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28 Feb 2006

The Great Jaffa Cake Debate

I have 3 million things to do and not an ounce of motivation to do it with. That is until I got incredibly bored and paid a visit to my "nibbly" cupboard and saw my prized posessions staring back - me old favourite and lifesaving JAFFA's! I have been meaning to road test the new blackcurrant flavour and thought Id share my sampling with you. Perhaps McVities might like to employ me as an independant freelance bickie muncher in return for a lifetimes supply of jaffaeroonies - hint hint. They are getting free advertising at least and a blummin proper honest survey after all!
I can vouch for the beauty of the Orangey bickies - they is the best so far. Ive also tried the lemon and lime and they is totaly citrussy scrum. But I thought Id try all three at once, on this clear blue sky sunny day. Im sorry that I spent time fancying up the little flowery note cards which I stabbed into the jaffas just for artistic effect. But to fully appreciate the "feel" of the test, I had to pre-warn myself which jaffa was which so I was not going to be in for any nasty supwises. I then cut them up and prepared my tastebuds to be treated with total jaffa lumshush dribbly scrum.
I was desperate to try the blackcurrant one. They is my fave fruit pastill and gum drop sweety - so this was going to be easy and I knew I would instantly adore it. WRONG! It was minging and likened to a cheap blackcurrant jam you would find in a cheap blackcurrant jamp shop in Cheapland for 3p. I swigged back a mouthful of delicious tea (and whilst Im on a free advertsing campaign, I drink tetley, drop of semi skimmed and no sugar - which would be Tate and Lyle cos we is using that on our pancakes tonight with Jif lemon....boy those comapnies owe me big time and I dont come cheap usually!).
Next came the lemon and lime and this time I was waiting for the citrus zing to poing me into getting up and doing the conga around my dining table. On this particular occasion I didn't do the conga - I was that hyped up I did the oke-koke and agadoo and the tweety song without the music. I sang it out loud between chomping on said lemon and lime and completed the actions without getting a single movement wrong. The hit is just enough to zap you into a jaffa frenzy until it sadly departs the mouth and heads for Bile city to be squizzed up into cellulite aiming for the thighs and extra curvature on the old love handles (except mine are not handles, they are mantles as in the size of the andreas fault.) Big thumbs up for the lemon and lime dudes.
Last but not least and never to be forgotten on my weekly shopping list - the faithful orangey jaffa. The original and best (thank you kellogs!!). No need to fully road test these bickies - these are my ultimate fantasy and escape from reality in one mouthful. I often eat 4 in one go and a whole pack of 12 when im feeling depressed (which might as well be every day!). I crave them everytime I have a cup of tea and this week - in Morrisons supermarket they are buy one treble pack for £1.89, get the another treble pack for 11p ........ HOLY COW BAGS!

27 Feb 2006

Back to life, back to reality ......

Don't you just love a good song to make a title for your blog entry? I miss Soul II Soul. Please come back.
Picture is of "Fang" girl. I hope her teeth straighten out when they have finished growing. I can't decide on whether she looks happy or evil!!!
Came back to smelly radiator house, billions of emails and lots of work! Dies to Die for is a small affair that caters for people who don't posess a die cutting machine but want to trim their cards up with their pocket money. Its fairly solid and I was going to sell it at Christmas time. Im as decisive as your average procrastinator but things are looking up with lots of of new products coming to whet the appetite of the average card maker. So there! We are staying for now.

Ellie did not want to go back to school this morning- which is nothing new. She and I had a blast at my mums just doing nothing and everything. I took her to the zoo yesterday to see her adopted penguin. She has called him Flipper (I know - I tried to talk her out of it!) They all look the same and it was funny watching her try and keep her eye on the same Penguin in the penguin pen. We took some cracking piccies (Ill upload them later). The next best thing about our visit to the zoo was the cafe. Ellie loves her coffee. She is quite the coffee savvy in our house. She even likes filtered coffee (I hate it). As it was frozo beyond belief, we went inside to warm up. She kept her mittens on whilst drinking her steaming beverage and polished it off with an ice cream. The kid is barking. But she is mine and I love her.
Mum made us her meanest of roasties before we set off and she cooked us the worlds best tasting yorky puds. Mum likes to make them in a big roasting dish as opposed to your piddly little "one mouthers" and I swear down - they are melt in the mouth yumscious. We sat huddled round the tv watching Empire of the Sun whilst devouring our sunday roast. Its a superb film and always gets me at the end. Ellie was enthralled with it .... I think she is finally growing up. She took it all in and asked me hundreds of questions about the war on the way home. I must admit - Im not up to speed about the Japanese and American side of the second world war so now I find myself surfing various sites to be as sure as I can. Look at me!!!
see ya later with more pics. I promise ill have something a little more interesting laters xx

24 Feb 2006

Taking a break

Im at my mormies house over in Bridlington and I have not got a care in the world. Its so liberating being away from the smelly radiator house and the confines of our small abode which is bursting at the seams. Ive scrapped, eaten total lard and pottered between rooms doing ball all. Its too cold to take Ellie out so she has revelled in being in her jim-jams (all day!) and not having her hair brushed - which she adores. PLUS!!! We've got two more full blissful days of total relaxation and we love it. Just me and Belle being buds without any inteference of any sort (except my mum bossing us about!!)
As I dont often come to Bridlington I try and take as much sea air in as I can. But like I say above, its too blummin frozo for that. However, one managed to sneak a trip to The Paper Trail Company which only sells the new Bo Bunny and daisy D's stuff. Gee Wizzanora!! I slurped my way around Jane Bentley's shop looking for things to whet my appetite and actually touch. I dont live so near a scrap shop so this little luxury today had my head spinning and my debit card choking. Do check out the new Bo Bunny ppaers which has gone from twee to funky loo laa in one season. Loves them xx

Since I came here I learned that my lovely freind Lemon has lost her husband under desperate circumstances. Ive been thinking about it ever since I heard on Wednesday and I can't stop dwelling over it. I only saw Lemon on Monday with MGC at Stitches and she had her usual beaming smiley smile on her wonderful freckly face. I lubs Lems. She sends orders out in seconds, has a hearty laugh I love to hear and is so genuine. So why does this have to happento her? She doesn't deserve it. Debbie Nicholas and Jakey have kept us informed of her well being so far and simply loads of her freinds have asked what they can do to help. Debbie has set up her own paypal account to take donations (of which there is an astonishing amount of cash already for her and Raena). If you know Lemon or feel you would like to help, please click on the "Debbie" link to the left here and find out more xx

21 Feb 2006

Stitches & Blonde Moments

Sheeeeeeeesh - what a weekend. Ive just spent 1 and a half days trawling through some great stands looking for hot stuff for Practical Publishing to show off and for my eyes to absorb. For those that dont know, Stitches is the hobby and crafts retail show catering for scrappers, card makers, knitters, sewers, painters etc etc. I suppose what you sort of see at Stitches is a snippet of what you see at CHA. The biggest drool of all? CRATE paper! Its gorgous and I must have it. Becks at Scrapgenie is distributing it and it will be hot hot hot. And Colour me Silly looks awful online but in real life - man...gotta get some.

Aside from the American stuff I turn myself to the British and the wonders that is Blonde Moments. Dyan and Mark had a boudoir for a stall in hot pinks and lilacs to showcase the Sugar Dumpling range we all know and love. They have introduced some acrylic paints and lush pearl powder pots to compliment the range with some fabbo ribbons and fibres to match. ALSO they gave us a sneak preview of their next range which is Suet Pudding in black, greys and whites and Spring Fling in citrus colours so juicy - that you have all your spring and easter layouts covered in a complete range. Their stall was buzzing and of course will be a hit. I had made some things for their stall but forgot to photograph them. Id made my first canvas, a kind of Flapper hat and an altered handbag using Sugar Dumpling. Its all excitement indeed.
I stopped at my wonderful Friend Jo's house where I was met with the usual warm welcome and cudles from her divine girls. Jo helped Dyan out with being her personal admin assistant -what with emails and sign making. Jo, you are an angel of scrumptiousness and where would this world be without you? I love that family and we are off to see Take That at the end of April, but please dont tell anyone....ssssshhhh! I cant believe left her house (again) without a picture of the pair of us. Next time ey? Oooh and massive thanks for your listening ear xx
At the show I met Mandy Anderson who is larger than life and full of baked beans and loopy juice. Ask her to do the tuna dance if you get the chance to meet her. Its a one off! Along with her I re-met Lils and newly-met Lyn who made our foursome a knockout. Lyn is such a pixie and had the pink boots to prove it. She has a shop on the Isle of Man where squirrels dont exist and you are not allowed to say Rat (apparently there are no Rats on the Isle of Man, so its kind of bad luck to say it. In restaurants they dont serve ratatoulle, its long tailed-toulle - god help us!). Oh my god, this girl made me laugh a lot. Lils is a mad march hare who works for a posh new agency by day (reuters no less) and pole dancer by night.... or so I am led to believe. I think she is working on the Caviar bar but I might have to get back to you on that one.

I also met Caroline too - she had made Becks a fabulous little keepsake for Eden. She was good fun and Im so glad we met up. I also met - oh my god, I sooooo met Mel and Jill from A Trip Down Memory Lane. I won a place in their design team recently and had the chance to thank them personally. Such brillo gals who bought everything for their shop which is here. I look forward to spending my dosh with you xx. I also met Emma from Artbase. Im one of her massivest fans. Ive shopped there for a long time and she was great to meet. She also introduced me to Lorraine from Just a Memory who is also very tiny and adorable. With them two I also got to meet Mr Quickutz and boy he is one handsome dude. Mandy has replaced her love for Barry at Pract Pub (who is eye candy and a half!) for Mr Quickutz whose name escapes me as his business card is in the bottom of my AMM tool tote (which I received on Friday and is full and is my pride and joy - thanks to Flutterby Designs xx).

I got to within 12 inches of Monsieur Tim Holtz. I like to think i got to schmoltz with the Holtz but there were so many ladies gagging over him... I just didnt stand a chance for a quick snog and a grope. Ahem. Got to talk to Alan (Mr Ranger) who was prolly overwhelmed with all these women throwing themselves at him in hope of a free trip to Ranger as a personal product tester complete with white picket fence house, $250,000 salary and a beaten up Lincoln or Buick for Americana effect. Got a sneaky peek of Stacy (Mrs Junkitz), chit chats to Natalie and Becks who were being very important launching their new venture, quick hellos to Michelle, not a chance to say hello to Katie Hallam (sadly) but will make up for it somehow. Who else did I see? oh yes, Lemon and MGC - such a breath of fresh air and so much fun to see when in need of a caffeine fix. Lubs chitty-ing to them lots. I never got to see Jane or Gill who were probably "pressing" it and obtaining goodies for their respective mags. I really wanted to meet them too. If I have forgotten anyone else, let me know and Ill shout out for you xx

I left pretty much earlier than anticipated. I wanted to and I was feeling bothersome. The journey home was quite long and dreary and I was planning to go to bed when I got in to recouperate. But No. The stupid stinky radiator met me in the hallway and I just broke down and sobbed my heart out. So why cry over a radiator and a smell?. I dont know but I just did. Ive got to get Environmental health in and fortunately my hubs cousin is a gas engineer ... he might come and see me again xx with any luck xx (I know he reads this!).
So now Im sat here just dillying when I should be dallying. Im off to my mums tonight for a few days to have a rest and be with Ellie and do some fun mum and lil girls stuff. Tell me what you are up to - I hate missing you can prolly tell.

16 Feb 2006

Basic Grey Love

What do I look like? But (always a but!) when hubby is away and Belle is not in the mood to take pics and I want to have my piccy taken with Basic Grey ... one finds herself in a position only a contortionist would appreciate just so that I can be "at one" with Urban Couture.
I came back from the opticians tonight to find my fabbo Basic Grey in the porch. I threw down my bag, raced to the drawer to retrieve a knife and slice open my parcel. It was like a holy shrine and light appearing before my adoring eyes and I wanted to cry. Urban Couture and Hang 10 - wow .... I think god designs for these guys. The collections are heaven on 12x12. Im going to study the papers before I hack into them. I dont want to be tooooo hasty becuase this is monumental for me and my future generations to come. Perhaps Basic Grey should come with a government health warning or perhaps I should get first dibs from them direct cos Im sure Im the most-in-love basic grey fan in the UK (asides from Jakey, Anita M and Doogle!!)
Also - Ive had 3 inches lobbed off me barnet. I needed this so much. It feels so fluffy and bouncy and the hairdresser said I looked 12! What a compliment. But I must be the only 12 year old on this earth who has a butt as wide as the M42. Mwahahahahahaha.
So now - to pack up for Ellie going to my mommas for a week. How can a child need so much for one week?. DS, DVD's, CD's, clothes, teddies, blanket, toiletries, her own suitcase, photographs and perfume. My lil beauty cannot wait to go as my Mum has just adopted a penguin for her at their local petting zoo. Ellie is beside herself and feels very important. The zoo even put her name on the plaque which ellie wants to photograph and record.
Im thinking Hang 10, Im thinking cute Penguin Pic, Im thinking child standing by the plaque..... you get me, dont you?

a little delivery

I get my post in the morning and parcels in the afternoon. Ive been teetering on the edge of my sofa all morning with the blinds twitching. Im expecting Urban Couture and Hang 10 from Basic Grey, My AMM Tool Tote and a prize I won at "A Trip Down Memory Lane". I saw the postie come up the close with what looked to be a bag full of post for me. He had in his hands a small bundle of letters and a pink little box. Before he had chance to ring the doorbell, I sashayed up to the door, opened it and greeted him with a smile. He had a recorded delivery pink box for me (but not pizza box shaped - damn!). The letters were bills and credit card offers and such junk but the wee pink box puzzled me. I hadnt ordered anything small. I opened just a tiny corner and the instantly recognizable blue colouring on the box made me smile. IT WAS A BOX OF JAFFA CAKES!!!!!!!! I wubs them - they are my sanity (next to bazzill and basic grey and sei). I read the note and it was from Annette (Muckyfingers) who had sent me it as a late birthday present. TOTAL JOY in a little blue box. I put the kettle on and opened the packet and took a bite. Well not only did I choke but I sat there and had this startled look about me. What was wrong with the little offending bicky? It tasted more citrussy that your average jaffa and perhaps the recipe had changed. And it had indeed. I checke dout the box again and it seems Annette had sneakily got me the new "lemon and lime" range and boy.. after thinking about it was I glad. These are the new "Black" of jaffa cakes and I ate 7 in one go with a gallon of tea.

Now where is my blummin Basic Grey?. The postman is obviously on a death wish. Do I use my heat gun or my craft knife?

14 Feb 2006

Get Knitted

Im 35 years old and ive just bought my first set of knitting needles. This shocking purchase crucifies my mother who was born with knitting needles attached to her hands. For years she has tried to get me to "knit" but i just found it to be too "granny". Sure - I begged her to make me the cutie matinee jackets for Belle when she was baby but I refused to knit knit knit. Until I saw a beautiful scarf in a small craft shop today. I took Sue and I to a ribbon /craft shop in my local town. Its not the bestest shop in the world but the woman is lovely. After I had selected my wibbons I saw a really funky scarf on the counter and enquired about it. The woman said she had knitted it - 30 stitches wide, 34 inches long. Simple as that. I looked at Sue and she looked at me. For £4.60 this woman had made something I would have been prepared to buy for £12.
This woman didnt exactly go for the hard sell - I mean, you dont do you... in a piddly lil shop in the back of beyond? So out came my purse again and i bought two balls and some needles. Sue did the same! And my mum had a heart attack. Now the question is ... erm, how do you cast on?

I also made this lil baby last night. Sue and I scrapped on the lounge floor - hardly in style and with the minimum essentials. Sue worked on a brilliant scraplift whilst I faffed with 3 papers I had bought in Courtyard Crafts yesterday. Can you believe both Sue and I bought ....wait for it............... peel offs! In black and in white - these are really the revolutionary craft essential rather like pertaining to the notion that they are indeed the new "black" of crafting. I loved having Sue over.

She is gorgeously generous and fun. I took this picture of her with her camera in a modest wee cafe and I hope she is delighted with the results. I think she looks adorable. Her two daughters and her hubby came to pick her up today and although I had work and stuff on - I didnt feel like we had spent much time together . I can't wait for us to meet up again and scrap and laugh and whinge and moan and oooh and aaaah over countless crafts supplies.
I also got a call from Ali today - thank you Ali - you made my year xx

11 Feb 2006

Photo opp Ellie

The only way these days to get a great picture of Belle is to take a profile shot. Her eyes are slowly getting used to the light at photo calls in our house - but not enough to warrant a full frontal, eye open shot. I had to take pictures of us three today for the layouts below. Whilst Ellie was in a fun mood, we took the chance to get her to relax and have her picture taken. She is shy and can be a little moody (like her poor mum) but today was good. Satisfying for the soul and pleasing in the heart. She is a babe and she is loved so much that I feel I could burst. I like this picture in colour but love it as much in black and white. I got to grips with grayscale techniques on photoshop tonight with the aid of my fabbo book which I bought myself for my birthday.

These projects were entered in for the final of - so far Im still in the game but every hour between now and midnight (uk) and midnight eastern time USA (5am) someone will get knocked out. Im sad that Mei-Lye and Frenchy have gone as we speak and who knows who will be out next but its a competition and may the best man win.
The first layout here is based on a sketch - boy its hard to sketch to someone else designs. I stck to the main elements and the theme being "Home". As our house is not exactly my palace, I nurtured the fact that all 3 of us, no matter where we are and as long as we are together - we are "home". I used my fabbo new daisy d's and I have to say - they are complete fabboness with a hint of scrumpsh thrown in for good measure. Believe it or not - I had no idea our clothes would match so well with the papers.
The next layout was based on "Ad Inspiration". This was based on an advert from days old to do with boxing. Itsnothing like the ad except for placement and colour - wow, Im gald I chose them colours. I did a picture of my brother and his lushly girlfreind Kerry and I hope to god they get married cos they so suit each other. I want an occasion to get dressedup, get mad with the family and have fun fun fun.
This layout was based on another sketch but to my own theme. I chose the sublime/K&Co papers which spell out words for girls. I was unsure about including the words sexy, goddess and broad (as in female and not wide - but wide would suffice) but mark egged me on. I just cant say these words about myself and I often die with embarassment when I hear them so to play on that - I posed as the three wise monkies to make it fun. I love the colours in this one. But have to admit - the sketch was freakishly hard if not testing. But its done and who knows where I will be in the compo. All I know is that I gets to fill my album up and havelots of creative time in the process.
Wow - I do go on, don't I?

9 Feb 2006

My Perfect Day - {Spoilt Rotten}

Do you love how I used the "{}" above? Im following the trend of using these funny little brackets. I have absolutely no idea how they are used in everyday punctuation. I thought they were a mathematical symbol but clearly they are "de Riguer" in scrapping so to be accepted amongst the throng of commoness - I shall use them {as much as I can}.

So - yesterday {my birthday - here is me looking 35}. It was a fabbo day. The sunshine was out and that aint been a regular weather feature round these parts for weeks. That lifted me up immensely. Ellie joined me in my stinky pit for a birthday snuggle and gave me her card proceeded by marks card. He often gives me a jokey and a normal card. The jokey one was the usual "derogatory" style you would expect from a male chauv. The normal one was the type I like to take to pieces two weeks later and use on another card. He likes the hand crafted one and fortunately there were no holographic wheelbarrows on it! Above is a small section of the cards I got - Im very lucky to have such gorge freinds and family xx

Lemme start with my fabbo pressies now. This is Jolenda Jolaquetta from my freind Jo with the very rude issues. I wubs Jo - she is priceless and her kids are incredibly edible. Ive started to collect these beautiful ornaments by Willow Tree and she added No 2 to my collecsh. {not a number 2 as in you know, number 2!} I lubs her and I named her Jolenda because Jo and I have this daft notion to call each other something ree-dick every time we chat on messenger. I think she calls me Kirstles right now whereas Ive just stopped calling her Jolene and perhaps may change it to Joho {as in Boho but she is not Boho at all. Boho is like - just so cool to call someone right now like Sienna Miller or Helena Christiansen whom Ive been likened to on many occasions}. Anyway - isnt this angel beautiful? Do you like my carpet as well?
From Anna I received practically the entire range of Daisy D's papers. I wubs them and have licked them 100 times already. She also sent me a cropper hopper crop case {which I do not posess}. I totally freaked out because not only was it scrumpsh, all the pockets were stuffed with pampering products from Molton Brown. Anna is a Molton Brown snob. I tend to use cheapo smellies from Sainsburys and I think she might be giving me a hint of something luxurious as we are clearly quite poor! Mwahahahahaha
Next thing I know - Im getting a fabbo parcel from my favvo forum birthday swappee at the Scrap Pad. The talented, my "A trip down memory lane) DT matey - Clare Brown. First of all - the card - so bloody funny. Then the wrapping paper. Hell fire, it gorgeous and worthy of a few altered projects. Then I opened up this black suede ATC wallet to reveal 4 ATC's done up from one page {cut into 4} from a Degas painting. I LOVE IT. Its so beautiful and I cannot stop touching them. Im completely honoured to have such a talented freind who would go to such trouble for my birthday. But thats not all - she also sent me these wunnerful things. An art hournal for me to cover and fill, a book of 100 birthday wishes which is eye candy for photo fans like me and an altered CD with music which happens to be just right up my street.
Oh what a day it was. then I get a call from Dyan at Art from the Heart. This is is where my day just got amazingly better. She had no idea it was my birthday and we were chatting along about her shows coming up and how she is struggling to get projects done in time when out pops the the most amazing 9 words I had heard come from her lips. Do. You. Want. To. Be. In. My. Design. Team?
I do.
So after picking myself up off the floor I went to set to work with a few bits and bobs for deadlines and then get ready to go out for a chinese banquet. As I was getting freshened up I gets a lovely call from Natalie who didnt know that during the call I had discreetly taken a bath. Until the last trickle of water on my face splashed into the bath where she immediately sussed it out - BUSTED! Out for tea we went with my M and FIL, Mark, Belle, Glynn and and his Fiancee Chezza. I got some snaps of Ellie using chop stick - and for a late night out - she was such a good girl but the staff did make a fuss of her and she enjoyed being a grown up. I love that little girl so much. The food was exquisite and judging by the bill we knew we had enjoyed some fine food at a fine price. £177 later I was at home watching Desp Housewives and a foot massage. And then snore. Good days deserves good blogging. Glad I could share it with you xx

8 Feb 2006

Jaffa/Birthday Cake

Anyone who knows me will vouch the fact that my favvo most bestest treat is a jaffa cake - or an entire pack of 12. This particular picture eeerily has the face of David Beckham etched into the plain chocolatey coating. Thats double the fun for me. A jaffa cake and david in one session. Yum. I expect Mark will bring me a jaffa in the morning with a candle placed a-top with some nice birthday brekky and my belle will no doubt give me the best present ever - a cuddle.

Ive actually had my pressy from mark. He bougt me a fabbo Fuji S2 Pro DSLR camera for me to take brillo pics with - I think he answered my call to be Tara Witney! Its one hour and ten minutes into my birthday and I aint exactly jumping for joy. Im 35, feel 25 but look 55 these days. And after yesterdays tales of twisted story telling, I think ive aged another 10 years on top. Pass me the oil of Ulay and some happy juice please.
ps Thanks to everyone so far who have sent me cards and trinkets and presents. Im totally delighthed - a card is just nice and the wee extras are totally unecessary but gratefully received all the same xx

7 Feb 2006

5 Feb 2006

Happy weekend

.... just watch someone go and pee on my parade tomorrow with something to douse out the light. I know happiness can last a lifetime and I desperately want that for me and ellie and mark but something always crops up to eat away the edges of those golden moments. Anyway - up the beat again now to show you my fabbo altered domino. Meet Delilah Doodle head. I love her. She is my darkest, most wacko thing I have ever made and I truly adored creating her. I drew big gasps as I saw the works of other artits over **here** and thought I could never match their unique styles. But I don't think it is all about competition - its all about expression. Delilah's doodle head represent 5 things that also make me tick. The scissors for crafting, the treble clef for music, the create sign which is overall the jewel in my crown, the flower to represent my most fave embelly and the bell to signify I am first and foremost a mother and wife and will answer to their beck and call. I love working with Tim Holtz inks and ok - I admit I havent exactly gone artsy fartsy (perhaps a little **paper artsy**!!) with it but its still Tim I endorse! Ive pinned delilah on my cupboard in my office because she makes me smile! But I am willing to send her one to someone as a gift.............

My other news. Well I did get picked to be a designer at **A Trip Down Memory Lane** That really did freak me out because when the announcement was made, I had tested a couple of bottles of Budweiser (for medicinal purposes as I have a cold) My head was spinning and I really didnt think I stood a chance because there were quite a good bunch of stuff on the entrants gallery and I thought that because (man, ive said because a million time already) of the magazine work I do that it might go against me. But I want to do it because (grrrr!) I simply love to play with paper. I even play with my serviettes at meal times - ask mark! One dear sweet friend of mine made a runner up and I think she makes a cracking scrapper .... if any editors are reading this, please take her on. Her work is beautiful. her name is Cath and I will supply all the details. Clare Brown also go through but its hardly suprising - her layout is WICKED. I also had two pieces of work accepted for the Basic Grey gallery - the work of which you have seen posted recently on here. Im so glad I can share this news with you. **hello mum**

Also - yesterday, I had made a post but blogger was being a bit naughty. Yes you were, weren't you blogger pogger nogger? It was to shout from the rooftops with glee that I had received a wonderful gift from a wonderful bloggette of mine (later found out it was Debbie - she is on my blog list to the left here). You know I posted the fact I wanted a book (see below). Well the daft minx went and bought me it. So I promise this. As I am a firm believer in Karma and the "Pay it forward" notion ... I will finish reading this hilarious book and pass it on to debbie. I will doodle and write little notes on it and she has to do the same and pass it on again. I want everyone with a wicked sense of humour to share in my joy. So thank you debbie - you un-selfish, kind hearted soul xxxx

PS - How could I forget? Poo bums. I also got through to the final of The Homegrown Scrapbook's TKO compo (click pics to enlarge - they are a bit small) - actually along with 3 other british girls...... Amberjane, Frenchie and Mei-Lei. I dont think for one minute we will get through "as visiting Brits" and no detrement to the other girls work either. Its just a hunch that they will no doubt (and quite rightly so) choose one of their own. But man o man. I had done so much work for that round but one of my fave pieces was the challenge on altering a buff file using either Travel, Love or Inspiration as a theme. I chose Elsie as my inspiration and here she is - my lovely wee Elsie cake. I hope she likes it cos Im sending her it. Do you think if I put "Elsie Brilliant knickers, Springfield, Missouri" that she will receive it?
PPS - I am also freaking out over Tara Witneys new set of pics. I want to be HER. I have to be. Who knows who can clone me into Tara?

2 Feb 2006

Never judge a book....

The age old saying that we should never judge a book by its covers confuzzles me. I was in Borders tonight with my Belle scanning through all the fabbo mags I can never afford (and using my camera on my mobile to take sneaky pics of stuff i like) . I love it in there - its so trendy and cosmo and I like to give off an air of "I can read" and I regularly pop into the shakespeare section to have a quick flick whilst raising one quizzical eyebrow to RADA would-be's passing by who will quake in there boots as they tend toread from lame scripts, where as I know the complete unabridged works and fox them all. Then Ellie will pass me a book by Stephen Hawkins where she asks "whats this mum?" and I struggle reading the title - damn! Cover so blown right off. "Ellie?" I said, "go and read that quantum physics book I recommended to you before christmas and practice some logarythyms or something binary or algebraic" ...... I think you k now what I mean.

Anyway, I picked up a book on DSLR and photoshop hints (so i can rule photograph-dom) and went to queue. Book stores are sneaky little bags huh? They make you trawl through all the boring bookshelves in not-so-alphabetical order and there - in front of you as you slowly make your way to the til at minus 60mph are the kind of books you have to pick up without reading the preface, the synopsis, the "To my darling dog spunk, to whom i dedicate this 6 page book" and the last page (im a last page girl, sorry!). Jordans second boigraphy is out and she is bleating on about being a size 4. Hell fire, she is my ankle. With boobs. I can see you visualising that right now. Naughty! Also there are a handful of books a recommended by Richard and Judy, some colourful front cover chick lits and this book here .......
The title just grabs you doesnt it?
You think with a title like that the book is gonna be really bad. So as the marketing and sales team at Borders predicted - I picked it up to have a read. I flicked to a random page headed "Faux swear words" Oh. My. God. I laughed out loud and so hard that the man in front of me just looked and wafted his book on "Crop Rotations in the 14th century" as if to shoo me away.

The marketing and sales team actually failed on that occasion cos I didnt buy the book. This is where you come in. Its my b'day next week and I thought you might all like to club together and buy me it. Its on amazon and quite cheap. I mean, its the least you can do - I dont charge you for looking at my blog do I? I'll let you get away with it if you can recite the last page of "Crop rotations in the 14th century" (in Bengalese).