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19 Mar 2015

Revisiting an old friend plus freebie print

This week I have been having a clear our of epic proportions.  Chiefly my digital files - bloody hell, I have thousands of them.  One or two I have kind of cringed over (they were some of my first digital files) and some I have lamented the loss over.

And then I rediscovered Ingalilly.

I decided to draw her to compliment a pen and paper range (Pens from Letraset and paper from Basic Grey - circa 2007/2008 I think....scream!) Ive added her as the original size so that you can copy her and save her to your desktop and print to colour in. Be warned - she is massive on screen but quite a handsome cad size when printed!

Hope you can make use for her - she was one of my faves.

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