Ladies Camera Club

27 Nov 2005

Last Crop Today

I dont know if the world is aware yet but Dies to Die for is moving back home. We took this desish because we are moving to Cambridge and have no idea how fast the house could sell (when and if it does - it better though!). So I gave our notice in and by doing so we will be saving a massive £1350 a month and its flamin freezing in there - too big for me to heat. I have to wear ear muffs (see pic, although that pic was taken in my scraproom>>>>>>) and that is sooooooo not a good look this season. BUT!!!! Not everything is gonna fit in our garage so some stuff has to go into storage. Im quite sad in one respect but also excited about starting new fings with Anna Pie.
Took bella out to Frankie and Bennys on saturday night and she sat at the head of the table looking like she owned the joint and bossing mark and I by snapping her fingers and ordering enough coke to dissolve the teeth of a small nation. She invited her friend Chiara and our niece Megan - who between them, ate like rabid dogs and stank the car out with garlic (its the taste of the future you know!). I shall upload the pictures later as the chip is at work (but not for long as we are out of there on Weds).
It was also our last crop today - thanks to Scrappykaren, sonjabuk, 4kidsat147, pauline, joanne ward and kathie for coming. I wanted to cry and I took 4 hours to do one sodding layout!
By the way - Ellie was chuffed to bits with all the wishes you sent her for her birthday. She felt all smug and I thank you ladies for putting a wee cheeky grin on my grown up missies face!

25 Nov 2005

Happy Birthday Ellenor (baby bear)

aaaaw my lil peach is 10 today. She is sooo tiny and fragile - the most precious thing in the world. When I say tiny and fragile - I mean tiny. She wears clothes fit for a 5 year old, takes a size 9 shoe and weighs 32lbs (my leg!!) No money, jewels or riches could ever, ever match the love I have for her. 

When I wake her up I will be loading a tray with a vase and a flower, cards, sprinkles of heart sequins and 2 bars of chocolate. Its an annual treat to have crap for breakfast on her birthday (hence annual - duh!!!). She most bummingly has school but we have treats in store for afterwards and I cannot wait to make her feel like a princess. Ill take pics of her and upload the new ones tonight.
Wouldnt we all love to eat junk like this every morning? Role Yoghurt, Minsrels and choc bars.
Ellie (10!) with her cousins. Megan is 8 (in the middle), Dan is 6 and Ellie was not in the mood for photos outside school. It was bright this morning and she doesn't do bright. Told u she was tiny.

Happy Birthday Babycakes, Love Mummy Bear xx
Of course I shall not regale the horror of childbirth - ok, i was in labour for 3 hours and I wasn't too posh to push either. Gas and air didnt work, pethadine knocked me out for an hour so really I was only in pain for 2 hours. Anyone who has ever had more than one child gets my total and utter admiration.

23 Nov 2005

Eyes Wide Open

This is my latest offering which has no gallery to go to!!! Its my Ellie with her eyes wide open. Again I feel I have to remind you that Ellie has photophobia and has always got a hat or dark glasses on. It's so wonderful to get a picture ogf her smiling with her eyes looking so happy and blue!

I love this little girl too, too much.
And I love flowers and they will feature on everything I do becuase they make me happy.

22 Nov 2005

Jakki sent me this - its a blog tag. I had to do it even though Ive just found out that I have 16 layouts to do for a book, 4 for one mag and four for another.

Do I have time to trump at all - can I ask where I am supoosed to fit this in to my hectic skedge?

ok okok - peer pressure - here it is:

2 - names you go by: Kirsty & Kirky

2 - parts of your heritage: English and English

2 - of your everyday essentials: Moisturiser and my daughter

2 - of your favorite bands or musical artists: Manic Street Preachers & U2

2 - favorite songs: Motorcycle Emptiness and Sexual Healing

2 - things you want in a relationship (other than real love): laughter and cuddles

2 - physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): eyes and butt

2 - of your favorite hobbies: Scrapbooking and Cropping

2 - things you want really badly: A house on Wysteria Lane and my daughter to gain strength

2 - places you want to go on vacation: Utah and Oregon

2 - things you want to do before you die: follow the inca trail and travel route 66 in an open top car

2 -ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I wear skirts and I love pink

2 - things you are thinking about now: Why has certain parts of my hobby let me down and i need to blow my nose

2 - stores you shop at: Sainsburys and the corner shop (everything else is online)

2 - things that scare you: spiders and losing someone close to me

2 - people I would like to see take this quiz: Anna and Jo

Rebel forces

Choosing a star wars themed crop recently has obviously spurned a stand off at my favourite haunt. I am very hurt about some of my freinds being banned for a little joviality and therefore I am supporting their pain by joining them in a weeks leave from said forum.

So there.

21 Nov 2005

Too much fun

Meet Elaine, moi, Fran, Jen and Claire. At the time of this picture we were completely wasted in a hotel in Edinburgh. We had just finished off doing a rendition of swan lake (more like the sugar plum fairies) and we could not stop laughing or pratting about. I hurled myself over the bar looking for the remote control in a very unladylike fashion (with me, is there any other way?) - all to listen to Peter Andre and Jordan singing their song (I thought Jord-big-knox sounded superb but then again - Id been drinking beer and shots for almost 5 hours). Oh we did get up to some real tom foolery and my poor liver is in need of a transplant right now - so any clean "A pos" livers donations will be gratefully received so that I might be able to have as much fun again when I go drinking and scrapping in Scotland.
Thanks girls, I had a blast.

18 Nov 2005

Reva and the 2 dwarfs

Meet Reva - our work experience girl. She is ........ wait for it................ 15 years old and 6 foot 2". I thought she was going to batter me when we took her on. She makes me look a midget and her arms are the same length as my legs! I cannot believe this girl would want to come and work in a crummy, pokey mail order business when Milan and Paris catwalks are in need of this lil beauty! She knows she has the potensh of being a "Moggle" but her naiive charm and helping hand was a bonus this week. And as you can see Kath came back. So it was a real cosy affair.
Im off up to Edinburgh this weekend with Ginge and Fran. Im so excited although I won't be cropping as Ive got 31 cards to do for a new bookazine plus Ive been given work in a series of books coming out soon. I feel very very lucky and like I always say - I shall savour it now cos you are only ever as good as your last layout.

17 Nov 2005

iPod, myPod - turn the damn thing onPod

Can you believe I bought this in May? Mark and I bought a mini iPod each in the US. After two days of landing back in the UK, Mark had all his fave tunes on his blue baby. I took mine out of the box this week. And yes, I had to dust it off. I haven't had a moment spare since those sunny days in Clermont, FA. Boy - I wish I had of opened it earlier. I honestly thought it was going to take an age to upload all my "boingy" tunes - rather like my old MP3. I bought an iRock 2 years ago and lets just say I could only get 30 songs on it in about 2 hours upload time. So after uploading the entire back catalogue of the Manic Street Preachers, various throwback tunes of the 80's and some random 50's NY cafe style jazz - Im fit to pound the treadmills with more gusto. I do have a weird taste in music from a wide genre but thats me - weird.
But fully wired up.
And whats with the Q-tip style earphones - I just can't hack them. If I wanted to have my ear wax gouged out by two rubber nodules every time I go to the Gym, Id take a shovel and do it myself. So selfishly I bought a pair of Koss soft padded ear muff type phones - man, the quality is earth shattering.

Im going to do an Anna now and have a question a day. What's the top 5 tunes that you would put on your iPod? Answers on a Making Memories metal rim tag to the usual.

16 Nov 2005

We got one!!!!

Some of you will be thinking - what the fudge? But let me tell you we got one. We really and actually and wonderfully got one! That is, a picture of Ellie - full on - with her eyes open! Generally her face is looking away from the camera or when she is looking, her eyes are widened like a suprise. Ellie has photophobia you see - she cannot bear bright lights whatsoever. Imagine my joy when we got this shot!! Yippy-de-doo-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Im so excited I could dance a jig of jigs round a camp fire wearing nothing other than a french maids outfit and a baguette.

Enjoy a picture of my sweet Ellenor and yeah, sure - its gonna be scrapped. Man, I love this kid more than anyone has ever loved anyone in the world. Infact - all the love that has ever been given or received times a million - in fact times infinity. Thats how much I love her. She make my heart ache sometimes. xx

15 Nov 2005

Just wanted to add this.............

Front cover title "Kirsty and Jane unlock the brain to Dyan"
Page 1 & 2 - Kirsty and Jane
Page 3 & 4 - Dyan and the plot to steal the brain
Page 5 & 6 - Taking the brain and replacing it with pebbles chalk inks
page 7 & 8 - Splitting the brain - pics of each of us with Dyan

Jane Dean and I share a passion of all things altered - namely because of Dyan at Art from the Heart. I wanted to cheer dear Dyan up last week and got permision from Jane to use some of her photos to make up a collagey story of how both Jane and I steal Dyan's Brilliant brain. I now own 50% of Dyans brains but I still dont feel brilliant. Not even slightly more creative than the norm. Maybe its faulty. Perhaps its not her brains I need - I prolly just need to be Dyan.

Ill upload the pictures in order for you to read for yourself - you can enlarge the pictures by pressing on the blue and orange arrowy thingy when you have clicked on the pictures.
I had immense fun doing this and I believe Tim Holtz had a wee look too - fame at last. That man conned £25 out of me on Sunday (alcohol inks no less). I would love to be a penny behind his bank balance.

Choosing Christmas Gifts

Oh Lordy of the lordiness. Not only is crimbo like 6 weeks away, ellies 10th birthday is next week. She doesn't know what she wants for either and Im stucked. She did say she would be quite happy to have money but you can't wrap £50 in a nice bow can you? Im actually going to make her a paper bag book and trim it up with spaces for her to fill. But for crimbo - jeeeeeeeeez. Its so hard to decide. I haven't bought a jot - not a sausage of anything. No cards, no extra trimmings (I buy at least 12 baubles extra a year for our tree. At least 3 ornaments go on each branch. My poor tree will not want to come out of the attic this year knowing that its poor branches will be overloaded with red and gold deckalations). Actually I have decided that everyone I know will get sprouts. After all - sprouts are for crimbo and not for life. BLUERGH!

14 Nov 2005

Cover Girl! and other millions of things...

Ok - it's not exactly "Vogue" but I made front cover of a mag. I had no idea whatsoever until Jo rang me up and told me. I said that I knew I was on the front cover of 12x12 - it was for the "Boing" layout I did of her little girl Anja (It was only a wee snippet on the corner - hardly worth shouting fromt he roof tops). She blurted out - "NO, not that one - A FULL PAGER!".
This mag now has a 5 strong UK Scrappers DT on board now and things are changing big style. You will see stuff from Anna, Jo (Rudishoes), Jakey, Boo and moi. The free papers are going to change with more elements thrown in to maximise use, more articles as opposed to layouts and lots of tried and tested pages. Scrapbites from America, reviews, in depth discussions taking you from the basics to advanced scrapping. Liz is taking great care and larger steps to getting this baby off the ground again and I hope we can help boost its focus and readership.
I went to a local school last Friday to help with the "Duke of Edinburgh" candidates for a 5 week course in crafting. I was chuffed to bits when the DOE teacher came to our offices and aksed for help. He wanted me to provide projects in which to develop their skills and initiative. So we started with card making. The kids are aged between 14 and 16 and they really and I mean REALLY were not that keen to be making cards. The boys were horrified. BUT!!!! I said to them that they didnt have to copy my examples and just go with the flow. BOY!! What a transformation. The girls put a lot of their own ideas into the cards and some of them were stonking!!!! Put me to shame they did. The teachers expressed their profound suprise at being able to turn some of the more roudiest and rebellious out of the kids into believers!!! The girl holding the card came into the class not wanting to start and ended up not wanting to leave. This week we are making CD holders - I cannot wait to see them get stuck in!

10 Nov 2005

Kick up the Ass

Go on - boot me everyone. I can't get motivated today. Im supposed to be at work but its so cold in there. I have a 1500 sqft warehouse to myself as kath has just packed in work. Not that she hates me or anything (I hope not) but she has been off with stress due to family issues. I might as well blurt out at this point that I am moving to Cambridge (when I sell the house) so the warehouse might as well be a store room. It's business as usual just no classes or shop opening. Im setting up scrapping angels with the deliciousness that is Anna Bowkis and we is gonna rock da scrap world. I was toying the other week with the idea of selling Dies to Die for. Its a fabbo business but mainly on the card making side of crafts. There are so many opportunities available for me that Im being pulled. Dyan suggested that I should go and be with her in harrogate (think she must be kidding - have you seen the house prices in Harrogate?) and wouldnt that be just the icing on the cake? But I want to do Scrapping Angels - it will be good and funky and fabbo and different. And besides, Dyan would outshadow me becuase she has too many creative brain cells . And my one creative brain cell is frazzled right now.

And by the way - the picture is like **Toadally Random**. Took it the other week when I went out shorping with Jo (Rudishoes). It was yum but hells bells - it repeated on me for like 7 hours. Rightio - Im off to scrap before I lose the will to live.

8 Nov 2005

Ive scrapped my scrappers!

Here we all are - everyone who came to my retreat, all flowered up, looking vibrantly scrumpsh and forever in my album. Thanks girls - you will brighten my day everytime I look at this page and bring back the laughs we all shared. Mwah xxx
Im off to Art from the Heart this morning to take a delivery. Im also taking a wee project with me to finish - I just know Dyan has the right things for me to finish it off with. Im gonna raid that studio with a fine tooth comb and hopefully she will teach me everything in her brain so I can take over the world - mwahahahahahahahah!
Plus she has the new Daisy D's. I cant wait to lick that new collecsh of papers.

7 Nov 2005

Yup - great weekend!

Sheeeeesh - me feet haven't touched the floor. Big style. And now I have ankles the size of a small town in Oregon. Or maybe Venezuela. But anyway it was brillo and such fun. Moments of wrongness and unfinishedness too but ultimately fun and laughter - the type that makes your sides hurt for days. Our retreat, in sum, was a great adventure for me, a release for others and a chance to get away from DH and kids (or cats in some cases!). I think we covered 8 pro-jays de art including a star book, slide mount key ring, christmas card planner, envelope book, cd envelope, ATC, noodle box (unfinished - out of time, so sorry girls), a christmas card and a paper bag book - damnations, that makes 9. Food, fun and glue and more fun and mis-measurements and ooooh too much to write about.

Here we are on our night out. The waitress took this picture and chopped off poor janes head (sorry hun). Starting from the left we have dougie, karen, anna, sue, claire, moi, donna, froooty soooo, kathie and jayne. Profiterole mountains, confessions of explicit candidness and howls and tears of laughter describes the best night out I have had in yonks. And although I would never host a retreat again, it was a good learning curve for me. I will of course go on lots of retreats held by others becuase I too love to learn, learn and learn. SLURP!

3 Nov 2005

Forgetful and reminderss

Oh lordy loo laa! Ive been forgetting things all week and then remembering past the moment of due-ness. My brain (yes, I have one) is frazzled but wanna know something? Ive not broken down yet! Im feeling quite smug and knowing and chuffed that I've conquered this weeks challenges and come monday (MY DAY OFF!!!!) I will collapse on the sofa and stuff as much choc down my neck than my stomach can muster.
Im just popping into work to put finishing touches to this weekends retreats prodgies. My fingers are itching and my mind is whirring like crazy with things I have to make and do before the month is out. Im writing it all down so I don't forgetted!!
**CELEB ALERT** I gots an email from the one and only Ms Downey last night and after I had been resucitated from the shock and honour I replied with some conviction that she should come to Bonanza. Who has got £2000 for the honour?

1 Nov 2005

Blah blah blah

Man I am soooooooooooooooo tired. Ive been running around doing last minute things, meeting deadlines I could have met a few days ago but left my incessant procrastination trick to leave me fretting for britain. My VAT return is erm, one day late and I could have done that in August (believe it or not) and Im waiting on stuff to complete the projects for our retreat this weekend - which I am soooooooooooo looking forward to. Having my staff off work (sick?) has made me realise a few things this week.

a. Im quite resilient (even though Im not extremely happy about the sitch)
b. Working on my own allows me to burp and swear at my leisure (oh, I do that anyway!!)
c. I can come and go as I please
d and e and f.

Anyway, Belle and I had comfy couch snuggles tonight as I promised us both a whole 2 hours of un-interupted scrumpsh with her. Generally I am about in the house either cleaning, hoovering, washing up (ok only sometimes washing up as we have a dishwasher). I never sit solidily with Ellie for more that an hour as duties dictate otherwise and ok, Im on UKS or doing stuff on the my website from time to time. So two hours was a treat and a half for both of us although she did keep saying when am I going to leave her in peace? Can't flamin win at times huh?

She has been in bed for two hours and Ive been doing up a paper bag book for the retreat and finished off a layout I had started at Anna's. For those that saw it at the crop can I just say - erm, its nothing like you saw it last. I have this weird urge to bung as much on a page as I can and I hate seeing space. The last layout I did had so much space and Im literally itching to get some more stuff on it. So when I upload tomorrow, don't let it come as a shock - it's a Kirsty thing!