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25 Mar 2015


I am still wading through all my clutter. Reevaluating the hoards of craft supplies that I have and thinking that it just needs to be simplified.  I'm being choked by it, almost consumed with how much I have accumulated over the past 14 years.  It's bloody outrageous.

I love most of what I have but supplies like embossing powders and old sizzix dies just have to go. Papers from 2004, stamps, punches and bloody millions more!

In the meantime, let me share some aromatherapy magic.  My new love and belief.  As I've always been in tune with feelings, complimentary medicine, fragrances and crystals, I've been studying aromatherapy and their properties with much relish.  Let me tell you, I have needed a focus and distraction for some time.  Switching the negative charges of unhelpful people and situations and then transforming them into positive activity has been very much a life changing experience of late.

Ellenor gets supercharged by them and I have come to take comfort in them and all of their therapeutic properties.  Only the other morning did she beg me to give her handkerchief a few drops of oil to aid her breathing.  I obliged with three of my 50 oils to give her a boost.
I added 4 drops of each all about a handkerchief 

And by home time, her blocked nose had cleared and she was able to blow it all out.  She was delighted.

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