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21 Apr 2015


She hasn't sat for me in more than a year.  Its very difficult to get her in a mood where she will be happy about the occasion.  Ellenor is a child of simple tastes and demands.  And of course most events only happen if she wants them to happen.  So we never push her although that's not to say she gets away with murder, either.

Ellie can only fully open her eyes at dusk as the light cruelly penetrates them else.  She was looking particularly delicious today so at dusk, I asked her to sit in the garden.  I cleaned off my camera which I have barely touched over the past year, set my fave 50mm F1.4 lens to the magic face aperture and snapped.  I wasn't even rusty setting the iso or shutter speeds considering my neglect.  Although I did forget to switch to RAW.  The horror!

But still.

She turns 20 this year and is making huge a leap from adult learning in College to a scheme called Launchpad.  She is quite delighted about it even through her true love is College life.  She also made a transition to adult hospital from Alderhey plus she has been nominated for the 100,000 genome testing program which is quite exciting.


She is growing up right before me but will always - ALWAYS be my baby girl x

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