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12 Mar 2015

Ginger Bites

Following from yesterdays post, this is challenge 2 of 3 in the Great British Cake Scoff whereby Kirsty fake-makes cakes.  Simply using dry mixtures, by adding oil and water, to create divine cakes that taste homemade......  Minimum effort, maximum results.  And I'm all for that with my hectic schedule.

Using the companies Ginger Sensation (which, unbeknownst to me became available to the great British public TODAY - I'm not even kidding!....check their website here), I whipped up a little experiment using the mixture along with mango ku-li (coulis to you and I, also available to buy! - let me tell you, that stuff is great on cakes, cheesecakes, as a fancy garnish dressing plus you can squirt in a stir fry and curry!).

I started by weighing (yes - WEIGHING not measuring) water and oil

The dry mix smells divine - gingery and sweet.  Hmmmmmmm

 Ellie helped me pour and stir

Then I got my mixer out - boy I love that thing

The only messy part was greasing my tin.  And of course I had to faff a little bit with that, too!

I wasn't planning on making a tray bake but there is so much mixture in the trade pack I bought (the size we get as staff is a lot larger than the public packs), so I decided to make some extra for my in-laws

I dolloped some mixture on a greaseproof sheet (to create whoopie pie shapes - the lumps?  That's stem ginger pieces) and bunged both in the oven

I wanted perfect little stars so used cutters from two of the mini whoopies

To sandwich together, I used whipping cream combined with Mango ku-li.  I whipped the cream first and folded in the mango mix

But it curdled a little.  So whilst I am not going to win prizes for presentation, I am taking the big points on taste.

I also filled the mini whoopies with the curdle mix to create this tasty morsel.

With left over parts and pieces, I had to keep tasting as I went along and have to say that Mango and ginger are a winning combo!

Now Im off for a run to stop those buggers sticking to my thighs.

Only one more challenge to do using the companies products and my baking days could well and truly be through.  Or maybe I could get bitten by the bug!!!!

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