Ladies Camera Club

31 Dec 2005

2006 - New beginings!

I can't wait for midnight.
It will be out with 2005 and in with 2006! Not that Im glad to see the back of 2005. Lots and lots has happened to all of us in this house of nuttiness. Ellie has a partial diagnosis, Mark's on the countdown for retiring from the army (yes, they retire at 40!!) and my artwork has given me the confidence to get as far as being published with 16 projects in magazines, 56 projects in bookazines and 16 in a book. I only started to scrap seriously in Nov 2004 and it's come to this. I hope 2006 is just as fortunate by means of sharing my ideas. Im also moving to Cambridge to start a new venture with Anna, Dies to Die for is for sale so I can concentrate on freelancing and Ellie. Im also investing my future with my beloved camera and portraits. Im saving for studio kit to kick start my amatuer photography with a dream and passion to combine my scrapbooking and photography into one heck of a hobby!

I hope you too have a blummin great night tonight. Eat all that leftover christmas loot, drink til your head hurts and rejoice with the idea that your new years resolution will last 3 days.

Oh, and by the way.............................. we have a 30% sale off everything on our website, go on, you know you shouldn't!

29 Dec 2005

Playing with shutter speed

Taking a picture of your christmas tree - its night time and you want a lovely picture without the dreaded glare of the flash.

1. The first picture is taken on AUTO with FLASH. Its so garish.... <<<<<<<<

2. The second picture is taken on Manual, APP 5.6, 1.5" shutterspeed with FLASH. Its still garish and a little yellow. >>>>>>

3. 3rd pic is getting there. Set on Manual, APP 5.6, 1.5" shutter speed without flash. <<<<<<

4. 4th pic is really nice. Set on Manual, APP 5.6, 2.5" shutter speed without flash. >>>>>>

5. is ok... bit yellowish. Set on Manual, APP 5.6, 5" shutter speed without flash. <<<<<<

6. Now we go the other way with shutter speed and speed it up to Manual, APP 5.6, 2.5 shutter speed no flash ... way too dark >>>>>>

7. This is ridiculously fast for this light. Manual, APP5.6, 5 shutter speed no flash. <<<<<<

I want you all to have a play tonight and then some time over the weekend I show you how to get fabbo focus and purpose blur.

more nice piccies

I forgotted I took these pics on my course at the beginning of Dec. There has been no manipulation to them - im sure I could make them look more wow in photoshop. It does look better when enlarged too. Man, that course feels like flippin months ago now, so much has been crammed in between then and now. The sunflower one was taken in a medium lit studio with reflectors. I love the yellow against the blue. Most of the students were taking different perspective angles of the flower - I just wanted a snippet. Im awkward I know but I like being different at times, it's the aquarius in me.
The autumnal trees were too amazing not to be shot from the floor - I liked the perspective of this shot too. I love the dirty, mouldy look of the leaves on the ground with the spectacular rusty background of the leaves on the trees. I also love the black, inky fingery branches making this picture not beautiful - just interesting I think. Of course, Mark thinks it poo poo becuase he just doesn't "get" nature pics.
Later today - Im going to show you how to play with shutter speeds....meaning taking nice shots indorrs without the dreaded flash. Ill be backs laterzzzz.....

24 Dec 2005

To all my friends, family and little blogettes
who read my blog daily - you never forget!
Have a good one and I hope that lil santa brings
you tonnes of delish and delumpshus things
I want some bazzill and a BG notching tool
some eyelets and brads would be very cool.
Patterned paper and ribbons and buttons galore
if I dont get them all - Ill show hubby the door.
Love Kirsty x

22 Dec 2005

My fingers are killing me

I've been scrapping and making cards solidly for two days and i feel arthritic. Typing doesn't help and making quiches and preparing italian meals for 11, scrubbing the bathroom, helping Ellie on the laptop which I suddenly don't own anymore ..... my hands need a day off. Anyway - whinge over. Made these cards for Mark - one from me and one from Belle. He took one look and went aaaaaaaah for like, one second and put them on top of the telly. Men have no idea with the amount of work you put into hand made stuff. But Id feel such a cheat with a bought one and he would only complain about not getting a hand made one - ba humbug Mark!

Got this AMAZING amount of heritage embellishments from my delightful chica freind - Marja. Isnt she an absolute peach? I dying to use all of them.... ive licked them 5 times and have probably imbalanced the acidity and oh man.... slurp!. Thank you so much Marja Majoram herby girl - I can't thank you enough - mwah!

Anna had some horrific incidents today - Izzy only set the house on fire. Go and read her blog - she will probably update it tommorrow. All I can say is ........ she had her camera at hand for the hunky firemen (am tempted to get Ellie to do the same so I can be swept away by some bare chested fireman with bulging biceps and a knowing smile.... sigh!). Sending you my love Anna - I know you have had one hell of a day with your dad moving but he is here and christmas is in 3 freaking days! xxxx

20 Dec 2005

Eeeeeeks! On the cover again

Well shiver me timbers - one o' me layouts made front cover. This is a layout of Pigglets (christine) kids who were posing with Rudolph noses last year. I added the antlers for effect and they look so adorable. I had no idea this was gonne be front cover and Im over the moon - more so for Christine xxxx I did ask on UKS a while back for subject matter for kids at christmas and she kindly gave me these two beauties. Anita also supplied me one but I did the layout in black and white (same issue) but they dont print dark layouts on front covers. I feel rotten that I cannot scrap Ellie as much as Id like to cos her eyes are always closed and its not fair to her - she wouldnt thank me when she is older so thats my only comfort.

Also in this issue there is also a double layout of Mark and I in New York this years (My first ever double and I am not a BIG fan to be honest) although I did use Blonde moment papers which are so pretty/girly/funkadelic. Plus in this issue is an altered rolling pin and sandwich board that I did with some inks they sent me to play with. So all in all - you could say that people are gonna be sick o' the sight 'o me in this issue - SOZ!
Im up to date on all me cards - they were all sent out today plus all my freinds gifts are wrapped and posted. banking up to date, complaints dealt with (not with me - made by me!!) and marks just come in with a final shop for tomorrows birthday celebrations (he is 39 tomoz - doesnt look a day over 57!!!).
PS: When you get some of your cards can I just add that Mark actually did them. Well, I designed them and cut the things out and supplied him with the master template. He copied the template 20 or so times using Blitzen von Schmitzen hausen. He even grubbed the edges in red with confidence. So please give him your compliments in a very empathic manner xxxxx

19 Dec 2005

The children in my life....

Besides dear sweet Ellie - I have a niece and a nephew called Meg and Dan. These two are on my hubs side of the family. I also have Charlotte on my side of the family who is too too cute. I take pictures of them whenever I can and this weekend saw the opportunity of me snapping Meg, Dan and Bell to fill photo frames for my M and FIL. They did a great job for which I rewarded them with a play in the park, feeding the ducks and hot chocolate to warm up with upon our return. I don't think I did a bad job. Ive opted for black and white as everyone was wearing a complete rainbow of colours which, when put totgether, made my head spin. It's a good job my in-laws are not internet freaks otherwise they would be seeing part of their present right now.

Went and did the last of our crimbo shops today - Toys R Us was manic!!! As Ellie has only reqested 3 things for crimbust we had to really search hard what to get her. I love buying little things that she can open from a mountain of other little things. She is a magpie when it comes to hand sized objects but give her a ball or some string and she is happy as larry.

Got my parcel today from A Million Little Things. Oh. My. God. Every sheet of patt paper is drenched from the amount of licking I have done to them. Im spoiled for choice with my next batch of projects. I also recived a fabbo gift parcel from Paperartsy. For those that have not yet had the priveledge of meeting Leandra and her eclectic range of the most amazing rubber stamps - can I just say that if you are into ATC's - then these lines of stamps are just the biz. thankfully Leandra donated me some goods for a series of bookwork which will tie in superbly with some whacked out heritage layouts I have planned. Sigh. Roll on the 14th January when everything has been done and dusted and I can put me size 4 feet up and have a break from sniffing the glue and stabbing my eyes out with my pin pricker!

16 Dec 2005

At last - christmas shopping

We have actually and physically got up off our boney butts and been shopping. No Amazon, No E-bay, No Argos - actual and physical hand-in-your-purse-and-touching-the-gifts kind of spree. I felt alive!!! I bought so much wonderful stuff - I just know Ellie is going to love her crimbo gifts.

Had lunch out, did all our food shopping plus all the stuff for stockings, last minute extras and some clothes for me too. I cannot remember when I last bought some sloppy day clothes. I actually turned my PC on tonight at 3.30pm and its totally like ive been liberated. However I still miss all the fun and debauchery that goes with online chatting but it did me good to take a break and take in lots of fresh air!
Didnt do any scrapping so thats 2 layouts I have to do tommorrow. Ive been doing some sketches though so its half the battle complete.

Must go and have a bath (yes - its 5 past midnight) and finish off some cards for the last of the post before the xmas cut off.

15 Dec 2005

Dark Days

Im getting tooo carried away with editing at the moment - just check out how BEAUTIFUL Lilly is (anna's little girl). I want her lashes and I want them right now!

I woke up this morning at 0745 and it was practically pitch black. I hate these dark wintry days. Roll on the 21st December (and also marks birthday) when it starts to get lighter - albeit by several minutes a day. I have done absolutely loads of work today. Completed orders, one layout (33 to go), tidied scrap room and spent 2 hours chatting to Marja .... felt like only 10 minutes. That gal can talk man! Its wonderful to hear how she spends her day - I want to be her. She can try being me..... she would hate it soooo much. And dont chuck your stash hun, unless its in my direction of course.
My mother-in-law made homemade mince pies tonight and gave me an entire batch. The thing about her pies is that she makes the mincemeat her self - without candied peel. They are to bloody die for and Ive eaten 4 already - but hey its crimbo and we have licence to put on a stone and look idiots in paper crowns all season!

14 Dec 2005

The power of computers

Ok - so I paid a lot of money to go on this photograhpy course and learn to take interesting photographs. But what strikes me as insulting is the fact that all photos (good or bad) can be doctored by the power of picture publishing suites. Take the photo I took of Glynn in the studio. I didnt have the proper flash on my camer and got a fairly decent shot. But look at how I doctored it in Micrographics (not photoshop I hasten to add). Im amazed. I have been editing loads of pictures today to try and bring lustre and wonder to them. You should try it - it will change the way you crop for starters.

I have been very busy at making myself busy today. Ive decided to give lots of web places a miss - Im not a very happy hector with certain issues on a variety of subjects. But its been a good thing - Ive got loads of stuff done. As a result, Ive promised myself to switch the pc off every day for 3 hours and get my ass into gear with 32 layouts to be done by 15th January. That averages 1 a day so Im officially starting now.

Can you help me in the meantime? I need some really spirited heritage shots - not sombre ones - ones that have character. I have one or two so far from some wonderful girls - VE day celebrations, the coronation - lots of interest and enough to go on and make a heritage album on a budget of, erm... not a lot! I will suceed. Even if I scrap on loo paper - by jove it will be a heritage album but with unusual touches.

Also - do any of you have any Holiday snaps (we have one - ellie hates the beach), Wedding snaps (the really unposed candid pics) and baby close up snaps I can use for a book?

12 Dec 2005

OK. Now I am taught - I must play

Ok - I know the novelty will wear off but this is what I have been snapping today including the new banner of Ellie. I took this at the lakeside tonight after school - she looks all lost and in thought.
First is a self portrait - working by rule of thirds - its so much nicer to get shots off centre. I had to set the self timer for this one and pretend to be all moody. Ok - Im always moody but you know what I mean. Whether I got the app/shutter speed right I dont know but I played around in Micrografix Studio to get the grainy/arty effect.

Next pic is of me in the baubles (My - Im so me, me, me today! and I gather Anna and I have the same brain cos she was doing this today too - her pics better than mine as well. Just goes to show that you odnt need a course to get a great shot!) Its dark but I didnt want to use the flash. (click the picture for a better view). You can see my reflection in all the beads as well as the bauble. Im chuffed with that - I didn't use Macro and wish I had now. I might try again tomorrow. Ive also got a double bauble picture which has been cropped but the blown up quality is pants - remember - the more you crop the more quality you lose on your finish. If you have a raw format setting for pics - I strongly urge you to use this for pictures you wish to "blow up!!".

Plus look at all my gifts I received in the post - Thank you Jennie and Clare. Im so lucky to have such adorable friends. The hat pins are for a heritage layout and the ATC is just a something I had my eye on for a few days last week. I practically begged Clare for one for me to hoard and lick whenever I want. I would try and lick the hat pins but they is old and sharp!
Thank the lord for the age of Digi - otherwise I would have gone through 10,000 films today. Isnt it bizarre the fact we have the discretion to keep or delete what we want, change it to hoThw we like? Who says we all don't want to live in a perfect world?

I came. I saw. I photographed. I happy.

Wow. Wow. And triple Wow. In two days my perspective and interest in photography has increased more times than the rate of inflation in the last 100 years. I cannot describe the amazing things I have learned. I went down to The Photography School in Reading where we were given exclusive teachings by Freddie and Mark Walker. <<< Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Day 1 was phenomenal as we practiced playing with light, portraits and still life in underlit rooms - I just cannot believe my camera took these pictures (with a lil help from photoshop I hasten to add!) The guy in both the pictures is Glynn, my hubs cousin. He is a superb photographer in his own right and really didn't need to come on this course but he picked up some hot tips and we had a blast. I need to manipulate this pic of Glyn folding his arms but I just adore this candid shot!
I know that from this day on - the way I scrapbook will improve dramatically as I have learned how to get better shots with my Ellie for starters. Im going on the next course after christmas to help polish up some more skills but feel the need to upgrade my camera already. Mark is having a panic attack so I gave him one of my brown paper bags and told him to take it easy.

This is the gang of us that attended the course with our prized photos printed and mounted by Freddie. I wanna say a huge thanks to Becky, Amanda, Sam, Imran, Glyn, Mark and Freddie for helping me have a superb weekend with lots of laughs and posing and tips and snap happy memories. Thanks - you completely fabbo bunch of wannabe paparazzi!
Oh man - I know Im not going to be able to sleep tonight. I have these great shots planned of Ellie and the festive family gatherings - I just know the click, click, click of my camera is gonna wind everyone up!

9 Dec 2005

David Bailey? Eat your heart out man!

Im off to get teached about digi photography this weekend. Im so excited because I have an expensive camera (Fuji S7000) which I use in "Auto" mode all the time (sacrilage). Im going to be learning about histograms, shutter speeds and settings I don't know about. I only found out I had super macro a short while ago - and man, its takes some stunning shots. Im hoping it will improve my scrapping style as the pics I take at the mo are grainy and pooey. Saying that - mark and I had this taken tonight whilst dressing the tree and its not so bad - but it could be bettter!

Our little ellie helped us dress the tree which I must say looks rather lushly. We lubs our tree at crimbo - I dont care if I never got presents - just having fun decorating it and titivating it is all I need for a super crimbo.

What colours are your tree decs? let me know. Ours are red and gold. Nothing more and nothing less and yes - every branch is bedecked in wunnerful crimbo lushness.

5 Dec 2005

Weekend in Salisbury

In all the time I lived in historic salisbury I never took pics of Stonehenge. Nor did I take any of the cathedral and the magne carte! So with my head being focused on all things scrapable - mark and I ventured down there on saturday. Mark is based 2 miles from the henge and can see this magnificent array of stones from his room. As it was his christmas do this weekend I made sure that whilst I was down there - I would take pics. This is only a partial collection of the stones - they are so imposing if not breathtaking to look at.

Our night out was not exactly the best I had been to in the Army. But it was a nice little get together even if the food was crap! Generally these do's run with a military precision with food being impeccable, the function in high taste and the girls looking like wee foxes in there killer dresses. I for one am a rebel in the highest order and wore a long skirt and cardi with marabou feathers which caused a stir. I dont "do" dresses. I don't have the figure for it but mark loved my outfit and we looked respectable.

He did look rather spiffing in his finery and I had to keep snogging him cos he looked delish.

Why has mark taken snaps of my ankles? Well as this function was a strict "ankle length" policy, he wanted to show the world that I do posess them and actually are his and mine fave feature (they are sooo skinny malinny - unlike my huge child bearing hips and butt). And the most I can wear in the heels stakes is 2 inches. I hate having to balance my huge-arse-on-skinny-legs on them! I have to add at this particular stage that the furniture is army issue and not mine - oooh the shame!!!! I can tell you wanna know where i got my skirt. It was a bargainous £55 from M&S. Man - their party wear is awesome this year.

Then the next day we went to may fave restaurant in the world - ASK! It sells the most divine italian food and has a wonderful contemporary mood. Just the thing for a slight hangover. Mark was getting really pissed off with me for taking pics of the food and stuff.
I was playing with the super macro on the camera which takes pics as close as 4mm from the subject. So please enjoy my close up of olives - which I utterly love and destroyed in 2 seconds flat!
Hope you enjoyed my weekend in pictures as I did in real life.

1 Dec 2005

Ellies B'day Piccies

They are here at least! I havent had any free time to upload these pictures as we have moved all our stock back home this week . Its a good job we have an integral garage otherwise id have sold up and be living it large doing nothing all day long. Its just so darn cold in our garage and ok - its the british winter but I aint suffered a cold one like this in all my 34 years.
Nothing much happening this week. Finished all my magazine work and am progressing with 31 cards for one book and 16 layouts for a series of 12 books. Thanks to my dear friends who have supplied me with pictures to use.

Here are the party girls! Ellie, Megs, Moi and Chiara...