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31 Mar 2006

Retreat and Challenge Update

Challenge Update (for links to artwork, details of challenge and sponsors - see 23rd march entry)
I keep receiving more and more entries but sadly time is lacking this week. I will post your entries upon my return on Monday. Ive had some very moving layouts and some incredibly poignant layouts too - you are all just so wonderful. Youare all just "YOU" **Waves**.

Other News
I am going away to a retreat in Surrey this weekend. Think manor house, think scrapping, think fun. Im so looking forward to meeting up with girls I have seen about UK Scrappers. Im also looking forward to teaching my infamous minilope book class. I hear this is on Sunday morning at 0830am ......????? What happened to lie ins and breakfast in bed? Its a 4 hours drive so dont ask me why im only half packed, house smelling of burned chocolate, Rhonnas challenge half done and Ellies bag to pack to go to her nannies. I am in need of this break, i cannot tell you how much but I intend to go wild and scrap like a baboon on a major trippy.

Im also very sad to see Creative Scrapbooking has folded. My lovely friend Anna is a regular contributor as was Paula (another one of my scrappo faves). Completely nothing wrong with the mag at all which is sad really but also reflects on the sign of the times. I can't bear to see them dealing with the aftermath of this event. People should let these girls deal with this in a dignified manner. Gonna miss that maggo xx

On a lighter note I went for a swedish massage today with my mum. I went in first and was chatting away to the young lassy and said that I bet you a pound that my mother falls asleep and snores. Both Ellie and I love being massaged and I bully mark into doing my shoulders now and again - but this was heaven as she really got rid of the knots and tension. And yep - I was right. Mum fell asleep and was snoring. She soooo needed that luxury.

Ill upload Rhonnas challenges on Monday - allowing me time to catch up. And for those making comments on mine... I do bob along to your blogs to see them but don't often get the time to comment on them all. You are all too sweet xx

28 Mar 2006

Hooked on Art Journals and Challenge Update

Challenge Update - (please see 23rd march entry for artwork links and details)
Oh did you see Donna Downeys entry for the challenge? Wasnt it fabbo and girly funky foo la-laaaaaa. I love it and her blog entry today was hilarious. I can picture her as she has so much fun writing her blog entry with the funny stories and quips about her amazing creative life. Love her too much. And then my funko yoga dreadlock Oz queen freind (Miss *e*) created something equally as delish but with her usual grunge and cool style - this girl rocks and may I remind you - COMING TO THE UK TO TEACH IN SEPTEMBER. Who is coming? Come on - just who wants to come in September. Let me know. We also had our first Canadian entries today - yahooooo ... thought these girls were boycotting us but they sure made up for the wait with their artwork.... Im grateful and stunned xx

Other Stuff
So Rhonna has the world captivated. Ive dug out my Zig pens and finally going to give them an airing they dreamt of being used for. Ive not finished day two yet becuase my mummy bear has come to stay to keep me cumpo and Ellie adores having her here. Its half past midnight and once this blog-a-roo has been uploaded Im off to create summink delish (**Edited to add - here it is....but it is best viewed if you click on it to go larger. Midnight scrapping is fun!!**). The whole 21 day thing she has started is about breaking habits. Mine is not necessarily breaking a habit - its about making one. My little girl suffers so hard with her condition that its almost impossible to make her happy 100% of the time. She takes life so seriously becuase of the difficulties she has (but thats not to say we dont have fun). So Im thinking of ways to make a wee "ode" to her - to prove that even if 21 days won't work - Im gonna do all i can in that book to get the feelings down and what I hope to do and hope she will do - is to bring some joy through pictures and illustration and ride this wee journey together. Its very hard to explain but I think my freinds know what I mean. Ooooh the things I have swimming in my head right now.........

Also had to upload this picture of the 3 wacko podcasters from Saturday night. We are not mean gangster hoodies all the time - we are quite refined normally however the dark circles under our eyes proves that we are not able to deal with late nights and crazy tomfoolery. Still we managed a smile and Im feeling much better today. Thanks to all my lubbly freidns who ring me up to cheer me up and give me a slap about the face - thats Anna, Annies, Sue and CJH xx PS - Im not a midget .... Sue is really tall, Anna the back cripple is on a chair and im kneeling down in a pot hole xxxx mwahahahahahha

27 Mar 2006

Home Again and Challenge Update

Challenge Update (for details of challenge and links to artwork and sponsor, see 23rd March entry)
Ok - I think the world must have seen Ali Edwards blog by now. Can that girl create or what? I didn't have great access to my e-mail this weekend and it wasn't until I noticed a blog comment from Heather that she said I should check out Ali's blog. Not only is her page just perfection but she also fought our corner girls - she encourages you to scrap yourself along with Rhonna and Cathy and Renee. Its far too exciting for me to contain myself. So do as they say - and scrap yourself. remember there is a huge prize for the winner and the destination of that prize could even be you - Mrs blog reader of New Zealand perhaps???!!

Other News
Oh this weekend was just the ticket by form of relaxation, spending time with Ellie and great company at Anna's. Ellie wore her hair down all weekend - look at her curls (but do feel sorry for me cos brushing them is HIDEOUS work!!). Our friend Sue-baru popped up too for the podcast which I know you are all dying to hear but I think Anna may have lost it because her PC has got a deathly virus. Our only saving grace is that we hope to find it on her website which she uploaded it to (although does not support) The podcast itself was so funny. We geared ourselves up with beer and "Big Bro, taking over the show" - have no idea who sang it but it was so funny we truly developed an attitude and had piccies taken with our hoodies - I look so hard in a pink hoody.. infact I look like I need a good nights sleep. This is just so funny to look at - 3 thirty somethings acting like 15 years olds... class!! I have not laughed so hard for ages and all this stemmed from questions you gave us after we asked you to ask us something on both Anna's and my blog at the beginnning of the month.

We also took the kids to the fair and the park - allowing us to get snap happy with the cameras. I have to say Im not impressed with Apperture priority on the camera right now so excuse the non Tara Whitney style photos and make do with Kirsty Wiseman specials. Ellie had a ball at the park and took practically an hour to eat her ice cream. Saying that I had fun chomping mine and tried to show the kids how its really eaten. And would you believe the chocolate flake was out of date? - I hope cadburys are proud of their customers supplying naff chock to unsuspecting consumers. But what fun in the park we had - I even joined in on the swings and slide and climbing frame but did come a little stuck on the monkey bars and I now ache from head to toe.

I aso attended Anna's crop in Huntingdon and did some serious scrap-a-roo but I cant show you the work as its for A Trip Down Memory Lanes design team. Boo hoo. But I can show you my take on Rhonnas "day 1 of her new 21 day challenge". I got my teeth stuck into this after a problem getting to the post office this afternoon. I had two important bits to get out today but failed to arrive on time because of a stupid argos delivery van parking across the exit of our cul-de-sac. I have been in a foul mood all day and am so sensitive right now. Maybe something to do with hubby not organising a mothers day card for Ellie to give to me nor a phone call from California to wish me happy mothers day and perhaps thank me for being a mum to Ellie. Fortunately, thankfully and gratefully, Anna's hubby had bought me some roses, chocs and a card on Ellies behalf whilst we were cropping but still................ Actually, pretty glad I used red on my art journal this afternoon. It allowed the anger to drain from my soul and onto the red pen I was colouring with. **Good tip for the furure, my lovely artistic freinds!!**

25 Mar 2006

Slumming it in Cambridge and Challenge Update

Challenge Update
The challenge details are in the next entry below. I have added to the artwork contributions from Australia and Germany tonight. Also Scrapbook Central have offered a prize for the winner - see the link in the next entry. Also - I was so suprised that Rhonna Farrer had given the challenge another mention on her blog for the 24th March. This girl is such a wizzy wizzo and so much fun.... you gonna do her 21 day challenge too? I am.

Other News
Im in Cambridge right now visiting Anna and her fabbo family. Sue-baru has come too and we are just this minute sending the kids off to bed with a DVD of Charlie and the Chocko factory then we are recording our podcast-a-roo. We spent the day at the park and funfair with the kids taking gazillions of photos and the fresh air has knocked me out. Im innebriated, Anna is knackered and Sue is aghast at the thought. Bring it on I say! We will post the podcast later and Im deffo not doing it live - it will have to be edited and expletives removed post haste.
Ive no pictures to upload as Im at anna's. Oh sod it, i'll go and look for a random photo on google. hang on......... Yes this!!!! - its funny and so for me and Anam to laugh at ourselves about (my Typo's are worse than hers !!)
Ill post park and funfair piccies tomoz xx

23 Mar 2006

Effer Dares and Challenge Update

Challenge Update:
More work came in today and Ive managed to find out how to move the 10th March entry to here (just to refresh you and save you scrolling down). Im still pretty much hyped up about all of this - do stay in touch and also try and link to the artwork entered and support them by leaving comments on their blogs or in their galleries. If you visit the homepage at tomorrow there will be a piece about thsi Scrap Yourself challenge. Uk Scrappers has almost 12,000 members - that one heck of a community!! I took delivery today from Scrapgenie (link below) - they have sent the MOST MASSIVE selection of papers for the prize - im so envious of who the winner will be xx

Sponsors to the prize donations are these shops on the name to take you to the shop:
Bumblebeecrafts Scrapbook Lady Artbase Crafty Pastimes A Trip Down Memory Lane Scrappers Paradise Ribbon Mad Scrap Canvas Dies to Die for Practical Publishing ScrapajackUKScrappers Clevercut Stamp Galaxy Scrapitude Scrapability Carolinez Crafts Sarahs Cards Paperarts Canny Crafts Just a Memory Pape Maze Willow Tree Crafts Scrapbook Sisters The Scrapbook Shed Hobby Horse Crafts Rubbadubbadoo Scrapagogo Flutterby Designs Scrapkits Scrapgenie Art from the Heart Scrapperdashery Scrapbooking Castle Bubblyfunk Scrapbook Central Angel Crafts Angie Piederson

Challenge Rules: All you have to do - even if you are shy, is scrap a picture of yourself on a 6x6 page (we say this becuase some of you may be a little scared - but any size will do). Tell yourself/your kids/your family about you in a short yet expressive phrase - show me YOU! You might want to scrap like my version entitled "I am a Mother" or "I am a Woman" .. you choose what you like as long as its about you. Add doodles and Primas if you can too! Email me at to enter a link to your work and i will then post the link below. Comp closes 30th April 2006. Winner to feature in The Scrapbook Magazine as part of an Article amongst chosen artwork of other entrants

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Those who have completed the challenge are here (click names to take you to their work)
All Uk Scrappers: Anna, Rena, Debbie, CathK, Annie, Wombat, Jules, Maria, Joanne, Sandie, Thersa, Michelle, ChrisG, Maureen, Suzie, Ali, Theresa, Sue, Ally16, Louse, Suzie, Gill, Flossie, Jen, Nicki, Clare, Lianne, Jeni, Paula, Lous, Paula, jem, Sarah, Cheryl, Debly, Hippo, Jo, Caz, Baylie, Ali, Suzanne, Tracies, Lousette, Sarah, little possum, Tracey, Keilie, Karen, Yizzy, Proudwickedfan, Nicki, Trish, Cath, Patricia, Elsesse, deedee, sarah, nikki, Hebe, sally, KateG, Jules, Taisce, Jay, Karlotta, Amelie, Edwina, Eva, Jaquelin, karen, Ruthy, Clare, michelle, peggie, scrapfairy, Sally, Kaylie, amber jane, Katie, xJust Mex, natbag, soapy, dougie, cathyc, maddy, craftyprincess, Dougie, topcat, indigoniki, mimsie, fizzydrink, Ifa, elliebaby, proudwickedfan, lynz, lemon, katie, caster, tquarter, guinivere, monro girl, ziggysmomma, jmx, amandah, yizzard, sandiev, noodle, jules m-f, culpepper, Laura Godfrey, Charly, Lainey, Betty, natbag, Emma Jane, Emnol, Kiwiscrapper, 2angels, tinasue, peechy, kelly, ajh, tullavilla, stikkachick, cait cait, caoline, laura, yorkiegirl, piglet, mystic clare, wakzak, pigglet, lalamuppet, erins in devon, panicmum, mumof4boys, donswish, kel, kellyg, chick, emanem, jo e, just me, shellbean, maffiebabe, karina, barbaraj, Tanhiwa, soojay, coreysmum, weezie, Ally

All US Bloggers: **Kate** **Missy** **Christi** **Cathy Zielske** **ReneePearson** **Marci - HOF 2006 HM!!!!** **Kari** **Rhonna Farrer** **Maggie** **Krista Effer Girl!!** **Rani** **kirsty - cool name huh?!!** **sarah** **ashlee** **Julie-Ann** **kim** **Sue** **kris** **Tara Whitney** **Marsha** **Donna Downey** **Ali Edwards** **Jennie** **susan** **Katie** **Angie - HOF 2006 Winner!!** **Lisa** **Kelly**

All Oz Bloggers: **Donna** **Lee** **Peta** **Ishirlz** **Chanel** **Meg** **Vivian** **Bec**

All UK Bloggers: **Annie** **Kimmy** **Jakii** **Nicola** **Sally** **Jennie** **Tracey** **Anam** **Karen - my adopted scrap morma!!** **emma** **debra**

All Netherlands Bloggers: **Anita** **corinne**

All Finland Bloggers: **Susanna**

All Swedish Bloggers: **Zarah** **Karin**

All New Zealand Bloggers: **Sharon** **Cheryl** **Trina** **Lianne**

All German Bloggers: **Andrea** **Rikki** **Monika** **Selana** **Anja** **Luna**

All Singapore Bloggers: **Jasmine**

All French Bloggers: **Carinne**

All Norwegian Bloggers: **Gudrun** **Anne** **Lene** **Tove**

All South African Bloggers: **Sophia**
All Mexican Bloggers: **Chelsea**
All Candian Bloggers: **Gem** **Leigh**

Other News
Ive been waiting for the effer dares to come out - its completely right up my street by way of thinking outside the box and outside my comfort zone. Kristi - tell me when you gals are setting your next dare ... im too excited almost to the extent of developing an attitude.

Im also slumming it at Anna's this weekend - you girls HAVE to get your questions into us for the podcast (our homage to Cathy Z and Donna D). We have lots but we want lots more. Ask us anything you like and we will answer. The dafter the better!!!.

Also I have some tres excitable news for the girls in the UK who is a fan of this girl here - Lady *e*. Come September she is coming over to the UK to do a guest teach at a location in the Cotswold area along with myself. This will be an opportunity to take onboard some altered scrapping with lots of grunge and style. There are limited spaces - 15 for the first 4 hour session and 15 spaces for the last 4 hour session. These will be announced soon - keep an eye out on here and UK scrappers. Im too excited about that and Em is totally stoked up too.

Ok ladies, keeping you abreast of the Eyelash Extensions - ok...its gone up to £13. Hardly "ming vase" but still my Ellie's charity will benefit from even one penny - no matter xx

And lastly - can I just say a masso thanks to the girls buying the "everyone's totally (s)crapping themselves" apparel. I hope to get mine before I go to scrapmanic next weekend.

See ya t'mara xx

22 Mar 2006

Cup o' Rosy and Challenge update

Challenge Update (for comp details and links to artwork - go to 10th march entry)
Ok we got our first Kiwi and South African entries today plus 2 more from Norway (Are these girls hiding from us - I never knew there were so many great scrappers!). Had 3 more shops wanting to donate prizes and they are Bubbly funk, Scrapbook castle and Scrapperdashery. The links can be found on the 10th March entry. Keep all your work coming in Ladies - remember scrapping isnt always about {them} - its also about {you} xx

Other Stuff
I do love a good cup of rosy lee (tea - to all of you who dont know cockney rhyming slang). This tea service is actually a minitaure set and I dragged it out of my fancy-things cabinet to make a picture for a CJ due out on Monday. The book I have is from a girl who works with Dyan at Art from the Heart and her subject is "Quintessentially British". Whenever we go to cutesy little twons and villages there is nothing more I like than to go into a cafe and have tea and scones. Ellie thinks she is so important when we have occasions like this but she much prefers coffee. I also took a picture of how one is supposed to drink tea - with crooked little fingers and all. BUT!! I had the shock of my life as I came to review the pictures on the computer - my hands look so old. Im going to treat my wee mitts to some TLC and a dunk in some hot wax.
The bonkersness that is E-BAY has our hopes for a charitible donation with a difference. They have gone up to £11. I know most of the bidders are my freinds in disguise - you are just too kind and you know how dear this charity to us....Im so thankful. I have also set up the t-shirts that so many of you asked me about. Go to my cafe press shop (I know - Ali Edwards launched one on the same day - it is a sheer coincidence!!!! But look further down and you will know I had this on the cards!!) Click HERE to see the mega funko T's and bits. Again, profits from the sales will go to Muscular Dystrophy. xx

21 Mar 2006

More prize deliveries and Challenge update

Challenge Update (For comp details and links to artwork see 10th March entry)
More entries came into today from UK scrappers (as always). I had to showcase this one from KatieM. She did such a poignant layout about herself and this one - which I think is FABULOUS!! Like my freind Anna - I would need a double layout for my butt let alone a 8x11..... this girl has got attitude! More entries from Norway again, Germany again and the USA. I love to view them all before anyone else .. thats my only selfish priveledge and I make sure I comment on all your luscious work! More deliveries came in today for the prize fund. I had some cracking papers from The Scrapbook Lady, a fabbo kit from Scrapitude and some scrummy 8x8 papers and bellies from The Scrapbook Shed (links to all of our sponsors are on the 10th March entry). So much fun todayxx

Other Stuff

Ok the e-bay eyelash escapade has gone utterly bonkers. This was totally anna's idea and I did it to test a theory - that is, people will be so kind and go to extreme measures for for charity! Last I looked (11pm tonight) it was up to £8. Lord only knows how crazy e-bay is. Did you ever hear of the guy that was selling a £1 coin and he got a fiver for it? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. Anna and I are still frantically trying to organise the podcast for saturday night. Between us we are having a bit of a hard time so I begged Anna to ask CZ how she did hers. All well and good came the reply - but we don't use freakin Macs. So any tips for Windows XP, a microphone and free hosting sites would be appreciative ... and I beg you again to ask those burning questions for Anna, Subaru and myself. Im totally wired up for this podcast number - you have never heard a more common yorkshire accent in all your life. Im not at all posh like Queen Anna. Im as common as muck.
Love this pic I took of Belle after her bath tonight - she is so much better and I thank you for all your support about her well being. I love this little girl with so much passion - I just wanna squish her up and squidge her puddings out. I do love her little rosebud lips which look to plump and red (no photoshop enhancement I may add) - so sweet and kissy wissy.

Bye y'all xx

20 Mar 2006

Sick baby and challenge update

Challenge Update (For comp details and links to artwork see 10th March entry)
So lovely to see a Norwegian entry today plus another German scrapper giving this a whirl. I encourage you to have a look at everyones work when you geta spare hour (links on 10th march entry)!! So many scrummo layouts and all as endearing as the other. We have another scrapping favourite pledging their support tonight - from no other than Ali Edwards! Keep a look out for her entry on either here or her well-utlised blog - Im too excited for words about that, she is a legend xx
Other Stuff
Belle was not a well baby today. I sprung up to the sound of the alarm and tried to rouse her and she was not having any of it. I again shook her gently and called to her to get up for school. NADA! Ellie has never feigned an illness nor does she play dead but from feeling her forehead (cold and sweaty) I knew it was one of "her" days. Ellies "days" have gone from once every week, to every two weeks, to every three and so on since she was 2 years old. Now she gets them once every three months. nobody knows why she has them but I think its growth spurts. Her body completely shuts down and all she can do is sleep with a cold sweat. Her face goes sallow and she has sunken eyes and then - by mid afternoon - Zippidee Zing!!! Ellie, my baby, is back to life. All grown and ready for milk and a hamble samble (ham sandwich!!) Then more milk, then crisps, then more hamble sambles. She can have pretty much whatever she likes on days like this - cos Im so glad when she is zippidee doo daaaa xx
CK HOF 2006 was announced tonight - iIdont know any of the winners but Im so pleased for them. Apparently we get to hear the audio's of the calls on Friday - that should be good. Full of "You are kidding" "is this a joke" and "oh my gods". Wish I was one of those lucky gals - what an honourxx
**ETA - Go and check THIS out - if anything come of it and it is all in good fun, I will donate all the money to Muscular Dystrophy (a cause dear to our hearts).. thanks to anna for the suggestion - so much fun and frivolity in this house**

See y'all tomozters
PS - Thanks to Anna and Jo for gee-ing me up tonight. Loves ya

19 Mar 2006

Maya Road-tastic and challenge update

Challenge Update (for comp details and links to artwotk - see 10th march entry)
Sundays are pretty low key in the Wiseman household but not today. Loads of emails and comments on this blog has kept me busy with links to more work in Australia, France and the US. Lovely Laura Solomon has been in touch and has promoted the challenge on two peas - hopefully we shall get some more girls scrapping themselves. I have noticed that with the US scrappers, they are pretty much more keen to scrap themselves but lets not forget it is the USA that has set the trend for all things scrappy and they do it with flair!. I guess the Brits are flagging somewhat - but I must add that the UK scrappers (end everyone else for that matter) artwork so far has been exceptional. Keep your work rolling in ladies xx (and gents - who knows!!)
Other Stuff
Man alive - I got a delivery today - I know.....SUNDAY!!! The Royal Mail around here are slacking big style on deliveries and whilst I should be angry how could I with this baby? I ordered these hunka chunka's from my wee matey Sue. I am a big flowerette of a scrapper and Im not sure if I want to use them. The tin is too cute and they look heavenly placed dreamily in the tin. I might just lick one later, stroke them shortly after and then savour the smell before I atempt to ink them.

Also - Eyelash extention warning!!!! On 16th entry (below) I raved about having my lashes extended. I really wanted to cheer my tired eyes up with these babies and was told they last a good while. Anyway, I was reading a photoshop maggo last night in bed when I felt someting touch my cheek. I totally freaked out and screamed thinking it was a spider only to see a cheeky little extension drop on the duvet. I don't know how I didn't manage to rouse Ellie nor have the neighbours banging on the wall (come to think, I screamed quiet freakishly that I still havent the "are you ok" nor the police come and check on me. I could have been murdered in my bed for all they care come to think - gah!). I proceeded to pull all extensions off as I didn't want to carry on with one eye looking not as symmetrical as the other. Man they wrecked pulling them off and I took a pic tonight to show you. All in good fun - expensive fun, anyway.
Also tried getting more pictures of Ellie today. Those who know me will know how hard it is for us to get a picture of Ellie with her eyes open - even without the flash. Today I conquered and ok, she isnt smiling but I am and Im as happy as a pig in muck xx Actually shortly after this picture today she got really upset and said to me "Why do you always want pictures of me, mum?". As a scrap fanatic on the look out for projects to do and the need to capture every emotion of my darling daughter for my albums - I couldnt relay it at great length and bore the pants off her into the bargain. All I could come up with, in a way only she could understand, was "Because I just love you Ellie". She was cool with that. And then we went to Kentucky Fried Heart Attack for some grease and fun xx

18 Mar 2006

Todays goings on and Challenge Update

Challenge update (see 10th march entry for comp details and artwork)
So much has been pouring in from the girls on UK Scrappers and it looks like the word has spread to scrappers in France and South Africa (they are currently on the case with their artwork as I type!) I had my first entry from Singapore (see 10th March entry) too ...way exciting.
Also, **FREAKING OUT ALERT**- Emily Falconbridge
(Missy *e*) got in touch yesterday ... this girl is uber cool-a-riffic. Infact she was the girl that inspired my Effer Dare #20 (see below). So much fun that was. Anyway, after discussing a little something exciting which might take off in September she also agreed to make a wee piece of artwork to raise the profile a little. Love her already xx Have also received prize donations from Willow Tree Crafts and Scrap-a-Jack - too yummy to give as prizes so I have shoved in my scraproom. Aaaaah, just kidding witch-ya xx
Other Stuff
Feet! You gotta love 'em or hate 'em but either way - they are a part of you. I take care of my tootsies and am quite proud of them but they is a summer accessory more than anything else and in winter they get badly neglected by socks and boots. As the compo ends in 42 days I didnt want the girls to loose motivation with starting their BOM's. So I set them a wee side challenge to help them build up their personal profile. They can choose either feet or hands (I know a lot of girls hate their feet). But with a bit of scrubbing, filing, polishing and loving they can look like my lil size 4's (Size 37 europe) - so small, are they not? This is the picture I am going to scrap tonight and divulge why these little planters serve me so well. Plus I got to show off my party shoes that only get an airing once a year xx

Mark flew off to California yesterday for 7 weeks, Ellie and I are all alone :( We are used to being by ourselves with him living away at base during the week (he is in the army, we live in Wigan and he lives in Salisbury, 230 miles apart!). It felt so strange this morning not having him around. He rang me at stupid o'clock to tell me he had arrived safely. He is 8 hours behind - you can imagine I was not best pleased. So Ellie and I have the house to oursleves - woooohooooo! Party, party, party. Well, sadly, Ellie does miss her Dad and with me trying to do two roles at once just aint gonna be much fun so I am looking for a Mark substitute - anyone know David Beckhams phone number? ps - Do you like this logo for t'shirts? So cool!
**Get scrapping those tootsie ladies and show me your varying shades of polish**

17 Mar 2006

whats happening with the Challenge so far?

Challenge Update (- details for challenge is on the 10th March entry with links to artwork submitted)

Well we have our first German entry - Im hoping to get le francoise on the case (to be fair we have had a french woman enter but she is based in the uk and add to that a UK based south african lady too) . Just found out we are being watched by ladies on an Asian scrapbooking forum - WOW!!! Now the far eastern ladies know Art ... Im afraid of how mind blowing their stuff will be. Am I prepared for art overload? Oh yes - all you girls have styles you can call your own and deservedly so. PS: we have a Hall of Fame 2006 honourable mention girl in the comp too! **EDITED to add that the scrummy Ms Rhonna Farrer has completed the challenge in the only way we could come to expect right HERE Also darling Klala (effer girl) has supplied artwork (waiting for the link) and Wendy Smedley (Editor of Simple Scrapbooks) is in for the game - how cool is this blogging challenge?

Other Stuff - Guess what blogettes? My mum - who has NEVER EVER scrapped a page in her life has done a page to celebrate this wee party we have going on here. How cool is my mum? Meet Hazel (nut for short!) ... isnt she delectable?

Im trying bit by bit to make her do a book for me, my sis and bro so that we can recall all her joys the way she see's fit. And then Im gonna start on my Dad. Am I a bully? No no no! Am I promoting our heritage? - you bet your ass I am.

Then Im going to force everyone I now in the school playground into doing it. Its shameful that in this digital age where we can afford to be snap happy with our camera that the snaps lay on a "C" drive, in a folder - all alone and forgotten about. This has got to STOP!!

This is part two of my entry to promote the cause. I have already done "I am a mother" and now this is the "I am a Woman". You dont have to do two - I just felt compelled and inspired by all of your work to create another page. So inspired am I that after a quick chat with Clare this morning Im going to drag out the Art Journal she bought me and fill it with selfish yumminess xx

Cath you laterz, beautiful people xx

16 Mar 2006

Challenge Update

Challenge Update (- Main details fo Challenge is on 10th March entry)
I am totally freaking out here - we have entries from New Zealand coming in and Finland which is sooooo cool as well as Sweden, Netherlands, US and of course the UK. It will be another 7 weeks of receiving the layouts which you have all pledged to do. But still keep encouraging all of your buds to give it a whirl and put a stop to all of those that hide behind their hermas! Be free and show the world how beautiful you are.

**Have you seen the work already coming in? the UK Scrappers BOM gallery is looking like an explosion in a beauty pageant - lots of glamour, flowers and swirls - love it**

Other Stuff - Eyelash extensions!
Lord only knows why I had this done but sometimes we feel the need to pretty our little selves up, huh? My roots badly needed retouching this afternoon (yup, fake blonde alert**) and at the salon where I go they also have beauty treatments going on upstairs. The girl there has these amazing lashes which go on for about two hundred thousand miles and I soooooooooooooooooooooooo had to get some. Ok, they are not exactly bridget bardot, "man-in-drag" type lashes but they add a little twinkle to the eye and we all could do with a little twinkle now and again. But how can onecope with that lil twinkle when one has to wear spectacles whilst surfing the net (some of you didn't know that did you? Got me some Ali Edward inspired babies a few weeks ago for my stinging eyes). Trouble is the lashes are so long that the lens is squishing them back towards my eye socket and I can't flippin blink. Tis true about beauty having its limits and mine may well last only half a day cos I might have to rip the damn things off my eyelids before bed time.

Today I got a parcel from Artbase (prob one of my top 3 shops for buying all the up-to-date stash) and they had donated lots of yummables towards to the prize. Stickers, tape runners, embellies ... just all dying to be housed in the craft box of the challenge winner. In amongst the parcel was a gift for me wrapped in bubble wrap. Now bubble wrap and I are the bestest of friends - they are the biggest de-stresser a gal could wish for. Rather than unravelling the contents I popped my way through to the middle (such joy!) only to find the most yummable yummos ever!

Have you tried After 8's bitter lemon after dinner chocs? Well, I held a retreat last November and offered these as a treat for the girls who hated them and I had to practically eat the box to myself. THEY ARE HEAVEN and you gotta try them. You can imagine I was overly delighted that Emma at Artbase had remembered my love for all things citrussy ... thanks Emma and thank you for the prize donation (Sadly I can only get to sniff the prize and not win it!!)
See you t'mara!

15 Mar 2006

Comp details are on the 10th March entry below

Challenge Update
Oh have you seen the gallery and work submitted so far? (see 10th march entry) The galleries and links to your work are so colourful and wonderful and funky - you mommas and gals are just the best thing ... you soooooo have it in you to start that BOM.

The prize list gets bigger and bigger and there will only be one ultimate winner. Its the only way I can judge it. Ive sat and wept buckets at you gals pouring out your heart and soul onto your colourful pages. Im not sure how to take the response but what I can tell you is that if I ever run for Prime Miniter - the power of the blog would be a good tool to promote about it. Isn't it phenomenal? We even have Finnish and Swedish scrappers taking a look and Ive just contacted a group in Tokyo who are interested. Tokyo? - wow, I wonder if any of them work for a camera company for prize sponsorship? Mwahahahahahaha

Other Stuff
Picture today is of my brother, Leigh, who came to see us at the weekend. He is finally settling down at the age of 29 with his beautiful girlfriend Kerry. Im praying wedding bells will be in the air so I can photograph them and capture their scrummyness. He is my baby sibling and although we have our moments he is turning into a great friend and is still ever the bag of laughs I love him for xx
I have pictures of Easter Eggs for later on - Anna and I have been moaning that they dont put the choccies in the eggs anymore - well thankfully Cadburys have heard our please cos I found goodies in the eggs as opposed to outside the egg but in the packaging looking unloved and unhoused - I helped house them in my mouth. Yummo xx (can you believe that easter eggs were on sale at the beginning of January?)
In the meantime - take a peek at my Effer Dare #20. Its my first time for an "effer" but man - they have stuff there I could fall in love with forever. Check these girls out - so cool and so totally together xx

14 Mar 2006

Comp Details on March 10th Entry

More Wedding Pics
Some of you have been nagging me about the wedding pics I took on Saturday. Well here are two of my faves but the quality is poor on blogger as it compresses them pretty bad. Click on the pictures to see a better view but again - they are not crisp on blogger :(

Im toying with getting Typepad just so that the likes of these photos get a good airing. The bride was so much fun and willing to pose at all angles even though it was FREEZING cold - in that dress too!!!. Her beautiful tied bouquet was a dream to photograph .. if you get close enough you can smell the fragrance .. go on scratch and sniff the screen, I dare you xx
Comp entries are coming in streams that I can handle - Ive had to move all the UK scrappers links to the BOM gallery on UKS (see 10th March blog entry)
**Renee Pearson has sent me a link to her entry here
**Cathy Zielske has even doodled and flowered up a page here
Thanks you girls... you have made liberating ourselves that little bit more special xxxx

13 Mar 2006

ok - its official - everyone is Scrapping themselves!

The list of entries for the "Scrap Yourself" compo is in the post for March 10th (below) with a list of prizes to be donated by the relevant if not wonderful scrap shop owners in the UK. This is just a small amount of stuff promised with more to come (most of the shops are closed on a monday... so more willbe added). I have even had shop owners ringing and emailing me about donating prizes - all for the cause of YOU - yes - YOU. Are you going to join the biggest campaign to get yourself scrapped? I have had emails from women who have felt liberated that, with lots of encouragement, it's actually ok to scrap themselves. Its been so moving - some of you have bared yours souls into the bargain and let yourself loose from those annoying "can't scrap/won't scrap me" reigns. The comp ends on the 30th April and is a global invitation (challenge details listed 10th March entry, below). You do not have to send your entry to me - just send me a link to the source so everyone can view it - I will log the link on this blog.
**Great news! Our scrapping favourites Cathy Zielske, Renee Pearson, Tara Whitney, Donna Downey and Rhonna Farrer are joining in for the challenge - all these cool women, all calibres - all fun **

10 Mar 2006

Ok - Compo time - all invited

The Challenge details and links to artwork and prize sponsors has been moved to the 23rd March Entry

9 Mar 2006

The day I crashed the wedding

oh man - my cheesy song titles this week are making me feel sick. My title is reference to "Busted's" teenybop Blink 182 rip off style song. Why? Cos Im doing my first wedding on Saturday - photography wise anyway. Im not doing the official gather-yer-family-up-like-cattle-and-say-cheese! No, no, no! I am doing the candied shots like the bride getting ready and applying her make up, the bridesmaids playing and laughing, focus on the shoes (that we all pay too much for and never appear in one shot!), her hair... lots of arty shots. I really would like to do this for a living but everything in small amounts hey? I met the bride tonight - she is lovely and so keen to share ideas with me. I have big plans to make her photo's the best she has ever seen. She loves the contemporary styles that Im hoping to achieve so wish me luck (and pray for sun!).

Took these pics of Ellie tonight brushing her teeth in the mirror before she went to Brownies - look at her cascading curls ... those curls, I may add are a nightmare to brush. She screams her head off everyday but that's the price of beauty. She adores her curls but not the brushing. I want them so desperately too x Actually when they dry - her hair boings up to ful fluffiness so if she ever fell on her head (god forbid) she would bounce all over the joint!
Ive just found out tonight from my lovely friend Annie ( -'s got a gun - lol!!) that I made front cover of simply cards and papercraft. Im not sure what it's about. I think it might be a "focus on...." about the cards I made for "The Card Makers Year Book" - Whsmith, £7.99. (You tell me - I havent seen the mag yet yet!!!!) Although I will admit the picture they have used was taken 2 years ago when I was a tad slimmer. Hmmmmm... where are those jaffa cakes? Ive nicked this picture of the mag from PractPub site ...... you can buy from WH Smith for £3.50. Now I find im on the front cover o The Scrapbook Magazine with a wee die cut project I did or was it handmade embellies? Yes - handmade embellies - and Annie is on the cover and Mandy !!**waves to my freinds**
Edited to add this baby I made tonight waiting for Marky to cook my lardy tea. I found this picture floating around the office and thought - bum it - Ill scrap it. Im sick of justifying why I scrap myself to both my freinds and my family. I had this convo with Annie last night about the moaning you get with people saying "Look at you - me, me, me" Well, yes - it's me but it's for Ellie too and if I get run over by a bus in the morning then she has something about me for her. Scrapping is about everything including yourself -the artist and the historian and the memory maker. Make memories about yourself cos ain't nobody else gonna do it xx
PS - fancy a wee challenge? Ive made my lubbly freind Anna "lift" this tonight (but she stooopidly did it on 12x12 - this is 6x6) Tee hee. You wanna have a go? - come on - its only 6x6. You gotta doodle, you gotta prima it and you gotta call it "I am a mother" (If you are not a mum - then improvise or just say "I am a Woman")

8 Mar 2006

Violently Happy

With reference to Bjorks 1992 (?) hit - blummin love that girls music. But why Violent? Well its the closest I could get to Violet - as in these yummy delicious chocolates created especially for the rich and keen. Im neither those but I do squander £2 for a pack of 10 luxury Beeches Violet creams when Im feeling two quiddish. Have you ever tried them? - they are to die for. I can't eat them everyday like I do with Jaffas - Im not rich enough for that yet (where am I getting "yet" from?). But when I have the spare spondooolies and Im craving sugar overload - then these are the babies to hit the spot. You should try one in your lifetime. Its a marmite thing though - you either love em or hate em. Who is in "Team Violet?"

Also - this morning I was very bored (loads of work to do - but bored). I sat watching Lorraine Kelly twiddling with the hoody strings on my hoody. I wear hoodies all the time around the house - they are snug and comfy and smell of Lenor conditioner and Ellie (we schnoozle together of a night time - I love the smell of that kid ... when she is clean!!). Id never paid much attention to my hoody strings until now - OH MY GOD! They are made of twill - pink twill. I never tighten my hood - infact I never wear my hood so no need for hoody strings huh?. So I donnned the hood just to pull the twill out. I looked in the mirror and saw I looked a complete twonk and grabbed my camera and snapped - just for humiliation on my part but hopefully fun on yours. Im gonna make something with that twill - bookmark this space.

And keep those questions rolling - the more bonkers and barking the better!!!! I love the fact you think I get loads of freebies. Im sat her with open (and yet empty) arms!

7 Mar 2006

Hung up

With reference to my cheesy song titles in blog titles - I choose Madonna's "Hung up". Im hung up with scrapping ... no choice really as I have lots to do. But I do love it. My main worry is that Im going to run out of ideas. I don't think its possible but you cant't rule the idea out. Layout is of Mark and Belle - entitled Mine, mine, mine. which they are and its my first attampet at saturating part of a photograph. Not sure whether i love these chatterbox papers. Im convinced its not one of my best but i love the picture and I share with you anyway xx

Big thanks for your questions - keep them coming in. Im not sure how to do a flamin podcast anyway - so your tips might come in handy. We have to do one because my american accent is so hot right now I keep forgetting to talk normally. Ellies teacher thinks Im weird as it is so when i told her what we were up to and I showed off my accent I think she was mentally reminding herself to call Child Protection. Whatever!
Here is a piece of artwork I did for Lemons book of condolence. I told you a few days ago that she had lost her hubby under awful circumstances. Debbie had arranged for her pals to send some healing words and quotes by form of 6x6 artwork. This is for her from me. Its simple and quotes "There is only ever one true happiness - to love and be loved". It was made with love and she will always be loved by us - her freinds xx
ps Dont forget - we need more questions dudes
Oh Yes - edited to add... my blog counter hit a genuine 10,000 unique visitors today. I would love to find out more about you - don't be shy. I lurk invisibly on many blogs and Im trying to write comments where I can xx

6 Mar 2006

Under Pressure

He He heeeeeeeeeee. Im gonna use cheesy song titles all week for my blog! But I real am under presh and whilst I hate it - I actually love it. I've had to finish off a CJ today for UK Scrappers **Anything Goes** (which Im hosting cos like - I have all the time in the world!) , two layouts and a concertina file for ATDML, orders, phone calls, shopping (including a blummin fire drill mid shop), mothering and baking bread. I bought a bread machine in Asda reduced from £65 to £40. Ive been desperate for one for weeks. I love nothing more than the smell of fresh bread (espesh raisin bread). I can't wait to don my pinny at the weekend for Mark (steady!!) and make like a 50's housewife and present him with a home baked loaf and a request for more stash money into the bargain! Mwahahahahahaha. Oooh I also bought a Picture Mate printer reduced from £99 to £58. I know we are on a spending watch but I sold some paper sorters at the weekend ok? - don't come down on me now - its justifiable. Tee hee xx

Anyway - I digress.....My CJ!! Entitled "Anger Management" is based loosely on what makes you mad, what do you do whilst you are mad and what calms you down. I know it's **RANDOM** but I thought it was better than fluffy white kittens on a stick - or something equally as cutesy. I had so much fun playing with Lollipop Shoppe and making fun little collages but I am also a tad worried cos its going on to Jane Dean who makes fabbo things, even out of doggy poo poo.
And finally - ref the Cathy Zielske and Donna Downey podcast (see yesterdays post). Oh man, I can't stop laughing about it all and how cool those gals sound. So Anna and I are meeting up at the end of March to discuss business and such like but also - whilst we are there - we too are going to do a poscast (a la homage to the Z and the D). Im dying to do it already as I have now got my new glasses (very Ali E if you ask me) and Im going to pretend to be Donna and Anna is just going to be Anna (she won't practice her American accent with me - and yet I sooo have it to a teeee). She will be just posh as normal. Im practising my "Whatever" and "Ch-yeah".

**SO** here's the deal. I need you to pose a question to either Anna or I (clean please - it will be broadcast before the watershed!) and we will answer it via the podcast. Just who the hell do we think we are, I hear you say? Well, Im Donna the Zebra for crying out loud ........ don't question me!

5 Mar 2006

The "Z" gives me a mention to the "D"

Oh yes - Im famous at last. Well - almost. Cathy Zielske (whose blog I read everyday amongst 30 others) asked for some questions that she was going to ask Donna Downey on a podcast and I thought Id chuck in a question thinking that it wouldn't surface on the night. BUT IT DID! The "Z" asked the "D" the big "Q". You can hear it by clicking on to Cathy's blog here (5th March entry). Ok - so she doesn't really know who Kirsty is but you do - right?

Ive done various bits and pieces today - nothing that would really rock you boat and nothing to even send you off to sleep. Oh I tell a fib - yes!! Im going to Gay Pareeeeeeee in October for a fabbo scrapping event to meet my idol Elsie. She doesn't know it yet but she will know when she see's the Wiseman running down the street screaming "Elsie Flannigan - you are bloody brilliant now give us a kiss" (what she will not know is that I will be fitted with a suction device that will drain her creative power into me during that little welcome kissy - I WILL RULE SCRAPDOM - Mwahahahahahahahahaha!)
Picture is of a layout I entered for the Home Grown Scrapbook compo - the idea was to use the words "Only in America" in the title. So here is Ellie eating a mickey lolly at Animal Kingdom. I must say that flag took flippin ages to recreate. I didn't win the competition - but it was fun trying xx

4 Mar 2006

Snow fun without you

Im living the true scrapper lifestyle and grabbing the moment when I can. The snow we had last night was only a mere downpour but enough to warrant a trip to the Three Sisters recreational park which is literally a stones throw from our house. The lake was frozen, the trees iced up so winterly and we were wrapped up like we were on an exploration of the Arctic. When I went to bed last night I pictured the photgraphs I wanted and I got them so here they are. This is for a scrapbook project down the line but also to record the fun Ellie had crunching in the snow, making snowballs and having family fun. Sadly it all melted by tea time as it was a beautiful sunny day.
When I was a kid we lived through snow storms and blizzards and the snow stayed for weeks - often up to knee depth. This global warming lark serves a reminder to us that the earth is hotting up. We just don't get much snow these days. Shame xx

3 Mar 2006

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Yipsvilles skipsvilles. Snow. Lovely freezing cold snow messing up the roads and wetting my camera. Actually, Im quite happy about it because Belle is too excited that she can snow-ball her daddy bear. I seriously cannot wait for the morning where I will bury him in it, use 3 stones for buttons and whack a carrot on his face for a nose! Mwahahahahahaha. It only snowed for an hour tonight but man - it fell thick and fast. The kids in the neighbourhood were in hysterics because it rarely snows in these parts. I love seeing kids having so much fun.
Here is my latest layout which involves my baby. We went to the zoo to see her adopted penguin and it was soooooooooo cold. I treated her to a coffee at the cafe but she didnt want to take her mittens off. We actually have to limit the amount of coffee she has as she has terrible circulation and has these weird purple spots on her hands (any docs tell me why?) So her coffee's are like a big deal for her (and me, cos I get to take cute pics like this!).
Anway, back to snow. Is it snowing where you are? We went out for a meal tonight and on the way got stuck in traffic. Luckily I had my trusty camera about my person to take a pic of these wintry trees in between stopping and starting. How many scrappers have taken pictures tonight, I wonder? Share them with me xx

2 Mar 2006

Odds and Ends

Today was a day reserved for tying up loose ends and loose ends I tied- a plenty. Well, I actually tied up a a few loose ends but not all. Some are still dangling in my head waiting for the tomorrow that never comes. In the meantime, I spent hours on the phone catching up with cancellations and new beginnings but most of all I got to finally talk to my team mate at The Scrapbook Magazine - Annie Hafermann. I started at the same time as her so we are the relatively new team members. First of all she is American. How I love to chitty chatty with them - their accents are super cool (must work on that "KAY-Tee" and not "Kaydee" little sweet Annie pie - cos remember, when in Rome and all that!!). I got to know so many lovely things about her that the one hour and forty five minute conversation paled into what felt like 20 minutes. Its was wonderful to make a new freind who shares my passion for scrapping.
Ooooh and I thought Id post this pic. Its a bag I altered using Blonde Moments papers for their stand at the NEC. I also used their matching ribbons and buttons to make it the kind of bag that even Prada would feel threatened by.
Short and sweet today - just like a pygmy dipped in syrup xxx