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16 Apr 2015

One last trip back

Calls for my first whiskey.

What's even worse is that I can't bear spirits. A mispent youth, whilst in the armed forces, saw to that.  Tried them all with successful hangovers from hell.  It's safe to say that I drink either suav blanc or prosecco these days to save on my poor liver.

However.  I'm up in Scotland and I was sorely tempted to just give a local blend a bash - a lasting reminder I suppose. It's a whiskey called Fettercairn, made all but 6 miles from Glenbervie.  Other than raping my throat and tasting like earth, it was ok.

Until I retreated to an Irish whiskey liqueur called Irish Mist.  Now we are taking.  Velvety, warm and a little more swallow-able ;)

So my Scottish parting shot turned out to be Irish.  Bwahahaha!

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