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5 Aug 2018

New home

to keep up with how we engage and stay in touch, ive moved to a Facebook page, here
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5 Sep 2012

A labour of love

I love ribbon, I really do.  And I mean that I proper love it.  But sometimes it won't behave (slippy satin) and sometimes it frays.  When I say sometimes, I mean all the time.

So when I was commissioned to make this lampshade, I was so excited, for two reasons.  One because it was made of ribbon and two it was for one of those spangly new craft mags that perch so boastfully on coffee tables of the hoi poloii.  Making Magazine is a GORGEOUS monthly that I dribble and drool over with immense pleasure.

The long and short of this drama is........well, I'm not going to lie to you, it was a pig to construct.  I carried the work out under duress but was so impressed when I had blobbed on the last bit of hot glue.  I'm pleased to say that it was well worth the slippy ribbon and the weaving and wefting and whatever fiddly fanuckets you care to term such a project.

And here she is.  An Indian summer inspired ribbony lamp.

Now to think of other ribbony makeovers I can conjure up..........hmmmmmmmmm........

Kirsty x

27 Apr 2012

Layout 3 this week

I put the finishing touches to this layout, tonight.  After a loooong day with my friend Jane, it was a great way to wind down.

I haven't spent time with Jane for ages and we always, ALWAYS have such a laugh.  She brought over some delicacies for me to try including Quinoa and spiced butternut parcels.  As I like to really trough on a Thursday (my only pig out day), I totally went for it.  The table was laden with stuff that only a heart attack can thrive on and so we dug in.

I was expecting to do many random oddments with Jane during the afternoon - you know, sort this bit of craft stuff out here and show her other things, there.  But we got a call from school to come and collect Ellie.  The reason really needn't be broadcast so explicitly in public but lets just say that the poor kid was in turmoil over a mother/daughter incident this morning.  Not only was she all cut up about it but I was also completely thrown by the way it affected her.  My beautiful, sensitive daughter is oh-so-precious; I can't help but constantly fret for her.  My heart is still lurching over it and my eyes are welling up now, some 12 hours after the debacle.  After a cuddle and a gentle talk, the matter was sorted no sooner than she had the time to slip into her jammies.
Will I ever stop feeling like this?   
Please don't tell me to pull up my big girl pants; remember, this kid doesn't function like your everyday 16 year old :(

Supplies were sorted and shared with Jane.  We discussed our future plans, the kids, life.  Its so natural to talk to Jane as we are alike.  We're both Mothers to children with extra needs, both hurting for them immeasurably.  Plus I'll never EVER forget Paris 2006.  I laughed so hard for 3 days that I thought I might die from it.  I think I still hurt, 6 years after the event.  We really have gone through all the emotions a friendship endures and days/weeks/months can go by without and contact and yet when we do manage a chat, it's like it had been yesterday since we last communicated.  I love that style of friendship.

Both Ellie and I are nipping to her house tomorrow for a sleepover - we are like 5 year olds over prospect.  I may even indulge in a glass of wine, my first since February.
Rock and Roll.

26 Apr 2012

My flippy floppy layout

Hooray, I got round to filming the layout that I created for the Scrapstars event, in Leeds last weekend.  Please excuse the lack of fixed camera footage and me bent over (thus squishing my 12 bellies - I sound like I'm going to pass out!).

Watch out, Eddy the wonder dog makes an appearance near the end!

I am mid-layout number three for this week but I just ran out of ink for my printed strips.  So it's a case of robbing some ink from hubbies printer. I must act in stealth mode whilst he is out at work tomorrow and also nick other types of stationery whilst in his grubby little man-office.  I'll be back!

25 Apr 2012

Loving my Pogo

Approximately 2 years ago, I was asked to trial a Pogo machine for one of the magazines that I used to write for.  And then I put the machine away because I found the picture quality pretty pants.  More recently, I have seen people using them for their smash books and thought Id drag it out again, to see if it had magically got better whilst hiding in one of my cubby holes.  Alas, the quality is still pretty pants but the convenience is rather too delicious, so I printed out several images in readiness for tackling my over excitable mojoness.

So after:
  •  running 2 miles tonight (yes, I'm back on it!) 
  •  scoffing BRITISH strawberries (thank god they are back in season - you just can't beat them and  the scent?  Why do British strawbs taste like heaven?)
  • watching my favourite TV prog; Touch
I grabbed my glue and little bits and bats and fashioned this sweet layout

And the little featured cut from Websters pages papers

And my novel formulation of the year 2010

By jove, readers, I think this mojo came back with some kick-assness (rather, kicking me up to rear end!)

24 Apr 2012


Dear Blogging schedule for April
You suck.
But you are about to be shocked with a blog post this evening, so shove that in your binary code and eat it!
Kirsty X

23 Apr 2012

La Mojo? He return!

Thank goodness for Scrapstars!  My all time favourite scrapbook event.  Not too small and not too big - it's the Little Bear's treat for the goldilock's style scrappers.  I went away to Leeds on Friday to teach an interactive, very kinetic scrapbook layout-come-album.  I'd take a picture but it more likely needs a video to show you how the page flops, flips, and flaps.  I shall do that is daylight tomorrow, I hope.

Whilst there, I was inspired by all the teachers BEAUTIFUL projects including my room mate - Emma.  She is just lovely.  Of course I got to go shopping at the BellaBoo shop (this makes me feel like Im at home as we often call Belles this name!).  And whilst shopping there, I picked up....ahem..... "essentials".  I came home on Saturday evening after spending the day taking photographs and I managed to squeeze a little mojo love on this layout here.

I think that naughty little mojo may have just back home.  I've challenged myself to scrapbook a page everyday for this week to harness this mojo homecoming but obvs can't promise this to myself.  Life is always throwing curve balls at me.

Well I gotta go.  Trying to figure out this new Blogger layout (its the behind the scenes gubbins that I use when I blog - its irritating when they do that!)