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2 Apr 2015

Easter Treats

I forced myself to take the time to make Easter gifts, last night.  I needed a distraction and a focus.  And a reason to give.  Because I can.  My craft room is 75% sorted.  I've cleared 7 bags of stuff that's got slung.  I've got 4 bags of supplies to sell.  Which meant I had space to make these pwitties.

My colleagues at work my new work are just lovely, I just wanted a reason to make and give.  And they were perfect reasons.  I made matchboxes filled with choc raisins (to simulate bunny poo!).  Pillow boxes and cellophane bags with choc for the kids of my colleagues, in the office.  It was the therapy I so needed.  I felt like I was alive again.

I've also invested in young living oils.  These high grade oils will help accompany my aromatherapy course.  They do help although the little blip I'm dealing with will soon disappear and I'll get back on the right track again. And then enjoy the oils more!!'

Happy Easter, lovelies x

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