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26 Apr 2006

Scrap Yourself Challenge ends 30th April

Ok - Im updating the list of entrants today and to remind you this challenge cuts off on 30th April. I will announce the winner sometime next week as there are loads to fine tune and whittle down to one ultimate winner.

I want to tell you at this stage that if you layout or one of your favourites layout does not win - its not because its was not good enough. Ive not seen one bad entry.. this is very difficult for me. I have whittled my favourites down to 30 so far and then my mum is going to choose one. This seems only fair as I have lots of freinds who have entered and this way I will still be on their christmas card list! I have sponsorship from the Royal Mail for an overseas winner should she win and I have sponsorship from Sarahs Card Ltd for a British winner - should there be one!!

I have had plenty of emails stating why I should pick one particular layout and its so nice of you to be as excited as myself. I don't ignore these emails as you know and I have replied to you stating thats its going to be very hard - but exciting at the same time.

Other Stuff
I still have more Cali pics to edit and download so in the meantime - have this of my little Belle which I took at the weekend at the park in Garforth, Leeds. She spotted this beheaded daffodil and was distraught. She gets so upset that flowers die and even more sad at autumn time when the leaves fall.
Isn't she the most sensitive little thing you could ever wish to love?

24 Apr 2006

Catching up

Its so hard catching up after 2 weeks away from the house. Washing, orders, deadlines and phone calls to all and sundry. My beloved washing machine of 11 years is on its last legs and wouldnt unlock this morning. Somehow I managed to con the machine that it was about to do another cycle and hey presto - door opens and dripping wet clothes to be line dried ... first time this year I may add. God I love that smell of line dried clothes (minus bird plop on my fave pink t-shirt!)
Here are some pics of my trip between tid bits. Love the ones I took of mark - he has lost lots of weight out in Cali. He has been training and getting a brillo tan. He really hates posing for me but he has to get used to it becuase I bought my first studio kit today and backdrop for a princely sum of £500. Im going to start doing saturday morning shoots at home to gain more experience and build my photography skills up. Mark doesnt know it yet but we can kiss goodbye to the dining area of the house. That is until we move - which may not happen now. I think we are looking into extending the house and hopefully I can have my dream kitchen with a sloping roof and velux windows, a studio, a massive craft room and storage for the business. A girl can dream and Im sure we have a spare acre to do it in.
I got the new copy of "Scrapbooking in a weekend" of which an album of mine features. Launched by Becks fagg at Practical Publishing I also am quite shamefully plugging its release at WH Smith for £7.99. The album is dedicated to my father in law and his history - I really enjoyed pulling it together on a budget using his treasured photo in which he trusted me with. I don't think they actually "get" scrapbooking but it gave me hours of pleasure to do and I hope it passes down the family line with love and care.
Mark thinks my feet in Tom Hanks cemented foot prints is hilarious. I know this happens everyday outside the chinese theatre in Hollywood but to actually put your hands and feet in them prints is so much fun. I took snaps of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Cary Grant, Dean Martin and Doris Day. I must admit I sniffed a few tears back - it was too exciting to be there. But to be honest - Hollywood was not that fabulous darlings. Im told Beverly Hills is better - next time ey?
You see the picture of the old Ford? I love how the sun flare has shown up on it - this is the colour of the pans, toaster and kettle I want. I truly want a 50's style kitsch kitchen with black and white tiled flooring and a booth to house a table and chairs and lots of chrome. That yellow makes me smile. I took lots of shots of Buicks, Mustangs, Oldmobiles, Lincolns and Cadillacs for a fab layout I have planned on "All American Cars". If I ever move (!!) to America I seriously want a clapped out old Buick to drive about in. I really do. Then I will build it up to a bogged down Lincoln. Have you ever seen these cars close up? So damn sexy they are. You can keep your teeny sports cars and Mercedes. These babies do it for me. Of course the sexy chaufferness of Clint Eastwood or Sean Connery could be an optional extra ... naked to boot xx

23 Apr 2006

Pics of Californ ya

Ok some are here - not all. Dont wanna bore ya with 550 pics of stuff you might not get (I do but then again I am stwange) My travel journal is going to be soooooooooooooo coolio. Be sure to click on the pics for a better glimpse (I hate blogger for compressing pics into poo poo)

News by bullet points
*Something big is going off in the Wiseman house. Can't share it yet but its big and im not suffering from preggo-nitis. Will make a difference to us though. Im delerious about it.
*Can't decide whether to buy "Kirsty. Kapture. Kool" for photography site or "Kaptured by Kirsty" - HELP!
*Got some great shots of my cousin Emily this week - she is gorgous. I will post soon
*Cannot believe I got chosen as an effer #23 "pick" - so honoured
*Off to see "Take That" on friday with Jolene. I am freaking out about it and I want to be Lulu for the "Re-light my fire" stint
*Scrapped some good stuff in the US - will share soon
*Im starving - I need food and not one jaffa cake in the house. cry cry cry.
* 6 days left til the end of the Scrap Yourself challenge and so far I have 30+ favourites - eeeks
*Sue - I got you some Reeces Pieces from La La land - will post soon
*Missed you all so much. Too much.
*Bonanza in 3 weeks - how quick did that come around?
*So busy right now. I have to schedule bathroom breaks into my day.

Blah blah blah. And sleep.

22 Apr 2006

Home and Loved

I am home and I am loved. By this wee creature:

I will update lots of pics and gossip tomorrow. Thanks to Anna for picking me up at the airport and plying me with lemon meringue (after a hearty beans on toast!) Love you Bowkis nutters xx

19 Apr 2006

Ready for Home

Its such a lonely planet - it really is. I mean, Im having just a blast soaking up the Californian sun and taking the most amazing pictures (you will have to wait til I get back to the UK for those babies). I have this ache in my throat and heart and I know its Ellie. Ellie, Ellie, Ellie. And my phone calls to Anna and the security of my own home.

I took a walk down Venice beach last night on my own and got lost in the sound of the waves whilst watching sunset surfers and photographing silhouettes on the shore. I felt the tears welling in my eyes - its such paradise here. I met another photographer on the beach who lives local and he was showing me some great tips on how to photograph sunsets. I must say the shots I got are pretty amazing and I cannot wait to show you them. He asked if I was a little sad and I think it must have been written all over my face. Such a nice man. The Californians are just ultra friendly here - Ive always been made to feel welcome as I sit like a lost soul in cafes and bars. They seem to be magnetised by my posh english accent.

I got talking to this lovely couple at lunch yesterday and within half an hour I had taken his business card (mortgage lender - watch this space ladies) and the lady - Tina - offered to take me shopping in Beverly Hills. She said that I would love Armani as she dazzled me with the most massivest diamond bling on her ring finger. I laughed it off by saying that they might take a detour to some secluded spot and have me murdered for my measly $120. They took it on the chin with roaring laughter and whilst the invite was erm, inviting, I declined. Mark says Im too trusting and I took heed of his last words to me on sunday night.

I am sat in the Marriott hotel right now as the hotel I am in charge 49 cents a minute to use the net - the thieving sods. So I have snuck in here to update my blog. Its $259 a night here and Im not suprised. Its stunning. My hotel is across the street and at $97 is quite nice but not swanky. Plus this place lets you surf for free and print stuff out. I might have a go at printing war and peace - just for the hell of it. Mwahahahahahahahahaha.

I gotta go now - and soak up some more leathery skin inducing sunshine. I miss all of you so much even though you are a "dot com" away. Have I missed anything?

Adios my fine friends xx

16 Apr 2006

I did not know the Bronx was in LA

Challenge Update - please see 23d march for updates and links to artwork

Other Stuff
The bronx in New York has moved so conveniently to LA just as I stay. I am not kidding you - I AM IN THE BRONX. After teaching at the most amazing scrap venue in the world... Sweetpeas (more about that later) where mark came to meet me, we ventured downtown LA. When I booked my hotel online and bearing in mind I have never been here before I pretty much thought that a downtown location would be cool. Then I saw a post by Marja the other day who mentioned it was not a good idea. These things are best left to find out for oneself I thought (she was right - but let me explain. Booking downtown LA from the UK is like a person from the US booking Brixton and not knowing the area). We pitched up into a ghetto-like existence and I was worried. Mark was not a happy bunny either. The hotel itself is really nice - and Im not kidding. The lobby is impressive and the room is pretty good and clean.

Anyway, I went to get a couple of drinks and nibblies from two stores down and was met with tramps, hoodies and vagrants. How I can see you all smile with smugness - you rotters! Anyway, Mark and I went to Hollywood to check out the walk of fame, the Chinese theate and such like and check out some heart attack inducing cuisine. The food portions were immense and I felt dreadful leavng a chunk of food on my plate. We had a really good night out.

On the way back mark kept saying that I shouldn't really stay but a I was with him and it was late we should just sleep here anyay. I type from this room and we are about to vacate and head for a marine hotel in Santa Monica. Drama Drama Drama. But scrappable and thats what I like!

Oh well, at least the teaching at Sweetpeas was a success. What an mzing store. I want to be that store - its so quaint and full of yummo things and Im coming back in July to teach again. I taught my wee envelope book which went down a bomb. I met both Erin (so cool!) and Jeannine (so lovely) and the students Hope, Sabrina, Shelley, Alice and Kelly. The class was not booked to capacity as the locals tend to go away for their spring break but it was cosy and it was good fun with the lanuguage barrier!!! Plus I got to go shopping at the end and touch papers and lick ribbons and stroke other yumable scrumables.

Anyway I need to go and check out of this lovely hotel in poo poo location and head for Santa Monica. Oh the joys of travel my darlings. At least I will be safer and near the ocean of which I will be dipping my toe into today.

See y'all t'mara xx

Edited to add - this was meant to go on the blog yesterday but I saved it a draft - poeey! I am at my new hotel and its paradise. Its in Marina del Rey just shy of Venice and to the slight south of Santa Monica. I have this huge whopping bed to myself and its really hot here - I got a tan... yippy skippy. Mark and I went out for sea food last night and it just happened to be an "all you can eat buffet" for $26. We completely pigged out on food so exquisite I wanted to cry. And I had complimentry Bucks Fizz throughout the meal - I was somewhat sozzled. After dinner we went to the pier head at sunset. I am not kidding you but Mark has taken over the photography passion in our house and he got some great pics of me dippling me tootsies in the pacific with the sun setting. I swear I am going to have the best travel journal in the world. But he had to leave at 7.30 and I was really upset. We had had just a brilliant 48 hours. I went to bed at 8.30pm and slept through til 8.30am (must have been the ocean air that knocked me for 6). I have come into Santa Monica to go shopping and sight seeing in this blistering heat. I'll report back later my little love buckets xx

15 Apr 2006

La La Land

Challenge update - please see 23rd march entry for details and link to artwork. Please give me 2 days to update the entries list as I am on holiday in la la land.

Other news
Ok - I landed in LA to 75 degrees heat when all I had packed was wintry clothes. Great!. Emily met me at the airport with her beautiful daughter Ivy. I was so nervous becuase Ive been in awe of Em's work for a while now. This was akin to meeting Monet. After the starstruck moment I fell in love with them both instantly. She took me back to her home and where I met mick who is just as lovely. As much as I wanted to keep my eyes open they kept blinking hard and slow until Em mentioned we should visit sweetpeas and Michaels. I developed my second wind and went scrap shopping. Oh yes .... no sleep and scrap shopping makes for a great splurge on stash. We came home to a fabulous home made curry a little bit of scrapping. I created a yummo layout on zero sleep - this is obviously something Im going to have to look into in future. I gave in at 10pm (early compared to uk bedtime of 1am!!) with the sweet knowledge that Em and I were to meet Tara for lunch. Did I say that casually? I mean, how many fabulous Tara's do we all know?
Slept like a baby in princess Ivy's bed and arose in time to get ready for lunch minus a hairbrush (left that in cambridge) and had to use a doll size comb. Thank you Ivy!. Off we bobbed to Irvine to Scrapbook Oasis to meet Ms Whitney and her fabbo collection of gorgeous children. To actually meet this amazing woman was one thing but to have her welcome me with a warm hug was another. I got to meet mckenna first off and she is just a peach. Her other children were in the car watching a dvd but I got to meet them at the mexican restaurant we all went to eat at. Lets just say the kids (well, the boys - Drew and Nathan) liked to take the ride out of my english accent so in return I turned my eyelids inside out and made them hurl their lunch all over the table. mwahahahahahahaha.
Em and I came home to veg and play with Ivy. Ive taken some snaps but will post them when I get to the hotel as Im staying another night and we are supposed to be scrapping (how unusual) Im going to steal all of her creative brain cells tonight and make way for scrapworld domination.
See y'all xxx

10 Apr 2006

Crack Dens and Ho Houses

Lord of loo laaa's - what have I done? Well you gotta ask this question to yourself ...what does Kirsty normally do? She books a hostel and THEN discovers the reviews for all of them rating them from mediocre standards to crack dens and ho houses. I am freaking out for the wrong reasons this evening and Ive sat here and cried buckets. Im not risking it for a biscuit. I mean, Im adventurous and all but going on my own and ending up in the lair of some pimp and his hareem of "ladies of the night" does not appeal to me - so sod it. Ive lost one reservation due to my age,, cancelled another cos its rated as a crack den and now Im cranking up the Visa bill and stopping in a hotel - the historic mayfair in down town LA. Im so mad with myself - FFS. You may laugh all you want but don't forget who is going to Michaels for ribbon at 2p a metre - mwahahahahahahahaha.

9 Apr 2006

Boring Sundays and Challenge update

Challenge Update (for full details of the challenge with links to sponsors and artwork - go to the 23rd March entry!)
You girls astound me - everyday I get an entry or something related to this challenge. And don't you worry your pretty little botties cos I will be updating as we go along when Im in La La land. Im begining to fret over choosing a winner and I have to say now that each and every layout has played a significant part in this challenge and that is the wonder of YOU!. If you do not win it does not mean you were not good enough and I mean that so sincerely. What I will do is pass the jusdging to an unbiased judge (cos I know lots of the entrants!) and that way it will be fair and final. Believe me, I know whats its like to be in a competition thats judged unfairly. This challenge is completely fair but also very enlightening. So there!

Other Stuff
Nothing has happened today so a chance to catch up with admin etc.
Ive been tagged by the wubbly Ms Hafermann who has left me to fend for myself in this cold country for the rainier climate of Seattle. To appease this woman I have FINALLY answered her tag and then Im tagging Anna (Im so predictable). Annie - when you get back you bet your arse we are going to prepare big style for Bonanza.
Anna, Annie and I are teaching there this May and I cannot wait one more second because socially and teaching wise - its going to be so much fun-a-roo.
Taggy thingy-ma-jigginton-smythers:
Name: Kirsty Louise Wiseman (nee Kinroy) - family and freinds call me Kirky
Born: February 8th 1971 in Leeds, Yorkshire (and yes I make mean yorkshire puddings)
First Job: Waitress at age 14 at a crappo £1 an hour. I earned more an hour in tips.
Fondest Memory: Falling in Love (isnt it the best feeling next to newborn babies in your arms?)
Last thing purchased: 6 large easter eggs for £7 in asda (Im going to be soo fat)
Wearing at this moment: Black 3/4 sleeve blouse, knee length skirt and knee length boots (oh momma!)
Eye Color: Greeny grey brown (or purple if punched)
Fish, Chicken or Beef: Chick chick chicken. Fish stinks. Beef takes years to digest.
Movie: Hope Floats - it makes me cry and i love it sooo much
Sound Track: St Elmos Fire
Retreat: Bed, snoozing or under the stairs hiding from the world
Flower: Iris, camelia or simple daisy
Day of the week: Wednesdays (half way through - love em)
Indulgence: Jaffa Cakes

Pictures are of a CJ I am in at UK Scrappers. the CJ is all things English. So I emphasised on Tea - being our national and quintessential beverage. You cant see them but on the journalling I made tea stains with the cup to make rings - and it made some fine patterned paper (if you click on this pi you might just see them). It was really fun to do and of course is a passion of mine - drinking tea that is and I also collect....... **anorak alert** ........ minitaure tea sets as well as Enid Blyton books.

So now you know and you have the opportunity to avoid me at you leisure xx

OH! And please be empathic... Im going to LA laden with an empty suitcase to be filled with stuff from target and micheals and jo-anns. How will I ever manage? Mwahahahahahahaha

8 Apr 2006

Effers, cybercrops and Challenge update

Challenge Update (for full details of the challenge with links to sponsors and artwork - go to the 23rd March entry!)
We have received more yummable scrummables from Clever Cut and Scrapbook Sisters. The album that was sent by the latter is blummin fab plus all the bits from clevercut are a gorge treat to fill those wee corners of your stash loot. More entries are coming in from UK scrappers - I just know that there will be a flood on the last day which is 6pm 30th April. If you havent entered - why not? Please do consider if you are in a quandry. Think of the stash you could be winning!

Other Stuff
Effer dares #23 inspired me this week. I have a tonne of pics which I have of myself for various reasons or action shots or Ellie snapping or Mark wanting pics whilst he is away. So I sorted out the ones suitable for this challenge which was "Real Women....." and you add to how you see fit. Im totally cloning into Kristi from the effers with her love of green - I can't get enough of it. The dirtier the better. Why oh why didn't I start scrapping like this? It's so therapeutic and it doesn't matter if you make a mess - mess is good!
Additional to that we have a cybercrop going on at the Scrap Pad. I offered two classes for the clean and simple theme. Clean and simple for me is HARD - I like to chuck it on a page and see it in all it's glory. I did a layout using just scraps which I was really chuffed with but what I did enjoy was altering a tin which was Clares crop. Ok - the tin wasnt rectangle and large and OK I didnt use the prescribed ingredients but it did get me to alter a little prima tin I have been hoarding which I will fill with little sweeties for when I surfing (thats a lot of sweeties!)
Anna is sort of back on line - that woman is a walking der der brain. Loss of mobile phone, worm in the PC, viral arthritis, recovering from spinal operation - Jeeez girl, have a rest. She has gone out tonight and we promised we would cybercrop via webcam together.
I neeeeed company!!! Ellie's is great - don't get me wrong but I really need motivation from adult chat. Saying that she has been extra sensitive to me being a tad low. I get the best kisses from her. We went out last night for a meal at Franky and Bennys for total garlic overload and to see Ice age 2 - I absolutely howled with laughter - the wee squirrel/rat creature is just hilarious. I insist you go and see it - even if you have no kids.
Right, I gotta go. Ive a tonne of stuff to do, one deadline, 3 gazillion orders and a bottle of bud to crack open. wanna join me?
PS I had my hair done- I flippin love the cut - can you see me starting a trend or do you think I should put a bag on my head? My hairdresser didn't think I looked 12 this time, she said I looked 10. If my hair gets any shorter she will swear Im only 5 which means Ive got some really heavy crows feet for someone so young. Pass me the oil of Olay darling and some chemical peel.
Se ya t'mara

6 Apr 2006

So mcuh to do and challenge update

Challenge update (for full details of the challenge with links to sponsors and artwork - go to the 23rd March entry!)
I have received our first MEXICAN entry - how super duper luper ma-juper is that? That along with more UK scrappers pouring their hearts and souls onto yummo pages. Also the original Queen of BOM's - Angie Piederson has offered to donate a a signed book for the challenge too. Im quite flattered she offered such a personal prize - thank you Angie xx
Other News
Tommorrow should see A Trip Down Memory Lane upload their design team gallery. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed using this months kit - its fabulous. I have done 4 projects with one waiting for a title to be finished. I cannot wait to see what the other girls have done - exciting times.
More excitement from the Wiseman camp. Im doing 2 (poss 3) stints at three shops in LA - one called Sweetpeas and Snapshots (just go and have a look at their site - what they do for little girls tea parties is outstanding) and The Crop Circle are letting me head a make and take on the day I fly home. Ems and I are praying that The Scrapbook Oasis can fit us in for a sneaky hour or so where we can beaver away with stash and create wonders to drool over (i'll actually be in tow of Ems .. her stuff just blows me away!). Elsie just taught there last week. I might be able to scrape up some of her wisdom off the floor. Im so excited I keep having to blow into brown paper bags - so much so that the condensation will prevent them being made into mini books. But who cares - im trekking and scrapping in a one-er.... a scrappable event in itself.
Mark and I are gonna go total tack on the bling side of LA. Along Rodeo drive (a-la pretty woman), jump from letter to letter on the Hollywood sign, eat junk-a-roo, walk the walk of fame, take snaps of everything .. even the garbage - who cares. Im in LA!!!!! Im waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too excited. Im more excited than I was when I went to NY last year. And then I cried everytime I saw a familiar sign like 5th Avenue, Macys, Tiffany's, Bloomingdales - hell.. even Starbucks!! I cried at the top of The Empire State building when I heard Ella Fitzgerald singing 50's jazz, I cried at Grand Central Station and I cried when we went ice skating in Central Park - and it started to snow the second we stepped onto the ice. Im not sure I could get all romantical and weepy in LA ..... who knows. Perhaps Ill bump into Tom Cruise and be proud that Im actually taller than somebody (Ems is 5'10" - YURKS) Anyway. I need to plan my trip - thanks to those leaving tips on my comments. And no - im not doing a Micheals run for all of you. Im back packing remember.. NO ROOM for anything and Sue - I know you suggested making a belt with ribbons but I tell you........ NO ROOM!
**ps - photo is random photo from my stock. I was gonna do a layout about my zig pens on this months kit from ATDML but in the end I decided it was too cheese on toast! Too cheddary for words.**

5 Apr 2006

My Bro and challenge update

Ok - Challenge update - AGAIN!! (for full details of the challenge with links to sponsors and artwork - go to the 23rd March entry!)
I have loads of entries over the weeeknd and the links have been update below (23rd march). Also we have had some phenomenal prizes being sent in from Bubbly Funk, Crafty Pastimes, UK Scrappers (woooo!), Paperarts, Scrapkits (maya road stamps - delish) and I had the most huge-ma-roley box of goodies hand delivered from Kym at Stamp Galaxy when I was at the retreat this weekend. Kym - it was an absolute joy to meet you, it really was. And your mum and daughter, what a treat xx I swear - whoever wins this prize is in for a stash-a-roo of stashness. You will need a bigger house and suddenly you will have loads of new freinds (including me).

Other Stuff
Ok - Im off to LA. You know that, I know that and my bank account is groaning about it! Any US ladies know the climate this time of year? (hubs is in Obispo, CA, 5 hours NE of LA and he says its raining non stop). Im stopping with Ems for two nights, with mark who is going AWOL for just Saturday - we are gonna do the tacky hollywood thing - cant wait) and then - oh my god... im so scared but so excited about this but Im stopping in a hostel for 3 nights in Venice (USA, not Europe darlings!). So why not stop in a hotel? Well, Im on a tight budget as initially the trip was to go and spend time with hubby in his chalet on Camp Roberts (for free) so now I have to re-shuffle as Mark has Top Brass visiting and its just so vulgar to have wifies out on the base during top cheese visits. Poo! So Im totally slumming it in a hostel and will SCRAP the hideousness of the showers and toilets. I so want to discover for myself what I should have done in my teens/twenties. This is going to me finding myself and soaking up the plasticdom of LA. Where shall I go, what shall I see, what do I avoid? I am freaking right out about it - and Ill post from LA internet cafes whilst slurping buckets of Star Buck's buzz juice armed with my machette, sawn off shotgun and cool oakley shades (in an attempt to blend in).
Im keeping my feet on the ground right now though as Im looking after my nephew today who is ill. so sweet - he hasn't nattered me for anything and is sat on the sofa all bunched up with blankets, PSP's, DS's and his CD player. Oh and the jam pan for incase he vom's again. I just love the smell of that in the house.
BTW - LO is of my brother. Was supposed to be a CK compo entry but I missed the flamin deadline cos I was just too darn busy and freaking out over LA and work stuff and being with ellie after the weekend. So you can have it.
Keep your entries coming girls - I haven't lost sight of your potential xx

4 Apr 2006

Kan Kalifornia Kut Kirsty?

Lord of loo laaaa's - Im flying out to California next week. What was supposed to be a rendezvous with DH (out there on Army manouvres) has now turned into back packing delights for Kirsty. I am freaking right out because the ticket would have been wasted if it wasnt for Miss *e* (Emily Falconbridge ...... cool cool cool). Ive got myself some hostels to book into and Im packing my back with basic clothing and my trustee camera plus supplies from Art from the Heart - namely Blonde Moments papers to guest teach with Ems in LA and stay at her gaff for a few days too. How mega funko cool-a-rama is that? Never done a hostel though - need advice on avoiding being mugged or dealing with horrible nasties left in the shared facilities. Im 35 years old and travelling to LA on my own ..... yikesvilles. But I swear Ill do it - I did 9 years in the RAF, I can do anything. And Im so looking forward to meeting Bette Midler as we go for Botox and a tache wax down Rodeo Drive darlings xx
Also ladies - espesh UK ladies - Em's and I are teaching at Cotswold Keepsakes on 30th September. One morning session and one afternoon session. Come and book a place through my email or on UKS - £25 gets you inspiration so concentrated that you will wonder if we have undercharged you. I promise you will leave with something different, something fabbo and something spesh. Be with like minded scrappers and enjoy a day full of belly laughs and creativity. We will even chuck in a danish and coffee plus you get the delights of Joys cavern of scrap supplies to browse through whilst there. Limited spaces so book as soon as you can. A small deposit secures your place and I wll discuss this privately by email. xx
Edited to add - please go and support Donna Downey on her "arrest". The bail is set to $3000 and its all for a charity so dear to my heart - Muscular Dystrophy. This is a charity that funds into research for persons suffering with muscular conditions - rather like my poor Ellie Bee. Except my Ellie has no certain type of Muscular Dystrophy - its so rare they can't pinpoint any similarities to the types they have discovered so far. And my darling freind Roz bought those daft eyelashes and paid ap rincely sum of £13 to the charity too. thanks Roz - you are so generous and yes, I will scrap them xx

3 Apr 2006

Im Baaaaaack and Challenge Update

Challenge Update (for challenge details, links to sponsors and artwork - see 23rd March)
Ive been away for a few days and still your work comes in!! Its so wonderful and I have been sat in tears with a couple of the last entries - wow. Who need books when short phrases tell a story? Its wonderful. I was waaaaaaaaaay too excited for words when I had found out from my luvvly freind Jen that Tara Whitney had submitted her entry - have you seen it? Its a thing of beauty and of course my fave photographer in the world just sits too pretty for my liking!! Click on here name above and check it out for yourself.

Other News
Have I just had the weekend of all weekends this weekend? You bet your shiny butt I have. Ive just spent it here . Too beautiful to scrap in but somehow I managed to do 7 pages and teach a class. In 48 hours I had 10 hours sleep - it was too fabulous to go to bed and the company was outstanding. Debbie at Scrap Magic (who org'd the event, sure knows how to keep a manic scrapper happy).
Getting there was half the fun and I had to resort to ringing Anna from the loo's in a service station off the A3. I have been advised to get Sat Nav but at £200 a pop - think of the stash I could be navigating instead. I got there and threw open my jaw in awe.....stunning. I spent most of my time in the company of Lolly. She is just the best thing that has happened to me in the space of a few weeks. Isnt she a doll? She created some astounding layouts - Im going to steal her ideas in my bid to take over the world. I took lots of photos there to practice my photography skills and hopefully the girls approve. I had to throw this one in - these are the gutter girls. I have never laughed so hard and so loud in all of my life. If Im coming for anything next time - Im coming to sit in the company of these 5. They are BONKERS.
Please also allow me to show you my layout I did of left over sausages and mash with added mayonaisse and chives. My mum used to kill me for playing with my food and Im sure Debbie disapproved but hell - I had fun! I call it "Meaningless Morsels". Come on, go with me - Im trying to be cool.

Im also totally behind on Rhonnas Challenge but I aim to catch up. And I cant show you the work I did this weekend as its mag and design team work but I did have some wickedly fabulous news today. Ive been offered a photography slot on The Scrap Book Magazine which I also hear has landed top sales again! The mag made a few nip and tuck changes last month along with the new Editor Natalie O'shea taking hold of the reigns. The Scrap Book Magazine has a 15 strong design team allowing good rotation of submissions with some girls arriving from the fold of Scrap Magic. Its just dreadful that some of my favvo mags have gone however at least the talent remains to be still seen in other monthlies despite this.
On my way back from the retreat I stopped at Anna's for such a brillo girly night of chat. Her naughty hubby gave me a book on Cockney Rhyming Slang (but the rude version). I thought that I had laughed my last breath at Scrap Manic but no. Somehow I managed to squeeze the last of my laughter out and I sure miss that Anna when Im not with her xx

I promise to update the links to more artwork in the morning and reply to all your e-mails(including Ms Piederson - you are next!!) but now I must re-charge my laugh batteries and check that my bladder can still hold its own after all the excessive outbursts and hysterics.

see you all t'mara
ps: Love to Sally .. you are in my thoughts, lil miss two tone girl xx