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31 Oct 2005

busy weekend of serendipity fings

Wow - how many miles have I driven this weekend? Drove from Wigan to Bridlington and then stayed over at mums to collect my baby. Drove from Bridlington to Cambridge on saturday to go house hunting and found one and then stayed at Annas and then went cropping and had fun meeting my fave celeb scrappers ever plus other girls I know and lub. Then I drove from Camb to Wigan - my backside is numb I can tell you.
Totally had a fabbolish time at Annas with mark and my babycakes and now Im sat here with 2 deadlines looming, still no staff and a retreat and HALLOWEEN. I promise myself to have a nervous breakdown when Ive finished having fun!!
Uploaded this layout on Friday and was blown away with the response. I made a spelling mistake and couldt bare to rip it all up so I corrected it in pen and allowed for human error. Im sure my great, great, great grandchildren will love how dumb I am at times!!! I did write it at 01.15 in the morning so please forgive me.

26 Oct 2005

Missing Bella Baloo :(

Man I am missing my peachy pie. She is still at mums but goody for me, I get to collect her on Friday. I stay overnight at my Momma bears house then travel to Cambridge on saturday to see Anna, meet my DH Marky poo - go and do "Stuff" and then crop on Sunday. My arms feel so empty without my little darling and I miss those super sweet kisses she gives me. I espesh like the ones when I get a kiss without having to plead for one!
Did another layout tonight using a pic my sis sent me. Its of me, her and our emily. I didnt know what to call it so ive not given it a title. Just gonna upload it as "3 girls on a bench.......". I have gone all flowery puff with it (in 3 none very flowery colours) to match our tops in the picture. I'll upload it in the morning as my pc hates night time uplaods (basically cos it needs rebooting and I dont have a spare 5 hours to do it!).
Didnt have a particularly good day. My one staff told me she wasnt coming in - she had been given 2 weeks sick leave from the doctor for stress (thankfully not work related). It came as a bolt out of the blue so now with a retreat planned for next week plus me having to do her work - I am going to be..... well, I dont know. Lets just say Ive cried about it - purely out of frustration.
Ive another article to complete for Simply cards and papercrafts too with a deadline of 1st Nov. Will somebody please donate me an extra 3 hours in a day - PLEASE??? Ill swap it for a bottle of prima flowers. Night Dudes xxxxx

25 Oct 2005

Boys boys boys

This is a night time shot so its not so clear but here is my LO for the Bumblebees DT. I LUBS doing boy layouts - its so refreshing as I often do girl layouts. I just adore my nephew Dan and the faces he pulls. I tried hard not to but in the end I caved in to the flowering of the page up - I couldnt just put stars and skateboards and toads all over it. I think they look boyishly flowery acceptable. Now who am I trying to convince - you or me?
I also experimented with a jigsaw shape which is a dingbat of all things. I used it on my Pazzles machine and hey presto - a blummin acevilles jigsaw shape with outline to make two wickedly scrumph jiggy pieces.
Loving these junkitz papers - I guess you gals will too when I FORCE you to buy the kits from Anna!! Mwahahahahahahahaha
Made my first ever panic attack deadline today for 12x12. Ive done one article previously complete with 4 paper bags which took weeks to prepare and I knocked up this article in like 2 hours. Im chuffed with it because the prior research took a few days and Anna helped me along the way cos this is my first profile article for the mag and I wanted it to be toppity notches. Things are looking up in the mag department with work allocated for the next 6 months. Im delighted if not slightly dancing like a crazy kit kat about the prospect of sharing my passion with like minded scrap nuts - a little bit like you crazy wacked out minx bags! Love and antiqued prima flowers with diamond encrusted centres.... kirksxx

24 Oct 2005

My Squeeze

Here we are - all black and whited and BG sublimed. I adore the colours in this layout - its Autumn and I will use Autumns however I wish. Isn't my squeeze a little dish of delights? I wubs the cartoony papers by Two Busy Moms too. They match too perfectly with Sublime. This has to be my fave layouts ever just based on colour alone.
Ive eaten a chicken sandwich today that I decided half way through that it was off. I checked the date on the chicken pack and its sell by date was the 17th October. I just know Im going to die in the next few hours. So who wants my stash? Mwahahahahahaha

What have you wacked out kids been up to?

22 Oct 2005

More pics from last night

Me and Marky boy taking snaps after a great night out - I wubs his mono brow and lovely lashes - yum, giz a kiss. When I met this scrumpsh bag of masculinity 11 years ago it was not love at first sight. I'd love to be able to wizz off on an exciting story of instant attraction and pure lust infused glances but that would be lying. I met mark at the Forces careers office in Stoke on trent. I was with the RAF working on the recruitment desk and he came though the door and I thought "He looks a bit old to be joining the Forces" (he was 27 at the time). I asked out loud "Do you want the Army, Navy or RAF?". He said "I'm already in the army love, Im the new recruitment sergeant". Ooooops - a segreant no less but he called me "love" in the same breath so I knew I hadn't spoken out of turn.
It took a few weeks before we even had a first chat as he was with the Army and the RAF don't have much to do with them cos basically they are a bunch of grunts. When we did have our first chat I found out he was to be engaged that May and I was going out with a right noodle head and funnily enough, we were getting engaged in the June.
Anyway to cut a very booooooooooooooooring story short he found out that his finace was seeing other men behind his back (she was based in Germany) and Chris dumped me becuase he went back to his old girlfriend. So mark got together on the rebound and I really liked the car he owned so he was the perfect excuse to accessorize!!! Mwahaaaaaahhaaaa

Look at us having a snuggly snug - Im scrapping this picture tonight with some sublime papers. Its rare we have photos taken together. I mainly take all the snaps of Ellie and erm, leaves!!??

Went shopping today for the first time in ages. I bought a cool bag from M&S, some K&Co/BG papers with words all over it (tres cool for this great layout idea I have - I hope I can pull it off!). Bought some edging ink and chalks plus some heart clips. We also went into the Estate Agents to offish put the house on the market - so scarey and yet so exciting!

Plus I've got Jo coming over tonight too (Rudishoes from UKS). We have so much to talk about plus we are scrapping so tonight is gonna be girly fun, scrap and chocolate infused heaven.

Wish I had something brilliant to tell you - but I haven't. Perhaps tell you that I had a layout published in Scrapbook Inspirations. Its my first time in there and I feel quite chuffed becuase it has a great following and the free gifts are just so handy (what free gift isn't?). But you know what I mean. Right - I have to go and watch mark finishing dinner (he is head chef in our house) He has made a mean tomato, pepper and basil soup (I chucked in some sherry and soy sauce to prove that Im not a dumb ass dimwit in the cookery department and he actually thought it was a great idea - duh - I KNOW... IM GREAT!!). Plus we are having Lancashire hot pot sausage casserole with wholegrain mustard mash - so british and so YUM.

Ill write in my blog soon and tell you how much weight I put on from that meal alone! Peace out dudes. Oh!!!! and tell me about your day!

21 Oct 2005

Dinner date....... WOOHOO

Jesus, don't have a heart attack or anything but guess what? I'm going out! Really and properly out for a, like, real meal with posh clothes, killer undies and my hubs!!!!! As lady E has departed to grannies for a week on half term hols its time to swing from the chandeliers, jump from the wardrobe and run around the house in the complete stark raving nip! And then I remember the wobbly rolls I have tucked inside my girdle so its erm - not true. Well the meal bit is but you never know cos after, like, 2 sniffs of lager Im anyones. After three sniffs Im everyones!!! Mwahahahahahaha.
We are off to a really posh bit of tot called "The Owls" in Standish. Mark is chauffering me up there to discuss our new plans, get tipsy (well me is cos he is driving (me mad!!)). Mark is feeling quite rich becuase we had our house valued yesterday. Two years ago it cost £108,000. The market value today is £184,000. Hell fire!!! Toadally suprised and even more interesting in upping our choice of houses at our new location location location! I swear we only have a 3 bedroomed semi and for the same price in our new location we can get a 4 bed detached with an uncatree (Lady E's word for a conservatory). We feel suddenly rich and powerful but you know what? I couldnt care if we didnt have a bean cos we is family and for that Im grateful.
Im taking me cam-ay-rouge with me to snap the events of our night out - I shall share with you laterz. Love and snot .... Kirksxx
Ok - here they are......
I took pics of my posh shoes (2nd time ive ever worn them and i got them in Jun - I think) And I painted me nails which is like - soooooooooo unlike me these days. Don't ask me why I took pics of me feet. Perhaps cos Im such a dizzy scrapper these days - I even take pictures of dust - I then scrap it and then when I flick through my albums a year later i think - GOD!!! I knew I had to do something, I need to clean!!
This is a pic of my make up. I normally wear mazzy, eyeliner and gloss for everyday but this time (cos it's a night out) I splurged on concealer (cos I have 2 massive and I mean MASSIVE spots on my chin). Im a MAC girl. Its the only branded item that i simply must have. I dont use posh moisturiser or expensive hair products. I love mac as its long lasting and hard wearing and of course its has funky chunky lippies. Just why am I taking pics of my makky-de-up?
More pics tommorrow!

20 Oct 2005

Collage Crazy

Ok - I blame 2 peas for inspiring me to just slap it all on a page. With collage being my favourite thing when I was younger I didnt think id ever need to do it again until now. And those choking reigns that used to be "neat edges and matching embellishments" have gone right out of the window. Ive been sticking to the rules and now they is gone forever. Thanks to Elsie of course, her inspiration has mopped up the cobwebs of my inner sanctum and released those underlying chasms of "create juice" into this baby! Im loving this. I will be able to pour all my stahs on one page and get to see it all at once! (I hear my bank balance screaming "noooooooooooooooooooooo". Like, get over it bank. I only used fragments of chatterbox papers too. I even wrote on note paper (obv not lignin free so god knows what state this will be in in 300 years).

19 Oct 2005

New Directions

After being heavily influenced this week by the wonder that is "2peas" Im attemtping to alter the direction of my artwork. It may be said that Im lifting everyones ideas but by combining my own style with the black grunge that seems to be affecting every US scrappers style - Im sure I can come up with a Kirsty Wiseman Identity makeover. Im still sticking to over-decorating my pages and will always use the brightest colours available. But I think that due to a massive change in my life, right now a fresh approach to scrapping is called for. ooooo, I could almost pee Im that excited. But I wont cos Im wearing me new kick flare jeans and they is making me look espesh slim and slinks! Love and blossoms...... Kirksx

17 Oct 2005

Eeeeeeks!! We are on the web!

Here we are - Anna and I at Scrapping Angels
Ok, we don't go live til January so you will have to wait for the juice in your favourite scrapping media but lets just say we aim to please! Think scrapping but more - with grunge and funk and flowers and dizzy loo laa. Think patterned papers but with boosted add ons and techniques you thought only scrap geniuses could master (I kidnapped them all and brainwashed them, sucked all their scrapping knowledge up through a drinking straw and into an empty jar of prima flowers!)
Come and make some enquiries at our website and get a free email signed by me!!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha. Lots of sparkly daisy dust ......Kx

Meet my new baby

After yesterdays (and todays continuation of) shenanigans I went to see about exchanging my car to cheer myself up. I have a Suzuki Liana which is a great set of wheels but it's too big for what I need. I need something compact and sporty if not something a little more practical. So meet my new car!!! Its a Suzuki Ignis sport with recaro bucket seats and spoliers and fat, chunky exhaust pipe that droans like a typical boy racer car. I inspected it tonight and demanded where the stereo was (not one fitted at present). With my new adopted boy racer style I expect I shall have to go and nick one to fit in with de riguer of owning a car of this status. Its the same year as my car with less mileage for only £10 a month more than what Im paying now and I deserve it because - erm, I just do right?
I know its not exactly an MX5 or a Lotus Elat - but its Ellie's and My mode of transportation which will allow us to blast the streets of Wigan with Kelly Clarkson (and the disney collection). All we need is a baseball cap to complete our mosher look! Until next time my ickle flarla's.

16 Oct 2005

Up and Down

**Sigh**. What goes up must come down. Tonight I landed with a bump so hard that I'm dreading retracing the steps to get back on that glorious height of happiness. Im such a sucker for being drawn into other peoples emotions. I should never forget those immortal words taught to me when I was in the RAF some years ago which as "Behaviour breeds behaviour". I wish I was one of those people who shakes off that kind of stuff and ignore/pretend it never happened. Im not someone who wallows in self pity either - what I DO do is, though, is over analyse situations and try to figure out a solution thinking that it will never work out (cos it often never does) and looking at stuff thinking its actually worse than it is when it isn't. Now if that doesn'ty confuse the hell out of you - I don't know what will.

Love and prima flowers xxx

My New Guru

Besides Cathy Zielske being like the scrap goddess of all things clean and simple - check out Elsie, the godess of all things flowery. Anna pointed out the similarities of Elsie and I. Ok, I can't scrap as flamin brilliant as her but we do have this urge to flower things up. Those that receive letters or notes from me will know that I doodle flowers over everything. If its not flowers it's hearts and wings (rather like Jay Reavley). I cannot possible go one day without scrawling daises over everything I own (EXCEPT STASH - NO NO NO!!!)
So imagine my lack of suprise to learn that Elsie gave us the new 2peas "Flower it up" font - yay I wubs you Elsie. Perhaps Elsie will never know what joy she has brought to me with her blog - it's influencing new heights to my style and it will be down to her that I owe my future thanks. Inspiration is a beautiful thing.................. thats flower power dudes.

Doll Graveyard

Aside from the business sides of things - the best thing about my trip to Cambridge was Anna's girls. I espesh love little girls more because I have one and I've grown up with predominently little baby girls being born into the family so you can imagine when I had a girl of my own - well, lets just say I wept buckets.
As my little girl is not your typical little pink, fluff and barbie doll loving lady, you can imagine my comlpete and utter suprise when Anna showed me my guest room (Orange Angry Child's room - Anna will require me to add that its a room to yet to be decorated!) Not only was I met with a Tango spank I was also met with Barbie graveyard. Ive never experienced discarded dollies in such a "disgruntled mum" fashion. This poor 99p dolly had been tossed away by Anna because she had one boot missing and had been dacapitated by Killer Lil! I believe from the mutterings from Izzy that also her right bosom had been caved in too - therefore making her size 4 figure less curvy shall we say. There was so much hilarity I had to snap Doll Graveyard.
Im going to miss the outrageous fashion from Lilly, the hugs and kisses from Izzy and the craziness that forms the Bowkis Family. Can I hear Cambridge calling??!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha

My escape to the Country and Lil Lilly

This is Lil Lilly - mad as a march hare in boots on the wrong feet and a fairy outfit - this babe is crazy and I need her! Iv'e just got back from Anna's house - putting the world, our businesses and furture enterprises to rights! Anna has a house on the edge of heaven - overlooking farmland and beyond. It filled me with such jealousy!. I wont discuss the flamin nightmare of a journey I had but lets just say that if you are going to Cambridge when roadworks are on and your village is shut off from the year 2000's - get yourself a Star Trek style transporter cos getting in is like trying to gain access to Fort Knox!!!
After countless hugs on arrival, Anna provided me with erm, sustainance in the form of a sausage casserole. I know she put it in the oven at 4 but I arrived at 10 - eeeek. It was delish if not slightly charred! Good job that Izzy had provided me with 5 pringles as a welcome gift (a la santa type offering!).
Then we chatted and looked around her new abode which is enormous. Lady of the Manor springs to mind. The next morning I was greeted with more hugs and kisses from Izzy pie! Lilly was still in bed after almost 14 hours - that cuddly treat was yet to come. Izzy looked like a teenager in comparison to when I saw her last. She looked so grown up in her smart school uniform. Just before she left for school, in zoomed the manicness and delisciousness that is Lilly pie. With hair like a mad professor and a killer toothy smile - I got the child "fix" I needed as I miss Ellie when Im away - to a point of hungry rage.
After Izzy had left for School - Anna and I then pounded our heads and hearts into Scrapping Angels before our trip to 12x12 mag. Let's just say we came to a bit of a halt - we needed further advice in the form of Dyan who in turn will sponsor our first kit - triumph!
After that frazzling brainstorm we tripped out to 12x12 mag to meet Liz. Liz is a great girl with a magazine that just needs a bit of a polish. As Anna and myself are obsessed with scrapping we put forward ideas to help lift the mag with a DT and new features to inspire their current readership. We ain't gonna change the world overnight but we can contribute as freelancers and as scrap loving grunge chicks - kind of spreading the luuuuuuuuuurve! I got a few articles on "Back to Basics" whilst Anna got the coveted fashionista journalista type funky article about scrap bites from the Big A! Plus we formed a DT in about 12 hours flat and we are now armed, locked and loaded for better things to come - we hope!

12 Oct 2005

Mary and Henry VIII

I just lubs my Ellie. We sat and chatted tonight at tea time about school. We discussed the days events and what she thought about certain elements of school. She said she loved doing History. Wow, this is promising Ellie I thought. Ellie despises school with a passion most days. I asked what she had learnt and she said she had been learning about Gods. She talked about Hindus, Mary and Henry with lots of wives. I said "Surely you are mixing Gods with Kings and Queens Ellie". "No, Henry was boss of his wives and god is a boss. So bosses are gods". Oh Ellie! Thats must make both Mark and I gods - Im going to see if I can turn water into wine in the morning (noon and night!!)
I packed her off to bed with a snuggle and huggle and tried to finish a paperbag book before I trot off to Anna's house to discuss some Angelic divination. Then I remembered that I had missed last weeks "Lost" and wanted to watch the next episode too. Thats my TV quota for the week - 2 hours!!! Seriously!!. Other than that I don't watch any TV at all - nuffin, nada, zero, zilch - ah ah ahhhhhhhh!. Now Im sat here bereft of any inspiration, a paperbag book to finish, stuff to pack for Anna's house and six chins resting on my chest - I NEED SLEEP!. Peace out dudes.

Gloom and Doom!

Have you seen how dark it is outside today? Its 0915 and i've got lights on in the house. Brrrrrrr - I hate the darn British weather. It must be winter cos I haven't experienced those wacky days of Autumn yet although the leaves are turning and I should be out there taking snaps of those rich colours in the trees. But not in the flippin dark!

Its days like these where I just wanna be tucked up drinking lucozade and watching This Morning tv. Instead I have to venture up to work and mull around waiting for the sun to rear its head. We have lots to be getting on with but something has come up over the last few days which is going to change the way Dies to Die for and Bella Baloo is run. Stay tuned - if you can stay awake.

11 Oct 2005

Been thinkin.....

I have had a day to cogitate and mull over fragments of my life that complete that big picture we all love to hate - ME!!! Mwahahahaha. Do you know what solution I came to? No, neither do I. All I know is that I am just off to get Lady E from school and take her to any shop she wants, to buy anything she wants because she has been so patient with me recently. Sometimes i dont think the snuggles we have are enough and Im going against the "tuts" and the "mmmmmmm's" and damn those who are judgmental - we are going shopping (and no stash will be involved in any purchases). Then I think we will eat junk again and sing weird songs on the way home - even if they are disney numbers!
**Picked Ellie up from school and she doesn't want to go shopping - I swear she is not a child of mine!!! She has actually gone for a nap and Im itching to go and get the new Kelly Clarkson CD. Poo. Ill sing weird songs in my head then instead!

Burned out

Girls - Im all burned out - the wicks a cinder and the wax has evaporated. Im taking the DAY OFF!!!! Im going home and I am going to do absolutely naff, chuff, zero, nada - NUFFIN. Im going to empty my head and put things down on paper - which I don't do. My head is bursting at the seams with lots of loose ends to tie up, new ventures to suss out and re-think my future. Im waiting for stash to arrive from Scrap Magic (Mara Mi papers for me to lick and never ever use!) plus Ive a bookazine arriving today with my work in it and Im going to be completely self absorbed in taking it all in - along with the like of Katie Shannahan-Jones and Jennie Findlay. Im not smug about it. I just need to - erm, I dunno - ENJOY!!! Ill log back on tonight and show you a few pics from it........

10 Oct 2005

Summing up today.......

This is how I feel about today - hmmmmmm!! Of course, this is Ellie taken at my MIL's caravan this summer. She really had to think about the answer to my question , which was "How was your day?". Hmmmmmmm, she was saying. Then she blurted out - "It was gorgeous". And my day was too. Lots of fast paced action in work, orders a plenty, masses of work offered for The Scrap Book Mag and simply cards and papercraft. Then to top it all - the open evening was a huge success. 15 ladies turned up and although they initially want to try just the card workshops - I soon converted them into scrapbook and keepsake addicts. Triumph!
Belle behaved in my office as I held the open evening and Kath catered for our guests. Ellie watched a dvd but kept popping in and out for a nose and a snuggly love. I gagged her with chocolate and coke and I swear I will find her teeth on the pillow in the morning - all black and rotten. I have to go to bed as I just cannot keep my peepers open. Anna is frantically searching for a Scrapping Angels web template befitting two super cool scrappers with a zest for challenging the minds of adventurous 12x12 loving gals everywhere. Im leaving her to it - I can see the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's coming out of my head. Ive cards to finish off for "Craft Essentials" - rubber stamped numbers too and inspiration belies me. I'll sleep on it!

It's all Go!

Flamin nora - Mondays are just pure adrenaline and trail blazes. Kath and I have been running around like blue botty flies - scoffing Milk Tray chocs all day long and now we feel ILL! I have trillions of orders to keep us busy but I am also trying to get organised for tonight's open evening. Ive make and takes to plan, the layout of the room to plan, filters for the coffee machine to buy, cards to make for practical publishing (rubber stamping of all things - YURKS!), my toothache to ignore, Ellie to pick up from school (Mcdonalds for tea hun - I know you will love me for it!). Why do I procrastinate over these things. I could have been organised on Friday but Nooooooo. Tee hee, I am my own crown of thorns at times.

Then I have 4 paperbag prodgies to finish and blurb to accompany them with for Craft Essentials mag. Its taken me an age to do just one. One is already done (using the one I did for my Dads 60th), one that Anna made me and one that I can chuck together as I have the papers and plan in my head.

Spoke to Dyan at Art from the Heart. Her Blonde Moments papers are being done in a different set of colours and is terribly excited about everything (me? I can't flippin wait - she is earmarking me for the new set in the first run - YAY - wubs wubs wubs). As you can tell we wubs Dyan here - so flamin talented and has the best shop in the world. I think Im gonna make her a little pick-me-up prezzy (its a good job she doesnt use computers and read blogs otherwise Ill have just spoilt it for her). If you ever get the chance to go to her studio - do go. It smells of toffee and is crammed with so much altered and grungie art - HEAVEN! She also gives me a kick up the rectum when Im being pathetically weak about this and that - thanks Dyan!

Spoke to Anna as well today about a little venture she is brewing in her cauldron. This better work hun otherwise its crumbs and gutter water for the rest of our lives. Can we truly transform the future in scrapbooking - who knows and to be quite truthful - who gives a plop? But I do and dreams do come true and we both believe in fairies and magic and sparkly wee scrummy leprachauns that guide us through the imaginary world that is Scrapping Angels.

9 Oct 2005

Its a Crop!

This is the layout I did today - Its taken in pooey light, Im seriously having fall outs with my fuji 5500. To get a better view - click the picture to enlarge.

Had a crop today - lots of UK's girls came along to crop, whine, moan, have fun, tell mucky jokes, crop, eat, drink copious cups of caffeine infused beverages! Tune in later as I divulge the days events.

My cropees were Kathie, Sonjabuk, 4kidsat147 amd pauline. Nice and cosy ma-wosy. Kathie arrived first and we had a wee chat about our beautiful Ellenors/Eleanors!!. I wubs kathie - she is a big softy like me. We chugged tea until the other girls came. I actually had intentions of finishing off a paperbag book and start a layout. But the layout called to me first as the papers are absolute flaming super brillianto. Then Sonja turns up with Becky and Pauline - in fine scrapping form with ....... a box of milk tray and some flowers for ME!!!!!! I was blown away. this was in light of yesterdays incident about my poor Ellie and me being the wuss head that I am. I am blessed to know such beautiful and caring people - im filling up now.

Sonja and Becky are scraptroopers and I had to hold back as I am a jedi cropper. They had done almost every class and showed me their work - awesome is all I can say. Sonja managed to do 3 super colours co-ordinated layouts again in 4 hours, whilst I faffed, Kathie did 2 little stunners, pauline was titivating and die cutting and I think Becky did one - but it was rather scrumptiously basic grey. I almost finished a layout in between scoffing bourbon creams and cuzzy creams. We did have a jolly time. Mark and Ellie joined us for part of the day and Ellie felt important being part of the crop albeit her playing game boy and surfing cbeebies.

I think everyone left happy - I had to leave in a rush as mark had made my tea. We had a pork roast and it was absolute heaven on a plate. He wubs me that man and I wubs him for taking juicy fat care of me. I have to finish off various prodgies tonight so I'll sign off here and wander various blogs to see if anyone had just as good a day as moi.

8 Oct 2005

My latest piece

After an incredibly shitty afternoon what better way to treat myself than with colour therapy. This is a layout of my hubs cousins (Glynn) girlfriend - Cheryl. As soon as I saw this picture I knew these papers would match perfectly. This is a gift for Glyn and Cheryl approves of it! Papers are by American Crafts - 6th Avenue I think. Mulberry flowers, may arts ribbon - use of new downloadable fonts (not rub ons!!), bella baloo file folder.

14th (a) blog - a look at fonts

Im totally and utterly addicted to downloading fonts. Today I came across a brilliant site where our most treasured rub on fonts are now available as a TTF!!! Imagine the creativity from this discovery alone. I feel all inspirational and scrappy. Ive just finished a layout too - Im umming and ahhhing to submit it (which Ive never voluntarily done before). But I question myself so much now - too many fonts and not enough to say. Im quite shy with journalling - I generally have it hidden. Perhaps heidi swapp can teach me a thing or two - or even Shimelle whose website is complete and utter bling in the journal world. I scrap to capture the memories and practice my art but I do become a little unstick when it comes to saying what I think will want to be read in 300 years time. Check this out girls - you will feel the need to reward me with a beautiful altered paint can or noodle box for this!

14th Blog - Its grim up norf

I opened my curtains this morning full of glee and zest for life until I saw the gloom and fog before me. Why does the weather affect me so? I shut them as quick as I opened them and thought that an another half an hour's snooze would cure the gloomdomness. But as Mark is nursing a slight red wine overdose from last nights social gathering I took pity on him and bobbed downstairs to get him a pint of water, a cup of tea and a toasted tea cake. I felt all wifey and important doing this task as generally he is the one caring for me. Mark is an absolute gem of a freind. He does the washing and ironing and makes most of our meals. Although we only see him at weekends (he is in the army and commutes from wiltshire every friday) you would think Id be doing all the running around. I feel rotten at times as his energy and commitment knows no bounds and for that I adore him. We do have our moments though but I sit back and take it all in and wonder if its all my fault at times. Perhaps im taking on too much at work...

Running your own business sounds like fun and it can be but it does take over your life. That along with caring for Ellie, scrapping, magazine work and even book work plus the rigours of keeping the house in order - it does take the fun away of the moments of wild abandon such as going to the pictures or a ride out in the car. I weigh those improvised scales and try to balance work and fun. Work tips the scales everytime and Im begining to analyse this in too much detail. I sound like a depressant don't I? Im not - just trying to find that happy medium we all strive for. Can you buy these happy mediums? Not like a jovial person who talks to ghosts. No No. That wonderful feeling of knowing everything is in order, running smoothly - taking a rare chance to go and smell the roses. Inhale its perfume and pretend that everything is bloody marvellous. And then I wake up!

Im off to work today. Ive the retreat to prepare for. Mark and I are going to do the little stock room out downstairs at work. We want to turn this into a lounge diner for our guests. A lick of paint, a few shelves, tables and chairs will soon have it being transformed into a retreat in itself. Im starting to get a little scared about the retreat. I need it to be perfect for the girls who are all UK scrappers. Of course every detail will be of optimum importance and the pressure of feeling a faliure could well be splattered across the boards if it doesnt go to plan. Anna is sponsoring us with Junkitz papers for the paperbag books. Through Anna, stix 2 glues are sponsoring us as well as a visit from Michelle Grant at Pract Pub who is going to run a feature on our retreat. Ive star books to prepare, bella baloo file folder books, slide mount key rings, noodle boxes to alter, cd envelopes. I need to plan papers and cardstock and accessories plus the food needs to be planned (mark is head chef thank the lord of lords who invented superby husbandy chefs!).

Shit - just had a call from sister in law. Megan (our niece) has visitors in her hair. Damn - if Ellie has got them then thats a flaming day long task in itself. Ellie has the most stunningly curly hair that won't get along with those tricky combs. Lotions make her ill and the only way to delouse Ellie is for my scrapping fingers to get in there and kill the little bleeders myself. Im off to go check - Ill be back in a tick to let you all k now if Ellie has nits (will she forgive me for posting this??!!!) **** Alas - no little critters for me to murder and scrape on kitchen roll this week.

Right Ive gotta go - motivation is severely lacking as its cold and crappy outside. Perhaps the reward of going to see the new wallace and gromit movie may be the dangling carrot I need but then again a warm and cosy bed surrounded by naked fireman and endless boxes of turkish delight may also be that motivational shove to get my rear end into gear!

7 Oct 2005

13th Blog - unlucky?

I hate my business banking people. The Bank of Scotland are a bunch of tossing toss pots from the planet of Toss a lot! They truly make me want to heave. To cut a very long story short I accused them of mucking up with my direct debits. As I am incredibly wealthy and rich and powerful (I think, well erm, actually at least I am in credit at the end of the month but hardly in the billions) I always have money to pay my bills. For some reason my payment to an adertising agency in Jun and Jul were never paid. So comes the 7th October and the ad agency wants to know where it is. "FFS - I set up DD's so that things get paid. You should have it and shut up you sarky cow". But no - this smug like cashier said they were rejected. So offs I go to ring Wank of Scotland and demand they tell me why they are such toss pots. Infact it was the ad agency who returned the payments - the payments actually went through. Then I rings the ad agency where smug girl was about to get de-smugged and pissed off - so much that I want to destroy her friday night of anything happy. Im not generally a bitch but nobody accuses me of not paying - ever. Then after I had told her she was as useless as the wank of scotland and had her offering me a free months advertising, I got onto what I did for a living and then on to scrapbooking. FARK!!! I wish I could be completely hard faced from start to finish of a conversation but my aquarius natures disallows me to be a complete bitch 24/7. Scrapping wins the day! I did not ring the wank of scotland back up and apologise for accusing them of misperforming this time. Purely becuase at the end of the day they are still tossers. End of.

6 Oct 2005

on the 12th blog of Kirsty - her life's still full of crap

God - Im in such a shite mood. I cannot shake the shitdom from my life. I cannot decide wether its anxiety/excitement/boredom - perhaps Im a paranoid schitzo and just not realise it. Yes I am. No I am not. SHUT UP!

Ive been reading loads of blogs recently and to be honest I do not know why I bother. I cannot come up with anything remotely interesting (erm, ok - I shopped in waitrose today for the first time ever in like 3 years and was most humbled to note that everyone on there wore barbour jackets and plus fours - still. The bread rolls looked divine but not at 99p a pop. I think Jesus would have held back on feeding the 5 thousand at those prices - I love that story by the way. I have trouble feeding ellie with 2 fish fingers let alone two fish) Anyway, I digress. Erm......I thought that noting the clothing of waitrose shoppers was slightly interesting.

Which reminds me - 5 years ago I had my first proper shop in Waitrose. I used to live in Wiltshire which is run amock with posh shopping shops like this and who is on a par with Budgens supermarket. Waitrose + Budgens = branded food we all know and love but with an added 50% price tag. The richest of rich people in Wiltshire have to shop there where their complimentry copy of Harpers and Queen is signed by the local millionaire as a reminder that they are indeed not rich but purely paupers who pretend to be rich. I used to pretend to be rich by donning my richest looking clothes (ok, a pair of black trousers from Asda (who knows?) and a white cotton blouse from next (up turned collars of course) and a fake burberry scarf - again - who knows unless the rich old munter behind me and sneaks a peek at the label reading "Market rip off - up yours munter".

Anyway - i digress (can you see a pattern forming - Im def a schitzo). Erm.... aaaah yes. Shopping in waitrose. I was looking in the cheese aisle and was pondering over a tub of Quark. As I was a 14 stone lardy wobbly blob at the time - on the Slimming world diet - I had been told that quaffing quark was a sin free and therefore eating 16 tubs was sure to slim me down. At the very same time as I was picking this tub of quark up another lady (in her babrour and plus fours) picked a tub up. I smiled at her and said "What exactly does this taste like?". Her face was of shock horror as she took in my enormity and triple chins. She scanned me up and down - yup, she had guessed I had asda trousers, tatty next blouse bursting at the bust where my fake burberry scarff was trying to conceal my hideous 40DD's from the richest of richest eyes. She looked at me - poker straight in the eye and said - in a monotone fashion "DON'T EXPECT IT TO TASTE CREAMY". Then she buggered off down the broom aisle to shove another one up are arse. I put the qaurk back and bought a pound of beef dripping to spread on 6 loaves of bread for my supper later that evening. Anyway....

Had a fabulous amount of orders since I have been away (top secwet mission - strictly a need-to-know policy of which none of you need to know. I think you demand to know but bummer anyway) Perhaps my 3 nanno seconds of fame on "This Morning" tv programme had them queing up to see my wares. As my advertising budget is like minus 3 million pounds I wonder where on earth these orders are coming from. Mebbes Mark and I will be able to have a nice cooked meal next month instead of beans on toast. I dont know - but at least it will keep me in business for another month. Mwahahahahahahahhaha. I hope - anyone want any flaming die cuts out there - they are nice you know!

Picked my Belle up from my sister in laws (she had had her for me whilst I was away). We had a very serious grown up chat about this and that and we both had a little weep as Im feeling blue and she is having a bit of trouble at keeping up with stuff at school. Its times like these I need to cherish forever. The chats and the hugs and the endearing moments of when she passes me kitchen roll to wipe my snot. Although its like wiping your nose on sandpaper how could you possibly not take up the offer of a child holding thier hearts out to you at your most bluest of blue days?

4 Oct 2005

11th blog entry - its boring so dont even bother reading it

Oh Crap! I spent one hour going over why I have moved back to here (basically the scrap blog was babba) but the connection timed out and I lost it all. So all Im going to do is bullet the plop I have encountered since last time I was on here.
  • Did the harrogate show and made more paper bag books than somebody who has made lots of paper bag books.
  • Received the first batch of Blonde Moments paper and was the first person to get them published (for commerical purposes of course!!)
  • Featured work in TSBM with 4 more pieces of work in the next 2 issues
  • Featured in Quick Cards made easy - including a piccy of me so I am now famous and up my own rectum - dont ask but I am so not anal.
  • Featured in 12x12 maggo
  • 10 of my cards in The Complete Card Making handbook - is cardmaking a comeback in my scraproom one wonders?
  • 2 works about to feature in Scrap Insp
  • 1 piece of work in craft essensh
  • 1 written article about pbb in craft essential due next month

Hub is wondering when he can put me in the readers wives column of some slightly less creative magazine. My reply to that is - youre sleeping in the shed - FOREVER. You keep your barrack room shenanigans at camp darling - ain't no room for sergeant major nasty pants here. mwahahahahahahaha.

Came home tonight to find a layout waiting on my doorstep from Anita MacDonald. My ellie and I are overjoyed at such stirling work so I have put it up on the gallery for everyone to think that I did it (I wish I could get away with it!)

Thats it - poo ploppy stinky nothingness for the last two weeks and all I have got to show for it is my head up my own rear end (according to reports from the dark side).

I'll be back in 2 days with more inane dribble to report with. until then - stay bored.