funny). Thats what makes me, ME! Its an art form you know.
Oh an here are pictorials of layouts I did for the last two dares at my haunt on the Pad. Very basic and simple but you gotta love the pics in the "I dream"layout. Her concentration whilst surfing is unbelievable oooh an the perfect curls picture is a bit dark Im afraid.xx

18 May 2006

My pics got a thumbs up

When I have two great kids like this to take pictures of - my life is going to be so much easier!

Don't you just love em? Still lots to learn but enjoying the process.

Im off to Holland this weekend - catch y'all laterz

17 May 2006

A grand day out

My MIL, Pat, loved her birthday card I made her on Monday and fancied buying some of the swanky lil black peel offs you can buy. I never thought Id see the day when I bought peel offs, let alone black. But they are a wonder to card frontage-dom and look super swish. Kind of like "rubber stamped and embossed" with a slick finish in trendy fonts. So we went to Courtyard Crafts on the Albert Docks in Liverpool. I bought Cathy Zielske Mark II book and I have licked it a million times. I blummin love it there and have been lots of times recently with Anna and Sue. I took this snap of them and am presenting them with a copy tomorrow. I think they look lovely - I know they will be pleased with it.

I also drove the Clitheroe tonight to pick up some of these babies. They are quite hard to get hold of and one lady managed to grab me some for me and my freinds at the Pad. I think they are FABULOUS - a real time saver at crops when journalling is crucial when there is no PC to hand. Perfecto for cards and ATC's too. I think these could possibly well be the new black in Scrapping. Go visit her website and if they are out of stock - do email her becuase she can get them a lot quicker than most scrap suppliers in the uk plus they are GREAT value. - oooh I forgot to tell you what they do. They are like a date stamp but instead of numbersand months and years ... you get letter sof the alphabet to make words. Anyword just as long as its less than 10 letters wide! Still, Its a fabbo piece of kit xx

16 May 2006

New Assignment

I have decided that although I have indoor studio lighting, I much prefer outdoor pics. I mean - I have a long way to go before I master indoor stuff but you can't beat true colour photography on the outside world. Glen and Lauren sat so perfectly tonight. Glen is in the same year as Ellie and she absolutely loves him. Glen dotes on my Ellie at school and is always looking after her, opening doors and asking if she is ok. They are such lovely friends. Its why I chose them to be my trial sitters and to help build my portfolio. Their mum, Marj, is always so nice to me at school so I felt really comfy getting low and bossing the kids about in some awkward positions. Im pleased with the results and I just know Marj is going to freak out when she sees them.

Ive had a very tiring day but non productive by way of effort. Im bogged down with a fuzzy feeling in my head and Im going to the doctors in the morning. Since fainting on Friday I keep having sharp pains in my head and funny lil dizzy spells. Perhaps I need to offload some pressure or just have a jolly good nights sleep. But i can't have any time to be ill as Im off to Holland this weekend to relax and take pics and hopefully get a tattoo done on my toe (the one next to the big toe!) Ive always wanted a little flower on there and as Im practically always in flippy floppies it would be so nice to have it on display this summer. Im also press passing it for a massive surfing event in north wales - called Wakestock. Im planning on taking hunnerds of pictures and earn myself a few bob into the bargain. So a little scrummy flower on my toe will be just the accessory this season my darlings.
Isnt Glen a little dude? His jumper was so perfect for my matching my Cordiline in my back garden! ............ >
Im taking bookings for sittings - both outdoor and indoor. Please call me on 07788 994046 for further details. Exciting times xx

15 May 2006

Getting Snappy

Whilst I was away this weekend, my Mark gutted the dining area of our lounge to make way for my makeshift studio. Its not my dream studio but it will do. One of our first models was my brother, Leigh, who came to pay a visit on Sunday before he heads off to Qatar for 4 months (boo hoo) and brought his yummo GF Kerry. We love her and we are forcing them to marry cos they look so perfect for each other - do you agree? I actually think that outdoor photography will be more my "thang" but I'll see how I fare with this. Plus I bought a fabulous Wacom graphics tablet at Bonzers which should help with touching up shadows and in my brothers case - perfecting the stupid faces he pulls. Thats if I can get the darn thing to work.
I also spent sunday catching up with snuggles from my belle and putting all my stash away. I hate re-arranging my scrap room because it always takes hours. I have so many little tubs and drawers and boxes full of stuff I promise to use one day. And thats with stuff I bought 2 years ago. There are far too many supplies widely available and not enough time to use it. Still, I get to look at it. and dream one day that all my albums will be full of yummo yumminess and finally use the things I couldnt bear to throw away.
Today I have been catching up on admin and tidying up my scraproom dark corners (places where things get chucked for a rainy day clear up!). Everything is done and I have my first proper photo job tomorrow. All I have to do is get my website up and running and hopefully Ill be able to take some pictures to help pay for a few bits and bobs. I do hear a Nikon D200 calling my name but Im a million miles from that destination. As I have a photography slot in the magazine coming up as regular work - perhaps Nikon (who read my blog everyday) would like to supply me one to test and review and keep. Dream on Kirsty - dream on.
Talking of Mags, my editor emailed me today to thank me for the work I did at Bonanza. But I felt more compelled to thank her - Natalie O'sheas as it was down to her fabulous organisation that the event went more smoothly than last year. Natalie is a bundle of energy and vision and I loved her company - even if it was in short and sharp bursts. I can see her volunteering again for the event but next time Nats - can we have Cadburys chocolate instead of pooey Kit Kats?

14 May 2006

Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I had a magic time at Bonzers and met everyone I could of wished to meet and squidged all those I promised to squidge. My classes went well (only one woman walked out cos she was an advanced scrap-a-roo and my classes were beginners). To be honest I didnt really want to teach beginner classes BUT it was lovely to be able to share ideas with newbies and have fun giggling and munching throughout the classes. And yes - to confirm to 3 of my emails this avvo, I fainted. I'd had 4 hours sleep that night, 5 hours the night before and was running around like a mad scrapper high on diamond glaze. Id been teaching twice that morning and subsequently went shopping in the sweltering shopping hall for some goodies for the "changing pages" challenge when I mentioned to Anna that I felt a bit funny. Next thing I know...... swooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. Thanks for catching me Anna and Jo (NOT!!) as I lay on the floor wondering if I had fainted or just collapsed or died. Oooooo the shame of everyone staring - it made me cry and I begged Anna to tell everyone to go away cos they were staring (naturally ... I do!) That was worse than fainting (never fainted before - its quite exciting in hindsight!). Fortunately for me - Lemon was my wee angel and the one I absolutley insist on bringing me "round"in future. 5 minutes later Im getting my blood sugar and pressure checked. I was fine. Well, I must have been cos I was teaching 20 minutes later with 3 classes back to back. I loved it.
I finally met Annie who I have to say is just gorgeous. She was sharing a room with Mad Mandi whose classes were complete fabulousness. We all stepped in for Claire Camerons classes at very short notice and both Annie and I were given the extra SEI classes. Almost everyone had a real grumble about it because there was no technique but I thought it was FABBO. Basically it was a fully prepared kit to build an entire 8x8 album in an hour - achievable cos I did one that very morning, in 35 minutes! However, I think either Mandy or Annie or Anna or Suzanne has it so own up dudes ... I gave it to you by mistake!
I also got to meet Jane Dean for the very first time. We crossed on the stairs and I instantly recognised her! That cheered me up as I was feeling a wee bit rough. We walked to Dyans class and everyone was staring at Jane - this woman is plastered all over Scrapbook Inspirations - her work is scrummylish. It was like walking with royalty!
I never took any pics of my classes and I really wished I had. Anna has the best photos so Im waiting for copies to put on here. I wanted to meet absolutely everyone but time was insufficient. If i didnt recognise you can I just say that I was in a daze and feeling a little unwell. I was bloated, a bit nauseous but I had a bloody good time! Who needs to sleep anyway? I can do that when Im 6 feet under xxxxx

11 May 2006

Maxed Out

**Random Pic 2002 - Menorca, Spain. This holiday was FREE after booking to go to the US that Christmas. We had a blast. Check out Ellies gappyness. She is too cute**
The house is scorched with the trail blazes Ive left behind - running around like a loona-batoona. We have just finished packing the kits and everything is set to go. ERM!! that was a lie!! I haven't done the write ups on transparencies yet and I've shed loads to do before I set sail to Bonanza 2006.
First off, in the Bonzer stakes, I would doubly like to thank Kym at the Stamp Galaxy for saving Anna's proverbial bacon tonight. Anna's class kits have been a shambles with very little to say other than "pantaloons". In steps Kym at the last second - saving her class from being the disaster it was heading for (also Dyan saved both Anna and I from making memory nightmares of yesteryear. Our classes are now furnished with Blonde Momento's - hurrah!). I love those last minute dot com situations. But why o why does everything come together at the very last second?
As you can see its late. I should finish off this canvas Im doing (its A3 and not so flipping small) and reckon on getting up at the crack of sparrows to drudge through the rest of the shenanigans of the Wiseman household. My DH has been a a little (but not big) star and a half so Im just going to go to bed and poke him in the bum again with my X-acto knife .... just to remind him of how sharp it is. And then go to sleep - for like ... erm, 2 hours.
Im still excited about it all though. And ok, Im only doing beginner classes butI am going to send them off with something more than your average "Here is an eyelet - bang. Here is a brad - pop" . I hear plenty of people moaning about last years event and I fear Im not the messiah who will proffer the second coming to case and save the joint. But Im going to make sure everyone I meet gets a good old fashioned squidge and a cheesy big smile xx
This may be my last post until Saturday - so give me all the juice and something to looky forward to when I get back xx

10 May 2006

NTR (thats "nothing to report" in Army terms!)

Wow...nothing going on really. We actually there is cos bonanza chaos is in the house with 2 hours taken to pack one kit - that leaves us 6 hours to pack the rest. We are having jolly japes listening to MTV though and occasionally I stab Mark in the bum with my X-acto knife. Counting down the days til he goes back to work... tick tock tick tock (!!)

My fabbo file folders are available to buy here - on ebay. Just a few things for my regualr card maker cuzzies and new scrapbook cuzziesxx

I have no pictures of these last few days so I feel compelled to drag out some more California ones. Im trying to summon up the motivation. HELP ME - Im losing my losing my will to live let alone my mojo! I will report later as to how our day is progressing - yawn!

8 May 2006

Best of British

Does anyone know the full list of Best of British Scrapbooking for 2006? Luckily I do because some of my fabbo friends are amongst the winners and I thought it would be just dandy to showcase their names on my little blog-a-roo. Announced in March 2006 (at the same time as the launch of the scrap yourself challenge) a group of talented ladies won this prestigous accolade. I suppose its akin to the CK HOF albeit on a very small scale. The Brits seems to get a bit of a hard time being recognised by our yummy scrap sisters across all 7 seas so I thought it would be nice for you to congratulate them with me.

Scrapbooking - Best of the Best
Anam Stubbington
Anna Bowkis
Cara Medus
Corenna Taylor
Donna Vallance
Emma Byford
Hebe Ambler
Julie Gauger
Jackie Swain
Karen Leahy
Lousette Ashton
Patricia Jacoulot
I cannot find the full list of HM's as they were announced at a later date somewhere but I do know my two yummo freinds Jakey and Jo Seymour got them!
Plus Kim Sonksen got best newcomer!
Most of these girls are UK scrappers so please charge your glasses and toast the winners!
Other News
Mark is home and Ellie is absolutely delighted. We put up a flag and banner and her little face was wacthing the clock all day - she loves her Daddy bear so much. So guess who got her nose shoved out for 24 hours? - yep!!!. My poor little arms were missing that sweet little sausage until the next night where we all back to normal (!!! more normal than your average - for those in the know!!!).
Less than 72 hours before I nip off to the UK's largest scrapping event Discover Bonanza I have 320 kits to pack and 4 classes to design. The panic is not about the impending amount of work I have to do - the real fear is hoping everyone has a bloody good time!
I am now allowed to showcase my DT work for April which is below. The may DT work is now on the gallery at A Trip Down Memory Lane please go and support Clare, Karen, Maria and Emma's work when you get a minute or two. Last months paper range was Color Me Silly which I hated at first - now I utterly adore it. This months DT work was using Chatterbox Sun Room - wow.... I WUBS IT

5 May 2006

Meet the Scrap Yourself Challenge Winner - Hannah

Boy you lot - you do make things very difficult by just all being brilliant. As you know I have pained myself going through all of your entries and I have finally gone with the layout that touched so many of your hearts as well as my own. Hannah (Noodle on UKS) submitted a heartfelt and compelling entry that not only included some scrummy doodles but some very private and emotional journalling. I wish I could have picked at least 20 of those drawn in the shortlist to be winners and I hope you will raise your glasses to Hannah for such a lovely piece which she felt was therapeutic to do.

I had planned a long time ago to contact the winner on the day by email and to supply their phone number. On this occasion I had sneakily contacted Hannah about a thread she had made on UKS about passports. I made up some little tale that I neede advice and could I ring her up about it. She supplied me her number and then I emailed her back saying that I had managed to sort out to problem (as if to throw her off the scent). I rang her a little while later and asked to speak to Hannah. This softly spoken woman said "yes, thats me". I said "Hi, its kirsty here. I feel awful that I tricked you into getting your number but I am ringing to say congratulations - you are the winner of the scrap yourself challenge". Tears and laughter ensued! She had no idea that I was ringing about letting her know she had won. I wanted to contact the winner first off so that it didn't come too much of a shock plus with time zones in varying countries affecting the outcome too. Hannah was very quiet and calm at first and then cried and I admit - tears were rolling down my cheeks. She is so lovely and unassuming and lovely again. I ran through the list of her prize which amounts to over £600 worth off goodies including two bottles of prima, every sheet of chatterboox rooms, subscription to The scrapbook Maggo, 3 albums, rub ons, acrylic stamp blocks, easy mount, tonnes of stamp plates, inks, more papers, tins to alter, every embelly you could wish for, more papers, a big shot die cutting sytem, glitters, glues, adhesives, books, more papers - literally tonnes of yummo stash.
I have to say again girls - this was such a wonderful challenge but also very difficult in picking the outright winner.There was no formula in my mind as to which style of layout would win. There were a couple of layouts that I loved with just one picture and a tiny little detail and others that were so glorious, I thought they would kill me as I drew my breath. But to fully appreciate why I chose this one, you muct click on the picture to enlarge it and read the journalling. Its magic and has made so many of the UKS girls cry! You all did so brilliantly and yes - some more than others but each and every layout has been viewed and admired.
I will be picking some layouts to go in The Scrapbook Magazine to cover all genre of BOM scrapping. Please would you email me if you would prefer not to go in the mag.
Many many thanks for taking part. I will be running a monthly challenge on UKS to help you build a BOM and remind you of how important you are to your future generations.

Other News
My belle is "poorly" today. She has some sort of glandular fever but she wasn't aware of it because her muscles ache all the time - so having swollen glands was like an everyday pain. It wasnt until I discovered a horrific rash on her arms, legs and little peachy botty that I realised something was wrong. She is not ill and has no temperature but is on a course of penicillin to kill the monstrous, uninvited germs. Isn't it weird? She has had me running around like billy-o but I have loved it. She is my precious wee starlett and like my freind Dyan says, she is on this earth for a purpose and Im so glad she is here. And she has scoffed 14 chicken dippers so although she is ill, she is growing!
ETA - more chicken dippers are in the oven as I type. I will wake up tomorrow and she will be laying eggs at this rate!

4 May 2006

A Day at Dyans

I love it at Art from The Heart Studios. Dyan Reavely's gaff is the most scrumptious place to get motivated and inspired and I feel like family when I go. I roll my sleeves up and muck in with the gang as well as slurp over the scrap goodies. Both Ellie and I had a lovely day. As there are no windows at the studio you can imagine how Ellile loves that. She cannot bare sunlight (vampire in a previous life, perhaps?) so this place is perfection. Dyan allowed Belle to go rummaging in her button box and explore the twists and turns and nooks and crannies of this cavern of delights. I even have proof of child exploitation in the work place! Dyan was so good to her and I know little Belle was a tad bored - she never really complained as I got roped in to doing a nifty wee layout for a project going out quite soon. I love the moody shot of Dyan - she has this fabulous opening to her studio in painted brick - we have planned some family shots there in a few weeks. I seriously cannot wait. I have too many ideas for some great pics to put in their scrapbooks. Plus there is a baby in the family who is just the most delicious creature you could ever wish to clap eyes on. I see fingers and toes and little peaches in the form of ann geddes but not squished into plant pots. No No No!
Are you all getting nervy about tomoz announcement for the Scrap Yourself Challenge? Again, I have to remind you how horrible it is to let most of you down. I have sat in the same seats as you and got a lump in my throat that I didn't make a 1st place in a comp. But this is for one winner only and although her layout will be the winner it doesnt mean yours was not acceptable. Plus some of your layouts are being chosen to go in a maggo - and those that are chosen are not the finalists (per se). I need a good genre of layouts to encourage all types of scrappers to start that BOM. Journalistic, artistic, visual, digital - the lot!
This is my effer #25. This week you had to create something to the tune of "I will never...." I finished it off with .... "give up on green" As I used to have a profound disdain to green I have suddenly (in my scrapping world) found it more attractive. I had to over satch a photo of me for another project a while back and my mouth did not print out. I kept the picture for one of those mad moments and as the photo was mainly in green tones, I used it for this and it was perfecto. saying that - the picture is a bit skew wiff as I was in a bit of a rush.
But Im so loving the effers and with that, combined with promoting the importance of scrapping yourself, made a great double whammy. With that in mind, keep an eye out for BOM prompts coming soon on UKS. I won't be happy until all 12,000 members have started that BOM.
PS: Hello to Emily and Marybeth (my cousins) who I saw on the way home from Harrogate. Mail me soon, ok?
PPS Catherine, sorry about any grammatical confusion - I wubs my poo book and the smelly trumps it eminates. Give me Daisy and all will be well with the world xx

3 May 2006

I love deliveries (the low calorie pizza kind!)

I have a stack of low calorie pizza boxes in my hallway (on top of 4 monsterous ones from the bonanaza organiser which is just dying to be packed into 320 kits when I get 3 seconds spare!) All of them are from sponsors of the challenge. Firstly "A Trip Down Memory Lane" sent so much stuff - I swear its worthy as one prize alone......lets just say tim holtz and MoBe (I am sticking with "winner takes all" for the best scrapping prize this side of Utah, though). I will list everything on Friday before I announce the winner on Friday night - perhaps about 9pm GMT. Exciting times. I also have had a prize from Scrapagogo which I want for meeeeeeeeee - Its a fabbo kit and its so totally slurpable. Also, please will the owner of the K&Co Lifes Journey 8x8 album (with one of those fancy schmancy clasps) own up - you sent the parcel but I dont know who you are.
I also got a cheque from my freind Kelly as a deposit for the *e* workshops in September plus she donated me with a rather scrummy pod of 6 mini jaffa's. I love it when my friends know what I like - espesh when I can eat my presents! Then I got a parcel addressed to Kirsty Poo Pants. Nice. But I often sign typepad blogs from Kirsty Stinky Pants so I gotta accept it and it is childishly funny. Inside was a prize donation from Scrapbook Central (dot cooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dot ukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) Turn the volume up on that link - there is a coolio jingle which will have you humming all day. Catherine sent me a fabbo book that made both Ellie and I pee our pants laughing. Its about a little boy who farts all over the place and its hilarious. Ellie and I were bent over in agony giggling at it and we read it through twice to take all the stinkiness in. Catherine sent a disgusting little poem in the front - which I loved!

Other than that, I have had a poo poo day. Ive so much to do. Im not complaining - its just that Im crap at orgainsing and prioritising when the house is such a squeeze. I have to get a summerhouse/lock up for the end of the garden and move my small shop there so that I can turn the garage into a studio. Time is eating away at me for that. BUT!! I am going to scrap tonight for Ribbon Mad, The Scrapbook Maggo, A Trip Down Memory Lane and Blonde Moments. Maybe I might just scrap for me - the effers are up and its a coolio one. Which reminds me, Debs at the Scrap Pad has just asked me to help with the Effing Dares there - which Im chuffed about. So there's more stuff to churn out - but its what I love. Ellie is helping me select colours as I type. Somehow I think purple and lilac can stay in the crap box ellie my love or perhaps you can have it darling ... why is it that purple and lilac is awful in scrapping? Who is going to make that fashionable? Answers on a yellow brad to my usual address, girls.

Ooooh and Ive just added these babies to my e-bay shop. I know some of you have seen them before but these file folders look so darn fabbo when dressed up. They make lovely gifts or keepsakes for yourself (handbag size - its what we like). Im just selling the blanks - you just add your own inspo. Sadly I have to put a copyright on the design cos thats the kind of snobby scrapper I am. Mwahahahahhahaaha - kidding witchya. But then again............

Im off to Dyans tomorrow and Ellie is coming with me. Dyan has never met Ellie but seeing as its the local elections at her school I have no choice but what fun! Ive never voted in my life and Im deffo not voting if this is what they think of education - making a child miss a day at school so some fat cat councellor can get a seat and make plans to do nothing or something at the expense of us non believers. I really do think that some form of explanation or guidnce about manifesto's and government issues should be explained in school. Ever since I was 6 years old I have lived through labour/conservative/labour and have been ignorant to the fact that nothing in my life has changed dramatically because of it. I guess this winds a lot of you voters up - but to be honest do you really think you make a difference?
Happy voting my darlings. Is that raving monster loony party still on the go? I used to quite fancy that Screaming Lord Such.

2 May 2006

Take That!

Oh man alive. Im 35 years old and went to my first ever teeny bopper concert on Friday. It was the best show I have ever been to in my life. I usually see the Manic Street Preachers on tour- these guys are the opposite extreme to Take That and are totally heavy. I love the Manics. I really do. I think I enjoy getting battered and losing my shoes in the throng of nutters aiming me for the stage and exit. But comfortably seated in the NEC waiting for the Boys was magic. Jo and I danced the whole night through and the show was spectacular. The Beatles medley was spot on and although Lulu was not there to sing "You gotta be strong enough to walk on through the night" - Beverly Knight did an ok job (I would have been better though!). I had a blast at Jo's doing nothing. Its what I really like and enjoy although I do worry about Jo's arteries after her kebab and 1 tonne of mayo the night before.
Welsh Wales this weekend was a brilliant and a relaxing treat. But the more I relax the more I worry about the things I could be doing. I went and took some great shots but I have dust on my sensor and Im really pee'd off about that - any tips would be brillo but cheap tips if possible. I spent time with my M and FIL and we walked and discovered and rested. Picture is a close up of a beach groin. I love the colours in it, love Ellie sat on it too. And a night (non flash) shot of her reading in the caravan. I love her soooo much. Belle was happy to be just chilling out and having me without the distractions of the pooter or scrap supplies. I loved it but also I was pre-occupied with worrying about the close of the challenge and not being at home to do it right at the end. As far as I know, I have seen all the UK scrappers entries so all I have to do is get my mother to painstakingly sift through the finalists and pick a winner.
Mark is home on saturday - thank the lord. Little does he know that he has to help me pack a stupid amount of kits for Bonanza that I have no time to do. That will make for a great divorce if anything. Honestly girls, 2 weeks to prepare for 8 classes with 320 kits is no joke. My house is so tightly packed with the stuff they have sent me that if anyone wishes to come and view our house (still for sale) - they will definately not want to buy it in the state that its in. Sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and die. Still, I have some scrapping to look forward to when Belle is in bed. The smell of glue will while away all my sorrows until tomorrow, at least!
ETA - Lost is on tonight. Thats put paid to scrapping. Oh how i long to be high on adhesive fumes (its why I never use tape runners). I might just waft a bottle of diamond glaze under my nose whilt drooling over Sawyer. That or a Krylon pen and really do damge to my kidneys (have you read the warnings on a Krylon pen? - sheeeesh) xx
ETA (again) - Lost was BRILLO. Im on a man hunt for that Sawyer dude. He is mine. All mine. And Mark? You can stay putt in LA if I find him before Friday! Mwahahahahahaha

1 May 2006

Up to date entries - deadline over - we await the winner announcement

Here is the up-to-date list of all entries. As we had "last minuters" please allow us one week to make a final decision. This is almost an impossible task because I know some of you are supporting your freinds, some of you like a certain style, some like a journal based entry and some prefer just the picture or maybe the sentiment. I have had more e-mails this weekend stating why certian entries should be winners. I guess there are going to be some people not happy with the final decision. Its a really tricky po-sish to be in and I admit - I don't like it one jot!
The winner will be chosen on whose layout "speaks to us". And if yours didn't speak to us - it certainly made an impact because we have seen them all and I have tried to make comments where possible. If you do not see your name or link below - let me know by THURSDAY 4th May.
Its very tough to have whittled the entries down to 43. I can't even begin to let you know who they are - that would feel like that the other hundreds of entries were not good enough and boy - they all were and still are. I encourage you to take some time to look at many as you can. I have not made comments on all UKS but I have seen them all up until 23:46hrs tonight

All Uk Scrappers: Anna, Rena, Debbie, CathK, Annie, Wombat, Jules, Maria, Joanne, Sandie, Thersa, Michelle, ChrisG, Maureen, Suzie, Ali, Theresa, Sue, Ally16, Louse, Suzie, Gill, Flossie, Jen, Nicki, Clare, Lianne, Jeni, Paula, Lous, Paula, jem, Sarah, Cheryl, Debly, Hippo, Jo, Caz, Baylie, Ali, Suzanne, Tracies, Lousette, Sarah, little possum, Tracey, Keilie, Karen, Yizzy, Proudwickedfan, Nicki, Trish, Cath, Patricia, Elsesse, deedee, sarah, nikki, Hebe, sally, KateG, Jules, Taisce, Jay, Karlotta, Amelie, Edwina, Eva, Jaquelin, karen, Ruthy, Clare, michelle, peggie, scrapfairy, Sally, Kaylie, amber jane, Katie, soapy, dougie, cathyc, maddy, craftyprincess, Dougie, topcat, indigoniki, mimsie, fizzydrink, Ifa, elliebaby, proudwickedfan, lynz, lemon, katie, caster, tquarter, guinivere, monroe girl, ziggysmomma, jmx, amandah, yizzard, sandiev, noodle, jules m-f, culpepper, Laura Godfrey, Charly, Lainey, Betty, natbag, Emma Jane, Emnol, Kiwiscrapper, 2angels, tinasue, peechy, kelly, ajh, tullavilla, stikkachick, cait cait, caoline, laura, yorkiegirl, piglet, mystic clare, wakzak, pigglet, lalamuppet, erins in devon, panicmum, mumof4boys, donswish, kel, kellyg, chick, emanem, jo e, just me, lyzzydee, shellbean, maffiebabe, karina, barbaraj, Tanhiwa, soojay, coreysmum, weezie, jmw, scrapal, scrappynina, andypandy, doogle007, JakkiG, Sharon, Laura, Ally

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All Oz Bloggers: **Donna** **Lee** **Peta** **Ishirlz** **Chanel** **Meg** **Vivian** **Bec** **Franos** **e**
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