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15 Sep 2005

9th blog - ba 'eck - it's cold today

Do you know - I totally relate to the saying "It would freeze the balls off a brass monkey". Its like flamin winter outside today. I woke up this morning to rain and thought - aaaaah, it will burn off so I put on a short sleeved blouse and skirt. Did I look a pratt in the playground. Mums were coming into school with winter woolies on and 2 kids ahd bobble hats on. Im still wearing me summeries now. Im too tight to put the heating on (only cos Ill get comfy with it and leave it on til next March).
Finished off a layout for Scrapbook Inspirations tonight - sending to Cheryl for approval before posting for publication. I do like their magazine - you get fantastic freebies if anything!!! Waiting for 12x12 to get back to me about more work - I think they are after a step by step prodge and I have just the very thing. relatively simple but overall the finished effects can be awesome (well, I would say that but Im not going to submit plop am I?)
Went into school for a meeting about my little Ellie. They are getting her a laptop to wizz between numeracy and literacy with (she has two teachers in year 5 and 3 classes to flit between!!!) Those that don't know - Ellie has a crippling muscle condition which means her grip and fine motor skills are shot. So in order to keep up with the curriculum she types - and properly too. None of this two finger jobby neither. What she lacks educationally she makes up for in effort. I know I sound llike Im making excuses but she really is a little fighter. The teachers clearly adore her - thankfully, otherwise they'd get a knuckle butty and an offer of a scrap after lunch time!!!!
Work is good. lots of packing for the Harrogate show. Have bought in 1250 paper bags in anticipation of a PBB frenzy. Bella Baloo is now cut in bazzill so it should be a show stealer plus we have the CD Envelopes, bargain card packs, die cuts and some other scrummily divine tid bits for craft thirsty crafters.
Im off to take Belle to brownies - thats an hour and a half of scrapping time and feelings of no guilt into the bargain. Now the thing is ..... what to scrap?

14 Sep 2005

8th blog and you are still reading?

Wow - everyday prior to my blogging something fabulous happened. Now I have the chance to yell stuff from the roof tops and there is zero, zilch, nader, nil pwah (again) to report on.

Wouldn't it be just fabbo if I was some scrap guru, an uber babe of an artist or an elite crack commander of an SAS team. Surely it would be worthy of more than the 2 comments i get at the moment. But no. You are stuck with boring licky loring chicky choring Kirsty Wiseman who has just got off the phone to Sainburys bank whom are demanding money becuase my loan hasnt been paid. MMMMMMM!! Since when? Found out that they had cancelled my loan in favour of the new loan the offered me at the beginning of august for £7,000 which I didnt sign for but took it upon themselves to cancel my existing loan into the bargain. As you can imadge, one is not best pleased. I said to them - knowing that all calls are recorded - to sort themselves out, stop luring people into further debt by offering loans they can ill afford and to shove it where the sun doesnt shine. I think they got the picture. One is now angling for one million pounds compensation as the 5 minutes of stress they put me through has almost given me the urge to burn my stash our of anger.

Im scrapping tonight - I have a prodge for a mag. Im using a picture of Anna and her hub but Im having diff removing the red eye from their picture. Im so uneasy that Ive cheated and turned the picture black and white just becuase I cant fathom fixing red eyes! So look out for it in a mag in December I think. Ive also got an altered item plus 2 further layouts going in the Scrap Book Mag, a layout in Craft Essentials, one in Scrapbook Insp, another in 12x12 plus 10 cards in a new title coming out in October. Oooooh and check us out in Quick Cards Made Easy. They have run a feature on Dies to Die for. Suddenly feel all humble and famous. However, no swell heads here. Just happy to share me bit of new with you xxxxx

13 Sep 2005

7th blog entry .. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Whats has happened since my last entry - erm - Nil pwah, thats what. Well asides from snuggling up to belle last night and a cosy snug this morning before school. I have shed loads of work to do but Im a persistent procrastinator and the weight of the world on my shoulders (and thats not from the support bra neither - mwahahahahhahaha). Oh I remember now I made 12 cards for the stand an Ive made our altered CD envelopes into somthing of a bit of a brilliant book. Need to market these more effectively as these will be the new "paper bag books" and of course the new black/brown - whatever.
Im having trouble desiging the outlay of my stand. Last year was murder for peeps getting in and out plus we have the fabbo new stand to show off our display techniques - I fear for the hoards of visitors who will beeline our stall as they will be dying to meet Debs and Suzanne (mum0f4boys and fruitsuet!). Mum is helping me on the sunday and although her style is a little - erm, twee shall we say, she is a great demonstrator becuase of her yorkshire way!
Im off to go and pack yet more flaming card blanks - stay tuned and see what other pile of shite I manage to do before the day is out. Just having a coffee whilst I browse Annas blog and yup, a sneak peek on UKS might be called for as well!

12 Sep 2005

6th blog entry - are you keeping up?

Hello my 3 fans! Well what can I say about today - its beautiful, I've been to' bank to negotiate moving from the Wank of Scotland to HSBC - whom Ive personally banked with for 23 years. The petrol station next to us has cars backed up half way down the road with an impending fuel strike. Ive got half a tank of fuel and I think Im gonna have to fill up as I can't be bothered walking the half mile to work!!!! Kidding witchya.
Workwise, we have had stacks of orders - the world has gone paper bag crazy. I must admit I find this bag book idea a bit of a brilliant find becuase they are inexpensive to make up and feel lovely. Ive got paperwork to do tonight so no UKS surfing - sad sad sad.
Rang Anna to have a moan about life and a little weep over Ellie who - shall we say, is turning into a young woman. I dont want her to grow up - much rather like you never want a kitten to become a cat.

11 Sep 2005

5th blog......

Ok ok ok - Ive been busy doing LO's all week. I have to fit it all in as my paperwork is suffering. Im cramming as much pleasure as I can before the pressure of number crunching and planning comes to the forefront. This is DT layout number 2. This is a new style for me - purely becuase the cardstock is a pale magnolia and there are blank areas which Im just need to fill even though Ive been advised not to. I hate having this dire need to fill every gap. Still, Im pleased with the results as I was desperate to scrap Emily.
I also managed to get one done of Ellie. Let me tell you - this was a killer. Hand written journalling seems to magically be the new Brown (see yesterdays post for reference). My writing is pants but I think it will be appreciated down the line as most of us use computer fontsthese days which - ok, leaves a pretty formatted and uniformed appearance. I just hope my ancestors to be enjoy it as much as I hate doing it - IYKWIM!!!
I was 3 sheets to the wind doing this particular layout - Im suprised my writing is legible. I only had 3 beers and I was replying with some inane quotes on UKS! I hope they forgive me. Anyway, I gotta sign off now and get some Bella Baloo packing done in time for the Harrogate show. Ellie has her cousin Megan playing outside in the princess castle tent. I can
hear them giggling away. Might have to go armed with me camera. This is where I over hear Ellie saying she is thinking of leaving home becuase her mum is a complete nut job. She is only 9 but it may really happen soon!

10 Sep 2005

May the 4th blog entry be with you......

Uploaded yet another DT layout for Annas design posse at This months range of papers are a real challenge as I don't normally do male layouts and these browns evoke masculinity - for me anyway. I don't know why as brown seems to be the new black in womens clothes these days and I do wear it. I sometimes think that my fave brown jumper is a chocolate bar and I'm often trying to take a bite out of my sleeve. Anyway, I have tonnes of pieces left over so Im forcing myself to do another layout with me and my beautiful god daughter (and cousin!) Emily. And Im having a stab at hand written journallin. My writing is comlpetely crap - mark thinks its very swirly girly. I just think it looks a mess. I wish he would give me more credit with my work. I'd love for him to whoop with joy at the end of each piece but he just says "Yeah, thats nice". Ok, its a positive but whenever I see anything that I think is nice, I go all ga-ga and make that persons day. I think I will hire somebody to have him assasinated. Do any of you know any good hitmen?

3rd blog entry - wow this is an addiction

I was chatting to a dear old friend of mine tonight and he said that this picture is like - so 80's. I wish I could see his dilemma but all i see is my tefal head and a severe lack of harmony hairspray. Possibly a slight touch of overplucking on the old eyebrows.
But enough about him, just what am I doing up so early typing about slap heads and an era pertaining to Wham, the puffball skirt and Princess Diana? The answer is that I can't sleep. I need to scrap but my titling machine is at work and before i start any layout I need all the products I wil be using to hand. Call me old fashioned - nay, a traditionalist but thats the way I scrap. A winning formula perhaps or just plain poppycock.
Anyway, I've 2 junkitz layouts to do, a Scrapbook Inspirations layout and a layout about Ellie using the most evocative colours I've ever dared use. I was also contacted today from a lady who is writing 12 scrap books and she has asked me to be part of her 10 strong design team. Well blow me down with a feather, cor blimey gavvner. Naturally I said I would think about it, I mean - come on. One has to think about the potential that is Wanna_Scrap? They say that you are only as good as your last layout. What if my last layout was pants? Not like - real pants with embellishments on it. But that does call for an altered object of total uniqueness huh?

9 Sep 2005

2nd Blog Entry

Well well well! Look at me - blogging away. How do I manage to fit being a mother, a wife, a business woman, a scrapper and a complete blog whore in one? The icing on the cake would be if my flat screen was 12x12 - then i could do a layout on my blog page and make it worthy of another Basic Grey gallery winner. Thats my news this week - finally being recognised across the water by the very brilliant Basic Grey.
Anyway, other scrapping news. Ive tidied my scrap room and its befitting the standard one would expect of a midget in a pot hole. I can barely swing amoeba round in here let alone a cat. Im truly organised but not to the extent of putting my papers in colour order. Ok, I have put my papers in colour order but am now thinking of putting them in manufacturer order. Then I might put them in style order - like spots, stripes, floral, crappy papers from yesteryear like my pooey Hot off the Press numbers that i used for Anna's layout which infact turned out to be nice but still.
My own personal news is that work is on the up. Christmas is looming and the harrogate show is almost upon us. My super coolio father-in-law has built me a fabbo display stand and I will truly look profesh instead of a ploppy stall holder with a set of Ikea shelves and a plastic bin to put one packet of card blanks in and a small punch. Also Mark has told me to stop saying "Don't be soo ree-dick" (ridiculous). My friend Jo told me to reply to him "Don't be so ree-dick". I wet myself so hard that I went through 12 packs of tena ladies and a bout of cystisis in the process.
Anyone for Ocean Spray?

5 Sep 2005

1st Blog Entry - wow - this is gonna be monumental

Or not. Ive never done a blog thing. A blog to me sounds like a blag. A blag is the art of obtaining something for free by bulls***ing the giver-awayer. As I have never done such a thing I can't say I've ever blagged but today will the first time I've ever blogged.

Anway - what is so spesh about 5th Sept?
Im in the middle of scrapping my first ever "boy" layout today - that's 2 firsts in one day. Well actually 3 because I've bought an apron depicting the nude outline of a woman whose only got tomatoes and basil to conceal her modesty - strategically placed on the rudey bits.

It's my first apron. Does this mean I now have to cook? Who knows and quite frankly who cares?

Have a great day you nosey sods. Go and do you own blog.