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25 May 2015

On Safari

I took Ellie-pops to Knowsley Safari park today. I wasn't expecting this week off so last minute arrangements to fill our free time has been kinda-last-minute-frantic.

Lucky for us, it's less than 13 miles down the road.

It's lack lustre, if I'm honest but I love that the animals have so much room to roam and rest.  They're predator free, with plenty of habitat and sleep huts, too.  We drove round oooohing and aaaaaahing.  And totally enjoying being us, together.  We avoided the baboon enclosure because those little buggers rip your aerials and windscreen wipers off like a boss.  Instead we skirted the perimeter of the enclosure to totally judge those who did enter and also watch the babies playing.

Anyone who knows this kid knows she is at one with nature and animals.  As we ambled along the open and public areas, she asked if we could do the woodland walk.  I was surprised as it's, like, totally not-very-theme-parky-and-a-bit-boring.  There was nothing to see except read signs about bugs and birds.  She said to me "can you hear the birds, isn't it lovely?".  I must admit I'd zoned out at that stage and I wasn't paying attention to anything extra curricular to the outer cortex of my head.  So I stopped and listened and it was actually lovely.

She linked arms with me the rest of the pathway and we just listened.

Thank you, lovely girl.  You ground me when I need it the most and I sense you know it, too xx

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